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4 In March, 1645, Alexander was one of the "four discreit weill set burgessis" appointed
to wait upon Montrose, and to point out 10 him the disastrous consequences that would follow
to Aberdeen unless " assureans of saiftie and protectioun " given. Spalding's " Memorialls of
the Trubles," II., pp. 452-53.

5 St. Nicholas Kirkwork Accounts. 6 MS. Records of Society.


17th September, 1878), eldest dau. of James Davidson, thread
manufacturer, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Alexander, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1841-42.


2. Ann, married at Salem, 26th August, 1863, Thomas

McQueen, farmer, Pilkington.

Died, at Preston, Canada, 16th July, 1855.

Allan, George. 10th June, 1844.

Son of George Allan, shipmaster, Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen,
8th April, 1820. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1835-37. App. to John
Yeats (1834). Senior partner of Allan, Buckley Allan & Milne,
from 1887, and of Allan, Buckley Allan and Coy. from 1904.
Notary Public. Sometime Secretary and Treasurer of Alexander
Shaw's Hospital. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 1st
December, 1890. Treasurer, 1878-79. President, 1879-80. Portrait
in Committee Room. J. P. for the County of the City of Aberdeen.
Married, first, at Smethwick, 23rd November, 1848, Margaret
(born 22nd June, 1829, died 7th March, 1861), second dau.
of the late William Bisset, merchant burgess and town councillor,
Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. George Horn Best (born 16th October, 1849, died 13th May,

1876), assistant to his father.

2. William Bisset (born 25th July, 185 1), statistician, London

and Lancashire Insurance Company, Liverpool.

3. Alexander John, died July, 1857, in infancy.

4. John Buckley, advocate (1881).

5. Richard Crossley (born 17th October, 1858, died nth August,

1910), stock and share broker in Aberdeen.

6. Alexander de Wet (born 20th December, 1859), M.B., CM.,

Aberd., 1887, Port Nolloh, Namaqualand, South Africa.
1. Margaret Bisset, married, first, James Collie Smith (died
August, 1887), solicitor, of Hunter, Gordon & Smith,


and, second, John Fiennes-Sullivan (died 1904), late civil

commissioner, Southern India.
Married, second, at Edinburgh, 4th September, 1879, Agnes
(born 31st March, 1830, died at Crieff, 12th July, 1905), dau. of
George Smith, merchant, Banff.

Allan, John. 27th March, 1841.

Son of James Allan, hotel-keeper, sometime of Banff. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1832-33, and 1834-35. App. to Thomas Sangster and
Alexander Muir (Sangster & Muir). Sometime in partnership
with the said Alexander Muir, firm being Muir & Allan.

Died, unmarried, 8th February, 1862, 1 aged 44.

Allan, John Buckley. 9th August, 1881.

Fourth son of George Allan ( 1 844). Born at Aberdeen, 7th November,
1855. Educated at Dr. Tulloch's Academy, West End Academy,
and Chanonry House School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd.,
1872-74 and 1875-78. Law Student, Edinb., 1878-79. App.,
first, to his father, and, second, to James Duncan Smith, S.S.C.,
Edinburgh. Partner of Allan, Buckley Allan & Milne, 1887- 1904,
and of Allan, Buckley Allan & Coy., from 1904. Commissioner
for Oaths, Province of Manitoba, from 1902. Guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 5th February, 1906. Author of " The
Gym, or Sketches from School," 1885 ; and joint author of
"Aberdeen University Arts Class Record, 1872-76," 1897.
Married, at Montrose, 28th August, 1889, Jane, elder dau. of
James Thomson, Dunninald, near Montrose, with issue : —

1. Muriel Marr.

2. Hilda Margaret.

3. Rhoda Jane Bisset.

Anderson, Alexander. 1628.

Died before 2nd October, 1633.

1 Aberdeen Journal.

Jets ^ym&anae?/ ^mae'bkms.



Anderson, Alexander. 24th February, 1827.

Only son of Rev. William Anderson, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1776, minister
of Strichen, and Helen Findlay, his wife. Born at Strichen Manse,
10th June, 1802. Educated at Parish School, Strichen, and Gram-
mar School, Aberdeen; M.A., Mar. Coll., 1819. App. to David
Hutcheon (1789). Partner of Adam & Anderson from 1830 to
1866, and from 10th x^pril, 1878, partner with William Rae
(1877), an d Andrew Jamieson Ironside, land surveyor, firm being
Anderson & Rae. Notary Public. Active promoter of the North
of Scotland Insurance Coy., now known as the Northern Assurance
Coy. (Ltd.), North of Scotland Bank, Aberdeen Market Coy., various
Railway Companies, Aberdeen Water Works, and the Aberdeen
Land Association. Commissioner for the Lord Saltoun, and Baron
Baillie of Fraserburgh from 1872 to 1887. Master Extraordinary
in the High Court of Chancery. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 10th June, 1839. Lord Provost of Aberdeen, 1859-66.
Knight Bachelor, created 13th October, 1863. D.L. and J. P.,
Aberdeenshire. Fiars Juror, 1872. Sometime proprietor of Blelack,
Cromar. Author of " Memorandum ... on the emoluments of
the Masters" [of the Grammar School, Aberdeen], 1863.
Treasurer, 1863-65. Portrait by Sir George Reid, P.R.S.A., in
Aberdeen Town Hall, and a copy of same by another artist in
Fraserburgh Town Hall. Married, at Viewfield, 26th March, 1835,
Rachel (died at Aberdeen, 13th December, 1886), elder dau. of
William Johnston of Viewfield, with issue : —

1. William, advocate (1859).

2. Andrew, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1859; B.A., Cantab., 1863;

barrister, Lincoln's Inn, called 1865.

1. Catharine Morice, married at Aberdeen, 24th November,
1863, Rev. Archibald Hamilton Charteris, then minister
of The Park Church, Glasgow ; Professor of Biblical
Criticism in Edinburgh University, 1868-98; Moderator
of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in
1892, and died in Edinburgh 24th April, 1908.


2. Helen Rachel, deaconess of the Church of Scotland, died
in Edinburgh 9th October, 1910.
Died, at Aberdeen, nth April, 1887. 1

Anderson, Andrew. 1590.

Anderson, Arthur. 30th March, 1833.

Son of Alexander Anderson of Candacraig. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,

1822-24. App. to Lewis Nicoll (1804).
Died, unmarried, in London, 14th November, 1837, aged 31.

Anderson, George. 16th June, 1870.

Eldest son of Alexander Anderson, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1824, sometime
in Tillygreig and Balnacraig, and Christina Keith Shand, his wife.
Born at Balnacraig, Aboyne, 15th March, 1846. Educated at the
Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen ; M.A. (with honours), Aberd., 1865.
App. to Robert Smith and Alexander Cochran (Smith & Cochran).
Partner of Smith & Cochran, 1870-74, and of Cochran & Anderson
from 1874. Notary Public. Clerk to the 6th, or Aberdeen District,
Road Trustees, 1874-84. Joint Agent at Aberdeen of the Royal
Bank of Scotland, 1874-84. Quartermaster, 1st Aberdeenshire
Rifle Vols., 19th July, 1879.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 9th August, 1884.

Anderson, John. 27th July, 1830.

Son of James Anderson, bank agent, Peterhead, and Christian Soutar,
his wife. Born at Peterhead. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1821-24. App.
to James Blaikie and Patrick Bannerman (Blaikie & Bannerman).
Notary Public. Practised in Peterhead.

Died, unmarried, 1st December, 1871.

Anderson, John. 13th December, 1839.

Son of Arthur Anderson of Deebank (now Newton Dee), Aberdeen-
shire, and of Charlton, Forfarshire, and Margaret Skene, his wife.

1 "The Scottish Law Review," III., pp. 147-48.


Born 26th February, 1817. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1832. App. to
Duncan Davidson (D. & P. Davidson). Sometime in partnership
with David Robert Morice (1837), firm being Moricc & Anderson.
Married, at Little Mill, Montrose, 1st December, 1843, Mary-
Harriet, youngest dau. of Lieut.-Col. Renny, with issue : —

1. Arthur Robert, died at Riga, 25th November, 1862, in his
1 8th year.
Died, at Aberdeen, 21st March, 1846.

Anderson, William. 12th October, 1859.

Elder son of Alexander Anderson (1827). Born at Aberdeen, 9th
January, 1836. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1851-53. App., first, to John
Dunn and, second, to George Grub. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted at Tulloch, Ncwhills, 12th October, 1861. Went to
Australia in 1865.

Died, unmarried, at Brisbane, 16th January, 1873.

Andersone, George. 1615.

Eldest son of William Andersone, advocate (1584). Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., entered 1606. Burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 6th January,
1616. Secured, in 1624, a gift of the reversion of the office of
Sheriff Clerk, as held by his father. x

Died after 27th June, 1638. 2

Andersone, William. 1584.

M.A. Notary Public. Burgess of Aberdeen. Sheriff Clerk of
Aberdeenshire, 1 597- 1630. 3 Married , with issue: —

1. George, advocate (161 5).

2. Alexander, burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 5th March, 161 2.

3. William.

1 Liltlcjohn's "Sheriff" Court Records," II., pp. 279 and 537.

- In 1628, Andersone was charged, with others, before the Privy Council, with having
written and uttered certain pasquils, including one against the Provost of Aberdeen. On
subsequently denying the charge on oath he was assoilzied. In March, 1629, he was ordered
to be apprehended for not having compeared to answer the charge of " ressctting of Jesuits,"
etc. — "Privy Council Register," III., Second Series, pp. 31-35,' and 103.

3 For interesting notes, sec Liltlcjohn's " Sheriff Court Records," I., p. 475, and II.,
P- 537-


1. Jean, married Alexander Paip, advocate (1615).

2. Bessie, married William Layng, * merchant burgess, and

agent in Scotland for the King of Spain.

3. Helen, married Patrick Chalmer, who succeeded his father-

in-law as Sheriff Clerk of Aberdeenshire, and was, from
1643 until his death in 1646, Town Clerk of Aberdeen.
Died between 1st December, 1630, and 14th March, 1632. 2

Angus, John. 16th November, 1822.

Son of George Angus, watchmaker, and burgess, Aberdeen, and
Christian Watt, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 29th March, 1799.
Educated at the Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Mar. Coll.,
1816. App. to William Stuart (1804). Notary Public. Com-
missary Depute. Town Clerk of Aberdeen, 1840-75. Keeper,
Register of Sasines for the Burgh of Aberdeen. Director, North
of Scotland Bank, and Northern Assurance Coy. Manager,
National Security Savings' Bank of Aberdeen. Member of Council,
Spalding Club. Honorary Sheriff Substitute. Treasurer, 1855-56.
President, 1857-59. Portrait by Sir George Reid, P.R.S.A., in
Aberdeen Art Gallery. Portraits in Committee Room and in
Town Clerk's Office. Married, at Aberdeen, 1st December, 1840,
Katherine Ann (died at Aberdeen, 3rd August, 1903), second
dau. of Alexander Forbes of Ainslie, with issue : —

1. George, born 1842, B.A., Oxford, 1866, M.A., 1882. Lieut.,

Indian Army; Priest, Ch. of England, 1867; Ch. of Rome,
1876. Died at St. Andrews, 17th March, 1909.

2. Alexander Forbes, born 1844, sometime of Foochow, there-

after of Sydney. Married, at Sydney, 14th March, 1883,

1 On 7th May, 1624, there was recorded at Aberdeen a 1'rocuratory, dated 25th August,
1623, the narrative of which proceeds : — " Be it kend till all men be thir presents me
Williame Layng Agent for his Maiestie of Spaine in the Kingdome of Scotland To haif
maid and constitut and be the tenor heirof makis and constituts Bessie Andersone my spous
my verrie laufull and undoutit procurator and agent preposita my haill actionis effairis in
my absens from hir with powar ..." The deed was written by Patrick Chalmer, secretary
or clerk, the attesting witnesses being Mr. William Andersone, Sheriff Clerk, Alexander
Andersone, his son, William Andersone, servitour to the granter, and brother to the grantee,
and the said Patrick Chalmer.— Ur. Littlejohn's MS. Notes.

- See poem on Andersone's death by Arthur Johnston in Principal Sir William D. Gcddes'
" Musa Lalina Aberdonensis," II., p. 208.


Miriam Adelaide, eldest dau. of the Hon. Samuel A.
Joseph, M.L.C., of Sydney.

3. John, born 1845, sometime of 79th Highlanders, 7th Royal

Fusiliers, and York and Lancaster Regiment. Lieut.-
Colonel, Army Pay Dept. (retired) ; served in Afghan
War, 1878-79 (medal). Married, in 1870, Edith Mary, dau.
of the late Edward Ronald Douglas, CLE., Dept. Inspector
General of Post Office of India.

4. James Keith, author and journalist, died, unmarried, at

Aberdeen, 29th October, 1895.

5. William James, formerly Lieut, Highland Light Infantry


1. Margaret Forbes, married at Aberdeen, 17th July, 1873, as

his second wife, William John Renny, W.S., of Danevale
Park, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, D.L. and J. P., who
died 25th January, 1879.

2. Katherine Ann, married in 1874 Lewis Lyle Clarke, and

died 1899.

3. Janet Christian, married in 1880 James Alexander Beattie,

C.E., Aberdeen.

Died, at Aberdeen, 6th November, 1878. r
Arthur, Robert. 1584.

1 8th November, 1878. "Thereafter the Lord Provost stated that it was with feelings
of sincere regret that he had formally to announce to the Council the recent death of Mr.
John Angus, who for many years held the important offices of Depute Town Clerk and
Town Clerk of this City. After referring to the important services rendered by Mr. Angus
to the Council and Community while he held office, the Lord Provost concluded by moving
' That the Council resolve to record in their Minutes their sincere regret at the recent death
of Mr. John Angus, who, for upwards of forty years, so ably discharged the onerous and
important duties of Depute Town Clerk and Town Clerk of this City, and who, during that
long period, rendered so valuable and efficient services to the Council and Community — and
direct that a Copy of this Resolution be transmitted to the Family, with an expression of the
deep sympathy of the Council with them under their melancholy bereavement ' — which motion
was seconded by Mr. George Donald, and unanimously adopted by the Council."— Aberdeen
Town Council Minute Book, XCIIL, p. 138.


Bain, Richard William Kidston. 31st December, 1887.

Younger son of Rev. James Bain, Free Church minister of Delting,
Shetland, and Mary Russell Garioch, his wife. Born at Delting,
15th September, i860. Educated at the Gymnasium, Old
Aberdeen, and Glasgow Academy; M.A., Glasg., 1880. Law
Student, Aberd., 1880-82. App. to William Leslie Reid (1847)
and Thomas Wilsone, Solicitor (Reid & Wilsone). Qualified as
Law Agent, 1883. With Tods, Murray & Jamieson, W.S., Edin-
burgh, 1886-87. Partner with T. A. W. A. Youngson (1857),
1 890- 1 90 1, firm being Youngson & Bain, which title is continued
under Mr. Bain's sole partnership. Notary Public. Local
Secretary (Hon.) of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society,
and (Hon.) F.R.S.G.S. Has contributed articles to " The Scottish
Law Review," " Field," etc.

Bannerman, Charles. 9th July, 1776.

Third son of Alexander Bannerman, merchant, Aberdeen, and
Margaret Burnett, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1767. App. to
William Thorn (1752). Sometime in partnership with James
Blaikie (1808), firm being Bannerman & Blaikie. Joint Com-
missary Depute. Collector of Bishop's Rents. Director, Aber-
deen Banking Coy. Fiars Juror, 1794- 18 10. Guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 15th March, 1788. One of the assessors to
the Rector of King's Coll., 1798- 1806. Major, Royal Aberdeen
Volunteers, 1806. Treasurer, 1784-86. President, 1798- 1800.
Married, 6th January, 1785, x Margaret (died at Aberdeen, 25th
April, 1836, aged 74), dau. of Patrick Wilson, sometime Collector
of Customs in the island of St. Christopher, with issue : —

1. Alexander, of the H.E.I.C.S.

2. Patrick, advocate (1816).

3. Thomas, born 24th December, 1795, died young.

4. Charles, died at Edinburgh, 15th February, 1816, in his 19th


5. George, born 16th August, 1799, merchant, Aberdeen.

1 St. Paul's Episc. Church Registers.


6. Thomas, born 15th October, 1800.

1. Catherine, born 6th May, 1787.

2. Margaret, born 8th December, 1788, married, at Aberdeen,

1st Oct., 1816, Alexander Forbes, younger of Blackford,
and died 24th March, 1825.

3. Anne, born 3rd December, 1790, married, 14th August,

1 82 1, Charles (afterwards Sir Charles, eighth Bart.)
Bannerman, of Kirkhill and Crimonmogate, and died

4. Mary, born 24th January, 1792, died at Aberdeen, 29th

October, 18 16.

5. Georgina, born 19th February, 1793, died at Aberdeen, 18th

February, 1876, in her 84th year.

6. Elizabeth Ogilvie, born 1st January, 1806, died at Aberdeen,

4th July, 1 814.
Died, at Aberdeen, 24th September, 181 3, aged 63. *

Bannerman, Patrick. 1st February, 1816.

Son of Charles Bannerman (1776). Born at Aberdeen, 18th
December, 1794. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1812. App. to his father.
Sometime in partnership with James Blaikie (1808), firm being
Blaikie & Bannerman. Secretary and Treasurer, Institution for
the Education of the Deaf and Dumb. J. P. for Aberdeenshire.
Proprietor of Elmfield. Married, at Hilton, 5th September, 1826,
Anna Maria (died at Edinburgh, 8th March, 1884, aged 75),
second dau. of Sir William Johnston, seventh Baronet of that Ilk,
Caskieben and Hilton, with issue : —

1. Charles, died 12th April, in infancy.

2. William, born 23rd September, 1828, General, Indian Army,


3. Patrick Wilson, baptised 23rd January, 1834, Col., Indian


1 Bannerman possessed house property in Aberdeen, and one-eighth share of the Cruive
Salmon Fishings in the Don. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."



4. Charles Bromhead, Lieut., Bombay Army, fell before Delhi,

8th September, 1857, aged 22.

5. Arthur Johnston, born 26th April, 1839, Lieut.-Col. (retired),

Bombay Staff Corps.

6. Alexander D'Arcy, born 27th February, 1848.

7. Edward Mordaunt, born 14th January, 1850.

1. Anna Maria, born 28th November, 1829, married W. Elford

Adams, Captain, Royal Irish Fusiliers, and died at Even-
wood, Oakham, Surrey, 12th January, 1904.

2. Margaret Anne, born 21st September, 1831.

3. Catherine Georgina, born 30th October, 1832, married R. J.

Rutherford Aytoun, of Ashintully, Perthshire.

4. Clara Elizabeth, born 8th March, 1836, married George


5. Mary, born 14th April, 1837, married Col. James Vertue,

R.E., and died in Normandy, 19th July, 1902.

6. Emily, born 8th July, 1840.

7. Frances Caroline, born 10th September, 1841, died, un-

married, 6th August, 1 90 1.

8. Blanche Amy, born 16th May, 1843.

9. Constance Gertrude, born 17th June, 1846.
Died 16th September, 1854, at Edinburgh. 1

Barclay, George. 1568.

Son of Barclay of Gartly. 2 Notary Public. Procurator Ffscal

of Aberdeenshire from at least 1584. 3 Sheriff Clerk of Banff-
shire from early in 1590. 4 Commissioner for the Earl of Erroll.

1 Bannerman, among other legacies, bequeathed .£105 to St. Paul's Episcopal Church,
Aberdeen, to be applied towards a fund for building a new chapel.

2 Spalding Club "Miscellany," V., p. 336.

3 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," I., p. 476.
♦ Rose's Notes in Sheriff Clerk's Office, Banff.


Burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 18th July, 1569. Married Marjory
Cheyne, J dau. of Cheyne of Esslemont, with issue : —

1. William, advocate, 1595.

2. Alexander, minister of Drumblade, married Bessie Duncan,

dau. of John Duncan, Scurdargue. 2
1. Jean, married William Ord, merchant burgess of Aberdeen. 3

Barclay, John. 1584.

Barclay, John Barclay. 28th November, 1882.

Only son of John Barclay, Aberdeen, and Mary Barclay, his wife.
Born, at Aberdeen, 2nd June, 1855. Educated at Grammar
School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd., 1873-77. App. to James
Paull (185 1 ). Notary Public. J.P. for the County of the City of
Aberdeen. Married, 1st September, 1903, Elizabeth, dau. of the
late James Minto, Aberdeen.

Barclay, William. 1595.

Eldest son of George Barclay (1568). Probably M.A. Procurator
Fiscal of Aberdeenshire from about 1594 to 163 1. 4 Procurator for
the city. Proprietor of Ardmurdo. Married in, or before, 1604,
Agnes Hay, with issue : —

1. James, who had sasine in a house and yard in Old Aberdeen,
1 8th February, 1622. 5

1. Helen, married William Lumsden, advocate (1624).
Died after 7th July, 1637. 6

1 In 1581 Barclay and his wife acquired the ruinous buildings in Old Aberdeen connected
with the churches of Snow and Invernochtie. " Reg. Mag. Sig."

2 Spalding Club " Miscellany," V., p. 339.
*Ibid„ p. 336.

4 Littlejohn's " Sheriff" Court Records," I., p. 476, and II., p. 539.

5 "Register of Sasines."

6 Spalding Club "Miscellany," V., p. 325.


Baroun, George. 1609.

Died 9th February, 1614.

Barron, John. 8th January, 1851.

Son of Alexander Barron, vintner, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1 8 33-36. App. to William Skinner (1829). Notary Public.
Married, at Aberdeen, 13th June, 1848, Elizabeth Ross (died, at
Aberdeen, 22nd November, 1859), dau. of the late Alexander
Irvine Ross, land surveyor, with issue : —

1. Alexander, died at North Kurrajong, New South Wales,

1 2th January, 1874, aged 22.

2. George, died at Aberdeen, 28th November, 1872, aged 14.

1. Barbara Isabel, died at Aberdeen, 4th July, 1863, aged 13.

2. Mary Elizabeth, died at Aberdeen, 28th April, 1 871, aged 16.

3. Caroline Anne, died at Aberdeen, 5th March, i860, aged 3.
Died, at Aberdeen, 3rd January, i860, aged 40.

Barron, Lambert 12th December, 1834.

Son of John Barron, watchmaker, Aberdeen, and Ann Allan, his wife.
Born 8th May, 1809. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1821-23, and 1824-25.
App. to Alexander Webster (1794). Director, Aberdeen Town
and County Bank. Married, at Aberdeen, 22nd October, 1857,
Mary, eldest dau. of James Fraser, merchant, Aberdeen, with
issue : —

1. John, died 10th March, 1861, in infancy.

2. Lambert.

1. Jane Brown, married, at Aberdeen, 19th April, 1881, Frank

Griffith, insurance secretary, Birmingham, and died at
Horsell, Surrey, 2nd September, 1904, aged 45.

2. Anne.

Died, at Aberdeen, 27th March, 1879.


Bartlet, David. j> $TM*^rf- 26th July, 1743.

Second son of James Bartlet, merchant, Aberdeen, and Ann Gregory,
his wife. App. to James Irvine (1724). Fiars Juror, 1750-76.
Treasurer, 1776-78. President, 1779-80. J Married, first, in
November, 1747, Helen (died 23rd May, 1767), dau. of James
Cuming, merchant, Aberdeen, of the family of Altyre, with issue :

1. Alexander, born 1760, died young.

2. James, honorary burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 4th Dec,

1771, afterwards banker in Edinburgh, who, as "only son
in life and heir to his father," had sasine in properties in
the Castlegate, Aberdeen, 15th March, 1780. 2

1. Helen, buried 25th May, 1762.

2. Isobel, buried 9th August, 1777.

Married, second, Anne Westland (died 22nd March, 1795, aged 72).
Died 2nd March, 1780, aged 62. 3

Baxter, William. 30th July, 1680.

App. to William Melville (1658). Merchant and trade burgess of
Old Aberdeen, admitted 17th September, 1681; and guild burgess
of Aberdeen, admitted 22nd June, 1692. Resided in, and was for
some time a magistrate of, Old Aberdeen. Married, first, Isobel
Brebner (died before 1705), and, second, before 16th February,
1705, Helen, dau. of Mr. Patrick Gordon, humanist, King's Coll.
Issue, probably by first marriage : —

1. William.

2. John.

3. James.

1. Janet.

2. Agnes, married, in January, 1716, James Dyce, merchant,

Aberdeen (afterwards of Disblair), and died 15th
December, 1739.

3. Rachel.

4. Isobel.

1 Bartlet died while holding office as President.

2 " Aberdeen Sasine Register."

3 Tombstone, St. Nicholas Churchyard.


Bean, Alexander. 2nd February, 1779.

Son of Alexander Bean, farmer, merchant, and burgess of Old
Aberdeen. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1766-70. App. to David
Morice (1764). Merchant and trade burgess of Old Aberdeen,
admitted 2nd October, 1782. Married, in October, 1779, Elizabeth
(died 29th May, 1798, aged 42), dau. of William Movvat, sometime
maltman in Aberdeen.

Died, at Aberdeen, 14th November, 1783, aged 32.

Bean, George. 15th March, 1759.

Son of George Bean, tailor, Aberdeen. Educated Grammar School,
Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1740-44, being guild bursar.
App. to George Turner (1731). Membership ceased in 1789, after
which he was a writer in Inverness.

Died at King's Mills, Inverness, 17th March, 1798.

Beidie, Gilbert. 1676.

Notary Public. x

Bennett, John Carmichael. 2 30th October, 1895,

Fifth son of Robert Bennett, Dunfermline, and Elizabeth Roy Car-
michael, his wife. Born at Dunfermline, 27th November, 1858.
Educated Grammar or High School, Dunfermline ; B.L., Edinb.,
1882. App., first, to Patrick James Soutar, writer, Dunfermline,

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