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and, second, to Andrew Anderson Hastie, S.S.C., Edinburgh,
continuing with the latter's firm of J. & A. Hastie for several
years thereafter. Admitted Law Agent, 1882. Original member
of the Society of Solicitors in Aberdeen, formed in 1886. Some-
time in partnership with Charles Gordon Downie (1870), firm
being Downie & Bennett. From its dissolution in September,
1885, practised alone till 1st January, 1 891, when joined Murray

1 See Anderson's "Records of Mar. Coll.," II., p. XI.
1 "The Scots Law Times," 17th June, 1905.


and McCombie, which firm title was then altered to Murray,
McCombie & Bennett. Since the dissolution of this firm on
5th January, 1906, has practised on his own account. Notary
Public, admitted 7th September, 1888. Sometime Clerk to the
Visiting Committee of H.M. Prison, Aberdeen. Commissioner of
Supply for Aberdeenshire, and member of Claims Committee.
Clerk to the Income Tax Commissioners of Aberdeenshire,
appointed 1908. Secretary to the Aberdeen Artists' Society
from Sept., 1888, to Dec, 1891. Secretary to the Aberdeen
Conservative Club, 1889 to 1893. Purchased, in 1898, the estates
of Allathan and Corbshill, parish of New Deer, and also acquired,
in same year, the property of Buchanness, parish of Peterhead.
Lieut, 1st Vol. Batt. Gordon Highlanders, 26th July, 1884;
Captain, 7th February, 1891 ; Hon. Major, 9th August, 1899;
Major, 7th January, 1905, retiring as Lieut-Col., 16th October,
1905. V.D. " Married, at Huntly, 20th March, 1884, Christian,
youngest dau. of George Mellis, merchant, Huntly, with issue : —

1. Norman Carmichael, Lieut, Argyll and Sutherland High-


2. John Carmichael, ranching in South America.

1. Annie Geddes.

2. Muriel Christian.

3. Elizabeth Roy Carmichael.

4. Irene Constance.

Birnie, Alexander. 1675.

Black, William. 1686.

Probably eldest son of Gilbert Black, Treasurer of Aberdeen. Guild
burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 22nd September, 1668, while in
pupilage. Honorary burgess of Old Aberdeen, admitted 8th

1 Mr. Bennett originated, in 1895, the proposal for changing the Battalion's uniform by
the adoption of the kilt in lieu of the trews, and subsequently raised and formed " No. r "
or "L" Company, being Captain in command. He is a member of the Territorial Force
Association for the County of Aberdeen.


October, 1698. Adviser, re town affairs of Old Aberdeen, 1698-99.
Married Isabella (interred March, 1745), eldest dau. of Patrick
Sandilands of Cotton, with issue, several sons and daughters, of
whom Rachel died December, 1768.

Died March, 1745. x

Blaikie, Anthony Adrian. 2 23rd September, 1848.

Son of James Blaikie, advocate (1808). Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1841-44,
being first bursar. App. to his father. In partnership with his
brother John (1836), firm being John & Anthony Blaikie. Notary
Public. Director, Aberdeen Commercial Coy. Proprietor of
Inchgarth. Membership ceased January, 1862. Married, at
Aberdeen, 6th July, 1852, his cousin Helen (died in London,
17th January, 1887, aged 56), second dau. of Thomas (afterwards
Sir Thomas, Knt.) Blaikie, of Kingseat, Provost of Aberdeen,
1839-47, and 1853-56, with issue : —

1. James Adrian, law student, "served as a Volunteer in the

Natal Carabineers, and lost his life at Isandula," 22nd
January, 1879.

2. Thomas, solicitor in Pietermaritzburg.

1. Agnes Elizabeth, married, in 1877, Kenneth Hathorne, Natal.

2. Amy Jane, died at Lowestoft, 13th October, 1887, aged 21.
Died at Foxhill, Pietermaritzburg, 18th November, 1871, aged 45.

Blaikie, James. 23rd February, 1808.

Son of John Blaikie, plumber, coppersmith, and guild burgess of
Aberdeen, and Helen Richardson, his wife. Born 1786. Edu-
cated Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Mar. Coll., 1803. App.
to Charles Bannerman (1776). Sometime in partnership with
the said Charles Bannerman, firm being Bannerman & Blaikie ;
thereafter with Patrick Bannerman (1816), firm being Blaikie and

1 St. Nicholas Kirkwork Accounts.

2 Named after his father's client, the 7th Earl of Kintore.

<-J&m&) ^AfuitAte/.


» c • <. '«*'


Bannerman, and finally with John Smith (1819), firm being
Blaikie & Smith. Long collector of Bishops' rents. Town Clerk
of the burghs of Inverury and Kintore. Director, Aberdeen
Banking Coy. Proprietor of Craigiebuckler. J. P. for Aberdeen-
shire. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 19th Sept., 181 2.
Fiars Juror, 1828-32. One of the assessors to the rector of Mar.
Coll. in 1832, and Dean of Faculty, 1834 to 1836. Treasurer,
1824-26; President, 1828-30. Author, in 1825, of prize essay on
" Embanking rivers and arms of the sea." Lord Provost of
Aberdeen, 1833-36. Statue in marble by Sir John Steell, R.S.A.,
in vestibule of Town House. Portrait by John Phillip, R.A., in
Council chamber. Married, at Stonehaven, 7th August, 181 5,
Jane (died at Allangowan, Bridge of Allan, 2nd April, 1857),
youngest dau. of William Garden, tacksman of Braco Park,
Pitsligo, with issue : —

1. John, advocate (1836).

2. William Garden, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1837; minister of Drum-

blade, and subsequently of F. C, Pilrig ; Professor of
Apologetics and Pastoral Theology, New College, Edin-
burgh; D.D., Edin., 1864; LL.D., Aberd., 1871 ; Moderator
of the General Assembly of the Free Church in 1895 ;
author; died nth June, 1899, aged 79.

3. James Andrew, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1838-41; law apprentice;

died 1st December, 1842, aged 18.

4. Anthony Adrian, advocate (1848).

5. Alexander Francis, born 24th August, 1834; Alumnus, Mar.

Coll., 1850-52; law apprentice.

1. Elizabeth, married, at Craigiebuckler, nth August, 1840,

Rev. Alexander Dyce Davidson, minister of the West
Parish (afterwards of the Free West Church), Aberdeen,
and died 23rd January, 1842, aged 23.

2. Frances Grace, married, at Craigiebuckler, 23rd September,

1847, Robert Balfour, accountant, Edinburgh, youngest
son of James Balfour of Pilrig.

3. Helen, died 6th December, 1841.



4. Jane Garden, married, at Foxhill, Natal, 2nd August, 1863,

P. C. Sutherland, Surveyor General.

5. Jemima, married, at Riverton, Natal, 15th June, 1871,

Thomas Foster, Pietermaritzburg, and died nth Sept.,
1905, aged 69.
Died suddenly in Aberdeen Town House, 3rd October, 1836. *

Blaikie, John. 29th October, 1836.

Eldest son of James Blaikie, advocate (1808). Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1829-32. App. to his father. Sometime in partnership with John
Smith (1819), firm being Blaikie & Smith; and thereafter with
his younger brother, Anthony Adrian (1848), firm being John and
Anthony Blaikie. Notary Public. Commissary Clerk of Aberdeen-
shire. First Secretary, Royal Northern Agricultural Society.

1 8th October, 1836. "The Treasurer mentioned that those present were all aware of
the distressing event which was the occasion of their present Meeting. That in the absence
of the President he had called them together on the present melancholy occasion. That it
would be superflous and improper in him to say much in regard to the worthy friend they
had lost, as they were all intimately acquainted with Provost Blaikie, and could well
appreciate his worth. That he was sure the Meeting would go along with him when he
said that Provost Blaikie had left few better men behind him, and his Death was really a
public loss. That the awful event was a most striking Lesson to all of the uncertainty of
life. Just before his Death Mr. Blaikie was in the full exercise of his faculties, both mental
and bodily, going on fairly and honestly in the Discharge of his duties as a most useful and
active Member of Society. At one moment he was thus employed — and the next— he was
in eternity.

"That he, The Treasurer, happened to be present when Provost Blaikie breathed his
last, and had thought it proper immediately to write to the President, who had gone to
Edinburgh, but transmitted an immediate answer deploring in the most feeling terms the
melancholy event which had occurred in so awful a manner, and requesting the Treasurer
to announce that he was most ready and anxious to join in any measures that might be
thought right by the Society to show every possible respect to Provost Blaikie's memory.
That he, The Treasurer, had also had a communication with the Magistrates, and in conse-
quence of this had called the present Meeting. That the Magistrates had taken the whole
charge of the Funeral, which was to be a public one— and Mr. Angus, Town Clerk Depute,
being present, requested him to read to the Meeting the Programme proposed by the
Magistrates on the occasion, which he did accordingly, and the Meeting generally approved
of the same— and it was then resolved that the Members should meet in the Library a
Quarter before Two o'clock on Tuesday preparatory to attending the Funeral as a body,
and that each member should have black crape on his Hat." — Society's Minute.


Joint Treasurer, Spalding Club. Director, Aberdeen Banking
Coy., and afterwards of Union Bank of Scotland, Great North of
Scotland Railway, and Northern Agricultural Coy. Trustee and
Manager, National Security Savings' Bank. Guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted at the Weather Craig, 7th September, 1840.
J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Fiars Juror, 1843-58. Sometime member,
Aberdeen Town Council. Succeeded to estate of Craigiebuckler.
Membership ceased January, 1862. Married, at Perth, 15th March,
1842, Eliza Tuckett (died in London, 1st March, 1892), dau. of
Thomas Duncan, writer, Perth, with issue, of whom : —

Jane Garden, married in London, 15th Sept., 1870, Richard

Kennedy, eldest son of Richard Birley of Seedley.
Frances Elizabeth, married in London, 21st March, 1872, Harry

Lefevre, Lieut., R.N., younger son of the Rev. Henry

Dudley Ryder, Canon of Lichfield.
Died in London, 22nd November, ii

Body, George. 1 Before 1607.

Married the daughter of a burgess. 2

Bonnyman, Charles Dawson. 19th April, 1861.

Son of John Bonnyman, blacksmith, Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen,
9th March, 1834. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1851-53. App. to
Alexander Henderson (1838).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 19th August, 1867.

Booth, William. 21st November, 1839.

Third son of John Booth, Junior, merchant, and sometime magistrate
of Aberdeen, and Jean Duff, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1831.
App. to James Murray (1817).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 1st June, 1850, aged 37. 3

1 Not in Kennedy's List, but name and designation as " advocate and burgess " have been
furnished by Ur. Littlejohn, Sheriff Clerk.

2 " Miscellany," I., p. 91.

3 Tombstone, St. Nicholas Churchyard.


Bower, George Haddon. 30th June, 1899.

Second son of James Haddon Bower of Pitmurchie, Torphins, and
Susan Potter Anderson, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 12th October,
1 87 1. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd.,
1891. App. to Thomas Wilsone (Wilsone & Duffus), Solicitor.
In Law department, Caledonian Railway Company, Glasgow,
1895-99. In partnership, 1899-1910, with Kenneth Macrae
Simpson, Solicitor, firm being Simpson & Bower. Proprietor of
estate of Pitmurchie. Second Lieut, in 7th Gordon Highlanders,
December, 1891. Major, 7th July, 1908, T.D.

Brebner, James. 13th November, 1828.

Son of Alexander Brebner, 1 shipmaster, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll.,
1 817. App. to Alexander Crombie (1789). Notary Public.
Director, Aberdeen Banking Coy. Sometime a Magistrate, and City
Treasurer of Aberdeen. Fiars Juror, 1848-51. Treasurer, 1865-67.
President, 1869-70. Married, first, at Aberdeen, 3rd March, 1831,
Margaret (died 3rd November, 1850, aged 48), second dau. of the
late George Pirie, merchant, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Alexander Crombie. (See under Apprentices in Appendix).

2. George Hamilton Gordon, went to Australia.

3. James.

4. Charles Napier Gordon, Lieut., 4th Madras Light Cavalry,

26th May, 1857, died at Kamptee, 22nd April, i860, aged 20.

5. Arthur, entered the army.

1. Emily Udny, married in London, 9th April, 1861, Lieut-
Colonel Graeme Alexander Lockhart, C.B., 78th High-
landers ; in 1899 Sir G. A. Lockhart-Sinclair, Bart., on
succeeding his kinsman as 10th Bart, of Stevenson. 2

1 The Society's minute of 6th July, 1815, inter alia, authorises Mr. Crombie to enter
into an indenture with "James Brebner, son of the late James Brebner, Aberdeen." The
latte* is given as "Alexander Brebner. shipmaster, Aberdeen," in Anderson's "Records of
Mar. Coll.," p. 417, and the class list of each of the four years, 1813-17, proves the accuracy
of this entry. The Death Register of Banchory- Devenick gives "James Brebner, Advocate
in Aberdeen," as the son of "Alexander Brebner, Gentleman."

'-* G. E. C.'s "Complete Baronetage," II., p. 422.


Married, second, in London, 27th January, 1852, Margaret (died
at Aberdeen, 10th August, 1884, aged 81), third dau. of the late
Thomas Black, second of Wateridgemuir, druggist, Aberdeen.

Died, at Cults, 23rd August, 1874, aged 74. l ::;••?;,% ■ j"

Bremner, Thomas John. 16th June, 1834.

Son of the Hon. William Bremner, 2 M.D., and Jane Laing, his
wife. Born in the West Indies in 18 10. M.A., King's Coll.,
March, 1828. App. to James Edmond (J. & F. Edmond). Long
Agent for the Commercial Bank of Scotland at Peterhead, from
which retired in 1882. Honorary Sheriff Substitute, and J. P. for
Aberdeenshire. Commissioner of Supply and Commissioner of
Income Tax, both for Aberdeenshire. Succeeded to the estate of
Haddo (Rattray), and subsequently to that of Glasslavv. Married,
at Aberdeen, 22nd June, 1837, Marion Mill Wilson, afterwards
Nicolson (died 5th October, 1878, aged 69), youngest dau. of the
late Rev. James Wilson, minister of Farnwell, with issue, of
whom : —

William Bruce, married at Umzinto, Natal, 19th December,
1877, Annie Joyner, dau. of Joyner, planter, Natal.

Elizabeth Helen.

Died, at Aberdeen, 12th May, 1890, aged 79. 3

1 Tombstone, St. Nicholas Churchyard.

2 The Hon. William Bremner was for many years a member of the Legislative Council
of Dominica. On the departure of the Governor, the Earl of Huntingdon, "the Honourable
William Bremner, the Senior Member of Council," assumed " the administration of the
Government of the Island on the 30th June, 1824, as ' President and Commander-in-Chief.'
and continued to administer the Government until the arrival of the new Governor, Major
W. Nicolay, i.e., till the 31st July, 1824." — Information from The Under Secretary of State,
Colonial Office.

3 Mr. Bremner interested himself greatly in charitable institutions, to the funds of which
he was a generous contributor. His sister, Sophia Catherine, was drowned under distressing
circumstances, 1st April, 1853, by the wreck of the S.S. M Duke of Sutherland," in
Aberdeen Bay.


Brown, Robert. 19th January, 1832.

Son of Alexander Brown, hosier, and guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 25th i October, 1833. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1823-26.
App. to Alexander Smith (1804).

,*, : [Djedj. uumarried^ at Aberdeen, 12th March, 1848, aged 37.

Bruce, Robert. 7th November, 1908.

Elder son of John Bruce, newspaper proprietor, Aberdeen, and Elsie
Mackie, his wife. Born at Aberdeen 21st February, 1884.
Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1905;
B.L., 1906. App. to James Younger Collie and George Duncan
Collie (James & George Collie). Married, at Aberdeen, 2nd
December, 191 1, Lucy Ross, second dau. of Robert Lamb,
advocate (1873).

Bryce, James. 18th March, 1845.

Only child of John Bryce, manufacturer, and guild burgess, Aberdeen,
and Anne Stewart, his wife. Born 16th June, 1817. Educated
at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1830-33.
App. to Francis Gordon (1796). Married, first, at Ferryhill,
Aberdeen, 4th July, 1848, Catharine (died 18th February, 1867),
dau. of the late James Abernethy, ironfounder, Aberdeen, with
issue : —

1. John Stewart, advocate (1876).

2. James, M.B., CM., 1887; M.D., 1889, Aberd.; died at sea,

24th March, 1896, aged 33.

1. Anne Harvey, married James Murray Garden, advocate


2. Catherine Abernethy, married Rev. Peter Fisher, minister

of the United Free Church, Tongland, Kirkcudbrightshire.

3. Jane, married at Aberdeen, 6th March, 1879, Robert John

Garden, M.D.

4. Susan Anne, married James Duguid, advocate (1874).

t^^ei//-e/o ^^^t/n^&Jc*.



Married, second, at Aberdeen, 29th June, 1869, Sarah Leith, dan.
of the late James Harvey, manufacturer, Grandholm.

Died, at Aberdeen, 15th July, 1885.

Bryce, John Stewart. 25th November, 1876.

Elder son of James Bryce, advocate (1845). Born at Aberdeen,
15th April, 1849. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen ;
Alumnus, Aberd., 1865-66 and 1869-70. App. to Alexander
Davidson and James Garden (Davidson & Garden). Partner
in the firm of Davidson & Garden. Notary Public.

Died, unmarried, at Puckeridge, 10th February, 1890.

Burnett, Newell. 5th July, 1825.

Second son of Thomas Burnett, advocate (1796). Born 12th June,
1803. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1817-19. App., first, to Duncan Davidson (1794), and, second,
to his father. Thereafter with William Mackenzie, of Muirton,
W.S., Edinburgh. Sometime in partnership with his father, firm
being Thomas & Newell Burnett ; and thereafter with John Reid
(1854), firm being Burnett & Reid. Notary Public. Clerk of
Supply T ; Clerk to Prison Board ; and Clerk of Lieutenancy,
all for the County of Aberdeen. General Clerk to Road Trustees.
Keeper, Register of Sasines for the Counties of Aberdeen and
Kincardine. Director, Aberdeen Banking Company, and subse-
quently of Union Bank of Scotland. Director, Great North of
Scotland Railway. Trustee and Manager, National Security
Savings' Bank of Aberdeen. Fiars Juror, twelve times, 1840-61.
J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Sometime proprietor of Kepplestone,
near Aberdeen, and subsequently of Kyllachy, Inverness-shire.
Treasurer, 1857-59. President, 1865-67.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 20th November, 1878.

1 A portrait in the County Hall, Aberdeen, bears the inscription — "Newell Burnett, Advocate
in Aberdeen, Clerk of Supply, 1826 to 1878. Painted by E. U. Eddis."


Burnett, Thomas. 1563.

Commissary of Aberdeen.
Died after 26th August, 1580. x

Burnett [Poles 2 ], Thomas. 1691.

M.A., Mar. Coll., 23rd June, 1687.

Burnett, Thomas. 15th August, 1722.

Son of Thomas Burnett of Kirkhill, Dyce. Educated at Grammar
School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1704-6. App. to George
Keith. Honorary burgess of Old Aberdeen, admitted 5th April,
1735. Succeeded as proprietor of Kirkhill. Treasurer, 1722-24.
Married, 25th December, 1716, Margaret (died 8th December, 1775,
aged 80), dau. of Robert Turner of Turnerhall, 3 with issue : —

1. Thomas, died April, 1734, in infancy.

2. James, Doctor. 4

1. Margaret, co-heir to her father, married Alexander Banner-

man, merchant, Aberdeen, frequently designed as " of
Frendraught." 5

2. Clementine, married Robert Sandilands, advocate (1743).

3. Mary, died May, 1734, aged 5.
Died 3rd November, 1763, aged 74.

Burnett, Thomas. 7th March, 1796.

Seventh and youngest surviving son of William Burnett, advocate
(1754). Born 6th March, 1773. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1787-89.
App. to Alexander Shand (1789). Sometime in partnership with

1 Spalding Club " Miscellany," II., p. 53.

2 The word Poles was applied to differentiate the family from the other branches, and to
show their connection as traders with Poland.

3 "Aberdeen Kirk Session Registers."
■•"Aberdeen Sasine Register."

s G. E. C.'s "Complete Baronetage," IV., p. 317.

i^Mjtttvoj ^tUrAtfietc/.




his father, firm being William & Thomas Burnett, and afterwards
with his son Newell, firm being Thomas & Newell Burnett. Joint
Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 1805-11. Clerk of Supply, 1
and Clerk of Lieutenancy, both for the County of Aberdeen.
Clerk to Trustees under the Turnpike Acts. Purse Bearer to the
Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church
of Scotland. J. P. for Aberdeenshire. One of the Assessors to
the Rector of Mar. Coll., 1829 and 1831. Director, Aberdeen
Banking Coy. Fiars Juror, 1797, 1800 and 1836. Lieut, Royal
Aberdeen Vols., 1798; Captain, 1803. Sometime proprietor of
Park, in the parish of Drumoak, and of Kepplestone, near
Aberdeen. Treasurer, 1812-14. President, 1814-16. Married,
first, 30th June, 1800, Anne Rebecca (born 31st March, 1779;
died 13th Nov., 1804), eldest dau. of Dr. John Paterson of Baulk,
Hanover, Jamaica, with issue : —

1. John, born 26th June, 1802 ; in 1823 entered the H.E.I.C.S.

as a civil servant on the Bombay Establishment ; married
Harriet, dau. of Samuel Bourchier of the same Service,
and died 3rd March, 1834.

2. Newell, advocate (1825).

3. Thomas, born 30th October, 1804, killed by accident on

board the ,( Buckinghamshire," East Indiaman, 2nd July,

1. Margaret, died, unmarried, August, 1837, aged 36.
Married, second, at Ballater, 26th August, 1806, Mary (died, at
Kepplestone, 28th May, 1863, aged 83), dau. of the late Peter
Garden of Delgaty, with issue : —

4. Francis, M.D., born 14th April, and baptised 3rd May, 1810;

died, unmarried, 6th August, 1843.

5. William Farquharson, C.B., Captain, R.N. ; born 18th

February, 181 5 ; served at siege of Sebastopol ; drowned
in the wreck of H.M. Ship " Orpheus," off New Zealand,

'A portrait in the County Hall, Aberdeen, bears the inscription — "Thomas Burnett,
Advocate in Aberdeen, Clerk of Supply, 1790 to 1854. Painted by Sir John Watson Gordon."
To the testimonial, which included this portrait, eight Noblemen, nine Baronets and Knights,
and one hundred and twelve landed proprietors, were subscribers.



7th February, 1863, when Commodore of the Australian
6. James, born 17th February, 1820; went to New South
Wales, where became a Superintendent of the Royal Bank
of Australia ; and was accidentally drowned while crossing
a tributary of the Lower Murray River, 29th October,

2. Marianne, married, 2nd July, 1833, Rev. Charles Edward

Birch, rector of Wiston, Suffolk, and died at Colchester,
26th October, 1895, aged 87.

3. Helen Christian, married, 29th July, 1839, Thomas Innes

(member, Faculty of Advocates, admitted 19th May, 1836),
of Learney, second son of William Innes of Raemoir.
She died 30th October, 1901, aged 88.

4. Catherine, died 20th February, 18 14, in infancy.

5. Penelope, married, 10th April, 1834, Captain (afterwards

Major) Napier Turner Christie, formerly of 79th High-
landers and nth Regiment, son of James Christie of
Durie, and died, at Liverpool, 10th August, 1882.

6. Harriet Hay, married, at Leamington, 20th January, 1842,

James Cumine of Rattray, then in the Bengal Civil Service
of the H.E.I.C. She died 21st November, 1884.

7. Eliza Deborah, married, nth June, 1844, John Paton of

Ferrochie and Grandhome, formerly of 91st Highlanders;
Major, Royal Aberdeenshire Highlanders (Militia). She
died 24th February, i860, aged 37.
Died, at Kepplestone, 1st December, 1854.

Burnett, William. 11th July, 1754.

Youngest surviving son of James Burnett of Monboddo, and Elizabeth
Forbes, his wife. Born in 1731. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1746-50.
App. to Thomas Burnett (1722). Sometime in partnership with
his son Thomas, firm being William & Thomas Burnett. Com-
missioner for Lord Forbes. Clerk of Supply for the County of
Aberdeen. Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire from 17th January,


! 759> to 13th December, 1805. " Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted February, 1757. Fiars Juror, 1758-98. Treasurer,
1 757-59- President, 1786-88. Married Margaret (died 23rd
August, 1806, in her 73rd year), dau. of John Taylor, advocate
(1743), with issue : —

1. John, member of the Faculty of Advocates, admitted 10th

December, 1785 ; author of a treatise on the Criminal Law
of Scotland ; Advocate-Depute, 1792 ; Sheriff of Had-
dington, 1803 ; and Judge of the Admiralty Court of
Scotland, 18 10. Married Deborah, dau. of Dr. John
Paterson of Baulk, Jamaica, and died 7th December,
1 8 10.

2. James, baptised 3rd August, 1760; died in infancy.

3. Arthur, baptised 5th March, 1763 ; died of yellow fever in

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