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Jamaica, 22nd May, 1794.

4. James, baptised 10th September, 1767.

5. William, born 14th February, 1770; died I2th Nov., 1788.

6. Alexander, born nth May, 1771, land measurer.

7. Thomas, advocate (1796).

8. George, born 9th August, 1777.

1. Marjory, born 1766, married Robert Taylor, sometime in

Quartains of Drum.

2. Mary, married John Taylor, and died 1838.

3. Margaret, born 1768.

4. Jean, born 1774.

Died, at Lochhead, 8th March, 181 1.

Burnett, William Kendall. 30th November, 1880.

Second son of Alexander George Burnett, of Kemnay, and Letitia
Amelia Kendall, his wife. Born at Kemnay House, 6th February,
1854. Educated at Oxford; M.A., Edinb., 1876. App. to John
Duncan and Arthur D. Morice (Duncan & Morice). Notary
Public. Magistrate of Aberdeen, 1904-8, and 1910-11. City

1 Littlejohn's '• Sherilt Court Records," III., pp. 131-32.


Treasurer, 191 1-12. Chairman, Aberdeen Reformatories, Industrial
Schools, and Distress Committee ; Governor, Aberdeen Endow-
ments Trust, Public Library, Art Gallery, and Milne Bequest
Trust. J. P. for the County of Aberdeen, and also for the County
of the City of Aberdeen. Married, first, at Coleraine, 14th June,
1883, Margretta Mary (died, 17th July, 1905), youngest dau. of
Dr. James C. L. Carson, J. P., Coleraine, with issue : —
1. Ian Alistair Kendall.

1. Kathleen Elizabeth.

2. Amy Verena Carson.

3. Olive Kendall.

Married, second, 25th April, 1907, Florence Emma, youngest
dau. of T. L. Hargreaves, Hull.

Butchart, Henry Jackson. 20th October, 1908.

Fourth son of James Sylver Butchart, advocate (1876). Born at
Aberdeen, 18th April, 1882. Educated Grammar School, Aberd.;
Alumnus, Aberd., 1901-3, Edinb., 1906-7 ; B.L. (with honours),
Aberd., 1905. App. to Ernest Rennet (1901). With A. P.
Purves & Aitken, W.S., Edinburgh, 1905-6. In partnership
with Ernest Rennet from 1908, firm being Butchart & Rennet.
Second Lieut, 1st Vol. Batt. Gordon Highlanders, 27th June,
1907, and subsequently 1st Lieut. First Lieut, Scottish Horse,
Yeomanry, 1st August, 191 1. Married, at Aberdeen, 6th April,
191 2, Catherine, dau. of Alexander Johnston, wholesale produce
merchant, Aberdeen.

Butchart, James Sylver. 1 30th May, 1876.

Eldest son of Alexander Butchart, Aberdeen, and Elizabeth
Alexander, his wife. Born, at Aberdeen, 1st September, 1847.
Educated at the Free South Church School. Aberdeen ; and
Alumnus, Aberd., 1869-71. App. to Alexander Stronach, Junior
(1857). In partnership with his son-in-law, Ernest Rennet (1901),

1 "The Scots Law Times," 22nd June, 1895.


firm being Butchart & Rennet. Notary Public. Political agent
for the Right Hon. James Bryce, M.P., and Dr. [subsequently the
Right Hon.] Robert Farquharson, M.P., of Finzean. One of
the promoters of, and Law Agent for, the Scottish Employers'
Liability and General Insurance Coy. (Limited). Married, at
Aberdeen, 23rd September, 1874, Sarah Ann (died at Aberdeen,
1 2th January, 1889, aged 40), eldest dau. of Alexander Bruce, of
the Aberdeen Commercial Coy., with issue : —

1. James Alexander, Captain, Royal Field Artillery, 23rd

February, 191 1.

2. William Robert, engineer and farmer, Alberta, Canada.

3. Alexander Bruce, farmer, Alberta, Canada.

4. Henry Jackson, advocate (1908).

5. Reginald Errol, divinity student, Theological College of the

Episcopal Church, Edinburgh.

1. Sarah Anne Elizabeth, married Ernest Rennet, advocate


2. Jeanetta Marian, married David A. Pope, sometime insurance

secretary, Aberdeen.
Died, at Aberdeen, 16th January, 1903. l

Cadenhead, Alexander. 4th July, 1809.

Eldest son of John Cadenhead, gardener, and guild burgess, Aberdeen,
and Anna Bonner, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 4th April, 1786.
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1805. App. to John Low (1792). Sometime in
partnership with his brother, John Cadenhead (1816), firm being
A. & J. Cadenhead. Clerk to the 9th District Road Trustees.
Procurator Fiscal 2 of the City of Aberdeen. Guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 25th March, 1813. Admiral Depute of the
bounds between Kinneff and the Ythan. Married, at Edinburgh,

1 ''The Scottish Law Review," XIX., p. 42.

■ The Aberdeen Journal remarks that Mr. Cadenhead's " legal knowledge was extensive
and accurate ; and the important and delicate functions of his office were discharged (assisted
for a long period by his brother, and latterly by his son) with an amount of ability, care,
and discretion, which were highly appreciated by successive leading officials of the Crown,
and Judges, as well as by the local civic authorities."


9th August, 1 817, Jane (died, at Aberdeen, 22nd April, 1832, aged
34), younger dau. of Rev. James Shirrefs, D.D., minister of the
West Church, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. John, bom 22nd February, 1820, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1839,

sometime farmer in Ontario, and Inspector of Schools.

2. James Shirrefs, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1843-44, entered the

Mercantile Marine Service, and died of fever on board his
ship, " Verbena " of London, at Shanghai, 22nd March,
1863, aged 41.

3. Alexander Shirrefs, born 3rd July, 1823 ; Alumnus, Mar.

Coll., 1840-43; became a settler in Canada; married, at
Fergus, 31st May, 1850, Mary Arbuthnot, youngest dau.
of Alexander Dingwall Fordyce, and died 22nd May, 1883.

4. Brebner, born 26th December, 1824 ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,

1838-39; married, 8th May, 1851, Jane Muir, and died at
Fergus, 7th September, 1877.

5. George, advocate in Aberdeen (1848).

6. David, born 1831, died in infancy.

1. Amelia, born 12th June, 1818; married, 17th June, 1841,

Francis Ogston, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1821, M.D., Edinb., 1824,
Professor of Medical Logic and Medical Jurisprudence,
Mar. Coll., 1857-60, and in the University of Aberdeen
from the union till 1883. She died 10th May, 1852.

2. Anne, born 14th December, 1829; married, at Aberdeen,

5th October, 1854, Captain James Cadenhead of the 14th
Madras Native Infantry, subsequently of Summerhill,
Died, at Aberdeen, 3rd July, 1854.

Cadenhead, George. 23rd September, 1848.

Fifth son of Alexander Cadenhead, advocate (1809). Born, at
Aberdeen, 3rd March, 1827. Educated at Grammar School,
Aberdeen; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1841-44; at Edinb. as Law
Student. App. to his father. Sometime in partnership with
Alexander Simpson, Junior (1848), firm being Simpson and


Cadenhead. Procurator Fiscal of the City of Aberdeen, 1854-86,
and of the County of Aberdeen from 1886 to 1894, when resigned.
Lieut, 1st Aberdeenshire Rifle Vols., 19th Nov., 1859; Hon.
Quartermaster, 12th April, 1866 ; Quartermaster, nth November,
1874. Member of Council, New Spalding Club. Guild burgess
of Aberdeen, admitted 6th October, 1851. Author of "Sketch
of the Territorial History of the Burgh of Aberdeen," 1878,
and "The Family of Cadenhead," 1887. Treasurer, 1880-81.
Married, at Aberdeen, 10th July, 1855, Katharine Seton Forman
(died at Hampstead, London, 23rd February, 1909), dau. of James
Leonard, M.R.C.S., Eng., London, with issue: —

1. James, born 12th January, 1858, A.R.S.A., artist.

1. Alice Jane, married, at Aberdeen, 10th August, 1876,
William Henry Carter, merchant, of Shanghai and
Died, at Aberdeen, 19th January, 1900. *

Cadenhead, John. 16th November, 1816.

Second son of John Cadenhead, gardener, and guild burgess, Aberdeen,
and Anna Bonner, his wife. Born, at Aberdeen, in 1792. M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 1809. App. to Thomas Burnett (1795). Sometime in
partnership with his brother, Alexander Cadenhead (1809), firm
being A. & J. Cadenhead. Joint Procurator Fiscal for the City of
Aberdeen. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 29th December,

Died, unmarried, at Summerhill House, 4th July, 1867.

Cameron, Andrew James. 19th May, 1841.

Son of John Cameron, 2 surgeon, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,

1833-36. App. to John Fleming (1821).
Died, unmarried, at More-field, 9th January, 1855.

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XVI., p. 39.

2 The Society's minute of 18th April, 1835, **&* alia, authorises Mr. John Fleming to
enter into an indenture with "Andrew James Cameron, son of George Cameron, surgeon in
Aberdeen." It is believed, however, that George is a mistake for John. See Anderson's
"Records of Mar. Coll.," II., p. 485.


Campbell, Hugh Fraser. 10th May, 1897.

Eldest son of David Campbell, Tordarroch, Dornoch, and Jessie
Fraser, his wife. Born at Dornoch, 14th May, 1857. Educated
at the Grammar School, Old Aberdeen ; M.A. (with honours),
Aberd., 1879 ; B.L., 1895. " App. to John Stewart Watt (1888).
Assistant to John Dove Wilson, LL.D., Professor of Scots Law
and Roman Law in Aberdeen University (1893-99). Member of
Peterculter School Board, 1894-97; anc * of Aberdeen School
Board, 1897-1900. Governor of Aberdeen and North of Scotland
College of Agriculture (representing County of Sutherland),
1908-12. Author of " English Word Study," 1884; " Bibliography
of Sutherland," 1909; "Sutherland in the 18th Century," and
" Poems of John Munro" (Inverness Gaelic Society's Transactions,
1910 and 191 2). Married, at Aberdeen, 17th April, 1894, Jessie
Theresa (died, at Manchester, 18th Nov., 1910), youngest dau. of
Edward Fiddes, Joint-Manager, North of Scotland Bank (Limited),
with issue : —

1. David, born 13th May, 1895, died in infancy.

1. Jean Byres, born 13th December, 1898.

2. Margaret Scott, born 27th July, 1901.

Carnegie, Alexander. 13th August, 1766.

Son of James Carnegie, litster, burgess, Aberdeen, and Mary Thomson,
his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll. (Liddell bursar), 1748-52. App.
to Alexander Thomson (17 18). Notary Public. Town Clerk of
Aberdeen for upwards of forty-four years. Director, Aberdeen
Banking Coy. Guild burgess of Aberdeen. Proprietor of
Cookston and Cornhill. J. P., Aberdeenshire. President, 1790-92.
Portrait by Chandler, painted March, 1802, at Birsmohr Lodge,
Aboyne. Married, in June, 1769, Helen (died 24th June, 181 5,
aged 71), dau. of the late William Davidson, merchant, burgess,
and for sometime Provost of Aberdeen, with issue : —

1 Mr. Campbell was first bursar in Aberdeen University in 1876 (the only instance
where the first bursary was gained with Mathematics as the optional subject as against the
Version). He was the first to be admitted to the degree of B.L. by Aberdeen University,
having taken a first place in each of the four subjects embraced in that degree.


1. James, born 1771.

2. William, advocate (1796).

3. Alexander, born 1776.

4. John, born 1778, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1796 ; Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S.


1. Violet, died 1st July, 1835.

2. Mary, married, at Aberdeen, 25th September, 1794, William

Robertson, younger of Foveran, physician in Aberdeen.

3. Helen, born 1779, died in infancy.

4. Helen, born 1780, married, at Aberdeen, 31st October, 1807,

John Ross of Grenada.

5. Jane, died at Aberdeen, 18th March, 18 10, in her 28th year.

6. Elizabeth, died at Portobello, 30th April, 1842.

7. Hannah, died at Aberdeen, 9th November, 1868, aged 83.
Died, 17th May, 1806, aged 73.

Carnegie, William. 7th March, 1796.

Son of Alexander Carnegie, advocate (1766). Born at Aberdeen in
1772. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1790. App. to his father. Joint Town
Clerk of Aberdeen from 1793 to 1806, when became sole Town
Clerk. J Keeper, Register of Sasines for the Burgh of Aberdeen.
Director, Aberdeen Banking Coy. J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Ensign,
Royal Aberdeen Volunteers, 1803. Succeeded to Cookston and
Cornhill. 2 Portrait by John Moir, painted, October, 1808, at
Birsmohr Lodge, Aboyne. Treasurer, 1821-22. President, 1824-26.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 28th May, 1840. 3

1 See Walker's "Aberdeen Awa'," pp. 122-24.

2 Sasine dated 27th March, 1807.

3 8th June, 1840. "Which day the Provost stated that since the Council last met they
had been deprived by death of the services of a gentleman who had long held a prominent
station in Society, and who had sat at that table for nearly half a century — he meant Mr.
Carnegie, Town Clerk. The Provost said that it afforded him a melancholy gratification to
take the earliest opportunity of expressing the regret of the Council at his loss, and the
respect entertained for his character as a public officer, a warm friend and an honourable
man — and concluded by proposing that the Council direct that a letter of condolence
embracing these sentiments be transmitted in name of the Magistrates and Council to Miss
Carnegie, sister of their late Clerk. The proposal was seconded by Baillie Simpson, and
agreed to unanimously." — Aberdeen Town Council Minute Book, LXXV., p. 197.



Catanach, James. 27th January, 1731.

Son of James Catanach, merchant, Aberdeen. LL.D., Mar. Coll.,
31st May, 1743. LL.D., King's Coll., 13th February, 1748. App.
to George Keith. Sheriff-Substitute of Aberdeenshire, 1737-41.
Professor of Civil Law, King's Coll., 1745-60. * Honorary burgess
of Old Aberdeen, admitted 1 ith April, 1740. One of the Assessors
to the Rector of Mar. Coll., 1740-44.

Died, unmarried, 24th November, 1760. 2

1 " At Aberdeen, the 4th day of June, in the year 1745, in presence of the Advocates
and Procurators of the Courts at Aberdeen, The said day it being taken under consideration,
that upon the Demise of Sir William Forbes, Advocate, late Civilist and Professor of Civil
Law in the King's College of Aberdeen, the members of the University who are vested with
the power of supplying the vacancy and choisemg their own members had several persons
in their view to the said office, particularly James Catanach, Advocate in Aberdeen, who,
the better to qualify himself to enjoy the same in terms of the foundation charter of the
said University, obtained a Diploma as Doctor of Laws from the Marishel College and
University of the Royal Burgh of Aberdeen, After obtaining whereof the election was pro-
ceeded to in the usual form, and the majority of the Electors made choise of the said
Doctor James Catanach to be Professor of Civil Law in the said King's College, but the
minority objecting to his qualifications made choise of Mr. Charles Hamilton Gordon, one
of the Faculty of Advocates at Edinburgh, to be Professor of Civil Law in the said University,
as having studied the said science and being admitted Advocate upon a tryal cum rigore
examinis ; Whereupon a competition arose before the Court of Session betwixt Dr. Catanach
and Mr. Hamilton Gordon, which of them ought to be preferred to the office, and after
long debate a majority of the Lords of Session were pleased to find Dr. Catanach disqualified
to be Professor of Civil Law, and the said Charles Hamilton Gordon duly qualified for that
office, and that he was regularly elected, and preferred him accordingly ; Against which
Judgement of the Court of Session Dr. Catanach brought ane appeal before the Lords
Spiritual and Temporal of the Parliament of Great Britain, who by their decree unanimously
reversed the judgement of the Court of Session and found Dr. Catanach duely qualified and
elected to be Professor of Civil Law in the said King's College ; and the said Society and
Faculty of Advocates and Prors. in Aberdeen, considering that if the judgement of the Court
of Session had stood unreversed, they and their successors had been for ever debarred from
being elected and enjoying the said office of Professor of Civil Law, whereas by the reversing
thereof they and their successors, Advocates and Prors. in Aberdeen, are found qualified to
be elected Professors of Civil Law and to enjoy the said office ; Therefore, as the said

2 Will recorded 31st December, 1761, 13th July and 15th December, 1762, and 19th May,
1790.— "Aberdeen Commissariot Register." On iSth February, 1769, Margaret Catanach,
spouse of George Turner of Menie, and Isobel Catanach, the only two surviving sisters german,
and heirs portioners, of Dr. James Catanach, had sasine to his tenement and yard on the
east side of the Broadgate. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."


Cattanach, Donald George. 20th December, 1849.

Son of Donald Cattanach, merchant, Aberdeen, and Janet Allan, his
wife. Born at Aberdeen, 14th August, 1825. M.A., Mar. Coll.,
1842. A pp. to John Angus (1822). Proprietor of Hillbrae.
Commissioner of Supply for Aberdeenshire. Married, first, at
Aberdeen, 1st June, 1852, Jessie (died at Aberdeen, 21st April,
1853, in her 20th year), only dau. of the late John Thorn, advocate
(18 16), with issue : —

1. Jessie, married, at Aberdeen, 4th January, and again on
26th June, 1 87 1, John William, youngest son of John
Compton, R.N., of Kingston.

Married, second, at North Berwick, 31st May, 1881, Isabella
Masson (died at Aberdeen, 2nd May, 1892), dau. of the late
Roderick Sinclair, Aberdeen.

Died, at Aberdeen, 14th September, 1896.

decree of the House of Peers tends so much to the Honour and Interest of the Society, they
appoint the same to be engrossed in the publick records and a notarial copy thereof, with
the printed debate, to be laid up along with the writings belonging to the Society to the
effect their successors, Advocates and Prors. in Aberdeen, may know that they are qualified
to be elected Professors of Civil Law and to enjoy the said office ; The tenour of which
decree follows : —

" Die Jovis, 11 April, 7743.

"After hearing Counsel, as well yesterday as this day, Upon the petition and appeal of
James Catanach, Doctor of Laws and Advocate in Aberdeen, And of Mr. Alexr. Burnet,
Subprincipal, Doctor James Gregorie, Professor of Medicine, both in the King's College of
Old Aberdeen, and Mr. Alexr. Rait, Mr. Daniel Bradfutt, and Mr. John Chalmers, Regent
or Professors and Teachers in the said College, Complaining of ane Interlocutor of the Lords
of Session in Scotland, of the 20 of July 1744, and of ane Interlocutor of the 4th of December
last, whereby they adhered to their former interlocutor, made on the behalf of Charles Hamilton
Gordon, Advocate at Edinburgh, And Praying That the same might be reversed ; And that
this House would be pleased to afford the Appellants such other relief, as to their Lordships
in their great wisdom should seem proper. As also upon the answer of the said Charles
Hamilton Gordon, put into the said Appeal, and due consideration had of what was offered
on either side in this cause, It is Ordered and Adjudged by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal
in Parliament assembled, That the said interlocutors complained of in the said Appeal be,
and the same are, hereby reversed. And it is hereby further Adjudged, that the Appellant,
James Catanach, was duely qualified to be elected a Professor of Civil Law in the King's
College of Aberdeen, and was duly elected, And it is also ordered and adjudged that the
appellant Catanach be preferred to the said office accordingly."


Chalmcr, John. 1649.

Son of George Chalmer, Sheriff Clerk of Banffshire. - Sheriff Clerk
Depute of Aberdeenshire from 1st December, 1630. 2 Sheriff
Clerk, 1646-49. 3 Town Clerk. Married, and had a family.
The will of his second son, John, was proved at Edinburgh,
nth December, 1724. 4

Interred January, 1661.

Chalmer, Thomas. 5 Before 1600.

Honorary burgess of Aberdeen. Married Elizabeth, or Bessie, Forbes,
with issue, of whom : —

Thomas, Liddell bursar at Mar. Coll. in 1624, when secured
prize for "poesie" ; M.A., 1628 ; Under Master, Grammar
School, Aberdeen, 1630; Johnston divinity bursar, 1633-37;
Master, Grammar School, 1640. 6
Buried in St. Nicholas Churchyard, 2nd July, 1609. 7

Chalmer, William. 1598.

M.A. 8 Notary Public. 9 Married , with issue, of whom : —

Died before 4th June, 1616.

Chalmers, Charles. 21st November, 1812.

Youngest son of James Chalmers, guild burgess, printer, and
proprietor Aberdeen Journal, and Margaret Douglas, his wife.
Born at Aberdeen, 6th July, 1790. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1803-4
and 1805-6. A pp. to Alexander Shand (1789). Senior partner

1 Littlejohn's "Sheriff Court Records," II., pp. 61 and 537-38-

■ Ibid., p. 336. * Ibid., p. 538. 4 Edinburgh Wills.

5 George Chalmer, Sheriff Clerk of Banffshire, was his brother.

6 Simpson's " Bon -Record," p. 30; and " Musa Latina Aberdonensis," III., p. 350.
i St. Nicholas Burial Registers.

• Dr. Littlejohn's MS. Notes. 9 Ibid.

Tciaa/Uea &/hi/m#



j :

•3. .». .»»..••- » .


of Chalmers & Farquhar from 1830 to 1861, of C. & J. H.
Chalmers from 1861 to 1875, and of C. & P. H. Chalmers
from 1875 to 1877. Notary Public. Director, Aberdeen Town
and County Bank. Member of Council, Spalding Club. J. P.
for Aberdeenshire. Fiars Juror, twelve times, 1830-55. Ensign,
Aberdeenshire Militia, 1808. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 5th July, 1814. Proprietor of estate of Monkshill,
Fyvie, from October, 1827. Treasurer, 1836-38. President,
1840-42. Portrait by Sir George Reid at Ardbeck, Milltimber.
Portrait in Committee Room. Married, at Stemster, Caithness,
4th January, 1828, Mary (born 6th August, 1796, died at Rothie
Brisbane, Fyvie, 22nd July, 1869), second dau. of Alexander
Henderson of Stemster, with issue : —

1. James Hay, advocate (1854).

2. Alexander Henderson, born 30th September, 1830;

Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1845-47 ; W.S., admitted 6th July,
1854 ; Commissary Clerk of Aberdeenshire ; F.S.A., Scot. ;
married, 27th October, 1870, Meylia Jessie Marjory
Williamson, eldest dau. of Patrick Sinclair Laing, Deputy
Inspector General of Army Hospitals, and died 3rd
November, 1871.

3. William Gordon, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1850-53; Captain,

Bengal Staff Corps, died at Kussowlie, Upper India,
2 1 st August, 1868, aged 33.

4. Charles David, born 8th June, 1837 ; Major-General, R.A.,

succeeded to Monkshill, and died 20th July, 1893.

5. Patrick Henderson, advocate (1864).

1. Margaret Douglas, of Ardbeck, Milltimber.
Died, at Rothie Brisbane, 28th November, 1877.

Chalmers, David Montague Alexander. 3rd September, 1884.

Elder son of James Chalmers of Westburn, guild burgess of
Aberdeen, and Theresa Isabel Bratidcr or Elliott, his wife. Born
at Aberdeen, 26th December, 1861. M.A., Aberd., 1880. App.
to Patrick Henderson Chalmers and Farquharson Taylor Garden


(C. & P. H. Chalmers). Partner of C. & P. H. Chalmers since
1884. Notary Public. Director, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Hull
Steam Coy. (Limited). Trustee and Manager, Aberdeen Savings'
Bank. Guild burgess, admitted 4th October, 1897. Purchased
Beaconhill, Murtle, in 1899.

Chalmers, James Hay. 25th April, 1854.

Eldest son of Charles Chalmers, advocate (18 12). Born at
Aberdeen, 7th January, 1829. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1842-46.
App. to Charles Chalmers and Nathaniel Farquhar (Chalmers
and Farquhar). Partner of Chalmers & Farquhar, 1855-61, and
of C. & J. H. Chalmers, 1861-67. Commissary Clerk of
Aberdeenshire, 1861-67. Director, Aberdeen Commercial Coy.
Fiars Juror, 1856. Captain, 1st Aberdeenshire Rifle Vols., 26th
April, 1865. Author of "On Remains at Auchterless," and
"Stone Cist at Inverurie." F.S.A., Scot.

Died, unmarried, at Torquay, 24th April, 1867. J

Chalmers, John. 1563.

M.A. Consistory Clerk. 2 Honorary burgess of Aberdeen, admitted

23rd January, 1567-8.
Died, 26th October, 1575. 3

Chalmers, Lewis. 29th June, 1847.

Son of Lewis Chalmers, solicitor, factor for the Lord Saltoun, and
Baron-Baillie of Fraserburgh, and Jessie Kelman, his wife.
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1843. App. to William Simpson (1813).
Succeeded his father as factor for the Lord Saltoun and Baron-
Baillie of Fraserburgh. Fiars Juror, 1863. Membership ceased

1 The Aberdeen Journal, of 1st May, 1867, in referring to the death of Mr. Chalmers,
says — ". . . His practical knowledge of farming, and his warm sympathy with farmers,
were well known and appreciated ; and as he was a man of the strictest honour, whose
word was his bond, he was regarded with confidence and affection by the tenantry on the
estates with which his firm were connected. Whatever he took in hand he entered on
with a quiet ardour, very unostentatious, but very real, and to whatever enterprise he gave
his support, he gave it wholly and heartily. . . ."

= St. Nicholas Death Register. 3 Kennedy's List.


November, 1866. Married, first, at Aberdour House, 25th June,

1850, Eliza Ann Gordon (died at Fraserburgh, 6th December,

1 85 1, aged 20), eldest dau. of James Cameron, Aberdour

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