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House. Married, second, at Brighton, 5th July, 1853, Ellen
Miller (died at Fraserburgh, 23rd July, 1863, aged 28), younger
dau. of the late David. MacEwen, Dundee, with issue.

Died 22nd February, 1904.

Chalmers, Patrick Henderson. 11th April, 1864.

Fifth and youngest son of Charles Chalmers, advocate (1812).
Born at Rothie Brisbane, Fyvie, 12th July, 1839. M.A., Mar.
Coll., 1858. App. to Charles Chalmers, Nathaniel Farquhar,
and James Hay Chalmers (Chalmers & Farquhar). Partner of
C. & J. H. Chalmers, 1861-75, and of C. & P. H. Chalmers,
1875-89. Notary Public. Clerk of Lieutenancy of Aberdeen-
shire. Conservative Agent for the County, City, and University
of Aberdeen. Director, Aberdeen Commercial Coy., Aberdeen,
Newcastle and Hull Steam Coy., and the Scottish Provincial
Assurance Coy. Treasurer, New Spalding Club. F.S.A., Scot.
Fiars Juror, 1875-86. Lieut, 1st Aberdeenshire Rifle Vols.,
13th February, 1867. Author of "Memorandum as to the
History of the branch of the family of Chalmers descended
from Hugh Chalmers," and " Branch of the family from which
Principal George Chalmers was descended." Editor, " Marischal
College Class Record, 1854-58" (1st ed.). Purchased estate of
Avochie, parish of Rothiemay, in 1883. Married, at St. Mary's,
Bryanstone Sq., London, 23rd November, 1880, Emma Jane,
eldest dau. of the late Aeneas Ranald McDonell, of Glengarry,
sometime of the Madras Civil Service, with issue : —

1. Charles Hugh Lindsay Henderson, born 1st June, 1882;

succeeded to the estates of Monkshill and Avochie.

2. James William Douglas, born 30th April, 1884, and died

22nd May, [886.

3. Ian Patrick Honeyman, born 31st August, ti
Died, at Aberdeen, 19th February, 1889. *

1 "The Scottish Law Review," V., p. 62.


Chalmers, William. 1654.

Charles, Alexander. 16th November, 1705.

Fiars Juror, 1735-36. Married, 22nd December, 1701, Margaret 1
(died 23rd February, 17 16, aged 42), only child of James
Liddell, mathematical tutor, Mar. Coll., 1668-69, with issue:—

1. Robert, Comptroller of the Inland Orifice, General Post

Office, London. 2

2. George, 3 M.A., Mar. Coll., 1721, LL.D., 1741 ; High

Master of St. Paul's School, London, 1737-47; Secretary
to the Earl of Rochford, who was Ambassador to the
Court of Turin, 1748 4 ; preceptor to the Princes William
Henry and Henry Frederick, brothers to the Prince of
Wales 5 ; afterwards preceptor to the Duke of Cumber-
land 6 ; Author; died in London, 10th December, 1788,
in his 85th year.

1 The marriage contract is recorded in the Aberdeen Kirk Session Registers of date
14th November, 1701 — "Alexander Charles, Methlick, and Margaret Liddell, daughter of
James Liddell, Professor of Mathematics, Aberdeen — Adam Gordon of Inverebrie and
William Souper, witnesses."

2 On 18th July, 1768, Robert, as heir to his grand uncle, George Liddell, sometime
Professor of Mathematics in Marischal College, had Sasine in tenements, close, and yard
on west side of Gallowgate— " Aberdeen Sasine Register." He appears to have retired
from the postal service on 5th July, 1765.

3 On behalf of George, his father lodged a protest against the appointment of Mr. John
Stewart as Professor of Mathematics in Marischal College, 23rd August, 1727, on the
ground that the said George Charles "as a near Relation to the Mortifier ought to be
prefer'd to the said office without disputing, seeing he is qualified" — Anderson's "Records
of Mar. Coll.," I., p. 148. On 25th October, 1770, George Charles, as "Doctor of Laws
of Leicester Square, London, and immediate younger brother and nearest heir of Robert
Charles" deceased, had Sasine in the property in Gallowgate as described — "Aberdeen
Sasine Register." Among the pupils of Charles, at St. Paul's School, were the fifth Duke
of Argyll, Field Marshal, and his brother, Lord Frederick Campbell, also John Carr the
translator of Lucian.

♦ Rev. R. B. Gardiner's MS.

5 On 15th June, 1763, a pension of ,£1000, for thirty-one years, was granted to
Charles, whom failing, his executors and representatives — Cal. Home Office Papers,
1760-5, p. 375.

6 Through holding the preceptorship stated, Charles enjoyed a pension of ^300 which
was exempted from taxation — Information from Mr. A. E. Hillard, St. Paul's School.


3. Alexander, Liddell bursar, Mar. Coll., 1723-26 ; afterwards

in London ; died 1781.

4. John, Liddell bursar, Mar. Coll., 1726-30; D.D., King's

Coll., 16th August, 1763 ; minister of the English
Episcopal Church, Amsterdam; died 1780.

1. Anne, died 6th January, 1792, in her 88th year.

2. Margaret, died in infancy.
Died 25th March, 1754, aged 82. «

Cheyne, Francis. 1561.

Cheyne, John. 1576.

Clerk of the Commissariot of Aberdeenshire, appointed 29th
October, 1575. 2 Secured a gift of the Commissary Clerkship,
16th December, 1577. 3 Magistrate of Aberdeen, 1588-89, when
successfully prosecuted a policy of reform and economy. 4
Provost of Aberdeen, 1593-94. 5 M.P. for burgh of Aberdeen,
1593-94. 6 Commissioner for George, Earl Marischal. Proprietor
of Fortrie, Ellon. Married Jane Coutts, with issue : —

1. Janet, married, before July, 1589, George Seton of


2. Besse, baptised 12th August, 1574.

'Will recorded 20th October, 1755 — "Aberdeen Commissariot Register."

2 Privy Seal Register, XLIIL, p. 35.

3 Ibid., XLIV., p. 128. For account of an assault in which Cheyne figures
prominently, see Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," I., pp. 473-74.

4 Munro's MS. and Kennedy's "Annals."

3 Munro's "Provosts," p. 118-19.

6 For his services as M.P., Cheyne received the thanks of the community, voted at a
Head Court.


Cheyne, Patrick. 1 1570.

Died, 5th October, 1602.

Chivas, Alexander. 19th November, 1821.

Son of Alexander Chivas, cashier, Commercial Banking Coy.,
Aberdeen, and Elizabeth Walker, his wife. Educated Grammar
School, Aberdeen; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1810-13. App. to
David Hutcheon (1789). Notary Public. Agent at Aberdeen
for the National Bank of Scotland, retiring in 1867. Director,
Northern Assurance Coy. Manager, National Security Savings'
Bank. J.P. for Aberdeenshire. Married Christian Abercromby
(died at Aberdeen, 14th November, 1878, aged 77).

Died, s.p., at Aberdeen, 21st December, 1871, aged 73.

1 The following Crown respite for slaughter and mutilation was granted to Cheyne in
1588: — James, Be the Grace of God, King of Scottis, To all and sindrie oure Justices,
Sheriffs, Stewartis, Justice Clerkis, Crownars and thair deputis, Provistes, Auldermen,
and Bailleis of our burrowis, and all utheris our officiaris, leigis and subdittis, quhome it
effeires, quhais knowledge thir our lettres sal com, Greting, Wit ye us of our speciall
grace and mercie, to have respitt and be thir our lettres in the law and by the law
speciallia respittes Mr. Patrick Chene, Advocat in our burgh of Abirdene, Alexander
Gardin of Blackfurde, and Johnne Chene, sone to Robert Chene in Caldwallis, for airt
and pairt of the slaughter of umquhil Williame Annand and mutilation of Patrick Annand,
in Clayhills, committit in the moneth of the yeir of God 1570, upoun foirthocht

fellony or suddantie, and for all actioun or cryme that may be imput to thaim thairthrow,
and that may follow thairupoun, To be onhurt, unharmit, unattachit, unarreistit, unfollowit,
unpersewit, unsomminit, unvexit, and undisturbit, in thair persones, landis or guidis
thairfor be you or ony of you, our officiaris, liegis and subdittis foirsaidis, during the
tyme of thir our lettres : Quhairfore we charge straitlie and commandis you all and
sindrie our officiaris liegis and subdittis foirsaidis that nane of you tak upoun hand to do
or attempt onything incontrair or breking of thir our lettres of speciall respitt during all
the tyme thairof, under all hiest pane charge and offence that ye and ilkane of you may
commit and inryn against our Majesties in that pairt thir our lettres of speciall respitt for
the space of 19 yeiris incommin efter the day and dait of the samyn, but only revocation
to indure, because the said cryme was committit lang befoir our last Act of Parliament
maid against the granting of respittis or remissionis for slaughteris to be committit effter
the dait of the said Act, and als our thesaurer his sene quhair the pairtis is
assythit. . . .


Clark, John. 29th January, 1752.

App. to George Turner (1731). Married, in February, 175 1, Jean

(died 27th January, 1782 *), dau. of Robert Irvine of Cults.
Died, at Aberdeen, 4th November, 1767. 2

Clark, John. 4th July, 1832.

Son of John Clark, cabinetmaker, Aberdeen. Born 20th September,
1805. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1821-23. App. to James Nicol
(1820). In partnership with David Littlejohn, 1865-66, firm
being Clark & Littlejohn, and afterwards with David Robert
Morice, firm being Clark & Morice. Notary Public. Second
permanent factor and secretary to the Society from March, 1841,
to 24th November, 1874, when retired. Director, Aberdeen
Town and County Bank. Honorary burgess of Old Aberdeen,
admitted 2nd October, 185 1. Married, at Inverurie, 28th July,
1857, Christian (died at Bristol, 29th November, 1901), second
dau. of Thomas Thomson, M.A., King's Coll., 1810, M.D., Mar.
Coll., 1 8th Oct., 1854, physician, Inverurie.

Died, at Clifton, Bristol, 21st November, 1886. 3

Clark, Peter. 29th May, 1865.

Third and youngest son of Leslie Clark, merchant, Aberdeen, and
Elizabeth Saunders, his wife. Born, at Aberdeen, 18th
November, 1842. Educated at Dr. Tulloch's Academy, and
Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1856-58. App.
to Patrick Davidson, Alexander Davidson and Patrick Cooper
(Davidsons & Cooper). With Ronald & Ritchie, S.S.C., and
John Rutherford, W.S., Edinburgh, 1863-65. Sometime in
partnership with William Dunn, firm being Dunn & Clark, and

1 Tombstone, St. Nicholas Churchyard.

2 Will recorded at Aberdeen, 2nd January, 1768.

3 Mr. and Mrs. Clark left upwards of ^35,000 to be employed in educational and
benevolent benefactions. About ,£12,000 of that amount was expended upon the recent
extensions and improvements of the Aberdeen Art Gallery.


afterwards with William Monro Sellar, Solicitor, firm being
Clark & Sellar. Sometime a member of the Aberdeen Town
Council. Married, at Aberdeen, 4th February, 1868, Frances
Brodie, third dau. of William Esplin, General Manager, Scottish
North Eastern Railway Coy., with issue : —

1. Henry Sylvester, died in India.

2. Edward Francis, died in India.

3. James, died in infancy.

4. Patrick William Leslie, sometime Solicitor, Aberdeen, now

in Vancouver, British Columbia.

5. John Travers, tea planter, Assam.

6. William Esplin, tea planter, Assam.

1. Frances Mary, died in infancy.

2. Elizabeth Harvey.

3. Amelia.

4. Annie Stewart.

5. Frances Kate.

6. Maria Theresa.

Died, at Aberdeen, 20th December, 1!

Clerihew, Francis. 28th June, 1831.

Son of George Clerihew, 1 builder, and guild burgess of Aberdeen.
Born at Aberdeen, 16th May, 1808. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1825.
App. to Charles Gordon and Alexander Gordon (Charles &
Alexander Gordon). Director, Northern Assurance Company.
Guild burgess, admitted 15th October, 1833. Proprietor of
house property in Aberdeen. 2 Author of " Letter to Free-
holders," and of numerous pamphlets, particularly in opposition
to the Reform Bill of 1832. Prepared, in conjunction with

1 George Clerihew, in respect of each of his four sons having received bursaries while
at Mar. Coll., bequeathed under his settlement, ^150 to found "a Bursary in said

2 "Aberdeen Sasine Register." He was succeeded in his house property by his
brother, George Clerihew, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1827 ; M.D., Edinb., 1831 ; Inspector General of
Army Hospitals.


William Simpson, in 1853, MS. Report on the Records of the
Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire. Married, at Aberdeen, 28th
July, 1853, Ann (died, at Aberdeen, 3rd February, 1893), dau.
of the late James Barron, watchmaker, Aberdeen.
Died, at Aberdeen, 5th April, 1865.

Clerk (or Clark), Andrew. x 1581.

M.A. App. to John Kennedy. Notary Public. Honorary burgess

of Aberdeen, admitted 26th March, 1596.
Died after 16th November, 1633.

Clerk, John. 26th July, 1743.

App. to Patrick Smith (1705). Clerk to Justices of Peace.
Commissary Clerk Depute. 2 Sheriff-Substitute of Aberdeen-
shire, 1746-47. 3 Baron-Baillie of Balquhain, etc. Fiars Juror,
1748-50, and 1759-71. Honorary burgess of Old Aberdeen,
admitted 15th May, 1762. Proprietor of estate of Kincardine,
and of considerable house property in Aberdeen. 4 Treasurer,
1745-49. President, 1774-76. s Married Marjory (frequently

1 On 1 8th December, 1604, Clerk was accused of behaving irreverently, on Sunday,
towards Bishop Blackburn, when admonishing William Allan for non-adherence to his
wife, by making public opposition and contradiction to the Bishop's proceedings, and
taking instruments in the hands of two notaries. Having confessed his offence, and
submitted himself to the session, it was decreed " that he should appear on Sunday next,
in the new church ; and there, in the same place where he offended, to sit down on his
knees, confess his offence, and crave God and the congregation, and particularly the
minister whom he had offended, pardon and forgiveness, promising never to fall in the
like gross misbehaviour in time coming." On the following Sunday, therefore, he
submitted to this humiliating punishment. — Kennedy's "Annals," I., p. 181.

2 Dr. Littlejohn's MS.

3 Littlejohn's "Sheriff Court Records," III., pp. 1 16-17.

4 Mr. Clerk succeeded to the estate of his brother Andrew, who perished in the
blowing up of H.M. Ship "Dartmouth."

5 Mr. Clerk rendered special service in the securing of the Society's charter of 1774,
in respect whereof and on account of his being one of the senior members he was elected,
on 29th November, 1774, the first President of the reconstituted Society. Dishealth, however,
prevented his presiding at the meetings.


called May; died 7th April, 1783), only child of John Fraser,
merchant, Aberdeen, and his wife Marjory Jaffray, l with
issue : —

1. Alexander, baptised 15th January, 1738, merchant and

burgess of Aberdeen. Married, first (contract dated
4th February, 1764), Elizabeth Grant, eldest dau. of
Captain Alexander Grant of Grantsfield, Sheriff Depute
of Aberdeenshire, and, second, Barbara Grant.

2. John, baptised 5th April, 1739, died 29th March, 1809.

3. Andrew, baptised 4th September, 1743, died 2nd March,


4. Francis, baptised 23rd December, 1744.

5. James, baptised 4th March, 1749, died 9th April, 1829.

6. William, baptised 6th October, 1754.

1. Anna, baptised 26th July, 1741, married, in 1757, James

Watson, then writer, and advocate, 1764.

2. Helen, baptised 25th March, 1747.

3. Margaret, baptised 9th September, 1752, married George


Died, 23rd February, 1778. 2

Clyne, Norval. 4th June, 1846.

Elder son of John Clyne, Captain, 1st (or Royal) Regt. of Foot, and
Elizabeth Stewart, his wife. Born at Ballycastle, Ireland, 21st
February, 1817. Educated Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 1835. App. to John Duncan (1824). Subsequently
with Greig & Morton, W.S., Edinburgh. Sometime in partner-
ship with the said John Duncan, firm being Duncan & Clyne.
Third permanent factor and secretary to the Society, appointed

1 Mrs. Clerk, as heir to her father, had Sasine, on 7th Sept., 1765, in a tenement of
land on east side of the Broadgate. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register." She also had Sasine,
24th Nov., 1781, in a croft of land called "Holy lands, near the Thieffs briggs" at
Footdee, which had belonged to her aunt, Ann Jaffray. — Ibid.

3 Will recorded at Aberdeen, 24th June, 1778.


24th November, 1874. Portrait in Committee Room. Author
of " Ballads and Lays from Scottish History," Edinburgh, 1844
and 1863; "The Romantic Scottish Ballads," Aberdeen, 1859;
"The Lost Eagle and other verses," Aberdeen, 1880. "The
Scottish Jacobites and their poetry," Aberdeen, 1887; and other
poetical works. Contributed ten separate articles on " The
Advocates in Aberdeen " to " Scottish Notes and Queries," Vol. I.
Married, at Edinburgh, 15th December, 1846, Elizabeth (died at
Aberdeen, 16th August, 1892, aged 66), youngest dau. of the
late John Notman, Edinburgh, with issue : —

1. Charles, died 7th May, 185 1, in infancy.

2. Henry, died in Vancouver, British Columbia, 1904, aged 55.

3. Stuart, died at Madras, 25th April, 1882, aged 31.

4. Arthur, F.R.I.B.A., architect, Aberdeen.

5. Edward, died 19th May, 1865, aged 10.

6. Robert Russell, now in Australia.

1. Nora Kate, married, as his second wife, Sir David Wilson,

K.C.M.G., sometime Governor of British Honduras.

2. Lizzie Mary, married, at Aberdeen, 5th April, 1883, Rev.

John Skinner Wilson, B.A., incumbent of All Saints
Episcopal Church, Woodhead, Fyvie, now Dean of

3. Ellen Alice, died 18th March, 1867, in infancy.

4. Edith Angela, married Rev. Robert Cruickshank, present

rector of St. John's Episcopal Church, Aberdeen.

Died, at Aberdeen, 31st December, 1888.

Cochran, Alexander. 27th March, 1862.

Eldest son of Francis James Cochran, advocate (183 1). Born at
Aberdeen, 31st May, 1840. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1858. App. to
Robert Smith (1839). Partner of Smith & Cochran from 1864
to 1874, of Cochran & Anderson from 1874 to 1885, and of
Cochran & Macpherson from 1885. Notary Public. Clerk to
Aberdeen District Road Trustees from 1884 to 1893, which


office was abolished by the "Local Government (Scotland) Act"
of 1892. Collector of County Rates. Clerk to Shipmaster
Society of Aberdeen from 1870. Joint, and latterly sole, Agent
at Aberdeen of the Royal Bank of Scotland, 1870-93. Fiars
Juror, 1 89 1. Succeeded to the estate of Balfour on the death of
his father. Colonel Commanding 5th (Deeside) Vol. Batt.
Gordon Highlanders. Treasurer from 1891. Portrait in
Committee Room. Married, at Old Aberdeen, 24th September,
1867, Mary Hamilton (born 24th September, 1840, died at
Aberdeen, 24th May, 1891), second dau. of the Very Rev.
Peter Colin Campbell, D.D., Principal of Aberdeen University,
with issue : —

1. Francis James, advocate (1893)

2. Peter Campbell. (See under Apprentices in Appendix.)

3. Alexander Gordon, of the Durban Roodepoort Gold

Mining Company (Limited), Transvaal.

1. Elizabeth Farquharson.

2. Janet Campbell, married, at Aberdeen, 15th April, 191 2,

Colvin Arthur Edward, youngest son of Sir C. Colvin-
Smith, K.C.B., M.D., Hon. Physician to the King, Surgeon-
General, Indian Medical Service (retired).

3. Mary Hamilton.

4. Edith Margaret, married in London, 3rd July, 1909,

John Poynter Miller, manufacturer in Aberdeen.

5. Dora Alexandrina.

Died, at Aberdeen, 8th June, 1893.

Cochran, Francis James. 8th July, 1831.

Only son of Alexander Cochran, shipowner and burgess, Aberdeen,
and Elizabeth Roger, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 30th June,
1809. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1823-27. App. to Alexander
Smith (1804). Partner of Smith & Cochran from 1844. Clerk
to Shipmaster Society of Aberdeen from 1836. Collector of
County Rates of Aberdeenshire, and of Old Machar Poor


Assessment. Director, Aberdeen Banking Coy., and subsequently
of Union Bank of Scotland. Joint Agent at Aberdeen of the
Royal Bank of Scotland, from 1861. Trustee and Manager,
National Security Savings' Bank. Fiars Juror, 19 times, 1841-69.
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 25th October, 1833.
Purchased estate of Balfour, Birse, in 1840. Treasurer from
1869 till his death. Portrait at Craigentoul, Murtle. Married,
at Aberdeen, 4th June, 1839, Elizabeth (died, at Aberdeen,
8th September, 1899, aged 83), eldest dau. of Alexander
Smith, advocate (1804), with issue: —

1. Alexander, advocate (1862).

2. Francis, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1859-60, Colonel (retired),

sometime Commanding 1st Batt. Hampshire Regiment,
and afterwards the 37th Regimental District, Winchester ;
Author; married, first, 21st October, 1874, Alexandrina,
dau. of Rev. Philip Kelland, Professor of Mathematics,
Edinb., and, second, 20th January, 1881, Amy Isabel,
eldest dau. of the late Abingdon Gray, of the Bombay
Civil Service.

3. Hugh, died at Aberdeen, 4th August, 1863, aged 16.

4. Robert, stockbroker in Toronto, married there, 24th

August, 1 88 1, Lucy, third dau. of Rev. W. S. Darling,
Rector, Holy Trinity, Toronto.

1. Elizabeth, married, at Aberdeen, 29th January, 1861,

James Gibbon Anderson of H.M. Bengal Uncovenanted
Civil Service.

2. Margaret Gordon, married, at Aberdeen, 6th June, 1865,

George Pirrie, then Lieut., afterwards Captain, H.M. 17th
Madras Native Infantry, and died in London, 10th May,

3. Anne Farquharson, married, at Balfour, 3rd September,

1873, Edmund Boyd Osier, of Toronto, Canada, and
died at Craigleigh, Toronto, 5th April, 1910.

Died, at Aberdeen, 8th July, 1870.



Cochran, Francis James. 5th May, 1893.

Eldest son of Alexander Cochran, advocate (1862). Born at
Aberdeen, 21st November, 1868. Educated at Loretto School,
Midlothian; M.A., Aberd., 1889. App. to his father, and
Andrew Macpherson (Cochran & Macpherson). Partner of
Cochran & Macpherson from 1894. Notary Public, admitted
1905. Director, Northern Assurance Coy. (Limited). Lieut,
1st Vol. Batt. Gordon Highlanders, 4th May, 1892. Succeeded
to the estate of Balfour. Married, at Bieldside, 16th January,
1895, Edith Emily, younger dau. of General David Brown,
formerly 1st Madras Fusiliers, afterwards Chief Commissioner
in Burmah, of the Firs, Murtle, with issue : —

1. Francis Alexander.

2. David Gordon.

3. John Maclver Campbell.
1. Edith Mary Elizabeth.

Cochran, Peter. 1557.

Collie, George. 7th November, 1856.

Fifth son of Robert Collie, house proprietor, Aberdeen, and Elspeth
Collie, his wife. Born, at Aberdeen, 26th June, 1831. Educated
Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, King's Coll., 1848-49,
and Mar. Coll., 1849-50. App. to his elder brother, James Collie
(1841). In partnership with his said brother, 1856-96, firm being
James & George Collie. Partners subsequently assumed were
Robert Collie, accountant, in 1861 ; Oswald Prosser, solicitor,
in 1872 ; George Duncan Collie and James Younger Collie,
advocates, both in 1885. Director, Scottish Provincial Assurance
Coy.; Local Board, North British and Mercantile Insurance Coy.;
and Aberdeen District Tramways Coy. (Limited). Proprietor of
Balnagarth, Cults, and of Campfield, Torphins. Commissioner
of Supply for Aberdeenshire. Fiars Juror, 1890- 1 900. Married,


at Aberdeen, 18th April, 1861, Jane, younger dau. of David
McHardy of Cranford, Aberdeen, with issue : —
1. George, born in 1865, died 12th August, 1872.

1. Margaret.

2. Jeannie, married George Watt, architect, Aberdeen.

3. Ella Gordon.

4. Lucy Mary.

5. Constance Ida, married Rev. Charles W. Hunter of

Ballyrashane, Coleraine, Ireland.

6. Annie, married Rev. James Wishart, Irvine.
Died, at Balnagarth, 15th May, 1901.

Collie, George Duncan. 6th December, 1882.

Fourth son of James Collie, advocate (1841). Born, at Aberdeen,
2nd September, 1857. Educated Grammar School, Aberd., and
Merchiston Castle, Edinburgh; Alumnus, Aberd., 1875-79. App.
to his father and George Collie (James & George Collie). Partner
of James & George Collie from 1885. Notary Public, admitted
1899. Married, at The Lee, Bucks, 2nd August, 1899, Muriel,
dau. of George Francis Griffin, leather merchant, Stafford, with
issue : —

1. George Francis.

1. Margaret Elspeth Liberty, born 6th August, 1900; died

31st August, 1903.

2. Rachel Vernon.

3. Hester Margaret.

4. Joan Liberty.

Collie, James. 19th May, 1841. 1

Third son of Robert Collie, house proprietor, Aberdeen, and Elspeth
Collie, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 8th April, 1819. Educated

1 It is of interest to note that Mr. James Collie is now (1912) the senior member of the
Society, and second oldest member of the legal profession in Scotland.


Grammar School, Aberd. ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1833-36; Law
student, Edinb. App. to John Duncan (1824), and thereafter
with Sir Charles Gordon, S.S.C., Edinburgh. Notary Public,
admitted 1853. 1° partnership with his brother George from

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