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1856, firm being James & George Collie. 1 Proprietor of
Viewbank, Pitfodels. Commissioner of Supply for Aberdeen-
shire. Commissioner for Property and Income Tax. Married,
at Edinburgh, 19th August, 1847, Christina (died at Pitfodels,
5th September, 1872, aged 48), only dau. of Robert Gorham,
writer, Edinburgh, with issue : —

1. James, died at Aberdeen, 27th April, 185 1, in infancy.

2. George Gray, died at Aberdeen, 25th December, 1854,

in infancy.

3. Gordon, born at Aberdeen, 10th June, 1856; died at Cults,

9th January, 1905.

4. George Duncan, advocate (1882).

5. James Younger, advocate (1882).

6. Robert John, born at Aberdeen, 15th August, i860;

M.B., CM., Aberd., 1882; M.D., 1885; J.P., London;
Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem ;
Medical Examiner to the London County Council in
1886 2 ; in practice in London ; Knight Bachelor, January,

7. Frank Lang, born at Aberdeen, 18th March, 1864; M.B.,

CM., Aberd., 1886; M.D., 1889; sometime superin-
tendent, Colonial Hospital, Natal ; Medical Officer of
Health, Queenstown ; partner with Sir William Berry,
Speaker, Legislative Assembly, Cape Town ; and now
in practice at Balham, London.

1. Robina Christina, married, at Viewbank, 24th February,

1886, John Frank Lang, M.R.C.S., Eng., 1850, Sunderland.

2. Annie, born at Aberdeen, 19th June, 1854; died at

Pitfodels, 30th September, 1877.

1 For names of partners since assumed, see under Collie, George (1856).

2 For list of other appointments held by Sir R. J. Collie, see the current issue of
"Who's Who."


Collie, James Younger. 6th December, 1882.

Fifth son of James Collie, advocate (1841). Born at Pitfodels, 24th
May, 1859. Educated Grammar School, Aberd., and Merchiston
Castle, Edinburgh ; Alumnus, Aberd., 1875-79. App. to his
father and George Collie (James & George Collie). Partner of
James & George Collie from 1885. Married, at Aberdeen,
17th June, 1886, Isabella Abernethy (died at Aberdeen, 23rd
December, 1901), third dau. of the late Charles Stuart, Aberdeen,
with issue : —

1. James Stuart Gorham, born 19th July, 1891.

1. Doris Christina, married, in London, 26th March, 1910,

James Alexander Davidson, M.D., Aberd., 1909, Hanwell,

2. Margaret Leila.

3. Elinor Elizabeth, died 6th December, 1901, in infancy.

Cooper, Patrick, 4th March, 1847.

Third and youngest son of George Cooper, farmer, Wraes, Kenneth-
mont, and Elizabeth Roger, his wife. Born at Wraes, 27th
March, 1823. Educated at Parish School, Kennethmont, Dr.
Woodford's Academy, and Grammar School, Aberd. ; M.A.,
King's Coll., March, 1841. App. to William Adam and
Alexander Anderson (Adam & Anderson). In partnership with
Patrick Davidson (1831) and Alexander Davidson (1839),
1857-68, firm being Davidsons & Cooper; and with his son,
Patrick Cooper (1883), 1883-88, firm being Patrick Cooper and
Son. Notary Public. Chamberlain and Baron-Baillie of
Macdonald, 1848-50. Auditor of Aberdeen Sheriff Court at
Aberdeen from 1881. Legal adviser to St. Nicholas Parochial
Board. Secretary and Treasurer, Aberdeen Hospital for Relief
of Persons Labouring under Incurable Disease, 1857-83.
Chairman, Nigg Parochial Board, and Nigg School Board.
Member of Aberdeen Town Council — Master of Shoreworks,
1863-65 ; City Treasurer, 1871-74. Guild burgess, admitted
6th November, 1862. Fiars Juror, 1880-81. Ensign, 1st


Aberdeenshire Rifle Vols., 19th November, 1859; Lieutenant,
3rd July, i860. Treasurer of Society of Advocates, 1879-80.
President, 1880-81. Portrait in Committee Room. Author of
"Scottish Farmers' Politics," and "An Old Story Retold—
The Macdonald Evictions." Married, first, 24th June, 1856,
Harriet (died at Aberdeen, 16th January, 1863), elder dau. of
James Roger, bank agent, Rhynie, with issue : —

1. Patrick, advocate (1883).

2. George, born 13th February, 1861, stock broker, and

chartered accountant, Aberdeen, 1884. Married, 1891,
Mary, dau. of John Warrack, shipowner, Edinburgh,
and died 8th March, 1898.

3. Harry James, born 20th, died 23rd November, 1862.

1. Helen, born 17th February, 1858, died 9th May, 1861.
Married, second, Harriet Anne (died at Aberdeen, 14th January,
1 881), youngest dau. of the late Robert Kilgour, manufacturer
in Aberdeen.

Died, at Aberdeen, 21st May, 1891. 1

Cooper, Patrick (Junior). 17th May, 1883.

Eldest son of Patrick Cooper, advocate (1847). Born at Aberdeen,
1 2th August, 1859. Educated at Dr. Tulloch's Bellevue
Academy, Aberd., and the Gymnasium, Old Aberd. ; M.A.,
Aberd., 1879. Law Student, Edinb. App., first, to his father,
and, second, to Thomas Jarron Gordon, W.S., Edinburgh. In
partnership with his father, 1883-88, firm being Patrick Cooper
and Son. Notary Public. General Council Assessor, University
Court, from 1909. Governor of the Aberdeen and North of
Scotland College of Agriculture. Member of Council of the
Incorporated Society of Law Agents. Member of Council and
Executive Com., New Spalding Club. Secretary and Treasurer,
Aberdeen Hospital for Relief of Persons Labouring under
Incurable Disease, 1883. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted

1 "The Scottish Law Review," VII., p. 196.


7th June, 1909. Second Lieut., 1st Aberdeenshire Artillery Vols.,
24th May, Lieut, October, 1878; Captain, 23rd June, 1883.
Married, at Aberdeen, 18th June, 1885, Mary, second dau. of
John Cook of Ashley, shipowner, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Patrick Ashley, born 18th November, 1887.

2. John Russell, born 30th July, 1891.

1. Frances Mary, born 27th April, died 12th November, 1886.

Copland, Alexander. 30th November, 1812.

Eldest son of Patrick Copland, LL.D., Professor of Mathematics
and subsequently of Natural Philosophy, Mar. Coll., and Elizabeth
Ogilvie, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1807. App. to Charles
Bannerman (1776). Proprietor of Fountaingrove. Went
abroad and membership terminated November, 1868. Married,
first, at Aberdeen, 26th April, 1824, Louisa Latifer (died
at Fountainhall, Aberdeen, 6th September, 1826, aged 29),
eldest dau. of Christopher Norton of Penkridge and Congreve,
Staffordshire, with issue : —

1. George Huntly, died 19th January, 1827, in infancy.
1. Louisa.

Married, second, at Aberdeen, 18th May, 1829, Anna, 1 third
dau. of Rev. William Anderson, M.A., minister of Strichen.

Died at Fountaingrove, Huntingdon, Lower Canada, 10th November,
1885, in his 98th year.

Copland, William. 7th July, 1791.

Fifth and youngest son of Baillie Alexander Copland, merchant,
Aberdeen, and Elizabeth Johnston, his wife. Born, at Aberdeen,
14th January, 1753. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1783-87. App. to
John Durno (1764). Notary Public. Sometime Sheriff
Substitute, Town Clerk Depute, and Keeper, Register of Sasines,

1 She was sister of Sir Alexander Anderson, advocate (1827).


for the Counties of Aberdeen and Kincardine. Collector of
City Taxes. Burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 1787. J.P. for
Aberdeenshire. Possessed considerable house property in
Aberdeen. Treasurer, 1808-10. Married, 30th April, 1791,
Elizabeth (died at Aberdeen, 20th April, 1838, aged 73), eldest
surviving dau. of Thomas Cruickshank, merchant, Aberdeen,
with issue : —

1. Alexander, baptised 4th December, 1793 ; infant burgess

of Aberdeen, admitted 25th September, 1798 ; M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 181 1; M.R.C.S. ; London; sometime of
Jamaica; died at Aberdeen, 7th April, 181 8.

2. James, baptised 9th October, 1795 ; infant burgess of

Aberdeen, admitted 25th September, 1798 ; succeeded
his father as Keeper, Register of Sasines ; died at
Edinburgh, 16th May, 1826.

3. William, baptised 28th March, 1797 ; died in infancy.

4. William, baptised 17th December, 1798 ; infant burgess

of Aberdeen, admitted 24th September, 1799; died at
Aberdeen, 12th July, 1846.

1. Elizabeth, baptised 31st March, 1792; died at Hamilton,

1 6th July, 1846.

2. Jean Byres, baptised 6th April, 1806; married, at

Aberdeen, 30th May, 1839, James Forbes Beattie, C.E.
Aberdeen; died at Aberdeen, 19th March, 1891.

Died, at Aberdeen, 22nd January, 1821.

Cordoner, William. 1616.

Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire in 1629, and later. ■ Notary

Died after 2nd October, 1633.

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," II., p. 534.


Coutts, Adam. March, 1803.

Son of James Coutts, flaxdresser, and guild burgess, Aberdeen.
M.A. (first bursar), Mar. Coll., 1799. App. to Peter Farquharson
(1789). Sometime legal assessor and clerk to the Incorporated
Trades of Aberdeen. Possessed considerable property in

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, nth April, 1849, aged 72. *

Coutts, John. 30th June, 1841.

Son of William Coutts, cutler, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1828-30. App. to Adam Coutts (1803). Membership terminated
24th November, 1868. Married, at Aberdeen, 7th July, 1853,
Mary, only dau. of the late James Paterson, cabinetmaker,
Aberdeen. 2

Craig, John. 7th July, 1791.

App. to John Gordon (1753). Sheriff Clerk Depute of Aberdeenshire.
Proprietor of Mugiemoss from 6th Nov., 1782, to 20th July, 1795.
Liferent proprietor of Drimmies, Inverurie. Married, at Aberdeen,
in October, 1775, Jane (buried in St. Nicholas Churchyard, 24th
January, 1785 3 ), dau. of Hugh Gordon, watchmaker, Aberdeen, 4
with issue : —

I. Thomas, born 15th November, 1780, law apprentice, pro-
prietor of Drimmies, died at Aberdeen, 10th August, 1798. 5

1. Clementina, married John Imray, brewer, Inverness.

2. Ann, married, 22nd December, 1798, John Burnett, writer,


1 Mr. Coutts was succeeded in his movable estate by his niece, Jean Coutts (daughter of
his elder brother, John Coutts, coppersmith in Aberdeen), or Rowell, wife of Joseph Rowell,
blacksmith in Aberdeen, and in his heritable estate by his grand-nephew, Benjamin Rowell,

2 Aberdeen Journal. 3 Kirkwork Accounts.

4 Davidson's " Inverurie and Earldom," p. 487.

5 On 20th May, 1801, Clementina, Ann, and Margaret Craig, deceased's three surviving
sisters, had sasine (as his heirs of provision, etc.) in house property in the west end of
Castlegate, Aberdeen.— "Aberdeen Sasine Register."



3. Mary Cumine, died at Aberdeen, 24th May, 1800, aged 18.

4. Jean, born 24th June, 1783, died young.

5. Margaret, born 16th January, 1785, married George Munro.
Died, at Ashville, 4th May, 181 1, in his 73rd year.

Cromar, Robert. 27th June, 1829.

Son of James Cromar, rector, Grammar School, and Isabella Monro,
his wife. Educated Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Mar.
Coll., 1823. App. to Charles Gordon and Alexander Gordon
(Charles & Alexander Gordon).

Died abroad.

Crombie, Alexander. 26th January, 1789.

Eldest son of John Crombie, 1 Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen, 1766.
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1783. App. to Alexander Duthie (1764).
Commissioner to the Earl of Aberdeen and Baron-Baillie of his
barony, also Commissioner to the Hon. William Gordon of Ellon.
Director, Aberdeen Banking Coy. Fiars Juror, twenty-two times,
1 793- 1 830. J. P. for Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire. Member,
Town Council of Bervie. One of the Assessors to the Rector of
Mar. Coll., 1827 and 1830. Captain, Royal Aberdeen Vols., 1803.
Proprietor of Phesdo and Thornton, Kincardineshire, and of
extensive house property in Aberdeen. Treasurer, 1796-98.
President, 1802-4. Married, at Burnside, 12th August, 1799,
Elizabeth (died at Aberdeen, 6th February, 1837), eldest dau. of
Alexander Duthie, advocate (1764).

Died, s.p., 21st November, 1832. 2

1 John Crombie had sasine to himself and his son Alexander, jointly, in a tenement on
the south side of Netherkirkgate, 24th December, 1783. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."

2 A complimentary tablet to Mr. Crombie in the West Church, Aberdeen, bears that
"The singular worth of the deceased can be duly estimated by those only who had the
happiness to know him. By them his virtues, and his kind offices, will be long and grate-
fully remembered. In his professional character he was distinguished by a sound judgment,
and incorruptible integrity ; in his general intercourse, by affability of manners, and benevolence
of heart. In him the rich ever found an able and honest counsellor ; the poor a kind and
compassionate friend."


Cruden, George. 2nd November, 1875.

Only son of the Rev. James Cruden, M.A., King's Coll., 1826,
minister of Tyrie, afterwards of Gamrie, and Joanna Welsh, his
wife. Born at Tyrie, 2nd June, 1850. Educated Parish School,
Gamrie ; Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd., 1873.
App. to Harvey Hall (1866). With J. & J. Gardiner, S.S.C.,
Edinburgh, 1874-75. In partnership, 1876-90, with Alexander
Simpson (1848); 1890-96, with the said Alexander Simpson and
George Archibald Simpson (1890), firm being Simpson & Cruden ;
1 896-1907, with Archibald John Watt Storie, S.S.C., the said
George Archibald Simpson and Robert C. Jackson, solicitor, firm
being Storie, Cruden & Coy. ; and from 1907 with the said
Archibald John Watt Storie and George Archibald Simpson,
firm being Storie, Cruden & Simpson. Long secretary, West
Aberdeenshire Conservative Association. Clerk to General Kirk
Session of Aberdeen. Director, Local Board Commercial Union
Assurance Coy. (Limited), and Union Assurance Society (Limited).
Lecturer on Physical Training in the University, 1899. Hon.
Fellow, Educational Institute of Scotland. Member, Aberdeen
School Board, 1888-94 and 1909-n ; Monquhitter Parish School
Board since 1909 ; and Strachan Parish School Board since
1909. Member, Kincardineshire Secondary Education Com-
mittee since 1909. Member, Aberdeen Provincial Committee
since 1909. Lieut.-Col. (Hon. Col.), Commanding 1st Vol. Batt.
The Gordon Highlanders, 20th Sept., 1900, until 20th Sept., 1904,
when retired. V.D., 1892. Author of "Manual of Physical
Culture and System of Musical Drill," which has reached a
thirteenth edition. Married, at Manse of Insch, 19th September,
1877, Helen Dixson, third dau. of Rev. Archibald Storie, M.A.,
minister of Insch, with issue :—

1. James Wilson Fraser, Lieut., Black Watch (Royal High-
landers), married, 23rd April, 1910, Beatrice, elder dau. of
the late George Rennie, of 7 Hyde Park Place, London, W.

1. Anne Avery Craig, married Alexander Burnett Whyte,

advocate (1901).

2. Helen Dixson, married William Garden, advocate (1898).

3. Muriel, died at Edinburgh, 5th February, 1898.


Cruden, William Mocher. 27th July, 1830.

Son of William Cruden, Fairholm House, Lanark. M.A., Mar. Coll.,
1824. App. to Alexander Smith (1804). Membership terminated
November, 1848.

Cruickshank, Alexander Thomas. 4th February, 1897.

Eldest son of James Smith Cruickshank, farmer, Logie Newton,
Rothienorman, and Mary Walker, his wife. Born at Logie
Newton, 28th February, 1869. Educated Episcopal School,
Tillymorgan ; Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M. A. (with
honours), Aberd., 1891. App. to Farquharson Taylor Garden,
Charles Ruxton, and David Montague Alexander Chalmers
(C. & P. H. Chalmers) ; and with Alexander Morison, S.S.C.,
Edinburgh, 1894-95. I n partnership, from 1902, with Alexander
James Brander, solicitor, firm being Brander & Cruickshank.
Member, Aberdeen School Board since 1909. Governor, Robert
Gordon's Technical College since 1910. Married, at Christ Church,
Hornsey, London, 29th June, 1898, Mary Grace Munro, dau. of
James P. Roger, Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, with issue : —

1. James Stanley Rowland.

1. Dorothy Mary.

Cruickshank, George. 19th April, 1839.

Fourth son of the Rev. John Cruickshank, M.A., King's Coll., 1789,
minister of Glass, and Jean Scott, his wife. M.A., King's Coll.,
April, 1830. App. to Alexander Jopp (1825).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 21st March, 1848, aged 35.

Cumine, John Paton, 12th July, 1866.

Third son of Peter Cumine, shipowner, Fraserburgh, and Christian
Paton, his wife. Born at Fraserburgh, 5th July, 1840. Educated
Parish School, Fraserburgh, and Bellevue Academy, Aberdeen ;
M.A., Mar. Coll., i860; Law student, Edinb., 1864-66. App. to


William Yeats and Robert Spottiswood Farquhar Spottiswood
(Yeats & Spottiswood). With John Forman, W.S., Edinburgh,
from October, 1864, to July, 1866. In partnership with John
Watt, advocate (1843), 1870-81 ; with John Henderson Chalmers,
solicitor, 1881-97, and with Alexander Sands, solicitor, from 1897,
firm throughout being Watt & Cumine. Notary Public. Clerk
to the Board of Directors of the Aberdeen Reformatory and
Industrial Schools, etc., 1885. Assistant Procurator Fiscal for the
City of Aberdeen. Director of the Corporation of the Scottish
Episcopal Clergy Widows' and Orphans' Fund, 1903. Clerk to
the School Board of Peterculter, 1885 to 1888, his copartners
holding the office since the latter date. Trustee and Manager,
Aberdeen Savings' Bank. Governor, Aberdeen Educational
Trust, as representing the Society of Advocates, from 1902 to
the termination of the Trust, 31st December, 1909. Trustee,
Aberdeen Endowments Trust, as representing the Society,
1 9 10. Life Manager, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Lunatic
Asylum, 1878. Life Manager, Morningfield Hospital for
Incurables, 1905. Director, Royal Aberdeen Hospital for
Sick Children. Director, Institution for the Education of
the Deaf and Dumb. Registrar and Treasurer for the United
Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney of the Episcopal Church in
Scotland, 1889. Secretary and Treasurer, Aberdeen Dispensary,
Maternity Hospital, and Vaccine Institution, 1870.

Cumming, George. 13th November, 1818.

Son of the late James Cumming, Dysart. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1813.

App. to Andrew Davidson (1783).
Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 21st August, 1845.

Cumming, Robert. 16th April, 1894.

Eldest son of Robert Scott Cumming, sometime manager, Devanha
Brewery, Aberdeen, and Isabella Shand, his wife. Born at
Aberdeen, 21st November, 1861. Educated Grammar School,
Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd., 1881. App. to William Dunn and


Peter Clark (Dunn & Clark). Procurator Fiscal Depute of
Justice of Peace Court. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
16th March, 1896. Married, at Aberdeen, 21st September, 1892,
Ellen, elder dau. of the late William Poole, London, with issue : —

1. Robert Scott.

2. Ian.

Died, at Aberdeen, 9th October, 19 10.

Cuthbert, John. 1 6th June, 1705.

M.A., King's Coll., 1695. Practised for some time as a writer in
Edinburgh. Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 1716-23. 2 Fiars
Juror, 1725. Proprietor of Rosshall, and also designed as of
Brackenhills. Married, in 1694, Christian (born 15th January,
1664, died 1 2th January, 1739), second dau. of David Gregory of
Kinnairdie, with issue : —

1. David, honorary burgess of Old Aberdeen, admitted 24th
March, 1737 ; succeeded to Rosshall ; recorded arms
about 1750. 3

1. Elizabeth.

2. Barbara, died June, 17 15.

Daniel, Alexander. 21st July, 1828.

Son of George Daniel, merchant, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1821.
App., first, to William Copland (1791), and, second, to James
Hardie (1804). Notary Public. Deputy Keeper, Register of
Sasines. Author. Married, and was survived by at least two

Died, at Aberdeen, 24th February, 1868, aged 65.

1 Littlejohn's "Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 122.

- Cuthbert was a descendant of " William Cuthbert of Bracanhilles," whose widow, Jean
Abercrombie, and their children, in June, 1670, criminally pursued " William and James
Catenachs, brethren of John Catenach at the Mill of Logic in Cromar, and also the said
John Catenach," "for their assaulting and setting upon the said" William Cuthbert "and
murdering and killing him by shooting him with a gun loaded with ball ' throw the craige '
whereof he immediately died." — "Privy Council Register," 3rd Series, Vol. III.

3 Information from Mr. Francis J. Grant, W.S., Lyon Office.



Dauney, Alexander. 9th July, 1776.

Son of Rev. Francis Dauney, minister of Lumphanan, and subsequently
of Banchory-Ternan, and Margaret Chalmers, his wife. Born at
Banchory-Ternan 1st Sept., 1749. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1762-
66; LL.D., 8th January, 1793. App. to William Thorn (1752).
Commissioner to Lord Saltoun and Baron-Baillie of Fraserburgh. r
Promoter of, and first Secretary to, the Aberdeenshire Canal Coy.
Colleague to Dr. William Thorn as Civilist and Professor of Law,
King's Coll., 9th January, 1793, and after Dr. Thorn's death on
9th April, 1795, occupant of the Chair until his own death. 2
Legal assessor to the Aberdeen Town Council, 1807-31. Sheriff
Substitute of Aberdeenshire, 1806-29. Honorary burgess of Old
Aberdeen, admitted 1st November, 1793. Treasurer, 1786-88.
President, 1796-98, and 1808-10. Sometime proprietor of estate of
Craibstone, Newhills. Built house of Rubislaw Den. Lieut, Royal
Aberdeen Volunteers, 1795 ; Captain, 1796; transferred to Royal
Aberdeen Light Infantry Volunteers, as Lieut-Col. Commandant,
17th January, 1799. 3 Married, 1st June, 1778, Margaret (died
29th July, 1 83 1, aged 79), second dau. of Rev. Robert Pollock,
D.D., Principal and Professor of Divinity in Marischal College.

Died, s.p., at Aberdeen, 14th July, 1833. 4

1 An author who recently perused the Fraserburgh Town Council Minute Books records
that Dr. Dauney " was a man of outstanding ability, as all his communications to the Council
and the minutes [presumably written by himself] of meetings over which he presided are
couched in beautiful English, far in advance of the language generally met with at the time."

2 Littlejohn's "Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire," III., p. 127.

3 On 15th March, 1802, the "corps had a field-day, when James Hadden, Esq., Lord
Provost of Aberdeen, as first major, presented an elegant sabre, value ten guineas, to Lieut. -
Colonel Dauney from the officers of the corps, accompanied with an address expressive of
the high sense they entertained of Lieut. -Colonel Dauney's exertions on behalf of the corps,
and of their personal esteem for him as their commanding officer, and a piece of plate for
Mrs. Dauney." — Don. Sinclair's "The History of the Aberdeen Volunteers," p. 78.

4 Dr. Dauney adopted his nephew, William Dauney, member of the Faculty of Advocates,
1823, who died in Demerara in 1843. The elder and surviving son of the latter, Alexander
Dauney, Barrister of the Middle Temple, presented to the Society in 1909 a portrait of
Dr. Dauney, painted by David Martin in 1780, which is now hung in the Library.


Davidson, Alexander. 1570.

Davidson (or Davidsone), Alexander. 1616.

M.A. Son of Thomas Davidson, burgess of Aberdeen. x Procurator
Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 1631-60. 2 Honorary burgess of Aber-
deen, admitted, along with his servant, George Scot, 7th May,
1635. One of the Assessors to the Rector of King's Coll. in
1663. Proprietor of Cairnbrogie. Married Euphemia, younger
dau. of John Anderson, 3 painter, Aberdeen, with issue: —
1. Alexander, advocate (1661).

Died, 26th April, 1666. 4

Davidson, Alexander. 1661.

Son of Alexander Davidson, advocate (1616). App. to his father.
Succeeded to Cairnbrogie, and purchased estate of Newton,
Culsalmond. Also proprietor of Berryhill, Old Machar, and
fishings in the Don of the valued rent of ^400. Married, first,
Jean Burnett (died August, 1671), with issue: —

1. Alexander, succeeded to Newton, and was progenitor of

the Davidson -Gordons of Gight. 5

2. James, admitted guild burgess of Aberdeen, 2nd March,


Married, second, Marie, second dau. of George Leslie, Provost of
Aberdeen, with issue : —

3. George, admitted guild burgess of Aberdeen, 2nd March,


1 "Scottish Notes and Queries," I., p. 69.

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records." II.. p. 539; and III., p. 91.

3 John Anderson was brother of David Anderson of Finzeauch — "Davie di a' thing" —
and uncle of George Jamesone, "The Scottish Vandyck."

* Davidson, who was characterised by Spalding as " ane good honest man of the
Kingis," had a wide professional connection. In 1664 he accompanied Provost Gilbert
Gray and the Town Clerk as a commissioner to the Earl of Mar to offer reasonable
satisfaction for any supposed wrong in the cruives of Don. Mar, believing in more drastic
measures, proceeded with a force of 2500 men and demolished the cruives, which have never
been rebuilt at that part of the river.

5 Bulloch's "The House of Gordon," I., pp. 272-78, and II., pp. 471-76.

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