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1. Marjory, married William Thain of Blackhall, afterwards

in Cairnbrogie. T

2. Jean.

3. Christian.
Died, 2nd April, 1685. 2

Davidson, Alexander. 21st November, 1839.

Youngest son of Duncan Davidson, advocate (1794). Born at
Aberdeen, 26th July, 1818. Educated Finchley School, etc. ;
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1832-33, and 1834-36. App. to his father.
Sometime in partnership with his father and his brother,
Patrick Davidson (1831), firm being D. & P. Davidson ; thereafter
with the said Patrick Davidson, firm being P. & A. Davidson ;
subsequently with the said Patrick Davidson and Patrick Cooper
(1847), firm being Davidsons & Cooper; and, finally, with James
Garden (1842), firm being Davidson & Garden, which last title
still continues, although other partners have been assumed.
Sometime Chairman of Directors, Northern Assurance Coy., City
of Aberdeen Land Association, Culter Mills Paper Company
(Limited), and Adam Steamship Company (Limited). Director,
Deeside Railway Coy., Union Bank of Scotland, Aberdeen
Commercial Company, Aberdeen Newcastle and Hull Shipping
Coy., etc. Member of Council, New Spalding Club. Fiars
Juror, fourteen times, 1852-82. Proprietor of Desswood, now
known as Dess, Kincardine O'Neil. Commissioner of Supply
for Aberdeenshire. Treasurer, 1874-75. President, 1875-76.
Portrait by Sir George Reid, P.R.S.A., at Dess. Married, in
London, 10th February, 1857, Sarah Douglas, youngest dau. of
the late William Rose Robinson of Clermiston, Sheriff of Lanark-
shire, with issue : —

1. Duncan Francis, born 26th June, 1859, Major, Queen's
Own Cameron Highlanders, now of Dess.

'"Aberdeen Sasine Register."
2 Tombstone, St. Nicholas Churchyard.


2. Walter Ramsay, born 23rd March, 1870, architect, London.

1. Elizabeth Douglas.

2. Alice Maud.
Died, 19th September, 1895. J

Davidson, Andrew. 29th November, 1783.

Born at Bridge of Dee, 13th October, 1754. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1768-72. App. to Alexander Lumsden (1759). Guild burgess
of Aberdeen, admitted 14th December, 1808. House proprietor
in Aberdeen, and principal tacksman of Kennerty, Peterculter.
Fiars Juror, ten times, 1793-1814. Married Barbara (died at
Edinburgh, 27th August, 1852, in her 84th year), dau. of John
Forbes, 2 sometime Comptroller of Customs, Aberdeen, with issue :

1. Fredrick Booth, died in infancy, 1806.

2. Nathaniel Forbes, 1st bursar (75 compet.), Mar. Coll., 1817,

died in 18 19, aged 14.

3. Andrew, died at Tanjong Poera, Java, 31st January, 1831,

aged 32.

4. Richard Rich Wilford, died at Singapore, 28th June, 1831.

5. John, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1808, died in Java, 1841, aged 49.

6. Charles Forbes, M.A., Mar. Coll., 181 5 ; W.S., admitted

27th May, 1824; married, 9th June, 1831, Eliza, dau. of
Charles Hill of Luthrie, Fifeshire, and died at Edinburgh,
8th March, 1853, aged 53.

7. Jonathan, M.A., Mar. Coll., 181 3, died at Mauritius, 1854,

aged 57.

8. Gordon Forbes, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1820-23, died in

New South Wales, 17th October, 1865, aged 58.

9. Daniel Mitchell, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., died at Yately,

Hampshire, 30th July, 1877, aged 64.
10. Robert, M.A., Mar. Coll., 181 1, Physician General,

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XL, p. 301.

2 "Aberdeen Sasine Register."


1. Ann, married James Allan of the Mercantile Marine

Service, and died at Edinburgh, nth May, 1855.

2. Sophia, died at Portobello, 21st July, 1885, aged 83.

3. Barbara, died at Edinburgh, nth July, 1844, aged 41.
Died, at Aberdeen, 28th September, 1826.

Davidson, Andrew. 23rd January, 1888.

Eldest son of Rev. John Davidson, M.A. (with honours), Mar. Coll.,
1838; D.D.j Aberd., 1838, Minister of Inverurie, and Mary
Bisset his wife. Born at Inverurie, 18th January, i860.
Educated Parish School, Inverurie, and Grammar School, Old
Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1880. Law Student, Aberd., 1880-82,
and Edinb., 1883-84. App. to Lessel Stephen and William
Smith (Stephen & Smith). With J. & A. F. Adam, W.S.,
Edinburgh, 1883-84. C.A. (member of the Society of
Accountants in Aberdeen), admitted 1888. Partner in James
Meston & Company, Chartered Accountants, Aberdeen, from
1888. Married, at Peterhead, 25th September, 1895, Flora Jane,
dau. of Thomas Knox, bank agent, Peterhead, with issue : —

1. Lessel Murray.

2. Donald Arbuthnot.

3. Andrew Forbes.

4. Richard Barker.

5. John Sinclair.
1. Elspeth Mary.

Davidson, Charles Brown. 19th April, 1861.

Son of Alexander Davidson, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1822-26; bank
agent, Inverurie. Born at Inverurie, 14th August, 1837.
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1852-54; LL.D., Aberd., 1895. App. to
James Murray and James Garden (Murray & Garden). In
partnership with John Robertson (1852), and James Forbes
Lumsden (1862), 1862-93, firm being Robertson & Lumsden ;
and with the said James Forbes Lumsden from 1893, firm being
Lumsden & Davidson. Examiner under " The Law Agents


(Scotland) Act" of 1873, on the representation of the Society.
Clerk and factor, Milne Bequest Trust. Town Clerk of Inverurie.
Clerk, Garioch District Road Trustees, and subsequently of
Garioch District Committee. Fiars Juror, 1869. Director, Great
North of Scotland Railway Coy. Chairman, Aberdeen Con-
ciliation Board. Honorary Sheriff Substitute. Member of
General Council, University of Aberdeen. General Council
Assessor, University Court, from 1891. Member of Council,
New Spalding Club. F.S.A., Scot. Author, " Stone Cists
at Broomend, Inverurie," 1870; "Burgh of Inverurie — A
Retrospect," 1888. Treasurer, 1889-91. President, 1891-98.
Portrait in Committee Room. Married, at Port-Elphinstone,
15th September, 1869, Jane (born 17th April, 1848, died, at
Aberdeen, nth January, 1890), only dau. of William Bennett,
sometime farmer at Holl, parish of Boharm, with issue : —

1. Charles James, advocate (1898).

2. Henry Alexander, B.Sc, Aberd., 1896, Law Agent,

admitted 19th November, 1910. C.A. (member of the
Society of Accountants in Aberdeen, 1901). Partner
in the said firm of Lumsden & Davidson, 1st March,

1. Margaret Bremner Harvey.

2. Edith Mary.

Died, at Aberdeen, 29th April, 1900. x

Davidson, Charles James. 18th June, 1898.

Elder son of Charles Brown Davidson, advocate (1861). Born at
Aberdeen, 3rd June, 1874. M.A., Aberd., 1895, an d B.L. (with
honours), 1897. App., first, to James Forbes Lumsden and the
said Charles Brown Davidson (Lumsden & Davidson) ; and,
second, to Mackenzie & Kermack, W.S., Edinburgh. Partner
in the said firm of Lumsden & Davidson from 1898. Clerk and
Treasurer, Milne Bequest Trust.

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XVI., pp. 142-43, and "The Scots Law Times," 26th
May, 1894.


Davidson, Duncan. 8th March, 1794.

Son of John Davidson of Tillychetly, sometime Notary Public in
Tarland, and Anne Farquharson, his wife. Born 17th March,
1773. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1787-90, and 1794-95. App. to
John Davidson (1782). Sometime in partnership with his son
Patrick Davidson (1831), firm being D. & P. Davidson, which
title was continued after his son Alexander Davidson (1839)
was assumed as a partner. Joint Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeen-
shire, 1805-6. x Clerk to Robert Gordon's Hospital. Director,
Aberdeen Banking Coy. ; Aberdeen Savings' Bank. Fiars Juror,
1 801 -1 2. Dean of Faculty of Mar. Coll., 1827-33. J. P. for
Aberdeenshire. Succeeded to Tillychetly and purchased Inch-
marlo. Lieut, Royal Aberdeen Vols., 1803. Treasurer, 1816-18.
President, 1818-20. Married, at Aberdeen, 28th June, 1804,
Frances Mary (died at Inchmarlo Cottage, 15th November, 1859,
aged 73), only dau. of Patrick Pirie, merchant, Aberdeen, with
issue : —

1. Patrick, advocate (1831).

2. Duncan, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1828-31, H.E.I.C.S. (civil) of

Tillychetly. Married, at Aberdeen, 21st September,
1842, Katherine Frances, second dau. of Charles David
Gordon, Yr. of Abergeldie, and died in 1880.

3. Charles Forbes, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1828-31 ; died in


4. James, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1832-33, and 1834-35, some-

time of Windermere ; died at Marsden, near Burnley,
Lancashire, 26th February, 1868.

5. Alexander, advocate (1839).

1. Margaret Jane, married, at Inchmarlo, 6th August, 1850,

Arthur Fraser, merchant, Java, afterwards residing in
Edinburgh, and died in 1906.

2. Anne, married, at Inchmarlo, 26th July, 1854, W. Burnett

Ramsay of Banchory Lodge, and died in 1880.

3. Williamina, died in 1907.
Died, at Aberdeen, 8th December, 1849. 2

1 Littlejohn's "Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 132.

2 The Aberdeen Journal, in noticing Mr. Davidson's death, remarks that " he
entered early into public life, . . . and has ever since been considered as one of its
most intelligent members — equally distinguished for professional talent, strong common
sense, and great legal acumen. . . ."


Davidson, James. 1590.

App. to John Kennedy. Notary Public. Married, and had issue,
of whom : —

i. Alexander.
2. Patrick.
Died after January, 1627.

Davidson, James Watt 13th July, 1898.

Second son of George Davidson, Cullen, and Mary Watt, his wife.
Born, at Cullen, 19th July, 1858. Educated Public School,
Cullen. M.A., Aberd., 1880. App., first, to John Watt, Junior
(1856), and, second, to William Gordon (1864). With A. & A.
Campbell, W.S., Edinburgh, 1880-87. Town Clerk Depute
of Aberdeen from 1st January, 1894. Author of "The Common
Moss and Freedom Hill of Old Aberdeen," 1896.

Davidson, John. 26th November, 1782.

Only son of John Davidson, sometime farmer in Footie, Kincardine
O'Ncil, afterwards residenter in Aberdeen, and Janet Ettershank,
his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1768-72. App. to Alexander
Lumsden. (1759). Purchased estate of Kcbbaty — i.e., part of
the property from John Middleton of Shiels in 1792, and part
from Francis Fraser, younger of Findrack, in 1806, the
superiority being acquired from the Duke of Gordon in 1807. l
Fiars Juror, eleven times, 1793-1816. J.P. for Aberdeenshire.
Treasurer, 1790-92. President, 1804-6. Married, first, Helen 2

1 Information from Messrs. Skene, Edwards & Garson, W.S., Edinburgh, who also
explain that Davidson was succeeded in Kebbaty, under a deed of entail executed by him,
by his eldest surviving grandson, Alexander Davidson.

2 Helen Ferguson, or Davidson, had sasine on iolh May, 1791, in her father's property
in the Green, and on 28th July, following, in his property in Schoolhill.— " Aberdeen
Sasine Register."


(died at Kebbaty, 15th September, 1794, aged 48), eldest dau.
of Thomas Ferguson, wright in Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. John, died November, 1777.

2. Thomas, born 1st, and baptised 8th November, 1777.
Married, second, at Kintore, 17th March, 1796, Jane (born nth
August, 1765, died, at Aberdeen, 4th November, 1834), second
dau. of Baillie Alexander Farquhar, Kintore.

Died, at Aberdeen, 7th January, 1824, in his 74th year.

Davidson, John. 28th July, 1851.

Son of John Davidson, merchant at Cotton, Woodside. Alumnus,
King's Coll., 1836-38. App. to Alexander Gordon (1814).
Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 26th March, 1884.

Davidson, Patrick. 8th July, 1831.

Eldest son of Duncan Davidson, advocate (1794). Hon. M.A., Mar.
Coll., 1st March, 1834; LL.D., King's Coll., 24th November,
1849. App. to his father. Sometime in partnership with his
father, firm being D. & P. Davidson, which title was continued
after his brother Alexander Davidson (1839) was assumed as
a partner ; thereafter with the said Alexander Davidson, firm
being P. & A. Davidson ; and, finally, with the said Alexander
Davidson and Patrick Cooper (1847), firm being Davidsons and
Cooper. Notary Public. Civilist in Mar. Coll., 8th August,
1833, and, at the union of the Universities and Colleges in i860,
Professor of Law in the University of Aberdeen. Master Extra-
ordinary in the High Court of Chancery. Director, Aberdeen
Banking Coy. Vice-Chairman, Deeside Railway Coy. One of
the Assessors to the Rector of Mar. Coll. in 1833. Member
of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Fiars Juror,
1838-56. J.P. for Aberdeenshire. Succeeded to the estate of
Inchmarlo. Captain, Kincardineshire Rifle Vols. Married, at


Warthill, 2nd August, 1836, Mary Anne (died 27th December,
1898), eldest dau. of William Leslie, of Warthill, with issue: —

1. Duncan ; succeeded to Inchmarlo ; D.L. ; J.P. ; married,

first, at Richmond, Surrey, 8th January, 1874, Flora
Frances (died 6th January, 1884), eldest dau. of Lieut. -
Col. Francis (afterwards Sir Francis, 7th Bart., of Fore-
mark, Derbyshire) Burdett. Married, second, at Thorpe,
8th June, 1887, Ethel Harriet, only dau. of Lieut-Col.
Charles Inge, of Thorpe Constantine, Staffordshire.

2. William Leslie ; Col., R.H.A. ; C.B. ; J.P. ; married in

London, 1st February, 1887, Theodora, eldest surviving
dau. of William, Baron Ashford, afterwards 7th Earl of

3. Patrick.

4. George Louis Outram.

1. Jane Anne, married, at Inchmarlo, 20th October, i860,

Francis Boyd Outram, of the Bengal Civil Service, only
son of Lieut.-Gen. Sir James Outram, Bart, G.C.B.

2. Frances Mary.

3. Catherine Helen.

4. Mary Margaret.

5. Matilda Rose.

6. Williamina Saida.
Died, at Inchmarlo, 8th May, 1881.

Davidson (or Davidsone), Robert. 1598.

M.A. Notary Public. Honorary burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
15th September, 1609. In 1608, had joint commission (with
James Mowat), from the Supreme Court, as a Sheriff of
Kincardineshire, to deal with the marches of certain estates. «

Died, 20th November, 161 2.

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," II., p. 136.


Davidson, William. 1566.

Died, 17th May, 1587.

Davidson, William. 16th November, 1819.

Fifth son of Robert Davidson, of Balnagask, and Christian Philip,
his wife. Born 1797. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1811-13. App. to
Duncan Davidson (1794).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 28th December, 1821.

Dawson, John Grant 23rd November, 1859.

Youngest son of George Grant Dawson, farmer, Boldow, and Grace
Grant, his wife. Born at Knockando, 26th November, 1820.
Educated Parish School, Knockando. M.A., King's Coll., March,
1843. App. to William Hunter (1840). Honorary burgess
of Old Aberdeen, admitted 28th April, 1849. Married, first,
at Old Aberdeen, 29th April, 1845, Elsie (died at Old Aberdeen,
30th October, 1868, aged 54), only dau. of the late George
Barrack, contractor, Old Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Patricia Collins, married, at Old Aberdeen, 5th January,
1869, Rev. Alexander McLean, minister of Strachan.
Married, second, 16th October, 1872, Margaret, eldest dau. of
David Mortimer, miller and farmer, Mill of Clinter, Birse, with
issue : —

1. John Grant, Alumnus, Aberd., 1894-95 ; m 2r >d Batt.

Gordon Highlanders, and served in South African War,
being severely wounded in the battle of Amersfoort.

2. George Davidson Mortimer.

2. Grace Grant.

3. Margaret Ann Mortimer.

4. Harriet Mortimer.

5. Edith Jessie Grant.

6. Isabella Jean Mortimer.
Died, at Kemnay, 1st February, 1909.



Donaldson, Charles. 19th November, 1814.

Son of William Donaldson, in Mill of Wester Coull. M.A., King's
Coll., 29th March, 181 1. App. to Henry Lumsden (1807).
Sometime Procurator Fiscal of the city of Aberdeen, and
Justice of Peace Court for the County.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 16th April, 1824. x

Downie, Charles Gordon. 2nd June, 1870.

Younger son of Charles Downie, of Ashfield, Garmouth, and Mary
Leith, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 24th May, 1843. Educated
West End Academy, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1857-60; M.A., Aberd., 1861. App. to William Adam
and Alexander Anderson (Adam & Anderson). Sometime in
partnership with John Carmichael Bennett (1895), firm being
Downie & Bennett. Sometime Clerk to the Visiting Committee of
H.M. Prison, Aberdeen. Trustee of the Boys' and Girls' Hospital,
Aberdeen. For many years member of St. Nicholas Parochial
Board ; and for sometime of Old Machar Parochial Board. Member
of Urquhart Parish Council. Many years Chairman, Speymouth
School Board. J. P. for Morayshire. Married, at Edinburgh, 4th
November, 1875, Margaret, dau. of George Stuart, Burnmouth,
Grange, Banffshire.

Duff, Alexander. 14th June, 1837.

Son of Alexander Duff, tailor, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,

1827-31. App. to Francis Gordon (1796).
Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 9th April, 1842, aged 35.

Duff, James. 9th January, 1754.

Fourth and youngest son of Alexander Duff of Hatton, Auchterless.
Born at manor of Hatton. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1742-46.
App. to Alexander Thomson (17 18). Went out with Prince

1 Mr. Donaldson was succeeded in his heritable property in Aberdeen, by his immediate
younger brother, William Donaldson, Junior, residing at Mill of Coull.— "Aberdeen
Sasine Register."


Charlie's forces at the age of 16, but was sent home after the
skirmish at Inverurie on 23rd Dec, 1745. Sometime collector of
Assessments to the Commissioners of Supply for Aberdeenshire.
Agent for Mrs. Catherine Byron Gordon of Gight. Appointed
Sheriff Clerk of Banffshire in 1761, which office resigned at
Candlemas 1801, in favour of William Rose of Ballivat and his
fourth son, Patrick Rose. r Portrait in possession of Mr. Duff's
great grandson, Mr. Adam Gordon Duff, at Chester Square,
London, a copy being at Hatton Castle. Married, first, 12th
August, 1755, 2 Helen (died at Rubislaw, 12th March, 1764,
aged 30), dau. of George Skene of Rubislaw, with issue : —

1. Alexander, born nth, and baptised 12th July, 1758.

2. George, baptised 22nd February, 1764; infant burgess of

Aberdeen, admitted April, 1777 ; Captain in the Navy ;
fell while commanding H.M. Ship " Mars," at the battle
of Trafalgar, 21st October, 1805. 3

1. Helen, baptised 3rd June, 1756, married, at Aberdeen, 28th

April, 1782, Thomas, son of Captain Bell, Dublin.

Married, second, in 1772, Margaret Ogilvie (died 1829, aged 75),
dau. of James Dumbar of Kincorth, with issue : —

3. James, died young.

4. James, died 1797, aged 21.

5. John, died 1801.

6. Fife, midshipman, died 1800.

7. Alexander.

2. Isabella.

3. Catherine.

4. Mary. 4

5. Anne, born 1785, married Walter Biggar, and died at

Edinburgh, in 1877.

6. Sophia, born 1786, died young.
Died, 19th November, 1804, aged 75. 5

1 Note in Sheriff Clerk's Office, Banff. 2 Aberdeen Journal.

3 Monument, St. Paul's Cathedral, London. 4 Tombstone at Banff.

5 Many of these facts have been furnished by Mr. Duff's great-great grandson, Mr. Alistair
N. Tayler, of Glenbarry and Bilbohall.


Duff, Patrick.


4th June, 1718.

Fourth son of Patrick Duff of Craigston, and Anne Innes, his wife. 1
Born, i6th November, 1692. 2 App. to George Keith (1704).
Commissary of Aberdeenshire. One of the Assessors to the
Rector of King's Coll. in 1725. Rector of Mar. Coll., 1726-28.
Member, Town Council of Old Aberdeen in 1729, and honorary-
burgess, admitted 17th January, 1730. Fiars Juror, 1725-27.
Portrait by William Mosman, in possession of H. R. H. the
Princess Royal, at Portman Square, London. Proprietor of
Forresterhill, 3 as also of Premnay, and Culter. 4 J. P., and
Commissioner of Supply for Aberdeenshire. Married, in 1721,
Margaret (married, as her second husband, 25th December, 1768,
Alexander Udny of Udny, and died, 14th January, 1793), only
surviving child of his cousin, William Duff of Braco.

Died, s.p., at Culter House, 20th October, 1763.

Duffus, Alexander.

24th December, 1889.

Elder son of Alexander Duffus, wholesale confectioner, Aberdeen,
and Anne Watt, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 2nd July, 1859.
Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd.,
1876-78 ; Law student, Edinb., 1879-80. App., first, to Henry
Tod, W.S., Edinburgh, and, second, to John Robertson, James
Forbes Lumsden, and Charles Brown Davidson (Robertson &
Lumsden). Commenced practice as Law Agent, 1884. In 1892
joined Thomas Wilsone, of Reid & Wilsone, under firm name of
Wilsone & Duffus. Notary Public. Director, Local Branch, North
British and Mercantile Insurance Coy. Lieut, 1st Aberdeenshire
Royal Engineers, 18th August, 1888; Captain, 27th November,
1889. Married, at St. Andrew's Chapel of Ease, Mannofield,

1 Information from the late Mr. R. W. Duff.

2 Tombstone at Peterculter.

3 Forresterhill was acquired by Mr. Duff before 1723, when he petitioned the Town
Council of Aberdeen anent the straitening of boundaries, as he contemplated erecting
enclosing walls and improving the land. — Town Council Minute, 8th June, 1723.

4 See Baird's " Geuealogical Memoirs of the Duffs," pp. 102-5.



17th July, 1890, Mary, eldest dau. of James Catto, wine
merchant, Cliff House, Cults, with issue : —

1. James Catto.

2. Alan Alexander.

3. Harold Watt.

4. William Brand.

5. Sydney.

1. Mary Isobel.

2. Hilda, died at Aberdeen, 22nd October, 1900.

Duff us, John. 5th April, 1832.

Son of John Duffus, engineer and iron founder, Aberdeen, and
Ann Fraser, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1821-24. App. to
William Smith (18 17).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 24th September, 1840, aged 32.

Duguid, Alexander. 16th November, 1819.

Son of William Duguid of Newlands, merchant, Aberdeen, and
Margery Leslie, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1814. App. to
Charles Gordon (1783).

Died, unmarried, abroad, in 1824.

Duguid, James. 19th June, 1874.

Only son of Charles James Gordon Duguid, of Springhill, guild
burgess of Aberdeen, and Elizabeth Morison, his wife. Born
at Aberdeen, 23rd June, 1849. Educated, West End Academy,
and Grammar School, Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1867. App.
to William Yeats and Robert Spottiswood Farquhar Spottiswood
(Yeats & Spottiswood). With Millar, Allardyce & Robson,
W.S., Edinburgh, 1872-73. In partnership with Gray Campbell
Fraser (1855) from 1876, and with the said Gray Campbell
Fraser and Alexander Tytler Nicol, solicitor, from 1896, firm


being Fraser & Duguid. Notary Public. Lecturer on Con-
veyancing in Aberdeen University, appointed 1895. Honorary
Sheriff Substitute of Aberdeen, Kincardine, and Banff, appointed
1896. Examiner under "The Law Agents (Scotland) Act" of 1873,
appointed 1900. J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Member of Aberdeen
School Board, 1906-9. Lieut, Aberdeen City Artillery, 1881 ;
retiring 1908 with rank of Lieut-Colonel and Honorary Colonel.
V.D., 1901. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 31st October,
1894. Treasurer of the Society of i\dvocates, appointed
November, 191 1. Married, at Aberdeen, 8th December, 1881,
Susan Anne (died at Aberdeen, 5th December, 1890), youngest
dau. of James Bryce, advocate (1845), with issue: —

1. Charles James Gordon.

2. Francis John.

1. Katherine Elisabeth, married William Littlejohn, advocate

Duguid, Peter. 14th April, 1855.

Only son of Simpson Duguid of Cammachmore, Kincardineshire,
sometime merchant in London, and Margaret McCombie, his
wife. Born at Clapham, London, 10th October, 1829. Educated
Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll, 1844-47.
App. to John Duguid Milne (1814), and John Duguid Milne,
Junior (1844). Subsequently with legal firm in Edinburgh.
Sometime in partnership with Alexander Stronach (181 8),
firm being Stronach & Duguid ; thereafter with the said
Alexander Stronach, Charles Duncan (1854), and Henry
Peterkin, solicitor, firm being Stronach, Duncan & Duguid ;
finally with the said Henry Peterkin, William Oswald Duncan
(1890), and Macbeth Moir Duncan (1891), firm being Duguid,
Peterkin & Duncans. Sometime in Forfar and Kincardineshire
Militia. Succeeded his father in the estate of Cammachmore.
Succeeded, in 1890, to the estates of Easter Skene and
Lynturk, Aberdeenshire, when he adopted the name of
Duguid-McCombie. Fiars Juror, 1868-73. Expert in heraldry

C^At&tJk) ' ^zja




and genealogy. Member of General Council, University of
Aberdeen. Member of Council, Spalding Club. Joint editor
(with Principal Sir William D. Geddes) of the " Lacunar
Basilicae Sancti Macarii." Married, at Aberdeen, 1st September,

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