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he takes in the concerns of the meanest of his subjects, and his love of Justice, must


November, 1821, when he retired. 1 Honorary burgess of Banff,
admitted 1791. Membership of the Society of Advocates ceased
in 1802, after permanent removal to Banff. Portrait at 5 Fonthill

Terrace, Aberdeen. Married , dau. of Cruickshank of

Monellie, Forgue, 2 with issue : —

1. Lewis William, M.A., King's Coll., 181 1 ; minister of

Boharm, 1816; D.D., Mar. Coll., 1851 ; Moderator of
the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in
1852. Married, first, 12th November, 18 16, Penelope,
dau. of George Cowie, Northfield, Banff, and, second,
20th October, 1835, Elizabeth, dau. of Archibald Young,
solicitor, Banff, afterwards Archibald Young Leslie of
Kininvie. He died 8th January, 1854. 3

2. George Robinson, solicitor, and Sheriff Clerk of Banffshire

from 1844; married Isabella, dau. of William Reid,
farmer and nurseryman, Colleonard, and died, 28th
February, 1874.

1. Jean.

2. Bathia.

Forbes, John. 10th February, 1739.

Son of Forbes of Boyndlie. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1733-37.

Succeeded to the estate of Boyndlie. Married Katherine, dau. of

have made him admire that noble manner of thinking which you have manifested in the
affair of poor Jansen. I would willingly tell you, Sir, the effect it made on me ; I would
also offer you my services ; but to the thanks and applause of a Great King, who is such a
judge of merit, I dare not add anything. Only it is necessary for my own satisfaction,
that I conclude with assuring you how entirely and sincerely, I shall always be, with much
esteem, Sir, your most humble servant. (Signed) Comte Lusi.

London, 4th December, 1781.

P.S. — I am well convinced that you will finish your business, by employing the means
which I have pointed out to you by the Consul, Mr. Fridag, to make the Pirate pay all
the Expenses and Damages, in order that the Vessel may proceed on her voyage.

""Sheriff Forbes possessed an acute discernment of the human character, was
profoundly versed in the law, and admirable in taking evidence, and in the art of cross-
examination."— James Imlach's "History of Banff."

2 Information from Mr. Alex. Colville, solicitor, Banff.

3 Information from Rev. Stephen Ree, Boharm.


Colonel Fullerton, and widow of Forbes of Tyrie, and who,

after the death of Forbes, married, thirdly, John Alexander,
advocate (1752).

Died, s.p., 20th June, 1751. 1

Forbes, Thomas. 3rd June, 1687.

Son of William Forbes of the Auchreddie family, 2 and Martin,

his wife. App. to George Paton (1670). Honorary burgess of
Old Aberdeen, admitted 20th August, 1685 ; and guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 31st January, 1693.

Died 1703. 3

Forbes, William. 28th June, 1832.

Son of Rev. Robert Forbes, minister of Monymusk, and Rachel
Copland, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1821-25. App. to
Charles Gordon and Alexander Gordon (Charles & Alexander
Gordon). Membership ceased in 1861. Afterwards connected
with the Scottish Amicable Assurance Society, Glasgow.

Fordyce, Andrew Watson. 6th July, 1835.

Son of Rev. Andrew Watson, minister of Tarland, and Helen
Maitland, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1825-29. App., first,
to Alexander Crombie (1789), and, second, to Colin Allan Philip
(1830). He adopted the patronymic of Fordyce in November,
1834, on succeeding to the estate of Ardoe, bequeathed to him by
the proprietrix, Miss Agnes Fordyce.

Died, unmarried, 4th April, 1837, in his 26th year. 4

"Will recorded 6th February, 1752. — "Aberdeen Commissariot Register."

2 Macfarlane's "Genealogical Collections," II., p. 234.

3 Forbes was buried in the old kirk of St. Nicholas, "in ane oaken coffin," 2nd Sept.,
1703. "Relict" buried 1st January, 17 19. — St. Nicholas Kirkwork Accounts.

4 Tablet in Banchory-Devenick Parish Church.



Fordyce, Arthur Dingwall. 14th April, 1769.

Second son of William Dingwall Fordyce of Culsh, burgess of
Aberdeen, and Jean Fordyce, his wife. Born at Brucklay Castle,
28th December, 1745. LL.D., Mar. Coll., 8th February, 1790.
App. to Alexander Lumsden (1759). Sometime with Alexander
Keith of Ravclston and Dunnottar, W.S., Edinburgh. Notary
Public, admitted 24th January, 1767. Commissary of Aberdeen-
shire, appointed 1788. Fiars Juror, twenty -two times, 1768-92.
Honorary burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 10th September, 1770.
One of the Assessors to the Rector of Mar. Coll. in 1796.
Succeeded to Culsh, and purchased Eggie and Balmedie, as also
extensive house property in Aberdeen. J. P. for Aberdeenshire.
Treasurer, 1770-74. Portrait, by Sir George Chalmers, fourth
Bart, of Cults, at Brucklay Castle. Married, 14th June, 1770,
Janet (died at Arthurseat, Aberdeen, 15th July, 183 1), sixth
dau. of James Morison of Elsick, sometime Lord Provost of
Aberdeen, with issue, of whom : —

William Dingwall, advocate (1794).

James, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1793, engaged in mercantile
business, married, 23rd July, 1797, Charlotte Macdougall,
and died in London, 2nd March, 1850.

Arthur Dingwall, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1796-98, of Arthurseat
and Polmuir ; Capt, Bengal Engineers, died on passage
home, off Cape of Good Hope, 19th December, 18 12.

Alexander, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1800, guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 4th February, 1805, engaged in
mercantile business, married, 9th September, 181 3, his
cousin, Magdalen Dingwall, and died in Canada, 23rd
February, 1852.

Thomas, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1804 and 1806-7, entered the
H.E.I.C.S., married, 16th May, 1818, Margaret Hopper,
and died 7th December, 1819.

Isobel, married, 26th October, 1809, James Bentley, M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 1791, Professor of Oriental Languages,
King's Coll., and died 16th July, 1852.



Janet, died, unmarried, 7th April, 1854.

Barbara, married, 18th January, 18 10, James Farquhar, surgeon,
R.N , and died 16th January, 1861.

Angelica, married, 12th March, 1800, John Harvey of
Kinnettles, and died 27th November, i860.

Agnes, married, 31st May, 1798, Alexander Fraser, merchant,
sometime Lord Provost of Aberdeen, and died 6th
March, 1834.

Jean, died, unmarried, at Nairn, 16th February, 1869.

Patience, married, 27th November, 1806, James Young,
merchant, sometime Lord Provost of Aberdeen, and
died at Rotterdam, 21st March, 1827.

Died at Arthurseat, 21st April, 1834.

Fordyce, Arthur Dingwall. 19th November, 1821.

Eldest son of William Dingwall Fordyce, advocate (1794). Born
19th June, 1797. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 181 2-14. App. to
David Hutcheon (1789). Succeeded to the estate of Culsh
on the death of his grandfather, Dr. Arthur Dingwall Fordyce,
on 2 1 st April, 1834, and to the estates of Brucklay, Aberdour,
etc., on the death of John Duff Dingwall, 26th October, 1840.
Married, at Aberdeen, 17th October, 1822, his cousin, Jessy
Stewart Dingwall (died 30th June, 1887), elder dau. of Captain
Arthur Dingwall Fordyce, Bengal Engineers.

Died, s.p. y at Aberdeen, 30th December, 1843.

Fordyce, William Dingwall. 8th March, 1794.

Eldest son of Arthur Dingwall Fordyce, advocate (1769). Born
9th April, 1776. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1791-93. App. to
his father. Joint Commissary Depute of Aberdeenshire. x

1 In this capacity Mr. Fordyce took the oath of Allegiance to George III., 13th
January, 1801. — Dr. Littlejohn's MS. Notes.


Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 23rd September, 1800.
Married, at Aberdeen, 1st September, 1796, Margaret (died at
Brucklay Castle, nth August, 1844), only dau. and heiress of
William Ritchie of Techmuiry, manufacturer, Aberdeen, with
issue : —

Arthur Dingwall, advocate (1821).

William Dingwall, born 22nd September, 1798, merchant,
died, unmarried, in Charleston, South Carolina, 13th
April, 1839.

Alexander Dingwall, born 4th March, 1800, captain, R.N.,
succeeded to Culsh and Brucklay ; M.P. for the City of
Aberdeen, 1847-52; married, 14th July, 1835, Barbara
(died 1 2th May, 1863), dau. of James Thorn, sometime
merchant in Halifax. He died at Aberdeen, 16th July,

John, died 1803, in infancy.

Thomas, died 1805, in infancy.

George Dingwall, born 16th June, 1809, member, Faculty
of Advocates, admitted 24th May, 1832 ; Advocate
Depute, appointed 185 1 ; Sheriff of Sutherland and
Caithness, and afterwards of Ross, Cromarty and
Sutherland ; married, 27th October, 1836, Sophia (died
1 2th November, 1884), dau. of James Thorn, sometime
merchant in Halifax. He died at Edinburgh, 7th
September, 1875.

Elspet, died 1802, in infancy.

Margaret, died in 181 2.

Janet, died, unmarried, 13th January, 1863.

Margaret, married Rev. A. L. R. Foote, D.D., one of the
ministers of, and afterwards Free Church minister at,
Brechin. She died at Clifton, Bristol, 29th April, 1842,
in her 30th year.

Died at Aberdeen, 1st March, 1831.


Forsyth, Patrick. 9th July, 1776.

Alumnus, King's Coll., 1764-68. App. to James Watson (1764).
Sometime Sheriff Substitute of Kincardineshire. Depute
Conservator of the Scotch Privileges at Campvere. Fiars Juror,
1774. Married, 23rd March, 1778, Rachel (died at Aberdeen,
30th January, 18 10), dau. of the late Baillie Alexander Mitchell
of Colpnay, merchant, Aberdeen, with issue.

Died March, 1796.

Fraser, Alexander. 10th February, 1671.

Son of Alexander Fraser, burgess of Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., being Rolland bursar. Sheriff Substitute of Aberdeenshire,
appointed 2nd July, 1691. 1 Honorary burgess of Old Aberdeen,
admitted 16th July, 1684. Magistrate of Old Aberdeen. One
of the two Commissioners who took up the Poll of Old
Aberdeen in 1696. 2 Married Helen Tyrie (died after 1719),
with issue : —

1. John, baptised 5th October, 1672.

1. Elizabeth, died after 1749.

Fraser, Alexander. 13th November, 1823.

Son of John Fraser, vintner, Kintore. Born at Kintore. M.A.,
King's Coll, 26th April, 18 13. App. to James Hardie (1804).
Notary Public. Appointed Joint City Chamberlain with the
said James Hardie in 1832 ; sole City Chamberlain in
1840; and Depute Town Clerk thereafter. Clerk to Guildry.
Honorary Sheriff Substitute of Aberdeenshire. Director,
Aberdeen Banking Coy., and thereafter of Union Bank of
Scotland, Scottish Provincial Assurance Coy., and Northern
Agricultural Coy. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 10th
June, 1839. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1856-57.
President, 1861-63. Married, at Aberdeen, 18th July, 1833,
Katharine (died at Inverurie, 16th February, 1887, aged 82),

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 112. 2 Poll Book.


third dau. of George Pirie, sometime merchant in Aberdeen,
with issue : —

i. James Hardie, Major, 67th Foot, died at Glasgow, 13th
April, 1884, aged 50.

2. George, sometime law apprentice, died at Georgetown,

Demerara, 20th June, 1882, aged 43.

3. Alexander, died at sea, 23rd July, 1872, aged 31.

4. William, Lieut., 24th and 63rd Foot, afterwards Superin-

tendent of Police in Natal ; died there in May, 1 894.

1. Jane, married, at Inverurie, 7th November, 1866, James

Wilson, M.D., Mar. Coll., 1858, of Cromlet Bank, Old-

2. Katharine Michie, died 2nd April, 1840.

3. Katharine, died 8th July, 1848.

Died at Aberdeen, 4th December, 1865, aged 69. x

Fraser, David Carter. 25th August, 1864.

Youngest son of Angus Fraser, merchant, and guild burgess,
Aberdeen, afterwards of Woodbank, Pitfodels, and Isabella
Carter, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 12th November, 1840.
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1854-56. App. to Patrick Davidson,
Alexander Davidson, and Patrick Cooper (Davidsons & Cooper).
Secretary and Treasurer, Aberdeen Industrial School Association.
Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Lieut,
1st Aberdeenshire Artillery Vols., 14th February, 1866.

Died, unmarried, 23rd September, 1875.

Fraser, George. 1557.

Fraser, Gray Campbell. 14th April, 1855.

Son of James Fraser, candlemaker and merchant, Aberdeen, and
Jane Beatson Campbell, his wife. Born 8th December, 183 1.

'See Carnie's "Reporting Reminiscences," II., p. 239.


Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1843-47. App. to William Yeats and
John Whyte (Yeats & Whyte). Sometime in partnership with
David Henderson Kennedy (1855), ^ rm being Kennedy &
Fraser, and thereafter with James Duguid (1874), firm being
Fraser & Duguid — A. Tytler Nicol becoming a partner in 1896.
Joint Secretary, Sheriff Watson's Female Industrial School.
Treasurer, Aberdeen Bible Women's and Evangelistic Association.
Chairman and Treasurer, Aberdeen Evangelical Association.
Secretary, Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor.
Treasurer, North East Coast Mission. Governor, Aberdeen
Educational Trust. Member of General Council, University of
Aberdeen. Manager, National Security Savings' Bank. Treasurer
of the Society of Advocates, 1898- 1900. President, 1900-2.
Portrait in Committee Room. Married, at Aberdeen, 14th June,
1877, Anne Bathia, eldest dau. of James Abernethy, C.E., iron
founder, Aberdeen, with surviving issue : —
Phoebe Isabella Campbell.
Died at Aberdeen, 5th April, 1906. «

Fraser, Thomas. 1554.

Fraser, William. 1673.

Died 26th September, 1682.


Fraser, William. 29th January, 1752.

Son of Alexander Fraser, Inveraven. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1760. App.

to Richard Gordon (173 1). Practised latterly at Peterhead.
Died before 15th January, 1760.

French, John. 26th July, 1743.

Fourth son of George French, litster, manager of the Woollen
Manufactory, and Barbara Fordyce, his wife. Baptised 1st

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XXII., pp. 143-44.


March, 1713. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1727-31. App. to Alexander
Thomson (17 18). Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, from
9th May, 1748. x Baron-Baillie of barony of Belhelvie. Ensign
of 3rd Company of Town's Volunteers guarding the town in
the absence of the King's forces, April, 1746. Guild burgess
of Aberdeen, admitted January, 1753. Married, in 1749,
Christian (died, August, 1784), dau. of the late Rev. Thomas
Blackwell, ninth Principal of Mar. Coll., with issue : —

1. George, M.D., 2 physician, Aberdeen, first Professor of
Chemistry in Mar. Coll. (chair founded in 1793 by
Barbara Black, widow of his uncle, Dr. Thomas
Blackwell, eleventh Principal of Mar. Coll.), died 13th
August, 1833.

1. Sarah, married, at Aberdeen, 17th August, 1785, Rev.

Alexander Wilson, minister of the Scots Church,
Campvere, Holland, and died 15th March, 1793.

2. Christian, died young.

3. Barbara, married, 9th June, 1796, Peter Jamieson, sometime

of Kingston, Jamaica, and died June, 1801.

Died 2nd January, 1759. 3

Fullerton, Hugh. 21st January, 1804.

Second son of the Rev. John Fullerton, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1757;
minister of Drumoak, and Isabella Rose, his wife. Alumnus,
Mar. Col!., 1794-98, being silver pen prizeman, 1794. App. to
Alexander Shand (1789). Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire,

1 Dr. Littlejohn's MS. Notes.

2 A portrait of Dr. French is in the Medico-Chirurgical Society's Hall, King Street.

3 Will recorded 28th June and 23rd September, 1762, and 2nd July, 1764. — "Aberdeen
Commissariot Register."

" If clearness of judgment and integrity of conduct, accompanied with unaffected piety
and benevolence of heart— if the most steady and disinterested friendship, adorned with
the most engaging affability, meekness and simplicity of manners — can give a claim to the
appellation of a worthy man, such truly was Mr. French."

>V K ^Lc_^e^^


1813-22. l Sheriff Substitute of Kincardineshire from 1832.
Fiars Juror, 1817. Lieut., Royal Aberdeen Vols., 1803 ; Captain
Aberdeenshire Local Militia, 1808. Married, first, at Peterhead,
23rd April, 1 8 16, Margaret (died at Aberdeen, 1st February,
1821), dau. of the late John Marshall, R.N. ; second, at Mill
of Forest, Stonehaven, 18th September, 1826, Jane (died at
Stonehaven, 1st June, 1833, aged 42), dau. of the late James
Cowan, manufacturer, Paisley, and widow of Robert Christian,
R.N., late Commander, "Earl of Buckinghamshire," with issue: —

1. Alexander, first bursar at Mar. Coll., 1843, died at
"Tuticor," 2 East Indies, 4th May, 1855, aged 26.

1. Isabella Janet, married, at Aberdeen, nth August, 1869,
Henry Fowler, Toronto.
Married, thirdly, at Stonehaven, 5th February, 1835, Eliza (died
at Walthamstow, nth October, 1878, aged 86), dau. of the
Rev. William Greig, minister of Longside, and widow of
James Mackay, sometime of Eden Cottage, Banffshire.

Died at Stonehaven, 20th January, 1846, aged 66.

Garden, Farquharson Taylor. 3 27th June, 1864.

Only son of William Garden, surgeon and bank agent, Alford, and
Mary Taylor, his wife. Born at Alford, 20th February, 1839.
Educated at West End Academy, Dr. Tulloch's Academy, and
Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1854-58.
App. to Charles Chalmers, Nathaniel Farquhar and James
Hay Chalmers (Chalmers & Farquhar). With Cheyne &
Stuart, W.S., Edinburgh, 1862-64. Partner in the firm of
C. & J. H. Chalmers, 1864-75, and of C. & P. H. Chalmers
from 1875. Director, Northern Assurance Coy. (Limited).
Honorary Treasurer, New Spalding Club. F.S.A., Scot.
Editor, "Marischal College Arts Class Record, 1854-58"
(third edition). Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1906-8.

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 132.
2 Jervise's "Epitaphs and Inscriptions," I., p. 345.
3 "The Scots Law Times," December 5th, 1908.


President, 1908-10. Portrait in Committee Room. Married, at
Aberdeen, 5th July, 1870, Mary (born 6th December, 1850, died
at Aberdeen, nth July, 1871), dau. of Charles Fox Griffith,
late manager, Scottish Provincial Assurance Coy., with issue: —
1. William, advocate (1898).

Garden, Francis. 16th May, 1814.

Son of William Garden, in Braco Park. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1809.
App. to Alexander Crombie (1789). Succeeded as tacksman
of Braco Park. Fiars Juror, 18 19 and 1837-40. Married, at
St. Pancras Church, London, 3rd June, 1822, Helen (died at
Aberdeen, 27th February, 1832, aged 29), third dau. of James
Young, Percy Street, London, with issue : —

1. William, * J. P., sometime in Braco Park; married, at
Glasgow, 5th June, 1866, Mary Gray (died at Aberdeen,
13th June, 191 1, in her 80th year), youngest dau. of
James Hogg, "The Ettrick Shepherd," and died at
Aberdeen, 26th November, 1904, aged 81.

Garden, James. 25th June, 1842.

Second son of Robert Garden, merchant, and guild burgess of
Aberdeen, and Jean Davidson, his wife. Baptised at Aberdeen,
7th December, [812. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen;
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1826-29. App. to John Fleming (1821).
In partnership, from 1843, with James Murray (18 17), firm being
Murray & Garden; and, from 1870, with Alexander Davidson
(1839), and James Murray Garden (1868), firm being Davidson
& Garden. In the latter firm, John Whyte (1869) and John
Stewart Bryce (1876), were subsequently assumed as partners.
Fiars Juror, ten times, 1851-76. Trustee and Manager, National
Security Savings' Bank. Member of General Council, University
of Aberdeen. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 26th October,
1863. Proprietor of Woodthorpe, parish of Peterculter, from
September, 1872. Author of Letter (Murchison Case), 1861.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1 876-77. President, 1 877-78.

Jtct-m^ i5fa/hze??/



Portrait by Sir George Reid, P.R.S.A., at 4 Albyn Place, Aberdeen.
Married, at Aberdeen, 23rd September, 1841, Margaret (died at
Aberdeen, 23rd February, 1885), dau. of Alexander Maitland,
Huntly, with issue : —

1. James Murray, advocate (1868).

2. Robert John, born 16th May, 1849; M.B., CM. (with

honours), Aberd., 1872; M.D., 1874; Senior Surgeon
and Lecturer on Clinical Surgery, afterwards Consulting
Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, and author of
various medical works (married, first, Jane, dau. of
James Bryce, advocate (1845), who died 14th June, 1886,
and, second, Mary Ann, dau. of Rev. Charles Macpherson,
minister of Tomintoul, and widow of John Ferguson,
Brae of Coynach), and died at Coynach, 22nd October,

3. Alexander, born 16th May, 1849.

4. William, born 27th November, 1850; M.A., Aberd., 1870;

Director, Alex. Pirie & Sons (Limited), paper manu-
facturers ; subsequently Director, Alex. Cowan & Sons
(Limited), paper manufacturers ; married, at Aberdeen,
3rd June, 1880, Agnes Jane Lumsden, fourth dau. of
James Bryce, advocate (1845).
1. Eliza, born 21st March, 1844, died at Barkmill House,
14th August, 1849.

Died at Aberdeen, 20th January, 1884.

Garden, James Murray. 5th August, 1868.

Eldest son of James Garden, advocate (1842). Born at Aberdeen,
1 8th December, 1845. Educated at Dr. Tulloch's Academy
and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd., 1864. App.
to James Murray, and his father (Murray & Garden). In
partnership, from 1870, with Alexander Davidson and the said
James Garden, firm being Davidson & Garden. Notary Public.
Director, Town and County Bank (Limited); North of Scotland
Canadian Mortgage Company (Limited) ; Northern Assurance


Coy. ; Sickness and Accident Assurance Coy. (Limited) ; Local
Board, North British and Mercantile Insurance Coy. Director,
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, and an active promoter of its
reconstruction. Director and promoter of Aberdeen Sick
Children's Hospital. Chairman of Directors, Royal Lunatic
Asylum. President, Aberdeen Sabbath School Union ; Aberdeen
Choral Union ; and Aberdeen Royal Horticultural Society.
Active promoter of Board of Conciliation, Aberdeen Chamber
of Commerce. Assessor to the Rector, Aberdeen University,
1890-91. Member of Council, New Spalding Club. Guild
burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 3rd March, 1890. Married, at
Aberdeen, 13th January, 1876, Anne Harvey, eldest dau. of
James Bryce, advocate (1845), with issue: —

1. James William, advocate (1903).

2. Alexander Murray; student-at-law, Toronto, Canada.

1. Catherine Margaret, married Macbeth Moir Duncan,

advocate ( 1 89 1 ).

2. Anne Bryce.

3. Eliza.

4. Mary Bryce.
Died at Aberdeen, 4th March, 1891. *

Garden, James William. 30th October, 1903.

Eldest son of James Murray Garden, advocate (1868). Born at
Aberdeen, 30th January, 1878. Educated at Grammar School,
Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1899; B.L., 1902. App. to John
Whyte, David Macbeth Moir Milligan, and Arthur Badenach
Nicolson, W.S. (Davidson & Garden). With Auld & Macdonald,
W.S., Edinburgh, 1902-3. Partner of Davidson & Garden from
1st January, 1910. Second Lieut, 1st Aberdeenshire Artillery
Vols., 6th October, 1896; now Captain, 1st Highland Brigade
Royal Field Artillery (T.F.).

Garden, Robert 1620.

Died before 2nd October, 1633.

'"The Scottish Law Review," VII., pp. 113-14.


Garden, Robert 29th June, 1784.

App. to John French (1743). Baron-Baillie of Peterhead. Factor
for Viscount Arbuthnott, and for many years farmer at Mains of
Fordoun. Sometime proprietor of Grange, Clerkhill, and part
of Shettocksley. Magistrate of Aberdeen, 1796-98. Married
Elizabeth (died at Aberdeen, 6th August, 1831, aged 94), eldest
dau. of the Rev. Andrew Moir, minister of Methlick, and subse-
quently of Ellon, with issue : —

1. James.

2. Alexander.

3. Francis.

4. Robert.

5. Andrew.

6. George, merchant, Montreal, married Euphemia, dau. of

William Forbes of Echt.

1. Janet, married Major Robertson.

2. Mary.

3. Jean.

4. Williamina, * married, as his second wife, 7th June, 1807,

Andrew Nicol, merchant, Aberdeen, and died 5th April, 1854.

5. Susan.

Died at Birness, 18th March, 1800, aged 64.

Garden, Thomas. 1593.

Commissary Clerk of Aberdeenshire, appointed 8th September,

1584. 2 Proprietor of Blairton. Married Isabella Stewart,
with issue : —

1 Her second son, George Garden Nicol, merchant in China and Singapore, subsequently
a banker in London, Director of the London Joint Stock Bank, the North British and
Mercantile Insurance Co., the Eastern Telegraph Co., the Eastern Extension Australia and
China Telegraph Co., left at his death, which occurred in London, 16th January, 1897, a
capital sum of ,£20,000, to form "The Garden Nicol Benevolent Fund," for the benefit of
ladies belonging to Aberdeen city and county who, having been in affluence, are reduced to
poverty ; .£20,000 to the University Court of the University of Aberdeen for bursaries ;

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