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besides munificent bequests to Scottish and English Hospitals. — Information from Mr. Donaldson
S. Rose and Mr. W. E. Nicol's "The Genealogy of The Nicol Family, Kincardineshire
Branch," pp. 11- 12.

2 On 26th February, 1592, there was lodged a Bond of Caution by William Leslie of
Wardes for John Leslie of Balquhain in ^2000, and by the said John and William Leslie
for William Urie of Pitfichie in 2000 merks, for William Leslie, Provost of Inverurie,
John Leslie of Abersnethok, John Leslie of Largie, and George Leslie, son-in-law of the
goodman of Law in 1000 merks each, and for George Leslie, brother of William Leslie of
Crichie, William Duguid, son of the laird of Auchinhove, Patrick Leslie, son of James
Leslie, burgess of Aberdeen, with -six others, for 500 merks each, that they would " not
harm Mr. Thomas Gairden of Blairtoun." — "Privy Council Register," V., p. 45.


I. Robert, succeeded as Commissary Clerk, and as proprietor
of Blairton ; sometime Sheriff Depute of Inverness ;
married Elspet, dau. of Alexander Rutherford of
Rubislavv, sometime Lord Provost of Aberdeen.

1. Katherine, married John Leith, advocate (1595).
Died 24th February, 1610.

Garden, William. 18th June, 1898.

Only son of Farquharson Taylor Garden, advocate (1864). Born
at Aberdeen, 1st July, 1871. M.A., Aberd., 1892; B.L., 1895.
App. to his father, Charles Ruxton, and David Montague
Alexander Chalmers (C. & P. H. Chalmers). With Tods,
Murray & Jamieson, W.S., Edinburgh, 1895-99. Partner of
C. & P. H. Chalmers, 1899. Editor, "Aberdeen University Arts
Class Record, 1888-92." Married, at Aberdeen, 28th June, 1906,
Helen Dixson, second dau. of George Cruden, advocate (1875),
with issue : —

1. Muriel Mary Helen, born 1st April, 1907.

Gardyne (or Garden), Alexander. 1617.

M.A. before 1609. l Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, appointed
1629. 2 Sheriff Depute in 1634. 3 Author of (1) "Garden of
Grave and Godlie Flovvres ; Sonets, Elegies, and Epitaphs,"
Edinburgh, 1609; (2) "The Theatre of the Scotish Kings"
[i6i2-25?];4 (3) "The Lyfe, Doeings and Death of R. R. William
Elphingstone, the 23 Bishope of Aberdene, translated into
Scottish verse out of the Lives of the Bishopes of Aberdeene,
be Maister Hector Boes" [Hunterian Club, 1878].

Died after 30th April, 1638. 5

1 Leask's " Musa Latina Aberdonensis," III., p. 86.

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," II., p. 539. * Ibid., 535.

4 In 1625-26 Gardyne was paid by the Aberdeen Town Council 66 lib. 13s. 4d. "for
dedicating of his pamphlet to the toune."— Spalding Club "Miscellany," V., p. IOI.

5 In 1636, Gardyne was living in Old Aberdeen, with one male servant.


Gardiner, William. 3rd December, 1793.

Son of William Gardiner, sometime farmer at Smithston, Rhynie.
M.A., King's Coll., 30th March, 1782. App. to John Gordon


Died at Elgin, 5th November, 1826.

Garrow, William. 27th July, 1825.

Son of John Garrow, thread manufacturer, Aberdeen. Born at
Aberdeen in 1802. M.A., Mar. Coll., 18 19. App. to James
Grant (1803). Merchant and trades burgess of Old Aberdeen,
admitted 30th October, 1826. Married, first, at Old Aberdeen,
17th July, 1826, Ann, youngest dau. of John Irvine, Old
Aberdeen, with issue. Married, second, at Liverpool, 6th
February, 1861, Ruth (died 4th February, 1908), dau. of the
late Luke Taylor, builder.

Died at Liverpool, 9th February, 1864.

Geddes, James. 27th July, 1831.

Son of Andrew Geddes, merchant, and guild burgess, Aberdeen.
Born at Aberdeen, 1st September, 1809. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1823-25. App. to John Ewing and William Robison (Ewing
& Robison). Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 25th October,
1833. Went to Canada. Married, 17th August, 1842, Cecilia
Byng Clarke (died 19th March, 1896).

Died 28th May, 1883.

Gerard, Gilbert. 13th August, 1751.

Son of Rev. Gilbert Gerard, minister of Chapel of Garioch, and
Marjory Mitchell, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1743-47. App.
to Alexander Thomson (17 18). Sub-collector of the Bishop's
rents of the Bishopric of Aberdeen and Moray, and part of


the Archbishopric of St. Andrews. 1 Fiars Juror, 1759-63.
Proprietor of house property in Aberdeen. Treasurer of the
Society of Advocates, 1755-57. Married, at Aberdeen in 1756,
Agnes Hay 2 (died at Walworth, London, 13th February, 1800),
of Oldmeldrum, with issue, of whom : —

1. Gilbert, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1775, succeeded to his father's

heritable estate.

2. John Gray, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1777, merchant, London,

became member of Lloyds, succeeded to his elder
brother's heritable estate ; and died at Camberwell, 19th
May, 1840, in his 80th year.

3. Adam, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1779, died 29th November, 1779,

aged 17.
Died at Aberdeen, 8th July, 1766, aged 37. 3

Gibbon, Alexander. June, 1817.

Only son of Charles Gibbon, shipmaster, Aberdeen, and Rachel
Susan Farquhar, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 14th September,
1793, M.A., Mar. Coll., 181 1. App. to Duncan Davidson
(1794). Clerk to the Shipmaster Society, Aberdeen, 1817-36.
Director, Aberdeen Town and County Bank, and Aberdeen
Savings' Bank. Succeeded his uncle, James Farquhar, M.P.
for the Aberdeen District of Burghs, 1802-18, as proprietor of
Johnston, Laurencekirk, in 1833. Member of Town Council
of Bervie. J. P. for Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire. Portrait
by William Crabb in St. Laurence Hall, Laurencekirk. Married,
at Aberdeen, 4th December, 1835, Margaret Allardice (died at
Edinburgh, 4th April, 1882), youngest dau. of John Innes of
Cowie, with issue : —

1. Elizabeth Abercromby, married, at Edinburgh, 4th
December, i860, David Alexander Pearson, W.S., of

1 Dr. Litllejohn's MS. Notes, which bear further that Gerard took the oath of Allegiance,
etc., to George III., November 27th, 1765.

2 Aberdeen Kirk Session Registers.

3 Will recorded 23rd June, 1767, and 10th December, 1781. — "Aberdeen Commissariot


NorthclifT (he died 22nd Dec, 1905), and succeeded to
the estate of Johnston on the death of her father.

Died at Edinburgh, 14th September, 1877.

Gill, John. 14th February, 1815.

Only son of John Gill, merchant, Aberdeen. Born in Aberdeen.
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1808. App. to Andrew Davidson (1783).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 29th January, 1826, aged 32.

Gillies, James Brown. 24th October, 1910.

Only son of Thomas Robertson Gillies, advocate (1885). Born at
Aberdeen, 29th July, 1886. Educated at Grammar School,
Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd., 1904-5 ; B.L., 1908. App. to
Farquharson Taylor Garden, Charles Ruxton and David Montague
Alexander Chalmers (C. & P. H. Chalmers). Thereafter with
Tods, Murray & Jamieson, W.S., Edinburgh. In partnership
with his father from 1910, firm being T. & J. Gillies. Notary
Public. Secretary, Cairngorm Club, and editor of Magazine.
Captain, 4th Batt. the Gordon Highlanders (T.F.) ; Divisional
Signalling Officer of the Highland Division.

Gillies, Thomas Robertson. 19th June, 1885.

Third son of Archibald Gillies, journalist, and Mary Robertson,
his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 27th November, 1850. Educated at
High School, Dundee ; Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus,
Aberd., 1866-68 and 1871-73. App. to John Duguid Milne
and George Walker (Milne & Walker). In partnership with
George David Rutherford (1864), 1883-90, firm being Rutherford
& Gillies; and with his son from 1910, firm being T. & J.
Gillies. Notary Public. Auditor of Sheriff Court at Aberdeen,
appointed 3rd June, 1892. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
4th February, 1895. Director, Local Board, Commercial Union
Assurance Coy. (Limited), and Union Assurance Society

B 1


(Limited). Joint author (with Alexander Copland) of "Two
Days and a Night in the Wilderness," 1878, and author of
various works. Married, at Aberdeen, 30th July, 1885, Mary,
dau. of Alexander Copland, Manager, Aberdeen Commercial
Coy., with issue : —

1. James Brown, advocate (1910).

1. Margaret, married, at Aberdeen, nth April, 1912, William
Alexander Hunter, wool merchant, Lodz, Russian Poland.

Gordon, Alexander. 4th June, 1718.

Son of John Gordon of Seaton, sometime civilist, King's Coll., and
Elizabeth Irvine, his wife. Born 15th June, 1688. Educated
at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1704-8.
App. to Alexander Thomson (1680). Commissary Clerk
Depute. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1720-21.
Married, 21st July, 1716, Marjory, dau. of James Milne of
Blairton, with issue : —

1. Alexander.

2. Richard, buried 19th September, 1725.

3. John, buried 21st September, 1725.

1. Elizabeth, buried 29th August, 1725.

2. Janet, buried 21st September, 1725. *
Died January, 1727. 2

Gordon, Alexander. 3 19th November, 1814.

Son of Charles Gordon, advocate (1783). M.A., Mar. Coll., 1809.
App. to his father, with whom afterwards in partnership, firm
being Charles & Alexander Gordon. Succeeded his father as
Commissary Clerk. Factor for Synod of Aberdeen. Director,
Aberdeen Town and County Bank. Treasurer, Aberdeen

1 Mr. J. M. Bulloch, who obligingly furnishes many of these particulars, thinks that
the four children last mentioned had been cut off by an epidemic.

2 St. Nicholas Kirkwork Accounts.

3 for amusing reference to Gordon, see G. Walker's "Aberdeen Awa'," pp. 1 17-18.


Humane Society. Member of Aberdeen Town Council. Guild
burgess, admitted 1st November, 1836. Dean of Guild, 1847-48.
Fiars Juror, 1845-53. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates,
1842-44. President, 1846-48.

Died, unmarried, at Culter House, 28th April, 1855. J 1

Gordon, Charles. 15th September, 1703.

Eldest son of William Gordon in Buthlavv, third son of James
Gordon first of Buthlaw, and Elizabeth Martine, his wife. 2
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1698. App. to Thomas Forbes (1687). Fiars
Juror, 1725-45. Purchased Buthlaw from Thomas Gordon, fourth
laird, 1st April, 17 12, and also acquired Thunderton and Newtyle.
Married Jean, dau. of John Udny of Cultcr-Cullen and part
of Newtyle, with issue : —

1. William, born 1714.

2. John, born 171 5.

3. Thomas, born 17 17.

4. Charles, born 17 19, merchant in Jamaica.

5. Alexander.

6. James.

1. Mary, born 17 16, died at Banff, 26th January, 1795.

2. Margaret, born 17 18, died young.

3. Jean, died at Aberdeen, 31st January, 1789.

4. Susan, married John Gordon of Crichie.

5. Elizabeth.

6. Margaret, born 1730.

7. Anna, born 1732.
Died 23rd December, 175 1. 3

1 Mr. Gordon, who was much interested in farming, was for sometime tenant of Mains
of Culter.

2 Information from Mr. H. Pirie Gordon of Buthlaw.

3 Will recorded, 13th November, 1752. — "Aberdeen Commissariot Register." As Mr.
Gordon "was a Gentleman of great knowledge and indefatigable industry in his business
he acquired a handsome Fortune, . . . and his death is much regretted by all his
Acquaintances to whom his friendly advice or assistance was never denied." — Aberdeen


Gordon, Charles. 29th November, 1783.

Son of Alexander Gordon in Milton of Drum, and brother of Alexander
Gordon who wrote the at one time famous Treatise on Puerperal
Fever. Baptised 25th February, 1755. x Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1775-77. App. to James Watson (1764). Sometime in partner-
ship with his son, firm being Charles & Alexander Gordon.
Commissary Clerk. Commissioner for the Countess Dowager
Fife. Fiars Juror, fifteen times, 1795- 1827. J. P. for Aberdeen-
shire. Proprietor of extensive house property in Aberdeen.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1788-90. President,
1810-12. Married, at Aberdeen, 26th August, 1787, Mary (died
at Polmuir, Aberdeen, 23rd May, 1830), dau. of Alexander Harvey,
sometime of Antigua, with issue : —

1. Alexander, advocate (1814).

2. Charles, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1814-17 ; W.S., admitted

7th July, 1824; in partnership with George Barron,
W.S. (1829), firm being Gordon & Barron; died,
unmarried, 12th October, 1848, aged 47.

3. James, born nth September, 1805.

1. Margaret, married, 16th April, 1816, James Duguid

of Springhill, merchant, Aberdeen, grandfather of James
Duguid, advocate (1874).

2. Isabella, born 30th December, 1789; died 19th February,


3. Elizabeth, born 28th September, 1794, married, 12th

January, 1854, John Urquhart, druggist, sometime magis-
trate of Aberdeen.

4. Mary, born 4th November, 1796.

5. Helen, born 27th August, 1798, died 1st July, 1826.

6. Jessie, born 23rd January, 1809, died 30th December, 1825.
Died at Culter House, 24th January, 1835.

Gordon, David. 1578.

1 Peterculter Baptismal Registers.


Gordon, David. 13th November, 1724.

Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1706 and 1709. App. to Charles Gordon
(1703). Left the country "as a Clergyman" before the summer
of 1729. J Probably it was he who was afterwards minister
of the Episcopal Congregation at Pittenweem. 2

Gordon, Francis. 27th July, 1745.

Son of George Gordon, heritor of Mill of Kincardine, Kincardine
O'Neil, Aberdeenshire, and Agnes Gordon, his wife. App. to
Richard Gordon (173 1). Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire,
appointed by Captain Alexander Grant of Grantsfield, Sheriff
of the county, 3 and sworn into office, 21st May, 1744. Fiars
Juror, 1742-44. Served heir in special to his grandfather, John
Gordon, in the mill and lands of Kincardine (now known as Dess),
15th October, 1744. Went out with Lord Lewis Gordon to join
Prince Charlie ; " acted as General Quarter Master to the Rebels,"
and, after Culloden, escaped to France, where entered the French
Military Service, in which he was shortly afterwards killed. 4
Married Barbara Rose (died before 19th October, 1746), with
issue : —
1. Hugh.

1. Helen.

2. Ann, married Lieut. Thomas Stewart of the 56th Regt,

afterwards at Pittyvaich, Mortlach.

1 MS. Records of Society.

2 Will recorded 28th April, 1756. — "St. Andrew's Commissariot Register."

3 Littlejohn's "Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 123.

4 Information from the late Mr. Alex. Simpson, Junr., who possessed a miniature
likeness of Mrs. Gordon, said to have been the work of the artist Strange who went out
in the '45. Francis Gordon did not long survive the Jacobite " campaign, as his will
subscribed at London, 19th October, 1746, was soon after [3rd September, 1748]
confirmed at Aberdeen. He bequeathed his whole personal estate to William Duff of
Corsindae and Alexander Chalmers of Balnacraig, for the use and benefit of Hugh Gordon,
his only son, then an infant, and also for the maintenance and education of his daughters,
Helen and Ann, referring to the portions settled upon them in the marriage contract
between him and Barbara Rose, his late spouse. The personal estate consisted entirely
of debts due to him by various parties, chiefly Jacobites, including John Burnet of
CampHeld, Robert Mackie in Mains of Midbelty, . . . James Farquharson of
Balmurrel (now Balmoral), who owed 1000 merks, and others." — Scottish History Society's
"A List of I'ersons concerned in the Rebellion, 1745-46," p. 366.


Gordon, Francis. 7th March, 1796.

Youngest surviving son of John Gordon, advocate (1753). Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1787-89. App. to his father. Acted as Deputy 1 for
his brother James, who was Sheriff Clerk of Aberdeenshire.
Clerk of the Peace for Aberdeenshire. Sometime factor for
Earl Fife. Director, Aberdeen Banking Company. President
of the Society of Advocates, 1832-34. Proprietor of Kincardine
O'Neil, Aberdeenshire, and succeeded to Craig, Auchindoir, on
the death of his said brother James. On 6th October, 1784,
when eleven years of age, appointed Ensign, 68th Foot, and
transferred in the same rank to the half pay list of the 16th Foot,
23rd March, 1785, on which he remained until his death. 2 Married,
first, at Banff, 29th January, 1807, Elizabeth (born 8th November,
1784, died at Kincardine Lodge, 28th October, 1822), second dau.
of James Gordon of Rosieburn, merchant, Banff, with issue: —

1. John, born 23rd February, 1810; died 5th March, 1824.

2. James, born 28th December, 181 1; Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,

1824-27 ; died at Manse of Abernethy, 27th March, 1871.

1. Jessie Anne, died at Heavitrec, Exeter, 30th September,


2. Mary Johnston, born 12th June, 1813; died at Kincardine

Lodge, 15th October, 1821.

3. Elizabeth Shepherd, born 12th May, 1815 ; married at

Edinburgh, 16th March, 1837, Captain Charles Kinnaird
Johnstone, late H.E.I.C.S., younger son of the late
James Johnstone of Alva. She and her second daughter,

1 Gordon, in the conduct of his own business and that of the Sheriff Clerk's depart-
ment, required a large staff of clerks. lie probably indentured a larger number of
apprentices than any other advocate, and made the transaction a remunerative one. As
late as 1826, his indentures bound each apprentice to serve for five years, from eight a.m.
to eight p.m., and, till another apprentice was engaged, to care for and see the office fire
properly extinguished, to bolt and properly secure the window shutters each night on the
closing of the office, and to lock the door thereof. The apprentice fee charged was
Nineteen guineas, no salary was allowed, and the father or guardian was taken bound to
aliment the apprentice, and to clothe him in a style suitable to his position and aspirations.
— "Aberdeen Sasine Register.''

2 Bulloch's "House of Gordon," I., p. 497.



Mary, were accidentally burned to death at Nice in
January, 1863.
4. Andrew Skene, 1 born 12th September, 18 17. She died at
Aberdeen, 12th February, 1823.
Married, second, at Parkhill, 7th September, 1826, Isabella 2 (died
at Edinburgh, 1st July, 1877, aged 88), dau. of Lieut-General
John Gordon Cuming Skene of Pitlurg, Parkhill and Dyce.
Died at Aberdeen, 27th January, 1857, aged 84.

Gordon, John. 6th June, 1676.

App. to John Sandilands (1655). Married Mary Seaton, who,

with a daughter Anna, was resident in Aberdeen in 1696. 3
Buried "in the Marquis Aisle, Old Machar," 13th December, 1686. 4

Gordon, John. s 1696?

Eldest son of James Gordon of Seaton, Commissary Clerk and

guild burgess of Aberdeen, and Forbes (dau. of Robert

Forbes of Rubislaw), his wife. M.A., King's Coll., 1676.

Honorary burgess of Old Aberdeen, admitted 16th October,

1682. Commissary Clerk. Civilist in King's Coll., 1696 to

17 17. Married Elizabeth, only dau. of Richard Irvine of
Cairnfield, with issue : —

1. James, died March, 1686.

2. Alexander, advocate (17 18).

3. Richard, advocate ( 1 7 3 1 ).
And at least three daughters.

Buried in "Gordon's isle," Old Machar, 28th September, 1741. 6

1 A daughter named after Andrew Skene of Dyce.

2 Among those who attended the marriage ceremony was George, fifth and last Duke
of Gordon.

3 "Poll Book," II., p. 615. lOld Machar Burial Registers.
3 Not in Kennedy's List.

5 Old Machar Burial Registers. — On 13th March, 1742, paid £6 6s. to James
Carnegie for draping the " Lawyer's Loft " in the College Church, and St. Paul's Chapel
on the occasion of Gordon's death. — MS. Records of Society.


Gordon, John. 5th February, 1753.

Son of John Gordon of Craig, Auchindoir, and Anne Reid, his
wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1743. App. to Alexander Thomson
(1718). Sheriff Clerk of Aberdeenshire (in conjunction with
John Durno (1764)), appointed 14th July, 1764. Re-appointed
to same office (along with his son James), 21st June, 1784.
One of the Assessors to the Rector of Mar. Coll., 1761-62.
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted June, 1759. Prominent
Freemason. Succeeded as proprietor of Craig. President of
the Society of Advocates, 1780-82. Married, first, in 1757, Anne
(died 14th May, 1774, in her 39th year), eldest dau. of James
Gordon of Banchory, Banchory-Devenick, with issue: —

1. John, died in infancy.

2. James, born 29th September, 1767 ; member, Faculty of

Advocates, admitted 27th November, 1790; Joint Sheriff
Clerk of Aberdeenshire, 1784- 1800; and sole Sheriff
Clerk from 1st March, 1800, till his death ; succeeded to
Craig ; married Ann Elizabeth, dau. of John Johnstone
of Alva, Stirlingshire, and died, s.p., at Craig Castle,
14th April, 1852.

3. Francis, advocate (1796).

1. Margaret, died 13th September, 18 16.

2. Isabella, died in infancy.

3. Mary, died in infancy.

Married, second, in 1775, Mary (died 30th November, 181 1),
dau. of Charles Cumming of Kininmonth.

Died 1st March, 1800, in his 69th year.

Gordon, John. 22nd January, 1788.

App. to John Innes (1776).
Died March, 1790.


Gordon, John. 14th November, 1792.

Son of Lieut. Francis Gordon, Mill of Lumphart, parish of Daviot
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., Class 1783-87. App. to John Gordon
(!753)- Sheriff Clerk Depute of Aberdeenshire, admitted
2nd July, 1788.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 4th August, 1793. *

Gordon, John Henry Forbes. 8th August, 1901.

Eldest son of James Foote Gordon, shoemaker, Aberdeen, and
Jane Smart, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 10th October, 1871.
Educated at Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd.,
1 891. App. to Alexander Webster (J. & A. Webster). Married,
at Aberdeen, 26th August, 1903, Hilda Easterbrook, dau. of
Robert Grant, merchant, Aberdeen.

Gordon, Peter. 24th July, 1764.

Son of John Gordon of Avochie, and Mary Gordon, his wife. App.
to James Petrie (1743). Fiars Juror, 1757-70. Married Mary,
(died 2nd March, 1824, in her 84th year), eldest dau. of John
Burnett of Elrick, with issue : —
1. John, succeeded to Avochie.

Died at Aberdeen, 23rd January, 1773.

Gordon, Richard. 27th January, 1731.

Son of John Gordon, advocate (1696?). Born 3rd January, 1687.
M.A., King's Coll., 29th April, 171 5. App. to his father.
Commissary Depute. 2 Appointed Regent in King's Coll., April,
171 5, from which office he was deposed by the Royal Commission
in 17 17. Procurator for the Town Council of Old Aberdeen at
a retainer of One guinea per year, which was declared, 20th

'Will recorded at Aberdeen, 9th October, 1793. — "Aberdeen Commissariot Register."
2 Dr. Littlejohn's MS. Notes.



November, 1743, to be "ane unnecessary expense." 1 Fiars
Juror, 1744-62. Purchased estate of Craigmyle in 1742.
Married, first, 22nd January, 1730, Elizabeth, dau. of John
Leith of Leithhall, 2 with issue :—

1. Janet, born 1731.

2. Elizabeth, born 1732.

Married, second, Mary Auchindachy (died 6th November, 1782),
with issue : —

I.John, born 1747; succeeded to Craigmyle; died 9th
July, 1830.

3. Sarah, died 12th May, 1827, aged 80.

4. Jean, born 1749.

Died 9th November, 1763, aged 77. 3

Gordon, William. 28th May, 1825.

Fifth son of Rev. George Gordon, D.D., minister of the second
charge of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, and Margaret Copland, his
wife. Born at Aberdeen, 15th April, 1795. Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1809-12. App. to Andrew Jopp (1796). In partnership
with William Hunter (1840), firm being Gordon & Hunter.
Sometime Auditor of Sheriff Court at Aberdeen. Factor for the
University and King's College from 1826. Honorary Sheriff
Substitute. Portrait by John Russell, in possession of Hunter
& Gordon. Married, at St. Paul's Church, Edinburgh, 18th
April, 1854, Mary Alexander (married, as her second husband,
10th December, 1881, Joseph T. Willet, and died 28th September,
1882), dau. of A. D. Lindsay.

Died at Raeden, Aberdeen, 4th April, 1856.

1 Munro's "Records of Old Aberdeen," I., pp. 185, 189.

2 Aberdeen Kirk Session Registers.

3 Will recorded 2Qth December, 1765. — "Aberdeen Commissariot Register."


Gordon, William. 7th October, 1864.

Eldest son of William Gordon, stock and share broker, Aberdeen,
and Margaret Campbell Miller, his wife. Born at Aberdeen,
31st March, 1839. Educated at West End Academy, Aberdeen ;
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1854-57; LL.D., Aberd., 1903. App.
to William Adam and Alexander Anderson (Adam & Anderson).
Notary Public. City Chamberlain of Aberdeen, 1866-75. Town
Clerk from 1875. J. P. for the County of the City of Aberdeen.
Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Married,
at Cheshunt, Herts., 21st April, 1881, Ella Mary, 1 second
dau. of William Paul, Waltham House, Waltham Cross, Herts.,
with issue : —

1. Seton Paul, B.A., Oxon., F.Z.S., M.B.O.U. ; writer on
Natural History.

Grainger, Charles Garston. 29th June, 1837.

Son of Capt. Thomas Cecil Grainger of Cuckfield, Sussex, and
Euphemia Bannerman, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., Class

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