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1830-34. App., first, to John Lumsden Shirrefs and Robert
Alcock (Shirrefs & Alcock), and, second, to Alexander Stronach
(18 1 8). Sometime in partnership with the said Alexander
Stronach, firm being Stronach & Grainger. Joint founder,
and subsequently agent and secretary, of the Scottish Australian
Investment and Insurance Coy. J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Went
to America, and afterwards practised in London. Married

Isabella (died at 19 Wellington Street, Islington, London,

28th March, 1870).

Died 2 1st January, 1892, aged 78.

Grant, George. 6th July, 1835.

Second son of George Grant, farmer, Linbeg, Glenlivet. Born at
Linbeg, 1st December, 1806. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1825-27.
App. to James Nicol (1820). Member of General Council,

1 Mrs. Gordon, who is F.R.S.L., etc., is the authoress of several poetical works.


University of Aberdeen. Married, first, at Aberdeen, 15th
June, 1848, Christian (born January, 1806, died at Aberdeen,
20th May, 1861), second dau. of William Hendry, house painter,
Aberdeen, and sister of Alexander Hendry, advocate (1826).
Married, second, at Aberdeen, 14th April, 1870, Christian (born
8th April, 1830), second dau. of James Meldrum, Old Deer.
Died, s.p., at Aberdeen, 12th April, 1900.

Grant, James. 6th December, 1803.

Son of Alexander Grant, Wcstseat, near Huntly. Alumnus, King's
Coll. 1 App. to Charles Bannerman (1776). Collector of City
Assessments. Fiars Juror, 1816-27. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 25th March, 18 13. Treasurer of the Society of
Advocates, 1822-24. First permanent factor for the Society,
appointed November, 1824.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 28th February, 1841, aged 64.

Grant, Robert Charles. 1st June, 1811.

Son of Charles Grant of Blairfindy and Balgovvan. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1803-5. ^PP- to Charles Gordon (1783). Succeeded
to Balgovvan (now known as Airlie), Keig, which he bequeathed
to Trustees for behoof of a Roman Catholic College. Lieut.,
Royal Aberdeen Vols., 1803 ; Lieut., Aberdeenshire Local
Militia, 1808.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 23rd March, 1823, in his 35th year. 2

Gray, Henry John. 25th June, 1903.

Fifth son of James Gray, cab proprietor, Old Aberdeen, member of
Aberdeen Town Council, and Mary Ingram, his wife. Born, Old
Machar, Aberdeen, 17th June, 1874. Educated at Robert Gordon's

1 MS. Records of Society.

2 Grant's father, who survived him, succeeded to his heritable estate in Aberdeen. —
"Aberdeen Sasine Register."


College, Aberdeen; M.A. (with honours), Aberd., 1895; B.L. (with
honours), 1897. App. to John Watt (Junior) and John Stewart
Watt (J. & J. S. Watt). Member of Aberdeen Town Council
since 1906, of Aberdeen Harbour Board since 1907, and of
Aberdeen Art Gallery Committee. Assessor representing the
Aberdeen Town Council on the Aberdeen University Court.
Agent for the Liberal candidate for North Aberdeen at the two
Parliamentary General Elections in 1910. Guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 7th June, 1909. Married, at Aberdeen, 25th
September, 1902, Elsie, dau. of John Thomson, printer, Aberdeen
University Press, residing at Brackenhill, Murtle.

Gray, James. 1561.

Gray, Robert. 10th November, 1874.

Son of Charles Gray, cooper, Aberdeen, thereafter stationmaster,
Great North of Scotland Railway. Born at Aberdeen, 18th
July, 1843. Educated at the Trades School and Grammar
School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd., 1861. Law student at Edinb.
App. to John Duguid Milne and George Walker (Milne &
Walker). Sometime interim secretary, City of Aberdeen Land

Died, unmarried, at Edinburgh, 6th October, 1900.

Gray, Robert Collie. 1 24th August, 1864.

Second son of George Gray, merchant, Aberdeen, and Jane Collie,
his wife. Born at Aberdeen, nth July, 1842. Educated at
Grammar School, Aberdeen; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1856-58.
App. to James Collie and George Collie (James & George Collie).
Notary Public. Member of the Society of Solicitors in the
Supreme Courts of Scotland, admitted 23rd October, 1869.
Examiner in that body from January, 1879, to December, 1887,
and Censor from January, 1888, to December, 1889. Member
of General Council, University of Aberdeen. J. P. for the

1 "The Scots Law Times," February 22nd, 1902.


County of the City of Edinburgh, appointed 1910. Married,
at Aberdeen, 2nd February, 1870, Martha (died at 10 Hermitage
Drive, Edinburgh, 6th April, 1911), second dau. of William
Esplin, sometime General Manager, Scottish North Eastern
Railway Coy., with issue : —

1. George Douglas, M.D., Edinb., physician to the British

Legation, Pekin, China.

2. William Esplin, of The North British and Mercantile

Insurance Company, Edinburgh.
1. Mary Jane, married, 30th December, 1891, Henry Milne
Crowe, tea planter, Assam, India.

Gray, William. 13th November, 1823.

Son of William Gray, shoemaker, Aberdeen, and Jane Gray, his
wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1811-13. App. to William Carnegie
(1796). Sometime member of Aberdeen Town Council, in which
was Master of Kirk and Bridge Works, etc. Guild burgess,
admitted November, 1847.

Died, unmarried, 4th October, 1852, in his 54th year.

Grub, George. 22nd February, 1836.

Only son of George Grub, sometime Convener of Trades of Old
Aberdeen, and Christian Volum, his wife. Born at Old
Aberdeen, 4th April, 181 2. Educated at Grammar School, Old
Aberdeen; Alumnus, King's Coll., 1825-29; M.A., 1856; LL.D.,
Aberd., 1864. App. to Alexander Allan (1810). Town Clerk of
Old Aberdeen. Librarian to the Society of Advocates from 1841.
Appointed Lecturer on Scots Law and Conveyancing, Mar.
Coll., nth March, 1843, having been nominated to the office
by the Society on 10th February preceding. Became, in i860,
substitute for Professor Patrick Davidson, civilist in King's Coll.
from 1833, and on Mr. Davidson's death, 8th May, 1881,
succeeded to the Chair of Law in the University of Aberdeen.
Retired in 1891, and in 1892 was presented with his portrait,
painted by Sir George Reid, P.R.S.A. It now hangs in the
Society's Library, a similar portrait being at Marischal College.


Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Examiner
under the "Law Agents (Scotland) Act" of 1873. One of the
originators of the Spalding Club in 1839, and the only member
of its Council who survived to see the formation of the New
Spalding Club, of which he was a Vice-President. Merchant
burgess of Old Aberdeen. Author of " Ecclesiastical History of
Scotland," 4 vols., Edinburgh, 1861 ; and Preface to " Illustrations
of the Typography and Antiquities of the Shires of Aberdeen
and Banff," Vol. I., Spalding Club. Editor of Innes's "The
History, Civil and Ecclesiastical, of Scotland," the Life of Father
Innes, written by Dr. Grub, being included, 1 Spalding Club.
Joint Editor, with Joseph Robertson, of Gordon's " History of
Scots Affairs," 3 vols., Spalding Club. Contributor to Chambers's
Encyclopaedia — the articles " Scotland," and " Church of Scot-
land," being written by him. Married, at Aberdeen, 1st August,
1844, Anne (died at Aberdeen, 12th December, 1875), youngest
dau. of William Lyell, of H.M. Customs, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. George. (See under Apprentices in Appendix.)

2. John, died 9th November, 1849.

3. William, died 16th February, 1854.

4. Charles, born 17th March, 1855, merchant burgess of Old

Aberdeen ; ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church in
Scotland, 1879, and priest in 1881 ; sometime curate of
St. John's, New Pitsligo ; Christ Church, and St. Ninian's,
Glasgow ; St. Michael's, Portsmouth ; St. Mary's,
Stafford ; Holy Trinity, Southport ; rector of St. Mary's,
Montrose ; now rector of Holy Trinity, Dunoon ;
married, September, 1908, Ellen, dau. of Alfred Bourne
of Peterborough, and widow of George Minty, Peterhead.

1. Martha, died 5th March, 1851.

2. Christian, died 19th June, 1850.
Died at Aberdeen, 23rd September, 1892. 2

1 By the permission of Dr. Grub, his Life of Father Innes was printed in the edition
of Innes's "Critical Essay on the Ancient Inhabitants of Scotland," published in the
"Historians of Scotland" series. — Dr. Walker's "Three Churchmen," pp. 262-63.

2 " The Scottish Law Review," VIII., pp. 264-65; Anderson's "Aurora Borealis
Academica," pp. 205-11 ; and Diet. Nat. Biog.


Hadden, Cyril Martin. 10th November, 1906.

Eldest son of Martin Lindsay Hadden, manufacturer, Aberdeen,
and Alice Leslie, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, nth November,
1881. M.A., Aberd., 1902; B.L., 1905. App. to John Whyte,
David Macbeth Moir Milligan, A. B. Nicolson and A. S. R.
Bruce (Davidson & Garden). Sometime in Law department,
North British Railway Coy., Edinburgh, now in General Manager's
office there.

Hall, Harvey. 9th May, 1866.

Eldest son of John Hall, wholesale cloth merchant and guild
burgess, Aberdeen, and Margaret Elsmie, his wife. Born at
Aberdeen, 27th February, 1841. Educated at Dr. Tulloch's
Academy, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1856-59. Law student, Edinb., 1864-65. App. to
Lauchlan McKinnon, Junior (1842). With Morton, Whitehead
& Greig, W.S., Edinburgh, 1864-66. C.A. ; member and past
President of the Society of Accountants in Aberdeen. In
partnership with George Marquis, C.A., 1st January, 1870, firm
being Marquis & Hall, which was altered to Marquis, Hall &
Milne on William Milne, C.A., being assumed as a partner.
The firm is now Marquis & Hall, the partners being the said
Harvey Hall and William Paterson, advocate (1894). Auditor
of the Society of Advocates' accounts, and of the Aberdeen
Corporation accounts. Law Agent for the Aberdeen Savings'
Bank. J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Member of General Council,
University of Aberdeen. Director, Caledonian Insurance Coy.,
Royal Aberdeen Hospital for Sick Children, and Aberdeen
Deaf and Dumb Benevolent Society. Past President of the
St. Andrew's Society of Aberdeen. Senior Trustee and Chairman
of the Committee of Management of Rubislaw Parish Church.
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 2nd April, 1906. Captain
(retired), 4th Gordon Highlanders (25 years service). V.D.,
22nd Nov., 1892. Editor, " Marischal College Arts Class Record,
1856-60," 1887. Married, first, at Glasgow, 28th April, 1870, Janet
(born 17th August, 1850, died at Aberdeen, 25th April, 1874),


third dau. of Peter MacLellan, iron merchant and manufacturer,
Glasgow, with issue : —

i. Harvey MacLellan, born 19th April, died 5th August, 1874.

1. Elizabeth Shaw, married Alexander Duval Forbes (since

deceased), tea planter, Ceylon.

2. Margaret Elsmie.

Married, second, at Goval, New Machar, 20th August, 1884,
Johan, dau. of James Crombie, manufacturer, Grandholm, with
issue : —

2. Harvey, born 26th November, 1885, died 30th May, 1890.

3. John Crombie, born 8th, died 9th December, 1886.

4. George Elsmie, born 2nd January, 1890, B.A., Cantab.,

Second Lieut, The Royal Scots.

3. Joan Harvey.

4. May Forbes Harvey.

Hardie, James. 21st September, 1804.

Son of John Hardie, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1793 (first
bursar). App. to William Copland (1791). City Chamberlain
and Town Clerk Depute of Aberdeen from June, 1812. Joint
Town Clerk in 1840. J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Ensign, Royal
Aberdeen Volunteers, 1803. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 26th September, 18 15. Treasurer of the Society of
Advocates, 1826-28. Portrait in Town Clerk's Office.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 19th October, 1840, aged 67. z

'27th October, 1840. — "The same day the Provost stated that since the Council last
assembled they had laid in the grave their esteemed friend Mr. Hardie. That gentleman
began his career in this House nearly fifty years ago, and by his assiduity and talents soon
brought himself under the favourable notice of the Magistrates. In 1812, he was appointed
Chamberlain of the City — afterwards Town Clerk Depute, and latterly, on the demise of
Mr. Carnegie, Town Clerk, along with Mr. Angus. Unwearied in his attention to public
business, he brought to the consideration of every subject a clear and vigorous mind and
an extensive fund of information, especially on the affairs of the Corporation — he lived
esteemed and respected by all who had the pleasure of knowing him, and his useful and
honorable life was closed in peace, regretted by many friends and by none more sincerely
than by the Magistrates and Council with whom he was associated in his public labours.
Mr. Hadden begged to add his testimony to the sentiments which had been so feelingly
expressed by the Provost, and proposed they should be engrossed in their minutes, which
the Council unanimously agreed to." — Aberdeen Town Council Minute Book, LXXV., pp.



Harvey, Alexander. 30th January, 1830.

Son of William Harvey, farmer, Monykebbock, Newmachar, and
Jean Lumsdcn, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1814-16. App.
to Henry Lumsden (1807).

Died, unmarried, at Schoolhouse, Dyce, 18th November, 1866,
aged 66.

Harvie, Alexander. 1654.

Harvie, Robert 1661.

Hay, James. 29th June, 1896.

Eldest son of James Hay, farmer, Little Ythsie, Tarves, and
Catherine Rae, his wife. Born at Little Ythsie, 20th October,
1871. Educated at Public School, Tarves, and Grammar School,
Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd., 1891 ; B.L., 1896. App. to John
Robertson, James Forbes Lumsden and Charles Brown Davidson
(Robertson & Lumsden). In partnership with Robert Downie
Leslie (1876), 1899-1906, firm being R. D. Leslie & Hay, which
was continued under Mr. Hay's sole partnership till 191 1, when
he became partner in the firm of Adam, Thomson & Ross.
Notary Public. Commissioner for Oaths for New South Wales,
Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and Western
Australia. Married, at West Parish Church, Aberdeen, nth
July, 1900, Helen Milne, dau. of David Sinclair of Loirston,
Kincardineshire, with issue : —

1. David Sinclair.

2. John Rae.

1. Helen Sybil.

Hay, John. 1671.


Hay, John. 4th June, 1718.

Alumnus, Mar. Coll. Fiars Juror, 1727. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted May, 1736. Proprietor of Auquharney. Treasurer of
the Society of Advocates, 1721-22. Married, 6th July, 1727,
Jean (died March, 1765), dau. of Thomas Hay, Sheriff Clerk, 1
with issue : —

1. Mary, married Thomas Mosman, advocate (1731).

2. Violet, died February, 1759.
Died 1756.

Hay, Nicholas. 1557.

Civilist in King's Coll. before 1555. Rector in 1592. Commissary
of Aberdeenshire.

Died after 10th March, 1593.

Hay, Patrick. 1667.

Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 7th July, 1670, and merchant
and trade burgess of Old Aberdeen, admitted 7th January, 1673.
Magistrate of Old Aberdeen in 1691. Married Marjory Murray
(died November, 1671). 2

Hay, William. 1670.

Probably the William Hay, Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 3
who was honorary burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 20th Nov.,
1688, 4 and acted as "collector of suplie" for Aberdeenshire in
1696, when he had a "wife and three children — John, Anna
and Bathia." 5

1 "Aberdeen Session Registers." For notes on Thomas Hay, see Littlejohn's "Sheriff
Court Records," III., pp. 112, 119-21.

2 St. Nicholas Burial Register.

3 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 122.

*" Miscellany," II., p. 462. s p n Book, II., p. 630.


Henderson, Alexander. 16th April, 1838.

Son of William Henderson, soap manufacturer and guild burgess,
Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1824. App. to Francis Gordon
(1796). For sometime conjunct clerk and assessor to the
Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. Assistant Procurator Fiscal
for Aberdeenshire. Magistrate of Aberdeen, 1849-53. Guild
burgess, admitted 7th November, 1844. Possessed house
property in Aberdeen.

Died at Aberdeen, 24th November, 1868, aged 61.

Henderson, Francis. 24th July, 1834.

Son of James Henderson, manufacturer, Aberdeen, and Jane Wright,
his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1821-25. App. to William
Simpson (18 13).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 8th March, 1838, aged 30.

Henderson, John Sharp. 9th February, 1859.

Son of James Henderson, farmer, Crimond. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1850-53. App. to Charles Chalmers and Nathaniel Farquhar
(Chalmers & Farquhar). Sometime in partnership with John
Cattanach, writer and Notary Public, firm being Henderson &
Cattanach, advocates. Lieut., Aberdeen Art. Vols., 8th June,
1866; Captain, 22nd April, 1874. Member of General Council,
University of Aberdeen. Married at the Chapel, Pitfour, Aber-
deenshire, 3rd September, 1863, Emily (died in London, 9th
October, 1888), younger dau. of Rev. James Ncwsam, Episcopal
chaplain, Pitfour.

Died at Cults, 28th October, 1880, aged 48.

Henderson, Patrick. 16th November, 1816.

Son of John Henderson, auctioneer, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1806-7, etc - App. to Francis Gordon (1796). Sometime
Depute Sheriff Clerk and Depute J. P. Clerk. Clerk to Aber-


deenshire Canal Company. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
29th December, 18 14.
Died, unmarried, at Kincardine O'Neil, 7th September, 1824.

Hendry, Alexander. 30th May, 1826.

Only son of William Hendry, house painter, Aberdeen, and Christian
Knowles, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 182 1. App. to Charles
Chalmers (181 2). Sometime in Canada. Married, at Aberdeen,
16th September, 1830, Jane, dau. of Captain Alexander Burnett,

Died 21st April, 1839, aged 35.

Howison, Gilbert. 1598.

Humphrey, John. 3rd April, 1835.

Son of William Humphrey, innkeeper, Aberdeen. Born at
Aberdeen, 2nd July, 1810. Educated at Grammar School,
Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1825-28. App. to Charles
Gordon and Alexander Gordon (Charles & Alexander Gordon).
In partnership with William Frederick Ogg (1841), firm being
Humphrey & Ogg. Director, Aberdeen Town and County
Bank, and Northern Agricultural Company. Fiars Juror,
1 853-54. Sometime proprietor of Pitmedden, Dyce. J. P. for
Aberdeenshire. Married, at Aberdeen, 12th July, 1838, Margaret
(born 3rd February, 1814, died 10th April, 1893), dau. of
Thomas Elmsley of Pitmedden, with issue : —
1. William, advocate (i860).

1. Elizabeth, married at Edinburgh, 9th December, 1862,

Edward Richard Townsend, M.D., Cork.

2. Margaret.

3. Thomasina Jane Elmsley.

4. Johannah Smith, married at Edinburgh, 6th October, 1870,

George Walter Davidson of Mauritius.
Died 20th June, 1888.


Humphrey, William. 12th December, 1860.

Only son of John Humphrey, advocate (1835). Born at Aberdeen,
31st July, 1839. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1853-56. Law student,
Edinb. App. to John Duncan (1824) (Duncan & Clyne).
Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Member-
ship of Society ceased November, 1870. 1 Ordained priest in
Episcopal Church in Scotland, 1864, with charge at Cove, and
subsequently at Dundee. Received into Roman Catholic Church,
1868. Studied theology, Gregorian Univ. of Rome, and ordained
priest, 1871. Entered Society of Jesus, nth December, 1874.
Noted London preacher and controversialist. Author of "The
Divine Teacher"; "Mary magnifying God"; "The Sacred
Scriptures"; "The Religious State"; "The Bible and Belief";
" Christian Marriage " ; " The One Mediator " ; " The Vicar of
Christ " ; " Dishonest Controversy " ; " Elements of Religious
Life " ; " Conscience and Law " ; " Recollections of Scottish Epis-
copalianism " ; " His Divine Majesty, or The Living God," etc.

Died at the Jesuit College of St. Beuno, St. Asaph, 3rd June, 1910.

Hunter, John. 1632.

Notary Public. Probably Sheriff Clerk Depute of Aberdeenshire. 2
Died after 16th September, 1644.

Hunter, William. 30th January, 1840.

Son of James Hunter, mason, Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen, 15th
August, 1812. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen;
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1830; LL.D., Aberd., 1890. App. to James
Edmond (1821). With Alexander Donald, W.S., Edinburgh,

1 Mr. Humphrey, who was somewhat of a humorist, wrote to the Society in January,
1870, requesting that his name be withdrawn from the list of members, as "Celibacy being
the rule of the Catholic Priesthood," he had "no possibility of a widow," and therefore
no interest in continuing his "subscription to the funds."

2 Information from Dr. Littlejohn, Sheriff Clerk.


for about two years from 1836. In partnership with his brother-
in-law, William Gordon (1825), firm being Gordon & Hunter;
from 1877 with William Gordon, solicitor, and James Collie
Smith, solicitor, firm being Hunter, Gordon & Smith ; from 1889
with the said William Gordon, Donaldson Rose Thorn, advocate
(1889), and John Peregrine Robertson White, advocate (1889),
firm being Hunter & Gordon — William Hunter Philip, solicitor,
being assumed as a partner in 1901. For forty-six years factor
for the University, to which he bequeathed a legacy of ^5000.
Director, North of Scotland Bank (Limited). Married, at
Aberdeen, nth March, 1845, Margaret (died at Aberdeen,
17th April, 1890), dau. of Rev. George Gordon, D.D., sometime
minister of the second charge of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen.

Died, s.p., at Aberdeen, 31st January, 1903. 1

Hunter, William Chambers. 13th September, 1861.

Son of William Chambers Hunter of Tillery and Auchiries.
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1851-53. App. to Francis Edmond
(1829). Fiars Juror, 1863. Member of General Council,
University of Aberdeen. Succeeded to the estates of Tillery
and Auchiries.

Died, unmarried, at Ben Rhydding, Yorkshire, nth September,

Hutcheon, David. 16th July, 1789.

Son of the Rev. John Hutcheon, minister of Fetteresso, and Mary
Morison, his wife. Alumnus, King's Coll. App. to Arthur
Dingwall Fordyce (1769). Sometime in partnership with Francis
Edmond (1829), firm being Hutcheon & Edmond. Procurator
Fiscal of Commissary Court. Clerk to the Commissioners for
Redemption of Land Tax. Joint legal assessor and clerk to
the Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. Treasurer and legal
adviser to, and honorary member of, the Medico-Chirurgical

'"The Scottish Law Review," XIX., pp. 42-43.


Society, 1 Aberdeen. Proprietor of land and house property in
Aberdeen. 2 J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Fiars Juror, 1806. Treasurer
of the Society of Advocates, 1806-8. President, 18 16- 18.
Died, unmarried, 10th December, 1832, aged 67. 3

Hutcheon, Hugh. 25th January, 1787.

Son of William Hutcheon, Aberdeen. A pp. to John Ross (1776).
Proprietor of Broadford, Aberdeen. Fiars Juror, 1794- 1802.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1798- 1800. Married, at
Berryden, Aberdeen, 29th November, 1795, Helen (died at
Aberdeen, 31st January, 1840, in her 71st year), second dau.
of Alexander Leslie, of Berryden, merchant.

Died, s.p., at Edinburgh, 27th September, 1804. 4

Hutcheon, John. 10th July, 1810.

Son of Convener Alexander Hutcheon, shoemaker, residing at
Whitehall, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1804. App. to Alex-
ander Webster (1794). Left Aberdeen and secured an appoint-
ment under Sir Pulteney Malcolm, Commander-in-chief of the
St. Helena Station, the chief duty of which was to keep a close
guard on Napoleon Bonaparte in his captivity. Qualified for a
purser's warrant. Married, and was survived by his wife (died
between August, 1837, and March, 1838), and one son.

Died, in London, in November, 1833.

1 On Mr. Hutcheon resigning office in 1830, the members of the Medico-Chirurgical
Society subscribed for his portrait, by William Dyce, " as a mark of respect for his un-
remitting and courteous services as treasurer and legal adviser for upwards of thirty years."
This painting, which- has had a somewhat eventful history, is now hung in the Medico-
Chirurgical Society's Library. Shortly before his death, Mr. Hutcheon commissioned James
Giles to execute another and larger portrait, directing that after his death it should be
handed to the said Society. The painting now adorns the wall of their Hall in King Street.

2 Hutcheon was succeeded in his heritable property by his brother James, who resided
at Bath Lodge, Stonehaven. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."

3 Tombstone at Fetteresso.

4 Hutcheon Street was named after him. On 21st May, 1805, his only brother-german
and nearest lawful heir, Alexander Hutcheon at Auchmacoy, afterwards farmer in Burrowley,
Ellon, had sasine in deceased's croft of land, called Magdalene Croft, Aberdeen. — "Aber-
deen Sasine Register."


Hutcheon, Thomas. 15th November, 1798.

Son of Thomas Hutcheon, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1787-89.

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