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App. to Hary Lumsdcn (1778). Was long in bad health, which
rendered him unfit for business. Married, and had issue, at least
two sons and two daughters.

Died at Newmilns, Ayrshire, 27th February, 1849.

Innes, Alexander. 27th February, 1748.

Eldest son of Alexander Innes (probably son of John Innes of
Culdrain, and brother of Sir Alexander Innes of Coxton) of
Inaltrie, Deskford, afterwards tenant in Auchinhalrig, Bellie, and
Isabel Anderson, his wife. 1 App. to James Catanach (173 1).
Commissary Clerk. Fiars Juror, twenty-six times, 1754-89.
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted September, 1757 ; honorary
burgess, admitted 2nd October, 1772. Assessor to the Rector of
King's Coll., 1763. Proprietor of Clerkseat, Aberdeen. Treasurer
of the Society of Advocates, 1749-55. Married Anne Rose
(died 28th September, 1807, aged 74), with issue: —

1. Charles, W.S., admitted 25th November, 1780; died 27th

September, 181 8.

2. Alexander, baptised 15th August, 1750, succeeded his

father as Commissary Clerk, and died 3rd March, 1792,
aged 42.

3. George, baptised 27th July, 1760.

4. John, Captain, died in the East Indies, 20th March, 1802,

aged 40.

5. Hugh, baptised 23rd February, 1763.

6. Peter, baptised 6th June, 1767.

7. William, born 10th, and baptised 13th August, 1770.

1. Elizabeth, baptised 20th March, 1753.

2. Jean, baptised 15th April, 1754, married, in 1775, Dr.

David Stuart, eldest son of Dr. John Stuart, of Inch-

1 Particulars from Rev. Stephen Ree, Boharm.


3. Anna, baptised 3rd June, 1755.

4. Isabel, baptised 4th September, 1756.

5. Barbara, baptised 22nd November, 1757, died 15th April,


6. Charlotte, baptised 30th July, 1759, married, 7th July,

1800, William Duff of Corsindae.

7. Katharine, baptised 17th June, 1769.

8. Helen, married, 30th September, 1784, William Hay of


9. Margaret, married, 24th September, 1789, Thomas Black,

druggist, Aberdeen, of Watcridgemuir, and died Nov-
ember, 1844.

10. Mary, married, 14th August, 1791, Arthur Nicolson,

younger, of Lochcnd, Shetland ; died 19th March,

11. Janet, married, 5th June, 1794, James Beattie, Professor

of Civil and Natural History in Marischal College.

Died 1 2th March, 1790, in his 79th year. 1

Innes, Alexander (Junior). 29th January, 1752.

App. to Andrew Thomson (1741). Notary Public. Commissary
Depute of Aberdeenshire. Baron-Baillie of Licklcyhead and
Premnay. 2 Proprietor of Breda and Cowie. Fiars Juror,
1776-86. One of the Committee appointed to organise a body
of volunteers in consequence of the American War of Inde-
pendence. President of the Society of Advocates, 1776-79.
Married, in 1767, Elizabeth (died at Cowie, 8th July, 1795,
aged 48), dau. of William Davidson, merchant burgess, and
for sometime Lord Provost of Aberdeen, with issue : —

'Will recorded 23rd October, 1790. — "Aberdeen Commissariot Register." Deceased's
widow, and son, Charles, as Trustees and Executors, had sasine in Clerkseat, 22nd October,
1794. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."

2 Dr. Littlejohn's MS. Notes.


1. John, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1790-93 ; W.S., admitted 16th

January, 1800; succeeded to Cowie ; married, first,
25th July, 1800, Une Cameron, eldest dau. of Robert
Barclay, of Urie ; married, second, Janet, eldest dau. of
William Rogers, Edinburgh; died 17th April, 1832.

2. William, of Raemoir, married, in 1809, Jane, eldest dau.

and co-heir of Alexander Brebner, of Learney, Lord
Provost of Aberdeen ; died in September, 1863.

1. Jane, married at Breda, 9th June, 1787, George More of

Raeden, sometime Lord Provost of Aberdeen ; died
24th February, 1794.

2. Violette Elizabeth, married, at Aberdeen, 20th April,

1789, James Hadden of Persley, manufacturer in, and
four times Lord Provost of Aberdeen ; died 6th Nov-
ember, 1834.

3. Helen, married, in London, 19th May, 1795, James

Farquhar of Doctors' Commons, London, and M.P. for
Aberdeen and its District Burghs, of Hallgrcen and
Johnston, Kincardineshire; died 19th February, 1851.

4. Margaret, married, 15th December, 1794, Alexander

More, Collector of Customs; died 9th January, 1815.

5. Hannah, married, as his second wife, 20th October, 1794,

Alexander Allardyce of Dunnottar, M. P. ; died at
Aberdeen, 22nd August, 1838.

6. Anne, married, 20th September, 1803, Alexander Hadden,

of Nottingham; died 17th February, 1855.

7. Hope, married, 4th July, 1799, Gavin Hadden, sometime

Lord Provost of Aberdeen ; died 14th September, 1-857.

8. Violet, married, 7th August, 1804, John Hadden, manu-

facturer, Nottingham; died 30th December, 1859.

Died at Cowie, 29th June, 1788, aged 60. J
Innes, John. 1557.

1 For complete details regarding Mr. Innes and his family, see Col. W. Johnston's "Genea-
logical Account of the Descendants of James Young and Rachel Cruickshank," pp. 160-61.


Innes, John. 1676.

Eldest son of John Innes of Knockorth, Marnoch, Banffshire, and
Elizabeth Bodic, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll. Succeeded to

Died nth November, 1686.

Innes, John. See Ramsay, John.

Irvine, James. 13th November, 1724.

Alumnus, Mar. Coll. Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 1728-29. 1
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted June, 173 1. Proprietor of
Pitmuxton, and of considerable house property in Aberdeen.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1731-33. Married, 19th
October (contract dated 14th September), 173 1, Margaret, dau.
of the late Thomas Mercer, merchant in Aberdeen.

Died, s.p., April, 1737. 2

Irvine, William [Kennedy]. 27th July, 1831.

Son of George Irvine, weaver, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1822-25. App. to John Ewing and William Robison (Evving
& Robison). Membership terminated November, 1865. Married
at St. James's Church, Westminster, London, 5th January,
1838, Margaret, eldest dau. of Hugh Garden, army accoutre-
ment maker, London, with issue, of whom : —

William, born 5th July, 1840, 3 entered the Indian Civil Service,
author of "The Rent Digest of Bengal," "Canal Rates
versus Land Revenue " ; authority and writer on Mogul
history; died at Barnes, 3rd November, 191 1.

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 123.

2 Will recorded at Aberdeen, 23rd June, 1738. One of its clauses directed that ;£6oo
Scots should be paid to the Provost, Baillies, and Town Council of Aberdeen, and the
interest applied "for the assistance, relieff, maintainance, and cure of Sick and Diseased
indigent poor people in ane Infirmary," which the testator hoped would " be set up at Aber-
deen." Under another clause, a sum of .£133 6s. 8d. was bequeathed to St. Paul's
Episcopal Church. The successor in Pitmuxton was Irvine's brother Alexander, who had
three daughters— Elizabeth, married to Francis Gordon, shoemaker ; Jean, married to Alex-
ander Ross, merchant, Old Aberdeen, and Anna, married to Colin Allan, goldsmith,

3 St. Paul's Episcopal Church Registers.


Irving (or Irwing), Alexander. 1578.

M.A. Son of James Irvine of Pitmurchie. Honorary burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 2nd October, 1601. x Succeeded to Pit-
murchie. 2 Married Janet Fraser, 3 with issue, of whom : —

Alexander, M.A., King's Coll., 1618, minister of Forbes. 4
Elizabeth, or Elspet.
Died after 16th November, 1633.

Irwing, James. 1615.

M.A. Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire, 1622-33.
Died in 1637.

Irwinge, Richard. 1577.

M.A. Presumably the proprietor of Hiltoun, burgess of Aberdeen,
and Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire, 1601-17. 5 Married
Elspet Leslie, with issue, of whom : —
Died before 19th November, 1622.

1 On 28th April, 1602, Bond of Caution was lodged for Thomas Fraser, brother of
Andrew Fraser of Stoneywood, in 1000 merks, and for David Lyndsay, burgess of Aberdeen,
and William Blackball, maltman, in 500 merks each, not to harm Mr. Irvine. — " Privy
Council Register," VI., p. 726. On 17th September, 1604, a similar bond was lodged for
;£iooo each on behalf of John Irvine of Artamford, and John Irvine of Haltoun, not to
harm Mr. Irvine nor his daughter Elspet. Ibid., VII., p. 567.

- Renunciation on Pitmurchie was granted, 27th February, 1604, by Mr. Alexander
Irvine and Janet Irvine his spouse, and by James Irvine their son, to John Irvine of Hal-
toun, and John Irvine of Artamford. — Leslie's " Irvines of Drum," p. 211.

3 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," II., p. 550.

4 In 1634, on his father's resignation, he had sasine in subjects in Old Aberdeen — a
croft lying at the back of the tenements and biggings, sometime pertaining to the parson of
Kinkell, and also the croft and chaplainry of Westhall situated between the manse of the
prebendary of Monymusk on the east, the way leading from the cathedral to the town of
Cottoune on the south, the Dumdron Hill on the west, and the river Don on the north. —
"Aberdeen Sasine Register."

5 Littlejohn's "Sheriff Court Records," II., p. 534.


Jamieson, Frank. 4th September, 1872.

Son of Robert Jamieson, M.D., medical superintendent, Royal
Lunatic Asylum, Aberdeen, and Jemima Brown, his wife.
Born at Aberdeen, 17th July, 1849. Alumnus, Aberd., 1865-68.
App. to John Clark and David Robert Morice (Clark &
Morice). Notary Public. Married, 31st October, 1877, Mary
Tattersall (died 7th February, 1898).

Died at Shadsworth Hall, Blackburn, Lancashire, 2nd January,

Jamieson, James. 21st August, 1878.

Son of James Jamieson, merchant, Aberdeen, and Christine Fraser,
his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 22nd August, 1853. Alumnus,
Aberd., 1869-71. App. to Alexander Davidson, James Garden
and James Murray Garden (Davidson & Garden). Sometime
in partnership with George David Rutherford (1864), firm being
Rutherford & Jamieson.

Died, unmarried, at St. Helena, 4th May, 1886.

Jamieson, William. 11th December, 1783.

App. to John Gordon (1753). Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
25th September, 1798. Sometime proprietor of house property
in Aberdeen. Married, first, Margaret (died at Aberdeen, 16th
June, 1791, aged 32), dau. of John Mowat, merchant, and
burgess of Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. John, born 7th and baptised nth March, 1779.

2. William, born 28th September, 1780; jeweller; guild

burgess, 26th November, 1814; died 9th March, 1840,
aged 59.

3. Charles Stewart, born 9th and baptised 12th May, 1782.

4. Thomas Francis, born 23rd and baptised 26th December,



Married, second, 1st September, 1792, Ann Leslie (died 10th
February, 1840, in her 90th year), with issue, of whom: —

Alexander, born 5th and baptised 10th November, 1793.

M.A., Mar. Coll., 1810; surgeon.
Mary Ann, born 26th February, and baptised 3rd March,

Died 25th September, 1801, aged 55.

Jeffrey, James Thorn. 15th March, 1897.

Only son of William Jeffrey, baker, Aberdeen, and Jessie Thorn,
his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 10th May, 1857. Educated at
the School of the Incorporated Trades, and Grammar School,
Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberdeen, 1873-77. Law student, 1882-
84. App. to David Stewart (1873). Secretary of Aberdeen
Granite Association ; Granite Supply Association (Limited) ;
Creetown Granite Company ; Aberdeen House Proprietors'
Association. J. P. for the County of the City of Aberdeen.
Author of "House Proprietors' Manual," 1894; "Owners' Risk
Note" (Report to a Select Committee of Aberdeen Chamber
of Commerce), 1906.

Johnston, George. 21st November, 1820.

Son of William Johnston, overseer of salmon fishings in Nether
Don, subsequently merchant and guild burgess, Aberdeen.
Alumnus, King's Coll., 1812-14. App., first, to John Low
(1792), and, second, to Hugh Fullerton (1804.) Notary Public.
Guild burgess, admitted 28th October, 1833.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 3rd October, 1878.

Johnston, William. 7th February, 1700.

Eldest son of John Johnston of Bishopstown, and Margaret
Alexander, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 27th July, 1693. App.
to Andrew Logie (1687). Proprietor of Craig, parish of Dyce,


and, on the death of Sir John Johnston of Caskieben, fourth
Bart, in November, 1724, succeeded as fifth Bart. Married,
in 1704 (contract dated 8th January), Jean (died June, 1744),
eldest dau. of James Sandilands of Craibstone, with issue, of
whom : —

William, Lieutenant, R.N. ; succeeded as sixth Bart. ; pur-
chased, in 1750, a portion of the lands of Hilton, in the
parish of Old Machar ; and died, in London, in 1794,
aged 80.

Died March, 1750.

Jopp, Alexander. 5th July, 1825.

Son of Andrew Jopp, advocate (1796). Born 13th February,
1804. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1821. App. to his father. Sometime
in partnership with his father, firm being Andrew & Alexander
Jopp, thereafter with Robert Shand (1827), firm being Jopp
& Shand, and subsequently with William Leslie Reid (1847),
firm being Jopp & Reid. Notary Public. Clerk and manager,
Aberdeenshire Canal Coy. Director, North of Scotland Bank,
Great North of Scotland Railway Coy., and Aberdeen Com-
mercial Coy. Trustee and Manager, National Security Savings'
Bank. Fiars Juror, sixteen times, 1836-65. One of the Assessors
to the Rector of Mar. Coll., 1835. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 1st November, 1836. Proprietor of Woodhill. J. P.
for Aberdeenshire. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates,
1861-63. President, 1867-69. Married, in London, 20th Nov.,
1827, Sophia (died 3rd June, 1886, aged 82), only dau. of
Alexander Annand, merchant, London, with issue, of whom : —

1. Andrew, advocate (1856).

2. Alexander, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1852-53, succeeded to


1. Sophia, died at Woodhill, 8th May, 1877, aged 45.
Died 7th November, 1870.


Jopp, Andrew. 7th March, 1796.

Son of Andrew Jopp, x house proprietor, Insch, and Mary Jardine,
his wife. App. to John Innes [afterwards John Ramsay].
Sometime in partnership with his son Alexander (1825), firm
being Andrew & Alexander Jopp. Director, Aberdeen Savings'
Bank. Fiars Juror, twenty-five times, 1798- 1827. Proprietor of
Elmhill. J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Treasurer of the Society of
Advocates, 1810-12. President, 1822-24. Married Margaret
(died at Aberdeen, 7th June, 1865, aged 85), dau. of John
Abercrombie, stocking merchant, and sometime Lord Provost of
Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Alexander, advocate (1825).

2. John, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1821 ; W.S., admitted 31st May,

1827; married, at Edinburgh, 7th September, 1841,
Margery, eldest dau. of John Smith of Drongan,
Ayrshire; died 31st October, 1857.

3. Andrew, died in London, 8th April, 1845.

4. Robert, farmer, New Zealand, died at Melbourne, 6th

December, 1878.

5. James, M.D., Edinb., 1837 ; Deputy Inspector General

of Army Hospitals; died 3rd February, 1882.

6. William, wine merchant, Aberdeen, Col., 1st Vol. Batt.

Gordon Highlanders, married, in 1857, Louisa, dau. of
Rev. Mr. Richards; died 18th June, 1891.

7. David, died in Manchester parish, Jamaica, in 1842,

aged 28.

8. Keith, M.D., Edinb., 1841 ; Assistant Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S.

(Madras), 1843-55 ; afterwards in partnership with his
brother William. Married, at Aberdeen, nth November,
185 1, Rachel, eldest dau. of William Chambers Hunter
of Tillery, and died 31st December, 1898. 2

1 On 18th July, 1792, Andrew Jopp in Muiryheadless, Mary Jardine, his spouse, and
Andrew Jopp, their son, in liferent and fee, had disposition to tenement property in Insch.
— "Aberdeen Sasine Register."

2 Their son, William Chambers Hunter, is now proprietor of the estates of Tillery and



9. Charles, engineer, Edinburgh.
10. Archibald, died 21st February, 1825, in infancy.
1. Katherine, married, at Elmhill, 22nd December, 1836,
John Taylor, merchant; died 12th January, 1839, in
her 27th year.

Died at Aberdeen, 9th June, 1829, aged 60. *

Jopp, Andrew. 7th November, 1856.

Eldest son of Alexander Jopp, advocate (1825). Born at Aberdeen,
25th February, 1830. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1844-47. A pp.,
first, to John Blaikie and John Smith (Blaikie & Smith), and,
second, to John Blaikie and Anthony Adrian Blaikie (John &
Anthony Blaikie). Notary Public. Distributor of Stamps and
Collector of Taxes. Member of General Council, University of
Aberdeen. Lieut, 4th Aberdeenshire Art. Vols., 14th April,
i860; Captain, 7th Aberdeenshire Art. Vols., 23rd September,
1861. Married, at Aberdeen, 22nd August, 1864, Margaret
MacKenzie, with issue, of whom : —

Charles Andrew, wine merchant, Musselburgh, died 28th
May, 1892.

John Alexander, died 25th June, 1895.

Henry Edgar, died at Winnifer, 25th March, 1889.

Katherine Antoinette, married, at Aberdeen, 6th April, 1876,
William Savidge Aikerman, Bridgewater.

Died at Aberdeen, 19th August, 1895.

Kay, Frederick William. 24th May, 1899.

Third son of James Petrie Kay, chemist, Aberdeen, and Mary
Harvey, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 2nd November, 1870.
Educated at Collegiate School and Walker's Academy, Aber-
deen ; M.A., Aberd., 1892; B.L., 1895. Law Student, Edinb.,

1 Jopp's Court, 31 Gallowgate, where Mr. Jopp had his office, was named after him.


1896-97. App. to W. J. Woodman Smith, solicitor, and John
Reid Dean, S.S.C. (Burnett & Reid). With Philip Laing &
Harley, W.S., Edinb., 1895-99. Lieut, 1st Aberdeenshire Royal
Garrison Artillery, 12th March, 1902 ; Captain, 1st Highland
Brigade Royal Field Artillery (T.F.), 13th June, 1903. Married,
at St. Andrew's Church, Aberdeen, 6th August, 191 2, Gertrude,
elder dau. of Arthur Davidson, Aberdeen.

Keith, David. 30th January, 1830.

Son of George Keith, farmer, at Friendville, Aberdeen. M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 1822. App. to William Carnegie (1796). Notary
Public. Sometime Town Clerk Depute of Aberdeen.

Died at Kenfield, near Aberdeen, 22nd September, 1853.

Keith, George. 1 11th February, 1680.

Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1670-73. One of the Assessors to the Rector
of Mar. Coll., 1688-90. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
22nd June, 1692 ; and burgess of Old Aberdeen, admitted 5th
October, 1691. Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire, 1699-1707 2 ;
Sheriff substitute, 1688-90, and 1709-u. 3 Proprietor of
Crichie and Clackriach. Married, first, Elizabeth Walls (interred
at Aberdeen, 1680), and, second, in September, 1681, 4 Jean,
dau. of John Leslie, baillie in Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. John.

2. Alexander.
1. Isobel.

Died before June, 171 1.

'"The most eminent man of his Profession in the North of Scotland." — Baird's
" Genealogical Memoirs of the Duffs," p. 102.

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., pp. 105-7.

3 Ibid., pp. 1 12- 13.

4 Munro's " Records of Old Aberdeen," II., p. 156.


Keith, George (Junior). 10th November, 1704.

One of the Assessors to the Rector of Mar. Coll., 17 14. Pro-
prietor of Tillyfour. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates,

Died 24th September, 1738. T

Keith, William Leslie. 9th April, 1890.

Son of James Keith, writer, Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen, 28th
April, 1850. Alumnus, Aberd., 1875-80. App. to William
Leslie Reid (Jopp & Reid).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 12th March, 1910.

Kemlo, Alexander. 8th April, 1869.

Eldest son of Gideon Kemlo, miller, Bridge of Don, afterwards at
Aboyne, and Margaret Main, his wife. Born at Bridge of Don,
8th June, 1839. Educated at Parish School, Aboyne ; Bell's
School, Grammar School, and Parish School, Old Aberdeen ;
Town's School and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A. (with
honours), King's Coll., 1st April, i860. App. to William Adam
and Alexander Anderson (Adam & Anderson). Sometime in
partnership with Alexander Ledingham, S.S.C. and C.A., firm
being Kemlo & Ledingham. Author of " Introduction " to " Ane
Breif Description of the Well of the Woman Hill," 1884.
Member of Council, New Spalding Club. Now in practice at
Butterworth, Transkei, Cape Colony. Married, at St. Andrew's
Church, Aberdeen, 31st July, 1877, Mary Agnes (died at
Butterworth, 12th October, 1896), eldest dau. of Robert Gordon
Rattray, M.D., superintendent and apothecary, Royal Infirmary,
Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Robert Gideon.

2. Alexander.

3. William Lyon.

1 His brother John, residing in Inverurie, who married Annas Grub, was served heir
in 1745.


1. Philippa Margaret, married John Struthers, district

surgeon, Transkei.

2. Mary Moysey.

3. Dora Elizabeth.

4. Kathleen Lagerstedt.

5. Agnes Mildred.

Kennedy, David Henderson. 17th July, 1855.

Son of Alexander Kennedy, ship steward, Aberdeen. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1829-31. App. to Alexander Gordon (Charles &
Alexander Gordon). In partnership with Gray Campbell
Fraser (1855), firm being Kennedy & Fraser. Sometime
Commissary Clerk Depute. Fiars Juror, 1855 and 1859.
Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Married,
23rd July, 1868, Martha Grant (died 26th February, 1890), a
native of Sierra Leone.

Died, in London, 18th December, 1879.

Kennedy, James. 1620.

Sheriff and Town Clerk of Aberdeen. Honorary burgess of Banff,
admitted 1662 ; guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 9th June,

1668. Married Ogston (died 27th August, 1662 *), with

issue : —

1. James, held a commission as Sheriff Clerk of Aberdeen-
shire, but does not appear to have acted. Wrote
Latin verse 2 ; was appointed Conservator of the
Scottish Privileges in the Low Countries, and received
the honour of knighthood. 3

Died in, or about, 1672.

1 Row's Diary.

2 Leask's " Musa Latina Aberdonensis," III., pp. 167-85.

3 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., pp. 118-19.


Kennedy, William. 29th November, 1783.

Son of Alexander Kennedy, mason and builder, Aberdeen, and
Katherine Colvine, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1774-76.
App. to David Morice (1764). Clerk and Manager, Aberdeen-
shire Canal Company. Town Clerk of Aberdeen. Fiars Juror,
1812-16. Honorary Sheriff Substitute of Aberdeenshire.
Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. Compiler of Alphabetical
Index to the City Records. Author of " Annals of Aberdeen,"
1818; Sketch of the Affairs of the Treasury of Aberdeen;
MS. List of Members of the Society of Advocates in
Aberdeen, 1549- 1806; and MS. List of Apprentices to the
Members, 1774- 1806. Proprietor of house property in Aberdeen.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1804-6. President,

Died at Aberdeen, 19th November, 1836, aged "jy.

Kyng, Andrew. 1568.

Burgess of Aberdeen. Burgh Agent. x
Died subsequent to October, 16 17.

Lamb, Robert. 3rd July, 1873.

Only son of Robert Lamb, Aberdeen, and Mary Milne, his wife.
Born at Aberdeen, 27th December, 1845. Educated at
Grammar School, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Aberd., 1862-64.
App. to Robert Ligertwood (1854). Procurator Fiscal for the
City of Aberdeen. Director, Charles McDonald (Ltd.) ;
Northern Property Land and Investment Society (Ltd.).
Married, at Aberdeen, 8th September, 1880, Margaret (died
4th November, 1885, aged 35), dau. of Lewis Ross, Aberdeen,
with issue : —

1. Jane, married Frederick C. Purnell, architect, Geelong,


2. Lucy Ross, married Robert Bruce, advocate (1908).

3. Mary.

1 Cooper's " Cartularium Ecclesirc Sancti Nicholai," II., p. 295. That Kyng's surroundings
were not always of the most peaceful character is shown by the following extract from the
Kirk and Bridge Work Accounts. — " 1549, August 13th— Andro Meldrum wes sclane in
Andro Kyng yard, and bureit in ye kirk."


Law, John. 10th March, 1802. x

Son of John Law, shipmaster, Aberdeen. Educated at Grammar
School, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1793. App. to John
Durno (1764). In 1803, kept a "State Lottery Office at the
shop of A. Law & Coy., clothiers, under the Town House,
Aberdeen." 2 Clerk to the Shipmaster Society, Aberdeen, 1799-
181 7. Clerk to 6th District Road Trustees. Fiars Juror,
1806-8. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 29th December,
1 8 14. Sheriff Substitute for the County of Sutherland.
Married, at Longfaugh, 26th December, 1809, Mary (died at
West House, Elgin, 29th August, 1848), second dau. of John
Hay, sometime residing at Braco, with issue : —

I.John, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1829; L.R.C.S., Edinb., 1835;
Assistant Surgeon, H.M. 3rd Regt. of Foot ; died on
the Ganges, 20th March, 1837.

1. Elizabeth Gauld, died at Elgin, 24th April, 1827.

2. Anne, died at Elgin. 17th July, 1844.

3. Isabella, died at Elgin, 30th September, 1845.

4. Christian, married, at Elgin, 24th September, 185 1, Rev.

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