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Charles L. C. Tulloch, minister, Free Church, Living-

Died at Dornoch, 31st May, 1819, in his 45th year.

Leask, Alexander Rhind Dyer. 2nd November, 1876.

Son of Alexander Leask, shipmaster, Aberdeen, and Margaret
Dyer, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 15th November, 1847.
M.A., Aberd., 1873. App. to John Watt, Junior (1856).
Notary Public.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 8th April, 1898.

1 Took the oath of Allegiance, etc., to George III., 10th March, 1802. — Dr. Little-
john's MS. Notes.

2 "Aberdeen Almanac."


Leask, George. 21st July, 1826.

Son of William Leask, farmer, Swanford, Fyvie, and Elizabeth
Watt, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1822. App. to Alexander
Cadcnhead and John Cadenhead (A. & J. Cadenhead).
Married, 2nd February, 1832, Catherine (died at Aberdeen,
22nd June, 1834, aged 20), only dau. of James Greig, sometime
farmer, Cairntradlin, Kinellar, afterwards residing in Aberdeen,
with issue : —

1. James Greig, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1848-51 ; M.B.,
7th April, 1854; L.R.C.S., Edinb., 1855; Brigade
Surgeon, A.M.D. ; died in London, 16th January, 1898,
in his 66th year.
1. Catherine Elizabeth, married, at Aberdeen, 5th June,
1862, Henry Wood, merchant, London.

Died at Aberdeen, 10th March, 1845, aged 44.

Leask, James. 4th March, 1853.

Son of James Leask, shipbuilder, Aberdeen. Alumnus, King's
Coll., 1844-46. App. to George Allan (1844). Honorary
burgess of Old Aberdeen, admitted 4th October, 1855.
Membership terminated February, 1863. Married, at Aberdeen,
nth July, 1854, Mary Ann (died 15th August, 1878, aged 61),
fourth dau. of George Allan, shipmaster, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. James, assistant health officer, Bombay Municipality,

died 25 th December, 1902, aged 47.

2. William Keith, M.A. (with honours), Aberd., 1877 ; 1st

cl. Class. Mods. Oxon., 1879; 2nd cl. Litt. Hum.,
1881 1 ; Litterateur, Aberdeen.
1. Jane Ann, married, at Aberdeen, 4th August, 1880, Hugh
Welsh, Assistant Inspector of Schools.

Ledingham, George. 1576.

1 Col. W. Johnston's " Roll of the Graduates of the University of Aberdeen," p. 282.


Ledingham, Robert. 19th November, 1827.

Son of James Ledingham, farmer, Lochside, Raync. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1817-19. App. to Charles Gordon (Charles &
Alexander Gordon). Sometime in partnership with George
Walker (1846), firm being Ledingham & Walker. Magistrate
of Aberdeen, 1852-54. Director, North of Scotland Bank, and
Scottish Provincial Assurance Coy. Fiars Juror, 1853. Guild
burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 12th November, 1841. Sometime
proprietor of Wateridgemuir, Logic-Buchan.

Died, unmarried, in March, 1856. T

Leith, John. 1595.

Son of Leith, and Ursula Cheine, 2 his wife. M.A. Notary

Public. Joint Sheriff Clerk of Aberdeenshire, 1 595-97- 3
Sometime Commissary Depute, and subsequently Commissary
of Aberdeenshire. Rector of King's Coll., elected 14th
September, 16 19. Proprietor of Blairton. Married Katherine,
dau. of Thomas Garden of Blairton, Commissary Clerk, with
issue, of whom : —

1. Helen, had sasine in Dilspro (now known as Grandholm),
5th August, 1619. 4
Died 1 8th , 1620. 5

1 George Ledingham, farmer, Inchdrewer, near Banff, deceased's only surviving brother,
succeeded to his heritable estate.

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," II., p. 151.
3JUJ., I., p. 473.

4 Register of Sasines.

3 Leith's death in early manhood terminated a career of much promise. His widow
erected a monument to his memory in the Cathedral, Old Aberdeen. It was found under
the floor during the restoration of 1867, and the principal slab now lies at the north-west
corner. It shews numerous emblems, including an effigy of Leith in low relief, two shields
displaying the Leith and Garden arms respectively, a sand glass, and two shovels. At the
top and round the margin is an inscription in Latin, which, in some parts, is considerably
defaced. The late Mr. Andrew Gibb gave a drawing of the slab in Vol. XII., plate IX.,
of the "Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland," to illustrate his paper on
"Some Suggestions as to our Mural Antiquities." Unfortunately, however, Mr. Gibb gave
the year of Leith's death as "1670," instead of 1620, and the mistake has been repeated
by subsequent authors. Mrs. Leith, who was liferentrix of Blairton, married, secondly,
Patrick Sinclair, and died before 30th November, 1631. — Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records,"
II., p. 309 and 346.



Leslie, Alexander. 1 Before 27th April, 1691.

Son of John Leslie, magistrate, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1691.
Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 1691-1707. 2 Guild burgess
of Aberdeen, admitted 29th April, 1700; honorary burgess of
Old Aberdeen, admitted 29th March, 1701.

Died February, 1707. 3

Leslie, John. 1595.

Notary Public. Appointed Sheriff Clerk of Aberdeenshire (jointly
with William Reid), 21st July, 1595, but he does not appear to
have acted. 4

Leslie, Robert Downie. s 30th May, 1876.

Only son of William Downie, contractor, and Mary Turnbull, his
wife. Born at Scrabster, Thurso, 24th January, 1848.
Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd.,
1863-65. App. to John Robertson, James Forbes Lumsden,
and Charles Brown Davidson (Robertson & Lumsden). There-
after with Mackenzie & Kermack, W.S., Edinburgh. Sometime
in partnership with W ? illiam Reid Reid (1880), firm being
Leslie & Reid; and afterwards with James Hay (1896), firm
being R. D. Leslie & Hay. Notary Public. Secretary, Iron
Trades' and Shipbuilding Employers' Assoc, in Aberdeen.
Married, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, 28th June, 1877, Frances, elder
dau. of John Turnbull, Newcastle-on-Tyne, with issue : —

I. William Downie, merchant, Calcutta-, married, 24th
February, 1908, C. A. Louttit Laing, Edinburgh.

'Not in Kennedy's List. See Spalding Club " Miscellany," V., p. 368; Michie's "The
Records of Invercauld," p. 266; and "Miscellany," II., p. 481.

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 122.

3 St. Nicholas Kirkwork Accounts.

4 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," I., pp. 474-75.

5 Mr. Leslie's mother, having married, as her. second husband, Alexander Leslie,
Aberdeen, the patronymic "Leslie" was assumed in boyhood.


2. John Malcolm Downie, died 1st August, 1881.

3. Robert Downie, in West Australia.

4. Francis Downie, H.M. Indian Army.

5. Arthur Norman Downie, died 31st January, 1892!

6. Edwin V. Downie.

1. Eleanor Frances Downie, married, 12th December, 1905,

John T. Christie, Parkstone, Dorset.

2. Mary Downie.

3. Dora Jane Downie, married, 17th September, 1910,

Edward Hertslet William Wingfield King, Somerset
House, London.

4. Kathleen Margaret Downie.
Died 5th December, 1906. r

Ligertwood, Alexander. 1 st June, 1811.

Son of John Ligertwood, farmer, Overhill and Pitscaff, Foveran,
and Jean Mitchell, his wife. Born 1788. M.A., King's Coll.,
31st March, 1806. App. to Charles Gordon (1783).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 1st January, 1834.

Ligertwood, John. 1st August, 1840.

Son of Thomas Ligertwood, farmer, Overhill and Pitscaff, Foveran,
afterwards in Middletack, Rathen, and Mary Muir, his wife.
Alumnus, Mar. Coll.; 1832-35. App., first, to Thomas Sangster
and Alexander Muir (Sangster & Muir), and, second, to William
Adam and Alexander Anderson (Adam & Anderson). Some-
time in partnership with his brother Robert (1854), firm being
J. & R. Ligertwood. Sheriff* Clerk of Aberdeenshire, 1861-84.
Director, Great North of Scotland Railway Coy. ; Aberdeen
Steam Navigation Coy. ; and Local Board, North British and
Mercantile Insurance Coy. Sometime proprietor of Buxburn,
Newhills. Member, Aberdeen Town Council. Guild burgess,

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XXIII., pp. 19, 20.


admitted 31st October, 1859. Member of General Council,
University of Aberdeen. Treasurer, Spalding Club. Member-
ship of the Society of Advocates terminated October, 1885.
Married, at Aberdeen, 13th August, 1857, Jessie (died at
Scarborough, 2nd September, 1891), only dau. of Robert Kemp,
grain merchant, Aberdeen, with issue, of whom : —

Arthur Gordon, law apprentice, April, 1882.

John Robert, died 24th March, 1870.

Walter Auldjo, died 20th December, 1880.

Jessie, married, at Aberdeen, 23rd April, 1884, Henry John
Foquette Ellis Hickes, Colonel, Royal Horse Artillery.

Died .

Ligertwood, Robert. 20th June, 1854.

Son of Thomas Ligertwood, farmer, Overhill and Pitscaft, Foveran,
afterwards in Middletack, Rathen, and Mary Muir, his wife.
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1845-47. App. to his brother, John
Ligertwood (1840), with whom afterwards in partnership, firm
being J. & R. Ligertwood. Notary Public. Sometime Secretary,
Royal Northern Agricultural Society. Member of General
Council, University of Aberdeen. Joint Treasurer, Spalding
Club. Membership of the Society of Advocates terminated
November, 1880. Married, at Aberdeen, 16th August, i860,
Anne Saunders (died 23rd March, 1865, aged 25), elder dau.
of Henry Adamson, shipowner, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Catherine Saunders, died 10th October, 1890, aged 29.

2. Margaret.

3. Anne.
Died abroad.

Lillie, Thomas. 1649.

Son of Alexander Lillie, Commissary Clerk Depute and burgess
of Aberdeen, and Janet Forbes, his wife. Notary Public.


Commissary Clerk Depute. Honorary burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 10th September, 1636. In 1636, resident in Old
Aberdeen, when the household consisted of " Mr. Thomas Lillie,
his wyff, his guidmother, his tuo brethcrn, his tuo bairnes,
William Forsyithe and Issobell Forbes, servants."

Died " 19th February, 1668, in old age." 1

Littlejohn, David. 16th June, 1865.

Third son of William Littlejohn, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1819, manager,
Aberdeen Town and County Banking Coy., afterwards Town
and County Bank (Limited), and Janet Bentley, his wife. Born
at 91 Union Street, Aberdeen, 3rd April, 1841. Educated at
Dr. Tulloch's Academy, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; and
Eastman's, Southsea. Cadet, R. N., 1854-56 (Baltic Medal).
Service terminated by serious and prolonged illness. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1857-60. LL.D., Aberd., 1903. App., first, to
William Robison (1820), and, second, to John Clark (1832).
Subsequently with Burns, Maclean & Alison, writers, Glasgow.
In partnership with the said John Clark, 1865-66, firm being
Clark & Littlejohn. Law Agent to the Scottish Provincial
Assurance Coy. Secretary, Aberdeen Liberal Association, 1877,
also West Aberdeenshire Liberal Association, 1880. Appointed
Sheriff Clerk of Aberdeenshire, 23rd December, 1884, thereupon
retiring from private practice. Member, St. Nicholas Parochial
Board, 1875-78. Chief Magistrate of Burgh of Woodside,
1877-85. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 7th January,
1895. Chairman of Directors of Royal Infirmary (period of
reconstruction), 1888-94. Chairman, Aberdeen Conciliation
Board, 1 898-1906. Governor under Milne Bequest Educa-
tional Trust since 1891, and Trustee under Bequest of John
Burnett of Dens since the same year. Hon. Treasurer, Indigent
Lunatic Fund, since 1903. Member of General Council,
University of Aberdeen ; Member of University Court (one
of the General Council's Assessors, and specially representing

1 Row's Diary.


the Faculty of Law), April, 1900, to October, 1909. During
Dr. Littlejohn's term of office, and in no small measure
owing to his advocacy and assistance, the Legal Curriculum
was so extended as to permit of the establishment of the Degree
of LL.B. Vice-President, New Spalding Club, 1908, and
Chairman of Executive Committee. Director, Town and
County Bank (Limited) from 1892, and of North of Scotland
and Town and County Bank (Limited) since amalgamation.
Director of various other businesses. Joined Volunteer Force,
1861 ; Major, 1875, retiring with rank, 1882 (medal). J. P. for
Aberdeenshire 1888. Also J. P. for the County of the City of
Aberdeen. D.L. of Aberdeenshire, 1893. Editor, "Records of
Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire," 3 vols., 1904-7; and "Aber-
deenshire Fiars," 1906. President of the Society of Advocates
since 1910. Married, first, at Castleknock Church, County
Dublin, 16th October, 1867, Ellen Maria (died at Aberdeen,
15th August, 1869), eldest dau. of Joseph Henry Taylor of
Graigue, County Tipperary, and of Hillbrook, County Dublin,
formerly Lieut, 9th Foot, with issue : —

1. Margaret, married, in 1896, Rev. Gilbert George Walker,

M.A., Oxon., rector of Partney cum Dalby, afterwards
of Somerby with Great Humby, Lincolnshire.

2. Janet Bentley.

Married, second, at Goval, New Machar, 29th August, 1872,
Jane, fourth dau. of James Crombie, manufacturer, Grandholm,
with issue : —

1. William, advocate (1900).

3. Katherine Forbes, died 30th October, 1888, aged 15.

4. Ruth, married, in 1898, William Smith Gill, manufacturer,

Aberdeen, afterwards of Dalhebity, Peterculter, and
Colonel Commanding Highland Division R. E. (T. F.).

Littlejohn, William. 13th December, 1900.

Only son of David Littlejohn, advocate (1865). Born at Aberdeen,
4th March, 1875. Educated at MacMillan's private School;
Grammar School, Aberdeen; Alumnus, Aberd., 1892-95. App.


to Farquharson Taylor Garden, Charles Ruxton and David
Montague Alexander Chalmers (C. & P. H. Chalmers). With
Mac Andrew, Wright & Murray, W.S., Edinburgh, August, 1899,
to September, 1900. In partnership with A. H. Davidson,
solicitor, 1901-2, firm being Littlejohn & Davidson. Clerk and
Treasurer, Banchory-Devenick School Board. Guild burgess of
Aberdeen. 1 Second Lieutenant, 1st Aberdeenshire Royal
Garrison Artillery (Vols.), 2nd August, 1895 ; Captain, 12th
March, 1902 ; retiring 14th May, 1903. Married, at Aberdeen,
1st June, 1912, Kathcrine Elisabeth, only dau. of James Duguid,
advocate (1874).

Logie, Andrew. 1687.

Son of George Logie of Loanhead. Succeeded to Loanhead.
Honorary burgess of Old Aberdeen, admitted 5th October, 1691,
and guild burgess of Aberdeen, 29th April, 1700. Married
(contract dated 19th January, 1693), Anna (died September,
1737 a ), dau. of Alexander Baton of Kinaldie, with issue: —

1. George, baptised 14th January, 1694, went abroad.

2. William, left a widow.

3. Andrew, baptised 9th May, 1703.

1. Mary, married, u\ 17 15, William Wcmyss, merchant,

Inverness, afterwards of Craighall, Kennethmont.

2. Isobel.

Died before 9th May, 1703. 3

Low, James. 30th November, 1829.

Son of David Low in Fiddie, Skene. M.A.. King's Coll., March,
1822. App. to Charles Donaldson (1814). Sometime Clerk to
the Commutation Road Trustees of the 9th or Aberdeen
District. Married, at Aberdeen, 21st February, 1833, Helen

1 He was the fifth in direct descent to have been admitted a guild burgess of the city of
Aberdeen, his great-great grandfather, William Littlejohn, merchant, builder, and subsequently
a magistrate, having been admitted in September, 1776 ; his great grandfather, James
Littlejohn, architect, on 18th August, 1800 ; his grandfather, William Littlejohn, manager,
Aberdeen Town and County Banking Coy., on 23rd March, 1840 ; his father on 7th
January, 1895 ; and himself on 5th February, 1906.

2 St. Nicholas Kirkwork Accounts. 3 MS. Records of Society.


Austin (died at Aberdeen, 8th November, 1859, aged 47), second \

dau. of William Milne, merchant, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Jean Sangster, died 17th August, 1849, aged 14.

2. Margaret Merrilces, married Alexander Ross, advocate

Died at Aberdeen, 1st October, 1837, aged 34.

Low, John. 13th June, 1792.

Son of Alexander Low, merchant, Aberdeen. A pp. to David
Morice (1764). Procurator Fiscal for the city of Aberdeen.
Lieutenant, Royal Aberdeen Vols., 1803. Treasurer of the
Society of Advocates, 1802-4.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 28th August, 18 17, aged 49.

Lumsden, Alexander. 15th March, 1759.

Son of Alexander Lumsden and Isobel Seaton, his wife. App. to
John Taylor (1743). Sheriff Clerk Depute of Aberdeenshire. 1
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 12th June, 1765. Fiars
Juror, 1765-75. Proprietor of the Crookedmyre or Broadford,
Aberdeen. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1761-64.
Married, in April, 1765, Jean (died 10th May, 1773, aged 37),
dau. of Alexander Robertson of Glasgowego, Kinellar, some-
time Lord Provost of Aberdeen, with issue, of whom : —

1. Alexander, baptised 3rd June, 1769; M.A., Mar. Coll.,

1787; burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 6th April, 1790;
member, Faculty of Advocates, admitted 1st July, 1797 ;
died at Glenbogie, Auchindoir, 8th March, 1 831, aged 62.

2. John (twin), born 21st and baptised 23rd March, 1772.

1. Jean, baptised 31st October, 1767, died May, 1778.

2. Annabella, born 2nd and baptised 6th March, 177 1.

3. Elizabeth (twin), born 21st and baptised 23rd March, 1772.
Died at Aberdeen, 19th January, 1777, aged 47.2

1 Dr. Littlejohn's MS. Notes.

2 Will recorded 6th May, 1777, and 28th September, 1778.— "Aberdeen Commissariot
Register. "



Lumsden, Charles Downie. 4th April, 1893.

Eldest son of Rev. Edward Lumsden, M.A., Edinb., 1856, minister
of Midmar, and Janet Richardson Downie, his wife. Born at
Aberdeen, 9th June, 1863. Educated at the Gymnasium, Old
Aberdeen; Grammar School, Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1883.
App. to Charles Duncan, Peter Duguid and Henry Peterkin
(Stronach, Duncan & Duguid). Sometime in partnership with
his younger brother, Edward Robertson Lumsden (1894), firm
being Lumsden & Lumsden. Now in London. Married, 25th
November, 1896, Isabella McCombie, only dau. of Henry Wood,
Major, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, with issue: —

1. Charles Leith, died at Aberdeen, 20th June, 1900.

2. Edward.

Lumsden, Clements. 5th July, 1825.

Eighth son of Hary Lumsden, advocate (1778). Born at Aberdeen,
24th March, 1796. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1813-15. App., first,
to his father, and, second, to Richard Hotchkis and James Tytler,
W.S., Edinburgh. W.S., admitted 8th July, 1823. Sometime
in partnership with his elder brother, Henry Lumsden (1807),
firm being Henry & Clements Lumsden ; subsequently on his
own account, and thereafter with John Robertson (1852), firm
being Lumsden & Robertson. Notary Public. Joint collector
of County Rates for Aberdeenshire, 1826-44, ar| d there-
after sole collector. Commissioner of the High Court of
Chancery in Ireland. Fiars Juror, 1834-50. Portrait by James
Giles, R.S.A., at Johnston House, Rubislaw. Married, at Echt
House, 3rd July, 1827, Jane (born at Springhill, 5th October,
1807, died at Aberdeen, 20th December, 1883, aged y6), third
dau. of James Forbes of Echt, with issue : —

1. Henry William, born at Aberdeen, 23rd August, 1829;
Licut.-Colonel, Royal (Madras) Artillery ; F.S.A., Scot. ;
author of " Memorials of the Family of Lumsdaine or
Lumsden," and " Beowulf — Translated into Modern
Rhymes" ; married his cousin, Catherine Edith Lumsden,


dau. of Hugh Lumsden of Pitcaple ; died at Langley
Park, Montrose, 23rd December, 1909.
2. James Forbes, advocate (1862).

1. Jane Edith, born at Aberdeen, 8th June, 1828; died at

Exmouth, 2nd March, 1897.

2. Katharine Maria, born at Aberdeen, nth October, 1831 ;

honorary superintendent, Royal Hospital for Sick
Children, Aberdeen, 1885-1901.

3. Elizabeth, born at Aberdeen, 26th December, 1833 ; died

20th April, 1840.

4. Rachel Frances, born at Ferryhill, 17th April, 1835 ;

honorary superintendent, Royal Hospital for Sick
Children, Aberdeen, 1877-85 ; honorary superintendent,
Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, 1885-97 ; died at Aberdeen,
22nd April, 1908.

5. Louisa Innes, born at Aberdeen, 31st December, 1840;

Classical Honours, Girton College, Cambridge ; Classical
Tutor of Girton College and of the Cheltenham Ladies'
College, 1873-77; First Head-Mistress of St. Leonards
School, St. Andrews, 1877-82 ; First Warden of the
University Hall of Women Students, University of
St. Andrews, 1895-1900; LL.D., St. And.
Died at 17 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, 27th November, 1853.

Lumsden, Edward Robertson. 13th April, 1894.

Second son of Rev. Edward Lumsden, M.A., Edinb., 1856, minister
of Midmar, and Janet Richardson Downie, his wife. Born at
Midmar, 1 8th April, 1869. Educated at the Gymnasium, Old
Aberdeen; Grammar School, Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1889.
App. to Peter Duguid and Henry Peterkin (Stronach, Duncan &
Duguid). Sometime in partnership with his elder brother, Charles
Downie Lumsden (1893), firm being Lumsden & Lumsden.
Sometime Secretary and Treasurer, Aberdeen Conservative
Club. Now in business in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Married there, 19th August, 191 2, Jane, only dau. of the late
James Fettes, Mytice, Gartly.


Lumsden, Hary. 10th March, 1778.

Eldest son of John Lumsden in Boghead, Kintore, and Christian
Stephen, his wife. Born at Kintore. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1770-74.
App. to his uncle, Alexander Lumsden (1759). Notary Public.
Collector of County Rates for Aberdeenshire, 1799 to 1826.
District Law Agent for H.M. Post Office. Director, Aberdeen
Banking Coy. Fiars Juror, 1788-98, and twenty-nine times,
1 80 1 -3 1. Purchased part of estate of Belhelvie, now known as
Belhelvie Lodge, and also acquired from his relative, Miss Agnes
Lumsden, the estate of Pitcaple. D.L. and J.P., Aberdeenshire.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1792-94. President,
1800-2. Portrait at Pitcaple Castle. Married at Huntly, 14th
January, 1781, his cousin, Catherine (died nth March, 1843, aged
Sy) } dau. of Hugh McVeagh, manufacturer, Huntly, with issue : —

1. John Ferdinand, born 15th and baptised 21st November,

1781 ; died at Paris, 15th December, 1822.

2. Hugh, of Pitcaple, born 22nd and baptised 30th April, 1783,

member, Faculty of Advocates, 1st March, 1806, Sheriff
of Sutherlandshire, 1827, married, first, 30th April, 181 3,
Frances, second dau. of Alexander Brebner of Learney,
second, 8th July, 1824, Isabella, fourth dau. of Walter
Fergus of Strathore ; died 27th January, 1859.

3. Henry, advocate (1807).

4. Alexander of Claremount, St. Dorothy, Jamaica, born 20th

and baptised 29th June, 1786; died 1st September, 1826.

5. Thomas, C.B., Colonel, born 12th and baptised 25th June,

1789; succeeded to Belhelvie Lodge; married, 8th
February, 1821, Hay, youngest dau. of John Burnett of
Elrick ; died 8th December, 1874, aged 85.

6. Clements, born 2nd and baptised 14th October, 1791 ;

died in infancy.

7. William James, H.E.I.C.S. (Civil), born 9th and baptised

17th April, 1794, afterwards of Balmedie,etc, married,
first, Margaret, second dau. of John, eighth Viscount
Arbuthnott, second, Mary Elizabeth, eldest dau. of


Matthew Thompson, of Manningham Lodge, Yorkshire,
third, Williamina Stewart, dau. of Lieut-Col. James John
Forbes Leith of Whitehaugh ; died 14th October, 1875,
aged 81.
8. Clements, W.S., advocate (1825).
I. Margaret Letitia, baptised 14th August, 1788.
Died at Aberdeen, 20th February, 1833, aged 79.

Lumsden, Henry. 5th December, 1807.

Third son of Hary Lumsden, advocate (1778). Born 16th July,
1784. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1797-1801. App. to his father.
Sometime in partnership with his younger brother Clements
(1825), firm being Henry & Clements Lumsden. Joint collector
of County Rates for Aberdeenshire, 1826-44. Director, Aberdeen
Banking Company. One of the Assessors to the Rector of
Mar. Coll., 1837. Fiars Juror, 1838-50. Convener of Banffshire.
D.L., Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire. Prominent Freemason.
Lieut, Royal Aberdeen Vols., 1803, Captain, Aberdeenshire
Local Militia, 1808. Proprietor of Tilwhilly, and subsequently
(as heir of entail) proprietor of the Auchindoir estates.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1828-30. President,
1834-36. Portrait by John Moir, painted in 1842, at 12
Gloucester Place, Edinburgh. Portrait in Committee Room.
Married, first, at Ferryhill, 26th June, 181 5, Catherine (died 1st
November, 1834, aged 38), third dau. of John Tower, sometime
of St. Croix, with issue : —

1. Harry, born 18th September, 1817 ; married, 12th October,

1841, Anne, third dau. of Hugh Gordon of Manar, and
died 1850.

2. John Tower, born 30th December, 1823 ; Captain, Bengal

N.I. ; " fell while leading the stormers to the assault of
Secundra Bagh, Lucknow, 16th November, 1857."

3. Hugh Thomas, born 31st August, 1829; died 14th

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