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October, 1845.



1. Elizabeth Cruger, born 22nd June, 1816; married, 13th

September, 1836, James Gordon of Manar, and died at
Midmar Castle, 2nd January, 191 1.

2. Catherine McVeagh, born 31st May, 1819; married, at

Doneraile Church, County Cork, nth October, 1842,
John Davis Garde of Dublin.

3. Margaret Mary, born October, 1820 ; married, at Aberdeen,

3rd May, 1843, Major James Forbes, sometime of the
nth Regiment.

4. Henrietta Anne, born 9th June, 1822; married, at

Aberdeen, 28th June, 1842, James Foote of Springfort
House, Cork.

5. Jeanette Isabella, born 1st February, 1826; married, at

Aberdeen, 5th July, 1845, Carbcry Baldwin Egan of
Hazlewood, County Cork, and died at Monkstown, Cork,
6th June, 1878.

6. Georgiana Louisa, born 27th May, 1827 ; married, at Clova,

26th August, 1847, John McDowall Skene, Captain,
R.N., Inspecting Commander, Coast Guard, and died at
Banff, 10th October, 1848.

Married, second, at Edinburgh, 10th March, (840, Mary Ann

(born 17th February, 1807, died 24th April, 1891), second dau.

of Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburn, fifth Bart, with

issue : —

4. Thomas Kirkpatrick, died April, 1849.

7. Jane Eleanora, died at Edinburgh, 20th April, 1911.

8. Charlotte Clementina.

9. Mary Thomasina.

10. Caroline Richmond, married Rev. A. Lawson.
Died at Aberdeen, 26th June, 1856.

Lumsden, James Forbes. 13th February, 1862.

Younger son of Clements Lumsden, W.S. and advocate, Aberdeen
(1825). Born at Aberdeen, 6th October, 1837. Alumnus, Mar.


Coll., 1854-56. App. to Robert Smith and Francis James
Cochran (Smith & Cochran). Partner of Robertson & Lumsden,
[862-93, and of Lumsden & Davidson from 1893. Clerk to
Aberdeen County District Board of Lunacy, and Aberdeen County
and Municipal Buildings Commissioners. Clerk of Supply and
County Road Clerk of Aberdeenshire from May, 1879, ar| d
first County Clerk of Aberdeenshire on the passing of the
Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1889. Resigned office (on
the death of his partner, Mr. John Robertson), in May, 1893.
Director, Scottish Provincial Assurance Coy., and subsequently
of Local Board, North British and Mercantile Insurance Coy.,
also Director of the Culter Mills Paper Coy. (Limited). Fiars
Juror, 1897. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1900-2.
President, 1902-4. Portrait in Committee Room. Married,
at North Berwick, 3rd September, 1868, Helen Anna, youngest
dau. of William Fisher of Ferryhill, with issue : —

1. Clements Arthur, died nth June, 1875.

2. Alfred Forbes, Captain, The Royal Scots.

3. William Forbes, Captain, R.G.A.

4. Harry Basil, B.A., Cantab.

1. Lucy Forbes.

2. Eleanor Gertrude.

3. Jane Evelyn.

4. Helen Amy.

Lumsden, Robert. 1576.

Third son of Robert Lumsden of Medlar and Balnakelly.
Magistrate of Aberdeen in 1545-46. l Probably the procurator
and factor, appointed for the Order of Trinity Friars in Aberdeen,
3rd September, 1555. 2 Joint Commissioner for the Burgh of
Aberdeen at the meeting of the Estates, held at Perth, 28th
July, 1569. 3 Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire in 1576. 4

1 Mr. A. M. Munro's MS. 2 Burgh Court Books, XXII., p. 150.

3 Privy Council Register, II., p. 3. 4 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," I., p. 456.


Proprietor of Clova. Married, first, Elizabeth (died 30th June,
1572), dau. of Alexander Keith, brother of the Earl Marischal,
with issue, of whom : —

1. Margaret, "Lady of Leslie," died 20th August, 1575.

2. Janet, or Jean, married Alexander Chalmers of Cults,

Provost of Aberdeen. T
Married, second, Janeta Menzies.

Lumsden, William. 1624.

M.A. Acquired estate of Ardmurdoe in 1623, and Blairton in 1633.
Honorary burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 3rd May, 1633.
Married Helen, 2 dau. of William Barclay, advocate (1595),
with issue, of whom : —

1. William.

2. Alexander.

1. Jean.

2. Agnes.

Lyon, Alexander. 1557.

McCombie, Charles. 30th May, 1876.

Fourth son of Rev. Robert McCombie, Chaplain of the prisons,
Royal Infirmary, and Lunatic Asylum, Aberdeen, subsequently
Free Church minister of Leslie and Premnay, and Margaret
Templeton, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 20th October, 1838.
Educated at Parish School, Leslie, and Grammar School,
Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1855-57. App. to Patrick
Davidson, Alexander Davidson and Patrick Cooper (Davidsons
& Cooper). With Dalmahoy, Wood & Cowan, W.S., Edinburgh,
and thereafter with McEwen & Carment, W.S., Edinburgh.
Sometime in partnership with John Parker (1865), firm being

1 Munro's "Memorials of the Aldermen, Provosts," etc., p. 123.

2 Lumsden and his wife, with others, were excommunicated for popery, 12th July,
1640. — Spalding's " Memorialls of the Trubles," I., p. 304.


Parker & McCombie ; afterwards with John Ewen, solicitor,
firm being McCombie & Ewen. Notary Public. Joint Secretary,
Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce (Incorporated) ; and Joint
Secretary, Aberdeen Conciliation Board. Member of General
Council, University of Aberdeen. Married, at Edinburgh, 20th
July, 1876, Charlotte Brodie, dau. of the late Rev. Duncan
Maclean, Free Church minister of Callander, with issue : —

1. Georgina Campbell, M.A. (with first class classical

honours), Aberd., 1901.

2. Meta (Margaret), M.A. (with first class classical honours),

Aberd., 1902.

McCombie, James Boyn. 8th July, 1831.

Second son of Thomas McCombie, merchant and burgess, Aberdeen,
subsequently of Easter Skene, and Margaret Boyn, his wife.
M.A, Mar. Coll., 1823. App. to Duncan Davidson (1794). In
partnership with Andrew Murray (183 1) from 1837, firm being
Murray & McCombie. In said firm, Alexander Murray (1865)
and Andrew Murray, Junior (1876), were subsequently assumed
as partners. Notary Public. Joint Secretary, Aberdeen Branch,
North British and Mercantile Insurance Coy. Guild burgess,
admitted 2nd October, 1833. Dean of Guild of Aberdeen in
1842. Fiars Juror, 1846-60. Trustee and Manager, National
Security Savings' Bank. Proprietor of Gelly brands, Kincardine-
shire. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1870-71.
President, 1871-72. Portrait in Committee Room. Married, at
Elmfield, 4th June, 1833, Helen Bruce (died at Aberdeen, 15th
April, 1890, aged 78), eldest dau. of Robert Davidson of
Elmfield, Aberdeen.

Died at Aberdeen, 19th April, 1885, aged 77.

McCook, James. 24th November, 1785.

Son of Malcolm McCook, shoemaker, Old Aberdeen, and Isabel
Neil, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.. 1779, etc. App. to James


Strachan (1777). Joint legal assessor and clerk to the
Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. Fiars Juror, 1809. J. P.
for Aberdeenshire. Married, first, at Aberdeen, 20th July,
1785, Jane (died 17th March, 1792, aged 30), dau. of James
Rhind, mason, with issue : —

1. John, died in infancy.

2. James, baptised 29th November, 1787 ; M.A., Mar. Coll.,

1803; W.S., admitted 23rd November, 1813; married,
25th April, 1820, Anne, only dau. of Thomas Laing ;
and died 28th April, 1847.

1. Margaret, died 21st September, 1789.

2. Isabel, born 30th August, 1786; married Charles Mitchell,

merchant, Aberdeen ; and died 19th August, 1865.
Married, second, at Aberdeen, 9th September, 1795, Isabella
(died 18th March, 1834, aged 74), dau. of the late James Kynoch,
merchant, Aberdeen, with issue : —

3. John, born 13th September, 1797; M.A., Mar. Coll., 1814;

planter in Jamaica ; and died there, 20th September,

Died at sea, while on passage from London to Aberdeen, 9th
October, 1831, aged 70.

MacDiarmid, John Duncan. 25th March, 1901.

Eldest son of John MacDiarmid, accountant, Inland Revenue
(Stamps and Taxes), Aberdeen, and Christina Still, his wife.
Born at Aberdeen, 22nd May, 1876. Educated at MacMillan's
private School ; Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd.,
1896; B.L. (with honours), 1899. App. to William Smith and
Benjamin Spark (Stephen & Smith). Secretary and Treasurer,
Aberdeen Town and County Association for Teaching the Blind
at their Homes. District Secretary, Scottish Clerks' Association.
Member, Aberdeen Parish Council, May, 191 2. Captain, 3rd
(Gordon Brigade) Company, Army Service Corps, Highland
Division (T.F.).

I 1


Macdonald, Alexander. 10th July, 1829.

Son of Alexander Macdonald, shipmaster, Aberdeen, and Ann
Anderson, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 181 5-18. App. to
James Blaikie and Patrick Bannerman (Blaikie & Bannerman).
Notary Public. Member of General Council, University of
Aberdeen. Author of "A Jumble of Jottings," 1894, and of
numerous fugitive pieces. Married, at Grandholm, 8th July,
1836, Amelia, dau. of James Harvey, manufacturer, Grandholm.

Died at Aberdeen, 29th January, 1878.

McDonald, Archibald Mclntyre. 2nd November, 1871.

Son of Alexander McDonald, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1799, M.D., Edinb.,
1806, Surgeon, Royal Horse Artillery, and Margaret Marjory
Yeats, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 23rd April, 1846. M. A., Aberd.,
1865. App. to William Yeats and Robert Spottiswood Farquhar
Spottiswood (Yeats & Spottiswood). Sometime in partnership
with the said William Yeats and William Milne (1864), firm
being Yeats, Milne & McDonald. Notary Public.

Died, unmarried, at Thornlea, Seafield, Aberdeen, 4th September,

McHardy, James. 1 19th November, 1817.

Son of William McHardy, innkeeper, Aberdeen, afterwards in
Mains of Seaton, and Isobel Grant, his wife. Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1806-9. App- to John Low (1792). Sometime in partner-
ship with William Robison (1820), firm being McHardy &
Robison. Married, at Edinburgh, 23rd April, 1834, Lilias
(died 1 2th October, 1886), eldest dau. of William Aitken, 52
Melville Street, Edinburgh, with issue.

Died in New Zealand, 1st June, i860. 2

1 As eldest and only surviving son of William McHardy, he had sasine in deceased's
house property in Aberdeen in 1847. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."

2 McHardy is incorrectly stated in various works to have been Town Clerk of Glasgow.


Machray, Robert 13th February, 1830.

Son of John Machray, sometime farmer at Waulkmill of Bendauch,
Dyce. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1822. App. to Hugh Fullerton (1804).
Went to America before 1838. Married Christian (died at
Aberdeen, 16th February, 1862), dau. of John Allan, farmer,
Dyce, with issue, of whom : —

I.Robert, born 1831 ; M.A., King's Coll., 1851 ; B.A.,
Cantab., 1855; M.A., 1858; D.D., 1865; LL.D., Aberd.,
1865; D.D., Manitoba, 1883; D.D., Durham, 1888;
D.C.L., Toronto, 1893; D.D., Oxon., 1897; 2nd Bishop
of Rupert's Land, 1865 ; 1st Archbishop of Rupert's
Land, and Primate of all Canada, 1893 ; Prelate of
the Order of St. Michael and St. George, 1893 !
Chancellor of the Univ. of Manitoba, 1877; died at
Winnipeg, 9th March, 1904. *
2. William Forsyth, served as a soldier in the Crimean
campaign ; thereafter a magistrate of Haddington ;
Temperance advocate ; for forty-seven years an office-
bearer of the Ancient Order of Foresters' Friendly
Society ; married, 4th December, 1856, Jessie Panton,
Aberdeen ; died 13th January, 191 2.
1. Mary, married, at Haddington, 29th June, 1865, Rev.
William Brand, minister of Sandwick, Shetland.

Died in America before 25th January, 1862.

Mackay, William. 8th March, 1905.

Third son of Robert Whytc Mackay, wholesale warehouseman,
Aberdeen, and Isabella Christian Morrice, his wife. Born at
Aberdeen, 4th May, 1877. Educated at Grammar School,
Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1897; B.L., 1901. App. to Alexander
Ledingham, S.S.C., and Alfred Martineau, advocate (Edmonds
& Ledingham).

'Colonel W. Johnstons "Roll of Graduates, University of xVberdeen, 1860-1900,"
p. 316.


Mackenzie, Thomas. 1 14th April, 1855.

Eldest son of John Mackenzie, tacksman of Bellfield, North
Kessock, Ross-shire, and Anne Douglass, his wife. Born at
Inverness, nth May, 1831. Educated at Burke's private
Academy, Inverness, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A.,
Mar. Coll., April, 1849; Law student, Edinb., 1852-54. App.
to John Duncan (1824). With Charles Morton (Morton,
Whitehead & Greig), W.S., Edinburgh, from October, 1852,
to March, 1855. Appointed Sheriff Substitute and Commissary
Depute of Sutherland, at Dornoch, 8th October, 1859, and
Sheriff Substitute of Ross, Cromarty and Sutherland in 1870,
under the Act 33 and 34, Vic, cap. 86. Now senior Sheriff
Substitute. 2 Convener of the County of Sutherland in 1886.
Held Commission in 1st Sutherland Rifle Vols. Commissioner
of Supply. J. P. for counties of Sutherland, Ross and Cromarty.
Chairman of Governors of Tain Royal Academy. Fellow of the
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Member of the British
Numismatic Society. Married, at Kepplestone Cottage, Aber-
deen, 22nd December, 1857, Isabella Williamina, dau. of
William Mackenzie, tacksman of Holm, Inverness-shire, with
issue : —

1. Douglas.

2. Thomas.

3. John Alexander.

4. Norman Earle.

1. Gertrude Agnes.

2. Alice Anne.

3. Isabella, now deceased.

4. Eleanor.

5. Marion Isabella.

1 "The Scots Law Times," 27th June, 1903.

2 It is interesting to record that Mr. Mackenzie attained his jubilee of official service
as Sheriff Substitute on 8th October, 1909. In honour of the event, he was entertained
in Edinburgh by the Sheriffs-Substitute of Scotland.

jj^uccn/ayro^M'f^ Su>n>n&n/ <-%*/■




McKinnon, Lachlan. 10th June, 1833.

Son of William McKinnon, ironmonger and burgess, Aberdeen,
and Margaret Sangster, his wife. Born at Aberdeen in 181 1.
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1829. App. to Alexander Muir and James
Mair (Muir & Mair). Ceased to practice his profession, and
assumed the leading partnership in the business of his father
at Spring Garden Ironworks. Member of Aberdeen Town
Council. Guild burgess, admitted 28th October, 1833.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, nth August, 1869.

McKinnon, Lauchlan (Junior). 3rd December, 1842.

Eldest son of Lauchlan McKinnon, shipmaster and guild burgess,
Aberdeen, and Jean Reid, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 30th
August, 1 8 19. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 1837. App. to John Duguid Milne (1814). Some-
time in partnership with his son Lachlan, firm being L.
McKinnon Junior & Son. Notary Public. Commissioner on
Deeside for H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. Agent in Aberdeen
for British Linen Company Bank. Stock and share broker.
Factor for the Royal Infirmary lands. Promoter and first
secretary of the Aberdeen District Tramways Coy. Belgian
Consul at Aberdeen. Master Extraordinary in Scotland of
the High Court of Chancery for taking oaths, etc. F.S.A.,
Scot. Fiars Juror, 1857-84. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 6th April, 1868. Treasurer of the Society of
Advocates, 1877-78. President, 1878-79. Portrait by Miss
Marjorie Evans at Den more, Aberdeen. Portrait also in
Committee Room. Married, at Aberdeen, 8th June, 1852,
Margaret (died at Aberdeen, 30th September, 1886), youngest
dau. of Dr. Patrick Blaikie, physician in Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Lachlan, advocate (1878).

2. William, advocate (1882).

3. Norman, sharebroker, London.

4. Andrew Robertson, M.D., Aberd., 1893 ; died at Warneford

Hospital, Leamington, 7th September, 1893, aged 25.


5. Arthur Hay Livingston, architect, A.R.I.B.A., Aberdeen.

6. Francis James Ogilvie, marine engineer.

1. Elizabeth Livingston, married, 28th November, 1872,

Thomas Adam, of Denmore, shipowner, Aberdeen.

2. Margaret Blaikie, married, nth August, 1880, Theodore

Crombie, of Culter, manufacturer, Grandholm.

3. Ethel Douglas, married Alexander John Ramsay Thain,

advocate (1890).
Died at Aberdeen, nth April, 1899. *

Mackinnon, Lachlan. - 6th September, 1878.

Eldest son of Lauchlan McKinnon, Junior, advocate (1842). Born
at Aberdeen, 8th May, 1855. Educated at West End Academy,
and Grammar School (dux and gold medalist in 1870),
Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1875. App. to his father. With
Morton, Neilson & Smart, W.S., Edinburgh, 1877-78. Sometime
in partnership with his father, firm being L. McKinnon
Junior & Son ; and with his son Lachlan (1909), from 30th
September, 1909, firm being L. Mackinnon & Son. Notary
Public. Secretary of the Aberdeen District Tramways Coy.
District Secretary of The Shipping Federation (Limited). Law
Agent to the Aberdeen Harbour Commissioners. Belgian Consul
at Aberdeen. Director, Local Board, North British and Mercantile
Insurance Coy. Lieut.-Col. and Honorary Col., Commanding
1st Vol. Batt. Gordon Highlanders, 10th December, 1904. V.D.
D.L. of the County of the City of Aberdeen. Married, in
London, 10th October, 1882, Theodora, second dau. of Stephen
Thompson, shipowner, London, with issue : —

1. Lachlan, advocate (1909).

2. Alan.

1. Doris Livingston.

2. Esther Blaikie.

3. Lilias Livingston.

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XV., pp. 1 17-18.
3 "The Scots Law Times," 10th December, 1898.


Mackinnon, Lachlan (Junior). 27th May, 1909.

Elder son of Lachlan Mackinnon, advocate (1878). Born at
Aberdeen, 9th September, 1886. Educated at Robert Gordon's
College, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd., 1906 ; B.L. (with honours),
1908 ; LL.B., 1910. App. to his father. In partnership with
his father from 30th September, 1909, firm being L. Mackinnon
& Son. Second Lieut, 4th Batt. Gordon Highlanders (T.F.),
1st August, 1905; Lieutenant, nth April, 1906; Captain
(University Company), 15th April, 1910.

Mackinnon, William. 12th December, 1882.

Second son of Lauchlan McKinnon, Junior, advocate (1842). Born
at Aberdeen, 3rd August, 1858. Educated at Grammar School,
Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd., 1875-77. App. to his father.
With Morton, Neilson & Smart, W.S., Edinburgh, 1881-82.
Member, Stock Exchange, and practices as a stockbroker, being
senior partner in the firm of Home & Mackinnon, stockbrokers,
Aberdeen. Chairman of the Stock Exchange (Aberdeen),
1898-99. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 2nd December,
1907. Ten years Lieut, and Captain, A. Company, 1st Vol.
Brig. Gordon Highlanders, retiring 19th November, 1887.
Purchased Binghill, parish of Peterculter, at Martinmas, 1909.
Married, at Aberdeen, 2nd July, 1885, Alison Frances, eldest
dau. of Robert Brown Home, stockbroker, Aberdeen, with
issue : —

1. Alister.

2. Roy Livingston.

3. William.

McLennan, Hugh. 17th December, 1871.

Elder son of John McLennan, and Agnes Moir, his wife. Born at
Oldmeldrum, 7th December, 1846. Educated at Grammar
School, Aberdeen; Alumnus, Aberd., 1862-65. App., first, to
Alexander Ross (1839), second, to Patrick Davidson, Alexander


Davidson and Patrick Cooper (Davidsons & Cooper), and, third,
to Alexander Davidson and James Garden (Davidson & Garden).
In partnership, from 1st June, 1901, to 30th November, 1904,
with Charles Shepherd Buyers, solicitor, firm being McLennan
& Buyers. Notary Public. Clerk and Treasurer to the heritors
of Old Machar, from nth May, 1875, to 30th January, 1906.
Clerk and Treasurer to School Board of Old Machar, from 1873,
to 4th October, 1894; and to School Board of Nigg, from
13th April, 1876, to 13th October, 1894. Guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 7th March, 1904. Proprietor of Springhill,
near Aberdeen.
Died, unmarried, at Springhill House, 5th January, 1908.

Macpherson, Andrew. 30th November, 1871.

Eldest son of George Macpherson, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1827, Gibston
(Baron-Baillie of Huntly, and factor to His Grace the Duke of
Richmond and Gordon), and Jane Walker, his wife. Born at
Huntly, 1 2th October, 1846. M.A. (with honours), Aberd., 1866.
App. to John Duguid Milne and George Walker (Milne &
Walker). Subsequently with Dalziel & Brodie, W.S., Edinburgh.
Partner in the firm of Murdoch & Macpherson, solicitors, Huntly,
to 1885, and thereafter of Cochran & Macpherson, advocates,
Aberdeen. Notary Public. Director, Northern Assurance
Company, Aberdeen Commercial Company (Limited), and
North of Scotland Milling Company (Limited).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 4th March, 1905.

Macqueen, John Ellison. 23rd May, 1900.

Eldest son of John Otto Macqueen, S.S.C., Aberdeen, and Mary
Abercromby Haldane, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 3rd June,
1875. Educated at Fettes College, Edinburgh ; Alumnus, Aberd.,
1891-95. App., first, to his father, and, second, to Melville &
Lindsay, W.S., Edinburgh. Sometime in partnership with his
father and Alexander Knox, solicitor, firm being Macqueen &
Knox, and from 1910 with Henry James Findlater, W.S., firm



being Macqueen & Findlater, advocates. Lieut, 1st Vol. Batt.
Gordon Highlanders (afterwards 4th Batt. Gordon Highlanders)
(T.F.) ; retired as Major in 1910. Married, at Broughty Ferry,
2nd June, 1909, Frances Helen, only dau. of William Thomas
Grant, M.D., Broughty Ferry.

Mair, James. 30th May, 1823.

Son of James Mair, farmer, Milltown of Birness, Ellon. M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 1813. App. to Alexander Crombie (1789). Some-
time in partnership with Alexander Muir (1817), firm being
Muir & Mair. Director, Scottish Australian Investment and
Insurance Coy.

Died, unmarried, at Kermuck, Ellon, 4th June, 1847. «

Marr, Robert. 1602.

Marshall, John. 9th July, 1776.

Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1768-72. App. to Alexander Innes (1748).

Joint Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 1781-89. 2
Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 24th January, 1797. 3

Martineau, Alfred. 8th June, 1894.

Fourth and youngest son of George Martineau, C.B., 1902, sugar refiner,
Mincing Lane, London, and Ida Mackenzie, his wife. Born at
Walton-on-Thames, 25th November, 1868. Educated at Upping-
ham School; B.A., Cambridge, 1890. App., first, to Alexander

1 Mair, who was farmer at Kermuck, was succeeded in his heritable property in
Aberdeen by his elder brother Thomas, residing in the township of Nicol, Wellington,
Canada West, conform to decree dated 6th, and recorded in Chancery, 15th, both days
of September, 1848.

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 131.

3 On 26th April, 1797, Rev. Andrew Marshall, minister of Tullynessle, deceased's
only brother in life, as heir of line, etc., had sasine in Marshall's tenements on the west
side of Back Wynd, Aberdeen. — " Aberdeen Sasine Register."



Edmond, and, second, to John Edmond (Edmonds & Leding-
ham). With Murray, Beith & Murray, W.S., Edinburgh, 1893-94.
Partner in the said firm of Edmonds & Lcdingham from 1st
September, 1894. Married, in London, 26th September, 1901,
Maud Helen, elder dau. of the Rev. Edward Tapsfield, Vicar
of Nether Stowey, Somerset, with issue : —

1. George Edward.

2. Charles.

1. Mary.

2. Ida Katharine.

Massie, Marianus. 8th December, 1831.

Son of Marianus Massie, hosier and burgess of Aberdeen, and
Jane Dyce, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1821. App. to Francis
Gordon (1796). Conjunct Clerk and Assessor to the In-
corporated Trades of Aberdeen. Guild burgess, admitted 15th
October, 1833.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 10th May, 1877, aged 70.

Mathew, Andrew. 1551.

Died 17th January, 1579. "

Meffet, Alexander. 7th May, 1872.

Fourth and youngest son of John Meffet, Outseats, Pitmuxton,
and Jessie Smith, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 24th May, 1845.
Educated at Ledingham's Academy, and Grammar School,
Aberdeen; Alumnus, Aberd., 1862-64. App., first, to Patrick
Davidson, Alexander Davidson and Patrick Cooper (Davidsons
& Cooper), and, second, to Alexander Davidson and James
Garden (Davidson & Garden). With Waddell & Mcintosh,
W.S., Edinburgh, 1870-72. In partnership with James Taylor,

1 Kennedy's List.


S.S.C., Aberdeen, firm being Sinclair-Spark, Meffet & Taylor.
Edmond Sinclair was subsequently assumed as a partner, but
the firm was dissolved 22nd March, 191 1. Married, 20th
September, 1887, at Stanwix, Carlisle, Martha Finlay (died at
Deeford, Ruthrieston Terrace, Aberdeen, 5th January, 1904), fifth
dau. of W. C. Jarvis, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Alexander.

2. John.

1. Annie.

2. Mary.

3. Martha.

Melville, William. 3rd November, 1658.

Eldest son of Andrew Melville, "doctor of the music school," and
burgess of Aberdeen. App. to James Sandilands (1649). Guild
burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 21st October, 1662. Married
Isobel Innes (interred at Aberdeen in December, 1678), with
issue, of whom : —

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