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estate of Ardoe, but sold it in 1639.

2. Alexander.

3. Robert.

4. James, merchant in Gottenburg. 3
Died 1636. 4

Muill, George. 26th March, 1891.

Son of John Muill, advocate (1858). Born at Aberdeen, 28th
November, 1862. Educated at the Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen ;
Alumnus, Aberd. (matriculated as George William Muill), 1881-84.
App., first, to his father, second, to James Forbes Lumsden
(Robertson & Lumsden), and, third, to Peter Duguid and Henry
Peterkin (Stronach, Duncan & Duguid). Membership terminated
November, 1895.

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff" Court Records," II., p. 136.

2 "Scottish Notes and Queries," III., p. 154.

3 The four sons mentioned were admitted burgesses of Aberdeen, 6th October, 1620.

4 A monument in St. Nicholas Churchyard, Aberdeen, describes Mowat as "a man of
mark, both in private and in public life."



Muill, John. 15th December, 1858.

Only son of John Muil, founder of the firm of Mitchell & Muil
(Limited), bread and biscuit manufacturers, Aberdeen, and
Christian Emslie, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 2nd October, 1832.
Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1849-51. App. to Patrick Davidson and Alexander Davidson
(P. & A. Davidson). Thereafter with legal firm in Edinburgh.
Sometime in partnership with John Milne Shaw (1868), fi«m being
Muill & Shaw. Notary Public. Promoter and afterwards Secretary
and Law Agent of the Aberdeen Heritable Securities Investment
Coy. (Limited). Secretary, Northern Plate Glass Coy. (Limited).
Prominently identified with the " Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals " movement. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
7th September, 1885. Member of General Council, University
of Aberdeen. Married, at Aberdeen, 27th November, i860,
Helen (died at Fcrnleigh, Ilkeston, 20th October, 1909), third
dau. of William Leslie, merchant, Aberdeen, with issue : —
1. George, advocate (1891).

1. Grace Mitchell, died 18th April, 1864, in infancy.

2. Christian Elizabeth.

3. Janet Morrison.

4. Charlotte Birnic, married, at Aberdeen, 1 8th April, 1904,

Albert Edward Loos, manager, Electric Power Station,
Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

Died at Aberdeen, 14th May, 1887.

Muir, Alexander. 19th November, 1817.

Third son of George Muir, farmer, Nether Leask, Slains, and Mary
Gray, his wife. Born at Slains, 21st November, 1793. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1809-12. App. to Thomas Sangster (1802). Some-
time in partnership with James Mair (1823), firm being Muir
& Mair ; thereafter with the said Thomas Sangster, firm being
Sangster & Muir; and, finally, with John Allan (1841), firm
being Muir & Allan. Fiars Juror, 1840. Proprietor of Loirston,


Nigg. Married, first, nth August, 1831, Mary Ann Catherine
(died at Aberdeen, 27th April, 1837, aged 29), dau. of Patrick
Kilgour of Woodside, with issue : —

1. Patrick, died 13th May, 1836, in infancy.

2. George Falconer, writer.

Married, second, at Aberdeen, 28th December, 1847, Jane B.
(died at Aberdeen, 21st January, 1849, aged 26), eldest dau. of
James Ferguson, advocate (1816).

Died at Loirston House, 13th November, 1850.

Murray, Alexander. 23rd August, 1865.

Eldest son of Andrew Murray, advocate (1831). Born at Aberdeen,
30th August, 1840. Educated at West End Academy,
Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1856-59. Law student,
Aberd. and Edinb. App. to his father and James Boyn
McCombie (Murray & McCombie). With Walter Duthie,
W.S., and Scott, MoncriefT & Dalgetty, W.S., Edinb., 1863-64.
Partner in the said firm of Murray & McCombie, and
subsequently of Murray, McCombie & Bennett. Notary Public.
Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Congre-
gational Treasurer of Free (afterwards United Free) South Church
for thirty-four years.

Murray, Andrew. 28th June, 1831.

Eldest son of Alexander Murray, farmer, Blackhouse, Peterhead,
and Catherine Johnston, his wife. Born at Blackhouse,
aforesaid, 30th April, 1808. Educated at Parish School,
Peterhead ; M.A., Mar. Coll., 1828. App. to Andrew Jopp
(1796). Thereafter with legal firm in Edinburgh. In part-
nership with William Stuart (1804), fi rm being Stuart &
Murray, and from 1837 with James Boyn McCombie ( 1 83 1 ),
firm being Murray & McCombie. In the latter firm, Alexander
Murray and Andrew Murray, Junior, were subsequently assumed


as partners. Notary Public. Joint Local Secretary, North British
and Mercantile Insurance Coy. Factor for Mrs. Badenach
Nicolson of Glenbervie ; General Forbes of Dunnottar ; Walter
Duthie, W.S. of Ruthrieston, and his nephew, Alexander Duthie.
Commissioner to Miss Elizabeth Crombie Duthie, donor of the
Duthie Park, Aberdeen. Director, Aberdeen Town and County
Bank. Fiars Juror, 1841-58. Proprietor of Allathan, New
Deer. Commissioner of Supply for Aberdeenshire. Guild
burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 6th April, 1868. Treasurer of
the Society of Advocates, 1867-69. President, 1870-71.
Portrait, by Sir George Reid, P.K.S.A., in possession of his
son, Alexander. Married, at Peterhead, 2nd January, 1838,
Mary (born at Peterhead, February, 18 10, died at Aberdeen,
25th November, 1891), eldest dau. of John Ford Anderson,
M.D., Peterhead, with issue : —

1. Alexander, advocate (1865).

2. John, born at Aberdeen, 28th November, 1843; M.B.,

CM., Aberd., 1865 ; M.D., 1867 ; assistant physician,
Middlesex Hospital, and Dean of its medical school ;
died in London, 15th October, 1873. Medal and scholar-
ship in Aberd. Univ., founded in his memory, 1874.

3. Andrew, advocate (1876).

4. James McCombie, sometime planter, Ceylon, now in America.

1. Margaret Skelton, married, at Aberdeen, 23rd April,

1862, Archibald Reith, M.D., Mar. Coll., 1859, physician,

2. Catherine, married, at Aberdeen, 15th September, 1863,

William Duff Gibbon, planter, Ceylon ; afterwards
member of the Legislative Council ; chairman of the
Planters' Association; Knight Bachelor, January, 1912.

3. Mary, married, at Aberdeen, 9th September, 1874, Arthur

Wellesley Edis, M.D., London.

Died at Aberdeen, 19th July, 1889. 1

1 "The Scottish Law Review," V., p. 185-86.


Murray, Andrew (Junior). 25th November, 1876.

Third son of Andrew Murray, advocate (1831). Born at Aberdeen,
2 1st December, 1848. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen,
and Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen; Alumnus, Aberd., 1868-72.
App. to Alexander Davidson and James Garden (Davidson &
Garden). Partner in the firm of Murray & McCombie, and
subsequently in Murray, McCombie & Bennett. Notary Public.
Eighteen years Consular Agent at Aberdeen for the United
States. Married, first, at Glasgow, 28th June, 1877, Elizabeth
Mary Duncan (born 21st March, 1848; died at Albyn Cottage,
28th September, 1878), eldest dau. of Lieut.-Col. James Ruthven
Pond, 1st European Bengal Fusiliers (afterwards the 101st Regt.),
with issue : —

1. Elizabeth Mary.

Married, second, at Manse of Kinneff, 6th October, 1879,
Susan, dau. of James Torrie, M.D., King's Coll., 1823, physician,

Murray, Gilbert. 1550.

Murray, James. 15th November, 1817.

Youngest son of James Murray, many years merchant and factor in
Campvere, afterwards one of the magistrates of Aberdeen, and
Jane Young, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1806-9. App. to
David Hutcheon (1789). In partnership with James Garden
(1842), firm being Murray & Garden. Notary Public. Director,
Scottish Australian Investment Coy. ; Aberdeen Banking Company,
and afterwards of Union Bank of Scotland. Manager, National
Security Savings' Bank. Fiars Juror, 1840-55. Infant burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 24th September, 1799. Treasurer of the
Society of Advocates, 1848-50. President, 1852-54.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 23rd January, 1866, aged 73.


Murray, John. 19th June, 1886.

Younger son of John Murray, merchant, Aberdeen, and Marion
Hodgson, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 9th August, 1858.
Educated at Silver Street Academy, and Grammar School,
Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1878. App. to David Stewart (1873),
with whom in partnership from 1886, firm being Stewart & Murray.
Notary Public, admitted 1890. Clerk and Treasurer, Deeside
District Committee, County Council of Aberdeenshire. Married,
first, 28th June, 1892, Jean (born 5th September, i860; died at
Aberdeen, 18th March, 1893), dau. of the Rev. William Dill,
Colmonell, Ayrshire. Married, second, 30th August, 1894,
Williamina Edward, dau. of Charles Mitchell MacQuibban, M.B.,
Aberd., 1861; M.D., CM., 1883, physician, Aberdeen, with issue: —

1. John Charles Edward.

2. Thomas Patrick Edward.

3. Charles Mitchell MacQuibban.

1. Isabella Marion Hodgson.

2. Patricia Constance.

Nicol, James. 13th May, 1820.

Son of Peter Nicol, Seaton Gate, merchant and guild burgess, and
Ann Jaffray, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1816. App. to Alexander
Cadenhead (1809). Sometime in partnership with David Monro
(1837), firm being Nicol & Monro. Town Clerk of Old Aberdeen.
Clerk and assessor to the Incorporated Trades of Old Aberdeen.
Factor, Bishops' Hospital and Mitchell's Hospital, Old Aberdeen.
Treasurer, Merchant Society. Member, Town Council of Aber-
deen, being Magistrate in 1847-48, and City Treasurer, 1848-50.
Guild burgess, admitted 16th February, 1828. Married, at Manse
of Methlick, 27th November, 1823, Barbara (died at Aberdeen,
30th December, 1852, aged 51), only dau. of the Rev. George
Allan, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1774, minister of Newhills, with issue: —

1. George Allan, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1839-41.

2. James. (See under Apprentices in Appendix.)


3. Alexander.

1. Barbara Allan, died 21st March, 1838, aged 5.

2. Isabella Jafifray, married, at Melbourne, 16th August, 1854,

Blakiston Robinson, of St. Kilda.

3. Mary Anne, married, at Geelong, 24th June, 1861, Alexander

Campbell of Glenorchy.

4. Louisa Penelope, married, at Portland, Australia, 25th Sept.,
, 1857, Edwyn, second son of Richard Jones, Commander,


Died at Aberdeen, 18th March, 1855, aged 55. x

Nicoll, Lewis. 21st September, 1804.

Son of John Nicoll, Kirktown, Monymusk. Educated at Parish
Schools, Monymusk and Cluny, etc. App. to Hary Lumsden
(1778). Practised for sometime in Fraserburgh. Married, at
Manse of Fyvie, 12th September, 1808, Elizabeth (died at
Broomhill, Aberdeen, 18th May, 1843, aged 58), dau. of
William Touch, R.N., with issue : —

1. John Edward, born 31st January, 1810; Alumnus, Mar.

Coll., 1824-26; assistant surgeon, 65th Regiment;
died at Plymouth, 1st April, 1842.

2. Lewis, born 7th May, 18 14, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1831 ;

served a legal apprenticeship with his father, and
subsequently went to London.

1. Elizabeth Jane, married, at Aberdeen, 13th November,

1838, Captain John Leslie, 42nd Highlanders, second
son of Sir John Leslie, Bart. ; and died at Aberdeen,
4th November, 1855.

2. Margaret Falconer, died 14th April, 1822.
Died at Aberdeen, 6th April, 1841, aged 63.2

1 It was intended to inter the remains of Mr. Nicol in Newhills Churchyard, beside
those of his wife and eldest daughter, but they were "buried at Old Aberdeen, owing to a
snow-storm preventing access to Newhills."

2 Mr. Nicoll possessed a fine library of upwards of 5000 volumes.


Nicoll, William. 29th January, 1752.

App. to John Clerk (1743). Fiars Juror, 1758-63. Burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 19th October, 1772. Treasurer of the
Society of Advocates, 1759-61. President, 1788-89.

Died 20th February, 1789. 1

Ogg, William Frederick. 16th November, 1841.

Eldest son of Henry Ogg, brewer and distiller, Aberdeen. Born
at Aberdeen, 15th June, 181 5. Educated at Grammar School,
Aberdeen; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1831-34. App. to Alexander
Gordon ( 1814). Sometime in partnership with John Humphrey
(1835), firm being Humphrey & Ogg. Director, Aberdeen and
Northern Heritable Property Coy. (Limited). Local Law Agent
for Caledonian Railway Coy. Chairman, City Parochial Board.
Honorary Sheriff Substitute of Aberdeenshire, etc. Member
of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Fiars Juror,
1876. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1875-76.
President, 1876-77. Married, at Aberdeen, 1st June, 1852,
Agnes (died at Aberdeen, 26th July, 1883, aged yS), eldest
dau. of John Mortimer, Aberdeen.

Died, s.p. y at Aberdeen, 9th July, 1893.

Ogilvie, Simson. 1st June, 1811.

Youngest son of Rev. John Ogilvie, D.D., Mar. Coll., 7th October,
1766, minister of Midmar, and Margaret Reid, his wife.
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1805-7. App to Francis Gordon (1796).
Sometime Sheriff Clerk Depute of Aberdeenshire.

Died, unmarried, 2nd March, 1830, aged 40. 2

1 The remains of Mr. Nicoll were interred in St. Nicholas Churchyard on 24th
February, 1789, in a grave now recognised as belonging to a family named Grant. His
heritable property in Guestrow, as well as considerable movable estate, went to his
surviving brother, Walter Nicoll, merchant, Huntly. Will recorded at Aberdeen, 30th
June, 1789.

2 Ogilvie was succeeded in his heritable property in Aberdeen by his sisters, Margaret
Jane Fletcher, and Elizabeth. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."


Ogston, James. 1590.

Died March, 1592. 1

Paip, Alexander. 1549.

Married the dau. of a burgess, with issue : —
1. Robert, advocate (1581).

Paip, Alexander. 1615.

Second son of Robert Paip, advocate (1581). M.A. App. to his
father. Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire, 1625-30. 2 Married
Jean, eldest dau. of William Andersone, advocate (1584).

Died February, 1641.

Paip, Robert. 1581.

Son of Alexander Paip, advocate (1549). M.A. Notary Public.
Burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 17th September, 1582. Member
of Aberdeen Town Council, being a Magistrate in 1590-91. 3
Married Elspet Leask, with issue : —

1. William, advocate (161 8).

2. Alexander, advocate (161 5).

3. Robert.

4. Richard, burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 23rd September,


5. George.

6. John.

1 "Kirk and Bridge Work Accounts."

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," II., p. 534.

3 Mr. Paip was a party to the despatching by the Town, in October, 1590, of "fourtie
hagbutteris" to aid George, Earl Marischal, in the recovery of the house of Deir (*.*.,
the Abbey), which had been illegally taken possession of by Robert Keith of Benholm. —
"Council Register," XXXIII., part I., 806-7. Mr. Paip, who conducted an extensive
money lending business on his own behalf, as well as that of his sons, had his dwelling
house and offices in the Gallowgate.



7. Gilbert, burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 6th September, 1626.

8. Thomas, burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 30th January, 1622.
1. Christina, married Gilbert, son of Alexander Cullen,

Provost of Aberdeen.

Died 23rd October, 1622. 1

Paip, William. 1618.

Eldest son of Robert Paip, advocate (1581). M.A. App. to his
father. Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire, 1618-25. 2

Parker, John. 15th December, 1865.

Only son of the Rev. Gavin Parker of Bon-Accord Church (afterwards
Free Church), Aberdeen, and Susan Watt, his wife. Born at
Barkmill House, Aberdeen, 24th January, 1836. Educated at
West End Academy, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 7th April, 1857. App. to John Duguid Milne and
George Walker (Milne & Walker). With McEwen & Carment,
W.S., Edinburgh, 1865-67. In partnership with Charles McCombic
(1876), from 30th April, 1869, to 30th April, 1888 (retired from
business on latter date), firm being Parker & McCombie. Honorary
Treasurer, Aberdeen Deaf and Dumb Benevolent Society.
Editor of " Marischal College Arts Class Record, 1852-56."

Paterson, John. 13th February, 1830.

Son of John Paterson, druggist, Peterhead, afterwards in Aberdeen,
and Mary Smith, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1821-23.
App. to John Smith (18 10). Proprietor of house property in
Aberdeen. Married, 4th October, 1841, Isabella (died 30th
December, 1842), dau. of George Allan, Brick-kilns, Old
Aberdeen, with issue, of whom : —
1. John, predeceased his father.

Died at Aberdeen, 5th August, 1861, aged 55.

1 Kennedy's List. 2 Littlejohn's "Sheriff Court Records," II., p. 534.


Paterson, Robert 1698.

Commissary of Aberdeenshire. Sheriff Substitute, appointed 10th
July, 1699. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted September,
17 1 2. Proprietor of Kirktown in 1709, and stated to be "65
years of age or thereby" on 31st March, 1714. 1 Married Agnes
Carnegie (interred in St. Nicholas Churchyard, 29th December,
r 737)> with issue: —

1. David.

2. Robert, burgess of Aberdeen ; succeeded his father as

Commissary; and died January, 1745.

1. Elizabeth, married William Smith, regent in Mar. Coll.,

1 693-1 7 17. 2

2. Margaret, married John Macgee, surgeon, Aberdeen.

3. Agnes, married Rev. Alexander Milne, M.A., Mar. Coll.,

1 67 1, minister of Udny.

4. Mary, died February, 1753.

5. Isobel, married, 4th August, 1726, Alexander Stewart,

merchant, Aberdeen. 3

6. Catherine.
Died August, 1716.

Paterson, William. 25th June, 1827.

Only son of Rev. William Paterson, minister of Slains, and
Margaret Johnston, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1794-98.
App. to Robert Morice (1794). Married, first, Mary, eldest
dau. of William Mitchell, sometime proprietor of South Stocket,
who obtained decree of divorce against him. Married, second,
at Aberdeen, 8th August, 1835, Charlotte, dau. of the late
Cuthbert Grant of Trois Rivieres, Canada, with issue.

Died at Huxter Row, Aberdeen, 4th March, 1852, aged 70. 4

1 Aberdeen MS. Propinquity Register.

2 Aberdeen Kirk Session Registers. 3 Ibid.

4 Paterson had sasine in his father's property, situated on the north side of Littlejohn
Street and east side of Gallowgate, Aberdeen, on 16th July, 1803. — "Aberdeen Sasine
Register. "


Paterson, William. 27th August, 1894.

Eldest son of James Paterson, wholesale druggist, Aberdeen, and
Margaret Angus, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 27th April,
1867. Educated at the Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen ; M.A.,
Aberd., 1887. App. to Alexander Edmond (Edmonds &
Ledingham). In partnership with Harvey Hall (1866), from
1894, firm being Marquis & Hall.

Paton, Alexander. 9th June, 1658.

Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 23rd September, 1659. Pro-
prietor of Kinaldie.

Paton (or Pattoun), George. 1670.

Had commission, 29th October, 1708, appointing him joint Sheriff
Substitute of Aberdeenshire, along with his son John, but
acceptance on his part was declined. 1 Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 8th September, 1673. Proprietor of the estates of
Grandholm, Perslie, etc. Married Isabella Christie, 2 dau. of a
burgess of guild, with issue : —

1. John, advocate (1703).

2. George, married, in 1698, Jean Nicolson, widow of James


3. James.

1. Janet.

2. Katherine, married, 15th June, 1703, John Burnett, merchant,

Aberdeen. 3

3. Margaret.

4. Anna.
Died February, 171 1.

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records,'' III., p. 113.

2 Temple's " Thanage of Fermanyn," p. 648.

3 Old Machar Marriage Registers.


Paton, John. 4th June, 1703.

Son of George Paton, advocate (1670). Sheriff Substitute of Aber-
deenshire, 1708-9. Rector of King's Coll., six times, 1728-33.
Fiars Juror, 1724. Burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 2nd September,
1704. Succeeded to the estates of Grandholm, Perslic, etc., in
171 1. Married, first, at Troup House, Gamrie, Banffshire, 31st
January, 17 10, Margaret (died 6th March, 171 5, aged 28), eldest
dau. of Mr. Garden of Troup, T with issue : —

1. George, married Barbara, dau. of John McKenzie of Ardross.
Married, second, Christian, dau. of John Forbes of Leslie.

Died 5th August, 1739. 2

Paul, William. 14th July, 1853.

Eldest son of the Rev. William Paul, M.A., King's Coll., March, 1822;
D.D., 9th April, 1853, minister of Banchory-Devenick, and Jessy
Stewart, his wife. Born 10th May, 1830. Educated at Parish
School, Banchory-Devenick ; Alumnus, King's Coll., 1845-47.
App. to William Skinner and Alexander Ross (Skinner & Ross).
Sometime in partnership with George David Rutherford (1864),
firm being Paul & Rutherford. Agent for Milne Bequest Trustees,
and Robert Gordon's College. Clerk and Treasurer, Banchory-
Devenick School Board. Promoter of the following Companies : —
Aberdeen Cemetery Company (Limited) ; Aberdeen Steam
Laundry Company (Limited) ; Aberdeen Dairy Company
(Limited) ; Craigmillar Steam Laundry Company (Limited),
Edinburgh ; and Great Western Steam Laundry Company
(Limited), Glasgow. Member of General Council, University
of Aberdeen. For several years a member of Aberdeen Town
Council. Fiars Juror, 1865. Lieut, 1st Aberdeenshire Rifle
Vols., May, i860; Captain, 10th November, i860, retiring
February, 1862. Author of "Notes on the Early History of
the Brig of Balgowny," 1876; "How can the Sanitary Condition

1 Old Machar Marriage Registers.

2 Interred in Church of Old Machar, 8th August, 1739. —Old Machar Burial Registers.


of the Population, etc. be improved?" 1877; "Trawl Fishing:
Seven Days in a Steam Trawler," 1897, etc - Married, at
Aigburth, Liverpool, 2nd April, 1861, Julia (died at Muchalls,
Kincardineshire, 12th July, 1909), fourth dau. of Daniel
McGregor of Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool, with issue : —

1. William, engineer.

2. George Simmie, died at Aberdeen, 30th April, 1877, m


1. Lucy Jane, married Reginald Graham Wills, M.B.. CM.,

Aberd., 1886; M.D., 1889, now at Canterbury.

2. Jessie Stewart.

3. Julia McGregor, died at Muchalls, 8th June, 1905.

4. Isabel.

5. Keturah Simmie.

6. Ada Marion.

Paull, James. 28th July, 1851.

Son of the Rev. James Paull, D.D., St. And., 1844, minister of
Tullynessle and Forbes, and Eliza L. Forbes, his wife. Born
at Tullynessle, 12th May, 1823. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1836-39.
App. to John Fleming (1821). Sometime in partnership with
the said John Fleming, firm being Fleming & Paull ; with
Alexander Morrison Williamson, from 1st January, 1881, firm
being Paull & Williamson ; and with the said Alexander
Morrison Williamson and Robert Moir Williamson, 1891, firm
being Paull & Williamsons — James George Paull (1895), being
assumed as a partner in the last mentioned firm in 1897.
Agent for the Synod of Aberdeen. Governor, Aberdeen
Educational Trust. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates,
1 893-97. Portrait in Committee Room.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 27th February, 1901. *

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XVII., pp. 82-83.


Paull, James George. 12th March, 1895.

Only son of the Rev. William Paull, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1854, minister
of Tullynessle and Forbes, and Mary Charlotte Stephen, his
wife. Born at Manse of Tullynessle, 4th November, 1870.
Educated at Bon-Accord School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd., 1891.
App. to his uncle, James Paull and Alexander Morrison
Williamson (Paull & Williamson). Partner in the firm of
Paull & Williamsons since 1897. Married, at Aberdeen, 20th
June, 1905, Charlotte Rose, second dau. of Charles Duncan,
advocate (1854), with issue: —

1. Mary Emily.

2. Elizabeth Rose.

3. Dorothy Kate Erskine.

Petrie, James. 26th July, 1743. 1

App. to Thomas Burnett (1722). Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeen-
shire, 19th May, 1743, to 8th May, 1744. 2 Sheriff Substitute
of Aberdeenshire, 8th May, 1744. Read the Pretender's
Proclamation at the Market Cross, 25th September, 1745, in

'On 13th July, 1743, Petrie submitted the following representation to the Society: —
"That in the year 1735, after my coming to reside in Aberdeen, By bad advice I rashly
made a Summar Application to William fforbes, then Sheriff depute of Aberdeen, for my
being admitted an ordinary Pror before the said Sheriff Court without Conforming myself
to your Acts and Regulations made anent Admissions of Procurators, And having mett
with opposition in my Attempt from your Society, As Endeavouring to make an Encroach-
ment on your Rules, a Process ensued betwixt your Society and me, which was advocat
to the Lords of Session, And I, conceiving myself to have been in a great Error and
mistake in making such Attempt, Did give over the same, And then conform'd myself to
the Rules of your Society, being heartily sory I should have given offence, or made any
such Attempt, And Since that time I have attended the Courts at Aberdeen, and observed
the method of distributing Justice therein, And hope I have given satisfaction to all the

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