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Members of Court with respect to my behaviour. And now I have given in Petitions
Craving to be admitted an ordinary Procurator before the Sheriff and Commissary Courts
in the usuall manner according to the Acts and Regulations made thereanent. And
therefore I hope you will be so good as overlook the former Rash Step and Attempt made
by me, and proceed in the usuall way with respect to my Examination and tryall."

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 123.


consequence of which was under suspicion and considered by
Lord Albemarle "to be a Jacobite at heart." 1 Manifested
considerable zeal in bringing about improvements in Court
procedure, including the establishment of Process Caption, and
the incarceration of procurators for not returning processes in
due course. 2 Married Elizabeth Jamieson (died at Aberdeen,
21st March, 1770, in her 71st year), with issue:—

1. George, died at Edinburgh, in 1757, while prosecuting his
legal training there.

1. Rachel. 3
Died at Aberdeen, 19th October, 1763, in his 61st year. 4

Philip, Colin Allan. 13th February, 1830.

Eldest son of James Philip, merchant, Aberdeen, and Ann Allan,
his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 30th November, 1804. M.A.,
King's Coll., March, 1824. App. to Alexander Muir (18 17).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 10th March, 1872.

Pittendrigh, Alexander. 24th November, 1831.

Son of William Pittendrigh, flaxdresser, Aberdeen. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1822-26. App., first, to John Duthie (1808), and,
second, to Alexander Stronach (1818). Commissioner for
taking oaths to be used in the Courts of Queen's Bench,
Common Pleas and Exchequer. Married, at Belleville,
Gilcomston, Aberdeen, 30th June, 1835, Mary Ann (died at

'"Aided and assisted the Rebels in all their meetings at Aberdeen; Proclaimed the
Pretender and levyed money for the Rebels, particularly in the County of Ross." — List
given up by David Stuart, Supervisor of Excise at Aberdeen.

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 116.

3 On 28th April, 1759, Sasine was granted to James Petrie, Elizabeth Jamieson, his
spouse, and Rachel Petrie, their daughter, in the tenement of land, etc., of George, Earl
of Aberdeen, on the south-west end of the Castlegate, and north side of Exchequer
Row. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."

4 Will recorded 30th November, 1763, and eik 19th July, 1764. — "Aberdeen
Commissariot Register."


Aberdeen, 13th May, 1850, aged 35), dau. of James Reid,
nurseryman, Belleville, with issue : —

1. George, colour merchant, died at Leith, as the result of

an accident, 12th April, 1873.

2. Alexander Gordon, died at Glenmuick, 7th August, 1863,

aged 24.

3. William, died 27th September, 1863, aged 21.

1. Ann, married, at Aberdeen, 27th April, i860, William

Singer, merchant.

2. Margaret Georgina Gordon, married, at Edinburgh, 9th

March, 1865, William Wintour, Junior; and died 3rd
May, 1869, aged 24.
Died 9th October, 1858, aged 54.

Primrose, Thomas. 10th June, 1833.

Son of Rev. William Primrose, minister at Aberdeen of the Original
Burgher Associate Synod, afterwards of the Church of Scotland,
and thereafter of the Free Church of Scotland, and Isabella Gibb,
his wife. Born at Aberdeen, nth December, 1808. Educated
at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Mar. Coll., 1825. App.
to Charles Chalmers (18 12). Went to the United States to wind
up the affairs of the North American Investment and Insurance
Company. Subsequently practised in the States.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 28th January, 1886. x

Prof at, George Dempster. 6th March, 1832.

Son of James Profat, Officer of Excise, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar.

Coll., 1 819-2 1. App. to William Stuart (1804).
Died, unmarried, 1851.

1 Under his deed of settlement of 21st April, 1882, with codicils dated 15th February,
1884, 22nd December, 1885, and 27th January, 1886, Mr. Primrose left considerable
heritable and movable estate, directing his trustees and executors to invest the residue
and to apply the proceeds in grants of money to "institutions' of a philanthropical,
benevolent, charitable or educational character and object connected with the city of
Aberdeen which are entirely unsectarian and non-uolitical." The truct has been well
managed, and its benefactions have proved a blessing to many institutions.



Pyper, James. 12th January, 1911.

Third and youngest son of William Pyper, merchant, Aberdeen,
and Agnes Martin, his wife. Born at Hillhead of Pitfodels,
9th February, 1883. Educated at Robert Gordon's College,
Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd., 1906 ; B.L. (with honours), 1908 ;
LL.B., 1910. App. to Alexander Duffus (Wilsone & Duffus).

Rae, John Everard. 10th December, 1896.

Eldest son of John Rae, agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland
(Limited), Aberdeen, and Isabella Elliot Taylor, his wife. Born
at Edinburgh, 12th May, 1870. Educated at Royal High
School, Edinburgh, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A.,
Aberd., 1891. President, Students' Representative Council, Aberd.
Univ., 1894. App. to Farquharson Taylor Garden, Charles
Ruxton and David Montague Alexander Chalmers (C. & P. H.
Chalmers). With Dalgleish, Gray & Dobbie, W.S., Edinburgh,
1895-96. Partner in the firm of Adam, Thomson & Ross
since 1901. Treasurer of Gordon Highlanders Memorial
Institute, and Secretary of various public companies, as also
of Liberal Unionist Association of North and South Aberdeen.
Captain, No. 4 Company, 1st Aberdeenshire R.G.A. (Vols.),
1905, and of 1st City of Aberdeen Royal Field Artillery
(T.F.), 1908.

Rae, William. See Raye, William.

Rae, William. 24th August, 1877.

Second son of John Rae, bank agent and merchant, Ellon, and
Catherine Mair, his wife. Born at Ellon, 23rd February, 1854.
Educated at Parish School, Ellon, and Grammar School,
Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1873. App. to Newell Burnett and
John Reid (Burnett & Rcid). In partnership, from 10th April,
1878, to nth April, 1887, with Sir Alexander Anderson (1827),
and Andrew Jamieson Ironside, land surveyor, firm being


Anderson & Rae ; and from 10th April, 1895, with Duncan
MacGregor Mitchell, solicitor, firm being Rae & Mitchell.
Notary Public. Married, at Fraserburgh, 23rd February, 1882,
Joan, second dau. of James Mackenzie Anderson, merchant,
Fraserburgh, with issue : —

1. William, M.A., Aberd., 1903; B.L. (with honours), 1906;

Captain, 72nd Seaforth Highlanders Militia, Vancouver,
British Columbia; engaged in financial real estate business

2. James, M.A., Aberd., 1904; M.D., 191 1 ; in service of the

Metropolitan Asylums' Board in London.

3. John, engineer and assistant manager on a tea estate in


1. Joan Anderson.

2. Harriet.

Rainnie, George. 16th June, 1814.

Son of John Rainnie, farmer, Andrewsford, Fyvie, and Margaret
Gray, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1806-8. App. to Thomas
Duncan, Junior (1803). Membership terminated February, 1856.

Ramsay, James. 15th March, 1759.

Son of George Ramsay, physician, Virginia. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1746-50, being Ramsay bursar. App. to Thomas Mosman
(1731). Commissary Clerk Depute. 1 Baron-Baillie of Fraser-
field (now Balgownie). r Fiars Juror, 1763. Honorary burgess
of Aberdeen, admitted 2nd October, 1772. Proprietor of
considerable property in Aberdeen. Treasurer of the Society
of Advocates, 1764-67. Married, before 1763, Anne (died nth
April, 181 1, in her 93rd year), second dau. of Thomas Burnett
of Kirkhill.

Died September, 1774. 2

1 Dr. Littlejohn's MS. Notes.

2 Will recorded 16th May, 1775, with eiks, 1st August, 1776, 18th January, 1777, and
21st June, 1777. — "Aberdeen Commissariot Register."


Ramsay, John (originally Innes). 9th July, 1776.

Eldest son of James Innes of Maisley, and Isobel Abernethy, his
wife. App. to James Ramsay, (1759). Became proprietor,
under deed of entail, of Barra, Straloch, and Easter and Wester
Craigies (he thereupon changed his surname from Innes to
Ramsay), and purchased Nether Torryleith. D.L., Aberdeen-
shire. Fiars Juror. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates,
1782-84. President, 1792-94. Married, at Straloch, 25th June,
1785, Mary (died 18th December, 181 1, in her 43rd year), only
child of John Ramsay of Barra and Straloch, with issue : —

1. John, succeeded to Barra, Straloch, and Easter and Wester

Craigies ; married Susan, third dau. of Alexander Innes
of Pitmedden ; and died 23rd October, 1832, in his 46th

2. James, died 1867.

3. William, died 26th November, 1881, aged 81.

1. Isabella, died 12th January, 1803, in her 16th year.

2. Mary, married, first, William Brebner, and, second, Mr.

Leslie of Dunlugas.

3. Elizabeth, died nth November, 18 18, in her 26th year.

4. Margaret, married, in August, 1822, Sir George Turner

of Menie.

5. Helen, died 19th August, 1850, aged 46.
Died 14th April, 1814, in his 59th year. 1

Ramsay, Robert 19th November, 1814.

Son of James Ramsay, tailor, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1808.

App. to Charles Gordon (1783).
Died, unmarried, in 1827.

1 Under his settlement, dated 6th May, 1812, Mr. Ramsay narrated that he had spent
large sums on the entailed estates, building the mansion house and offices of Straloch, and
enclosing and improving the ground by cultivation and planting. To his sons, James and
William, he bequeathed ^10,000 each, and to his surviving daughters, Mary, Elizabeth,
Margaret, and Helen, ,£5.000 each.


Raye, William. 1593.

M.A. Burgess of Aberdeen. Fiars Juror, 1618. Sometime
Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire. Married Katharine
Anderson (died November, 1642), with issue : —

1. George, M.D. ; guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 24th

September, 1642.

2. John, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1625, regent there; died between

1st December, 1648, and 15th June, 1649.

3. James, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1630-34, being Liddell

bursar, 1632-34.

1. Jean, married Alexander Thomson, advocate (1625).

2. Margaret, married the Rev. William Glase (? Glass),

minister of Kearn.

3. Isobel, married before 1624, Alexander Murray, Jun., who,

on 5th December, 1623, was admitted burgess of
Aberdeen. Her tocher, paid by her father, was 1200
merks, to which her husband undertook to add 300
merks, making altogether a marriage provision of 1500
merks = ^1000 Scots. 1
Died after May, 1626.

Reid, Alexander. 1624.

Son of William Reid, advocate (1589). Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1612 ;
M.A., King's Coll., 161 5. App. to his father. Honorary
burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 22nd April, 1624. Proprietor
of Birkenbrowell. Joint proprietor of Dilspro (now known as
Grandholm), Old Machar, and mill and salmon fishings. Married
the dau. of a burgess, with issue : —

1. James, advocate (1650).

2. Alexander, guild burgess, admitted 7th September, 1659.

3. Robert, advocate (1663).

Killed in the conflict at the Crabstone, by the army under Montrose,
13th September, 1644.

1 Information from Dr. Littlejohn, Sheriff Clerk.


Reid, George. 1692.

Reid, James. 1650.

Eldest son of Alexander Reid, advocate (1624). M.A., Mar. Coll.,
1643. App. to his father. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
2 1st March, 1654. Served heir to his father in lands of
Birkenbrowell, etc., 21st January, 1645. Acquired Bourtie
from James Seton in 1657, and is usually designed as of Barra.
Married Isabella Hay (interred at Aberdeen in December, 1668),
with issue : —

1. John, succeeded to Barra ; created a baronet of Nova

Scotia, 30th November, 1703 ; married Marion Aber-
crombie, and died in, or about, 1720.

2. James, guild burgess, admitted 15th August, 1674; some-

time Magistrate of Aberdeen ; married Margaret Seaton,
and died at Mill of Bourtie, 4th July, 1708.

3. William, died 1678.

1. Christian, married, 3rd June, 1707, Thomas Mercer of
Todlavv and Smiddyburn, and died 31st August, 1752.
Died 2 1st April, 1666.

Reid, John. 26th December, 1854.

Son of James Reid, merchant and guild burgess, Aberdeen. Born
at Aberdeen, 3rd March, 1822. Educated at Grammar School,
Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1835-39. App. to Thomas
Burnett and Newell Burnett (Thomas & Newell Burnett). In
partnership with the said Newell Burnett from 1854, firm being
Burnett & Reid. William John Woodman Smith, solicitor, and
John Reid Dean, S.S.C., were subsequently assumed as partners.
Director, Northern Assurance Coy., and City of Aberdeen
Land Association. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 26th
October, 1863. Member of General Council, University of
Aberdeen. Proprietor of Shannaburn, Maryculter.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 4th August, 1892. x

1 "The Scottish Law Review," VIII., p. 247.


Reid, Robert. 1633.

M.A. Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire, 1634-44. 1

Killed in the conflict at the Crabstone, 13th September, 1644.

Reid, Robert. 5th December, 1663.

Third son of Alexander Reid, advocate (1624). App. to his brother,
James Reid (1650). Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 18th

January, 1669. Married , with issue: —

i. Anna, married, 7th February, 1701, John, third son of
George Gordon, second of Sheelagreen, Culsalmond,
and first of Rothney, 2 Premnay.

Died June, 1672. 3

Reid, Thomas. 4 8th July, 1813.

Son of John Reid, merchant and burgess of Aberdeen. Educated
at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Mar. Coll., 1803. App.
to Alexander Crombie (1789). Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 25th February, 1808.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 4th March, 1862, aged 75.

Reid, Walter. 8th October, 1667.

App. to James Reid (1650). Married Barbara Sinclair (died before
15th April, i70o). s

Died January, 1680. 6

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," II., pp. 535-36.

2 Bulloch's "House of Gordon," II., p. 503.

3 Buried in St. Nicholas Church, 21st June, 1672. — " Kirkwork Accounts."

4 Mr. Reid succeeded to the heritable property in Aberdeen of his elder brother, John,
cabinetmaker. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."

5 Edinburgh Commissariot Registers.

6 " Buried in the kirk [of Old Machar], at the south-west corner of the light isle,"
28th January, 1680.— Old Machar Burial Registers.


Reid, William. 1 1589.

M.A. App. to Patrick Cheync (1570). Notary Public. Joint
Sheriff Clerk of Aberdeenshire, 1 595-97- 2 Procurator for
George, Earl Marischal. Proprietor of Barra. Married, in
1592, in Culsalmond Church, Marione Rolland, with issue, of
whom : —

1. Alexander, advocate (1624).

2. Alexander, died before 1607. Alexander Wilsone,

chirurgeon, Aberdeen, was placed on trial for man-
slaughter by causing death " throche the miscuir of
the said Alexr." 3

1 In 1607 a quarrel arose between William Reid and his brother, Andrew, on the one
part, and Habakkuk — otherwise Abacuth — Bisset, W.S., on the other part. Bisset took
out Iawburrows against William Reid, for whom John Gordon of Tulligreig, Sheriff-Depute
of Aberdeen, became security for ^500. Bisset then complained to the Privy Council (Vol.
viii., p. 115) that the Reids had by all "indirect meanes," this long time, "procurit" his
"hurte." Thus, on 2nd May, 1607 — a day appointed for the service of God, and " ane
proclamit fast" — while the complainer was "going to the kirk [in Aberdeen] in a moist
quiet and peciable maner without ony kynd of armoure" the said Andro, at the instigation
of his said brother, waylaid him "in ane quiet vennell quhilk gois fra the said complenaris
house to the kirk," and "with gantillat, plaitsleve, sword, daigair, and heyland durk "
set upon him, and, with the guards of his sword, gave him " mony deidlie strykis in his
heid, schoulderis, and small of his bak, and left him for deid ; sua that he lay bedfast ane
lang space thairefter in grite disease and dolloure, and wes maid unable to use his calling
for the intertenyment of his familie." The defenders still lie in waite for him, so that he
dare not remain in Abirdene, the place of his dwelling, for fear of his life. Defenders not
compearing were declared rebels. William Reid quickly threw a different light upon the
matter, at the same time laying bare the cunning of Bisset. His statement bore that
having lately been in Edinburgh for eight or nine days, the said Bisset, whom he had daily
met there, "evir craftelie in all his counterfoote speiecheis with the said complenair,
inquired of his dyet hameward." At last Bisset, hearing that complainer was obliged to
repair with all diligence to his own house, where his wife was at the point of death,
resolved "to mak his advantage of this the said complenair his necessitie," and caused
deliver to him at the Nether Bow a copy of said charge. Bisset having failed in his proof,
suspension was granted. A week later Reid had again to appeal to the Privy Council .

. that Bisset, finding himself disappointed in the pursuit slated, has now raised
criminal letters, under the borrowed name of the Advocate, charging complainer and
Marione Rolland, his spouse, to answer for the crime of adultery. "Now they had been
lawfully married 15 years ago in the kirk of Culsalmond by the late William Straith,
minister there, and have ever since cohabited in Aberdeen ; their marriage has never been
called in question ; all their bairns have been baptised by the bishop and ministers of
Aberdeen, and the complainer himself has for divers years borne office in the kirk. In
the whole course of his life he has approven himself an honest man, free of " havie and
sclanderous imputations most foolishlie and miliciouslie gevin out aganis him be the said
Abacuth, whose malice and wicked disposition is not only extendit aganis the said
complenaris selff, . . . but aganis his innocint and young children, whom he preisses
to his malicious and folische inventiones to caus be repute bastardis." Both parties
compearing, the Lords found that the defender Abacuth has behaved himself " verie
mnliciouslie " against the pursuer, and therefore " % r erie schairplie admonish him to
forbear such form of doing hereafter."

2 Litllejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," I., pp. 327-28, and 472-74.

3 Ibid., II., p. 99.


Reid, William Leslie. 1st April, 1847.

Eldest son of William Reid, merchant and guild burgess, Aberdeen,
and Margaret Shand, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 18th August,
1823. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen; M.A., King's
Coll., March, 1841. App. to John Duncan (1824). Sometime
in partnership with Robert Grigor, solicitor and bank agent,
Aberdeen, firm being Grigor & Reid, advocates ; thereafter
with Alexander Jopp (1825), firm being Jopp & Reid, and,
finally, with Thomas Wilsone, solicitor, firm being Reid &
Wilsone. Notary Public. Fiars Juror, 1870-74. Guild burgess
of Aberdeen, admitted 4th October, 1875. Married, at Aberdeen,
26th March, 1857, Rachel, fifth and youngest dau. of Rev.
James Gordon Garioch, M.A., King's Coll., 181 2, minister of
Strachan, Kincardineshire.

Died, s.p., at Aberdeen, 25th July, ii

Reid, William Reid. 30th November, 1880.

Eldest son of Archibald Reid, farmer, Glenbuchat, and Isabella
McHardy, his wife. Born at Glenbuchat, 22nd December, 1855.
Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A. (graduated as
William Reid), Aberd., 1875. App. to Alexander Cochran and
George Anderson (Cochran & Anderson). Sometime in partner-
ship with Robert Downie Leslie (1876), firm being Leslie & Reid ;
thereafter with James Bisset Davidson, solicitor, firm being Reid
& Davidson. Promoter, Hon. Secretary and subsequently Vice
President of the Aberdeen Liberal Unionist Association. Lieut,
1st Aberdeenshire Royal Engineers, 30th April, 1884; Captain,
4th August, 1888, retiring 4th April, 1894. Ceased practice in
1902. Now Managing Director, John Begg (Limited), Distillers.
Married, at Aberdeen, 14th December, 1887, Jeannie G.
Farquharson, eldest dau. of Henry Farquharson Begg of Tilly-
four and Lochnagar, and subsequently of Inchgarth, with issue: —

1. Henry Farquharson Begg.

1. Alice Ishbel Hay, married, in London, 30th November,
1910, Henry Forbes Cheswick of Victoria, Australia;
Lieut, King Edward's Horse.

'"The Scottish Law Review," IV., p. 181.


Reidheid, George. 1616.

Died after August, 1622.

Reith, David. 6th July, 1835.

Son of Alexander Reith, toll-collector, Rubislaw. Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1827-29. App. to James Nicol (1820). Practised latterly
in Dundee. Clerk to Dundee Harbour Trustees from 6th
February, 1865. Author of "Conveyancing made Easy; a
letter to the Convener and Members of the Incorporated Trades,
etc," 1857. Married .

Died, s.p., at Dundee, 21st February, 1866, aged 52.

Rennet, Ernest. 17th July, 1901.

Fourth son of David Rennet, LL.D., Aberd., 1885, many years
teacher of mathematics, Aberdeen, and Isabella Emslie, his
wife. Born at Aberdeen, 10th December, 1872. Educated at
Grammar School; M.A. (with honours), Aberd., 1893; B.L.
(with honours), 1896. App. to Robert Downie Leslie (1876).
In partnership, 1896- 1900, with his elder brother, James Barclay
Rennet (1895), firm being J. B. & E. Rennet ; thereafter with
James Sylver Butchart (1876), firm being Butchart & Rennet.
C.A. (member of the Society of Accountants in Aberdeen),
admitted 1899. Notary Public. Married, at Aberdeen, nth
July, 1899, Sarah Anne Elizabeth, dau. of the said James
Sylver Butchart, with issue : —
1. David Lindsay.

1. Nita Isobel.

2. Sarah Bruce.

Rennet (now Rennett), James Barclay. 30th October, 1895.

Second son of the above mentioned David Rennet, LL.D.,
Aberd., 1885, and Isabella Emslie, his wife. Born at Aberdeen,
26th February, 1868. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen;
M.A., Aberd., 1888. App. to Andrew Davidson (James
Meston & Coy.). In partnership, 1896-1900, with his younger


brother, Ernest, firm being J. B. & E. Rennet. C.A. (member
of the Society of Accountants in Aberdeen), admitted 1892.
Treasurer, Aberdeen University Union. Secretary and Treasurer,
Royal Horticultural Society of Aberdeen. Second Lieut, 1st
Aberdeenshire Royal Engineers (Vols.), 12th December, 1900;
Lieut., nth June, 1902, retiring 16th July, 1902. Married, at
Glasgow, 16th June, 1902, Eleanor Jane Baillie, dau. of John
Innes Harper, tea merchant, Glasgow, with issue : —

1. David Herbert.

2. James Leslie.

1. Constance Mabel, died 22nd July, 1903.

2. Edith Muriel, died 7th March, 1907.

Robertson, Alexander. 20th November, 1661.

M.A., Mar. Coll., 1656. Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire from
about 1660. * Town Clerk of Aberdeen. 2 Guild bursress,
admitted 25th March, 1663. Presented with the freedom of
the Burgh of Inverurie. Married, first, Barbara Cruickshank,
dau. of a burgess, with issue : —

1. Alexander, died in infancy.

2. William.

3. James.

4. George. 3

1. Christine, married, in x^pril, 1681, William Robertson, agent

in Edinburgh ; died before 1683.

2. Barbara, baptised 4th October, 1674.

3. Margaret, married, in 1705, Alexander Coupcr, master of

the Music School, Aberdeen.

Married, second, in April, 1680, Catherine Rae. Married, thirdly,
Elizabeth Anderson (died February, 1736), with issue: —

4. Christian.
Died 2 1st April, 1684.

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 122.

2 Poll Book, II., p. 615.

3 On 24th September, 1687, William, James and George were admitted burgesses of
Aberdeen, while still in pupilage.


Robertson, Alexander. 10th July, 1810.

Son of Patrick Robertson, tanner and merchant, Huntly, and
Isabella Pirie, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1 801-3. A pp.
to Alexander Shand (1789).

Died at Aberdeen, 10th January, 1823, aged 37.

Robertson, Andrew. March, 1803.

Only son of Alexander Robertson, merchant, Aberdeen. App. to
Andrew Davidson (1783). Succeeded his father, in 1807, in the
sixth lot of the lands of Pitmuxton. 1 Treasurer of the Society
of Advocates, 1820-21. Nominated by the Society, 21st
January, and appointed by the Senatus, 4th October, 18 19, the
first Lecturer on Scots Law and Conveyancing in Marischal
College and University. Demitted 15th September, 1821, on
appointment as Sheriff Substitute of Forfarshire. Burgess of
Forfar, admitted 12th August, 1822. Married (contract signed
at Birkenbog, 17th August, 1807), Nancy Matilda (born 1789,
died 23rd February, 1867), only dau. of James Murray of
Birkenbog, with issue, of whom : —

Margaret, married, at Forfar, 21st August, 1833, Alexander
Smith, M.D. ; died 2nd February, 1857.

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