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Jemima Murray, died at Heme Bay, Kent, 21st April, 1865.

Nancy, died at Aberdeen, 17th January, 1879.

Matilda Jane, died at Aberdeen, 24th April, 1910.

Mary Ann, died at Forfar, nth November, 1823.

Annabella, married John Robertson, advocate (1852).
Died 1st December, 1848.

Robertson, John. 1560.

Robertson, John. 26th July, 1852.

Eldest son of Francis Robertson, merchant, Perth, afterwards in
Dundee. Born at Perth, 6th April, 1818. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,

1 "Aberdeen Sasine Register."


1 833-35* App. to James Edmond and Francis Edmond (J. &
F. Edmond). Thereafter with Christopher Kerr, solicitor, and
Town Clerk, Dundee. Partner in the firm of Lumsden &
Robertson, 1853-62, and of Robertson & Lumsden from 1862.
Chairman, Aberdeen Cemetery Company (Limited). Promoter
and Director of the Aberdeen Sick Children's Hospital. Fiars
Juror, twelve times, 1856-89. Captain, 4th Aberdeenshire Rifle
Vols., retiring as Major. Portrait by William DufFus, in the
possession of his surviving daughter. Married, at Edinburgh,
1 6th November, 1854, Annabclla (born 8th May, 1827, died at
Aberdeen, 14th October, 1892), seventh dau. of Andrew
Robertson, advocate (1803), w -th issue: —

1. Francis Andrew, residing in Sydney, New South Wales.

1. Jane Fraser, died 25th March, 1861.

2. Joanna Sophia, died 1st February, 1894, aged 30.

3. Nancy Matilda, residing in Aberdeen.
Died at Aberdeen, 13th February, 1893.

Robertson, Thomas. 11th July, 1755.

Third son of John Robertson of Pitmillan and Foveran, stocking
merchant, sometime Lord Provost of Aberdeen, and Jean
Mitchell, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1747-51. App. to
John French (1743).

Died, unmarried, 13th October, 1757, aged 24.

Robison, William. 17th May, 1820.

Son of William Robison, shipmaster, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1809-11. App. to Charles Winchester (1807). Sometime
in partnership with John Ewing (181 1), firm being Ewing &
Robison ; thereafter with James McHardy (1817), firm being
McHardy & Robison. Joint Secretary of the Aberdeen Anti-
Slavery Society.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 28th February, 1862, aged 67.


Rose, Donaldson Simpson. 18th July, 1891.

Eldest son of James Rose, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1838, shipowner and
guild burgess, Aberdeen, and Agnes Westland, his wife. Born
at Aberdeen, 31st May, 1864. Educated at the West End
Academy, Mr. W. Graham Walker's Academy, and Grammar
School, Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1884. App. to John Edmond
(Edmonds & Macqueen). With Scott Moncriefif & Trail, W.S.,
Edinburgh, 1890-91. Secretary, Garden Nicol Benevolent Fund.
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 7th August, 1905. Lieut,
1st Vol. Batt. Gordon Highlanders, nth October, 1884, retiring
15th February, 1890. Secretary, the Boys' Brigade (Aberd. Batt).
Married, at St. George's Church, Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne,
1 st June, 1898, Elizabeth Linda (born 10th December, 1868,
died at Aberdeen, 7th March, 1905), dau. of George Thompson
Dickinson, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Ross, Alexander. 21st November, 1839.

Eldest son of Alexander Irvine Ross, land surveyor, Mains of
Tyrie, and subsequently at Portsoy. Born nth May, 1814.
Alumnus, King's Coll., 1828-31. App. to Thomas Burnett and
Newell Burnett (Thomas & Newell Burnett). Sometime in
partnership with William Skinner (1829), firm being Skinner &
Ross. Clerk to Ellon District Road Trustees. Sometime
actuary and cashier of the National Security Savings' Bank of
Aberdeen. Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen.
Fiars Juror, 1842-65. Married, in London, 17th May, i860,
Margaret Merrilees (born 22nd June, 1836, died at Bournemouth,
14th April, 1900), dau. of James Low, advocate (1829), with issue,
of whom : —

Elizabeth Margaret, married, at Glasgow, 27th August, 1867,
Alexander Christie, Glasgow.

Died at Aberdeen, 15th January, 1867. 1

1 Mr. Ross "carried on business, from 1839, with much credit and ability, and all his
transactions in public and private life were uniformly characterised by sterling honesty and
integrity. He was also a professional accountant of considerable standing in the city. .
. . For three years he held the office of Chairman of St. Nicholas Parochial Board, and
discharged its duties with ability. His good offices in the way of sound practical advice
were cheerfully given to the Savings' Bank depositors at all times without fee or
reward. . . ." — Aberdeen Journal.


Ross, Gilbert 1579.

M.A. Notary Public.
Died after 31st May, 1622.

Ross, James. 16th November, 1816.

Son of James Ross, farmer, Inver, Crathie. M.A., Mar. Coll., 181 1.
App. to Duncan Davidson (1794). S.S.C., admitted 25th June,

1823. Practiced for many years in Edinburgh, where he was able
to render the Society considerable service. J Married, 19th July,

1824, Margaret, eldest dau. of William Dyce of Cuttlehill, M.D.,
King's Coll., 1797. 2

Died, s.p.y at Aberdeen, 8th February, 1859, aged 65.

Ross, James. 3 30th May, 1864.

Eldest son of John Ross, farmer, Upper and Nether Park, Drumoak,
and Barbara Adam, his wife. Born at Drumoak in 1832.
Educated at Parish School, Drumoak ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1852-54. App. to William Adam and Alexander Anderson
(Adam & Anderson). Partner in the said firm of Adam &
Anderson, 1863-66, and in Adam, Thomson & Ross from 1866
to 191 1, when he retired. Notary Public. Sometime Baron-Baillie
of Fraserburgh. For many years solicitor to the Great North of
Scotland Railway Coy. Sometime Vice-Chairman, Bon-Accord
Property Investment Coy., and Chairman, Kincardine O'Neil
School Board. Proprietor of the estate of Easter Beltie since 1900.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1904-6. President, 1906-8.
Portrait in Committee Room.

1 Mr. Ross was made the recipient of silver plate bearing the following inscription : —
Presented by The President and Society of Advocates in Aberdeen to James Ross, Esquire,
one of their number and S.S.C., Edinburgh, as a mark of esteem, and an acknowledgment
of valuable services rendered to the Society. — 1st January, 1850.

2 Temple's "Thanage of Fermartyn," p. 683.

3 "The Scots Law Times," 30th November, 1895.


Ross, John. 9th July, 1776.

Son of Charles Ross. App. to Andrew Thomson (1741). Fiars
Juror, 1774. Burgess of Elgin, admitted in 1784. Ceased to
practise latterly, and lived at Cullen. Married May Watson
(died at Elgin, 5th May, 1835).

Died in 1795.

Ross, William. 29th May, 1826.

Only son of William Ross, sometime stabler in Aberdeen. Educated
at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Mar. Coll., 1821. App.
to Alexander Smith (1804). Notary Public. Magistrate of
Aberdeen, 1845-49, 1851-54, 1858-59. Guild burgess, admitted
5th November, 1838. Married, at Aberdeen, 14th February,
1838, Sarah (died 15th May, 1887, aged 83), eldest dau. of
Charles Ross, manufacturer, Aberdeen, with issue, of whom : —

William, sometime Free Church minister of Dundonald.

Sarah, married, at Aberdeen, nth May, 1865, Rev. John
McKay, minister of the Original Secession Church,

Died at Aberdeen, 29th December, 1877, aged y^.

Runcy, Charles Frederick. 30th April, 1855.

Son of Charles Runcy, Millbank, merchant in Aberdeen, and
Elizabeth Simpson, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1850. App. to
Robert Ledingham and George Walker (Ledingham & Walker).
Procurator Fiscal Depute of Aberdeenshire, and Justice of
Peace Procurator Fiscal. Secretary, Oldmill Reformatory
School, and Industrial School and Reformatory for Girls. Held
Commission in 1st Aberdeenshire Rifle Vols., 31st March, 1864,
retiring 6th December, 1865.

Died, unmarried, at Perth, 26th February, 1884, aged 50.


Russell, James. 10th February, 1823.

Second son of Alexander Russell of Aden, and Margaret Cumine,
his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 18 10- 13. App. to Alexander
Crombie (1789). Notary Public. Member of General Council,
University of Aberdeen. Succeeded as proprietor of Aden on
the death of his elder brother, Alexander, 26th July, 1831. D.L.
and J. P. of Aberdeenshire. Sometime Colonel Commanding
3rd Aberdeenshire Rifle Vols. Married, at Gunton Park, Norfolk,
October, 1832, Caroline Lambton, with issue: —

1. Alexander Cumming, Ensign, 74th Highlanders; drowned

in Table Bay, following the wreck of the " Birkenhead,"
26th February, 1852, in his 19th year.

2. James George Ferguson, of the diplomatic service ;

married, in London, 29th April, 1858, Elizabeth Sophia,
dau. of Sir VVm. Lawrence Young, Bart, M.P. of
Hughenden, Bucks. ; and died, s.p., in London 15th April,

3. Frank Shirley, Major General, 1897; Hon. Colonel, 1st

Royal Dragoons, 1900; C.M.G., 1891 ; sometime Military
Attache at Berlin ; B.A., Oxon. ; Author ; succeeded to
the estate of Aden on the death of his brother James ;
M.P. for Cheltenham, 1895- 1900; married, 1888, Philippa,
dau. of the Right Hon. Henry J. Baillie of Redcastle ;
died at Aden, 21st March, 191 2.
1. Catharine Georgiana, died 7th September, 1853, in her
9th year.

Died at Aberdeen, 18th January, 1875.

Rutherford, George David. 18th March, 1864.

Third son of James Rutherford, Lieut., 94th Foot, who served in the
Peninsula (war medal with seven clasps), and when on half-pay of
the 23rd Foot, was Barrack-master, Newcastle-on-Tyne, afterwards
at Aberdeen, and Nancy Robertson, his wife. Born at Dumfries,
14th March, 1829. Educated at the Academy, Dumfries;

Q 1


Alumnus, Mar. Coll. 1856-7, etc. App., first, to John Blaikie
(John & Anthony Blaikie), and, second, to William Paul (1853).
Sometime in partnership with the said William Paul, firm being
Paul & Rutherford ; thereafter with James Jamieson (1878), firm
being Rutherford & Jamieson ; and 1883-90, with Thomas
Robertson Gillies (1885), firm being Rutherford & Gillies.
Notary Public. Auditor of Sheriff" Court at Aberdeen from
1883. Proprietor of Lynnvvood, Peterculter. Major, 1st Vol.
Brigade Gordon Highlanders. Married, at Shannaburn, Mary-
culter, 24th September, 1861, Jessie, fourth dau. of Alexander
Macdonald of Johnston, in the parish of Leslie, Aberdeenshire,
granite merchant and polisher, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Alaster Macdonald, of Alex. Pirie & Sons (Limited), paper
and envelope manufacturers, Stoneywood.

1. Agnes Maxwell, died at Aberdeen, 17th April, 1866, in

her 4th year.

2. Jessie Hope, married, 26th October, 1904, Rev. Charles

Sinclair Christie, M.A., St. And., minister of Cults,

3. Elizabeth Winifred.

4. Nancy Maxwell, married, 28th December, 1904, Walter

Stanford Griffin.

Died at Bridge of Allan, 26th May, 1892. «

Ruxton, Charles. 2 17th December, 1877.

Eldest son of Thomas Ruxton, advocate (1848). Born at Aberdeen,
8th June, 1853. Educated Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus,
Aberd., 1869-71. App. to William Leslie Reid (Jopp & Reid).
Partner in the firm of C. & P. H. Chalmers since 1884. Some-
time Lecturer on Conveyancing in the University.

1 "The Scottish Law Review," VIII., p. 172.

2 " The Scots Law Times," 10th June, 1893.


Ruxton, Thomas. 1st November, 1848.

Son of Charles Ruxton, farmer, Hill of Fiddes, Foveran, and
Ann Ligertwood, his wife. Born at Foveran, 1826. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1841-43. App. to William Adam and Alexander
Anderson (Adam & Anderson). Director, Deeside Railway
Coy., and Aberdeen Lime Coy. Member of General Council,
University of Aberdeen. Married, at Aberdeen, 12th August,
1852, Jemima (died at Aberdeen, 27th May, 1867, aged 35),
dau. of James Ferguson, advocate (1816), with issue, of whom : —

Charles, advocate (1877).

James Ferguson, M.B., CM. (with honours), Aberd., 1881 ;
died 5th May, 1893.




Jane Birnie, married, at Aberdeen, 24th January, 1884, John
Ruxton, M.D., sometime surgeon, A.M.D., afterwards
practiced at Blackpool, where he died 5th August, 1904.

Died at Park, 30th October, 1896.

Sandilands, James. 1649.

Second son of James Sandilands, LL.D., first of Craibstone, member,
Faculty of Advocates, etc., and Catherine Paterson, his wife.
M.A., King's Coll., 1629. Civilist l in King's Coll., Town Clerk
of Aberdeen, and Principal Commissary Clerk. Proprietor of

1 The appointment of Sandilands as Civilist, 1st April, 1640, drew from Spalding the
commentary — "Strange to sie ane man admittit to teiche lawis who was never out of the
countrie studdeing and lerning the lawis."

When the silver keys of the city were presented to King Charles II. on his arrival
in Aberdeen in 1650, Sandilands had the honour, in the name of the community, to
deliver an eloquent Latin oration. The King was so favourably impressed that he is said
to have afterwards named Sandilands as a Senator of the College of Justice, but death
prevented its acceptance.


Cotton, Old Machar. Married, in 1640, Marjory (with whom
he got a provision of 100,000 merks), dau. of Baillie Alexander
Burnett of Countesswells, with issue : —

1. Patrick, succeeded to Cotton ; married, first, Margaret,

dau. of William Ord of Carnbee, and, second, Magdalen
Boyes, widow of Alexander Davidson of Newton.

2. John, proprietor of Countesswells ; Lord Provost of Aber-

deen, 1690-91 ; married, first, a dau. of the family of
Arbuthnott, and, second, Ann, dau. of John Udny of

3. Robert, Rector of Spine, Berkshire.

1. Jean, married, first, John Moir, first of Stoneywood, and,

second, William Cumine of Auchry.

2. Rachael, married John Gordon, Younger of Fechill.

3. Marjory, died 24th May, 1668, aged 18.
Died 17th August, 1660.

Sandilands, John. 1655.

Third son of James Sandilands, LL.D., first of Craibstone, and
Catherine Paterson, his wife. App. to his elder brother, James
Sandilands (1649). Commissary and Sheriff Clerk Depute,
appointed 9th June, 1652. Honorary burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 8th March, 1654. Married Christian, eldest dau. of
Lindsay, merchant and burgess, Aberdeen.

Died April, 1669. x

Sandilands, Patrick. 8th June, 1705.

Eldest son of Patrick Sandilands of Cotton (and grandson of
James Sandilands, advocate (1649)), and Margaret Ord, his
wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 8th June, 1699. Sheriff Substitute of
Aberdeenshire, 1710-12; and Sheriff Depute, 1712-16. 2 Married
Barbara, dau. of William Cumine of Pitullie.

• ' Row's Diary.
2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., pp. 107-9 an d 113-14.


Sandilands, Robert. 26th July, 1743.

Son of John Sandilands of Craibstone, and Isabella Baillie, his
wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1733-37. App. to Thomas Burnett
(1722). Collector of Cess for the County of Aberdeen. Married,
first, at Aberdeen, 4th August, 1752, Clementine (interred at
Aberdeen, January, 1756), dau. of the said Thomas Burnett,
with issue : —

I. Margaret.
Married, second, Anne Kinnaird, heiress of Wester Draikies,
Inverness-shire (died 1768, and interred in Gordon's Aisle, Old
Machar, 4th November).

Died at Aberdeen, 26th December, 1774, in his 54th year. '

Sandilands, Thomas. 1649.

Eldest son of James Sandilands, LL.D., first of Craibstone, and
Catherine Paterson, his wife. M.A., King's Coll., 1626.
Commissary of Aberdeen. Burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 10th
September, 1636. Assessor to the Rector of King's Coll., 1643.
Succeeded to the estate of Craibstone. Married Margaret (died
15th, and buried in Old Machar Church, 20th May, 1665), dau.

of Cuming, laird of Culter, with issue: —

1. James, succeeded to Craibstone; married, first, Margaret

Lauder, and, second, Elizabeth Donaldson of Hilton

(now Turnerhall), Ellon.

Died at Old Aberdeen, 12th October, 1669.

Sangster, Thomas. 10th March, 1802. 2

Son of Thomas Sangster, sometime in Mill of Leask, afterwards
partner in Smith, Irvine & Coy., merchant and trade burgess of
Old Aberdeen, residing at Loanhead of Gilcomston, Aberdeen.

1 Will recorded 14th January, 1775.— " Aberdeen Commissariot Register."

2 Oath of Allegiance to George III. was taken by Mr. Sangster on 10th March,
1802.— Dr. Littlejohn's MS. Notes.


Educated at Scalan, Glenlivet. App. to John Davidson (1782).
Sometime in partnership with Alexander Muir (1817), firm
being Sangstcr & Muir. Notary Public. Director, Aberdeen
Town and County Bank ; Scottish Provincial Assurance Coy. ;
and Scottish Australian Investment and Insurance Coy. J. P.
for Aberdeenshire. Fiars Juror, 1825. Merchant and trade
burgess of Old Aberdeen, admitted 4th October, 1804. Lieut,
Royal Aberdeen Vols., 1803 '■> Captain, Aberdeenshire Local
Militia, 1808. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1832-34.
President, 1836-38. Married, at Harthill, 19th September, 1814,
Ann (died at Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham, 8th April,
1877), dau. of Arthur Gray of Thripleton. with issue, of whom : —

Helen, died July, 1825.

Ann, died at Aberdeen, 27th May, 1834, aged 12.

Maria, married, nth December, 1838, Charles Boyse Roche,

paymaster, 34th Regt, and died at Kensington, London,

20th May, 1903, aged Sy.
Margaret, married, at Aberdeen, 26th January, 1836, Joseph

Alex. Condell, Major, retired, H.E.I.C.S. (Madras), and

died 15th August, 1846, aged 29.
Annie Henrietta, married, at Aberdeen, 3rd July, 1856, Rev.

Robert Skinner, incumbent of St. Andrew's Episcopal

Church, St. Andrews.

Died at Aberdeen, 28th January, 1863, aged 84.

Scougal, James. 1676.

Third son of Patrick Scougal, Bishop of Aberdeen, ' and Margaret
Wemyss, his wife. Succeeded his eldest brother, John, as
Commissary of Aberdeenshire in March, 168 1, but sold the
office to Robert Paterson, advocate (1698). 1 Rector of King's
Coll., 1683-85 ; Civilist, 1684-87. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 7th February, 1672. Provost of Old Aberdeen,
1680-89. Member, Faculty of Advocates, admitted 8th June,

1 MS. Records of Society.


1687. M.P. for burgh of Kintore, 1693- 1702. Commissary of
Edinburgh, 1693. Senator of the College of Justice, with the
title Lord Whitehill, appointed 9th June, 1696. Married Elizabeth
Morison (buried in " Scougal's isle," Old Machar, 4th January,

Died 23rd December, 1702. x

Sellar, James. 29th October, 1900.

Seventh son of Robert Sellar, agricultural implement manufacturer,
Huntly, and Margaret Hunter Nicol, his wife. Born at Huntly,
31st October, 1873. Educated at the Public School, Huntly;
and the Academy, Elgin; M.A., Aberd., 1894; B.L. (with
honours), 1897. App., first, to John Edmond, second, to Alfred
Martineau (Edmonds & Ledingham). Sometime in partnership
with Alexander Troup, solicitor, firm being Sellar & Troup,
advocates. With Wreford & Thornton, advocates, Penang,
Straits Settlements, since December, 1909. Lieut, 1st Vol.
Batt. Gordon Highlanders, 10th October, 1900; Captain, nth
April, 1906.

Shand, Alexander. 26th January, 1789.

Son of James Shand, merchant and guild burgess, Aberdeen. Born
at Aberdeen, June, 1759. M.A., King's Coll., 30th March, 1784.
App. to John Gordon (1753). Purchased property of Tanfield, 2
Woodside, in 1797. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 19th
March, 1803. Author of treatise — "The Book of Revelation."
Married, at Burnside, 26th April, 1798, Barbara (died at
Aberdeen, 13th July, 1836), youngest dau. of Robert Donald
in Tillydaff, Midmar, afterwards in Burnside, with issue : —
1. James, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1816; merchant, Java ; died there,
20th February, 1822, in his 23rd year.

1 Apparently he had no surviving issue, as his sisters were served heirs in 1705.

2 Mrs. Shand had sasine in Tanfield in 1798, in security of her life-rent provision of
;£ioo. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."


2. Robert, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 18 18-21 ; died at Aberdeen,

30th October, 1827, aged 23.

3. Abel Bisset, baptised 22nd August, 1809.

1. Barbara, died at Aberdeen, 27th July, 1831.

2. Mary, married, at Aberdeen, 26th April, 1825, Rev.

Nathaniel Morren, minister of the North Church, Greenock.

3. Elizabeth, married Rev. George Morgan ; and died at

the Cape of Good Hope, 30th November, 1832.

4. Isabella, died at Edinburgh, 18th May, 1885, aged 83.

5. Catherine, baptised nth March, 1808.

6. Bathia, died at 23 Polwarth Gardens, Edinburgh, 14th

October, 1893.

7. Jane Hay, died at Aberdeen, 3rd June, 1837.
Died in London in 1829.

Shand, Francis. 21st November, 1811.

Second son of Rev. John Shand, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1771, minister of
Kemnay, thereafter of Chapel of Garioch, and finally of
Kintore, and Margaret Dauney, his wife. Born at Kemnay, 2nd
August, 1786. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1799- 1803. App. to
Andrew Jopp (1796).

Died, unmarried, at Spanish Town, Jamaica, 10th March, 1827.

Shand, Robert 19th November, 1827.

Sixth son of the above mentioned Rev. John Shand. Born at
Kintore, 21st February, 1801. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1819. App. to
Andrew Jopp (1796). Sometime in partnership with the said
Andrew Jopp and his son, Alexander Jopp, firm being Jopp &
Shand. Director, Aberdeen Town and County Bank ; and
Northern Agricultural Coy. Trustee and manager, National
Security Savings' Bank. Fiars Juror. 1840.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 20th April, 1862. ■

'". . . Never did a man possess a more kindly and benevolent disposition, and
many can bear testimony to his ready professional assistance rendered without prospect of
fee or reward. . . ." — See Carnie's "Reporting Reminiscences," II., p. 75.


Shaw, John Milne. 16th October, 1868.

Second son of Robert Shaw, messenger-at-arms and house agent,
Aberdeen, and Isabella Lawrance, his wife. Born at Aberdeen,
22nd December, 1841. Educated at the Grammar School, Old
Aberdeen; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1859-60, and of Aberd., 1860-
62. App. to William Leslie Reid (Jopp & Reid). Sometime
in partnership with John Muill (1858), firm being Muill & Shaw.
Notary Public. Married, at Lowbank, Trinity-Gask, Perthshire,
8th February, 1870, Kate Tod, eldest dau. of William Gardiner
of Rottearns, with issue : —

1. John Milne Gardiner.

1. Jane Campbell Gardiner, died 10th May, 1885.

2. Kate Tod.

Died at Aberdeen, 17th February, 1904.

Shirrefs, Alexander. 26th January, 1789.

Son of David Shirrefs, builder, Aberdeen, and Jane Lunan, his wife.
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1779. App. to John Gordon (1753). Some-
time Joint Sheriff Clerk Depute and Commissary Court
Procurator Fiscal. Joint assessor and clerk to the Incorporated
Trades of Aberdeen. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
28th August, 1 80 1. Fiars Juror, 1806-15. Treasurer of the
Society of Advocates, 1800-2. President, 1806-8. Married. 4th
September, 1796, Anne (died at Aberdeen, 14th June, 1832,
aged 58), younger dau. of Lieut. Francis Gordon, Mill of
Lumphart, formerly of the 88th Regiment of Foot, with issue : —

1. John David, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1818 ; surgeon; died of

yellow fever at Port Antonio, Jamaica, 28th November,

2. Alexander. (See under Apprentices in Appendix.)

3. James, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1833; L.R.C.S., Edinb., 1835;

Assistant Army Surgeon, 1837; resigned 1841 ; died at
Deniliquin, New South Wales, 6th October, 1862, aged 46.


1. Jane, married John Smith, advocate (1810).

2. Anne, died at Bridge of Allan, 12th September, 1879,

aged j6.
Died at Aberdeen, 22nd July, 1823, aged 63.

Shirrefs, John Lumsden. J 13th November, 1818.

Eldest son of George Barclay, afterwards Lumsden Shirrefs of
Blairmormond and Knowsie, Lonmay, and Margaret Smith, his
wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1807-8, etc. App. to Francis
Gordon (1796). Sometime in partnership with Robert Alcock
(181 8), firm being Shirrefs & Alcock. Succeeded to Blair-
mormond and Knowsie.

Died, unmarried, nth May, 1852, aged 57.

Shirres, Alexander. 15th April, 1875.

Son of William Shirres, manufacturer, Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen,
6th December, 1849. Alumnus, Aberd., 1865-68. App. to John
Duguid Milne and George Walker (Milne & Walker). Notary

Died, unmarried, at Sydney, 24th June, 1882.

Shives, Thomas. 2nd November, 1874.

Youngest son of Alexander Shives, farmer, Auchtcrellon, Ellon.
Born 20th March, 1850. Alumnus, Aberd., 1865-66 and 1868-
69. App. to Robert Ligcrtwood (J. & R. Ligertwood).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 26th March, 1906.

Silver, George. 6th July, 1835.

Son of George Silver of Netherley. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1821-23
and 1824-25. App., first, to Alexander Crombie (1789), and,

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