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second, to James Brebner (1828).

Died, unmarried, 21st February, 1866.

1 For account of amusing incidents in the career of Shirrefs, see G. Walker's "Aberdeen
Awa'," pp. "7-i8.


Sim, John. 26th June, 1777.

App. to Arthur Dingwall Fordyce (1769). Notary Public. Married,
and was survived by at least one son and one daughter.

Died in 1788.

Sim, John. 19th November, 1814.

Son of John Sim of the Leith and Clyde Shipping Coy., Aberdeen,
and Margaret Kiloh, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1808. App. to
Andrew Jopp (1796). Sometime Treasurer to the Commissioners
of Police.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 7th October, 1823, aged 32. ■

Simpson, Alexander. 14th January, 1848.

Second son of the Rev. Alexander Simpson, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1797,
minister of Strichen, and Agnes Margaret Youngson, his wife.
Born at Strichen, 27th December, 1822. Educated at Grammar
School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1837-41. App. to
Alexander Smith (Alexander & Robert Smith, afterwards Smith
& Cochran). Thereafter with Messrs. Cook, W.S., Edinburgh.
In partnership, 1876-96, with George Cruden (1875), firm being
Simpson & Cruden. George Archibald Simpson (1890) was
assumed as a partner in said firm in 1890. Clerk and Treasurer
to the General Session of St. Nicholas, and Clerk to the Kirk
Sessions of nearly all the city churches. Member of first
Aberdeen School Board. Active promoter of the Church of
Scotland Training College, and Normal School, Aberdeen.
Clerk and Treasurer to the Aberdeen Educational Trust, and
subsequently factor. Member of General Council, University
of Aberdeen. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1884-89.
Portrait in Committee Room. Married, at Edinburgh, 28th

1 Under Mr. Sim's deed of settlement, his whole estate was left to his mother.


September, 1855, Jane, eldest dau. of the late George Taylor
of Lissonfield, County Dublin, with issue : —

1. Arthur, died at Aberdeen, 17th February, 1874, aged 16.

2. Alexander, died at Aberdeen, 26th October, 1862.

3. George Archibald, advocate (1890).

4. Alexander, died at Aberdeen in 1866, in infancy.

5. Frederick Taylor, sometime of the Hong-Kong and

Shanghai Bank ; thereafter of the Standard Bank of
South Africa ; joined Plumer's Horse in the South
African War ; and died at Gaberones, 14th February,
1900, aged 30.

6. Frank Douglas, Indian Civil Service, Commissioner at

Gorakhpur, United Provinces, India.

1. Elizabeth, died at Aberdeen, 16th April, 1857.

2. Agnes Margaret.

3. Amy Jane, married, at Aberdeen, 3rd September, 1889,

the Hon. Sydney Cuthbert, M.L.C., Belize, British

Died at Aberdeen, 17th February, 1900.

Simpson, Alexander (Junior). 1 1th July, 1 848.

Eldest son of William Simpson, advocate (1813). Born at Aberdeen,
16th May, 1826. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1841-44. App. to
Charles Chalmers and Nathaniel Farquhar (Chalmers &
Farquhar). Sometime in partnership with George Cadenhead
(1848), firm being Simpson & Cadenhead. Procurator Fiscal
of Aberdeenshire, i858-8o. T Secretary, Aberdeen Female Orphan
Asylum. Secretary, Aberdeen Association for Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals. Captain, 1st Aberdeenshire Rifle Vols.,
2 1 st January, i860; Major, 13th February, 1871, retiring 7th
July, 1875. Membership of the Society of Advocates terminated
1882. Married, first, at Aberdeen, 6th September, 1855, Harriet

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 132.


Stuart Forbes (died at Murtle, Peterculter, nth August, 1873,
aged 37), only dau. of Rev. William Laurie, sometime Episcopal
clergyman, New Pitsligo, with issue, of whom : —

Alexander John Stuart, died at Trinity College, Glenalmond,

23rd October, 1871.
Patrick George, M.B., CM., Aberd., 1884; London.
Catherine Alexander, married, 26th September, 1877, Charles
Birnie, M.A., Aberd., 1875, schoolmaster, Rayne, minister
of Aberdour, Aberdeenshire, 1884.
Married, second, at St. Paul's, Edinburgh, 24th December, 1874,
Isabella, dau. of the late James McBean, Kingussie.

Died at Mill of Fowlis, Alford, 7th February, 1910.

Simpson, George Archibald. 31st January, 1890.

Third son of Alexander Simpson (1848). Born at Aberdeen, 27th
April, 1864. Educated at the Gymnasium, and Grammar School,
Old Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1884. App., first, to his father
and George Cruden (Simpson & Cruden), and, second, to Patrick
Henderson Chalmers, Farquharson Taylor Garden, Charles
Ruxton and David Montague Alexander Chalmers (C. & P. H.
Chalmers). Thereafter with Webster, Will & Ritchie, S.S.C.,
Edinburgh. In partnership, 1890-96, with his father and George
Cruden (1875), firm being Simpson & Cruden; 1896-1907, with
Archibald John Watt Storie, S.S.C., the said George Cruden,
and Robert C. Jackson, solicitor, firm being Storie, Cruden &
Coy., and from 1907 with the said Archibald John Watt Storie
and George Cruden, firm being Storie, Cruden & Simpson.
Session clerk to several city churches. Treasurer to the
Aberdeen Provincial Committee for the Training of Teachers.
Captain, 1st Vol. Batt. Gordon Highlanders. Married, 3rd July,
1901, Barbara Walker, dau. of Alexander Milne, late farmer,
Woodland, Udny, with issue : —

1. George Taylor.

1. Barbara Jean.


Simpson, James. • 1 6th November, 1816.

Son of Patrick Simpson, merchant, manufacturer and burgess,
Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1810, being ist bursar. App. to
Alexander Smith (1804). Legal assessor to the Magistrates
and Town Council of Aberdeen. Law Agent to the Police
Commissioners. Clerk to the Town of Aberdeen Road Trustees.
Collector of City Assessments. Director, Aberdeen Town and
County Bank. Guild burgess, admitted 25th October, 1833.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1846-48. President,

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 31st January, 1866. 2

Simpson, William. 13th November, 1813.

Son of the Rev. Alexander Simpson, M.A., Mar. Coll.. 1763, minister
of Fraserburgh, and Rachel Scroggs, his wife. Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1804-6. App. to Francis Gordon (1796). Sometime
Sheriff Clerk Depute. Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire,
1822-58. 3 Trustee and Manager, National Security Savings'
Bank. Fiars Juror, 1840. Prepared, in conjunction with Francis
Clerihew, in 1853, MS. Report on the Records of the Sheriff
Court of Aberdeenshire. 4 Proprietor of Glcnythan, Forgue.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1840-42. President,
1844-46. Married, at Aberdeen, 29th April, 1824, Helen (died
at Glasslough, County Monaghan, Ireland, ist February, 1888,
aged 88), third dau. of Patrick Still, South Bridge, Aberdeen,
with issue : —

1. Alexander, advocate (1848).

2. Patrick Still, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1841-4; married, at

Belmont, Bridge of Allan, nth May, 1866, Jane Gordon,

1 As only surviving son, James Simpson succeeded to his father's house property in
Aberdeen. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."

2 Characterised by Dr. Grub as "one of the best provincial lawyers of his day" and
as "a man of good literary taste and acquirements." — Spalding Club "Antiquities," I.,
p. iii.

3 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 132. * Ibid., I., p. xvi.


eldest dau. of the late Rev. Alexander Macfarlane, M.A.,
minister of Crathie and Braemar.

3. William, drowned at Hokfanga, New Zealand, 21st

August, 1873, aged 39.

4. Charles Stewart Still, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1851-53;

Eastern Bengal Railway service ; died at Jamalpore,
22nd October, 1871.

5. Simon, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1854-57 ; Colonel, retired

pay, late R.A. ; married, in Jersey, 10th June, 1875, Julia,
second dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. Deare, 21st Royal
N.B. Fusiliers.

6. George, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1857-59; went to New


7. James S., Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1857-60; Major, Royal

Engineers ; died of yellow fever at Nassau, Bahama
Islands, 19th July, 1880.

1. Katharine Stewart, married at Aberdeen, 5th November,

185 1, Rev. John Matheson, Free Church minister of

2. Charlotte Still, married, at Derncleugh, nth July, 1850,

William Oughterson, C.E., Dungannon.

3. Rachel Eleanora, married, at Hong-Kong, 7th February,

i860, Colin Shaw Matheson ; and died at Ventnor, Isle
of Wight, 3rd March, 1868, aged 34.

4. Helen Anne, married, at Kilkenny, 13th April, 1871,

Robert W. Stewart, L.R.C.P., Edinb. ; L.R.C.S. ; Glass-

Died at Torquay, 20th November, 1858, aged 6y.

Sinclair, Thomas Spark. 26th July, 1864.

Third son of William Sinclair, druggist, Aberdeen, and Isobel Black,
his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 29th October, 1838. Educated at
West End Academy, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 1856. App. to Newell Burnett (Burnett & Reid).


Sometime in partnership with James Taylor, S.S.C., Aberdeen,
firm being Sinclair-Spark & Taylor. Sometime Secretary and
Treasurer, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Adopted the patro-
nymic of Spark in 1870, on succeeding to one half of the moveable
estate of his grand-uncle, William Spark of Craigiepark, sometime
watchmaker and jeweller, Aberdeen. Married, first, at Rosehill,
near Aberdeen, 26th June, 1867, Jane (died at Mentone, France, 16th
May, 1883, aged 40), second dau. of Walter Gray, manufacturer,
Grandholm, with issue : —

Walter William, M.B., CM., Aberd., 1891 ; eye specialist,

Constance, died 8th June, 1873.

Alice, died 5th August, 1880, aged 6.

Jeannie, died at Banchory, 8th August, 1877.

Evelyn, died at Worthing, Sussex, 25th June, 1886.

Ida, died at Worthing, 16th February, 1888.
Married, second, 30th April, 1885, Margaret Smith, eldest dau.
of Alexander Joss, Cruchie, Huntly, with issue : —

Thomas Spark.

Clement Alexander, died 26th October, 1894.

Margaret Isobel.


Frances Mary Grace.
Died at Banchory, 2nd June, 1906. 1

Skeyne, Robert. 1557.

Skeyne, William. 1560.

Skinner, William. 10th July, 1829.

Third son of the Very Rev. John Skinner, Episcopal clergyman,
Forfar, Dean of Dunkeld and Dunblane, and Elizabeth Ure, his

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XXII., p. 205.


wife. Born 8th August, 1806. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1820-24.
App. to James Blaikie and Patrick Bannerman (Blaikie &
Bannerman). Sometime in partnership with Alexander Ross
(1839), firm being Skinner & Ross; and thereafter with Thomas
Wilsone, solicitor, firm being Skinner & Wilsone. Notary Public.
Agent for the Scottish Provident Institution, and the Insurance
Company of Scotland. Honorary secretary, Royal Association
for Promotion of Fine Arts in Scotland. Member of General
Council, University of Aberdeen. Married, at Aberdeen, 14th
July, 1842, Emily Mary (died at Aberdeen, 24th February, 1858,
aged 35), dau. of the late David Forsyth, St. Petersburg, with
issue : —

1. John, merchant, Calcutta.

2. William.

3. David George.

4. James Henry.

1. Katherine Elizabeth.
Died at Aberdeen, 19th November, 1861.

Smith, Adam. 5th July, 1796.

Youngest son of William Smith, advocate (1779). Alumnus, Mar.

Coll., 1787-91. App. to Charles Bannerman (1776).
Died, unmarried, in Demerara, 18 12, aged ^7.

Smith, Alexander. 21st September, 1804.

Son of Robert Smith, manufacturer, Aberdeen, and Ann Farquhar-
son, his wife. App. to John Davidson (1782). In partnership
with his son Robert (1839), firm being Alexander & Robert
Smith; and from 1844 with the said Robert Smith, and Francis
James Cochran (183 1), firm being Smith & Cochran. Fiars Juror,
1841-44. Director, North American Investment and Loan Coy.
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 10th December, 1832.
Purchased estate of Glenmillan, Lumphanan, in 1820, and
sundry property in Aberdeen at various dates. Treasurer of the
Society of Advocates, 1834-36. President, 1838-40. Married,

S 1


7th May, 1 8 14, Elizabeth (died at Aberdeen, 29th November,
1855, aged 67), dau. of William Lamond, of Stranduff, with
issue : —

i. William, died 13th July, 1822, aged 7.

2. Robert, advocate (1839).

3. James Lamond, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1836-39; died at

Toronto, 13th January, 1883.

4. Alexander, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1838-40.

5. Charles Farquharson, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1845 ; manager at

Quebec of the Bank of British North America ; died
there, 13th August, 1883.

6. Harry, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1845; W.S., admitted 25th

November, 1852 ; member of the Faculty of Advocates,
admitted 6th June, 1857; Sheriff-Substitute of Renfrew-
shire, 1874-85 ; sometime M.P. for Falkirk (District)
Burghs ; married, 6th August, 1861, Julia Medina, dau. of
Colonel Rice Jones, K.H., Royal Engineers ; died at
Guildford, 29th September, 1910, aged 81.

7. William, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1848-50; of the Standard

Assurance Coy., Montreal, and of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce, Toronto; married, at Philadelphia 7th October,
1863, Anne Sophia, second dau. of Dr. W. H. Smith,

1. Elizabeth, married Francis James Cochran, advocate (1831).

2. Ann Farquharson, married, at Glenmillan, 18th August,

1840, Alexander Harvey, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1849; M.D.,
Edin., 1835 ; Lecturer, Institutes of Medicine, Mar. Coll.,
afterwards Professor of Materia Medica, Univ. of Aberd.

3. Christian, died 30th January, 1835, aged 14.

4. Agnes, married, at Aberdeen, 14th March, 1854, Rev.

Thomas James Patteson, minister of the Free Church,
Kinnettles, Forfarshire.

5. Margaret, died in infancy.

6. Janet Davidson, died in infancy.

Pied at Aberdeen, 12th December, 1847, aged 64.


Smith, Alexander (Junior). 16th November, 1819.

Son of James Smith, goldsmith and jeweller, Aberdeen. M.A.,

Mar. Coll., 1809. App. to Alexander Crombie (1789).
Died, unmarried, at Ardoville, 13th December, 1834.

Smith, Alexander Emslie. 11th May, 1858.

Eldest son of Alexander Smith, farmer and timber merchant, and
Margaret Lawrence, his wife. Born at Burns of Deskford, Banff-
shire, 8th October, 1832. Educated at Banff Academy, and
Fordyce Academy; Alumnus, King's Coll., 1850-52. App. to
Robert Smith and Francis James Cochran (Smith & Cochran).
Editor of "St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel Register of Baptisms"
with "Historical Introduction," in "Miscellany," II. Author of
various monographs, 1 including " Corgarff Castle" 1901 ;
" Episcopal Church in Aberdeen at the Revolution," 1905 ;
" Cullen House," 1907; "The Mystery of Dubrach in Braemar,"
1908. Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen.
Married, at Craighouse, Sclattie, Newhills, 28th August, i860,
Elizabeth Hay (died at Summerhill House, Aberdeen, 25th
August, 1906, aged 68), second dau. of David Finlay, Craighouse,
with issue : —

1. James Lawrence, M.B., CM., Aberd., 1883 ; Fleet Surgeon,
R.N., nth February, 1900, having joined the medical
service of the Royal Navy, nth February, 1884 ; 2
M.V.O. (4th class), 28th November, 1898 ; now assistant
at the Admiralty to the Director General, Medical Dept.

1 Reviews by Mr. Smith on the following works appeared in The Aberdeen Free
Press on the dates mentioned :—" The Trials of Five Queens," 22nd March, 1909; "The
Douglas Cause," 1st April, 1909 ; " A Georgian Wit," 8th April, 1906 ; Lady Purbeck,
19th April, 1909; "The Tractarian Movement," 7th June, 1909; "St. Paul's Cathedral,"
1st November, 1909; "Glimpses of Old England," November, 1909; "The Great Wall
of China," 28th December, 1909; "Madeira"; "Scottish Communion Offices " ; "The
Ettrick Shepherd and Sir Walter Scott," 14th February, 1910 ; " 18th Century Letters,"
16th May, 1910: "The Border," 2nd June, 1910; "Church Dedications," 27th June,
1910; "Duke of Argyll Letters," 25th July, 1910.

2 Col. W. Johnston's " Roll of Graduates," p. 506.


2. Alexander Emslie, advocate (1891).

3. Harry Emslie, M.B., Ch.B., Aberd., 1900; Lieutenant,

Indian Medical Service, 1st September, 1902 ; Captain,
1st September, 1905 ; married, at St. John's Episcopal
Church, Aberdeen, 5th September, 191 2, Mary Isabella,
elder dau. of Thomas Milne, M.D., Aberdeen.

1. Ann, married George Cran, M.B., CM., Aberd., 1875 ;

M.D., 1877; Banchory-Ternan.

2. Elizabeth, married Alexander Rudolf Galloway, M.A.,

Aberd., 1884; M.B., CM., 1888; ophthalmic surgeon,
Aberdeen. She is now deceased.

3. Frances, married Nelson F. Henderson, publisher, London.

4. Mary, married Winford S. Henderson, publisher, London.

5. Hester, married Francis John Lankester, M.R.C.S., Eng. ;

L.R.C.P., Lond. ; Bradford.

6. Edith.

Smith, Alexander Emslie (Junior). 17th February, 1891.

Second son of Alexander Emslie Smith, advocate (1858). Born at
Aberdeen, 24th February, 1864. Educated at Rattray's
School, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd.,
1885. App. to his father. Secretary, Aberdeen Artists' Society
since 1891. Secretary, Aberdeen Pen and Pencil Club, since
formation in 1891.

Smith, John. 13th December, 1810.

Eldest son of John Smith of Mount Pleasant, and Elizabeth
McKimmy, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1806. App. to
Alexander Shirrefs (1789). Married, at Aberdeen, 14th
November, 1820, Jane 1 (died at Aberdeen, 26th June, 1867,
aged 68), eldest dau. of the said Alexander Shirrefs.

Died, s.p.y at Aberdeen, 7th September, 1847, aged 60.

'In Cadenhead's "The Family of Cadenhead," p. 26, this Jane Shirrefs is incorrectly
given as a daughter (instead of grand-daughter) of David Shirrefs.

<^%?Aw <^?*i<c6rt/.



Smith, John (Junior). 16th November, 1819.

Son of John Smith, manager, calico-printing department, Woodside

Works, and Jolly, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1813. App.

to John Ewing (181 1). Thereafter with legal firm in Edinburgh.
Sometime in partnership with James Blaikie (1808), and after-
wards for a short time with John Blaikie (1836), firm being
Blaikie & Smith, which was dissolved 30th June, 1849. Notary-
Public. Chartered Accountant. Sometime factor for Milne
Bequest Trustees. Director, Aberdeen Town and County Bank,
Scottish Provincial Assurance Coy., and Aberdeen Commercial
Coy. Manager, National Security Savings' Bank. Fiars Juror,
seventeen times, 1836-67. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
23rd March, 1840. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates,
1852-53. President, 1859-61 and 1881-84. Portrait by Sir
George Reid, P.R.S.A., in Society's Hall. Author of "Memoir
of John Milne, M.D., founder of the Milne Bequest." Bequeathed,
by codicil, dated nth January, 1883, £1000 for the purpose of
providing a Supplementary Widows' Fund in connection with the
Society. Married, at Aberdeen, 27th September, 1832, Margaret
(died at Aberdeen, 14th October, 1890, aged 82), dau. of William
McKinnon, ironfounder and burgess, Aberdeen.

Died, s.p., at Paris, 5th May, 1884, aged 87.

Smith, Patrick. 16th November, 1705.

Son of John Smith of Inveramsay. Procurator-Fiscal of Aberdeen-
shire, 1 707- 1 6. 1 Fiars Juror, 1727. Succeeded to the estate of
Inveramsay, and was also proprietor of Drimmies. 2 Married
(contract dated 10th September, 1705) Elizabeth (died January,
1 76 1, aged 76), dau. of Alexander Kerr of Menie, with issue: —
1. Alexander.

1 Littlejohn's "Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 122.

2 Smith was the owner of Kirkhill and sundry Templar properties in Aberdeen. He dis-
poned part of the latter to "Skipper" Alexander Scott in 1710, and in 1739 parted with other
"tenements and yairds." In 1722 his name appears as one of the guarantors in connection
with the indebtedness of St. Paul's Episcopal Meeting House.


1. Janet.

2. Clementina, baptised 16th January, 1722 ; married Hugh

Gordon, watchmaker, Aberdeen.

3. Marjory (frequently named May), died after 21st January,


4. Susanna, baptised 27th September, 1724.

5. Helen, baptised 18th December, 1726; married Charles

Hacket, Inveramsay, and died 7th October, 1790.

6. Rachel, 1 died after 21st January, 1786.

Smith, Robert 21st November, 1839.

Second son of Alexander Smith, advocate (1804). Born at Aberdeen,
9th May, 1 8 19. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1835. App. to his father.
Partner in the firm of Alexander and Robert Smith, 1839-44,
and of Smith & Cochran from 1844 to 1874, retiring in 1876.
Notary Public. Clerk to the 6th, or Aberdeen, District Road
Trustees from April, 1841 to July, 1874. Joint agent at
Aberdeen of the Royal Bank of Scotland, 1861-74. Director,
Deeside Railway Coy. Fiars Juror, 1850-74. Author of "On
Planting at Balgowan," 1857. Succeeded to Glenmillan in
1847. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1873-74.
President, 1874-75. Portrait 2 by Joseph Farquharson, A.R.A.,
in the possession of Mr. Smith's son. Portrait also in Committee
Room. Married, at Aberdeen, 2nd June, 1855, Margaret (died
at Aberdeen, 22nd May, 1908, aged 76), dau. of the late
Alexander Glennie of Maybank, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. John Stuart, died at Aberdeen, 26th November, 1872,

aged 16.

2. Robert Francis Marshall.
Died at Glenmillan, 14th July, 1892.

1 On 7th March, 1772, Janet, Clementina, May, Helen, and Rachel Smith, the only
children then in life, as heirs portioners of their deceased father, had sasine in tenement
property on the north side of the Castlegate. — " Aberdeen Sasine Register."

2 Presented by the Tenantry on the Estate of Finzean, on the occasion of Mr. Smith's
retirement from the position of Factor.


Smith, William. 2nd February, 1779.

App. to Alexander Thomson (171 8). Married, in November, 1762,
when a writer in Aberdeen, Margaret (died 17th April, 1796,
aged 52), natural dau. of John Skene of Dyce, with issue: —

1. Andrew, adopted surname of Skene on succeeding to

the estate of Lethenty ; and died in London, 9th April,
1830, aged 60.

2. John, captain, R.N.

3. Adam, advocate (1796).

1. Margaret, died 23rd May, 1844, aged 80.

2. Mary.

3. Janet, died 18th May, 1864, aged 81.
Died at Aberdeen, 6th October, 1793, aged 71.

Smith, William. 19th November, 1817.

Son of George Smith, glazier, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 181 3.
App. to Alexander Smith (1804). Notary Public. Guild
burgess, admitted 2nd August, 1826. Left Aberdeen before
August, 1836, and finally settled in the district of St. Francis,
Canada East, where he acted as a legal adviser and J. P. Married
Caroline (died at Newtonhill, Brompton, Canada, 9th November,
1873), second dau. of Andrew McKay, sometime of Newtonhill,
Kincardineshire, with issue.

Died at Sherbrooke, Canada East, 26th January, 1867, aged 70.

Smith, William. 28th January, 1873.

Second son of John Smith, farmer, Greenhall, Insch, and Johanna
Cooper, his wife. Born at Greenhall, 19th August, 1847.
Educated at Free Church School, Insch ; Parish School, Insch ;
and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd., 1865-67.
App. to Alexander Jopp and William Leslie Reid (Jopp & Reid).
In partnership with Lessel Stephen (1856), from 1880 to Mr.
Stephen's death, 1st August, 1882, firm being Stephen & Smith.


Assumed the late Benjamin Spark, solicitor, as a partner in his
said firm in 1885, and John Donald Munro, solicitor, in 1909.
Notary Public. Clerk of Lieutenancy of Aberdeenshire, appointed
1889. Secretary, North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage Company
(Limited) from 1882 to 1907, and its Managing Director from 1907.
Chairman, Board of Directors, Scottish Northern Investment
Trust (Limited), since its institution in 1908 ; also Chairman,
Board of Directors, Second Scottish Northern Investment Trust
(Limited), since its institution in 1910. Chairman, Board of
Directors, Hugh Imlay & Coy. (Limited), envelope manufacturers,
Aberdeen. Director, Aberdeen Savings' Investment Trust,
Limited, and member, Local Board of Directors, London and
Lancashire Fire Insurance Coy. Trustee and Manager,
Aberdeen Savings' Bank, 1898, member of its Committee of
Management, 1899, and Trustee, 1901. Secretary, Aberdeen
Ambulance Association, 1887-98 — merged in 1898 in St.
Andrew's Ambulance Association, of Local Centre of which
appointed Secretary. Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, County of
Aberdeen Branch, British Red Cross Society (Scottish Branch).
Member of Committee of the City of Aberdeen Branch of
the British Red Cross Society. Chairman, Aberdeen District
Nursing Association. Member of Committee, Morningfield
Hospital, 1900-11, and Aberdeen Association for Improving the
Condition of the Poor. Director of the Institution for the
Education of the Deaf and Dumb. Member of Local Com-

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