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mittee of the Indigent Gentlewomen's Fund. Vice-President
of the Incorporated Soldiers' and Sailors' Help Society for
Aberdeenshire. Member of Committee for Aged Christian
Friend Society. Member of Committee, Aberdeen Art Gallery
and Industrial Museum, and Vice-President of the Aberdeen
Artists' Society. Director, Aberdeen Association for Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals. Member of Committee (Chairman,
1907-10), Aberdeen Centre, Royal Scottish Geographical Society.
Member of Council, New Spalding Club. Guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 3rd May, 1886. Treasurer of the Society
of Advocates, 1908-ii. Married, first, at Monavie Cottage,
Ballifeary, Inverness, 25th January, 1881, Mary Ann (died at


I Queen's Terrace, Aberdeen, 16th June, 1908), dau. of John
Fraser, merchant, Inverness. Married, second, at Clapham
Parish Church, London, nth January, 1910, Anna Helen, eldest
dau. of George Dunn, Commander, Peninsular and Oriental
Company's Service.

Smith, William Dickie. 1 28th August, 1901.

Second son of William Leslie Dickie, merchant, Muchalls, and
Elizabeth Lamb, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 20th September,
1870. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen. M.A., Aberd.,
1 891. App., first, to Robert Lamb (1873), second, to Arthur
David Morice (1870), and Alexander Wilson, solicitor. There-
after with Simpson & Marwick, W.S., Edinburgh. Notary Public.
Depute Procurator Fiscal for the city of Aberdeen.

Sorley, John Tower. 2nd February, 1894.

Third son of Robert Sorley, veterinary surgeon, and Janet Fernie,
his wife. Born at Alford, 12th January, 1858. Educated at
Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A. (with honours), Aberd., 1879.
App. to Alexander Davidson, James Garden, James Murray
Garden, and John Whyte (Davidson & Garden). City Chamber-
lain of Aberdeen, appointed 27th April, 191 1. Guild burgess,
admitted 7th August, 191 1. Married, at Aberdeen, 29th July,
1890, Anne, younger dau. of William Milne, manager of
salmon fishings, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Herbert Tower.

2. John Tower.

3. Ernest Robert.

1. Medeleine.

2. Anne Frances.

1 In childhood the surname of his uncle, William Smith, who had adopted him, was given
as his patronymic.



Spalding, James. 4th December, 1801.

Son of Robert Spalding, hairdresser, Aberdeen, and Isabel Strachan,
his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1794. App. to John Gordon (1753).
Joint Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire from April, 1806, to
May, 181 1, when he became sole Procurator Fiscal. 2 Lieutenant,
Royal Aberdeen Vols., 1803 ; Lieutenant, Aberdeenshire Local
Militia, 1808. Married, at Aberdeen, nth June, 1808, Frances
(died at Edinburgh, 16th February, 1874), dau. of Samuel Read,
sometime of Gardenstone Bleachfield, with issue, of whom : —

William, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1827; member, Faculty of
Advocates, admitted 5th July, 1833 ; Professor of
Rhetoric, Edinburgh, 1840, and of Logic, St. Andrews,
1845 5 Author of "History of English Literature," etc.;
married Agnes, dau. of Thomas Frier, Brothcrstone,
Mertoun ; and died 16th November, 1859.

Isabella, died at Banchory, 20th August, 1827, in her 17th

James Frances (a dau.), died 2nd October, 18 17, aged 5.
Died at Aberdeen, 3rd June, 18 12, aged 35.

Spaldynge, Alexander. 3 1 609.

Commissary Clerk Depute. Practiced in Old Aberdeen. Married,
in 1608, Christian Harvey, with issue, of whom : —

John, honorary burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 17th September,
1662 ; Author of " Memorialls of the Trubles in Scot-
land and in England, 1624-45."

1 In the capacity of a writer, he took the oath of Allegiance, etc., to George III.,
13th January, 1801.

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 132.

3 Spaldynge had his residence in the College Wynd, Old Aberdeen, where, according
to Orem, he "had a good lodging, well slated, with a timber-forestair. "


Spark, Benjamin. 13th November, 1823.

Son of Thomas Spark, Clerk and Treasurer, Royal Infirmary,

Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 18 13-16. App. to Adam
Coutts (1803).

Died unmarried, 1839. x

Spark, Thomas Spark Sinclair. See Sinclair, Thomas Spark.

Speid, William. 3rd December, 1844.

Son of Alexander Speid, merchant, Rosehall, Drumoak. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1834-36. App. to William Ross (1826). Stock and
share broker. Membership of the Society of Advocates
terminated November, 1866. Married Anne McLeod (died at
Aberdeen, 6th January, 1863), with issue, of whom: —
Agnes, baptised 31st August, 1856.

Died before November, 1869.

Spottiswood, Robert Spottiswood Farquhar. 4th December, 1843.

Third son of the Rev. Alexander Farquhar, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1785,
minister of Pitsligo, and Ann Crooks, his wife. Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1834-36. App. to William Adam and Alexander Anderson
(Adam & Anderson). Sometime in partnership with William
Yeats (1836), firm being Yeats & Spottiswood. Secretary and
Treasurer, Aberdeen Female School of Industry. Fiars Juror,
1857-69. Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen.
Proprietor of estate of Muiresk, Turriff, on succeeding to which he
adopted the patronymic of Spottiswood. Married, at Balgownie,
24th December, 1857, Georgina Mary Agnew (died at Balgownie
House, 2nd May, 1905, aged 72), youngest dau. of Henry David
Forbes of Balgownie, with issue : —

1. Henry Alexander Farquhar, of Muiresk, born 18th August,
1859 ; married, at Turriff, 1st June, 1882, Agnes, eldest

1 Deceased's elder brother, Robert Spark, painter in Aberdeen, succeeded.


dau. of Sir George Abercromby, Bart, of Birkenbog and

2. Robert James Farquhar, died at Bournemouth, 14th
February, 1876, aged II.

1. Ann Margaret Farquhar, born 10th May, 1861 ; died

May, 1895.

2. Mary Georgina Farquhar, born 28th March, 1863.

3. Emily Lizette Farquhar, born 3rd August, 1867; died

in infancy.

Died at Aberdeen, 2nd April, 1873.

Stephen, Lessel. 7th November, 1856.

Second son of James Stephen, farmer, Conglass, and Eliza Jamieson,
his wife. Born at Conglass in 1832. Educated at Parish School,
Inverurie, the Academy, Kemnay, and Grammar School,
Aberdeen; Alumnus, King's Coll., 1847-49. App. to John
Yeats and Alexander Flockhart (Yeats & Flockhart). In
partnership with William Smith (1873) from 1880, firm being
Stephen & Smith. Member of General Council, University of
Aberdeen. Lieut., 1st Aberdeenshire Rifle Vols., 27th January,
i860; Captain, April, 1861, retiring 21st March, 1868. Married,
at St. Stephen's, South Lambeth, London, 30th July, 1867,
Louisa (died at Kensington, London, 29th November, 1904),
elder dau. of Philip Palmer, sometime of Wood Street and
Denmark Hill, London, with issue : —

1. Lessel Palmer, married, at St. Columba's Church, Pont St.,
London, 10th September, 1908, Jane, only dau. of the late
Edward Meldrum, D.L., Dechmont, Linlithgowshire.

1. Marion Louisa, married, at St. Mary Abbots, Kensington,
London, 20th October, 1906, Alexander Mitchell, M.B.,
CM., physician and surgeon, Old Aberdeen.

Died at Aberdeen, 1st August, 1882.


Stephen, Robert. 12th December, 1834.

Son of William Stephen, sometime coppersmith in Aberdeen. M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 1830. App. to James Hardie (1804). Agent at
Fraserburgh for the North of Scotland Bank. Married, at Fraser-
burgh, 31st August, 1843, Margaret (died at Fraserburgh, 9th
September, 1853, aged 27), dau. of David Milne, merchant there,
with issue, of whom : —

Robert, died 27th June, 1846.

Margaret, married, at Fraserburgh, Alexander George Duncan,
M.B., Logie, Crimond, and died 21st July, 1875.
Died at Fraserburgh, 26th January, 1853, aged 44.

Stewart, David. 3rd November, 1873. z

Youngest son of David Stewart, merchant, Newkirk, Logie-Coldstone,
and Margaret Maitland, his wife. Born at Logie-Coldstonc, 18th
April, 1849. M.A., Aberd., 1869. App. to Alexander Jopp and
William Leslie Reid (Jopp & Reid). In partnership with John
Murray (1886) from 1886, firm being Stewart & Murray. Notary
Public. Joint clerk and assessor to the Incorporated Trades of

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 8th February, ll

Stewart, George. 8th December, 1813.

Son of Alexander Stewart, writer, Huntly. App. to Alexander

Webster (1794). Removed to London before 1828.
Died, unmarried, in London, 1830.

Stewart, Livingston. 15th April, 1842.

Son of Alexander Stewart, merchant, and sometime magistrate of
Aberdeen, and Janet Norval, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1 833-35. App. to James Edmond and Francis Edmond

1 Mr. Stewart was the first who passed under "The Law Agents' (Scotland) Act" of 1873.


(J. & F. Edmond). Infant burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 24th
September, 1822.
Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 10th April, 1844, in his 25th year.

Stirling, William. 6th December, 1790.

Son of William Stirling, shipmaster, Aberdeen, and Christian
Meldrum, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., entered 1780. App.
to John Ross (1776).

Died, unmarried, 26th November, 1816. *

Strachan, Alexander. Before 1563. 2

Strachan, James. 3 26th June, 1 777.

Son of James Strachan, sometime farmer at Links, Aberdeen,
afterwards maltster there, and Isabel Strachan, 4 his wife. Sheriff
Substitute of Kincardineshire, 1796- 1804. Married, 19th October,
1788, Christian, dau. of Alexander Farquharson of Balfour,

Died 1 8th July, 1804.

Stronach, Alexander. 13th November, 1818.

Eldest son of the Rev. William Stronach, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1775,
minister of New Machar, afterwards of Marnoch, and his wife,
Harriet, second dau. of Sir James Reid of Barra, Bart.
Alumnus, King's Coll., 1807-11. App. to Andrew Jopp (1796).
Sometime in partnership with Charles Garston Grainger (1837),

1 Under Mr. Stirling's will, dated 3rd February, 1816, the principal beneficiaries were
his mother and the children of his brothers, George and James.

2 Colonel Leslie's "Historical Records of the Family of Leslie," III., p. 59.

3 On 30th June, 1789, Strachan had sasine in his father's property in Tannery Street,
Aberdeen. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."

* Daughter of John Strachan, Mill of Crimond.


firm being Stronach & Grainger ; thereafter with Peter Duguid
(1855), firm being Stronach & Duguid; and finally with Charles
Duncan (1854), the said Peter Duguid and Henry Peterkin,
solicitor, firm being Stronach, Duncan & Duguid. Notary
Public. Procurator Fiscal for Old Aberdeen. Clerk to Collyhill
Trust. Clerk and factor to Robert Gordon's Hospital.
Secretary, Aberdeen Female Orphan Asylum. Joint founder
and Director, Scottish Australian Investment and Insurance
Coy. Director, Aberdeen Town and County Bank, Scottish
Provincial Assurance Coy., and Northern Agricultural Coy.
Trustee and Manager, National Security Savings' Bank.
Dean of Faculty of Mar. Coll., i860. Member of General
Council, University of Aberdeen. Honorary Sheriff Substitute
of Aberdeenshire. J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Promoter and one
of the proprietors of the Aberdeen Herald. Proprietor of the
estate of Drumallan. Fiars Juror, twenty-three times, 1830-60.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1850-52. President,
1854-55. Married, at Manse of Boyndie, 17th July, 1828,
Magdalene (died at Sunnybank, Aberdeen, 10th January, 1871,
aged 64), youngest dau. of the Rev. Alexander Milne, M.A.,
King's Coll., 28th March, 1771, minister of Boyndie.
Died, s.f>., at Sunnybank, 13th January, 1880, aged 87.

Stronach, Alexander (Junior). 31st December, 1857.

Eldest son of Alexander Stronach, builder and architect, Aberdeen,
and Elizabeth Philip, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 8th March,
1 8 19. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1834-36. App. to James Murray (1817). In partnership
with his son, Alexander (1888), from 1888, firm being Alexander
Stronach, Junr. & Son. Factor for several large Aberdeenshire
estates. Married, at Auchterarder, 13th April, 1852, Jane (died
at Aberdeen, 21st May, 1901), fourth dau. of Alexander Brown,
sometime at Cairness, Lonmay, with issue : —

1. Alexander, advocate (1888).

2. John, engineer ; died at Aberdeen, 30th May, 191 2.


3. Harry.

4. Adrian.

5. George.

6. Robert.

1. Elizabeth Helen.

2. Florence, married, at Aberdeen, 19th September, 1882,

R. P. Morrison.

Died at Aberdeen, 22nd January, 1898. z

Stronach, Alexander (Youngest). 10th July, 1888.

Eldest son of Alexander Stronach, Junior, advocate (1857). Born
at Aberdeen, 15th January, 1853. Educated at Grammar School,
Aberdeen, and the Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen ; Alumnus,
Aberd., 1869-73. App. to his father, with whom in partnership
from 1888, firm being Alex. Stronach, Junr. & Son. Notary
Public. Factor for the estates of Drum and Schivas, Fintray
and Craigievar, Whitehaugh, Rayne, Abbotshall and Granitehill.
Married, at Aberdeen, 16th December, 1879, Helen, fifth dau.
of William Fleming, retired overseer, with issue : —

1. Alexander, law agent, May, 19 12.

2. Harry Millar, married, at Broughty Ferry, 3rd June, 191 1,

Christian, only dau. of D. A. Mortimer, chemist, there.

1. Helen Jane.

2. Frances Evelyn.

3. Adelina.

Stuart, John. 20th July, 1836.

Youngest son of Robert Stuart, in Little Forgue, afterwards
proprietor of Aucharnie, Forgue, and Jane Glashan, his wife.
Born at Forgue, 10th November, 181 3. Educated at Parish

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XIV., pp. 48-50.


i.e i «* c •*! »i' . •


School, Forgue; Alumnus, King's Coll., 1828-30; Mar. Coll.,
1830-31 ; LL.D., Aberd., 1866. App. to Alexander Stronach
(1818). Notary Public. Appointed an official Searcher in H.M.
General Register House, Edinburgh, in 1853, and Principal Keeper
of the Register of Deeds there, in 1873. One of the originators
of the Spalding Club and its Secretary throughout. 1 Secretary
of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Member of the
Archaeological Society of Great Britain ; hon. member, Perth Lit.
and Ant. Society, and of several foreign societies. Fiars Juror,
1848. Succeeded as proprietor of Aucharnie, which he sold in
1863, subsequently acquiring Newmills, Currie, near Edinburgh.
Voluminous author. 2 Married, first, at Prospect Place, Pitfodels,
26th April, 1842, Elizabeth Smith (died at Aberdeen, 1st March,

'On the dissolution of the Spalding Club, Dr. Stuart was presented with a handsome piece
of plate, designed by Mr. James Drummond, R.S.A., and into which were introduced delicate
pierced work, enamels, bosses of cairngorm, carbuncle, lapis lazuli and other stones, as also the
devices, mouldings and other details characteristic of the Sculptured Stones of Scotland. There
was also presented a full-sized half length portrait by Mr. [afterwards Sir] George Reid, A. R.S.A.
The plate and portrait were inscribed — " Presented by the Spalding Club to John Stuart, LL.D.,
Secretary to the Club from its commencement in 1839, to its dissolution in December, 1870."
They are now in the possession of Dr. Stuart's daughter, Mrs. Woodward, at Melville House,

2 Among the works, of which Mr. Stuart was the author or editor, were the following: —
" Registrum de Panmure," 2 vols. ; "The Earlier Antiquities of Cromar," 1855; "Ancient
Tomb at Fortrose,' 1855; "The Battlefield of Sleuach, Drumblade," 1857; "Burial of
Malcolm III.," 1859; "The Crichtons of Cluny," 1859; "Sculptured Stones at Kintore,"
1859; "Early Eccl. Settlement of Deveronside," 1859; "The Burg of Mousa (Shetland),"
2 parts, 1862 ; " Treasure Trove," 1862 ; " The Abbots of Kinloss," 1863 ; " Memoir of A. H.
Rhind," 1864; "Notices of Excavations at Maeshowe," 1865 ; " Notices of Scottish Crannogs,"
1866; "Recent Progress of Archaeology," 1866; " Records of the Priory of Isle of May," 1868;
"Early History of the Priory of Restennet," 1868; "Graves at Harlaw," 1868; "Bronze
Ornaments from Cluny," 1868; " Cairngreg," 1868; "Excavations at Kirkmichael," 1868;
"Church of St. Congan, Turriff," 1868; "Notice of a Group of Cists recently found at
Broomend, near Inverurie," 1869; "Stone Circles and Alignments," 1869; "Note of Engrav-
ings of Sculptures on Stone Monuments in Scotland," 1869; "Remains in Cairn Curr," 1870;
"Roman Antiquities in the North of Scotland," 1870; "The Coronation Stone," 1871 ;
"Vitrified Forts," 1871 ; "Urn Found at Rattray," 1871 ; "Records of the Monastery of
Kinloss," 1872; "Lost Chapter in the History of Mary Queen of Scots Recovered," 1874;
"The Forgue Chalices," 1875; "Miraculous Cure of an Aberdonian at Canterbury," 1875;
"Robert, Bishop of Caithness, and George E. of Caithness," 1876; "Early System of
Replegiation in Scotland," 1876 ; " Historical Notices of St. Fillan's Crozier," 1877.

Mr. Stuart was also editor of the following works, published by the Spalding Club : —
" Miscellany," 5 vols., 1841-42-46-49-52 ; " Extracts from the Presbytery Book of Strathbogie,"
1843; Blackhal's " Brieffe Narration," 1844; "Extracts from the Council Register of the
Burgh of Aberdeen," 2 vols., 1844-49; "Selections from the Records of the Kirk Session,
Presbytery and Synod of Aberdeen," 1846 ; Spalding's " Memorialls of the Trubles in Scotland
and in England," 2 vols., 1850-51 ; "The Sculptured Stones of Scotland," 2 vols., 1856-67;
"The Book of Deer," 1869; " Notices of the Spalding Club," 1871.



1848, aged 24), only dau. of Alexander Burness of Prospect Place,
Pitfodels, afterwards of Mastrick, with issue : —

I. Robert, died 22nd September, 1846, in infancy.

1. Mary, born 1843.

2. Jane Gordon, married, at St. Mary's, Dalmahoy Park, 25th

June, 1867, Rev. John Woodward [afterwards LL.D.],

incumbent of St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Montrose,

author of "A Treatise on Heraldry, British and Foreign,"


Married, second, at Aberdeen, 9th October, 1856, Jane Stewart

(died at Edinburgh, 29th April, 1890), dau. of the late Major

George Ogilvie, H.E.I.C.S., with issue: —

2. George Ogilvie, born 21st Sept., 1863 ; died 6th Dec, 187 1.

3. Elizabeth Anne, died 20th November, 1859.

4. Harriet Reeves, born 13th Dec, 1861 ; died 24th July, 1876.
Died at Ambleside, Westmoreland, 19th July, 1877. "

Stuart, William. 21st September, 1804.

.Son of William Stuart, farmer, Mains of Durris, Kincardineshire.
App. to Alexander Crombie (1789). Sometime in partnership
with Andrew Murray (1831), firm being Stuart & Murray.
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1830-32.
Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 6th July, 1834, aged 52.

Syme, Alexander. 1559.

Tait, Charles. 24th February, 1764.

Son of George Tait, farmer, Craigmill, Chapel of Garioch, and Mary
Erskine, his wife. App. to Gilbert Gerard (175 1). Sheriff

1 " In terms of the Will of the late distinguished Antiquary and member of this Society,
Dr. John Stuart, a Transcript of the Chartulary of the Church of St. Nicholas in Aberdeen, and
a considerable number of original Charters and other Documents chiefly connected with the
North of Scotland have been recently delivered to the Library by Dr. Stuart's Executors, and
will be arranged by the Librarian." — Society's Minute, 24th November, 1877. See also
"Diet. Nat. Biography."


Substitute of Aberdeenshire from 5th November, 1793. T Legal
adviser to the Town Council of Inverurie. Burgess and portioner
of Inverurie. President of the Society of Advocates, 1794-96.
Married, at Aberdeen, 29th July, 1758,2 Bathia (died at Aberdeen,
8th November, 1800, aged 66), dau. of David Ochterlony — other-
wise Auchterlony — of Tillyfruskie, Birse, with issue, of whom : —

1. Thomas, born 14th May, 1759.

2. James.

3. William, went to Jamaica, and died at Annatto Bay, St.

George's, 5th June, 1826. .
1. Mary, married, at Aberdeen, 8th October, 1801, William
Smith, R.N., and died at Aberdeen, 1st April, 1838,
aged 74.
Died at Aberdeen, 12th March, 1799, aged 63.

Tawse, James. 3rd December, 1863.

Son of Samuel Tawse, farmer, Haughton, Towie. Born at Towie,
13th November, 1836. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1859. App. to John
Watt, Junior (1856). Ceased to practise in 1872.

Taylor, James. 24th February, 1764.

Twin son of John Taylor, advocate (1743). Baptised 17th February,
1736. Educated Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., entered 1747. App. to his father.

Died, unmarried, 26th December, 1765.

Taylor, John. 26th July, 1743.

Son of Robert Taylor, wright in Aberdeen, and Agnes Murdoch, his
wife. App. to Alexander Gordon (17 18). Clerk to the Incor-
porated Trades of Aberdeen. Proprietor of considerable house
property in Aberdeen. Guild burgess of Aberdeen. Married, at

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," III., p. 126.
2 St. Paul's Episcopal Church Marriage Registers.


Aberdeen, 30th April, 1728, Elizabeth (died 22nd June, 1773, in
her 67th year), daughter of James Fyffe, merchant, and sometime
magistrate of Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Alexander, baptised 26th July, 1730, attorney in H.M.

Court of Exchequer; guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted
September, 1752.

2. James, advocate (1764).

3. John (twin with James), baptised 17th February, 1736.

4. Robert, baptised 16th March, 1740.

5. David, attorney in H.M. Court of Exchequer, died before


1. Elizabeth, baptised 16th February, 1729.

2. Margaret, baptised 10th April, 1733, married William

Burnett, advocate (1754).
Died 19th September, 1769, in his 69th year.

Thain, Alexander John Ramsay. 22nd October, 1890.

Only son of the Rev. Alexander Thain, Free Church minister
of New Machar, and Elizabeth Crombie, his wife. Born at
the old Manse, Fintray, 26th December, 1863. Educated at
the Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd., 1884. App. to
Alexander Cochran and George Anderson (Cochran & Anderson).
Secretary, Aberdeen Association for Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals. Lieut, 1st Vol. Batt. Gordon Highlanders, 30th Dec,
1885 ; Captain, 17th February, 1894 ; Honorary Major, 20th July,
1901, retiring 23rd November thereafter. Married, at Aberdeen,
30th June, 1897, Ethel Douglas, youngest dau. of Lauchlan
McKinnon, Junior, advocate (1842), with issue: —
I. Elizabeth Ramsay.

Thain, John. 13th November, 1724.

App. to George Keith. Sheriff Substitute of Aberdeenshire from
2 1st May, 1 74 1, to 17th April, 1744. 1 Guild burgess of Aberdeen,

1 Littlejohn's "'Sheriff Court Records," III., pp. 1 15-16.


admitted April, 1743. Fiars Juror, 1733. , Proprietor of consider-
able house property in Aberdeen. Married Isobel Forbes (died
March, 1781), with issue: —

1. John, buried St. Nicholas Churchyard, 14th January, 1731.

2. George, buried 3rd December, 1736.

3. Charles, buried 20th July, 1758.

4. Thomas, buried 24th August, 1759.

5. Alexander, baptised 27th July, 1739.

1. Isobel.

2. Elizabeth.
Died 28th January, 1774. *

Thorn, Alexander. 28th February, 1794.

Son of William Thorn, farmer, Berryhillock. M.A., King's Coll.,
30th March, 1791. App. to John Gordon (1753). Honorary
Sheriff Substitute of Aberdeenshire. Fiars Juror, 1801.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 1806.

Thorn, Donaldson Rose. 8th March, 1889.

Younger son of William Smith Thorn, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1829-32,
sometime commission merchant, Aberdeen, and Elspet Rose, his
wife. Born at Aberdeen, 6th March, i860. Educated at Dr.
Tulloch's Academy, Aberdeen ; the Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen ;
and Mr. W. G. Walker's Academy, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd.,
1 881. App. to Alexander Edmond (1858). Sometime in
partnership with William Hunter (1840), William Gordon, solicitor,
and John Peregrine Robertson White (1889), firm being Hunter
& Gordon. Secretary of Medical Faculty, 1892, and of Senatus
and Faculties, University of Aberdeen, 1894. Secretary, Treasurer
and Factor of the University, 1906. Member of Council and
Executive Committee, New Spalding Club. J. P. for the County
of the City of Aberdeen.

1 Will recorded 4th May, 1774.— " Edinburgh Commissariot Register."


Thorn, John. 18th May, 1816.

Son of Alexander Thorn, farmer, Ardlaw, near Fraserburgh. M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 1810. App. to Hary Lumsden (1778). Proprietor
of Hillbrae, Udny. Married Jessie Middleton (died at Aberdeen,
10th June, 1861, aged 67), with issue, of whom : —

William, died while a student at Mar. Coll., 29th June, 185 1,

aged 19.
Jessie, married Donald George Cattanach, advocate (1849).

Died at Aberdeen, 6th June, 1843.

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