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'Will recorded 15th July, 1797, with eiks, 2nd February and 21st December, 1798.—
"Aberdeen Commissariot Register."


Watson, John. 20th February, 1787.

Son of James Watson, advocate (1764). App. to his father. Some-
time Justice of Peace Procurator Fiscal. Honorary Sheriff
Substitute of Aberdeenshire. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 26th September, 1809. Fiars Juror, 1797- 1806.
Succeeded to the estate of Binghill, which he sold, in 1804, to
Peter Mellis. Proprietor of Oldmill, which he sold, in 181 8, to
George Yeats and James Blaikie, advocates, jointly, for an
annuity of £220. Quartermaster, Royal Aberdeen Vols., April,
1796. Married, in October, 1803, Isabella (died 25th May, 1844,
aged 6/), dau. of William Ross, Montrose, with issue : —

I. George, sometime a magistrate of Aberdeen ; married,

first, Isabella Gordon, second, Margaret Milne ; died

10th July, 1863, aged 75.

1. Isabella, married John Fraser, sometime a magistrate of

Aberdeen ; died at Ballater, 17th September, 1895, aged 81.

Died 24th April, 1832, aged 65.

Watt, Arthur. 1590.

M.A. Notary Public. Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire, 1603-7. '
Died after June, 1622. 2

Watt, John. 8th June, 1843.

Son of John Watt, farmer, Nigg, Kincardineshire, and Isabella
Troup, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1822-26. App. to
William Smith (18 17). In partnership with John Paton Cumine
(1866) from 1870, firm being Watt & Cumine. Clerk and
Treasurer to the General Session of St. Nicholas, and Registrar
for the parish of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen. Trustee and Manager,
National Security Savings' Bank of Aberdeen. Member of
General Council, University of Aberdeen.

Died, unmarried, 12th April, 1881, aged 73.

1 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," II., p. ioo, etc.

2 An obligation by Mr. Watt, lodged ist February, 1617, shows that he had been
married, that he then lived in Chanonry, Old Aberdeen, and had at least two sons, Thomas
and Robert, and a daughter, Margaret. For account of degrading church penance which
he had to make on 23rd December, 1604, see Kennedy's "Annals of Aberdeen," I.,
p. 1S1.


Watt, John (Junior). 16th October, 1856.

Eldest son of John Watt, leather merchant, Aberdeen, and Mary
Tough, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, November, 1824. Educated
at Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1842-44.
App. to Alexander Henderson (1838). Sometime in partnership
with William Stuart, solicitor, firm being Watt & Stuart ; and
subsequently with his son, John Stewart, firm being J. & J. S.
Watt. Was a writer in Turriff for sometime prior to
admission to the Society. Notary Public. Member of General
Council, University of Aberdeen. Honorary burgess of Old
Aberdeen, admitted 4th October, 1866. Married, at Louisburgh,
Wick, 30th August, 1855, Catherine (died at Aberdeen, 30th
January, 1892), eldest dau. of John Stewart, accountant, Wick,
with issue : —

1. John Stewart, advocate (1888).

2. James G.

1. Lily K. S.

2. Mary J.

3. Emily M. D.

4. Alice C.

5. Edith M. E.

Died at Banchory, 15th January, 1906. x

Watt, John Stewart. 10th May, 1888.

Elder son of John Watt (Junior), advocate (1856). Born at Aberdeen,
17th March, 1858. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen;
M.A., Edinb., 1882; LL.B., 1888. App. to William Officer,
S.S.C., Edinburgh. In partnership with his father, firm being
J. & J. S. Watt. Secretary, Belmont Laundry Coy. (Limited).
Secretary, Aberdeen Liberal Association. Married, at Aberdeen,
23rd August, 1887, Christina (died at Aberdeen, 13th April,
1889), second dau. of the Rev. John Rannie, M.A., All Saints,
New Amsterdam, British Guiana, with issue : —

1. Arthur Stewart, M.A., Aberd., 1910; LL.B., 191 1.

1 " The Scottish Law Review," XXII., p. 52-53.


Watt, William Knowles. 17th May, 1904.

Only son of Marshall Watt, house painter, Aberdeen, and Isabella
Knowles or Latto, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 8th September,
1 868. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd.,
1889. App. to Gray Campbell Fraser and James Duguid (Fraser
& Duguid). For several years in Law department, North British
Railway Coy., Edinburgh. Sometime in partnership with
William McHattie, solicitor, firm being McHattie & Watt,
advocates. Married, at Christ Church, Walmersley, Bury, 5th
December, 1900, Amelia Eliza, only dau. of the late George
Liddle, schoolmaster, Falkirk.

Died at Aberdeen, 19th February, 1905.

Webster, Alexander. 28th February, 1794.

Only son of John Webster, burgess, sometime Convener of the
Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen, and Jean Smith, his wife.
Born at Aberdeen in 177 1. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1785-89. App.
to Charles Gordon (1783). Sometime in partnership with his son,
John (1831), firm being A. & J. Webster. His son, Alexander
(1840), was subsequently assumed as a partner. Notary Public.
Long factor for the Synod of Aberdeen, on resigning which
appointment he was presented with a piece of plate. Clerk to the
Shoemaker and Weaver Trades of Aberdeen. One of the
Assessors to the Rector of Mar. Coll. in 1836. Rendered special
service in instituting and managing the Aberdeen Trades' School.
Guild burgess, admitted 19th December, 1814. Proprietor of
considerable house property in Aberdeen. Treasurer of the
Society of Advocates, 1818-20. President, 1826-28. Portrait
by William Dyce, H.R.S.A., R.A., at Edgehill, a second portrait
by the same artist being in possession of the Aberdeen In-
corporated Trades. Engraving in Committee Room. Married,
at Edinburgh, 4th November, 1807, Margaret (died at Aberdeen,
24th January, 1824, aged 36), dau. of James McKilligan, merchant,
Aberdeen, with issue : —



i. John, advocate (1831).

2. Alexander, advocate (1840).

3. James, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1842; M.D., King's Coll., 1845;

sometime Assist. Surg., 93rd Highlanders ; died at Elgin,
26th January, 1907, in his 83rd year.
1. Ann, married, at Aberdeen, 3rd June, 1839, Robert Catto
of Wallfield, shipowner, Aberdeen.
Died at Aberdeen, 26th March, 1855. x

Webster, Alexander (Junior). 28th February, 1840.

Second son of Alexander Webster, advocate (1794). Born at
Aberdeen in 1817. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1834. App. to his father,
with whom, and his elder brother, John (1831), he was subse-
quently in partnership, firm being A. & J. Webster. Guild
burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 10th June, 1839. Member,
Aberdeen Town Council, and for some time City Treasurer.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 6th November, 1851. 2

Webster, Alexander. 10th March, 1866.

Only son of John Webster, advocate (1831). Born at Aberdeen,
3rd October, 1840. Educated at Grammar School, and
Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1856-59.

1 " . . . There was no one in the district whose appearance was more familiar to
young and old, and his character was as estimable as his manner was eccentric and
peculiar. His address was abrupt, and the truth, whether pleasant or unpleasant, lay on
the surface, but the rugged exterior was the roughness of the uncut diamond, and covered
a good kind heart, full of benevolence and honest manly feeling, the real worth of which
was only known to those who knew him best, and to those who stood most in need of his
friendship. His life, indeed, was equally characterised by private benevolence and public
usefulness. . . . " — Aberdeen Journal.

2 ". . . It is seldom, indeed, that a man so young in years has risen so high in
public estimation, and that the attachment of private friendship have been so signally
confirmed and strengthened by the fulfilment of official duty and the able discharge of
public service, as in the case of our departed friend. The leading feature of his character
was an open-hearted kindliness and generosity of disposition, guided by much intelligence,
straightforward honesty of purpose, and untiring activity and zeal in whatever he undertook.
. . ." — Aberdeen Journal, 12th November, 1851.


App. to his father, with whom subsequently in partnership, firm
being J. & A. Webster. Notary Public. Director, North of
Scotland and Orkney and Shetland Steam Navigation Coy. ;
and Aberdeen Music Hall Coy. (Ltd.). Guild burgess of Aber-
deen, admitted 1863. Member of General Council, University
of Aberdeen. Proprietor of Edgehill, Milltimber.

Webster, John. 19th November, 1817.

Son of John Webster, merchant and burgess of Aberdeen, and
Elspet Philip, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1809-11. App.
to George Yeats (1804). Guild burgess, admitted 28th October,

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 10th June, 1836, aged 42.

Webster, John (Junior). 17th November, 1831.

Eldest son of Alexander Webster, advocate (1794). Born at
Aberdeen, 6th September, 18 10. Educated at Grammar School,
Aberdeen; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1822-26; LL.D., Aberd., 1877.
App. to his father. Subsequently in partnership with his father,
firm being A. & J. Webster ; < afterwards with his son, Alexander
(1866), firm being J. & A. Webster. Director, Scottish Provincial
Assurance Coy. ; Scottish Australian Investment and Insurance
Coy. ; Aberdeen, Leith and Clyde Shipping Coy., and the
Aberdeen Gas Coy. Promoter and Chairman of Directors of
Aberdeen Music Hall Coy. Manager, National Security Savings'
Bank. Guild burgess, admitted October, 1833. Lord Provost
of Aberdeen, 1856-59. 2 Member of General Council, University
of Aberdeen. Member of Council, Spalding Club, and

1 Alexander Webster, Junior (1840), was afterwards admitted a member of the firm.

2 Mr. Webster had the honour to present the silver keys of the city to Queen Victoria
on the 15th October, 1857, on the occasion of Her Majesty passing southward from Haddo
House. He had also the honour of dining with the Queen at Haddo House the previous
evening by invitation of Lord Aberdeen, and of being presented to Her Majesty before
dinner. In 1875 ne presented a fine stained glass window to Aberdeen University Chapel.
His armorial bearings appear on the roof of the Town Hall thus: — Vert: on a chevron,
argent, between three crosslets fitchee or, three oak trees, proper.


.* :» z r


Vice-President, New Spalding Club. F.S.A., Scot. Member
of Parliament for the City of Aberdeen, 1880-85. O ne
of the Assessors to the Rector of Mar. Coll., 1857-60.
Assessor to the Rector of Aberd. Univ., 1860-90. Proprietor
of Edgehill, Milltimber. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates,
1871-72. President, 1872-73. Portrait by William Carter,
London, painted, in 1887, at Edgehill. Portrait in Committee
Room. Married, at Westburn, near Aberdeen, 17th July, 1839,
Margaret (died at Edgehill, 6th September, 1895), second dau.
of David Chalmers of Westburn, with issue : —
1. Alexander, advocate (1866).
Died at Edgehill, 31st May, 1891.

Webster, John. 17th October, 1898.

Eldest son of John Webster, merchant, Eastbank, Ferryhill, Aber-
deen, and Isabella Wood Webster, his wife. Born at Aberdeen,
9th December, 1872. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen ;
M.A., Aberd., 1894; B.L. (with honours), 1897. App. to James
Collie, George Collie, George Duncan Collie and James Younger
Collie (James & George Collie). Partner in the firm of Dewar
& Webster, solicitors, Arbroath.

Westland, William. 13th May, 1820.

Son of William Westland, square wright and builder, Aberdeen.
Born at Aberdeen, 13th April, 1797. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
181 1 -13. App. to George Yeats (1804). Married, at Aberdeen,
7th August, 1823, Elizabeth (died 7th May, 1879, aged 77),
dau. of the late Peter Duncan, mason, Aberdeen, with issue : —
1. William, died at Okehampton, Devonshire, 22nd September,
1874, aged 48.

1. Elizabeth, died 16th January, 1825.

2. Margaret, died nth February, 1831.

3. Ann, died 12th February, 1849, aged 17.
Died 9th June, 1833.

X 1


Whincup, Alexander. 10th December, 1896.

Son of John George Lawson Whincup, and Clara Ida Christiana,
his wife. Born at Hamburg, 8th November, 1872. M.A., Aberd.,
1893 ; B.L., 1895. App. to Alexander James Brander, solicitor,
Aberdeen. Sometime in partnership with James Carle, solicitor,
and David Hutcheon Duthie, solicitor, firm being Whincup,
Carle & Duthie, advocates.

Accidently killed, unmarried, by a fall from a cliff at Sligichan,
Skye, 1 6th August, 1901.

White, John Peregrine Robertson. 10th June, 1889.

Third son of the Rev. Adam White, missionary of the Free Church
of Scotland in India, and Jane Littlejohn, his wife. Born at
Poona, India, 6th August, 1861. Educated at the Collegiate
School, Edinburgh; M.A., Edinb., 1881 ; LL.B., 1893. App.
to Boyd, Jameson & Kelly, W.S., Edinburgh. In partnership,
from 1st December, 1889, with William Hunter (1840); William
Gordon, solicitor, and Donaldson Rose Thorn (1889), firm being
Hunter & Gordon. Notary Public. Director, Edinburgh Board,
British Law Fire Insurance Coy. Limited. Proprietor of
Culquoich, parish of Towie. Second Lieutenant, Aberdeenshire
Royal Garrison Artillery, 31st March, 1891 ; Lieut, 29th
October, 1892; Captain, 3rd February, 1897; resigned 4th
February, 1903.

Whyte, Alexander Burnett. 14th March, 1901.

Elder son of John Whyte, advocate (1869). Born at Aberdeen,
19th February, 1877. App., first, to his father, David Macbeth
Moir Milligan, and Duguid Rae Milne (Davidson & Garden),
and, second, to Auld & Macdonald, W.S., Edinburgh. Partner
in the said firm of Davidson & Garden from 1904. Lieut.,
1st Vol. Batt. Gordon Highlanders, 3rd April, 1897; Captain,
20th March, 1901 ; retiring 3rd February, 1904. Married, at
Craigiebuckler Parish Church, 17th March, 1904, Anne Avery
Craig, eldest dau. of George Cruden, advocate (1875).


Whyte, James Robertson. 2nd November, 1875.

Third son of the Rev. James Whyte, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1827; D.D.,
Aberd., 1870, minister of Methlick, and Anne Murray, his wife.
Born 10th April, 1848. Educated at the Parish School, Methlick,
and the Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd., 1866-68.
App. to William Yeats and Robert Spottiswood Farquhar
Spottiswood (Yeats & Spottiswood). In partnership with
William Connon, solicitor, from 1898, firm being Whyte &
Connon, advocates. Married, at New Greyfriars Church, Edin-
burgh, 5th April, 1888, Elizabeth Georgina, dau. of the late
William Black Ferguson, C.E., etc., Aberdeen.

Whyte, John. 21st November, 1839.

Third son of John Whyte, merchant, guild burgess, and sometime
magistrate of Aberdeen, and Sarah Burnett, his wife. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1830-32, etc. App. to Patrick Davidson (D. & P.
Davidson). In partnership with William Yeats (1836), firm
being Yeats & Whyte. Guild burgess of Aberdeen.

Died unmarried, at Aberdeen, 25th January, 1857, aged 41.

Whyte, John. 11th June, 1869.

Elder son of Alexander Burnett Whyte of Dalhebity, merchant
and guild burgess, Aberdeen, and Eleanor More, his wife. Born
at Aberdeen, 26th April, 1845. Educated at Dr. Tulloch's
Academy and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd.,
1861-64. App. to Patrick Davidson, Alexander Davidson
and Patrick Cooper (Davidsons & Cooper). Partner in the
firm of Davidson & Garden from 1873. Director, Town and
County Bank (Limited) ; Aberdeen and Glasgow Shipping Coy. ;
Local Board, North British and Mercantile Insurance Coy., and
subsequently Northern Assurance Coy. Trustee and Manager,
Aberdeen Savings' Bank. Fiars Juror, 1898-99. Member,
County Council of Aberdeenshire, and Chairman, Cults Water
and Drainage District. Succeeded to Dalhebity, Peterculter.


Lieut, 1st Vol. Brig. Gordon Highlanders, 18th August, 1880;
Captain, 24th December, 1884; Honorary Major, 14th January,
1893 ; V.D. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1897-98.
President, 1898-1900. Portrait in Committee Room. Married,
first, at Aberdeen, 9th July, 1874, Alice Caulfeild (died at
Dalhebity, 10th July, 1887), youngest surviving dau. of James
Corbet, surgeon, H.E.I.C.S., with issue: —
. 1. Alexander Burnett, advocate (1901).
2. John Francis, married, at Singapore, 22nd March, 191 1,
Elsa Audrey May, youngest dau. of C. M. Van
Cuylenburg, A.M.I.E.E., of the Straits Settlements
Civil Service.
Married, second, at Durie Vale, Windygates, Fifeshire, 6th
December, 1889, Eveline Margaret, younger dau. of John Charles
Wilson, C.E., London, with issue : —

1. Eleanor Beatrice.

2. Esme.

3. Mary Eveline.

Died at Dalhebity, 30th March, 1904. x

Wight, Alexander Forbes. 2nd November, 1871.

Son of John Wight, baker and guild burgess, Woodside, and Helen
Moir Fergusson, his wife. Born at Woodside, Old Machar, 26th
May, 1843. M.A., Aberd., 1867. App. to John Duncan, Norval
Clyne and Douglass Duncan (Duncan & Clyne). In partnership
with George M. Aitken, solicitor, from 1890, firm being Wight
& Aitken, advocates. Notary Public. Proprietor of estate of
Camphill, Lumphanan, from 1883. Commissioner of Supply,
and J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Fiars Juror, 1895. Sometime
Chairman, School Board, Parochial Board, and subsequently
Parish Council of Lumphanan. Lieutenant, 1st Aberdeenshire
Rifle Vols., 23rd February, 1870, retiring 28th April, 1871.
Married, at Fraserburgh, 6th September, 1882, Alice Roberta,
eldest dau. of Robert Anderson, solicitor, Fraserburgh.

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XX., p. 94.


Willet, John Charles. 26th June, 1882.

Eldest son of John Willet, C.E., Aberdeen, and Mary Ann Rennie,
his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 17th November, 1855. Alumnus,
Aberd., 1872-74 and 1878-79. App., first, to John Robertson,
James Forbes Lumsden, and Charles Brown Davidson (Robert-
son & Lumsden), and, second, to Alexander Kirk Mackie,
S.S.C., Edinburgh. Secretary and Treasurer, Aberdeen Con-
servative Association. Clerk and Treasurer, Banchory-Devenick
School Board. Lieut, 1st Aberdeenshire Rifle Vols., November,
1882; Captain, 15th November, 1890; retired, 27th March, 1895.
Membership of the Society terminated November, 1895.

Williamson, Alexander Morrison. 5th May, 1882.

Eldest son of George Williamson, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1834-35,
farmer, land valuator, and guild burgess of Aberdeen, and
Elsie Morrison, his wife. Born at Auldtown of Carnousie,
Forglen, Banffshire, 10th April, 1858. Educated at Parish
School, Duffus, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; M.A., Aberd.,
1877. App. to Robert Bruce Johnston, and Alexander
Fleming (Graham, Johnston & Fleming, W. S., Edinburgh).
In partnership with James Paull (1851), from 1st January,
1 88 1, firm being Paull & Williamson ; and with the said
James Paull and Robert Moir Williamson (1891), firm being
Paull & Williamsons — James George Paull (1895) being assumed
as a partner in the last mentioned firm, in 1897. Notary
Public. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 16th March,
1896. Director, Aberdeen Steam Navigation Coy. Author of
"Scottish Conveyancing Cases," 1892. Married, at St. Philip's
Church, Catterline, Kincardineshire, 15th June, 1886, Charlotte
Mary Vaughan, only dau. of Thomas Collins, M.D.

'Mr. Williamson was the first "exlranean" to be admitted to the membership of the


Williamson, James. 20th July, 1839.

Son of James Williamson, flesher, and burgess, Aberdeen. Born
19th January, 1815. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1829-32. App. to
Alexander Jopp (1825). Member of General Council, University
of Aberdeen. Guild burgess, admitted 31st October, 1837.
Sometime farmer at Newton of Mountblairy. Proprietor of
Beechhill, near Aberdeen. Married, at Itlaw, Alvah, Banffshire,
14th November, 1850, Annie, second dau. of Hay, Itlaw.

Died, at Beechhill, 8th September, 1877.

Williamson, Robert Moir. ■ 25th August, 1891.

Fourth son of George Williamson, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1834-35,
farmer, land valuator, and guild burgess of Aberdeen, and
Elsie Morrison, his wife. Born at Shempston, Duffus, near
Elgin, 3rd June, 1867. Educated at Public School, Duffus,
Public School, King-Edward, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ;
M.A., Aberd., 1887 ; LL.B. (with honours), Edinb., 1891. App.
to James Paull and Alexander Morrison Williamson (Paull &
Williamson). With Thomas Dalgleish, S.S.C., Edinburgh,
1888-90. In partnership with the said James Paull and Alex-
ander Morrison Williamson from 1891, firm being Paull
& Williamsons — James George Paull (1895) being assumed
as a partner in 1897. Lecturer on Constitutional Law
and History, in the University of Aberdeen, appointed 1908.
Author of " Gleanings from the Wisdom of Lord Watson,"
1902. Associated with Mr. F. Stroud in editing "Supplement
to Judicial Dictionary," 1909. Married, 2nd June, 1896,
Katharine Hogg, dau. of Archibald M. Macrae, indigo planter,
with issue : —

1. George Alexander.

2. Archibald Moir.

3. Robert Bertram.
1. Margaret Lesley.

'"The Scots Law Times," August 7th, 1909.


Wilson, Alexander Dyce. 21st January, 1841.

Son of Orlando Hart Wilson, Lieut, R.N., sometime Tide Surveyor
of Customs, residing at Rosemount House, Aberdeen, and
Elizabeth Dyce, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1833-36. App.,
first, to James Nicol (1820), and, second, to John Duncan (1824).

Died unmarried.

Wilson, George. 20th June, 1690.

Son of George Wilson of Finzeauch, burgess of Aberdeen, and
Christian Robertson, his wife. Succeeded to Finzeauch. Burgess
of Aberdeen, admitted March, 1698. Married Elizabeth Colinson
(died 2 1 st April, 173 1, aged 71), with issue, of whom : —

Thomas, advocate (1739).




Died 4th June, 1725, in his 66th year. x

Wilson, George. 16th November, 1816.

Eldest son of Adam Wilson of Glasgowego, and Jean Aberdein,
his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 181 1. App. to Charles Gordon
(1783). Clerk to the Commutation Road Trustees of the 9th,
or Town of Aberdeen District. Guild burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted 1st July, 1828. Sometime proprietor of Glasgowego,
Kinellar. Married, at Aberdeen, 4th January, 1821, May Agnes
(died at Toronto, 5th August, 1880), second dau. of William
Dyce, of Cuttlehill, M.D., with issue, of whom : —

William, died at Meadowbank, Lower Norwood, London,
16th May, 1868, aged 36.

'Will recorded 4th October, 1725, with eik 13th February, 1728.— " Aberdeen Com-
missariot Register."


Margaret, married James Webster, second son of James
Webster of Balruddery.

Jane Angelica, born 1824.
Mary, born 1825.
Theresa, born 1829.
Eliza May Agnes, born 1833.
Died at Manor House, Clapham, London, 29th November, 1867,
aged 73.

Wilson, Thomas. 10th February, 1739.

Son of George Wilson, advocate (1690). Born 1700. Married, in
1738, Marjory Stuart 1 (died January, 1784), widow of George
Fordyce of Broad ford, with issue : —

1. Alexander, baptised 12th August, 1740.

2. George, baptised 4th January, 1742.

3. Patrick, baptised 1st March, 1744.

4. James, baptised 13th May, 1745.

5. Thomas (posthumous), baptised 10th July, 1747.

1. Christian, baptised 12th March, 1743 ; married Robert

Turner, advocate (1776).

2. Jean, baptised 25th May, 1746.
Died 7th July, 1747. 2

Winchester, Charles. 9th March, 1807.

Third son of Charles Winchester, 3 builder and architect, Aberdeen,
and Margaret Day, his wife. Born at Tillyfoddy, Echt, 22nd
February, 1781. Educated at Parish School, Skene, and

1 In the Dingwall Fordyce " Family Record," I., pp. 102 and 234, this marriage is noted
with reserve ; but several entries in the Register of Baptisms of St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel,
given in "Miscellany," II., and the entry of interment, 29th January, 1784, in St. Nicholas
Kirkwork Accounts, prove it conclusively.

2 Will recorded 16th June, 1748, with eik 16th May, 1758. — "Aberdeen Commissariot
Register. "

3 This Charles Winchester was proprietor of extensive house property in Aberdeen. In
a sasine dated 9th April, 1803, he is named " Winchester or Winster." His wife was a
daughter of Robert Day, farmer, New Seat, Echt.


Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, King's Coll., 1796- 1800.
App. to Alexander Carnegie (1766). Notary Public. Clerk to
the Commutation Road Trustees of the 9th, or Town of Aberdeen
District. Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen.
Prominent member of the Aberdeen Lodge of Freemasons.
Author of "The Intruder," 1802; "Reform and the Irish
Church," 1869; "The White Lady of Berlin Castle," 1875.

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