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Translator from French into English of " The Memoirs of the
Chevalier de Johnstone," "The Revolution of Portugal," etc.
Translator of short pieces of Latin poetry by Gaelic writers.
Married, at Dundee, 22nd February, 181 1, Anne Webster (died
at Aberdeen, 17th March, 1865), with issue: —

1. James Webster, M.A., Mar. Coll., 183 1 , LL.D., 17th April,

1857; Deputy-Inspector General of Hospitals, I. M.S.,
(Bombay) ; subsequently Secretary, Conservative Club,
Edinburgh ; author ; married, at King-Edward, 17th
August, 1852, Jane, eldest dau. of Rev. William Findlay,
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1808, minister of King- Edward.

2. Charles Alexander, H.B.M. Consul at Shanghai ; married

jane Blake (died at Shanghai, nth October, 1867); died
in London, 10th July, 1883.

1. Anne, died at Edinburgh, 20th December, 185 1.

2. Georgina, married, first, nth November, 1844, Simon

Fitzherbert Jacson, 54th Regiment, and, second, Rev.
G. B. Lee- Warner of St. Mary Bredon, Canterbury ;
died 7th September, 1890.
Died at Aberdeen, 27th March, 1880. T

Yeats, Alexander. 1 1 th September, 1 860.

Eldest son of George Yeats, silk mercer and guild burgess, Aberdeen.
Born at Aberdeen, 27th February, 1833. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1852.
App. to John Yeats and Alexander Flockhart (Yeats &
Flockhart). Secretary, Royal Northern Agricultural Society,

* To Mr. Winchester belongs the distinction of having reached the greatest age of any
member of the Society of whom record exists. At the date of his death he was in his
iooth year of age and 74th year of membership. The latter also established a record.



1875-83. Town Clerk Depute of Aberdeen from January, 1883.
Guild burgess, admitted 1st October, 1866. Married, at Manse
of Cairnie, 16th August, 1877, Elizabeth Richardson (died at
Aberdeen, 23rd August, 1887), only dau. of the late Alexander
Cowie, solicitor, Keith.
Died, s.p., at Aberdeen, 7th October, 1893. "

Yeats, George. 21st September, 1804.

Son of William Yeats, boatbuilder, Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen,
12th August, 1780. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., entered 1795. App.
to John Gordon (1753). Sheriff Clerk Depute at date of
admission. Sometime in partnership with his son William,
firm being George & William Yeats. Director, North American
Investment and Loan Coy. Purchased estate of Auquharney,
parish of Cruden, in 1820. J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Fiars
Juror, thirteen times, 1829-44. Treasurer of the Society of
Advocates, 1838-40. President, 1842-44. Portrait in possession
of Mr. William Yeats McDonald of Auquharney. Married
Christian (died at Aberdeen, 27th May, 1873, aged 89), dau. of
James Fraser, St. Fergus, with issue : —
1. William, advocate (1836).

1. Margaret Marjory, born 18th February, 1812. Married,
at Aberdeen, 2nd March, 1838, Alexander McDonald,
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1799 ; M.D., Edinb., 1806, surgeon,
Royal Horse Artillery, who served in the Peninsula and
was present at the battle of Waterloo. Died at Aberdeen,
8th March, i860.

Died at Auquharney, 15th March, 1847.

1 "The Lord Provost stated that it was with much regret that he had formally to
intimate to the Town Council the death of Mr. Alexander Yeats, Town Clerk Depute,
which took place on the 7th instant. The Lord Provost, after referring to Mr. Yeats'
services and connection with the Town Council, concluded by submitting the following
resolution, which was seconded by Baillie Lyon, and unanimously adopted by the Council,
viz. : — ' That the Town Council resolve to place on record their sense of the loss which
they have sustained by the death of Mr. Alexander Yeats. ... By his uniform
courtesy and knowledge of Municipal business, Mr. Yeats commanded the confidence and
esteem of all the members of the Council with whom he was associated during his period
of office. The Town Council feel that by his death they have lost a valued friend and
official, and desire to take this opportunity of offering to his relatives the expression of
their deep and heartfelt sympathy.' "—Aberdeen Town Council Minute, 16th October, 1893.


Yeats, John. 14th January, 1834.

Son of William Yeats of H. M. Customs, Aberdeen. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., 1822-24. App. to his uncle, George Yeats (1804).
In partnership with Alexander Flockhart (1840), firm being
Yeats & Flockhart. Town Clerk of Inverurie from 1847.
Director, Northern Assurance Coy. Member of General Council,
University of Aberdeen. Proprietor of Kincorth, Nigg, Kin-
cardineshire. Married, at Old Aberdeen, 7th November, 1844,
Marianne (died at Aberdeen, 15th November, 1853), youngest
dau. of the Very Rev. Duncan Mearns, M.A., Mar. Coll. 1795 ;
D.D., St. Andrews, 181 8, of Disblair, Professor of Divinity,
King's Coll., with issue : —

1. Duncan Mearns, born 19th December, 1848, headmaster

of the Hut, Wellington, New Zealand.

2. John William Roger, died 18th June, 1854.

1. Eliza Jane, born 15th November, 1845 ; married, at the

Manse, Kintore, 16th May, 1867, Rev. William Masson,
minister of Culsalmond ; died there, 9th May, 191 1.

2. Annie Roger, born 29th April, 1847 ; married, 24th

April, 1866, John Russell Mackenzie, architect, Aber-

3. Marianne Rose, born 31st August, 1852.
Died at Rathen, 15th June, 1863.

Yeats, William. 20th July, 1836.

Eldest son of George Yeats, advocate (1804). Born at Aberdeen,
16th July, 181 5. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1833. App. to his father.
In partnership with his father, firm being George & William
Yeats; thereafter with John Whyte (1839), firm being Yeats &
Whyte ; subsequently with Robert Spottiswood Farquhar
Spottiswood (1843), firm being Yeats & Spottiswood, and,
finally, with William Milne (1864), and Archibald Mclntyre
McDonald (1871), firm being Yeats, Milne & McDonald.
Notary Public. Director, Aberdeen Banking Coy. ; Local


Board, Union Bank of Scotland ; Local Board, North British
and Mercantile Insurance Coy. ; and Aberdeen, Leith and
Clyde Shipping Coy. Member of Council, New Spalding Club.
Honorary Sheriff Substitute of Aberdeenshire. Commissioner
on Oaths for English Courts. Commissioner for the Earl of
Crawford and Balcarres. Succeeded to the estate of Auqu-
harney, and was also proprietor of Beaconhill, Peterculter.
Commissioner of Supply for Aberdeenshire. Fiars Juror, 1850-
64, and 1879. Trustee of Aberdeen Hospital for Sick Children.
F.S.A., Scot. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1872-73,
and 1881-84. President, 1873-74. Portrait in Committee Room.
Married, at Aberdeen, 5th July, 1842, Mary (born 4th Novem-
ber, 1 8 19, died, at Beaconhill, 26th January, 1887), younger
dau. of John Whyte, merchant, Aberdeen.

Died, s.p., at Beaconhill, 8th April, 1899.

Young, William. • 29th January, 1752.

Eldest son of Alexander Young in Hyndwells, previously in
Auquhirie, Kincardineshire, and Agnes Gibbon, his wife. T Born
1717. App. to James Udny (1709). Sheriff Clerk of Kin-
cardineshire from June, 1752. Married Elizabeth (died at Mill
of Forest, Stonehaven, 9th August, 1804), dau. of John Forbes
of Kincardine, and widow of George Logic, Sheriff Clerk of
Kincardineshire, with issue : —

1. William, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1775-78 ; succeeded his

father as Sheriff Clerk of Kincardineshire ; died at Mill
of Forest, 10th June, 181 5, in his 53rd year.

2. James.

3. Keith, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1777-78 ; Colonel in the Army.

1. Jane, married James Murray, factor in Campvere, 2 Holland.

2. Helen, died unmarried.

Died at Mill of Forest, Stonehaven, 19th March, 1790.

1 Particulars from Dr. W. A. Macnaughton, Stonehaven.
- These were the parents of James Murray, advocate (1817).


Youngson, Thomas Alexander William Andrew. 6th June, 1857.

Only son of Thomas Youngson, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1 797-1 801 ;
Major, 48th Regt. Madras Infantry, and Christian Milne, his
wife. Born at Harthill, Keig, Aberdeenshire, 23rd November,
1832. Educated at Grammar School, and West End Academy,
Aberdeen; M.A., Mar. Coll., 1851. App. to John Fleming and
James Paull (Fleming & Paull). In partnership with Archibald
John Watt Storie, S.S.C., Aberdeen, 1876-90, firm being Youngson
& Storie; and with Richard William Kidston Bain (1887), 1891-
1901, firm being Youngson & Bain. Sometime factor for
Bishop's Hospital, Old Aberdeen, and Collyhill Trust. Clerk
to the Kirk Session and Trustees of Gilcomston Parish Church,
Aberdeen. One of the founders and manager of the Aberdeen
Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor. Manager,
Aberdeen Savings' Bank ; Deaf and Dumb Institution ; and
Morningfield Hospital. J. P. for the County of Aberdeen.
Author of "Mar. Coll. Class Record, 1847-51." Succeeded (on
the death of his uncle, Alexander Youngson, W.S., 24th
February, 1849), to the estate of Blackshiels, Humbie, Had-
dingtonshire, which he afterwards sold to Lord Stair. Lieut,
Aberdeenshire Artillery Vols., 23rd September, 1861 ; Captain,
19th July, 1865; Captain Commandant, 19th August, 1874;
Major, 1 8th July, 1877; Lieutenant-Col, 3rd March, 1880;
retiring as Colonel, 24th June, 1893. V.D. Married, at Aber-
deen, 31st October, 1871, Margaret Forbes, third dau. of the
Very Rev. William Robinson Pirie, D.D., King's Coll. and Mar.
Coll., 1844, Principal of Aberdeen University, 1877, with issue: —
1. Thomas William, Captain, King's Own Scottish Borderers ;
served throughout the South African War.

1. Isabella Agnes Allan.

2. Margaret Louise.

Died at Southfield, Cults, 13th May, 191 2.





Andrew King


Mr. Alexander Davidsone


Mr. Richard Irving


William Cordoner


Mr. Alexander Irving


George Reidheid


Mr. Gilbert Ross


Mr. Alexander Garden


Mr. Robert Paip


Mr. William Paip


Mr. Andrew Clark


Mr. Andrew Urquhart


Mr. William Andersone


Mr. Alexander Reid


Mr. William Reid


Mr. William Lumsden


James Davidson


Mr. Alexander Thomsoun


Mr. Arthur Watt


John Hunter


Mr. William Raye


Mr. Robert Reid


Mr. William Barclay


George Merser


Thomas Mercer


Mr. Alexander Forbes


Mr. Robert Davidsone


Andrew Thomsone


Mr. William Chalmer


George Pattoun


George Barroun


Gilbert Beidie


Alexander Spalding


George Adame


Mr. Alexander Paip


Mr. Alexander Fraser


Mr. George Andersone


George Keith


Mr. James Irving


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Deed of Constitution of the Society's Widows' Fond.

Whereas the Society and Corporation of Advocates in Aberdeen has for many
years been possessed of considerable funds in land and money lent on personal
security, the annual produce of which has been appropriated according to the
terms of their Charter : That although these funds have been found more than
amply sufficient for the ordinary and necessary purposes of the Society, and have
of late years been considerably increased by the great number of additional
members admitted, who have paid large sums in name of entry money, as well as
annual contributions, yet no proper or adequate fund has hitherto been established
for a provision to the widows of the members thereof And whereas the institu-
tion of a permanent and separate fund for a certain provision to the widows of
deceased members would be beneficial and creditable to the Corporation, a
scheme for that purpose had, after mature consideration, been prepared, and was
approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Society, held upon the twenty-
sixth day of November, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty-two.
Therefore the Society have unanimously agreed to, and do hereby enact and
establish, the following Rules and Regulations for the due administration of the
said Institution, and which are appointed to be strictly observed in all time
coming : —

First. — That, for the purpose of instituting a fund for a provision to the
widows of the members, the sum of five thousand five hundred pounds sterling
shall be taken from the present money stock or funds of the Society as on the
Twentieth day of December, Eighteen Hundred and Twenty-two years, and
vested in manner after-mentioned, to be improved at interest, and kept separate
and distinct from the other funds of the Society, under the title of

Second.— That, in further aid of said Fund, there shall be appropriated
thereto the sum of forty guineas on the admission of every member of the said
Society or Corporation after the first day of January in the present year out of
the ordinary entry money of sixty guineas at present payable to the Society ; and
when such entry money shall be extended to one hundred guineas, according to



the regulation of the Society established on the Second day of January, One
Thousand Eight Hundred and Nineteen, then the sum of sixty guineas shall be
appropriated out of said sum to the Fund hereby instituted.

Third. — That, in further aid of the said Fund, there shall be appropriated
thereto yearly the sum of one guinea out of the annual contributions at present
payable to the Society by the members ; and also one guinea out of the entry
money at present payable to the Society by an apprentice on his entering into an
indenture with any member of the Society, entitling such apprentice to the
privileges of the Corporation.

Fourth. — That the foresaid sums hereby ordered to be appropriated to the
support of the said Fund shall be applied to the uses and purposes after-mentioned,
namely : In the first place, for payment of necessary expense of management.
In the second place, for payment of annuities to widows of deceased members ;
and in the third place, for establishing a capital for the purposes of the present

Fifth. — That there shall be paid to the widow of a deceased member an
annuity of thirty pounds sterling per annum, payable in moieties on the Twentieth
day of June and Twentieth day of December in each year, commencing the first
half-year's annuity at the first Twentieth day of June, or Twentieth day of
December, after the death of her husband, for the half-year immediately following
the said term ; but declaring that no annuity, nor half-year's annuity, shall be
payable out of this Fund to any widow until the twentieth day of December,
One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty-four, when one half-year's annuity
shall be paid for the half-year following that term, and that the respective annuities
shall cease and determine at twelve o'clock noon of the Twentieth day of June
or Twentieth day of December immediately preceding the deaths of the annuitants
respectively, and declaring farther that in case at any time, owing to any unforseen
defalcation of the funds calculated on by the aforesaid scheme, or to the number
of the widows entitled to the benefit thereof exceeding the proportions calculated
to the reduction of interest of money, or to any other cause, it shall be found
that the accumulation of capital is not progressively equal to the calculated
amounts, then and in that case it shall be in the power of the Society from time
to time to order and appoint the annuities to be restricted in such a manner, and
for such period as shall appear to them to be necessary, and such restriction shall
be made accordingly ; on the other hand if, from experience, it shall appear to
the Society that the Fund is progressively advancing, and can, with safety to its
stability, afford an additional allowance to the widows, it shall be in the power of
the Society to increase the annuity from time to time as they may think proper,
and that it is hereby declared that no widow shall forfeit her annuity by entering


on a second or any future marriage, and it is also declared that, although she
should marry a member of the Society for her second husband, or any future
husband, she shall in no case draw more than one annuity.

Sixth. — That, if any member shall die leaving his annual contribution unpaid,
such deduction shall be made from the annuity to his widow as shall be equal to
the arrears due by him and interest thereon from the time the same became due,
and upon the death of any member before he shall have paid seven years' rate,
then such deduction, in manner after-mentioned, shall be made from the annuity
payable to his widow, as, together with the same paid by him, shall, exclusive of
interest, amount to seven years' contributions : Provided always that there shall
be no deduction on any account from the widows' annuity for the first year they
come on the Fund, but that a sum not exceeding one-fifth of the half-year's
annuity for each subsequent half-year shall be deducted till the said deductions,
along with the same that had been paid by the member himself, shall amount, as
aforesaid, exclusive of interest, to the full sums that may be remaining unpaid for
seven years' rates and arrears, unless the annuitant shall choose to pay up the
whole at once ; and it is hereby declared and agreed to, that the widows of
members at present on the General Funds of the Society, and such other widows
as may (in the meantime before the opening of the present Institution) be
placed thereon, shall enjoy their annuities during their respective lives in the
same manner as if the present Fund had never been established.

Seventh. — That the securities for the sums of money to be lent out shall be
taken in the name of the President and Treasurer, and their successors in office,
for the benefit of the Institution ; and it shall be in the power of the Society to
lend out the money belonging to this Fund on heritable or undoubted personal
security as they may think proper, or to invest the same, or such part thereof as
they may think proper, in the purchase of Government Stock, Stock of the Bank
of England, or landed or other real property, with the approbation of the Society
or Committee of Funds annually appointed.

Eighth. — That the Treasurer shall keep a regular book containing a particular
account of the funds of the present Institution separate and distinct from the
other or general funds of the Society ; that he shall annually lay his accounts
before the Committee of Funds, who shall audit the same and report thereon to
the Annual General Meeting of the Society for their consideration.

Ninth. — And whereas the foresaid annuities are intended as alimentary
provisions, therefore it is enacted that the said annuities payable to the widows
shall not be assignable nor liable to be affected by arrestment nor otherwise
attachable by creditors, nor shall they be subject to the jus mariti of any husband
whom they may afterwards marry, or affectable by his debts or deeds ; but shall,


notwithstanding such assignation, arrestment, attachment, or subsequent marriage,
be paid to the widows themselves upon their simple receipt.

That these Rules and Regulations J shall be subscribed by all present
members of the Society, and also by all future members at the time of their
usual admission.


Apprentices 2 who did not enter the Society ; —

Abel, Duncan Mearns.

Youngest son of Rev. John Abel, M.A., King's Coll., 1841, minister of
Forgue, and Elizabeth Scott, his wife. Born at Forgue, 21st May, 1864.
Educated at the Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1885; LL.B.
(with honours), Edinb., 1890. App. to P. H. Chalmers, F. T. Garden,
C. Ruxton, and D. M. A. Chalmers (C. & P. H. Chalmers), from June,
1885. Member, Faculty of Advocates, admitted 4th June, 1890. Married,
at the Cathedral, Old Aberdeen, 18th August, 1896, Constance Annie,
second dau. of John Crombie, Danestone. Died at Edinburgh, 4th
January, 1898.

Alexander, William.

Youngest son of Gilbert Alexander, tanner and shipowner, Peterhead, and
Katharine Robertson, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1819-20, etc. App.
to Alexander Webster (1794), from 13th May, 1820. Writer in Peterhead
from 1825; Town Clerk, 1833; agent for North of Scotland Bank, 1836.
Provost of Peterhead, on eight successive occasions, from i860. Married
Margaret (died at Whitehill, 23rd January, 1907, aged 92), second dau. of
William Arbuthnot of Dens. Died 19th April, 1885, aged 83.

Arnott, John.

Son of Alexander Arnott, sometime merchant in Aberdeen, and brother
of Neil Arnott, the well-known physician and natural philosopher. M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 181 1. App., first, to Alexander Webster (1794), from 30th
April, 1809, and, second, to John Campbell, W.S., Edinburgh. W.S.,
admitted 20th December, 182 1. Died, unmarried, 5th April, 1864,
aged 70.

1 The foregoing was " written out on parchment " and signed by the members. It was
also copied into the Society's Minute Book under date 16th April, 1823.

■ This list is only a selection : many other apprentices attained high positions, but space
precludes their being noticed.


Barclay, George.

Son of George Barclay, M.D., physician, Aberdeen. M.A. (with honours),
Mar. Coll., 1837. App. to Alexander Stronach (1818), from 2nd June, 1836.
Merchant in Leith. Died at Edinburgh, 24th November, 19 10, aged 90.

Barron, George.

Son of John Barron, watchmaker, Aberdeen, and Ann Allan, his wife,
being elder brother of Lambert Barron, advocate (1834). M.A., Mar.
Coll., 1 81 7. App., first, to Alexander Smith (1804), from 19th May, 18 15,
second, to Robert Burnett, W.S., and, third, to Alexander Donald, W.S.,
Edinburgh. W.S., admitted 4th June, 1829. In partnership with Charles
Gordon, W.S. (1824), firm being Gordon & Barron. Married, 26th
December, 1837, Elizabeth, second dau. of Alexander Adie, optician,
Edinburgh. Died at Aberdeen, nth August, 1851, aged 50.

Begg, David Gray.

Only surviving son of Rev. Alexander Begg, M.A., Mar. Coll., 18 18,
Congregational minister, Fraserburgh. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1845-47.
App. to Clements Lumsden (1825), from 1847. Called to the Bar,
Lincoln's Inn, 1859. Married, first, in London, 5th September, i860,
Sarah, eldest dau. of Robert Millington, and, second, in 1872, Henrietta
Fox. Died 22nd July, 1898, aged 68.

Best, Thomas William.

Son of Thomas Best, banker, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1847-50.
App. to James Murray and James Garden (Murray & Garden), from 14th
June, 1849. Merchant in Bombay. Died unmarried.

Bodie, Charles.

Son of Alexander Bodie, in Bush, Auchterless, and Janet Mackie, his wife.
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1827-31. App. to William Simpson (^1813), from
1st September, 1829. Solicitor in Turriff. Died, unmarried, at Turriff,
31st March, 1875, a g e ^ 62 -

Booth, Joseph.

Son of George Booth, watchmaker, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 182 1.
App., first, to Alexander Allan (18 10), from June, 18 19, and, second, to
James Shepherd, W.S., Edinburgh. W.S., admitted 9th December, 1830.
Died, unmarried, at Hatton of Fintray, Aberdeenshire, 13th August,
187 1, aged 68.


Bowman, Alexander Gordon.

Son of John Bowman, M.D., of Gayfield, Forfarshire, and Margaret
Gordon, his wife. App. to James Brebner (1828), from 28th June,
1833. Master in Surgery. Married at Canterbury, 17th March, 1842
(then designed as "only surviving grandson of the late Sir Alexander
Gordon, Bart., of Lesmoir, Aberdeenshire " x ), Eleanor (died at Portobello,
2 1 st January, 1843), dau. OI " Henry Ricketts, of Chenlett Lodge,

Boyd, James Tower.

Son of George Boyd, merchant, Ceylon. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1847-49.
App. to Francis Edmond (1829), from 1st December, 1849. Banker in

Brebner, Alexander Crombie.

Eldest son of James Brebner, advocate (1828). Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1847-50. App. to his father. In Audit Department, Somerset House.
Died, in London, 26th January, 1873, aged 41.

Brown, Arthur Richardson.

Son of William Alexander Brown, M.A., St. And., 1854, LL.D., Aberd.,
1895, member, Faculty of Advocates, Sheriff Substitute of Aberdeen,
Banff, and Kincardine, and Elizabeth MacGeorge Maclndoe, his wife.
Born at Edinburgh, 16th May, 1875. M.A., Aberd., 1896. App. to

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