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Alexander Davidson, John Whyte, David Macbeth Moir Milligan and
Duguid Rae Milne (Davidson & Garden), from 10th May, 1894.
Member, Faculty of Advocates, admitted 13th March, 1903.

Burton, John Hill.

Second son of Lieut. William Kininmond Burton, 94th Regiment, and
Paton, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 22nd August, 1809. Edu-
cated at Grammar School, Aberdeen; M.A., Mar. Coll, 1829; LL.D.,
Edinb., 1864, and Aberd., 1871 ; D.C.L., Oxon., 1878. App., first, to
Charles Winchester, and, second, to Thomas Burnett and Newell Burnett
(Thomas & Newell Burnett), from 31st October, 1826. Member,
Faculty of Advocates, admitted 23rd December, 1831. Secretary to the
Prison Board of Scotland, and, subsequently, Historiographer Royal for

1 Aberdeen Constitutional, April I, 1842.



Scotland. Author of numerous works, including — "The History of
Scotland"; "The Book Hunter" and "The Scot Abroad." Original
member, Spalding Club, and a member of its Council. Portrait in great
window, Mitchell Hall, Mar. Coll. Married, first, 23rd July, 1844,
Isabella (died 9th October, 1849), dau. of Captain David Lauder of
Flatfield, Perthshire, and, second, 3rd August, 1855, Katherine (died
29th November, 1898), eldest dau. of Cosmo Innes, advocate. Died at
Morton House, Lothianburn, Edinburgh, 10th August, 1881.

Cameron, Alexander. t

Son of Patrick Cameron, Sheriff Substitute of Elginshire, and

Leslie, his wife. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1841-43. App. to John
Blaikie and John Smith (Blaikie & Smith), from 1843. Member,
Society of Solicitors of Banffshire, admitted 1855. Sometime in partner-
ship with William Robert Gordon, Procurator Fiscal of Banffshire, firm
being Gordon & Cameron, solicitors, Banff. Subsequently solicitor in
Elgin, and County Clerk of Elginshire. Latterly, in partnership with
James Allan, firm being Cameron & Allan, solicitors and bank agents,
Elgin. Sometime Provost of Elgin. Member of General Council,
University of Aberdeen. Proprietor of Mainhouse, Roxburghshire.
Married Louisa, dau. of Ralph Compton Nisbet of Mainhouse, afore-
said. Died 2nd March, 1895.

Cameron, John.

Son of Hugh Cameron, merchant, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1803-5. App. to David Hutcheon (1789), from 25th June, 1806.
Surgeon, R.N., afterwards in Aberdeen. Proprietor of Morefield, Stocket,

Campbell, James Massie.

Son of John Campbell, M.A., Mar. Coll., 1814, surgeon, and post-horse
master in Aberdeen, and Margaret Massie, his wife. Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1839-42. App. to Francis James Cochran (1831), from 16th May,
1842. Partner in the firm of Stein & Campbell, solicitors, Edinburgh.
Married Elizabeth Stephen. Died at Portobello, 29th August, 1859.

1 Information from Mr. Hugh Stewart, solicitor and town clerk, Elgin, and Mr.
Alexander Colville, solicitor, Banff.


Chalmers, Alexander Wallace. x

Second Son of Samuel Chalmers, clothier, burgess, and sometime clerk
and treasurer of Police, Aberdeen, and Elspet Wallace, his wife. Born
ioth January, 1801. App. to Thomas Burnett (1796), from 22nd May,

1815. Governor, Aberdeen Prisons, appointed 27th January, 1825.
Burgess of Guild of Aberdeen, admitted 5th October, 1829. Married,
24th March, 1825, Mary, eldest dau. of Captain Richard Jamson,
Aberdeen. Died 20th June, 1862.

Cochran, Peter Campbell.

Second son of Alexander Cochran, advocate (1862). Born 3rd February,
1870. B.A. (with honours), Oxon. App. to his father and Andrew
Macpherson (Cochran & Macpherson), from 22nd November, 1892.
Law Agent. Served in South African War, being Captain in the
Imperial Light Horse. Resident Magistrate, Barberton, Transvaal.

Craig, Skene.

Son of James Craig, mason, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1819-20
and 1821-22. App. to Charles Donaldson (1814), from 4th February,
1823. Acquired a fortune in Australia. Lived sometime thereafter at
Muchalls Castle, and at Woodburn, Torquay. Married twice. Died
8th December, 1879.

Dingwall, Arthur.

Fourth son of Alexander Dingwall, of Rannieston, merchant, Aberdeen,
and Janet Abercrombie, his wife. Born 16th September, 1798. M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 181 8. App. to Andrew Jopp (1796), from 17th September,

1816. Member, Faculty of Advocates, admitted 13th November, 1827.
Married, in December, 1854, Charlotte, dau. of George Richard Roach,
Liverpool. Died, in London, 13th March, 1879.

Donald, Alexander.

Eldest son of William Donald, farmer, Couliehare, Udny. Born 1796.
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1813, being Gray math, bursar, 181 2. App., first, to
Alexander Webster (1794), from 25th May, 1812, and, second, to
William Inglis, and Matthew Weir, W.S., Edinburgh. W.S., admitted
6th July, 1826. Married, 5th August, 1830, Robina Mary, youngest
dau. of Alexander Millar, Montrose. Died nth April, 1846.

'Information from the Rev. James Smith, B. D., St. George 's-in-the-West, Aberdeen,


Duguid, Peter.

Eldest son of Peter Duguid of Bourtie and Auchlunies, and Margaret
Fraser, his wife. Born 18th April, 1817. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1834.
App. to Alexander Webster (A. & J. Webster), from 16th May, 1833.
Sometime partner in the firm of John Smith & Co., iron merchants,
Aberdeen. Succeeded to the estates of Bourtie, Aberdeenshire, and
Auchlunies, Kincardineshire. Married, 12th April, 1883, Isabella
Barclay Irvine, dau. of Archer Irvine Fortescue of Kingcausie. Died
12th April, 1898.

Dun, Andrew.

Son of Andrew Dun, rector, Grammar School, Aberdeen, and Elizabeth
Maxwell, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1820. App., first, to Lewis Nicoll
(1804), from May, 181 8, second, to John Campbell and James Arnott,
and, third, to John Campbell, Jun., all W.S., Edinburgh. W.S., admitted
31st May, 1827. Married, first, Mary Ann Leslie, dau. of John
Rutherford of Hunthill, and, second, on 26th July, 1841, Mary Isabella,
third dau. of Thomas Selby, Ipswich. Died 20th February, 1854,
aged 50.

Duthie, Walter. ■

Son of Alexander Duthie, advocate (1764). Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1804-5, etc. App., first, to Alexander Dauney (1776), from 13th April,
1807, and, second, to William Handyside, W.S., Edinburgh. W.S.,
admitted 10th March, 181 7. Succeeded to the estates of Burnside,
Rosehill, and Ruthrieston, Aberdeen. Portrait in " Modern Athenians."
Died, at Edinburgh, unmarried, 30th September, 1868, aged 78.

Esson, George Auldjo.

Son of John Esson, merchant, Quebec. M.A. (with honours), Mar.
Coll., 1831. App. to Duncan Davidson (1794), from 12th November,
1830. One of the original members of The Society of Accountants in
Edinburgh, Incorporated 1854. Accountant in Bankruptcy, Edinburgh,
appointed 31st October, 1856. Author. Married, 4th February, 1844,
Margaret, dau. of Major Alexander Skene, 24th Regiment. Died 13th
March, 1888.

Ewing, Alexander.

Only son of Alexander Ewing of Tartowie, M.A., King's Coll., 1810;
M.D., Edinb., 1815 ; Lecturer on Anatomy, Aberd., and Barbara

A 2


McCombie, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1844-47. App. to John
Blaikie and John Smith (Blaikie & Smith), from 10th August, 1846.
As a " Deputy Assistant Commissary General " served throughout the
campaign of i860, in the North of China (medal); also during the
operations against the Taepings, in the vicinity of Shanghai, in 1862, etc.
Lieut. -Col., and Staff Paymaster, Army Pay Dept. Musical Composer; the
tune "Ewing," sung to the hymn, ''Jerusalem the Golden," immortalizing him.
Succeeded to Tartowie, Kinellar. Married, first, on 1st June, 1867
Juliana Horatia (died 1885), authoress, second dau. of the Rev. Alfred
Gatty, D.D., Vicar of Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, and, second, Elizabeth
Margaret, dau. of the Rev. Anthony Cumby, Vicar of Bolton-on-
Swale, Yorkshire. Died 16th July, 1895.

Farquhar, Arthur.

Son of Arthur Farquhar, shoemaker, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll.,
1838. App. to Charles Chalmers and Nathaniel Farquhar (Chalmers &
Farquhar), from 19th July, 1837. Land Surveyor in Australia.

Forbes, Henry David.

Son of Duncan Forbes Mitchell, of Thainston, and Katharine Ann
Fraser, his wife. Born 12th November, 1790. M.A., King's Coll.,
1808. App. to Andrew Jopp (1796), from 12th November, 1808.
Married, 27th May, 18 16, his cousin, Margaret (born 6th July, 1796,
died 19th August, 1839), eldest dau. and heiress of Alexander Fraser of
Fraserfield, previously, and afterwards, Balgownie. Died 24th July, 1869.

Forbes, John.

Youngest son of James Forbes, merchant, and sometime magistrate of
Aberdeen, and Elspet Gordon Morgan, his wife. Born 4th February,
1838. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1853-56. App. to John Yeats and
Alexander Flockhart (Yeats & Flockhart), from 28th May, 1855.
Barrister, Lincoln's Inn, 1862. Q.C., 1881. Recorder of Hull from
1887. Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Married,
in 1866, Maria Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Henry Thomas, F.R.C.S.,
Sheffield. Died, in London, 18th March, 1904.

Forbes, Robert.

Third son of the Rev. Robert Forbes, M.A., minister of Monymusk,
and Rachel Copland, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1824-26. App.
to Henry Lumsden and Clements Lumsden (Henry & Clements



Lumsden), from 17th May, 1828. Proctor in Colombo. Died at
Cuddalore, Madras, 18th May, 1854.

Forbes, William.

Second son of Alexander Forbes, of Ainslie, merchant, Aberdeen, and
Janet Forbes (dau. of Sir William Forbes, Bart, of Craigievar), his wife.
Born 29th May, 1820. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1833-35, etc - App. to
James Blaikie and John Smith (Blaikie & Smith), from November,
1835. Major-General, 27th Bengal Native Infantry. Served in Afghan
Campaign with Lord Roberts, and was also for a time on staff of Lord
Lawrence. Married, first, Sophia Adams Fell, and, second, Frances
Helen, dau. of Captain Richard Spry, H.E.I.C.S. Died at Dover, 6th
May, 1877.

Fraser, William Nathaniel.

Second son of Francis Fraser of Findrack, Commander, R.N., and
Garden Winchester, his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1832-34 and
1 835-36. App. to Duncan Davidson (1794), from 1st July, 1834.
S.S.C., admitted 10th December, 1850. Became proprietor of Torna-
veen and Findrack. Married, in 1846, Philadelphia Lam be (died 14th
October, 1879), dau. of Hugh Veitch of Stuartfield, Town Clerk of
Leith. Died at Edinburgh, 13th November, 1899, aged 82.

Gamack, John Hutchison.

Son of William Gamack, writer, Peterhead. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1856.
App. to Thomas Burnett and Newell Burnett (Thomas & Newell
Burnett), from 29th May, 1854. Manager, Agricultural Company,
Newcastle, New South Wales.

Gamack, William.

Son of Alexander Gamack in Coburty, Aberdour. Alumnus, Mar.
Coll., 1805-7. App. to Thomas Burnett (1796), from 10th August,
1807. Writer in, and subsequently Postmaster of, Peterhead. Baron-
Baillie, Vice-Admiral Depute, and Clerk of Lieutenancy, Peterhead.

Gillies, James.

Eldest son of Robert Gillies, of Little Keithock, merchant, Brechin,
and brother of Adam, Lord Gillies. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1775-76, etc.
App. to John Gordon (1753), from 1774. Minister of Menmuir,
Forfarshire, 1779. Married Anne Durward. Died nth January, 1783.


Gordon, George.

App. to Alexander Lumsden (1759), from 1773. Ensign, 78th (after-
wards 72nd) Foot, 15th January, 1778; Lieut., 15th September, 1780;
served on Coromandel Coast in 1788. Died in 1792. x

Gordon, Peter Laing. See Laing, Peter.

Gordon, William Robert.

Son of John Gordon, wine merchant, Malaga. Born 24th September,
181 2. Educated at Grammar School, Aberdeen; Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1825-27. App. to James McHardy (181 7), from 22nd October, 1827.
Solicitor in Keith in 1833, and subsequently in Banff. Procurator
Fiscal of Banffshire, January, 1842, to May, 1879. Sometime in
partnership with Alexander Cameron, solicitor, Banff, firm being Gordon
& Cameron. Married, first, in 1837, Margaret, second dau. of James
George, Haughs, Keith ; second, Clementina Grigor, sister of Dr.
Grigor, Nairn ; thirdly, Elizabeth Birks ; and, fourthly, Clarissa, dau. of
James Hutchison of Springfield, Peterhead, and widow of James Gordon,
corn factor, Inverness. Died at Edinburgh, 16th October, 1898. 2

Grant, Alexander Thomson.

Son of John Grant, builder, Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen, 7 th March,
1834. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1852-54; King's Coll., 1859-60; and
Aberd., 1860-61. App. to John Yeats and Alexander Flockhart (Yeats
& Flockhart), from 29th May, 1854. Qualified for ministry of Episcopal
Church; ordained deacon, 1864; priest, 1866; curate, St. James'
Church, Leith, 1864; curate, St. Paul's Church, Dundee, 1866; chap-
lain to the Earl of Rosslyn, and incumbent of Rosslyn Chapel, 1868:
rector of St. Margaret's Church, Leven, Fifeshire, 1886.

Grant, Robert.

Son of Robert Grant, farmer, Old Morlich, and Isobel Ross, his wife.
M.A., King's Coll., 1842. App. to John Duncan (1824), from 16th
June, 1842. Minister of Stracathro, Forfarshire, ordained there in
December, 185 1. Married, at Manse of Craig, in 1867, Anne Wardlaw,
dau. of Rev. Robert Mitchell, minister of Craig, near Montrose. Died
at Stracathro, in June, 1909, aged 85.

1 Information from Mrs. Constance Oliver Skellon.

2 Bulloch's "The Gordons and Smiths at Minmore," pp. 15-16.


Grub, George.

Eldest son of George Grub, advocate (1836). Born 2nd July, 1845.
Alumnus, Aberd., 1862-66. App. to his father from 27th May, 1865.
Passed examination for admission to the Society of Advocates.
Merchant burgess of Old Aberdeen. Ordained Priest, Episcopal Church
in Scotland, 187 1 ; sometime curate of St. Paul's, Dundee; incumbent
of St. James', Stonehaven ; rector of Holy Trinity, Ayr ; provost of
St. Ninian's Cathedral, Perth ; now rector of St. Andrew's, Dunmore,
and honorary provost. F.S.A., Scot. Married, in August, 1904, Agnes
Marion, dau. of Captain Percy G. Kerans, Bengal Staff Corps.

Harvey, William.

Sixth son of John Harvey of Kinnettles, Forfarshire, and Angelica
Dingwall Fordyce, his wife. App. to John Blaikie and John Smith
(Blaikie & Smith), from 1st September, 1838. Sometime farmer at
Rothmaise ; afterwards resident in Melbourne and London. Patented
two inventions, in 1884, for diminishing consumption of fuel in steamships,
and increasing storage capacity without reducing their speed. Married,
1 st February, 1842, Rachel Chambers, dau. of William Chambers
Hunter of Tillery. •

Hay, James.

Son of James Hay, factor at Fyvie, and proprietor of Monkshill, and
Elizabeth Fraser, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1790. App. to David
Morice (1764), from 1788. Succeeded to Monkshill, Fyvie. Died,
unmarried, 14th February, 1828, aged 53.

Henderson, John Wishart.

Eldest son of John Henderson, sometime Manager, North of Scotland
Bank (Limited), now General Manager of the Clydesdale Bank
(Limited), and Sarah Thomson, his wife. Born at Edinburgh, 3rd
February, 1884. Educated at Rugby; M.A., Aberd., 1904; B.L.,
1906. App. to Alexander Duffus (Wilsone & Duffus), from 1st
November, 1904. Law Agent, admitted November, 1907. Notary
Public. With Mackenzie, Roberton & Co., writers, Glasgow, from
November, 1906, and partner in that firm from 1st January, 191 2.

1 " Family Record of the Name of Dingwall Fordyce," p. 169.


Hunter, John.

Son of David Hunter, vintner, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1810.
App., first, to John Law (1802), from 15th April, 1808, and, second,
to William Mackenzie and Alexander Monypenny, both W.S., Edin-
burgh. W.S., admitted 22nd November, 182 1. Married .

Died 2 1 st January, 1848.

Hutchinson, Alexander.

Son of Captain John Hutchinson, commander, Irish Revenue cutter
"Nepean." Born 23rd March, 1798. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1812-14.
App., first, to Henry Lumsden (1807), from 15th November, 1814, and,
second, to James Arnott, W.S., Edinburgh. W.S., admitted 4th
February, 1830. Afterwards solicitor in Cape Town. Married, first, at
Cape Town, 20th September, 1834, Jane Charlotte Gordon, and, second,
19th June, 185 1, Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. James Watt, Grammar
School, Aberdeen. Died 14th November, 1869, aged 71.

Ingram, William Forbes.

Son of the Rev. William Ingram, M.A., King's Coll., 29th March,
1788, minister of Echt, and Anne Thomson, his wife. M.A., King's
Coll., March, 1832. App. to James McHardy and William Robison
(McHardy & Robison), from 16th July, 1830. Writer (with his
brother Alexander), in Stranraer. Died at St. Helier, Jersey, 2nd
March, 1874.

Jamieson, George Auldjo.

Son of James Jamieson, M.D., Mar. Coll., 1840, and Anne Maria
Auldjo, his wife. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1846. App. to Charles Chalmers
and Nathaniel Farquhar (Chalmers & Farquhar), from 4th June, 1846.
One of the original members of The Society of Accountants in Edin-
burgh, Incorporated 1854. Married, first, 27th November, i860, Mary
Jane (died 30th June, 1864), eldest dau. of David Souter Robertson of
Lawhead; and, second, on 23rd April, 1867, Susan Helena, elder dau.
of Robert Oliphant, Rossie, Perthshire. Died at Edinburgh, 18th July,

Jamieson, James Auldjo.

Younger brother of the above-named George Auldjo Jamieson. Born
25th September, 1832. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1847-51. App., first, to
Charles Chalmers and Nathaniel Farquhar (Chalmers & Farquhar), from


28th May, 1849, and, second, to John Dundas, William Wilson, and
A. M. Bell, W.S., Edinburgh. W.S., admitted 15th March, 1861 ;
Crown Agent, 1874-80, and 1885-86. Married, 17th November 1863,
Isabella, only dau. of James Powrie of Roswallie, Forfarshire. x Died in
London, 13th November, 1907.

Jamieson, William John.

Son of Thomas Francis Jamieson, LL.D., Aberd., 1884, Mains of
Waterton, Ellon. Born 24th March, 1856. M.A. (with honours),
Aberd., 1875. App. to Patrick Henderson Chalmers, and Farquharson
Taylor Garden (C. & P. H. Chalmers), from 3rd May, 1875.
Journalist in Aberdeen, and subsequently in Birmingham. Died at
Birmingham, 28th November, 1897.

Keir, James.

Second son of Archibald Keir, sometime tacksman of Kinloss. Alumnus,
King's Coll., 1851-53. App. to John Clark (1832), from 30th January,
1854. Member, Faculty of Advocates, admitted 31st May, 1864.
Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Died 15th July,

Laing, Peter.

Son of Peter Laing, shipmaster, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1813-15. App. to Francis Gordon (1796), from 12th June, 1815.
Writer in Stonehaven. Afterwards proprietor of Craigmyle, and assumed
the name of Peter Laing Gordon. Married, first, Jane Robertson (died
25th May, 1855), and second, at Edinburgh, 26th September, i860,
Jessie Isabella Cecilia (died 17th November, 1874), youngest dau. of
the late Rev. Hugh Macbean. Died 31st March, 1866, aged 67.

Leslie, Archibald Young. See Young, Archibald.

Leslie, William.

Son of William Leslie, surgeon, Aberdeen. Alumnus, Mar. Coll.,
1840-42. App. to William Adam and Alexander Anderson [his uncle]
(Adam & Anderson) from 23rd May, 1842. S.S.C., admitted 14th

July, 1852. Sometime in partnership with Inglis, firm being Inglis

& Leslie. Subsequently, Parliamentary Agent at Westminster, in partner-
ship with Theodore (afterwards Sir Theodore) Martin, firm being
Martin & Leslie. Died 26th October, 1897.

1 "History of The Society of Writers to H. M. Signet," p. 110.


Lippk, Charles.

Son of the Rev. Robert Lippe, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1851-56; LL.D.,
Aberd., 1895; schoolmaster of Forgue, 1862-79; chaplain, Aberdeen
Royal Infirmary, 1879. Born at Forgue, 29th April, 1868. M.A.,
Aberd., 1888; LL.B. (with honours), Edinb., 1895. App. to John
Robertson, James Forbes Lumsden and Charles Brown Davidson, from
17th December, 1888. Solicitor, Aberdeen; member, Faculty of
Advocates, admitted 10th March, 1903.

Low, John.

Son of Convener John Low, Aberdeen, and Margaret Forbes, his wife.
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1780-83. App. to John Gordon (1753), from
1780. Writer in Stonehaven. Proprietor of Hilton, Kincardineshire.
Married Penuel Richardson (died 25th April, 1831). Died at Stone-
haven, 23rd January, 1832.

McGrigor, Charles.

Son of Colquhoun McGrigor, merchant, Aberdeen, and Ann Grant, his
wife. App. to John Davidson (1782), from 1790. Lieut., 6th May,
1795; Lieut., 33rd Regt., 6th January, 1796; Lieut., 73rd, 14th May,
1799; Capt, 90th, 17th July, 1801 ; Major, 70th, 13th August, 1812;
Lieut.-Col., 70th, 14th August, 1823; retired 1829. K.G.H. Died at
Nottingham, 15th March, 1841. 1

Mackie, Andrew.

Son of William Mackie of Newtonhill, merchant, Aberdeen. M.A.,
Mar. Coll., 1823. App. to Duncan Davidson (1794), from 26th June,
1823. Major in Spanish Legion. Killed in Spain, 1836.

Martin, Francis.

Son of William Martin, fiesher, Aberdeen. App. to Arthur Dingwall
Fordyce (1769), from 1788-89. Writer in Paisley.

Maule, James.

Son of John Maule, writer, Stonehaven, and Ann Pirie, his wife. 2
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1779. App., first, to Alexander Duthie (1764), from
1780, and, second, to William Leslie, W.S., Edinburgh. W.S., admitted
10th March, 1789. Died nth April, 1805.

'Lieut.-Col. McGrigor was a younger brother of Sir James McGrigor, Bart., for many
years Director General of the Army Medical Department.
2 Information from Dr. W. A. Macnaughton, Stonehaven.


Moir, George.

Son of George Moir, vintner, Aberdeen. Born 1799. M.A., Mar.
Coll., 1 81 7. App. to William Stuart (1804), from November, 181 7.
Member, Faculty of Advocates, admitted 5th July, 1825. Professor of
Rhetoric, Edin., 1838-40, and of Scots' Law, 1864. Sheriff of
Ross-shire, 1840-58, and of Stirlingshire, 1858-68. Author. Married,
12th July, 1830, Flora (died 31st October, T858), dau. of George
Tower, Aberdeen. Died 19th October, 1870.

Monro, William Copland.

Son of the Rev. George Ross Monro, M.A., King's Coll., 1789, minister
of Huntly, and Agnes Milne, his wife; being younger brother of David
Monro, advocate (1837). M.A., Mar. Coll., 1838. App. to Alexander
Stronach (1818), from 23rd August, 1836. Writer in Dundee.

Nicol, James.

Son of James Nicol, advocate (1820). Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1840-43.
App. to Thomas Burnett and Newell Burnett (Thomas & Newell
Burnett), from 15th October, 1842. Sometime writer in Aberdeen and
thereafter in Oban. Married, first, Barbara, dau. of John Stuart, stone-
ware merchant, Aberdeen, and, second, Harriet Chalmers. Died at
Middlefield, Lenzie, 15th June, 1906.

Paul, David Hutcheon.

Son of the Rev. William Paul, Professor of Natural Philosophy, King's
Coll., and Isabel Hutcheon, his wife. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1828-3!.
App. to David Hutcheon and Francis Edmond (Hutcheon & Edmond),
from 10th April, 1830. Afterwards an engineer. Died in Aberdeen,
30th September, 185 1, aged 37.

Perry, James.

Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1769-71, being Guild bursar. App. to Arthur
v Dingwall Fordyce (1769.) Founder of "European Magazine"; editor
and proprietor, " Morning Chronicle." Married, and of his family was
Sir Thomas Erskine Perry, Chief Justice of Bombay. :

Pirie, William.

Son of George Pirie, schoolmaster, Methlick. M.A., King's Coll., 1837.
App. to John Yeats (1834), from 6th September, 1836. Writer in

1 "Family Record of the Name of Dingwall Fordyce," I., p. 124.

13 2


Rae, John.

Son of George Rae, messenger, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1832.
App. to James Blaikie and Patrick Bannerman (Blaikie & Bannerman),
from 22nd July, 1830. Afterwards at Sydney, New South Wales.
Under Secretary for Public Works.

Rettie, Middleton.

Eldest son of William Rettie, jeweller, Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen,
8th August, 1828. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1847; LL.D., Aberd., 1894.
App. to Francis James Cochran (Smith & Cochran), from 4th
September, 1846. Member, Faculty of Advocates, admitted 23rd June,
1855; King's Counsel, 1904; Editor of "Cases Decided in the Court
of Session," 1865. Married, at Dundee, 22nd October, 1863, Isobel
(died 24th November, 1898, aged 63), only dau. and heiress of John
Kerr of Dunearn, Fifeshire. Died 27th December, 19 10.

Robertson, Joseph.

Only son of Joseph Robertson, merchant, Aberdeen, and Christian
Leslie, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 17th May, 18 10. Educated at
Udny Academy; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1822-25; LL.D., Edinb., 1864.
App. to James Simpson (1816), from 13th August, 1825. Eminent
antiquary and historian. Editor of the "Aberdeen Constitutional";
"Glasgow Constitutional," and, subsequently, of the "Edinburgh
Courant." One of the founders of the Spalding Club, ' and editor
of many of its publications. F.S.A. Curator of National Historical

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