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Andrew Clive Auchincloss Arrol, bom 16 September 1948 in Romford, Essex, England,
and Archibald Simon Arrol, bom 19 September 1954 in Taunton, Somerset, England.
Andrew married on 25 July 1970 in Old Bursledon, Hampshire to Margaret Mary Parker
and they had Winifrid Rose Arrol, bom 18 June 1972 at Westminster, London, and Luke


Colin Alastair Arrol, bom 4 December 1974 in Westminster, London. Archibald Simon
married 1 May 1982 to Susan Cooke in Shrewsbury. Andrew was an architect with the
noted firm of Arrol and Snell. The firm Arrol and Snell is mentioned in HRH The Prince
of Wales book on his view of architecture, "A Vision of Britain." (2)

William Philips Arrol and Lilas Charmichael family

William Philips Arrol was one of eight children of Archibald Tower Arrol and Helen
King Philips. Archibald Tower Arrol, bom 26 March 1847 in Glasgow, was the joint
owner and managing director of the Arrol Brewery in Alloa, Clackmannanshire in the
latter part of the 19th century. He was the Lord Provost of Alloa.

William Philips Arrol was bom 13 December 1877 in Millgrove House, Alloa. He went
to South Africa to work in the mining industry. While there he married Lilas
Charmichael in Durban. After returning from South Africa the family lived in the south
of England. They had two children, Archibald John "Ian" Arrol, bom 1915, and Doris
Philips Arrol, bom 1918, in England, Archibald John Ian' Arrol resided in the south of
England while Doris Mary Philips Arrol resided in Edinburgh in 1988. (3)

John Arrol of Glasgow. Scotland

John Arrol was bom 28 April 1914 at 103 Kennedy Street, Glasgow. John was a carter
in Glasgow. During World War 11 John was in the Medical Corp in the British Army and
was stationed in England for a period prior to service in East Africa. While stationed in
England he met and married Margaret Robinson of Ormskirk, Lancashire, England. The
couple was married on 28 October 1944 at the Skemersdale Parish Church, Ormskirk,
Lancashire, England. After the war the couple lived in Glasgow. They raised two
children: 1) Elizabeth Ruddy Arrol, bom 1 May 1945 in Milton, Glasgow; and 2) John
Arrol, bom 23 June 1946 in Oakbank Hospital, Glasgow. (4)

Elizabeth Withers Arrol of Glasgow. Scotland

Elizabeth Arrol was bom on 23 September 1919 in Glasgow, Scotland. She was one of
nine children of Robert Arrol, a carter, and Elizabeth Ruddy, a cotton millworker, of St.
Rollox, Glasgow, Scotland. Elizabeth was in the WAF's during World War II and was
stationed in Yorkshire, England. She met and married Stanley Robinson while stationed
in Yorkshire. In 19-88 the couple had a son and resided in Hull, Yorkshire, England. (5)

James Arrol and Margaret (Rita) McGrath familv of Streatham. London

George Young Arrol was bom 9 August 1880, one of eleven children of James Arrol and
Ellen Arthur Young. James Arrol was in business with his brother. Sir William Arrol,
in the Sir William Arrol Engineering Company in Glasgow. George married Agnes
Rowan in Brikenhead, England on 18 September 1909. His son, James Arrol, was bom
in Glasgow, Scotland on 28 April 1918 and he met his wife, Margaret (Rita) McGrath,


in 1940 at a recruiting station in London during World War II. Rita was a secretary in
a solicitors office in the Ministr>' of Education. The couple was married in 1943 and
raised four children, all bom in London. Their children were: George Michael Arrol,
bom 26 November 1944; Alexandra (Alex) Mar>' Arrol, bom 16 December 1951; June
Patricia Arrol, bom 25 June 1953; and Jacqueline Arrol, bom 15 January 1966. Three
of the four children lived in London, while their daughter, Alex, who was married to
Douglas Atkins on 10 May 1981 in Coventry, lived in York, England in 1990. (6)

David Johnston Arrol and Thelma Bjelland family of Bootle. Mersevside

David Johnston Arrol was bom 4 August 1919 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He
was the grandson of George Arrol and Betsy Wallace Johnston of Paisley, and the son
of George Arrol and Margaret Spence of Paisley. David served in the Royal Navj' from
1938 to 1945. He served on a number of ships, including cruisers, battleships,
mmelayers, and destroyers. Upon completing his naval service after the conclusion of
World War II, David married Thelma Bjelland and settled in Liverpool, England. In
1987 David was retired in Bottle, Merseyside, following a long career as a machine
operator with Trinidad Lake Asphalt and Scotts Bakery. Thelma and David raised two
daughters, Thelma and Margaret, and a son, David John Arrol. David John Arrol and his
family emigrated to Australia in 1974. David John Arrol died in Australia on 8 January
1992 and David Johnston Arrol died in Bootle on 15 January 1992. (7)

George Arroll and Renee Parker family of Burnley. Lancashire

George was bom 14 December 1923 in Camlachie, Glasgow, Scotland. George's family
can be traced to the early 1800's in the same area of Glasgow. George served his
apprenticeship in Sir William Arrol's steelworks in Glasgow during World War II.
During the war this plant manufactured Bailey Bridges, rocket projectiles and Beaufort
Gun Carriages. Although George was deferred from military service during the war due
to the critical defense nature of his employment, he served in the Home Guard as an
ack-ack gunner every Saturday for 2 1/2 years. George was on holiday in Blackpool,
England when he met his wife to be, Renee Packer, from Bumley, Lancashire. The
couple was married 4 March 1950 and George found a position in Bumley with Lucas
Aerospace Ltd. Renee and George raised a son and a daughter m Bumley. His son,
Trevor John Arroll, attended York University and married Carol Chapman who also
attended York University They were married 21 July 1973 and resided with their
daughter, Katherine, in Macclesfied Forest, England. Renee and George also had a
daughter, Yvonne, who was employed in Rhodesia, Africa for a period of time. In 1993
Yvonne lived with her husband, Barry Taylor, in Bumley, Lancashire. (8)

Walter Arrol and June Lapworth family of Coventry. England

Walter Arrol was bom 1 August 1927 at Wishaw, Lancashire, Scotland. He was the
second of nine children of Robert Hazeldine Arrol and Elizabeth Vickers of Dennistoun,
Glasgow. Walter was a corporal in the Seaforth Highlanders during World War II.


During his military service he became a motor lorry driver. He served in the Malaysia
Theatre of Operations and was in prison there for about four and one-half years during
the war. He returned to marry Evelyn Lydia Dey on 1 December 1945 in Cambusnethan,
Scotland. Evelyn was a cook who was engaged in war service when they married. The
couple had a daughter, Elizabeth Arrol, who was bom in 1946 and died at the age of
fifteen months. Walter later relocated to England and he and June Lapworth of Coventry,
England had six children, all of whom lived in Coventry, England in 1992. Their
children were: 1) William Arrol, bom 4 November 1953, a mini-bus driver and youth
worker, who married Christine Ethel Cleverley in 1974 and had four children - two sons
and two daughters; 2) Walter James Arrol, bom 7 Febmary 1955, a gas fitter, who
married Edith Helena Sakostowicz in 1982; 3) Caroline Arrol, bom in 1957; 4) Thomas
Arrol, bom 14 April 1960, a driver, who married Kay Symons in 1979; 5) Jacqueline
Elizabeth Ann Arrol, bom 29 August 1961, who had a daughter, Emma Louise Arrol; and
6) Steven Arrol, bom 17 October 1965, who married April Tyrell in September 1987.
Steven and April Arrol had Amy Arrol, bom in November 1988, and Jessica Arrol, bom
in July 1990. Walter and June separated circa 1965. (9)

Robert Hazeldine Arrol and Florence Elizabeth Grainger family of
Gloucester. England

Robert Hazeldine Arrol was bom on 19 November 1931 at Whitehall, Russell Street in
Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Robert was in the British National Service and was
stationed in England in the early 1950's. He was a fumiture retailer and a
painter/decorator. He was also a collector and exhibitor of vintage American
automobiles. He married on 21 June 1952 to Gwendoline Florence Elizabeth Grainger
in Gloucester, England and raised seven children in Gloucester. These children were: 1)
Raymond John Arrol, bom 11 April 1953 in Gloucester, England. Raymond was a
butchery manager who married Andrea Norah Langford in 1976; 2) Jennette Elizabeth
Ruby Arrol, bom 27 June 1954 in Gloucester. Jeannette, who was a waitress, was
married twice; 3) Ann Eileen Arrol, bom 17 April 1957 in Gloucester. Ann was a
cashier who married Stephen John Chidlow, a bus driver; 4) Ian John Arrol, bom 21
Febmary 1960 in Gloucester. Ian was in the business of buying and selling cars; 5) Clive
Robert Arrol, bom 27 June 1961 in Gloucester; 6) Mandy Karen Arrol, b 20 June 1964
in Gloucester. Mandy was a cook supervisor who married in 1984 to Andrew Raymond
Bradley; and 7) Mark Hazeldine Arrol, bom 19 September 1965 in Gloucester. Mark was
a labourer. (10)

William Provan Arrol and Heather Wright family of Hampton. London

William Provan Arrol was bom on 6 May 1944 in Kilmarnock, Scotland. William was
the son of Alexander Provan Arrol and Josephine Watts. Alexander was a graduate of
Glasgow University in 1923 and a mathematics Professor at Marr College in Troon.
Alexander was the son of William Arrol who was bom 19 December 1860 in Calton,
Glasgow. He was a blacksmith and was married to Agnes Provan, a dressmaker.


William Provan graduated from Glasgow University, as did his father, Alexander, before
him. After graduation in the 1960's he accepted a position with London Transport in
London and moved to the London area. There he married Heather Wright on 6 December
1969. Heather graduated from Manchester University with a major m mathematics. This
couple raised their three children, Helen Provan, Alexander Provan, and Loma Provan in
Hampton. (11)

James Crookston Arrol and Ivy May Hendlev family of Wolverhampton. England

James Crookston Arrol was bom 6 December 1911 in Glasgow, Scotland James was a
designer for an electric construction company. He relocated to Wolverhampton, England
and married Ivy May Hendley. hy May was the daughter of an experimental foreman
for the public works. (12)

George Arroll and Elizabeth Foster family of Yorkshire. England

George Arroll was bom circa 1828/1831, probably in Scotland. He married Elizabeth
Foster at Melrose, Roxburgh, Scotland on 2 May 1853. Their first daughter, Sarah Arrol,
was bom 5 March 1854 in Leeds, England and their next eight children were bom
between 1855 and 1868 in Dumfries and Closebum, Scotland. The last two of their
eleven children were bom in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. The family residing in
1991 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England descended from George Arroll's and Elizabeth
Foster's son, John Crosby Arrol, who was bom 13 Januar}' 1860 in Dumfries, Scotland.
John Crosby Arrol married 24 September 1888 in Huddersfield, England to Christina
Martin. They had Norman Arrol, bom circa 1894, and Herbert Arrol, bom 24 February
1907, in Crawerley, Yorkshire, England. Herbert, a textile yam agent, married 6 August
1934 to Phyllis Knight. They had Jane Arrol, bom 2 September 1939 in Wharfedale,
Yorkshire, and John Richard Arrol, bom 1 Febmary 1943 in Bradford, Yorkshire,
England. John Richard Arrol, a textile representative, married first to Barbara Jill Batty
on 17 September 1965 and second to Jennifer Hodgson on 1 1 August 1980. There were
four children as a result of these two marriages: 1) Mark Steven Arrol, bom 1 July 1970
in Bumley, England, 2) Louise Jane Arrol, bom 2 March 1973; 3) David John Arrol,
bom 1 1 April 1985; and 4) Rachel Louise Arrol, bom 23 March 1988. The last named
three children were bom in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. Mark Steven was a student
teacher in Bitburg, Rheinland Platz, Germany. He taught bilingual economics to fifteen
year olds and in addition gave assistance in the English language to children who
formerly lived in East Germany where the instmction in a secondary' language was in
Russian. (13)

Ralph Arrol and family

This appears to be one of the few families who resided in England in the twentieth
century in which there was no record found indicating a Scottish heritage. Ralph Arrol
was bom circa 1786. He married 16 December 1806 to Christiana Scott at St. Paul,
Dcplford, Greenwich, Kent, England. Deptford was an early port on the Thames for


London and it is from the wharfs in this village that Captain Cook began his famous
voyages of exploration. Ralph Arrol and Christiana Scott had two children, Alexander
Arrol, bom circa 1820, and Robert Arrol, bom circa 1827. Alexander married 18 April
1846 to Sarah TiUick at Poplar, Middlesex, England. Alexander and Sarah had eight
children. At least five of these died in infancy. Robert Arrol married 15 May 1842 to
Jane Searle at Minster, Kent, England and they are believed to have had five children of
which two were males: 1) Robert George Arrol, bom 25 July 1850 at Deptford,
Greenwich, England and 2) Robert Arrol bom circa 1853. Robert married Sarah Anna
Dickman on 20 June 1881 in Northumberland, England. They had three children: a)
Robert Arrol, bom 12 April 1882 at Newcastle on Tyne, England; b) George Arrol, bom
1 1 September 1883 at Newcastle on Tyne, England; and c) Elizabeth Kate Arrol, bom
6 May 1885. George Arrol married Sarah Ann Porter at Newcastle on Tyne on 9
September 1912 and they had a daughter, Sarah Doreen Arrol, bom 10 November 1914
at Newcastle on Tyne, England. Sarah married 22 June 1940 to Alexander McLachlan.
In 1990 no descendents of this family could be found. (14)

William Arrol and family of Watford. England

William Arrol was bom on 11 November 1909 in Springbum, Glasgow. William was
an engineer's machinist and steel erector's laborer. He married first in 1932 in Glasgow
to Gertmde "Ruby" Mutter. The marriage failed and William relocated to England where
he lived for many years in Abbott Langley and Watford, England. William was
employed by the firm of DeHaviland which later became Bristol-Siddley and eventually
was absorbed by Rolls Royce, Ltd. William married second in 1972 to Gladys May
Norman in Abbott Langley, England and third to Mary Johnson (formerly Walton) circa
1950. William and Mary had Geoffrey Arrol who was bom 26 October 1952 in Watford,
England. Geoffrey Arrol married 20 May 1987 to Linda Alana Hale in Caddington,
Bedfordshire, England. In 1991 Geoffrey, who was a sales and marketing representative
for Thorn EMI, and his wife, Linda, resided in Watford, England. Their daughter, Hayley
Francesca Arrol, was bom on 27 Febmary 1989 and their son, Jack Frazer Arrol was bom
2 Aaaaugust 1992. Both children were bom in Watford, England. (15)

Graham Kinghom ArroU and family

Graham Arroll was bom in Bombay, India in 1944. He was the son of Richard Hubbard
Arrol and Delores Maria Lisboa. Richard Hubbard Arroll was bom in Glasgow on 19
October 1905. He emigrated to Bombay, India for the same reason that most Arrols
emigrated to America - the depression in Glasgow. Their son, Graham Arroll, was sent
by Richard, along with his mother, to be raised in London, England. Richard felt that
this would be better for his son than being raised in Bombay. Graham married Margaret
"Midge" Evans, an American woman, in 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.
The family subsequently lived in Largo, Florida and in 1987 Graham and his family lived
in Arizona City, Arizona. Graham was a city planner. In 1989 the family relocated to
Liskeard, Comwall, England and in 1992 the family was living in the Shetland Islands.




The reasons for Scots leaving their native shores have been many and varied. In an
earlier chapter a number of the reasons for Scots leaving Scotland were cited. In the case
of the Arrols, however, the overriding reason was one of economics, i.e., the difficult
times in the urban areas of Glasgow and Paisley causing the Arrols to look for a better
life and greater opportunities in a new land. The Arrols did not come to America during
the mass migrations from Scotland between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. Indeed,
with only minor exception, it was not until the late 19th century and during the early part
of the 20th century that the majority of Arrols and ArroUs left their homeland.

Below is a brief overview of each Arrol or Arroll household or family and how they first
came to America from Scotland. All the Scottish Arrols and Arrolls who reside in
Canada and the United States are descended from one of these families.

There is a family of Arrols living in Long Island, New York who are not Scottish. This
family came to the United States from Russia at the turn of the century. When they were
admitted to the United States, the family believes that the immigration officer at Ellis
Island Americanized' them by giving them the name Arrol. There are also Arrols living
in the Newport News area of Virginia who are not Scottish. These Arrols came from
Eastern Europe and similarly believe that they were given the name Arrol by the
immigration officer when their forefathers entered the United States. According to the
Immigration Service, one of the great myths' about the early immigrants is the belief that
immigration officers Americanized' the Eastern European names.

The earliest record of an Arroll in the United States is in 1774. On 12 November 1774
Peter Hall and Margaret Arroll, a widow, were married in New York. (1)

A family of Arralls arrived in Baltimore, Maryland in 1820. The family consisted of an
adult and five children: A. Arrall, age 29; W. Arrall, age 8; S. Arrall, age 6, E. Arrall,
age 3; L. Arrall, Age 1; and S. Arrall, age 1. (2)

In the State of Indiana there is a record of three Arrol marriages in the 1820-30 period.
Unis M. Arrol married James L. Dorsey on 29 July 1820 and Patsey Arrol married
Nicholas Hagerman on 18 August 1828. These marriages were recorded in Clark County,
Indiana. Eve Arrol married Daniel Jarrett on 20 June 1839 in Kosciusko County, Indiana.

In 1846 William Arroll is listed as becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States.
This took place in Baltimore, Maryland. The record indicates n.a. (no age given). (4)

In 1853 Jane Arrol arrived in Quebec aboard the Vestilinden of the J & J Cooke line.


She had embarked from Derr\-. Jane was from Castlemellon, Northern Ireland. This was
the period following the blight in the potato crop that resulted in widespread famine. The
J & J Cooke line ran a number of sailing vessels bringing emigrants from Derry to the
principal ports of the New World. Jane paid 3.15 for her fare. As emigration of the
mid- 19th century was bom out of poverty, the cost of the passage was of great
importance. Sickness and shipwreck were just two of the hazards faced by the
passengers. The death rate at sea during the famine years increased twelve-fold over an
already high rate. (5) In 1862 Charles Aroll is recorded as a soldier during the Civil
War. It is not clear that this is an Aroll as the record refers also to Charles Herro. In
parentheses it shows the following: Herro, or Aroll, or Croe. Charles Aroll (or Herro or
Croe) was in Company C, 14th Michigan Infantry. He was mustered into the infantry
on 13 February in Ypsilanti, Michigan and mustered out of service on 18 July 1865. (6)

Other Arrols and Arrolls \\ho have resided in the United States are recorded in the
paragraphs below. Each of the families named are footnote referenced to their family
genealogy contained in this volume.

William Arrol

William Arrol was one of the earliest Arrols to immigrate to America from Scotland.
William was christened 30 December 1810 at Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. William
immigrated in 1 843 through Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and settled in Harwich Township,
Kent County, Ontario, Canada. William married around the year 1850 to Juliana. It is
believed that Juliana's surname may have been Franklin and that she came from Ireland.
William was a bookkeeper. William and Juliana had four children bom in Ontario: Mary,
Julia, William, and Charles Franklin Arrol.

Charles Franklin Arrol was bom 26 March 1862 in Ontario, Canada. He emigrated from
Canada to St. Paul, Minnesota. He married 8 June 1997 to Agnes Broadbent in St. Paul,
Minnesota. Agnes was bom circa 1866 in New York State. Charles became a
naturalized U.S. citizen in 1897 in St. Paul. Charles died in 1932 and Agnes died in
1951 in San Diego County, California. Charles and Agnes had a daughter, Ruby Etta
Arrol, who was bom 6 April 1888 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ruby married 4 March 1924
to William E. Br\ant, a dentist. Ruby and William had three children. Their daughter,
Rosemary Warlick, was living in Ormond Beach, Florida in 1991. (7)

John Arrol and family

The next Arrol family to immigrate to America from Scotland did so in 1848. John Arrol
was bom in 1818, probably in Paisley, Scotland. He was the brother of Thomas Arrol
who was the father of Sir William Arrol, the famous builder of the Firth of Forth Railway
Bridge. John Arrol married Barbara Mclnnes on the 17th of October in 1840. Barbara
was the same age as John and was from the Bridge of Weir, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire.
The couple is known to have had at least two children, Jane bom in 1843 and Janet bom
in 1847 The family left Greenock, Scotland on the ship Margaret'. They arrived in the


Port of New York on 17 May 1848. (8) The family settled in Derby, New Haven,
Connecticut. (9) John died in Waterbury, Connecticut, leaving Barbara and the children.
(10) (11)

Robert R. Arroll and family

Robert R. Arroll was the next Arroll to immigrate to America. It is believed that Robert
emigrated from Scotland during the 1850's. It is highly probable that Robert did not have
a middle initial. It was not the practice to give middle names in the 18th century in
Scotland. He immigrated first to St. John's, Newfoundland and Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
He relocated to Newbury port, Massachusetts in the late 1850's. Robert and his
descendants were bakers and they established bakeshops in the Boston area in the late
1800's and the early 1900's. One of Robert's sons, John Arroll, bom circa 1850's, owned
and operated the Arroll Home Bakery in Boston at 228 West Third Street from about
1882 to 1899. In turn, John ArroU's son, John Joseph Arroll, had a coffee, tea and
molasses business that was originally located at 29 Central Street, Boston in 1903. In
1919 the business was operated at 12 S. Market Street and in 1926 it was located at 200
Milk Street, Boston. After John Joseph's death in the 1940's, his widow, Eleanor Arrol,
became the manager of the Au Beauchamp restaurant at 99 Mt. Vernon Street, Boston.
(12) Another of Robert ArroU's sons, George Arroll, married Mary Gillespie, a young
woman from County Sligo, Ireland, in Newburyport. One of George's sons, bom in 1889,
was also named George. He married Regina Mangan and they operated the Arroll Home
Bakery in Lynn, Massachusetts in the early 1900's. Deliveries were made by horse-drawn
wagon. This couple had three children. Patricia Arroll, who married Michael Gradone,
was a librarian. In 1990 she resided with her husband in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts.
Her brother, George Arroll, was a physician who resided in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.
The other brother, Richard Arroll, lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He was married twice and
had a son, Richard, who in 1986 was a student at Georgia Tech University. Richard and
his first wife also had a daughter. (13)

Also living in Boston in the late 1800's and early 1900's was Morris Arrol who was a
labourer. He is believed to have been married twice, first to Sophia and then to Rose.
In 1887 John A. Arroll was an electro-plater who boarded at 40 Lynde Street, Boston.

Robert Arrol and family

Another Arrol family to leave Scotland in the 19th century was the family of Robert
Arrol of Waterside, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire. Robert was bom circa 1825. He was
the son of James Arrol, of Row (now Rhu), Dumbartonshire, and Grace Balfour Arrol.
James died when Robert was no more than six years old and in 1 84 1 Robert lived with
his mother and her new husband, David Hom, at Freeland Place, Kirkintilloch. His
siblings were referred to as "William Errol, age 12, and Ann Errol, age 9". When Robert
was 17 years old he lived with his brother, Walter, at Waterside, Kirkintilloch and was
listed as a "servent" and "cotton weaver" in the 1851 census. On 10 January 1865 he


registered the death of his mother, Grace Balfour Arrol Horn, who died at 199, Crown
Street, Glasgow. In the late 1850's he became enamoured with Jane Anderson, daughter

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