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of William Anderson and Elizabeth Ricketts (or Richards). Robert Arrol and Jane
Anderson had four children in Kmkell, Campsie, Stirlingshire. They emigrated to
Hamilton, Ontario with their children sometime around the years 1865 - 1871. Robert
was a second hand dealer' in Hamilton. Robert and Jane are buried in Hamilton
Cemetery, Hamilton, Ontario. Their tombstone is inscribed, "In memory of ROBERT
ARROL, died Nov. 5th 1907, aged 82 years, a Native of Waterside, Scotland - JANE
ANDERSON, beloved wife of ROBERT ARROL, died Sept. 23rd 1894, aged 70 years,
a Native of Hamilton, Scotland." Several children of Robert Arrol and Jane Anderson
married and they and their children lived in Hamilton, and Lindsay, Ontario. Emma
Mary Arrol, who lived in Hamilton, Ontario in 1989, was the daughter of Robert Arrol,
grandson of Walter Arrol, and great grandson of Robert Arrol and Jane Anderson.

One son of Robert Arrol and Jane Anderson, Robert Anderson Arrol, immigrated to the
United States from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Robert Anderson Arrol was bom 23 April
1861 in Kinkell, Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland. He came to Hamilton, Ontario circa
1865-1871 with his parents. Robert was a well-known professional glassblower and
traveled throughout the country' in his trade. He was married first to Sarah Jane
Snowden. Sarah Jane was bom circa 1866/67 in Shadwell (London), England, the
daughter of Thomas Snowden and Sarah Jean Fisk. The Arrol family relocated from
Hamilton, Ontario and settled in Anderson, Indiana around the tum of the centurj'. In
1906 a tragedy occurred that kept the family in the headlines of the national newspapers
for almost two weeks.

Robert had been employed by the Anderson Flint Bottle company in Anderson, Indiana
for a number of years After the Anderson factory had closed, Robert found employment
in Reading, Ohio. However, his wife and four children remained in Anderson. One
evening two of the children went out along the tracks of the Central Indiana Railroad to
the adjacent fields to gather mushrooms. In gathering the mushrooms an occasional
toadstool was also picked up. Upon retuming home the children cleaned the mushrooms
and toadstools. Either that evening or the following day both of the two younger children
and their mother ate the mushrooms and toadstools. During the night they were taken
violently ill and, as the newspaper reported, "suffered in the extreme" The neighbors
could hear the screams of the ill coming from the house. Over the next 1 1 days their
plight was daily headline news. Two days after eating the mushrooms and toadstools
Myrtle, who was 7 years old, died. The following day the second child, Gordon, aged
1 1, died. On the 1 Ith day their mother, Sarah, died.

The two older brothers, Robert and Thomas, survived. Thomas later married, was
divorced and died in Marion, Indiana in 1961. Robert, who was bom in 1890 in Alton,
Illinois, married Anna Leone Fischer at Covington, Kentucky in 1914. She was the
daughter of John Fischer and Ida May Paschal of Anderson, Indiana. Robert was a
steelroller for over 50 years in Anderson and Kokomo, Indiana. He died on 3 November
1974 in Areola, Illinois.


Their son, Robert Norman Arrol, was bom on 15 June 1920 in Anderson, Indiana.
Robert Norman Arrol was a pharmacist who married Betty Jo Hancock, of Kokomo,
Indiana. She was the daughter of Ennis Cleo Hancock and Elsie Marie Kerby. The
couple owned the Arrol Pharmacy in Areola, Illinois from 1948 to 1984. Robert attained
international recognition for his Arrol Coffee Club which was featured on CBS national
television, in Readers Digest magazine and in Charles Kuralt's book, "On the Road".
Robert served as Mayor Pro-Tern of the city of Areola and in 1987 through 1992 was a
Douglas County Supervisor in the state of Illinois.

Robert Norman and Betty Jo's son, Robert Norman Arrol, bom 19 November 1939 in
Kokomo, Indiana, became a medical doctor. He married Priscilla Joyce BoUes, daughter
of James Coy Bolles and Leona Marion Day. Robert was selected as one of the
outstanding young men of America in 1973. In 1992 he practiced medicine in Areola,
Illinois. Their daughter, Tracy Leigh Arrol, a licensed practical nurse and real estate
agent, married Michael Harold Icenogle in December 1987 in Areola, Illinois. Their son,
Robert Norman Arrol, was a graduate of Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois and their
daughter, Kerri Jo Arrol, was a graduate of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston,
Illinois. (15)

Another descendant of the family of Robert and Jane Anderson Arrol was Emma Mary
Arrol. Emma was bom in December of 1913 in Hamilton, Ontario and in 1992 she
resided in Hamilton.

Walter ArroU

Walter Arroll was bom 28 October 1862 at Helensburgh. He was the son of Walter
Arroll, a wood carver and joiner, and Helena Deborah Hubbard. Walter was employed
in Helensburgh painting omate ceilings, etc. However, he did not like his boss and ran
away, sailing to Australia on a merchant sailing ship. He left Australia and came to the
United States in 1882, settling in Mt. Vemon, New York where he met his Welsh wife,
Mary Davies. The couple was married in 1882.

Walter and Mary Arroll had three children. The first, Aobert Arroll, died at birth in
1889. Their second child, James Oakes Arroll, was bom 27 January 1890 at Westchester
County, New York. James was a Y.M.C.A. Secretary. He was also a representative of
the American Field Service and distinguished himself during World War I for his
reconstruction work in Armenia after the Turkish genocide of the Armenian people.
James married circa 1919 to Ella Davis. Ella, a Southemer, was a pianist and had been
an ambulance driver during World War I. JAMES retired to Plymouth, New Hampshire.
He served as development director of Holdemess School for Boys. James died 2 January
1962 at Plymouth, New Hampshire. Ella died in 1976 in Laconia, New Hampshire.

The third child of Walter and Mary Arroll was Helena Hubbard Arroll who was bom 21
January 1893 in Westchester County, New York. Helena was a social worker and a 1st
grade teacher for the "Friendless in New York City." She was a Parish visitor in "Hells


Kitchen" in New York City. Helena met Herbert T. Andrews, an artist for Rand
McNally. Herbert later became a minister. The couple married in 1917. Herbert was
bom 7 March 1884. His first parish was in Bamsville, Miimesota in 1924. In 1938 he
was at the Congregational Church in Ada, Minnesota. Helena won many prizes for her
■quilting.' The couple lived at the Andrews parental home at 208 Thorpe Ave., Ada,
Minnesota. The couple owned a small department store in Ada. Andrew retired in 1958.
Helena died 26 Februarj' 1987. Andrew was 99 years old when he died in 1983. The
couple is buried in Ada, Minnesota. (16)

Robert Arroll

Robert Arroll and his wife, Eliza, along with Robert's brother, Walter, were the last
AttoUs to immigrate to America in the 19th century. Robert was bom on the 9th day of
June 1854 in Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire. He married on 21 November 1885 to Mary
Eliza Neville at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Glasgow. When Robert married he was
a commission agent (a salesman). Robert and Eliza immigrated to the United States in

1886. They settled in Bridgeport, Connecticut where they had twin daughters, Mary
Ballingall Kate Arroll and Laura Helena Hubbard Arroll, bom on the 13th day of August

1887. Their descendants were still living in the United States in 1992.

Mary Ballingall Kate' Arroll married in 1909 to George Herbert Lamson II. George was
a professor and Dean of Science at the University of Connecticut. Kate and George
Lamson had two children. The first, George Herbert Lamson III, was bom on 21
Februarv' 1940 and married Susan Lippert. George graduated with a BA from Princeton
University and a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. George was a professor at Carlton
College, Northfield, Minnesota. In 1991 George was teaching economics at Cambridge
University in England. George and Susan had two children: 1) Scott Lamson and 2)
Brandon Lamson.

The second son of Kate and George Lamson II was Robert Arroll Lamson who was bom
15 Januar)' 1943. He married Cher>'l Elliott and attended the University of Illinois where
he became an architect. They had two children: 1) Stephanie Ann Lamson who
graduated from Cornell University and in 1991 was enrolled to attend the University of
Michigan to obtain her Ph.D. degree, and 2) Craig Arroll Lamson, a student at Wesleyan
University in 1991. (17)

Louis Stewart Arroll

Louis Arroll was bom 1 June 1892 at Cross Street, Dunblane, Scotland. He was the son
of George Arroll and Mary Anderson. About 1911 he immigrated to Canada. At one
time he stayed on Prince Rupert Island. His last known residence was in White Rock,
British Columbia. (18)


John Arrol and Margaret Coulthart Family of Springbum. Glasgow

During the early 1920's a number of the children of John Arrol immigrated to America.
Following his death in 1925 his widow and his daughter's child also immigrated to
America. John Arrol was married twice. His first marriage was to Margaret Buchanan
in Glasgow in 1878. There were six children as a result of this marriage. Margaret died
at the age of 32 in Possilpark, Glasgow and within a year John remarried to Margaret
Coulthart in 1889 in Glasgow. There were four children bom as a result of this marriage.
The family lived in the large tenements which were so typical of the late 19th century
and early 20th century buildings in the Possilpark, Maryhill, and Springbum Districts of

When the children were young all they could think about was coming to America - the
land of opportunity - and "where there were Indians". They checked out books at the
library to read about America. One by one, six of the ten children immigrated, including
all five of the sons and one their five daughters. Another daughter, Sarah, died of
pneumonia when young. She was unmarried and left a daughter, Sarah, who lived with
her step-grandmother, Margaret Coulthart, following John Arrol's death in 1925. Both
John Arrol's widow, Margaret Coulthart, and the baby, Sarah, also immigrated to

The first son to immigrate was Edward Buchanan Arrol who came to Western Canada
as a student missionary in 1910 (See page 96). He was followed by his step-brother,
Robert Arrol, who immigrated to Canada in 1913. Robert settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba
but was in Canada just under two years when he was sent overseas to France during
World War I. He was killed in action on 8 October 1916. Robert was not married.

The third to immigrate was a daughter, Margaret, or Peggy as she was known. Peggy
emigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba from Glasgow about 1919. Peggy married in Winnepig
to Harry Cooke in 1921. They had a daughter, Margaret Lund Cooke, also known as
Peggy. Shortly thereafter tragedy struck the family. Harry came down with "sleeping
sickness" during an epidemic of the disease. Soon thereafter Peggy contracted
tuberculosis. Peggy returned to Glasgow with her daughter and died within two weeks
after returning m March of 1924.

The next to follow his step-brother, brother and sister to the New World was Walter
Arrol. Walter was a model maker who left Glasgow in 1923 and immigrated first to
Windsor, Ontario. Shortly thereafter he relocated to Detroit, Michigan where he was a
machine repairman for Cadillac Motor Company for most of his life. Walter never
married and died in Detroit in 1947.

Following Walter to America was his brother, William Arrol. William was married in
October 1922 to Isabella Gordon in Isabella's home at Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
The family left Cambuslang, Scotland for America in October 1924 along with their 15
month old baby, John. The small family sailed from Greenock aboard the SS Orduna of


the Anchor Steamship Line and landed at the Port of New York. The family was
interned at Ellis Island for two weeks awaiting the new month's quota so that they could
enter the countn,'. This was a trying time for William and Isabella. The men were
separated from the women and children on Ellis Island. The family settled first in
Takoma Park, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C. William was a registered nurse
in Scotland, but learned that because he was not registered in Maryland he could not
practice as a registered nurse at the Washington Sanitarium and Hospital where he had
been promised a position. After working in the Sanitarium as a practical nurse for nine
months, the family relocated in 1925 to Detroit, Michigan. William's brother, Walter
Arrol, had told Willie' that there were good opportunities in Detroit because of the
growth of the automobile industry'. William Arrol and Isabella had three sons (See page

In 1925 the children's father, John Arrol, who had not immigrated to America, died in
Glasgow. John's second wife, Margaret Coulthart, was left a widow and was now taking
care of both Peggy's daughter and Sarah's daughter, after they died young. In 1927, son
Walter Arrol returned to Glasgow and brought his mother, Margaret Coulthart, and two
of his sister's children, Margaret 'Peggy' Lund Cooke and Sarah Arrol, back to the United
States. Peggy was eventually raised first by an aunt on her paternal side in Winnipeg,
Alberta, Canada and then in Parksville, Vancouver Island by her Uncle John and Aunt
Bessie Arrol on her maternal side. Peggy Arrol married in 1942 to Alex Young at
Parksville, Vancouver Island. In 1992 Peggy Young resided in Auckland, New Zealand.
Sarah Arrol married circa 1925 to David Strange and they had three children in Windsor,

The last member of the family to immigrate was John Arrol. John married Elizabeth
Tannahill in Paisley in 1916 and moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland prior to 1920 to
work in the shipyards. Three children were bom while the family was in Belfast. John's
brother, Edward, told John that there was work in the colliers on Vancouver Island. John
immigrated to Canada in March of 1930 and went to work as a collier in Union Bay,
Vancouver Island. John's wife, Elizabeth, known as Bessie, and the children, Andrew,
Lillian, and John, followed some six months later (See page 102). They sailed on the
"Duchess of Bedford" and arrived in Quebec on 26 September 1930. They joined John
after traveling across country by train to British Columbia. (19)

Archibald Arroll and family

In 1923, Archibald Arroll and his wife, Margaret, of Greenock, Scotland, traveled to
Detroit, Michigan from Scotland on what was just to be a visit. However, Archie, as he
was known, stayed in Detroit and went on to become quite well known in boating circles
in Detroit. "Archie" worked for the Detroit News, operating their model shop. In the
1930's he started the boom in iceboating by creating a special iceboat, the DN-60. Archie
sponsored the building of the model-yacht pool on Belle Isle Park in the Detroit River,
one of the few model-yacht pools in the world. Archie and Margaret had two daughters
who lived in Detroit. Unknown to Archie, he was a distant cousin of William and Walter


Arrol who lived in Detroit at the same time he did. In fact, William Arrol telephoned
Archie one time asking about his background and wondering if there was a chance they
were related. Archie said there could not be a relationship. Archie was also related to
the Robert Norman Arrol family of Areola, Illinois (See Section XII, page 199), but
neither family knew at that time of each others existence. (20)

James Arrol and family

James Arrol was bom in St. Rollox, Glasgow on 19 July 1927, the son of Robert Arrol
and Elizabeth Ruddy. He married Margaret Ferguson Campbell of Greenock in 1955.
James was a marine engineer. Shortly following their marriage, "Jim" and Margaret
moved to Calcutta, India where their son, Keith, was bom. The family lived in India for
seven years. Subsequent moves as a result of Jim's career took the family to Victoria,
Vancouver Island, Canada, Japan and Holland. About 1970 the family came to Alameda,
Califomia as a result of Jim's career in the maritime industry. In 1993 Jim and Margaret
resided in Alameda, Califomia. Their son, Keith Arrol, married Nancy Grey at the
Treasure Island Naval Base, San Francisco and they had Heather Grey Arrol. In 1992
Keith and his family lived in the Los Angeles area. Keith was a commercial airline pilot
with Alaska Airlines and a reserve pilot for the US Air Force. In 1990-91 he flew C-141
missions to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. (21)

William Stanley Arrol and family

William Stanley Arrol was bom on 24 May 1938 in Glasgow, Scotland. In 1959 he
married Christine Boyle Allan Colston in Glasgow. In 1960, William, who was an
engineer, relocated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He brought his wife and daughter,
Lynn Allison Arrol who was bom in 1959 in Glasgow, with him. In 1962 the family
returned to Glasgow. In 1966 the family returned first to San Diego, Califomia, but
quickly relocated back to Montreal. Stanley, as he was known, and Christine had two
sons: 1) Craig Arrol who was bom in Montreal in 1963, and 2) Gordon Stanley Arrol
who was bom in 1966 in Glasgow. Stanley and Christine were divorced and Stanley
married Beverlee Ann Margaret in May 1974 in Montreal. Stanley and Beverlee were
divorced in August 1980 and Stanley married Micheline Marie Suzanne Normand. By
1991 Stanley and Micheline were divorced. In 1991 Stanley's permanent residence was
in Ottawa although he was on temporary assignment for the Canadian Government in
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. (22)

Edward Buchanan Arrol and family

Edward Buchanan Arrol was the first Arrol to immigrate to America in the 20th century.
He was also the first of several in the family to look to the new world for a better
opportunity. Edward was the son of John Arrol and Margaret Buchanan of Springbum,
Glasgow. John was the grandson of James Arrol, bom 8 February 1788 in Row,
Dumbartonshire, and Grace Balfour. James and Grace (See page 175) had a son, Robert
Arrol (See page 197), who left Scotland for America in the period 1865-1870.


Edward Buchanan immigrated to Canada in the fall of 1910 as a student missionary' for
the Presbyterian Church. He earned his board and $7.00 a week. Edward served the
mission fields for several years in Alberta, Canada and along the Canadian Pacific
Railway in British Columbia. He traaveled by utilizing cabooses of freight trains,
walking, or using a horse. He often traveled and roomed with a Methodist Minister who
also had a horse. Eddie and his friend called their horses John Knox' and 'John Wesley'.
Eddie received room and board in turn for preaching the sermon on Sunday morning.
When Eddie needed to travel to another community, he often would rein up 'Old Bob,',
another of his horses, to a buggy and plod to the next town.

In 1913 Eddie enrolled at Queens University. However, his education was interrupted
with service in France during World War I with the 7th Canadian General Hospital.
After the war he completed his studies at Queens University and was ordained a minister
in the Presbyterian Church. He married Grace Ruth MacLachlan on 2 September 1920
in Toronto. In 1925 the Congregational Church, the Methodist Church, and many of the
Presbyterian Churches in Canada amalgamated. Edward signed the agreement as a
representative of the Caribou Conference. His signature on the agreement can be seen
today in the Church's headquarters in Toronto.

Eddie retired in June of 1956 following 45 years in the ministry. The family had
relocated every three years for those 45 years. Eddie was rotated to churches on
Vancouver Island and a number of other locations in British Columbia, Alberta,
Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Eddie performed 287 marriage ceremonies and baptised 403
infants and individuals. Edward was a great story-teller, relating stories of his own
experiences with characters' he had met durmg his ministry. He had a Charles Dickens
sense of humor which would often get the best of him during his sermonizing, resulting
in the congregations bursting into uncontrollable, though subdued, laughter. He was the
hit at meetings of the ladies aid! At home with the family he was generally very much
the dour Scotsman. But give him an audience....

Edward died in Victoria, British Columbia on 30 July 1965. Edward and Grace left four
children: Edward Buchanan, Ian MacLachlan, Ruth, and Elsie.

Their eldest son, Edward Buchanan, was bom in Copeland, Saskatchewan on 25 July
1922. Edward joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941. He was a gunner on a
Halifax Bomber. He went on several bombing raids over enemy held Dutch Islands and
over Cologne, Germany. On one mission, when Edward was bored', he was caught
reading. He was not permitted to fly again. The plane and its crew was later lost in
action. Edward was married by his father to Mary Elizabeth Walsh on 27 September
1947 in Vineland, Ontario. Mary had been a Leading Air Woman in the Royal Canadian
Air Force during World War II. She was stationed near York, England. Mary and
Edward attended the University of British Columbia and Queens University, Kingston,
Ontario. They were teachers and taught in schools in British Columbia and Alberta.
Edward was a free lance writer and a photographer. Edward was President of the
Canadian Authors Association He died on 28 November 1985 and Mary died on 23


March 1989, both in Calgary.

The couple had two children, Angus Conan and Helen. Angus and Helen were quite
musical, both having perfect pitch. In 1989 Angus resided in Toronto. He was a
software designer for the Bank of Montreal and was single. Helen married Gordon
Beach. They resided in Calgary, Alberta in 1989.

Edward Buchanan's second son, Ian MacLachlan Arrol, was bom 20 February 1924 in
Vanderhoof, British Columbia where his father was pastor of the local Presbyterian
Church. Ian learned the piano, violin and trumpet when he was quite young. He played
classical music at festivals, and old time and cowboy music on radio stations in the
prairie provinces. At age eleven Ian gave three public sermons when his minister father
had laryngitis. At age fifteen he practiced announcing to a dummy mike in the basement
of his home.

In 1942 Ian became a radio announcer. For the next fourteen years he announced for
radio stations in Lethbridge, Vancouver and Calgary. Ian was variously the announcer,
news announcer, and chief announcer for such musical programs as "Country Style", "The
Record Man", "Old Timers", "Personal Choice", and for the CBC program, "A Man and
His Music". On this latter popular program Ian interviewed such artists as the Mills
Brothers, Tex Ritter, Hank Snow, and Giselle MacKenzie. Ian graduated from the
University of British Columbia in 1960 and became a high school English Teacher. In
1962-63 he took a sabbatical and studied the concept, "If so many nations abhor war,
why were there so many wars?", reading over 100 books on the subject. With this
background, Ian became a discussion leader for the Victoria Board of Education in a
course, "Planning for World Law". Ian was later a writer for "The Daily Colonist" in
Victoria, and a English Instructor at Wobum Collegiate Institute in Scarborough.

In 1972 Ian was elected as a Member of Parliament (Progressive Conservative Party)
from York East. While in Parliament he was a member of several House of Commons
Standing Committees. After being defeated, when the entire Party lost an election, Ian
taught English for the Sir Winifrid Laurier Collegiate Institute in Scarborough. He was
also the President of the Don Mills Progressive Conservative Association.

He completed his career by being a highly successful real estate salesman in Toronto.
Ian was a life-long bachelor' and in 1990 was retired in Victoria, British Columbia.

Edward and Grace's third child was Ruth Arrol who was bom 20 May 1926 at N.
Wellington, British Columbia. Ruth attended Calgary Normal School in Calgary and
completed her education at Toronto Teachers College. Ruth was married by her father
to Tony Peleshok in Vineland, Ontario on 12 June 1950. Tony and Ruth had seven
children. The family was quite musically talented. Ruth played the piano and Tony
played the double bass. Each one of the children played the piano and a string
instrument. The family had their own string orchestra.


Edward Buchannan Arrol and Grace MacLachlan's fourth child was Elsie Arrol who was
bom 13 Januar)' 1929 at Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Elsie
was married by her father on 18 October 1948 in Tintem, Ontario to Gale Moore.
Shortly after Elsie was married, her husband's {wsition as a radio operator for the

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