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Canadian Coast Guard took him to the northern tip of Baffin Island in the Arctic. While
her husband was on Baffin Island, Elsie lived in Port Harrison, Churchill Bay. While in
the Arctic their food supply, including half sides of beef, was dropped by aircraft. The
eskimos had to hold their dogs back to prevent them from getting to the beef One time
they ordered a piano accordian to be flown to them and waited several months with great
anticipation for it to arrive. Instead of receiving the accordion they received a letter
asking if they "would like a red or black accordion?" Within the day they sent off a
telegram stating that a black one would be acceptable. After waiting several more
months the long awaited accordion arrived - it was red!

While in Port Harrison, Elsie Arrol and her husband. Gale, had to dispose of 520 dozen
processed eggs. They had ordered 52 dozen but 520 dozen arrived! The excess eggs
were given to the Eskimos. Elsie and Gale raised seven children. They were the subject
of a newspaper article headlined, "Raised Loving Family", written by their daughter,
Barbara, on the occasion of their 35th wedding anniversary. They retired in Carmington,
Ontario. (23)

Robert Arrol

Robert Arrol was bom 25 December 1890 in Possilpark, St. Rollox, Glasgow. He was the
son of John Arrol and his second wife, Margaret Coulthart, of Possilpark, Glasgow.
Robert had been in the military in Scotland. He immigrated to Canada, landing in
Quebec on 3 June 1913, and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He joined the Canadian
Expeditionary Force during World War I and sailed from Montreal on 1 June 1914 on
the SS Grampian. He served in France as a Sergeant, Canadian Expeditionary Force,
43rd Battalion. He was killed in action in France on 8 October 1916. (24)

Margaret Allan Coulthart Arrol

Margaret Allan Coulthart Arrol was bom 27 October 1894 m Possilpark, Scotland. She
was the daughter of John Arrol and his second wife, Margaret Coulthart, of Possilpark,
Glasgow. Peggy, as she was known, immigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,
perhaps in 1919, though this is not certain. Peggy was a tailoress and worked for the
tailor Jack Black. When employed there she met Rose Franklin who was married to Syd
Cooke, one of two brothers from Painswick, Gloucester, England. Peggy was introduced
by her friend Rose to her husband's brother, Harr)' Cooke. Peggy was married by her
step-father, Edward Buchanan Arrol, on 26 September 1921 in Winnip)eg. The couple
had a daughter, Margaret Laud Cooke, bom 18 July 1922 in Winnipeg. Six months later
Harry contracted "sleeping sickness", the dreaded encephalitis that was an aftermath of
World War I. His brother, Sydney, contracted the disease and died in 1923. Out of more
than 100 cases during this epidemic in Winnipeg, only about a dozen survived - Harry


was one. Peggy Arrol Cooke developed tuberculosis while her husband was in the
hospital. Therefore, she and her daughter, Margaret, returned to Glasgow to be with her
mother, Margaret Coulthart. Peggy died two weeks later in March 1924, at age 29, in

In 1991 her daughter, Peggy Young, resided in Auckland, New Zealand. She returned
to Canada soon after her mother's death and was raised by various relatives. (25)

Douglas Provan Arrol

Douglas Provan Arrol was bom 2 May 1930 in Glasgow, Scotland. Douglas attended
Edinburgh University and graduated with honors in 1 95 1 . He joined the Royal Air Force
in 1952 and was sent to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for training with the NATO forces.
After completing his service in the United Kingdom, Douglas returned to Canada. He
became an investment banker first in Ottawa, and later in the United States (first in
Chicago and later in New York City). He obtained his MBA degree from New York
University in 1982. Since 1980 Douglas has had his own investment banking firm, Arrol
Securities, Inc. in Stamford, Connecticut. Douglas married Janice Harder in Toronto in
1961. Janice was from Australia and graduated from the University of Sydney, New
South Wales, Australia, and from the University of Ottawa with a Ph.D. in biology. In
1988 the couple resided in Stamford, Coimecticut. (26)

Walter Arrol

Walter Arrol was bom 24 Febmary 1927 in Motherwell, Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Walter attended Glasgow Technical School, majoring in mine surveying and geology.
He graduated in 1949. In 1950 he attended Heriot-Watt College in Edinburgh, taking
surveying and mathematics. He graduated in 1950. On 23 Febmary 1951 he married
Margaret Fraser Cole in Wishaw. Margaret was the daughter of John Cole and Marion
McLean Cameron. Walter was employed as a mine surveyor and engineer in Scotland
until July 1962. In that year he and his family, including his three children, Ian Fraser,
Margaret and Walter Cameron, immigrated to Ontario, Canada. The family originally
went to North Bay, and then to Sault Sainte Marie, prior to settling in Ottawa, Ontario.
In Canada he was employed as a land surveyor until his retirement in January of 1988.
Walter and Peggy relocated to Victoria, Vancouver Island in 1988. However, they soon
returned to Ottawa and in 1991 they resided in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Ian Fraser Arrol was bom 8 April 1957 in Glasgow, Scotland. He was married on 15
December 1979 to Suzanne Isabelle Lefebvre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He attended
Algonquin College in Ottawa, majoring in architecture.

Margaret Arrol was bom 7 May 1957 in London, England. She was adopted by Walter
and Peggy Arrol. She attended school in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In 1988 she was a
nursing student and was married to Phillipe St. Jean. They resided in Thunder Bay,


Walter Cameron Arrol was bom 2 Mar 1964 in North Shields, England. He attended
public schools in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In 1988 Walter was employed as an
accountant and resided in Ottawa. (27)

William and Isabella Arrol

William Arrol was the last of the five children of John Arrol of Springbum, Glasgow to
immigrate to America (See page 94). He had married Isabella Gordon in Strathdon,
Aberdeenshire, Scotland in October 1922 and they had three sons. The first son, John
Arrol, was bom in August 1923 and was brought to the United States when he was
fifteen months old. John became a corporate executive. John married Jane Trice in June
1949 and they had four children. In 1993 they resided in Alamo, California.

Robert John Arrol was bom in May 1950 in Detroit, Michigan. Robert John was married
twice, first to Suchin Kong ok Cha in May 1973 in Seoul, Korea and second to Stella
Yuk Ching Tarn m San Francisco in January 1986. In 1993 Robert John was a
telemarketer of computers and Stella was a Vice President for a major bank. They
resided in San Francisco, Califomia.

The second child of Jane and John Arrol was Nancy Ann Arrol who was bom in May
1952 in Maremont, Ohio. Nancy married in August 1977 to Ronald Lee Brewer in
Alamo. Califomia. Nancy and Ron had three children. In 1993 Ron was a dispatcher
for a company in Evanston, Illinois and Nancy was a registered nurse. In 1993 they
resided in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

The third child of Jane and John Arrol was David Gordon Arrol who was bom in
December 1961 in Nashville, Tennessee. David married in April 1990 to Laura Heleen
Hallowell Fetter in Santa Barbara, Califomia. In 1 993 David was a police officer in Gait,
Califomia and Laura was an office employee. They resided in Rancho Murieta,

The fourth child of Jane and John Arrol was William Michael Arrol who was bom in
Febraary 1964 in Richmond, Indiana. Bill, as he was known, married 23 November 1991
in Stockton, Calilfomia to Michelle Kickhofel. In 1993, Bill was an assistant controller
for a large development corporation and resided in Oakley, Califomia.

The second son of William and Isabella Arrol was Gordon Arrol who was bom in August
1927 in Detroit, Michigan. Gordon married Marie Georgina Murielle Paquin in July 1948
in Detroit, Michigan. Gordon, a merchant seaman early in his career, then a repair and
maintenance engineer in telecommunications for the bulk of his career, eventually became
a small business man and owned and operated an automobile supply store and a video
rental store. In 1993 Gordon and Murielle were retired in Boynton Beach, Florida.
Gordon and Murielle had three children:

The first child of Gordon and Murielle was Lawrence Gordon Joseph Arrol who was bom


in September 1946 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Lawrence, or Larry as he was known,
was married in June 1969 to Jacqueline Lee Mynatt in Detroit, Michigan. Larry was a
professional soldier and Jackie' was a registered nurse. In 1993 they resided in Virgina,
Larry was stationed in Saudi Arabia as part of the combat forces during the Gulf War.
Larry and Jackie had two sons; 1) Lawrence Gordon Arrol who was bom in October
1972; and 2) Matthew Robert Joseph Arrol who was bom in June 1977.

The second child of Gordon and Murielle Arrol was Lorraine Elaine Arrol, bom in May

1949 in Detroit, Michigan. Lorraine married in November 1976 to James Patrick Bowers
at Dearborn, Michigan. Lorraine and James had two daughters. In 1993 they resided in
Livonia, Michigan.

The third child of Gordon and Murielle Arrol was Patricia Marie Arrol, bom in October

1950 in Detroit, Michigan. Patricia, a school teacher, married Dennis Robert Martin in
Livonia, Michigan in December 1989. In 1992 they resided in Canton, Michigan.

The youngest son of William and Isabella Arrol was Robert Arrol bom in March 1927
in Detroit, Michigan. Robert married Mary Katherine Freeman in January 1951 in
Detroit, Michigan. Robert was a piano accordion teacher for most of his career. In 1993
Robert was a greenskeeper and he and Katherine lived in Union Lake, Michigan. Robert
and Katherine had five children:

Christine Aim Arrol was bom in January 1952 in Detroit, Michigan. Christine married
Paul Arthur Cronon in Taylor, Michigan. They had two children. In 1993 they resided
in Bailey, Colorado.

Guy Michael Arrol was bom in July 1954 in Highland Park, Michigan. Guy Michael
married in May 1972 to Dawn Hall at Commerce Lake, Michigan. They had a son, Guy
Micheal Arrol II, who was bom in Pontiac, Michigan in October 1972. Guy Michael
Arrol died in April 1974 in Commerce Lake, Michigan. In 1992 Dawn Arrol resided in
Arizona and Guy Michael Arrol II resided in Gainesville, Florida.

The third child of Robert and Katherine Arrol was Robert Charles Arrol who was bom
in November 1959 at Highland Park, Michigan. Robert Charles married Francis Glatelter
in November 1980 in Brighton, Michigan. They had Andrew Robert Arrol bom 4 April
1992. In 1993 the couple resided in Holly, Michigan.

The fourth child of Robert and Katherine Arrol was Brian William Arrol who was bom
in December 1961 at Livonia, Michigan. Brian was a graduate of Eastem Michigan
University. He married 30 May 1992 to Holly Kristan Masse on Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The youngest child of Robert and Katherine Arrol was Mark Gordon Arrol who was
bom in June 1967 at Pontiac, Michigan. Mark married Mary McGaughey in May 1989
in Walled Lake, Michigan. They had a son, Domonic James Arrol, b 6 Febmary 1988
at Commerce, Michigan and a daughter, Shanna Marie Arrol, bom 14 March 1991 at


Commerce, Michigan. In 1993 they resided in Lake Orion, Michigan. (28)

John and Elizabeth djessie") Arrol

John and Elizabeth (Bessie) Tannahill were married in January 1916 in Paisley. They
resided in Belfast, Northern Ireland from circa 1917 to 1930 prior to immigrating to
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. They had four children;

The eldest child was Annie Lindsay Arrol who was bom in October 1918 and died in
1924 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The second child of John and Bessie Arrol was Andrew William Arrol who was bom in
1920 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Andrew married Dorothy Stewart in Southampton,
England in April 1942. They had a daughter, Lynn Arrol, who was bom in July 1943
in Southampton, England. In 1992 Lynn was married and resided in Port Albemi,
Vancouver Island. Andrew Arrol married second in March 1950 to Lucille Maxine Roth.
Andrew and Maxine had three children:

The eldest child of Andrew and Lucille Arrol was Gloria Jean Arrol who was bom in
June 1952 in Calgar>', Alberta. She married in April 1968 to Donald McLean at Rife,
Alberta. They had two children. In 1992 Gloria was divorced and resided in Castor,

The second child of Andrew and Lucille Arrol was Brian George Arrol who was bom in
March 1954 m Calgary, Alberta. He married in September 1976 to Barbara Jarcewski
in Calgary, Alberta. They had two sons: 1) Robert Adam Arrol bom in April 1979; and
2) Christopher Tannahill Arrol bom in December 1982 in Calgary, Alberta. In 1991
Brian and Barbara Arrol and their family resided in Langley, British Columbia.

The youngest child of Andrew and Lucille Arrol was Cheryl Ann Arrol who was bom
in Febmary 1959 in Calgary, Alberta. She married in May 1980 to Jack Ladick in
Calgar>', Alberta. The family had four children and in 1992 they lived in Calgary,

Andrew and Lucille Arrol separated in 1962 and Lucille had a common law marriage
with Jack Turton. They had two children who retained the Arrol name. These two
children were:

Shawna Marie Arrol who was bom in November 1964 in Calgary, Alberta In 1992
Shawna was a credit manager and resided in Bumaby, British Columbia.

Shane Arrol who was bom in November 1968 in Calgary, Alberta. In 1992 Shane
resided in Calgary, Albert.

The third child of John and Bessie Arrol was Lillian Arrol who was bom in April 1924


in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Lillian married 8 December 1943 to Arthur Ranger on
Vancouver Island. Lillian died 18 March 1992. Art Ranger resided in Lady smith,
Vancouver Island.

The youngest child of John and Bessie Arrol was John Arrol who was bom in September
1928 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. John was a sheet metal and structural steel estimator.
He was raised in Union Bay and Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. He married in 1951 to
Hilda Irene Bishop in Nanaimo. They had two daughters: 1) Karen Gail Arrol, bom in
September 1953 at Nanaimo and who lived in Calgary, Alberta in 1991; and 2) Vicki
Lynn Arrol who was bom in June 1962 in Nanaimo and who married in 1 1 May 1991
to Brett Lane Bowater in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. (29)





There are a number of Arrol and Arroll households in New Zealand. The Arrols in New
Zealand are concentrated primarily around the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island.
There are also some Arrol and Arrolls in Auckland and other parts of the country. There
are fewer Arrolls in Australia and they are fairly scattered in that immense nation.

The Arrols in these two countries abandoned the urban areas of Scotland for the same
reason as those who left for America - they were seeking a better opportunity than they
had in economically depressed Glasgow. Some left under programs whereby immigrants
could go to Commonwealth countries. In turn they promised to remain employed for two
or three years in order to pay for their transportation and to gain admittance to Australia
and New Zealand.

The following is a brief overview of those Arrols and Arrolls that made the long journey
from Scotland to Australia and New Zealand.

William Arrol

William Arrol was bom circa 1813 in Ayrshire, Scotland. William was a weaver. He
was tried at the Glasgow Court of Justiciary and received a seven year sentence. He was
sent to Australia on the convict ship Marquis of Huntley and arrived in Sydney on 5 July

William Arrol

William Arrol was bom circa 1833 in Scotland. He was the son of John Arrol and Jean
(Isabella) Cochrane. Like his father, William was a gardener. He immigrated to New
Zealand prior to 1873 because in that year he married Ann Jane McCahon at Dunedin,
New Zealand. His bride, Ann, was bom in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Ann
died at age 38 and William married again, the second time to Ellen Tofts at Dunedin,
New Zealand. Ellen had been born in Scotland. William retumed to Scotland and died
in Dumbarton, Scotland on 17 October 1903 (1)

John Arroll

John Arroll was bom on 14 August 1835 in Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. He
was the son of Daniel Arrol and Margaret Jardine of Helensburgh. John traveled to New
Zealand and married on 18 December 1875 to Catherine McDonald at North MoUyneux.
Catherine was from Perthshire, Scotland. The couple had three children bom in
Kaitangata, New Zealand: James bom in 1875, Mary bom in 1877; and John bom in
1880. Son James married in Christchurch to Alice Maud Raine Dodd in 1889 and they


had three children: Roderick James McDonald bom in 1901 at Wellington; Roy Herbert
bom in 1902 at Christchurch; and Ida Catherine bom 10 August 1903 at Christchurch
John and Alice's voungest son, John, enlisted in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force
on 14 December 1915. He served overseas in France and Suez. He was wounded in
France in August 1916 and was hospitalized in London, England. He returned to France
and was killed in action in November 1916. (2)

Robert Arrol and Ellen Johnston family

Robert Arrol was christened on 1 1 September 1849 at Edinburgh, Scotland. Robert was
a cooper. He was the son of Alexander Dyce Arrol and Margaret Simpson. Robert was
married on 20 December 1880 to Ellen Johnston at All Saint's Church on Brougham
Street in Edinburgh. Shortly following the birth of their first son, Alexander Dy ce Arrol,
who was bom on the 22nd of June in 1881 in Edinburgh, the family immigrated to
Australia Robert and Ellen are believed to have had six more children who were bom
inFootscray, Victoria, Australia between 1882 and 1890. Robert married Annie Welsford
on 24 Febmary 1893 in Yanaville, Victoria, Australia. There were six children as a result
of this marriage, all bom in Footscray between 1893 and 1906 (3)

John Arroll and Jane Howat family

John Arrol was bom 13 December 1857 on East Clyde Street in Helensburgh, in the
Parish of Row (today Rhu), Dumbartonshire, Scotland. He was the son of John Arroll
and Jane Howat of Helensburgh. John left Scotland for Capetown, South Africa before
1882. While in Capetown he married Janet (Jessie) Innes Milliken in March 1882. Janet
was bom 29 December 1856 in Cumbemauld, Dumbartonshire. It is not known if Janet
immigrated with John or if they came to South Africa separately. Their first child, Mary
Mays, was bom in South Africa in 1883, the year following their marriage

Shortly following the birth of their daughter in 1883, the family left South Africa and
sailed to Australia The family settled in Melbourne John was a plumber and he
eventually formed a partnership in a company called "McKerrow & Arroll". The firm
was a company of "Sanitary Plumbers and Hot Water Engineers". At one time the firm
had approximately two dozen employees.

Including an adopted son and a foster child, the couple raised eight children. Two sons,
John Charles Duncan Arroll and George Charles Arroll, served in the Australian Imperial
Forces during World War I. Both served in the Gallipoli Peninsula Campaign and in
France. John Charles Duncan Arroll's widow, Bery'l, died in Kensington, Bourke,
Victoria, Australia on 16 November 1986. She was the last known survivor of this
particular family with the Arroll name. There were many descendents of the family
living in the Melbourne area in 1989. Their names, however, have been changed from
Arroll through marriage This family is distantly related to many Arrol and Arroll
families who reside in Canada, the United States, Brisbane, Australia, India, and New
Zealand. (4)


William Arrol

William was bom 11 July 1846 at Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He was a marine
engineer. He married on 15 June 1882 to Elizabeth Graham in London, England.
Shortly following their marriage the couple emigrated to the Napier area of New Zealand.
The couple had four children bom in New Zealand: Janet Bethia in 1888; James in 1889;
Elizabeth m 1893; and William in 1896. Their son, James, married in 1918 to Mabel
Mary Reid in Auckland and they had James Douglas Arrol who was bom in 1919 in
Auckland. (5)

Robert Emest Arroll

Robert Emest Arroll was bom 27 September 1877 at Glenfinlas Street in Helensburgh,
Dumbartonshire, Scotland. Robert was the son of Archibald Arroll, a gardener, and Janet
Stevenson. Robert was a storeman He immigrated to New Zealand prior to 1906. He
married to Agnes Bryson Cole on 7 July 1906 at the home of his bride's parents on
Carlyle Street, Napier, New Zealand. Robert and Agnes had three children bom in New
Zealand: Emest bom in 1907; Mary Agnes in 1909; and Jean in 1914. (6)

Archibald Arroll and Margaret Kinghom family

Archibald Arroll was bom 20 May 1866 in Helensburgh, Parish of Row (Khu),
Dumbartonshire, Scotland. Archibald married Margaret Kinghom in Edinburgh on 24
May 1887. Archibald was a commercial traveler', i.e., a traveling salesman in Scotland.
In 1910 Archibald left his wife and children in Glasgow and traveled to New Zealand by
himself. In 1912 he retumed to Scotland for a visit. When he again left Scotland for
Australia his son, James Mowbray Kinghom Arroll, accompanied him. Margaret
remained in Scotland to raise the remaining six of their children.

James Mowbray Kinghom Arroll was born 24 June 1891 in Partick, Glasgow, Scotland.
James was a film company manager and a dairy farmer in New Zealand. He was married
twice. His first marriage was to Esther Alice Horton who was bom in 1899 in
Birkenhead, Australia. This couple had two children; Margaret Winifred Arroll and Colin
John Arroll. James married for the second time to Margaret Elizabeth O'Keefe in 1925
in New Zealand. There were no children as a result of this marriage.

Colin John Arroll was bom 2 May 1921 in Auckland. He married Stella Mavis and
owned and operated the Rothesay Bay Pharmacy for some 23 years, starting in 1953.
Beginning in 1977 he owned and operated the Lake Road Pharmacy for five years. Colin
and Stella raised two children: Denise Arroll bom in 1950; and Bruce Arroll bom in
1952. Denise married Paul Max Muller, a chef from Zurich, Switzerland. This couple
lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Zurich, Switzerland. In 1987 they resided in


Bruce Arroll was a medical doctor. He and his wife, Christine Reynolds, were married
near Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1982. The family lived in Hamilton, Ontario and in
several locations in British Columbia. In late 1987 the family left Vancouver, British
Columbia, where Bruce was practicmg medicine at Vancouver General Hospital, and
returned to New Zealand.

This family is related to many Arrol and Arroll families around the world, including the
John Arroll family (above) that first went to South Africa and who, about 1884,
emigrated to Australia (7)

James Stobo Arrol family

James Stobo Arrol was bom 4 September 1883 in Durham, Sunderland, England. He was
the son of James Arroll and Agnes Stobo of Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland. After John
Stobo's birth, the family relocated back to Glasgow where James Stobo became a
plumber. He married his first wife, Agnes Anne Clark McPeak, in 1902 in Bridgeton,
Glasgow. Agnes was a cotton carder in the textile industry. Before World War 1 James
held a number of different positions in addition to being a plumber. He was a coal
merchant's carter and an engineer's labourer. He served in France during World War I.
He was wounded twice and gassed twice in the Battle of the Somme and at Paschendale

In 1920 James Stobo Arrol married for the second time to his cousin, Margaret Stobo
Arrol. Margaret was bom in Paisley in 1891. There were five children from the first
marriage Four of these emigrated to New Zealand. One son from the second marriage
also emigrated to New Zealand In 1954 they were joined by their parents who also left
Scotland to join their children Unfortunately, James Stobo never arrived in New
Zealand. He died aboard the SS Sibajak of a cerebral hemorrhage a few days before the
ship arrived in port.

The first child to leave for New Zealand was Issac Walker Arrol. Issac was known as
"Jock". He was bom on 28 November 1906 in Bridgeton, Glasgow. In 1921, as a fifteen
year old grocer)' message boy, he left Glasgow for a short stay in Australia He wrote
home to his father to say that he did not care for Australia and was going to try New
Zealand. His father, James Stobo Arrol, had met a New Zealander, Jack O'Riley from
Opitiki, in the trenches during World War I. Jock first worked on the O'Riley farm at
Opitiki. He was later employed by the New Zealand govemment to test cattle for

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