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Bateman of Clapham Park, London. Benjamin Bateman was

a civil engineer and railway builder. He had a large home

and a 25 acre estate in Clapham Park. Elizabeth d 21 Sept

1903 at Fodderty. WILLIAM m 2nd on 5 Dec 1905 to

Sophie Elizabeth Peters at the Grand Hotel, Kelvin, Glasgow,

according to the forms of the United Free Church. Sophia

was b 17 July 1857 at Hildesheim, Germany, the daughter of

Karl August Wilhelm Peters, a land surveyor, and Luise

Marie Elizabeth Mahrmarm. WILLIAM met Sophie in

Germany during one of his business travels. WILLIAM was

living at Torwood Hill, Row and Sophia was living at Abony

Pestar Comitat, Kingar}' when they married. After

WILLIAM died she returned to Germany where she d in

1920. By Elizabeth he had:

2-1-1-1-2-3-1 AGNES GWENDOLINE ARROL, b 29 May

1884 at 1 1 Lynedock Place, Glasgow and m 3 1 Mar 1909

to Christopher Hooper Philips. Christopher was b circa

1 884, the son of John Philips, postmaster and surveyor, and

Alice Maud Austin. Christopher was a lieutanant on the

H.M.S. "Argyll". Agnes was living at Torwood Hill, Row

when they married. They had: Hugh C.A. Philips, b 20

Feb 1910 and m 1 Mar 1949 to his 1st cousin, CAROLINE

AGNES ARROL. CAROLINE was b 3 May 1922, the

daughter of ARCHIBALD ARROL and Winifrid Hervey.

(See Paragraph 2-1-1-1-2-3-3-4 below.) They had:

Christopher Ian, b 14 Mar 1941 who m Angela Sheercroft;

and Alison Averil who m Timothy Lamb.

2-1-1-1-2-3-2 ELIZABETH WINIFRID ARROL, b 6 Jun 1890

in Kelvin, Glasgow and m 10 Apr 1912 at Row to Ian Ure,

a Hour miller. Ian was killed in Italy during WW I,

WINIFRID d 28 Jun 1944 at 4 Learmark Gardens,

Edinburgh of coronary thrombosis. WINIFRID had high

blood pressure for several years. The couple had no


2-1-1-1-2-3-3 ARCHIBALD THEODORE ARROL, b 19 Jul


1881 in Kelvin, Glasgow. THEODORE m 23 Jun 1909 to
Winifrid Edith Bertha Hervey at the Parish Church in
Colmer, Southampton, England. Winifrid was b 4 Mar
1883, the daughter of Alfred Cyril Hervey and Caroline
Selina Hess. THEODORE was the managing director of
Archibald Arrol and Sons, Merchants and Brewers. He d
16 Dec 1941 at South Grange, Ryton, Dumham, England
of angina pectoris. Edith d 29 May 1974 at Western
District Hospital, Edinburgh of pulmonary embolism and
deep venous thrombosis. She lived at 34 Heriot Row,
Edinburgh. They had:
ARROL, b 28 Sept 1911m Rhu, Dumbartonshire and m 29
Nov 1947 in Edinburgh to Marjory Clive Leech who was
b 2 Apr 1912. DONALD attended Clare College,
Cambridge, and received his BA, with honors, in 1933. He
received his MA in 1937. He became a member of the
London Institute of Brewing in 1938. He was a Lt. in the
137th Field Regiment Royal Army during WW II and
served in the Malayan Campaign (1941-45). DONALD
was taken prisoner of war on the capitulation of Singapore
on 2 Feb 1942. He was a POW in Singapore and Thailand
(1942-45). He worked on the infamous "Death Railway"
shown so vividly in the motion picture, "Bridge on the
River Kwai". DONALD ARROL was a brewmaster of 14
Lake Rise, Romford, Essex, England (1948), in Malta
(1949-54), and in England (1954-78). He retired to
Pontesbury, England. DONALD was a church organist.
He enjoyed painting water colours, paintings, prints,
photography, gardening, English porcelain and he was a
philatelist. They had:

ARROL, b 16 Sept 1948 in Romford, Essex, England.
He m 25 Jul 1970 at St. Leonard's Church, Old
Bursledon, Hampshire, England to Margaret "Meg"
Mary Parker. She was b 29 Sept 1947 in Livingston,
Nyasaland (Malawi), Africa, the daughter of Veronica
H. Z. Czyzska and Colin Alfred Stuart Parker. "Vera"
was from a Russian family who lived in Poland when
the Germans invaded in 1939. She was eventually able
to travel through France to the Middle East and joined
the RAF. Vera and Colin were m in 1946. After the
war Colin joined the Colonial Forces and was in
Nyasaland as Distict Commissioner when Meg was
born. ANDREW attended the School of Architecture in


London and was an architect and partner in the firm of

Arrol and Snell, Architects, in Shrewsbury. This firm

is mentioned in HRH The Prince of Wales book on his

view of Architecture, "A Vision of Britain." Meg had

a shop which did silk screening. They had:

2-1-1-1-2-3-3-1-1-1 WINIFRID ROSE ARROL, b 18 Jun

1972 in Westminster Hospital, Westminster,


2-1-1-1-2-3-3-1-1-2 LUKE COLIN ALASTAIR ARROL,

b 4 Dec 1974 in Westminster Hospital,

Westminster, London.

2-1-1-1-2-3-3-1-2 ARCHIBALD SIMON ARROL, b 19 Sept

1954 at Musgrove Park Maternity Unit, Taunton,

Somerset, England and m 1 May 1982 to Susan Cooke,

a nursery nurse, in Shrewsbury. Susan was b 27 Oct

1957, the daughter of Francis (Fred) Humphrey and

Doreen Cooke of Wales. Fred was a mechanical

engineer and a farmer Susan was living at 38 Wyle

Cop and SIMON at 1 English Bridge Ct. Shrewsbury

when they married. SIMON attended Shrewsbury

Technical College and in 1987 he had a cabinet-making

work shop in Shrewsbury, England. SIMON and Susan

separated in 1987. They had:

2-1-1-1-2-3-3-1-2-1 ROSE FRANCES ARROL,b 4 Aug
1985 at the Royal Shrewsbury Maternity Hospital,
Shrewbury, Shropshire, England.
b 3 Mar 1913 in Alloa and m 9 Aug 1940 to John Wilson
Hume at Gateshead, England. In 1987 they lived at 10
East Fettes Avenue, North Edinburgh. They had Clephane
Arrol Hume, b 12 Jul 1946 in Edinburgh. In 1987
Clephane was an occupational therapist who resided at 62
Spotswood Street, Edinburgh.
2-1-1-1-2-3-3-3 ALISON ESME ARROL, b 14 Apr 1920 in
Blairlogie, Stirlingshire and m 26 Jun 1957 to Anthony R.
Meek at St. Giles, Edinburgh. Anthony was b 13 Aug
1925. In 1987 the couple resided in North Yorkshire,
England. They did not have children.
2-1-1-1-2-3-3-4 CAROLINE AGNES ARROL, b 3 May 1922
in Blairlogie, Stirlingshire and m 1 Mar 1949 to her 1st
cousin, Hugh C.A. Philips. (See 2-1-1-1-2-3-1 above.)
1882 in Kelvin, Glasgow and d 12 Dec 1882.
2-1-1-1-2-4 WALTER ARROL, b 8 Jun 1846 in Glasgow and m
24 Mar 1880 at CTapham, London, to Beatrice May Bateman.


Sir William Arrol, 1839-1913 (pp. 127-134)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: i

RuBiNA Arroll (circa i86o's) - Mother of three children of John Tennant
( PHOTO FROM "The Autobiography of Margot Asquith," see p. 305 )

Arroi. Photo Gallery :: 2


- tp -'


«r*ir'"«f; -"^ ~~!f-f £?««-.'->■■." ;y>-^.-V- ..-^<SV






B \. > ir'.tu!!,^




















Signature of John Arroll, Dumbarton

COUNCILMEMBER, 1681-89 (pP. 4O-41)

Thomas James Arrol in original
classroom at Harrow School, (pp. 25-)-54)

1902 2-cylinder Arrol-Johnston on display at Afton Towers Motor Museum, England

photo by COLIN GRAY (pP. 60-61)

Arrol Photo Gallery :


1920 4-CYLINDER Arrol-Johnston on display at The Museum of Transport, Glasgow


Arrol Photo Gallery :: 4

"The Most Efficient Car on the Road.'



The Winner of the Tourist Trophy Race,
and other Important and Varied Contests.


Agents In Dlstrlcis In which we a'e not already
represented are invited lo communlcaie with us.

Pl9am« send for Catafaguo Number t4.

The New Arrol-Johnston Car Company, Ltd.


^— ^ < Alio* BREWERY.

Uyee, SC^U^^q^ )

iJtT)ncKiif«i|nn(iAlr iiillLiIJ.afAlfS^'^lilf iirtr.

Ar Tower /t JttMVU .li/mi-s
It) Dixuy STRUCT OLlM^ttt:

■ J'

An Ad for the 190b Arrol-Johnston


Archibald Arrol acquired the Alloa
Brewery in 1866 (see pp.61-62)

. . .

<• <fr •• ^'-^ t' n^' ♦ '^

The Archibald Arrol Fire Fighting Team,
Alloa Brewery Company Station, circa 1945 (see pp.61-62)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 5

McKerrow & Arroll, Sanitary Plumbers, circa 1890, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

( see P.5 and p. i/g )

The Firth of Forth Bridge :; Sir William Arrol, Contractor, 1898 (see p. 129)

( photo by JOHN arrol, SEPT. I986 )

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 6

Colin John Arroll, Auckland, New Zealand, 1939-43
( P. 191 )

Arrol Photo Gallery :; 7

The New Church
Row, Dumbartonshire, Scotland (p.42)

Lance Corporal Richard H. Arroll

Seaforth Highlanders (pp. 186-7)

a» '^ '


> •


ra If


Margaret Stobo and James Stobo Arrol with their son, John Stobo Arrol
circa 1948 in Glasgow (pp. 268 & 274)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 8





t^^% 1



1 1








Dr. William John Arrol
AT Buckingham Palace to receive the

Order of the British Empire,

WITH Doris (Billie) Maxwell Arrol




T - :





George Charles Arroll

1ST Australian Imperial Force, 1915-igig

(p. 181)

A delivery wagon for Arroll's Home Bakery
in Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1900 (p.325)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 9

John Milligan Arroll, B.1918
Photo taken 1940. (p.314)

Robert Arrol, B.1929, Detroit.
Photo taken 1946 (p. 219)

Street sign for Arrol Place, located in Dalmarnock, Glasgow,


Arrol Photo Gallcrv :; to


Tl\- V









■ - ^

Mary (Gray) and James Arroll,
MARRIED 26 January 1883, Glasgow (p.313)

William Arrol, b. 4 March 1893,
Glasgow, circa 1922 (p. 213-214)

Susan (Millh.,an) andJohn Arroll,
married 13 August 1915, Glasgow, (p.314)

Arrol Photo Gallery ;: ii

William Broderick Hazeldine Arrol,
England, 1945. (pp. 247-248)

William Wilson Arroll, c.1950

(p. 172)

Margaret Allen Coulthart Arrol & Granddaughter, Margaret Cooke,
immigrating from Glasgow to America, c. 1927 (pp. 213; 220-221)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: u

Ian MacLachlan Arrol,

M.P., CANADA, I972-1974 (pp. 2II-212)

Margaret Janet Errol Spender,
Scotland, 1988 (p. 234-235)


- ■>

^h ^w'. .^>^r

«" •-■


£t ■yfpjt*^,*',- >


FROM l: Stella Arroll, Bruce Arroll, Ph.D., Colin John Arroll, Christine Reynolds
7 MAY 1993, Auckland, New Zealand (pp. 191-192)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 13

Nigel Arrol MacLardie, Margaret (Maggie) Van Hegan Allan MacLardie
photo: summer 1985, Scotland (p. 265)

Robert N. Arrol, m.d., Priscilla Joyce Bolles Arrol, Kerby Icenogle (in front),

Kerri Jo (Arrol) Mitchell, Robert N. Arrol, Bradley Mitchell, Tracy Leigh (Arrol)

Icenogle, and Michael Icenogle with Aubrey Icenogle. Illinois, usa (pp. 229-31)

Abrol Photo Gallery :: 14

Phyllis Knight Arrol (widow of Herbert
Arrol, Bradford, England), 1990 (p.330)

Elizabeth (Betty) Arrol McClure
Glasgow, Scotland, Nov. 1990 (pp. 275-6)

^^^F7 ^p^^^hl 1^^^U_^^Bi

^HKc^^ / .13

^^mB^^t ^^^^^^^^^^^^^H

Florence Annie (Lollie) Arrol, Alexandra Shahrzad Hamzavi Arrol,
Zohreh Hamzavi-Rad Arrol, England (pp.306-308)

Arrol Photo Gallery ;: 15

Constance Amv Arroll. Isle of Arran,
Scotland, 1986. (p. 192)

Walter Arrol, born in Possilpark,
Glasgow, 1897. (p. 221) photo c.1919

John Stobo Arrol, Elizabeth Stobo Arrol, Margaret Stobo Arrol, Isa Simpson Arrol
& Douglas Arrol. c.1954. (pp. 268; 274-276)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: i6

Beatrice was the daughter of Benjamin Bateman, a merchant of

Clapham, London, Surrey, England. WALTER was a brewer and

merchant. WALTER d 13 May 1933 in Worthing, West Sussex

and Beatrice d 8 Feb 1934 in Dartford, Kent. They had;

2-1-1-1-2-4-1 FRANCIS LILIAN ARROL, b 22 Jan 1881 in

Kelvin, Glasgow. FRANCIS m 10 Apr 1901 to Alfred Barrow

Milner at St. James Church, Church of England, St. Andrew,

Northumberland, England. Alfred was b circa 1893, the son

of Isaac William Milner, a clerk in Holy Orders. Alfred was

a clerk in Holy Orders and was residing in Penrith, Andrew,

Northumberland when he married.

2-1-1-1-2-4-2 MARGARET PHYLLIS ARROL, b 28 Jan 1884

in Kelvin, Glasgow and d 31 Jul 1885 in Ayr.
2-1-1-1-2-4-3 COLIN ARCHIBALD ARROL, b 5 Dec 1885 at
Dhuhill Home, Luss Road, Helensburgh and d 25 Jul 1916.
COLIN fought in eleven actions in WW II from Nov 1915 to
25 Jul 1916. He was killed in action at Maricourt and buried
in the English Cemetery behind enemy lines at Mantuabeau,
east of Albert, France.
2-1-1-1-2-4-4 BEATRICE VIOLET ARROL, b 9 Oct 1888 in
Helensburgh, Row, Dumbartonshire. BEATRICE m on 10 Jan
1924 to William Aubrey Ramsey at St. Jude's Church,
Kensington, London, England. William was the son of
Norman Robert Ramsey, a clerk in Holy Orders and the Royal
Dean of Buckingham. William was b circa 1 904 and had been
a captain in the Indian Army.
2-1-1-1-2-4-5 IRIS ARROL, b 23 Oct 1890 in Helensburgh, Row,
Dumbartonshire. IRIS m 20 Apr 1912 to Nigel George
Davidson at The Parish Church, St. Mary, Surrey, England.
Nigel was a judge. He was the son of Alexander Davidson,
"a gentleman". IRIS was living at Chapelacre, Helensburgh,
Scotland and Nigel at 60 Quarry Street, St. Mary, Surrey,
England when they married.
2-1-1-1-2-5 ARCHIBALD TOWER ARROL, b 26 Mar 1847 in
Glasgow and d 26 Jan 1911 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire. He m
4 Sept 1873 at Partick, Glasgow to Helen King Philips who was
b 7 Feb 1854. Helen d 2 Sept 1912 at Millgrove House, Alloa of
cerebral thrombosis. ARCHIBALD was Provost of Alloa. He
was joint owner and managing director of the Arrol Brewery until
the brewery became a public company. The brewery went public
after the turn of the century as a result of the intense competition
in the brewing industry. Control passed from family hands and
the brewery, in 1987, was part of the Allied-Lyons Group. The
brewery was located in Alloa, Clackmannanshire. ARCHIBALD
and Helen had:


2-1-1-1-2-5-1 MARGARET KING PHILIPS ARROL, b 27 Mar
1875 at 14 Sardinia Terrace, Hillhead, Partick, Glasgow and
d 9 Apr 1946 at County Hospital, Alloa. Margaret d of a
fracture of the right femur, general arteriosclerosis and asthma.
Her usual address was Norwood, Alloa. She never married.

2-1-1-1-2-5-2 ARCHIBALD ARROL, b 25 Aug 1876 at Milgrove
House, Alloa.

2-1-1-1-2-5-3 WILLIAM PHILIPS ARROL, b 13 Dec 1877 at
Millgrove House, Alloa. WILLIAM was a mining engineer.
He m circa 1914 in Durban, South Africa to Lilias Robb
Charmichael of Alloa. Lilias was b circa 1880, the daughter
of John Charmichael, a brick and tile merchant, and Harriet
Morrison. The couple returned to the United Kingdom circa
1916-17. WILLIAM d 4 Apr 1934 in London. Lilias d 15
Sept 1957 at 46 Craigmiller Park, Edinburgh, age 77. They

2-1-1-1-2-5-3-1 ARCHIBALD JOHN (IAN) ARROL, b circa
1915. He served in the RAF during WW II. Following his
military service IAN was employed by the Iraq Petroleum
Company as an engineer. In 1987 Ian resided in the south
of England.
2-1-1-1-2-5-3-2 DORIS MARY PHILIPS ARROL, b 29 Aug
1918 at 13 Stuart Avenue, Much Woolton, Liverpool,
England. DORIS was a school teacher prior to her
retirement. In 1988 she resided in Edinburgh.

2-1-1-1-2-5-4 HELEN ARROL, b 16 Jul 1880 in Alloa and d 14
Nov 1949 at 5 Morton Street, Joppa of arteriosclerosis.
HELEN was a lady's companion. She never married. Her
usual residence was Saraville' Promenade, Portobello.

2-1-1-1-2-5-5 KATRINE E. ARROL, b 21 Oct 1884 in Alloa. She
m 15 Nov 1911 to Charles C. Finlater, a doctor of medicine
and a medical health officer. They were m in Alloa according
to the forms of the United Free Church of Scotland. Charles
was b circa 1881, the son of Thomas Finlater, a bank agent,
and Susan Rankine. Thomas was living at 20 Church Street,
Alloa and KATRINE at Millgrove, Alloa, when they married.
In 1949 she was living at 57 Moir Street, Alloa. KATRINE
d 14 Apr 1968 at Ludgate House, Alloa of coronary

2-1-1-1-2-5-6 CHARLES TOWER ARROL, b 22 Jan 1888 at
Millgrove House, Alloa. Charles d 13 Feb 1911 at Milgrove
House, Alloa of pulmonary phthisis.
2-1-1-1-2-6 JAMES CAMERON ARROL, b 16 Nov 1850 at 108

Douglas Street, Barony, Glasgow and d 13 Feb 1889.
2-1-1-1-2-7 THOMAS ARTHUR ARROL, b 24 Aug 1852 at 108


Douglas Street, Barony, Glasgow and d 28 Oct 1902 in St.

Machar, Aberdeen. THOMAS was a bridge builder. He built the

Connel Ferry Bridge in Scotland, now a highway bridge.

2-1-1-1-2-8 MARGARET ARROL, b 24 Jul 1854 at 108 Douglas

Street, Barony, Glasgow and m 6 Apr 1875 to John Albert Black,

a shipowner. MARGARET d 31 May 1926 at Lagarie Row,

Helensburgh of heart failure. They had: Stuart, Alfred, and 3


2-1-1-1-2-9 ELIZABETH AUGUSTA ARROL, b 17 Sept 1857 at 108

Douglas Street, Glasgow. She m 20 Apr 1886 to Laurence T.

Napier at 18 Blythswood Square, according to the forms of the

United Presbyterian Church. Laurence, an advocate, was b 1 9 Aug

1855 to James Robert Napier, a shipbuilder (dec), and Emma

Mary Twentyman. Laurence was living at Glenarbuck Bowling.

Old Kilpa trick and ELIZABETH was living at 18 Blythswood

Square when they married. ELIZABETH d 2 Apr 1922 at


2-1-1-2 CATHERINE (KATHERINE) ARROLa), b 25 Aug 1765 and

bapt 27 Aug 1765. She m 16 Nov 1787 to Andrew Drumond in

Drymen, Stirlingshire.

2-1-1-3 ISABEL ARROL (AROL), b 24 Jan 1767 and bapt 29 Feb 1767.

She m circa 1792 to A. McFarlane, fanner, of Stirlingshire.
2-1-1-4 CHARLES ARROL, b 27 Jul 1769 and was killed by falling

down a pit mouth.
2-1-1-5 JEAN ARROL(L), b 27 Oct 1771 at Easter Lead, Stirlingshire

and m on 18 Aug 1792 to John McFarlane of Drymen.
2-1-1-6 MUNGO ARROL (ARROLE), b 24 Jul 1779 and d young.
2-1-1-7 JANET ARROL, b 6 Mar 1783 and bapt 9 Mar 1783. She m
circa 1808 to Robert Sands.
2-1-2 WILLIAM ARROL, b 25 Feb 1735, Duneverig of Park at Aberfoyle,
Perthshire and m circa 1757 to Margaret Colquhoun. They had:
2-1-2-1 CHARLES ARROL(L), christened 22 Jan 1759 at Aberfoyle by
James Richardson, Minister. He m circa 1779 to Elizabeth Paton.
CHARLES was a merchant. They had:

2-1-2-1-1 WILLIAM ARROL, b circa 1780. WILLIAM was a cotton
spinner and later a house proprietor. He m 7 Oct 1799 to Mary
Robertson. Mary was b circa 1778, the daughter of Andrew
Robertson, a cotton spinner, and Susan Fulton. WILLIAM d 10
Oct 1874 at Viewfield, Bellahouston, Govan, Glasgow. Mary d
28 Aug 1862 at Govan Park, Glasgow of diarrhoea and old age.
They had:
2-1-2-1-1-1 CHARLES ARROL, christened 14 Sep 1800 at

2-1-2-1-1-2 BETTIE SMITH ARROL, christened 22 Aug 1802
at Paisley.


2-1-2-1-1-3 BETTIE ARROL, christened 29 Apr 1804 at Paisley.
2-1-2-1-1-4 SUSANfNAARROL(AROL),christened 19 Nov 1805

at Paisley, Abbey.

2-1-2-1-1-5 ANDREW ARROL, christened 19 Jul 1807 at Paisley.

2-1-2-1-1-6 MARY ARROL b 19 Oct 1808 and christened 30 Oct

1808 at Paisley. MARY m 1st on 13 Jul 1832 to Alexander

Watt at Houston, Renfrewshire. Alexander was a banker.

MARY m 2nd to Robert Anderson, an accountant. They

resided at Queensbury House, 64 Canongate, Edinburgh.

Mar>' d 26 May 1891 of chronic bronchitis at Edinburgh.

2-1-2-1-1-7 WILLIAM ARROL, christened 30 Dec 1810 at

Paisley- WILLIAM ARROL immigrated in 1843 through

Philadelphia and settled in Harwich Township, Kent County,

Ontario, Canada. He m 1st circa 1850 to Susannah Jane.

Susannah was b in 1830 and d 20 Dec 1852. WILLIAM m

2nd 27 Jul 1854 to Julia Ann Crittendon. Julia Ann was b

circa 1818 in Southwold Twp, Elgin County, Ontario.

WILLIAM was a bookkeeper and postmaster at Blenheim,

Ontario. Julia Ann d 31 Mar 1881 at Blenheim. WILLIAM

d Feb 1895 in Chatham, Ontario. They had:

2-1-2-1-1-7-1 MARY ARROL, b 28 Aug 1850 at Blenheim,

Kent, Ontario, Canada. Mary d 10 Nov 1930 and is buried

at Evergreen Cemetery, Kent, Ontario. She m circa 1874

to Alfred Edgar Young at Kent County, Ontario, Canada.

They had eight children.

2-1-2-1-1-7-2 JULIA ANN ARROL, b 9 Mar 1852 in

Blenheim, Ontario. JULIA ANN m circa 1872 to William

Stirch. She d 30 Jan 1913 at Chatham, Ontario. They had

four children: See Note (A) p. 149.

2-1-2-1-1-7-3 WILLIAM T. ARROL, b circa 1858 in

Blenheim, Kent County, Ontario.
2-1 -2-1-1-7-4 CHARLES FRANKLIN ARROL, b 26 Mar 1862
in Blenheim, Kent County, Ontario, Canada. CHARLES
emigrated from Canada to St. Paul, Minnesota through
Detroit, Michigan in 1879. He m 9 Jun 1887 to Agnes
Broadbent in St Paul, Minnesota. Agnes was b 16 Jan
1866 in Westfield, New York. She was the daughter of
Harriet Wilbur and Benjamin Broadbent. CHARLES
became a naturalized U.S. citizen on 27 Dec 1897 in St.
Paul. An article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press noted that
CHARLES FRANKLIN ARROL was well known in St.
Paul, especially in business circles, where he played a
prominent part for a period of twenty years. He
contributed largely toward building up the city and erected
a number of large buildings. CHARLES was active in the


Republican Party and was given credit for its success in St.

Paul. He was a candidate for the office of Clerk of the

District Court. Charles d 2 Sept 1932 in St.Paul,

Minnesota and was buried in Forest Cemetery, Crypt #53,

Wall #3, St. Paul. Agnes d 20 Jan 1951 in San Diego and

is buried in Glen Abbey Cemetery, Chula Vista,

California. CHARLES and Agnes had:

2-1-2-1-1-7-4-1 RUBY ETTA ARROL, b 6 Apr 1888 in St.

Paul, Minnesota. She m on 4 Mar 1924 to William

Edwin Bryant Sr., a dentist, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

RUBY d 29 Oct 1951 in Los Angeles and was buried

in Glen Abbey Cemetery, Chula Vista, California.

They had: 1) Rosemary, b 28 Jan 1925. Rosemary m

12 Jul 1946 to Wayne Portland Warlick at the Fifth

Avenue Methodist Church in San Diego, California

Wayne was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and

was a naval officer for eleven years. The couple lived

in Houston, Texas for 25 years where Wayne was

employed by Gulf Oil and Chevron. They had five

children; 2) William Edwin Jr., b 28 Jun 1926 at San

Diego, California. He m Nita Cunningham. They had

9 children; and 3) John Ernest, b 4 Dec 1928 at San

Diego, California. He m Patricia Waugh. John and

Patricia had seven children including George Arrol

Bryant, b 26 Oct 1955 at Southampton, Long Island,

New York. George married and had a son b 26 Jun

1992 named Arrol Graham Bryant.

2-1-2-1-1-8 ANN ARROL, b circa 1815. ANN m 4 Aug

1853 to James Brown at Houston, Renfrewshire. James was
a wholesale grocer. Ann d 12 May 1884 at Viewfield House,
Bellhouston of apoplexy.
2-1-2-1-1-9 JOHN ARROL, christened 29 Dec 1816 at

2-1-2-1-1-10 MARGARET ARROL, christened 2 Dec

1818 at Houston.
2-1-2-1-1-11 MARGARET ARROL, christened 9 Sept
1822 at Houston.
2-1-2-1-2 THOMAS ARROL, b circa 1783. It is highly probable
that THOMAS may have been the son of CHARLES and
Elizabeth. It is known that his father's name was Charles and
that his father was from the Highlands. (See Section XV,
THOMAS ARROL and JANET ALLEN Family, Page 251.)
THOMAS m 22 Jan 1803 to Janet Allen (Allan).
2-1-2-1-3 MARGARET ARROL, b 25 Apr 1784 in Muir of
Waterstoun, Kilbarchan.


2-1-2-1-4 CHARLES ARROL (.ARLE), b 11 Nov 1787 and

christened 16 Nov 1787 at Paisley, Abbey.
2-1-2-1-5 ELIZABETH ARRAL.b 22 Jan 1791 and bapt 26 Jun 1791
at Paisley, Abbey. She may have m 10 Jul 1833 to Andrew Paton
at Paisley, Abbey.
2-1-2-1-6 JEAN ARROL, b 4 Sept 1793 and bapt 8 Sept 1793 at
Paisley Abbey. JEAN may have m 31 Oct 1818 to John
McClellan at Dumbarton.
2-1-2-1-7 JAMES ARRAL, b 2 Feb 1796 and bapt 7 Feb 1796 at

Paisley Abbey.
2-1-2-1-8 ROBERT ARRAL, b 27 May 1798 and bapt 3 Jun 1798
at Paisley Abbey.
2-1-2-2 MARY ARROL, christened 13 Jun 1760 at Aberfoyle.
2-1-2-3 ISABEL(L) ARROLL, christened 3 Jul 1762 at Aberfoyle.
2-1-2-4 JOHN ARROL, christened 6 Mar 1764 at Aberfoyle.
2-1-2-5 JEAN ARROL, christened 30 Jun 1765 at Aberfoyle.
2-1-2-6 JANET ARROL, christened 7 Sep 1770 at Aberfoyle.
2-1-2-7 DUNCAN ARROL, christened 20 Mar 1772 at Aberfoyle.
2-1-3 JOHN ARROL(L), bapt 12 Mar 1738 at Leven, Dumbartonshire.

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