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2-1-4 ARCHIBALD ARROL, christened 12 Feb 1741 and bapt 18 Apr 1741

at Craigoughty, Aberfoyle.
2-1-5 WALTER ARROL, b 18 Jun 1743 at Easter Lead and m circa
1768 to Mary Robertson who d 27 Jan 1779. They had 3 daughters:
2-1-5-1 CHRISTIAN ARROL, b 4 Mar 1773 at Drymen, Stirlingshire.

She may have m John Arthur on 8 Dec 1792 at Kilmarnock.
2-1-5-2 JEAN ARROL, christened 5 Oct 1777 at Drymen.
2-1-5-3 Unknown female.
2-1-6 JEAN ARROL, b 27 Sept 1745 and m 30 May 1767 to Don Walker at
Milnetown of Drummond, Drymen, Stirlingshire. They had Archibald
and Donald.
2-1-7 CHARLES ARROL, b 3 Oct 1746 and d 17 Feb 1758.
2-2 — - AROLL, b 7 Jul 1697.
2-3 MARY ARROL, bapt 27 Jul 1701 at Gartavestan, Port of Menteith and m circa

1726 to George MacFarlane. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters.
2-4 JOHN ARROL, b circa 1705 at Drymen and m circa 1740 to Jean Mains of
Finnich, Dr\'men They had:

2-4-1 JANNET ARROLL, b 1 1 May 1742 at Finnich, Drymen.
2-4-2 MARY ARROLL, b Sept 1744 and may have m James Ritchie,
previously of Rosneath. When he m on 15 Aug 1766 he was residing
in Row. They had: James Arroll Ritchie b 11 Apr 1772.
2-4-3 ELIZABETH ARROLL, b 9 Mar 1748 at Finnich, Drymen.
2-4-4 MARGARET ARROLL, b 16 Aug 1751 at Finnich, Drymen.
3 WILLIAM ARROLL. b circa 1649 and m 22 Jan 1662 to Elizabeth Macfarlan.
They had:
3-1 HELLEN ARROL (ARAL), b 17 Apr 1670 and bapt 23 Apr 1670 at



3-2 JOHN ARROL (ARRALL), b 22 Sept 1672 at Stirlingshire.

4 CHRISTEN ARROL (ARRELL), b 8 Jul 1649 at Cashill, Buchanan, Stirlingshire.

5 HELEN (HELLEN) ARROL (ARRELL), bapt 14 Mar 1652 at Cashill, Buchanan,

6 THOMAS ARROL (ARRELL), bapt 2 1 Jan 1 655 at Cashill, Buchanan, Stirlingshire.

NOTE (A) Family of Julia Ann Arrol and William Stirch. (See Page 146)

I JULIA ANN ARROL, b 9 Mar 1852 at Blenheim, Ontario, Canada and d 30
Jan 1913 at Chatham, Ontario. She is buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery.
JULIA ANN m circa 1872 to William Stirch. They had:

1 Ellen A. Nellie Stirch, b circa 1873 at Blenheim, Ontario and d circa 1936.
She m 20 Apr 1899 to Stephen Russell at Chatham, Ontario. They had:
1-1 Harry L. Russell, b circa 1904 and d circa 1967. He m Gladys L. — .

2 Susannah Maud Stirch, b 16 Apr 1877 at Blenheim, Ontario and d 31 Mar
1904 at Chatham, Ontario. She m George H. Taylor.

3 Lola M. Stirch, b circa 1878 at Blenheim, Ontario and m Bert Guy. They
had Ruby Etta and Mary Guy.

4 Walter H. Stirch, b circa 1881 at Blenheim, Ontario. He m 1st circa 1902
to Eliza Holman. She d 1927. Walter married a second time. He d in
1943. Walter and Eliza had:

4-1 Hilda Stirch, b 21 Apr 1903. She m 31 Dec 1935 to MacDonald
Schram at Detroit, Michigan. In 1992 she resided in Orlando,
Florida. They had:
4-1-1 Richard Schram, b 24 Sept 1940 at Windsor, Ontario. Richard

m 5 Dec 1970 to Nancy Joan Hardy at Orlando, Florida. The

couple had three children and in 1992 resided in Orlando, Florida.
4-1-2 Walter Schram, b 21 Apr 1937. Walter was married and had

two children.
4-1-3 Carolynne Lola Schram, b 18 Nov 1944. She m Edward Salser

and in 1992 Carolyn resided in Carriere, Mississippi.
4-2 Walter Emerson Stirch, b circa 1911. Walter was in the U.S. Navy.
He m Catharina (Kay) Turtiak. Kay was bom in 1922 in the
Ukraine. She emigrated to Canada in 1925 and later served two
years in the Woman's Auxiliary, Canadian Army during WW II. In
1992 they resided in Waterford, Michigan. The couple had four



III MUNGO ARROLL (See Section II, Paragraph 1, Page 139), b circa 1650 in Croy,
Killeam, Stirlingshire and d prior to 26 Jan 1758. The name MUNGO comes from
St. Mungo, patron saint of Glasgow, Scotland. He m circa 1690 to Margaret
Buchanan. They had:

1 WALTER ARREL, b 15 Mar 1691, possible son of Mungo and Margaret, b
Kilmardinie, New Kilpatrick, Dumbartonshire. (500/1)

2 JOHN ARROLL, bapt 22 May 1709 at Killeam, Stirlingshire. (See Section IV

3 JANET (JANNET) ARROLL, bapt 10 Aug 1718 at Killeam. Stirlingshire.


IV JOHN ARROL, bapt 22 May 1709 at Killeam, Stirlingshire. JOHN ARROLL was
a schoolmaster at Rhu, formerly Row, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. He d 2 Feb 1760,
aged 52 (See Section III, Paragraph 2 above). He was murdered by a man named
Cunningham who resided at Dumbarton. The murderer afterwards confessed that he
had paid JOHN ARROLL the sum of thirty pounds, a debt which he owed, and,
having got a receipt for the money, stabbed his victim to the heart with a knife.
After hiding the body for some time in a disused chimney, he took it one dark night
to the Leven and sunk it in the stream. Cunningham was suspected from the first to
have murdered the poor schoolmaster, and, after the body was recovered from the
Leven, he was asked to undergo the trial by touch, from the universal belief that if
the murderer touched the body of his victim, the wound would bleed afresh.
Cunningham, however, declined the ordeal, but his conscience gave him no rest until
he had confessed his guilt. JOHN ARROLL's (spelled JOHN AROLL) grave is # 1 28
in the southeast comer of the parish church yard at Dumbarton, with the inscription,
"Here Lyes the body of John Aroll, schoolmaster, at Ye Row, who Died February
the 2nd, 1760, aged 52 years," followed by a Latin inscription. There is a memorial
in the Dumbarton churchyard. He is believed to have m 5 May 1757 to Janet
McAulay at Row. Janet was the daughter of John McAulay (dec) of Caimdow,
Argyllshire and Margaret Davie. They had:

1 JAMES ARROLL, b circa 1741 and d 4 Mar 1823, aged 79, and buried in Row
churchyard. JAMES ARROLL was a parochial schoolmaster in Row and
succeeded his father in 1760 (See Section V, Page 157.)

2 JOHN ARROLL, b circa 1739 and d 5 Jun 1817 at age 78. He is buried in Row
churchyard. In 1777 he was in Kirkhouses of Row and in 1779 he was in Miln
of Aldounah. In 1786 he was in West Toun of Ardincaple. JOHN was a
shoemaker. He m 6 Jan 1777 at Row to Janet Cochrane who was circa 1750/51.
She d 21 Jun 1824 at age 73. She is buried in the Row churchyard. They had the
following children:

2-1 JOHN ARROLL, b 24 Sept 1777 and bapt 26 Sept 1777 at Row.

2-2 JANET ARROLL, b 30 May 1779, bapt 1 Jun 1779 at Row, and d 26 Jul


1870 at Glebeside House, Row. She never married. She died at age 72 of old
age and debility.
2-3 ISABEL (ISABELLA) ARROLL, b 10 May 1781, bapt 1 1 May 1781 at Row,
and d 14 May 1864 at Glebeside House, Row. ISABELLA m circa 1806 to
George McAnslau. She was a widow when she died of old age and debility.
2-4 MARY ARROLL, b 2 Aug 1783 and bapt 4 Aug 1783 at Row.
2-5 MARGARET ARROLL, b 12 Mar 1793 and bapt 14 Mar 1793 at Row.
2-6 PETER ARROLL, b 15 Nov 1786 and bapt 17 Nov 1786 at Row. PETER
was a general labourer. It is likely that this is the PETER that m circa 1816
to Mar>' Campbell. They had:

2-6-1 JANET ARROL, b 21 Aug 1817 and bapt 21 Sept 1817 at Shorehouse,
Parish of Row. Janet may have m 1 1 Oct 1845 to James Glacken at
2-6-2 JOHN ARROLL, b 19 Jul 1819 at Shorehouse, Parish of Row. JOHN
was a blacksmith. He m 20 Jun 1856 to Janet King at Upper Fenwick.
Janet was b circa 1832, the daughter of William King, a road
surfaceman, and Margaret Loudon. JOHN d 9 Aug 1880 at Bonny ston
Road, Kilmarnock of disease of the heart, duration 1 year. Janet d 10
Apr 1907 at age 75 of senile decay at Kilmum. Janet lived at 18 John
Dickie Street, Kilmarnock. They had:

2-6-2-1 PETER ARROLcL), b circa 1851. PETER was a blacksmith.

He m 1st on 31 Dec 1874 to Johnann Rowan at 8 Park Street,

Kilmarnock Johnann, a dressmaker, b circa 1851, was the

daughter of William Rowan, a carpet weaver, and Mary Purdie

(dec). PETER was living on Bonnyton Road and Johnann at 8

Park Street, Kilmarnock when they married. Johnann d 1 Jan 1890

at 21 Bonnyton Square, Kilmarnock of phthisis. PETER m 2nd on

8 Mar 1895 to Mary Marshall Lindsay at The Cooperative Hotel,

Kilmarnock. Mary, a steam loom weaver, was b circa 1861, the

daughter of John Lindsay, a handloom weaver (dec), and Mary

Marshall. Mary was living at 84 Hill Street, Kilmarnock, and

PETER was living at 16 Bonny ston Square, Kilmarnock, when

they married. In 1907 PETER was living at 21 Bonny ston Square,

Kilmarnock. PETER d 18 Oct 1922 at Kilmarnock. Mary d 1

Nov 1926 at 104 Bonnyston Road, Kilmarnock of chronic

bronchitis and mitral disease. PETER and Johnann had:

2-6-2-1-1 MARY PURDIE ARROLL, b circa 1876 at Kilmarnock.

2-6-2-1-2 JANET KING ARROLL, b 5 May 1878 at 28 St.

Andrews, Kilmarnock JANET was a friUer in lace work She

m 1 Aug 1902 to John Young, a carriage builder. They were

married at Edith Street, Darvel. John was the son of James

Young, an engine fitter, and Janice Ferguson They lived on

Union Street, Kilmarnock JANET d 22 Jun 1918, age 40, at

the infirmar)' at Kilmarnock. JANET was residing at 102

Bonnyton Road, Kilmarnock when she died of gastrointestinal


catarrah, peritonitis, and cardiac failure.
2-6-2-1-3 ELSPETH ROWAN ARROLL, b 28 Sep 1879 at
Kilmarnock. ELSPETH was a still room maid. ELSPETH m
9 Jun 1905 to John James Hill at 21 Bonnyton Square,
Kilmarnock. John, a blacksmith, was b circa 1876, the son of
John Hill, a blacksmith, and Jane Hill. He lived in Congtown,
2-6-2-1-4 WILLIAM KING ARROLL, b 8 Jul 1 884 at 22 McLellan
Street, Glasgow and d 3 May 1885 at 146 Crookston Street,
Glasgow of laryngismus and bronchitis.
2-6-2-1 Continued: PETER and Mary Marshall had:

2-6-2-1-5 MARGARET MARSHALL ARROLL, b 20 Apr 1896 at
16 Bonny ston Street, Kilmarnock. MARGARET was known
as MAGGIE. She m 31 Dec 1924 to William Johnsone
Winning at Kilmarnock. William was an engine fitter when
he married, but later he was a hydraulic valve tester. He was
b circa 1898, the son of Thomas Winning, a patternmaker, and
Agnes Johnstone. MARGARET was living at 104 Barry ton
Road, Kilmarnock and William was living at 18 Craigie Road,
Kilmarnock when they married. MARGARET d 7 Jan 1972
at Ayrshire Central Hospital, Kilwinning. She d of
pneumonia, diabetes and mycardial insufficiency.
MARGARET resided at 18 Craigie Road when she died.
They had: Thomas Winning. He resided at 14 Craigie Road,
Kilmarnock in 1972.
2-6-2-2 WILLIAM KING ARROLL, b circa 1853, WILLIAM was an
ironmonger in 1876 and a blacksmith in 1879. He m 5 Jun 1876
to Elizabeth Ann Bailie at 10 Kirk Street, Gorbals, Glasgow.
ELIZA d 16 Mar 1914 at 10 King's Park, Glasgow of malignant
ulceration of the tonsils and pharynx and exhaustion. WILLIAM
d 29 Dec 1925 at 71 Kings Road, Glasgow. He was 72 years old
when he died of cardiac degeneration syncope. They had:
2-6-2-2-1 JOHN ARROLL, b 7 May 1877 at 56 Gloucester Street,
Glasgow. JOHN was a gasfitter. He m 31 Jul 1913 to
Christina Lawrie Shanks at 50 Sardinia Terrace, Glasgow.
Christina was b circa 1877, the daughter of Robert Shanks, a
joiner, and Margaret Young (dec). JOHN was living at 10
Kings Park, Mount Florida, Glasgow and Christina was living
at 425 Sauchihall Street, Glasgow. In 1925 they lived at 73
Castle Road, Glasgow. JOHN d 27 Dec 1943 at 73 Old Castle
Road, Glasgow of chronic nephritis and uraemia. Christina d
17 Feb 1959 at Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow of bronchial
carcinoma with metastases of liver and spleen. Christina's
usual residence at death was 73 Old Castle Road, Glasgow.
2-6-2-2-2 JANE ARROLL, b 8 May 1879 at 134 Blackburn Street,


Glasgow. JANE was an ironmonger. She never married. She
d 27 Oct 1942 at 71 King's Park Road, Glasgow of acute
gastritis and cardiac failure.

2-6-2-2-3 ANNIE ARROLL, b 15 Apr 1881 at 142 Plantation
Street, Govan and d 20 Apr 1883 at 23 Sussex Street, Kinning
Park, Glasgow of whooping cough and acute bronchitis.

2-6-2-2-4 JESSIE KING ARROLL, b 7 Nov 1882 at 23 Sussex
Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow. JESSIE was a clerkess. She
d 10 Apr 1951 at 42 Garry Street, Glasgow of acute
myocarditis and angina pectoris.

2-6-2-2-5 ROBERTA BAILEE ARROLL, b 3 Mar 1886 at 146
Crookston Road, Kinning Park, Glasgow. She was the
informant on her sister Jane's death in 1942.

2-6-2-2-6 ANNIE ELIZABETH BAILEE ARROLL, b 26 Apr 1888
at 144 Crookston Street, Glasgow. ANNIE was an
ironmonger's saleswoman. She m 9 Apr 1925 to Alexander
Logan at 91 King's Park Road, Glasgow. Alexander, a railway
clerk, was b circa 1892, the son of William Logan, a shipping
clerk (dec), and Margaret Peacock. They were m by James
Rose, a minister of the Rose Street United Free Church of
Scotland, in Glasgow. ANNIE was living at 91 Kings Road,
Glasgow and ALEXANDER at 194 Calder Avenue when they
were married. ANNIE d 29 Dec 1958 at Victoria Infirmary,
Glasgow of cerebral hemmorrhage. Her usual residence was
142 Ardmay Crescent, Glasgow.

2-6-2-2-7 WILLI AMINA ARROL, b 31 May 1890 at 372 Paisley
Road, Glasgow. WILLIAMINA d 28 Oct 1891.

2-6-2-2-8 WILLIAMINA ARROL, b 27 Jul 1892 at 29 Nicholson,
Glasgow and d 14 Jun 1893 at 10 Kirk Street, Glasgow of
measles and laryngitis.

2-6-2-2-9 WILLIAM KING ARROLL, b 1 Nov 1893 at 10 Kirk
Street, Glasgow. WILLIAM served as a private in the British
Army during WW I. His regimental number was 1711. He
was in the lst/7th Battalion, The Cameronians (SCO R.F.).
He was killed in action on 28 Jun 1915 at Gallipoli, Turkey.
He was buried at Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery, Special
Memorial Group A 88, Helles, Gallipoli.

2-6-2-2-10 WALTER ARROLL, b 27 Apr 1895 at 10 Oxford
Street, Glasgow and d 23 May 1897 at 174 Crown Street,
Glasgow of scarlet fever and laryngitis.
2-6-2-3 JOHN ARROLL, b 20 Jun 1856 at Fenwick, Ayr. JOHN was

an engine fitter and an iron turner and later a draper. He m 23

Dec 1881 to Isabella Montgomcrie at Townend, Kilmarnock.

Isabella, a milliner, was b circa 1862, the daughter of Archibald

Montgomerie, a shoemaker, and Elizabeth Steele. Isabella d 7 May


1919 at a nursing home at 121 Hill Street, Glasgow. Her usual
address was Main Street, Kilmaurs. She d of a malignant disease
of the intestine and peritonitis. JOHN d 31 May 1924 at 1 Main
Street, Kilmaurs of angina pectoris and heart failure. They had:
2-6-2-3-1 ELIZABETH STEELE ARROLL, b 13 Jan 1883 at
Kilmaurs and d 27 Sept 1938 at Kilmaurs.

2-6-2-4 MARGARET ARROLL, b 4 Sept 1858 at Fenwick, Ayr.
MARGARET was a farm servant. She m 1 1 Jun 1877 to Robert
Craig at Barry ton Road, Kilmarnock, according to the forms of the
Church of Scotland.

2-6-2-5 MARY CAMPBELL ARROLL, b 28 Sept 1860 at High
Fenwick, Ayr. MARY m circa 1885 to James Craig Whyte, an
engineer's machinest. MARY d 6 Mar 1929 at 50 Gibson Street,
Kilmarnock of chronic bronchitis and cardiac failure.

2-6-2-6 JANET BORLAND ARROLL, b 28 Aug 1864 at Fenwick, Ayr
and d 13 Oct 1865 at Fenwick of diptheria.
2-6-3 MARY ARROL, b 29 Jan 1821 at Shandon, Parish of Row,

2-6-4 PETER ARROL, b 11 Oct 1823 at Shorehouse of Shandow, Row.

PETER m circa 1850 to Margaret Currey. He was a private in the 1st

Royal Lanarkshire Militia. He may have relocated to Hamilton,

Scotland in Apr 1855. They had:

2-6-4-1 ISABELLA ARROL, b Apr 1855 m Hamilton and d 1 Sep 1855
of chronic bronchitis at 2 Lamb Street, Hamilton, Scotland.
2-6-5 JAMES ARROL, b 29 Jan 1827 at Row.
2-6-6 CATHARINE ARROL(L), b 8 Sept 1832 and bapt 24 Oct 1832 at the

Parish of Row. CATHERINE (spelled CATHERINE on her death

certificate) m 14 May 1855 to John Martin, a grocer at Glebeside

House, Row. John was b circa 1828. He lived in Dumbarton. She d

28 Jun 1880 at 13 Quay, Dumbarton of debility. They had: Thomas





V JAMES ARROLL (See Section IV, Paragraph 1, Page 151), b circa 1741 and d 4 Mar
1823 aged 79. He is buried in the south part of the Row churchyard in grave number
138. It is marked with a table stone (flat stone). JAMES succeeded his father as
parochial schoolmaster in 1760. There is an inscription in the churchyard at Row
indicating that JOHN ARROLL, his father, schoolmaster at Row, d on 2 Feb 1760 at
age 52. JAMES m 2 Feb 1778 to Janet McKinley at Row, Dumbartonshire. They
had the following children:

1 JANET ARROLL, b 24 Jan 1779, bapt 25 Jan 1779 at Row, and m circa 1800 to
Peter Cochran. She d 29 Sept 1867 of "old age & debility" at 1 18 East Princes
Street, Helensburgh, Parish of Row.

2 JOHN ARROLL, b 29 Apr 1781 and bapt 31 May 1781 at Helensburgh. He m on
23 Jan 1816 to Jean Cochrane at Row. JOHN was living in Kirkhouses of Row in
1816, in Helensburgh in 1818 and was a fisherman in Helensburgh in 1847. JOHN
was a muslin weaver and a gardener. He d by 1878. JEAN d by 1878 of "old age
and debility." They had:

2-1 JAMES ARROLL, b 3 1 May 1816 and bapt 7 Jun 1816 at Helensburgh, Parish
of Row. JAMES was a gardener. He d 13 Jun 1878 at Row, age 62. He
resided at 7 John Street, Helensburgh. He d of cardiac and renal disease.
JAMES m 4 Jun 1846 to Jessie (Janet) Hood, daughter of William Hood, a
grocer, and Catherine Macnear (dec) at Helensburgh. She was b circa 1820/22
at Edinburgh. In 1862 JAMES was living at Charing Cross, Helensburgh. In
the 1881 census she was living at 23 James Street, Helensburgh. Jessie d 1 1
Mar 1895 of bronchitis at 254 St. James Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow. They

2-1-1 JOHN ARROLL, b 8 Apr 1847 and bapt 10 May 1847 at Helensburgh.
JOHN was a gardener. He never married. He d 30 Oct 1914 at 167
Renfrew Road, Glasgow of tuberculosis. His usual residence was 61
Craigiehall Street, Govan, Glasgow.
2-1-2 WILLIAM HOOD ARROLL, b 17 Aug 1848 and bapt 20 Sept 1848 at
Helensburgh. WILLIAM was a housepainter. He never married. He d 25
Apr 1921 at 61 Craigiehall Street, Govan, Glasgow of chronic nephritis.
(See Section VIII, Paragraph 4, Page 181, GEORGE WILLIAM HOWAT
ARROL m Mary Allan Hood.)
2-1-3 CATHERINE ARROLL, b 2 Apr 1850 and bapt 14 May 1850 at
Helensburgh. She was a dressmaker. CATHERINE m on 1 Jan 1895 to
William Gordon. William, a blacksmith, was b circa 1865, the son of
William Gordon, a tailor, and Helen Donaldson (dec). William later
became an engineer's labourer. There is an inconsistency in the date of
birth of CATHERINE. (Catherine's age is recorded as 28 when she
married. Her birth and death certificate indicate her actual age was 45.)
CATHERINE d 4 Dec 1941 at 657 Edgefauld Road, Glasgow of cardiac
failure. Her usual residence was 61 Craigiehall Street, Glasgow. The


informant on her death was her nephew, AW. ARROLL.
2-1-4 JAMES ARROLL (AROLL), b 27 Dec 1852 and bapt 18 Jan 1853 at
Helensburgh. JAMES was a jobbing gardener. He m 1st on 6 Jul 1883
to Margaret McCallum at 68 George Street, Paisley. Margaret, a laundress,
was b circa 1851, the daughter of Donald McCallum (dec), a weaver, and
Catherine McLean. She lived at 25 Dixon Avenue, Govanhill and JAMES
lived at 24 Dixon Avenue when they married. MARGARET d 16 Dec
1915 at 100 Sandyfaulds Street, Glasgow of senile degeneration, cardiac
failure and bronchitis. Her usual address was 27 Elizabeth Street, Ibrox,
Glasgow. JAMES m 2nd on 12 Jul 1918, at age 64, to Emily Ann Smith
Bacon at 25 Bank Street, Glasgow. Emily was a cook and was a widow.
She was the daughter of Thomas John Smith and Elizabeth Perry (dec).
Emily lived at 25 Woodside Place, West Glasgow and JAMES lived at 27
Elizabeth Street, Ibrox, Glasgow when they married. JAMES d 1 1 Sept
1925 at 327 Cathcart Road, Glasgow of senility and myocardial infarction.
His usual address was 27 Elizabeth Street, Glasgow. Emily Ann d 24 Feb
1932 of pneumonia at 12 Skipness Drive, Govan, Glasgow. Emily's
daughter, Ada Kathleen Milroy, was the informant on Emily Ann's death.
They had:

2-1-4-1 JAMES ARROLL, b circa 1894. JAMES m 14 Jun 1917 to Agnes
Brown at 66 Cranston Street, Anderston, Glasgow. She was b 13 Dec
1896, the daughter of Andrew Brown, a chauffeur, and Barbara Smith.
JAMES' home address was 27 Elizabeth Street, Glasgow. He was a
chauffeur driver in the Royal Artillery, British Expeditionary' Force,
British Army when he married. JAMES was a motor hirer in 1919
when his son was bom. In 1931 JAMES was a motor company's
service manager and in 1952 he was an automobile engineer -
managing director. When he d in 1954 he was a company director.
He d 1 1 Dec 1954 at 30 Gavinton Street, Glasgow of bronchial
carcinoma. Agnes d 17 Jun 1976 at 85 Bowman Street, Glasgow. She
d of a cerbral hemmorhage. They had:

2-1-4-1-1 JAMES ARROLL, b 28 May 1919 at 35 Tillie Street,
Glasgow. JAMES was a garage proprietor's company director. He
m 14 Oct 1952 to Jane Flemmg Svvanson at Pollok, Glasgow Jane,
a shorthand typist, was b 27 Nov 1917, the daughter of William
Swanson, a tailor, and Jane Fleming Brown. JAMES was living at
30 Gaunton Street, Glasgow and Jane at 48 Arron Drive, Glasgow
when they married. JAMES and Jane later divorced. Jane d 14
Nov 1983 at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow of a cerebral
vascular accident and multiple sclerosis. Her usual address was 49
Mosspark Squire. In 1954 JAMES resided at 85 Bowman Street,
Glasgow. They had:

2-1-4-1-1-1 JANE BROWN ARROLL, b 23 Aug 1955 at College,

Glasgow. She lived at 27 Netherview Road, Netherlee, Glasgow.

2-1-4-1-2 AGNES BROWN ARROLL, b 11 Feb 1931 at 327 Cathcart


Road, Glasgow. AGNES was a shorthand typist. She m 3 Oct
1952 to William Bruce Verth at Cathcart, Glasgow. William was
a widower. He was an assurance society clerk, b circa 1912, the
son of Richard James Verth, a post office supervisor (dec), and Jane
Foures (dec). AGNES lived at 30 Gavinton Street, Glasgow and
William at 29 Learman's Court, Edinburgh when they married.
Agnes d 20 Sep 1990.
2-1-5 GEORGE ARROLL, b 3 Jan 1854 and bapt 28 Jan 1854 at Helensburgh.

He d 1 Feb 1855 at Rockend, Helensburgh of a nervous fit.
2-1-6 JANE AJIROLL, b, 6 Feb 1856 in Rockend, Helensburgh. She was
known as JEANIE. She lived at 297 Eglinson Street, Glasgow. She d 16
Jan 1944 at Glasgow of senility and myocardial degeneration.
2-1-7 JANET ARROLL, b 28 May 1858 in Rockend, Helensburgh. She
appears as "JESSIE" in the 1881 Helensburgh census. She was a
shopkeeper and baker. JESSIE was the informant on her brother
WILLIAM HOOD ARROLL's death on 25 Apr 1921. She is believed to
have d 16 Jan 1944 at 2154 Craigiehall Street, Glasgow of senility and
myocardial degeneration. She was believed to have been a restaurant cook.
Her nephew, AW. ARROLL, was the informant on her death. He lived
at 8 Lame Street, Glasgow.
2-1-8 GEORGE ARROLL, b 17 Mar 1860 in Rockend, Helensburgh. He
claimed he was m 13 or 18 Aug 1891 to Mary Anderson. No record of his
marriage can be located. It is possible the couple was married by a ' Scots
Marriage'. (Through the latter part of the 18th century in Scotland a
couple could be legally married by going to the Sheriffs office with
witnesses and declaring themselves married.) GEORGE d 28 Nov 1933
at 61 Craigiehall, Govan, Glasgow. The death certificate indicated he was
single and not married. He died of cardiac degeneration. (See Section VI,
Page 171.) GEORGE was a house painter.
2-1-9 ROBERT ARROLL, b 23 Sept 1862 at Charing Cross, Helensburgh. He
is believed to have m circa 1895 to Mary Paisley Nisbet. Mary had
previously been m to - — Paisley and was the daughter of Alexander
Nisbet, a mason, and Jessie Taylor (dec). She m 2nd on 25 Apr 1925 to
George Richard Paisley, a railway carter, at St. Mark's Episcopal Church,
according to the forms of the Episcopal Church. George was the son of
John Paisley, an iron driller (dec), and Sarah McConnachie (dec). Mary
and George were living at 56 Cornwall Street, Govan, Glasgow when they
married. Mary d 8 Dec 1927 at 35 Cornwall Street, Glasgow of
myocarditis. ROBERT was a gardener and was the informant on the death
of his great uncle, ARCHIBALD. ROBERT d 5 Sept 1899 at 10 Farm
Road, Bellahouston, Glasgow of phitisis and pulmonarius. ROBERT and
Mary are believed to have had:

2-1-9-1 MARGARET MARJORIEBANKS ARROL, b 6 Jul 1891 at 13

Adelphi Street, Glasgow. MARGARET was an illegitimate daughter.

2-1-9-2 RITA ARROLL, b circa 1892 and m 27 Dec 1912 at Govan,


Glasgow to John Aitken at 8 Bellhouston Terrace, Govan. John, b
circa 1889, was an engine fitter, the son of John Aitken, engine fitter,
and Agnes Anderson (dec). A witness to the wedding was JESSIE
HOOD ARROLL. RITA lived at 56 Cornwall Street, Govan and John
lived at 37 Plantation Street, Govan when they married. RITA d 20
May 1922 at 66 Sussex Street, Glasgow of pulmonary tuberculosis.
RITA had an illegitimate daughter:

2-1-9-2-1 EMMA NISBET ARROLL, b 30 Jan 1911 at 56 Cornwall
Street, Govan. EMMA d 11 Mar 1930 at Pollokshields, Glasgow.
2-1-9-3 JESSIE HOOD ARROLL, b 26 Apr 1893 and m 4 Jun 1914 at
Plantation, Glasgow to Henry-Coats Gaw, a telegraph linesman, of

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