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82 West Scotland Street, Glasgow. He was b circa 1893, the son of
Henry Gaw, a police constable, and Margaret Colville. Henry
became a school cleaner. JESSIE d 22 Jan 1983 at Southern
General Hospital, Glasgow of a fracture of the neck and cirrhosis of
the liver. She was living at 837 Crookston Road when she died.
The informant on her death was M. Dyer, her daughter, of 160
Shawbridge Street, Glasgow.
2-2 ISABELLA ARROLL, b 10 Feb 1818 and bapt 20 Mar 1818 at Helensburgh,

Parish of Row.
2-3 ROBERT ARROLL, b 10 Dec 1820, bapt 31 Dec 1820 at Row, and d 6 Jul
1904. He m 31 Dec 1846 to Mary McCallum at Helensburgh. She was b circa
1826/27 at Helensburgh. Mary was the daughter of Parlane McCallum, a
mason, and Mar>' McAuslan. Mary d 9 Oct 1907 at 18 Charlotte Street,
Helensburgh of senile decay. ROBERT was a gardener and nurseyman. In
1867 he lived at 65 West Princes Street, Helensburgh. ROBERT and Mary
celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on New Years Day 1897. The
event was publicized in the local newspaper. The article states that: "Mr.
ROBERT ARROLL. one of the few remaining links with old Helensburgh.
The grounds of many of the houses were laid out by Mr. ARROLL, who had
wonderful skill as a landscape gardener, and was noted in competitions for his
beautiful models. Their family consisted of 4 sons and 6 daughters, there are
17 grandchildren." ROBERT was living at 125 East King Street when he d 6
Jul 1904. They had:

2-3-1 JOHN ARROLL, b circa 1846 at Helensburgh. JOHN was five years old
when he was listed in the 185 1 census and was a joiner when he was listed
in the 1881 census.
2-3-2 ARCHIBALD ARROLL, b circa 1848 at Helensburgh. ARCHIBALD
was a jobbing gardener. He m 9 Dec 1876 to Janet Jamison Stevenson at
Broomloan Road, Govan, according to the forms of the Free Church of
Scotland. Janet, b circa 1846, was a domestic servant, the daughter of
Alexander Stevenson, a master mariner, and Eliza Johnson, previously
Meams. The witnessess to the wedding were Hugh W. ArroU and Jane
Drysdale. Eliza was living at Broomloan House, Govan, when she
married. Thev had:


2-3-2-1 ROBERT ERNEST ARROLL, b 27 Sept 1877 at Glenfinlas Street,
Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire. ROBERT immigrated to New Zealand.
He was a storeman. He m 7 Jul 1906 to Agnes Bryson Cole at the
residence of the bride's parents on Carlyle Street, Napier, New Zealand.
Agnes was a domestic. She was b circa 1876 in Auckland, the
daughter of Nigel Cole, a bricklayer, and Elizabeth Kerr. They had:
2-3-2-1-1 ERNEST BRYSON ARROLL, b 10 Apr 1907 at Napier,

New Zealand.
2-3-2-1-2 MARY AGNES ARROLL, b 13 Feb 1909 at Napier, New

New Zealand.
2-3-2-1-3 JEAN MARGARET ARROLL, b 1 Oct 1914 at Port Ahuriri,
New Zealand.
2-3-2-2 ELIZABETH MEARNS ARROLL, b 4 Dec 1883 at 126 East King
Street, Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire.
2-3-3 MARY ARROLL, b circa 1850 and m 5 Dec 1873 in Helensburgh to
Robert Dunbar, a joiner. MARY was a domestic servant who lived at 44
John Street, Helensburgh. Robert, b circa 1849/50, lived at 3 Princes
Street, Govan. He was the son of Robert Dunbar, labourer, and Elizabeth
Boyne. MARY d 30 Jul 1943 at 133 Balarrock Road, Glasgow of
myocardial failure and senility. They had: Leslie Dunbar who lived at 23
Ardmay Crescent, Glasgow.
2-3-4 HUGH WILSON ARROLL, b circa 1853 at Helensburgh HUGH was
a house painter. He lived at N. King Street, Helensburgh. He m 19 Jun
1885 to Christina Hannah Rathbone. Christina was b circa 1849, the
daughter of Christopher Rathbone (dec), a potter, and Catherine Morton of
14 Glendouglas Street, Helensburgh. HUGH WILSON d 29 Nov 1891, at
age 36, at 26 Athole Terrace, Helensburgh of kidney disease. Christina m
2nd on 7 Aug 1895 to James Ferguson Chapman at Lochryan House,
Springbum, Glasgow. James, a housepainter, was the son of John
Chapman, a mason, and Margaret Ferguson. He was living at Shore Ct.
Campbeltown and she was living at Gleninlas Street, Helensburgh when
they married. Christina was b circa 1857, the daughter of Christopher
Rathbone, a pattern maker, and Catherine McFarlane. Christina d 5 May
1940 of myocarditis at Stranraer
2-3-5 ROBERT ARROLL, b 1 Apr 1857 at Harmony, Row. ROBERT was a
house painter. He m 30 Sept 1883 to Sarah Thomson Morris, a milliner.
He was living in Govan, Glasgow when he m in Helensburgh. Sarah was
b circa 1859, the daughter of Henry Morris (dec), a master baker, and
Christina Currie He was living at 1 18 West Princes Street, Helensburgh
in 1899 and at 88 Clyde Street, Helensburgh in 1933. ROBERT d 30 Mar
1933 at Victoria Infirmary, Helensburgh. The cause of his death was a fall
down stairs with resulting injuries to his arm and head shock. Sarah d 19
May 1939 at Rhu. They had:

2-3-5-1 ROBERT ARROLL, b 25 Jul 1884 in Helensburgh and d 19 Nov
1947 in Helensburgh of cerebral hemorrhage. ROBERT had


arteriosclerosis the last six years of his life. In 1933 he lived at 88
West Clyde Street and in 1947 at 7 William Street. He was a house
painter. ROBERT never married.
2-3-5-2 CHRISTINA CURRIE ARROLL, b 1 1 Feb 1888 at Millersle
Terrace, 10 William Street, Helensburgh and d 16 Sept 1956 at 7
William Street, Glasgow of cerebral hemorrhage. The informant on
her death was her cousin, J.S. ARROLL of 20 Linn Walk,
Garelochhead. (See JOHN SCOTT ARROLL, Section VII JAMES
ARROLL, Paragraph 2, Page 175.) CHRISTINA was the Captain
of the 3rd Helensburgh Guide Company. She never married.
2-3-6 JAMES ARROLL, b 20 Mar 1862 in Helensburgh and m 30 Oct 1894
to Marion Ure. (.See Section VII, Page 175.) JAMES d 20 Mar 1936 at
2-3-7 JANE (JEANNIE) ARROLL, b 23 Jun 1867 at 65 West Princes Street,
Helensburgh, Parish of Row and m 30 Nov 1894 to James Badger, a
mason, of 45 Sinclair St., Helensburgh James was the son of John
Badger, a merchant, and Elizabeth Badger Young (dec). JEANNIE was
living at 174 East King Street, Helensburgh at the time of her marriage.
She was a dance teacher of Scottish country dancing. She d 2 Aug 1953
at 1 Drumfork Road, Colgrain, Helensburgh of arteriosclerosis and an
operation for umbilical hernia and myocardial incompetence. They had:
James Archibald Badger and a daughter, Moira Badger, a school teacher,
who m — Bethune.
2-3-8 AGNES ARROLL, b 27 Jul 1859 in Helensburgh and m 15 Jul 1897 to
Allan MacDuff at Queen's Hall, Helensburgh. She lived at N. King Street,
Helensburgh, and Allan, an electro plater, lived at 81 Street, Glasgow.
Allan's father was a cotton spinner. (AGNES's age is recorded as 33 at her
marriage. Her birth and death certificate indicate her actual age was 37.)
AGNES d 26 Jul 1941 at 26 Eastercraigs, Glasgow of endocarditis.
2-3-9 -— ARROLL, a female.
2-3-10 — - ARROLL, a female.
2-3-11 — - ARROLL, a female.
2-4 WILLIAM ARROLL, b 24 Feb 1823 and bapt 16 Mar 1823 at Helensburgh.
WILLIAM was a gardener He immigrated to New Zealand and m 1st on 11
Apr 1873 to Ann Jane McCahon at Dunedin, New Zealand. Ann was a
housemaid. She was b circa 1843 in County Londonderr>', Northern Ireland,
the daughter of Henry McCahon, a storekeeper. Ann d 29 Sept 1881 at
Maitland Street, Dunedin of phythisis and exhaustion. She was buried at
Northern Cemetary, Dunedin, New Zealand WILLIAM m 2nd on 5 Dec 1884
to Ellen Tofts at Dunedin, New Zealand. Ellen was b circa 1848 in Scotland,
the daughter of Henry Tofts, a shoemaker, and Christina Low. WILLIAM
returned to Scotland and d 17 Oct 1903, a pauper, at Combination Poorhouse,
Dumbarton, Scotland of hemiplegia
2-5 JOHN ARROL(L), b 15 Jul 1824 and bapt 10 Oct 1827 at Helensburgh.
2-6 WILLIAM ARROL(L), b 22 Sept 1827 and bapt 10 Oct 1827 at Helensburgh.


2-7 JOHN ARROLL, b 21 Feb 1829, bapt 26 Apr 1829 at Helensburgh, Parish of

Row and m on 23 Feb 1855 to Jane Howat. (See Section VIII, Page 179.)
2-8 JANET McKINLAY ARROLL. b 6 Jul 1831 and bapt 28 Jul 1831 at
Helensburgh. JANET d 13 Feb 1913 of cardiac failure at 12 Charlotte Street,
Helensburgh. She never married.
DANIEL ARROLL, b 20 Aug 1783 and bapt 22 Aug 1783 at Helensburgh.
DANIEL was a labourer. He m 20 Dec 1822 to Margaret Jardin (or Jardine) in
Helensburgh. Margaret was the daughter of John Jardin (or Jardine), a fanner in
Mallig. They had:

3-1 ANN ARROL, b 27 Dec 1822 and bapt 17 Mar 1823 at Helensburgh.
3-2 JANET ARROL, b 19 Jan 1825 and bapt 3 Jun 1827 at Helensburgh.
3-3 JAMES ARROL(L). b 1 Apr 1827 and bapt 3 Jun 1827 at Helensburgh.
JAMES immigrated to Australia circa 1864 and d 24 Sept 1867 at the
Benevolent Asylum, Ballarant, Victoria, Australia of disease of the heart.
3-4 MARGARET ARROL, b 14 Nov 1829 and bapt 1 Feb 1830 at Helensburgh.
She was known as MARJORY. She never married. MARJORY was a
housekeeper. She d 3 Sept 1912 at Greenock Poorhouse, Smithston, Gourock
of cardiac disease. Her usual residence was 6 Chapel Street, Greenock.
3-5 ELIZABETH JARDINE ARROLL, b 26 Oct 1833 at Helensburgh.
3-6 JOHN ARROLL, b 14 Aug 1835 and bapt Mar 1836 at Helensburgh. JOHN
was a carpenter. JOHN immigrated to New Zealand and m 18 Dec 1875 to
Catherine McDonald at North Molyneux. Catherine was the daughter of Hugh
McDonald. She was b circa 1841 in Perthshire, Scotland and came to New
Zealand when she was 29 years old. JOHN d 3 1 Aug 1890 at Kaitangata, New
Zealand of pneumonia. Catherine d 4 Apr 1895 at Kaitangata of cardiac arrest.
JOHN and Catherine had:

3-6-1 JAMES ARROL, b 14 Feb 1875 at Kaitangata, New Zealand. JAMES
as a Stewart, a barman, and a fancy leather worker. He m 1st to Alice
Maud Raine Dodd on 4 May 1889. Alice was b circa 1877 in
Christchurch, New Zealand, the daughter of John Henry Dodd, an engine
driver, and Julie Raine. Alice d 23 Jul 1917 at Franklin Junction of
alcoholic poisoning. JAMES McDONALD m 2nd on 29 Dec 1920 to
Florence Edith Carpenter at St. Mary's Church, Addington, New Zealand.
Florence was b circa 1881 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the daughter
of James John Carpenter, a caretaker, and Frances Stocks. JAMES and
Alice had:

3-6-1-1 RODERICK JAMES McDONALD ARROLL, b 18 Jun 1901 at
Wellington, New Zealand and d 20 Sept 1902 at Melrose Street,
Christchurch of pneumonia and bronchitis. He was buried at Linwood,
3-6-1-2 ROY HERBERT ARROLL, b 1 1 Nov 1902 at Christchurch, New
Zealand. ROY's name was later changed to ROY HERBERT FRASER
3-6-1-3 IDA CATHERINE ARROLL, b 10 Aug 1903 at Christchurch, New


3-6-2 MARY ARROLL. b 20 Mar 1877 at Kaitangata, New Zealand.

3-6-3 JOHN ARROLL, b 24 Sept 1880 at Kaitangata, New Zealand. JOHN
enlisted in the New Zealand Expeditionary' Force on 14 Oct 1915. JOHN
listed his birth date as 24 Sept 1876. He was a labourer prior to his
military service. He was in C Company, 3rd Battalion, NZRB,
Regimental Number 25/920 upon his enlistment. JOHN was a small man,
5'2 1/2 inches, 123 lbs. He served at stations at Trentham, Maymoan, and
Rangcohr. In Mar 1916 he was in Suez, Egypt. On 7 Apr 1916 he left
Alexandria, Egypt for France. On 18 May 1916 JOFTN was charged with
being absent without leave on the 15th and 16th of May while in the
field'. He received 21 days punishment. He was charged with several
other minor infractions during the next several months while in France.
On 20 Aug 1916 he received an additional 7 days punishment, including
forfeiture of 7 days pay. JOHN was wounded in action on 15 Sept 1916
and sent to London, England to recuperate. He returned to the front lines
in France and was killed in action on 10 Nov 1916 in France. On 16 Feb
1921 a plaque and scroll was forwarded to JAMES ARROLL at 38 Ward
Street, Addington, Christchurch, New Zealand. JOHN's military medals
and final pay were returned from JAMES ARROLL of 365 Guam Street,
Linwood, Christchurch to forward these items to ROY HERBERT
ERASER ARROL, a nephew, of Auckland, New Zealand.

4 ROBERT ARROLL, b 10 Aug 1785 and bapt 12 Aug 1785. (See Section IX, Page
185.) ROBERT m 15 Apr 1810 to Jean Caddell.

5 JAMES ARROLL, b 8 Feb 1788 and bapt 9 Feb 1788 in the Parish of Row,
Dumbartonshire. JAMES was a weaver and he was deceased by 1841 when his
wife was traced in the census returns to Freeland Place, Kirkintilloch, as Grace
Horn. He m circa 1820 to Grace Balfour, daughter of Robert Balfour and Barbara
Nicholson. Grace Balfour Arroll was b circa 1789/90 and d 10 Jan 1865, at age 75,
at Hutchensontown, Glasgow. (See Section X, Page 197.)

6 WILLIAM ARROLL, b 18 Dec 1790 and bapt 19 Dec 1790 at Helensburgh in the
Parish of Row.

7 MARGARET ARROLL, b circa 1792. She m circa 1817 to James Young, a
gardener. She d 25 May 1875 at Henry shott. West Bridgeend, Dumbarton.

8 ANNE ARROLL, b 2 Oct 1793 and bapt 10 Oct 1793 at Helensburgh

9 PETER ARROL(L), b 4 Apr 1796 and bapt 11 Apr 1796 at Helensburgh.
PETER was a warper and lived at 1 Cadzow Street, Glasgow and d 22 Apr 1862
at Anderston, Glasgow. He m on 10 Jul 1825 to Isabella McFarlane. Isabella was
b circa 1797/98 and d 10 Mar 1858 at Calton, Glasgow. Isabella was the daughter
of William MacFarlane, labourer, and Isabella Luke, who d of bronchitis and is
buried in Row Churchyard. They had:

9-1 JAMES ARROLL. b circa 1823 at 6 St. Ann's Place, Duke Street,
Glasgow and d 5 Apr 1860 at High Church, Glasgow, age 36. JAMES was a
warper and was unmarried. He is buried at Row burial ground.

9-2 PETER ARROL(L), b circa 1 839 in Helensburgh and d 1 Dec 1 880 at Barrhead.
He m 2 Dec 1859 to Georgina Miller who was b 1838/40 at Irvine,


Kilmarnock. She d 8 Oct 1877, at age 39, at Riccartsbar Asylum, Paisley, a
pauper, of phthisis. Georgina was the daughter of Anthony Miller, a warehouse
packer, and Francis Irving (dec). Georgina lived at 322 St. Vincent Street at
the time of her marriage. PETER was an accountant's clerk and bookkeeper.
He lived at 22 King Street, Calton, Glasgow. PETER was the informant on the
death of his father, PETER, and brother, JAMES. They had:
9-2-1 FRANCIS IRVING ARROLL, b 24 Jan 1861 at 26 George Street,
Glasgow. He d 24 Oct 1865 at 1915 Holm Street, Glasgow of "scarlatina".
9-2-2 ISABELLA (ISOBEL) McFARLANE ARROL(L), b 4 Mar 1863 in

Anderston, Glasgow and d 29 Apr 1864.
9-2-3 PETER ANDERSON ARROLL, b 1 1 Mar 1865 in Anderston, Glasgow
and d 14 Sept 1865 at 195 Holm Street, Glasgow as the result of
tubercular meningitis.
9-2-4 ANTHONY MILLER ARROLL, b 28 Apr 1870 in Barrhead and d 30
Aug 1957 at Glenfield Road, Paisley. He m 24 Jun 1907 to Jessie
Drysdale Carse who was b 6 Jun 1885 in Glasgow. Jessie volunteered her
services as a munitions worker on weekends during WW I. ANTHONY
MILLER was a textile works department manager. ANTHONY retired at
age 85 after 60 years of service. Jessie d 24 Aug 1978 at age 93. They

9-2-4-1 JEAN MILLS ARROLL, b 3 Apr 1908 at Barrhead. JEAN

attended Barrhead High School. She left school at fifteen years of age.

She worked as a machine spooler in Clarks Cotton Thread Mill in

Paisley between 1923 and 1934. JEAN m 22 Jun 1934 to James

Beattie at the Parish Church, Barrhead. James was a motor mechanic.

They had: Sheila, b 24 Apr 1935 and d 1987; Morag, b 2 Feb 1937;

and Janice, b 28 Oct 1948. In 1988 Morag and Janice were married

and living in Barrhead. JEAN also resided in Barrhead in 1988.

9-2-4-2 ROBERT ARROLL, b 1 Feb 1911 at Cross Stobs, Barrhead. He

attended Grahamston School and was an avid scouter. He m 1 1 Jun

1937 at Barrhead to Mary Halliday Miller who was b 18 Nov 1912 at

Barrhead. ROBERT was employed by Fulton's Textile Factory

(1931-76) in Paisley. His final position was as Works Manager. He

was a member of the Home Guard and was on duty on 13th and 14th

of Mar 1941 when the Clydebank was heavily bombed by the German

Air Force. Subsequently he served in the RAF during WW II

(1941-46) and was based in the south of England. Mary owned a fruit

and florist shop in Barrhead for a number of years. In 1988 they lived

in retirement in Forfar, Angus. Robert d 4 Dec 1992. They had:

9-2-4-2-1 ISABELLA EARL KINCAID ARROLL, b 28 Mar 1939 in

Paisley, and m 22 Jun 1963 to Alexander (Sandy) Crichton at

Barrhead. She attended Open University in Social Services and

graduated in 1988. In 1987 ISABELLA was a home help organizer

and shared the responsibility for 160 home helps who looked after

500 clients. Alexander was a vegetable producer who managed the


growth of 5,000 acres of peas and beans and 100 acres of broccoli.
They had: Alistair Craig, b 3 Aug 1964 at Ceres, Fife; Robert Creig,
b 3 Apr 1966 at Ceres, Fife; Fraser Arroll, b 31 Oct 1968 at St.
Andrews, Fife; and Mhairi Lesley Meta, b 2 Jan 1973 at Dundee.
9-2-4-2-2 ANTHONY MILLER ARROLL, b 25 Dec 1944 in Paisley,
and m 6 Sept 1968 to Zena Rennie in Paisley. Zena was b 8 Dec
1946. ANTHONY attended Glasgow University and received his
engineering degree in 1967. In 1992 they lived in St. Andrews,
Fife. Andrew was Assistant Director of one of the seven Highway
Authorities in Scotland. They had:

9-2-4-2-2-1 JULIE ARROLL, b 7 Aug 1974 at St. Andrews, Fife.

9-2-4-2-2-2 ROSS JOHN ARROLL, b 17 Aug 1977 at St. Andrews,


9-2-4-3 JESSIE DRYSDALE ARROLL, b 18 Apr 1915 at Barrhead.

JESSIE attended Barrhead High School. She left school at fifteen years

of age. She was employed as a clerkess in J. & P. Coats Ferguslie Mill

(cotton thread) between 1930 and 1941. JESSIE m 6 Mar 1942 to

George Ramsey Morrison at Lylesland Church, Paisley. They were

married according to the forms of the Church of Scotland. George was

an engine fitter. He was b circa 1927, the son of John Morrison, a

football club manager, and Christina McKenzie Ramsay (dec). JESSIE

was living at 2 Newhall Terrace near Paisley and George was living at

43 Crags Avenue, Paisley when they married. They had: Jessie

Drysdale Morrison, b 2 Jan 1945. Their daughter. Dale, m Ross

Goligher and resided in Stewarton, Ayrshire. JESSIE and her husband,

George, resided in Barrhead in 1988.

9-2-5 JAMES ARROLL, b 5 Jan 1874 at Barrhead and d 16 Nov 1874 of


9-2-6 JOHN DONALD ARROLL, b 19 Apr 1876 at Main Street, Barrhead and

d 2 Feb 1879.

10 DUNCAN ARROLL, b 5 Feb 1800 and bapt 10 Feb 1800 at Helensburgh, Row.

DUNCAN was a warehouseman when he m 24 Feb 1826 to Martha McKellar.

They were m by Dr. Gibb, "one of the ministers of Glasgow". The couple was m

in Glasgow where Martha resided. Martha, b circa 1804, was the daughter of John

McKellar, labourer, and Mary Bell. DUNCAN d 31 Aug 1869 at West Clyde

Street, Helensburgh of debility. He was a fisherman at the time of his death. In

1898, on the registration of his son DUNCAN's third marriage, his son noted that

his father, DUNCAN, was a school teacher. The informant on DUNCAN's death

was Mary A Cochrane of 44 Goucester St , Glasgow Martha d 5 May 1881, a

pauper, at 39 West Clyde St., Helensburgh. She died of general debility. The

informant on her death was her son, DUNCAN ARROLL. They had:

1 0-1 JAMi;S ARROL, b 23 Jan 1827 in Glasgow. Witnesses, PETER ARROL and

10-2 JOHN ARROL, b 4 Feb 1829 in Gla.sgow. He is believed to have m on 17
Sept 1854 to Barbara Johnston in Barony, Glasgow. (The record of death has


not been located which would help confirm, by indicating parents names, that

this IS the same JOHN ARROLL who did m Barbara Johnston.) (See Section

XVI, Paragraph I, Page 267.)

10-3 MARY ARROLL, bapt 7 Feb 1836 at Cardross, Dumbartonshire.

10-4 JESSIE ARROLL, b circa 1837. JESSIE m 28 Jun 1861 to John Adams at

190 Hope Street, Glasgow, according to the forms of the Free Church of

Scotland. John, a mercantile clerk and a bookkeeper, was b circa 1839, the son

of John Adams, a bleacher, and Barbara McLaren. He was living at 192 Hope

Street and JESSIE at 190 Hope Street, Glasgow, when they married. JESSIE

d 13 Feb 1920 at Craig-y-bains, Milngavie, New Kilpatrick of cardiac failure

and cerebral softening.

10-5 DUNCAN ARROLL, bapt 9 May 1838 at Cardross. DUNCAN was a boat

builder foreman. DUNCAN m 3 times. He m 1st on 7 Jul 1865 to Jane Craig

at Tradeston, Glasgow. Jane was the daughter of William Craig and Elizabeth

Hams. Jane d 31 Jan 1869 at Milton, Old Kilpatrick of pulmonary

consumption. DUNCAN m 2nd on 28 Dec 1871 to Mary Ann Colquhoun at

Port Glasgow. Mary Ann was b circa 1850, the daughter of Walter

Coloquhoun, a merchant seaman, and Mary Ann Brown. Mary Ann was a

domestic servant and was living at 1 Gillespies, Port Glasgow when she

married. DUNCAN m 3rd on 25 Nov 1898 to Joan Finley at Shandon,

Helensburgh. DUNCAN was living at Victoria Place," Clynder when he m

Joan Joan, b circa 1855, lived at Row House, Row. She was the daughter of

John Finley (dec), a sea captain, and Mary Bann (dec). DUNCAN d 19 Jun

1926 at Roseneath. Joan d 15 May 1927 at Victoria Terrace, Clynder of

chronic myocarditis andsenility. Mary and DUNCAN had:

10-5-1 ARCHIBALD ARROLL, b 13 Jun 1886 (or 6 Jun 1872) at 32 Arthur

Street, Greenock He m 4 Sept 1915 to Margaret Paxton Logan at 21

Hope Street, Glasgow. He was living at 23 Bridge Street, Dumbarton

when he married. Margaret, a widow, was b circa 1885, the daughter of

Robert Paxton (dec), a shipwright, and Alison Colins (dec). Margaret had

previously been m to — Logan. ARCHIBALD traveled to Detroit,

Michigan in 1923 on what was to be a visit. He stayed in Detroit and

became a United States citizen. ARCHIE, as he was known, was a boat

builder and he and Margaret lived 1584 Lemay Avenue between 1923 and

1926. In 1927, when he was a foreman for the HE. Dodge Boat Works,

the family lived at 8639 Concord Avenue. In 1928-29 ARCHIE was a

foreman for the Belle Isle Boat & Engineering Co. They lived at 6723

Fischer Avenue. (JEAN ARROL was a saleslady for the J.L. Hudson Co.,

Detroit's major department store (1928-29). She was also living at 6723

Fischer Avenue.) During the mid-1930's, when ARCHIE was a shipwright

for the Detroit Yacht and Motor Boat Basin, they were living at 4239

Cadillac Avenue. ARCHIE started the boom in iceboating when he created

a special iceboat, the DN-60, in the 1930's. ARCHIE originally was

employed in Ed Gregory's shop on the Detroit Basin, building bearcat

speedboats. (At that time the Detroit Basin on the Detroit River was


known as Motor Boat Basin.) Later, ARCHIE built boats for Horace E.

Dodge of Dodge Motor fame, and in 1934 joined the Detroit News where

he ran the hobby shop for W.E. Scripps, then president and publisher of

the Detroit News. ARCHIE ARROLL sponsored the building of the

model-yacht pool on Belle Isle, in the Detroit River, one of the few

model-yacht pools in the world. ARCHIE built champion racing model

boats and won, with the famous "Heather", the Gold Cup in 1939. He was

the first man outside the British Isles ever to win this model trophy.

ARCHIE ARROLL's prominence is principally due to the design of the

DN-60, the largest class of iceboats in the world. His design brought on

a boom in iceboating. Since 1952 the DN's were an international class and

rated as the cheapest and safest design of all iceboats. ARCHIE ARROLL

wrote a number of articles for the Detroit News during a career that

spanned over thirty years. ARCHIE was living at 5037 Chatsworth

Avenue, Detroit, Michigan in 1965. He d 22 Mar 1965 in Detroit. He

was survived by his wife, Margaret, and his two daughters:

10-5-1-1 MARGARET COLQUHOUN ARROLL, b 10 Apr 1916 at 23

Bridge Street, Dumbartonshire. Margaret m circa 1930's to Arnold

Leininger in Detroit, Michigan.

10-5-1-2 DOROTHY DUNCAN ARROLL, b 18 Mar 1920 at 23 Bridge

Street, Dumbartonshire. DOROTHY m circa 1930's to William H.

Lehman in Detroit, Michigan.

10-5-2 WALTER ARROLL, b 8 Mar 1873 at 15 King Street, Port

10-5-3 DUNCAN CAMPBELL ARROLL, b 30 May 1875 at 15 King Street,
Port Glasgow. DUNCAN was a boat builder and known as DUNCAN
CAMPBELL ARROLL. He m on 27 Oct 1900 to Jane Lawley at the
Parish Church, St. Andrew's, Wakefield, England. Jane was b circa 1880.
Jane d 13 Nov 1906 at Corporation House Hospital, Park Lodge Lane,
Wakefield, England of pneumoniaand heart failure. In 1906 they were
living at 3 Umon Square, Kirkgate, Wakefield. DUNCAN CAMPBELL
d 11 Feb 1907 at the infirmary, Wakefield. They had:
10-5-3-1 WALTER ARROLL, b 26 May 1901 at 4 High Street, Calder
Vale Road, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. WALTER d 27 May 1901
at 4 Hugh Street, Calden Vale Road, Wakefield of premature birth.
10-5-3-2 ANN ARROLL, b 29 Aug 1902 at 4 High Street, Calder Vale
Road, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. ANN m 26 Dec 1921 to Harold
Pratt at The Cathedral, Wakefield, Yorkshire. Harold was a motor
driver. He was the son of John Pratt, a horse keeper. ANN was living
at Smiths Arms, Westgate, Wakefield and Harold at 145 Westgate,

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