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Street, Kelvin, Glasgow. She was an invalid with multiple sclerosis and
d 4 Feb 1936 at Hillhead, Glasgow.
2-11-2 HELENA HUBBARD ARROLL, b 16 Oct 1889 at 35 St. Clair Street,
Glasgow and d 5 Apr 1890 in Kelvin, Glasgow of "congestion of the
2-11-3 JAMES MOWBRAY KINGHORN ARROLL, b 24 Jun 1891 at Wood
Street, Partick, Glasgow. He traveled to New Zealand with his father in
1912. JAMES was a film company manager and a dairy farmer. He m
1st to Esther Alice Horton on 1 Dec 1917 at St. Andrew's Church,
Auckland. Esther was b 28 July 1899 at Birkenhead, Auckland, the
daughter of John Horton, a farmer, and Rosetta Mary White. The couple
lived in Lynn, Auckland and had two children. The couple was divorced
in 1923 and JAMES m 2nd in 1925 to Margaret Elizabeth O'Keefe.
JAMES d 8 Apr 1972 of acute bronchitis and congestive heart failure.
He was living at 15 Jocelyn Crescent Upper Hutt, Wellington, New
Zealand. Esther Alice Arroll m 2nd circa 1940 to Richard Hewitson.
Esther d 31 Mar 1972, age 72, and was living at 413A Glenfield Road,
Birkenhead, Auckland at the time of her death JAMES and Esther had;
2-11-3-1 MARGARET WINIFRED ARROLL, b 16 Dec 1918 in New


Zealand. She m circa 1944 to Alfred Skelton and in 1986 lived in

Brown's Bay, Auckland. The couple had five children: Heather, Donald,

Keith, Valerie and George.

2-11-3-2 COLIN JOHN ARROLL, b 2 May 1921 in Auckland, Zealand.

He attended Dilworth School in Auckland (1931-37). During WW II he

served in the NZ Territorial Army in both the medical corp and the 15th

Heavy Antiaircraft Regiment (4 May 1939-Jul 1943). He served in Egypt

and Italy from Aug 1943 to Jan 1946 in the 7th Anti-Tank Regiment and

NZ Medical Corps. He was posted to Florence, Italy as 2nd Lt. as part

of J-Force for the occupation of Japan. He returned to New Zealand Apr

1946. He owned the Rothesay Bay Pharmacy, Rothesay Bay, Auckland

(1953-76). He "retired" for one year. He owned the Lake Road

Pharmacy, Belmont, Auckland (1977-81). He m 23 Aug 1947 to Stella

Mavis Hastie in Auckland. Stella was b 15 Aug 1920. They had:

2-1 1-3-2-1 DENISE ARROLL, b 10 Mar 1950 m New Zealand. Denise

was an advertising media assistant. She m 1st on 11 Aug 1972 to

Thomas James Danks at Kensington, England. Thomas, a mechanical

engineer, was b circa 1950 the son of Frederick William Danks, a

mechanical engineer. They were living at Searsdale Villas, London,

England when they married. DENISE m 2nd on 1 Feb 1976 to Paul

Max Muller at Auckland. Paul was a chef from Zurich, Switzerland.

The couple lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where Paul was a chef

at the Calgary Petroleum Club (1978-79), and in Zurich, Switzerland

(1979-82). Since 1982 the family lived in Glenfield, Auckland, New

Zealand where Paul was a hotel chef. They had: Deborah Luisa, b 30

Mar 1986.

2-1 1-3-2-2 BRUCE ARROLL, b 15 Aug 1952 in New Zealand. He m on

26 Apr 1982 to Christine Reynolds in Dundas, near Toronto, Ontario.

Christine was b 6 Dec 1947 in Hamilton, New Zealand. BRUCE, a

medical doctor, attended Auckland Medical School and then took post

graduate work in family medicme at McMasters University in

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. During his final year of training, BRUCE

spent three months in Nepal in the Himalayas. BRUCE was awarded

a Rotary Scholarship for being named the best all around student.

BRUCE practiced medicine in the towns and villages of British

Columbia, including St. James, Ft. Eraser, and Lillooet. In 1987 he

completed his studies toward a M.HSc. in clinical epidemiology at the

University of British Columbia and Vancouver General Hospital,

Vancouver, B.C. Christine Reynolds was a credit union manager in

New Zealand and Ontario. In 1989 BRUCE was an advisor to the

Health Department of New Zealand on an overhaul of the health care

system in New Zealand. In 1991 he was appointed as Senior Lecturer

in the Department of General Practice at the University of Auckland.

In May 1993 BRUCE received a Ph.D. in Community Health from

The University of Auckland. In 1993 he was the chairman of the Fred


Hollows Foundation of New Zealand and Christine was studying for
a degree in accounting. Christine enjoyed weaving and BRUCE was
a squash player. They had:

1983 at Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
2-11-3-2-2-2 NICOLA ESTHER ARROLL, b 23 Jul 1984 at

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

2-11-3-2-2-3 MICHAEL COLIN ERNEST ARROLL, b 16 May 1986

at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

2-11-4 ARCHIBALD ERASER GRAHAM ARROLL, b 4 Oct 1894 at 65

Cambridge Dr., Maryhill, Glasgow. ARCHIBALD was a draughtsman and a

scientific instrument maker. He was m on 3 Jun 1920 to Isabella Bain White,

according to the forms of the United Free Church of Scotland, in Blythswood,

Glasgow. Isabella was b circa 1894, the daughter of Thomas Glen White, a

yam merchant, and Isabella Bain. He was living at 18 Blythswood Drive,

Glasgow and Isabella at 494 Great Western Road, Glasgow when they

married. She d 8 Mar 1981 at Glasgow of arteriosclerosis and senile

dementia. ARCHIBALD d 4 Jul 1965 in Glasgow. They had:

2-11-4-1 WINIFRED ISOBEL ARROLL, b 4 Jan 1921 at 41 Dudley

Street, Glasgow. "WINNIE" was an Assistant Collector of Taxes. She

m 28 Feb 1955 to Alfred William Poole at 183 Bath Street, Blythswood,

Glasgow. Alfred was a process engraver. He was b circa 1912, the son

of Alfred Poole, an explosives worker, and Mabel Pounder. WINIFRED

was living at 6 Woodcroft Avenue, Glasgow and Alfred at 12 Southbrae

Drive, Glasgow when they married. In 1987 WINNIE was a widow with

no family. She resided at 6 Castle Mains Road, Milngavie, Glasgow.

2-11-5 WINIFRED EDITH ARROLL, b 26 Jun 1899 at Partick, Glasgow and

d 8 Nov 1983 at New Kilpatrick. WINIFRED was a bookkeeper. She m 12

Jun 1929 to Samuel Mclntyre at Burlington House, Glasgow, according to the

forms of the Church of Scotland. Samuel, a mercantile cashier, was b circa

1895, the son of William Young Mclntyre (dec), a brass engraver, and Sarah

Little. Samuel died as a result of injuries sustained during WW I. They had

a son, James Ainslie Mclntyre, "who was a most brilliant scholar". He was

a minister and lecturer at Glasgow University. He m 1st on 19 Sept 1961 to

Elizabeth B. Cameron and they had two sons: Nigel Gordon, b 9 Dec 1966

and Malcolm Inez Ian, b 21 Apr 1969. He m 2nd on 7 Sept 1983 to Inez

Margaret Hamilton. They had no family. They lived at 60 Bonnaughton

Road, Bearsden, Glasgow.

2-11-6 CONSTANCE AMY ARROLL, b 18 May 1904 and m 2 Sept 1938 to Jim

Heron. She was known as "AMY". They had one son, Richard Grahame

Mowbray Heron, b 16 Dec 1944. Richard was a farm manager. He m —

and later separated. They had: Joanne Katherine, b 26 May 1967, and Jason

Gordon Heron, b 6 Nov 1969. AMY was honorary Vice President of the Isle

of Arran Conservative and Unionist Association. AMY enjoyed working for

the Kirk. In 1990 AMY lived at 22 MacKelvie Road, Lamlash, Isle of Arran.


2-11-7 RICHARD HUBBARD ARROLL, b 19 Oct 1905 in Glasgow.
RICHARD ARROLL immigrated to Bombay, India as a result of the
depression in Glasgow. In 1987 RICHARD lived at Flat-306, Sylveton, 102
Wodehouse Road, Bombay 420-005. RICHARD was apprenticed to Wilson
Sterling & Co. in 1923. He later joined Blackie & Son (India) Ltd., a large
publishing company, as an accountant. He then joined The Standard
Literature Co. Ltd., Calcutta, as Finance Controller. "RICHARD earned a
princely sum compared to what he could earn in Scotland, and he was able to
live quite well in India and sent money home to his mother in Glasgow."
RICHARD was Vice President in charge of Accounting for J. Walter
Thompson Advertising, a United States company, with its head office on
Madison Avenue in New York City. RICHARD also was J.W.T.'s attorney
for Pakistan, Ceylon, Burma and Japan. He started with Shaw Wallace & Co.
in Karachi in 1947 and took J. Walter Thompson's business with him. He
then joined the company Sandoz (in 1987 the company had grown to be a
large conglomerate) and later the shipping company, Isbrandtsen Ltd.
RICHARD left Shaw Wallace as they objected to his marriage with an Indian
woman. RICHARD m 1st circa 1943-44 to Dolores Maria Lisboa, a beautiful
Portugese Goan. Dolores (Doris) was known as "Peggy". She was the
adopted daughter of a well-known Portugese doctor. Dolores was b 22 Mar
1908. She was a copy typist. Dolores relocated to London in 1954 in order
to raise her son in England. She moved to London when their son,
GRAHAM, was ten years old, because RICHARD did not feel that there was
a future for his son in India. RICHARD would visit his family in London
every three years or so when he was traveling on business to New York on
"home leave". Dolores d 25 Feb 1974 at South London Hospital, Clapham,
London of cerbral hemorrhage. RICHARD m 2nd to Rita Josephine De
Souza. RICHARD was in the Indian Army m WW II. He was Field Cashier
in Deolali, Assistant Field Controller of Military HQ and Base Cashier in
Embarkation HQ. RICHARD was offered a GSOI's position in New Delhi
with a rank of Colonel. He turned the position down. RICHARD d 22 Mar
1989 in Bombay, India.

2-11-7-1 GRAHAM ARROLL, b circa 1944 in Bombay, India, son of
RICHARD and Dolores. He moved to London from Bombay with his
mother in 1954. GRAHAM never saw much of his father because
RICHARD only came to London about every three years to visit his
family. GRAHAM m in 1972 to Margaret "Midge" Evans, a medical
laboratory technologist. Margaret was the daughter of a US Army
Officer. Margaret was working in London where the couple met in 1971.
They were m in Atlanta, Georgia and then returned to live in London.
GRAHAM and Margaret lived in London until 1974 when GRAHAM'S
mother, Dolores, died. GRAHAM and Margaret moved to Atlanta where
they lived for two years. The family relocated to Largo, Florida in 1976
and then to Arizona City, Arizona in 1979 where the couple was living
in 1988. GRAHAM was a city planner, employed by Pinia County, with


offices in Tucson. He was the Chief Zoning Inspector for the Planning

and Development Services Department. Midge was employed by the

Case Grande Regional Medical Center and traveled to various parts of the

United States in the performance of her responsibilities. In 1989 the

family relocated to Liskeard, England. GRAHAM and Margaret had two


2-11-7-1-1 AMY CAROLINE ARROLL, b 30 Jun 1975 m Atlanta,


2-11-7-1-2 MEGAN ANN ARROLL, b 8 Nov 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia.

2-11-7-2 WALTER MICHAEL ARROLL, b circa 1960 in Bombay, India, son

of Rita Josephine de Souza and RICHARD ARROLL. WALTER was

employed by a private export agency in 1990. He m Rita — circa 1991.

2-12 ISABELLA McPHEE ARROLL, b circa 1866 and d 18 Jan 1942 at Calderhead.

2-13 REBEKAH ARROLL, b 14 Feb 1868 at Helensburgh and d 25 Dec 1945 at

70 West Clyde Street, Helensburgh of cardiac syncope. The informant on her death
was her nephew, A.M. ARROLL of 5 William Street, Helensburgh. BECKY, as she
was known, worked in the family fruiterer's shop.
2-14 EDWARD ARROLL, b 18 Jul 1870 at Helensburgh and d 10 Sept 1872, age
2, at West Clyde Street, Helensburgh of diarrhea.

(A) Descendents of MARY BALLINGALL KATE ARROLL. (See paragraph 2-3-1,
Page 185.)

I MARY BALLIGALL KATE ARROLL, b 13 Aug 1887 in Bridgeport,Connecticut.
She m 27 Jul 1909 to George Herbert Lamson II. George was professor and Dean of
Science at the University of Connecticut. KATE d 25 May 1973. KATE and George
Lamson had:

1 Arroll Liscomb Lamson, b 4 Feb 1911 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Arroll graduated
with a B.S. from the University of Connecticut and a M.S. from the University of
Maine. Arroll was a Wildlife Biologist for the State of Connecticut (1938-72). He
m 26 Oct 1935 to Marguerite (Peggy) Brechbuhler at Waterbury, Connecticut.
Peggy was b 1 1 Apr 1912. She graduated from the University of Connecticut in
1934 with a B.S. and from the University of Hartford with a M.Ed, degree in 1955.
Peggy was a teacher for 23 years. They had:

1-1 George Herbert Lamson III, b 21 Feb 1940. He m 7 Sept 1968 to Susan
Lippert at Lincoln, Nebraska Susan was b 12 Nov 1943. She was a graduate
of Michigan State University with a B.A. Degree and received her M.Ed, from
the University of Chicago. She was a Special Education

Teacher-Administration. George graduated with a B.A. from Princeton
University in 1963 and a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Economics.
George did a formal survey of Liberia and Monrovia and he was also a W.A.
Williams Professor Department of Economics at Carlton College, Northfield,
Minnesota. In 1991 George was Director of Seminar in Economics, Kings
College, Cambridge University, England. He was accompanied by his wife,
Susan, and son, Brandon, in England. George and Susan had:


1-1-1 Scott Gordon Lamson, b 19 May 1972 at Northfield, Minnesota. In
1992 Scott was a student at the University of Minnesota.

1-1-2 Brandon Arroll Lamson, b 20 Feb 1976 at Northfield, Minnesota.
1-2 Robert Arroll Lamson, b 15 Jan 1943. He m 5 Aug 1967 to Cheryl Elliott at

Simsbury, Connecticut. Cherrie was b 20 Nov 1944. She graduated from the

University of Illinois with a B.A. in Business Teaching. Robert was an

architect who graduated with a B.A. from the University of Illinois in

Architecture. Robert and Cheryl had:

1-2-1 Stephanie Ann Lamson, b 30 Jun 1968 At DeWitt Army Hospital, Ft.
Belvoir, Virginia. Stephanie graduated with a B.A. from Cornell
University in 1991. In 1991 she was a student at the University of
Michigan, working toward her Master's degree.

1-2-2 Craig Arroll Lamson, b 29 Jun 1972 in Winsted, Connecticut. In 1991
Craig Arroll was a student at Wesleyan University.

(B) Descendents of LAURA HELENA HUBBARD ARROLL. (See Paragraph 2-3-2.
Page 185.)

1 LAURA HELENA HUBBARD ARROLL, b 13 Aug 1887 in Connecticut. She m

circa 1906 to Alfred Irving Merkle. Alfred was b in Hoboken, New Jersey. Alfred

was b 18 Aug 1876 and d in 1931 of a heart attack. They had:

1 Ida Katherine Merkle, b 12 Apr 1907 in Weehawken, New Jersey. Ida m Arthur

Bradshaw. Arthur had been employed on Wall Street. Circa 1947 Ida

Katherine and her family relocated to a dairy farm in Guilford, New Jersey.

Ida Katherine became a school teacher while raising the family on the farm.

In 1965 her husband became the director of all property taxes for the State of

Vermont. At that time the family left the farm and moved to Barre, Vermont

to be near Montpelier, the state capital. In 1991 Ida Katherine lived in Barre,

Vermont. Ida Katherine and Arthur had:

1-1 Douglas Bradshaw, b circa 1941. Douglas m Priscilla Stevens who was
from Hamilton, Maine. Priscilla was employed by a travel agency.
Douglas was Superintendent of Schools in Cooperstown, New York.
They had:
1-1-1 Rachael Bradshaw. Rachael graduated from Keene College, New

Hampshire. Rachael worked with troubled children.
1-1-2 Ann Bradshaw. Ann m Joel Lord. Joel graduated from Colgate
University. In 1991 he was working on his Ph.D. in Psychology.
Ann and Joel worked with troubled people at the Four Winds Co.
1-2 Barbara Bradshaw Barbara m — Slayton and they lived in Montpelier,
They had three children.
1-2-1 Peter Slayton. In 1991 he attended Cal Tech and majored in

1-2-2 Douglas Slayton. In 1991 he attended college in California.
1-2-3 Debbie Slayton. Debbie was in the computer business.


2 Edward Merkle, b in Weehawken Heights, New Jersey. Edward m and they had:
2-1 Jane Merkle, b 24 Aug 1939. Jane graduated from Sweet Briar College.

Jane m Lou Borden of the Borden Company family. In 1991 she lived in
Denver, Colorado.
2-2 Edward Merkle, b 28 Aug 1938. In 1991 he lived in Hope, New Jersey.
Ned, as he was known, was involved in Real Estate.

3 Richard Merkle, b in Weehawken Heights, New Jersey. Dick, as he was known,
m Edith Glanz. They had:

3-1 Alan Merkle. Alan m Karen — . They had:

3-1-1 Brad Merkle.

3-1-2 Scott Merkle.
3-2 Linda Merkle. Linda m Paul — . They had:

3-2-1 David — .
3-3 Laurie Merkle. Laurie m Rick — . They had two sons.

4 Mary Merkle, b circa 1917 in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. Betty, as she was
known, m Robert Roggs. Robert was a chemist for Argo Starch. He was a
graduate of Cooper University, New York City. Mary was an invalid in 1991,
a condition which started in 1983. They had:

4-1 Betsy Rogg. Betsy lived in Pennsylvania and did art work.
4-2 Peter Rogg. Peter lived in Colorado and had his own business in



I JAMES ARROL(L), b 8 Feb 1788, bapt 9 Feb 1788 at Row, Dumbartonshire, and died
by 1863. (See Section V, Paragraph 5, Page 164.) JAMES was a weaver and a
soldier. He m circa 1820 to Grace Balfour, daughter of Robert Balfour and Barbara
Nicholson, who was b circa 1789/90 and d 10 Jan 1865, aged 75, at Hutchensontown,
Glasgow. JAMES ARROL was probably deceased by 1841 when Grace was traced in
the census returns of Freeland Place, Kirkintilloch, as Grace Horn (wife of David
Horn). The 1841 census also shows living with David and Grace Horn: William Horn,
age 14; Jean Horn, age 12; Janet Horn, age 10; John Horn, age 10; ANN ERROL, age
9; WILLIAM ERROL, age 12; and ROBERT ERROL, age 6. Her son, ROBERT,
registered her death when she died at 199 Crown Street in Glasgow. JAMES and
Grace had the following children:

1 JAMES ARROL(L), b circa 1822 at Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire. JAMES was a
weaving factory beamer and a cotton mill porter who lived at 19 Brown Street,
Glasgow. He m 7 Nov 1845 to Catherine Reilly in Kirkintilloch. She was b circa
1826/35 in Glasgow. She was the daughter of Peter Reilly and Catherine
Richardson. JAMES d 10 Dec 1884 at Bridgeton, Glasgow, age 61. Catherine d 2
Dec 1917 at 14 Young Terrace, Glasgow of old age and debility. They had:
1-1 JAMES ARROL, b 7 Nov 1845.

1-2 JANE ARROL, b circa 1847. JANE was a power loom operator. She m 1st on
31 Dec 1875 to William Robertson at Bethany Church, Glasgow, according to
the rites of the Congregationalists. William was b circa 1845, the son of
William Robertson, an iron carter, and Margaret Pallak. William was a
contractor's carter and a widower. J/VNE was living at 56 Water Street,
Glasgow, and William at 47 Water Street, Glasgow when they married. William
d prior to 1908. JANE m 2nd to John Watson on 29 Dec 1908 at 13 Grove
Street, Glasgow, according to the forms of the United Free Church
Congregationalists. John, a widower, was a bookmaker b circa 1868, the son of
Hugh Watson, a tanner, and Mary Marshall. JANE d 5 May 1916 at Shettleston,
Glasgow of carcinoma of the breast and carcinoma of the liver.
1-3 PETER ARROL, b 25 Sept 1857 at Kirkintilloch

1-4 GRACE ARROL, b circa 1859. GRACE m 9 Sept 1885 to John McDougall at
Vestry, Elgin Place Congregational Church. John was a potato merchants carter.
They had: 1) Catherine McDougall, b 26 Sept 1878 and d 24 Dec 1878 at 289
Garscube Road, Glasgow of bronchitis; 2) Agnes McDougall, b 15 Apr 1880 at
102 Potterrow, Glasgow and d 7 Dec 1884 at 59 Clyde Street, Port Dundas,
Glasgow of scarlatina; 3) Allan McDougall, b 21 Oct 1883 at 59 Clyde Street,
Port Dundas, Glasgow; and 4) John McDougall, b 24 Feb 1885 at 59 Clyde
Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow. GRACE was a power loom weaver and in 1883
she was a housekeeper. John was a carter. GRACE may have had:
1-4-1 CHARLOTTE ARROL, b 26 Sept 1875 at 21 Greenhead Street, Glasgow.
1-5 ANN ARROL, b circa 1859 and d 18 Nov 1863 at 15 London Road, Glasgow.
She died of debility as a dispensary patient at 3/4 years of age.


1-6 AGNES JAR VIE ARROL, b 25 Aug 1860 at Kirkintilloch. AGNES was a
French polisher. She m 31 Aug 1883 to Peter Shearer at 19 Brown Street,
Bridgeton, Glasgow, according to the rites of the Congregationalists. Peter, an
engine fitter, was the son of William Shearer, an engine man, and Catherine
Hughes. AGNES lived at 19 Brown Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow and Peter was
living at 714 Springbum Road when they married. AGNES d 7 May 1945 at
14 Young Terrace, Glasgow of senile degeneration. They had: Jean Shearer.

1-7 ANN ARROL, b 15 Feb 1863 at High Street, Kirkintilloch. ANNIE was a
gingham powerloom weaver. She m 5 Sept 1884 to Joseph Simpson at 19
Brown Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. Joseph, a cotton factory card grinder, was
the son of William Simpson, a cotton factory card grinder, and Mary Peebles.
He lived at 499 Dalmamabold and ANN lived at 19 Brown Street.

1-8 ANNIE ARROL, b 17 Mar 1865 at 14 Dunolly Street, Glasgow.

1-9 CATHERINE ARROL, b 10 Aug 1870 at 65 High Street, Glasgow, Central
District. CATHERINE was a french polisher. She never married. She d 8 Aug
1892 at 123 1/2 Castle Street, Glasgow of phithsis pulmanatis.
2 WILLIAM ARROLL, b circa 1828 at Kirkintilloch. He was a cotton weaver and

coal miner. In 1851 he was at Martlands Land, Hillhead, Kirkintilloch and in 1861

at 5 Passover Road, Mid Old Monkland. He d 21 Apr 1863, age 35, at Mid Old

Monkland. His death was registered by his brother, ROBERT. He m 23 Dec 1849

to Sarah Ann McMeekin (also spelled McMichan and Meechan) at Kirkintilloch.

Sarah Ann was b 1831/33 at County Antrim, Northern Ireland and was a farm

labourer, daughter of John McMeekin and Sarah Crosset. Sarah Ann m 2nd to

William Houghton. She d 3 Jan 1917, age 83, at Possilpark, Glasgow. WILLIAM

and Sarah Ann had:

2-1 JAMES ARROLL, b circa 1850 and d 16 Nov 1856, age 6, at Mid Old

2-2 SARAH ARROLL, b circa 1854 at Old Monkland. In 1861 she lived at 5
Passover Row, Mid Old Monkland. SARAH m circa 1879 to John Wilkinson.
John was a chemical work labourer. In 1918 they were living at 485
KeppochhiU Road, Glasgow. SARAH d 16 Dec 1918 at Milton, Glasgow of
carcinoma of the uterus.

2-3 ANN (ANNIE) ARROLL, b 3 Jan 1859 at Old Monkland. ANNIE was a
steamloom weaver. She m 31 Dec 1880 to Alexander Lawther at 252
Springbum Road, Glasgow. Alex, an iron forger, was b circa 1856, the son of
Alexander Lawther, a blacksmith, and Jane Rankin. ANNIE was living at 300
Springbum Road and Alexander was living at 252 Springbum Road when they
married. ANNIE d 30 Jan 1896 at Glasgow.

2-4 WILLIAM ARROLL, b 1 1 Feb 1861 at Old Monkland, Mid-District. WILLIAM
was an iron moulder in the Hyde Park North British Locomotive Works,
Springbum. He joined the British Army, serving in the 2nd Battalion, Black
Watch Regiment, for twenty-seven years. He served in South Africa during the
Boer War and was also stationed at Gibraltor. He m on 3 Dec 1883 to Laura
Matilda Pink at Portsea Island, England. When they married, WILLIAM was
a Private, 42nd Royal Highlanders. He was stationed at the Cambridge


Barracks. Laura was living at East Lodge, Lenox Road, Southsea, England.
Laura was b circa 1861, the daughter of Henry Pink, a carpenter. She d 22 May
1935. WILLIAM d 23 Jan 1941 at 23 Arthur Street, Glasgow of senile
myocardial degeneration. He was 79 years of age. They had:
2-4-1 WILLIAM ARROL, b 7 Apr 1885 at 518 Springbum Road, Springbum
and d 1909, age 25. He never married. He worked as an iron moulder at
North British Locomotive Works, Springbum. WILLIAM was musical and
played the organ. He was a religious person. WILLIAM had poor health
owing to a heart condition. He lived at 106 Keppochhill Road,
2-4-2 JOHN ARROL, b 25 Apr 1886 at 106 Keppochhill Road, Springbum.
JOHN served in the British Army during WW I as a Private, 5th Battalion,
The Highland Light Infantry. JOHN was a machine gunner and was taken
prisoner. After the war he was an iron moulder for the North British
Locomotive Works in Springbum. He m 1st on 25 Dec 1907 to Elizabeth
Margaret Stewart, a sewing machinist. They married at Blackfriar's Manse,
Glasgow. Elizabeth lived at 69 Stirling Road, Glasgow and was the
daughter of William Stewart, boilermaker, and Helen Moore. Elizabeth d
8 Apr 1929. JOHN m 2nd on 17 Nov 1933 to Mary NicoU at Kent Road
Church, Glasgow, according to the forms of the Church of Scotland. He
lived at 243 Borron Street, Glasgow in 1933. Mary, b circa 1881, was the
daughter of Margaret Nicoll, a weaver. She lived at 22 Arthur Street,
Glasgow. She had been m twice previously to — Bums and to — Wills.
Mary d prior to 1943. JOHN m 3rd on 14 May 1943 to Mary King Bond
Chalmers at Possilpark, Glasgow. Mary King was b 1 Dec 1907, the
daughter of Walter Chalmers (dec), an iron bridge builder, and Isabella
King. She was living at 735 Hawthom Street, Glasgow and he resided at
3 Stevens Street, Glasgow. JOHN d 12 Aug 1950 at 6 Ashvale Row, East
Glasgow of carcinoma of the stomach with secondaries in the ribs and

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