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spine in addition to arteriosclerosis. Mary d 2 Jul 1968 at the Royal
Infirmary, Glasgow of acute pumlent bronchitis. In 1968 Mary King lived
at 735 Hawthom Street, Glasgow. JOHN and Elizabeth had:
2-4-2-1 ELLEN TERESA ARROL, b 25 Jul 1908 at 74 St. Mungo Street.
Glasgow. ELLEN m 28 Jun 1929 to James O'Brien at Elgin Church,
Glasgow. James was b circa 1907, the son of James O'Brien, a coal
miner, and Agnes Ferns. ELLEN was living at 479 Keppochhill Road
and James at 38 Mansion Street, Glasgow when they married.
2-4-2-2 WILLIAM ARROL, b 11 Nov 1909 at 105 Momn Street, in the
Possilpark, Springbum District of Glasgow. WILLIAM was an
engineer's machinist and steel erector's labourer. He m 28 Oct 1932
to Gertrude "Gerty" Mutter at Milton, Glasgow. Gertrude, b circa
1913, was the daughter of Edward Stanley Mutter, a circus caretaker,
and Jane Henderson. They lived at 27 Phoenix Park Terrace,
Glasgow. The marriage failed and WILLIAM settled in England.
Their two sons remained with their mother who remarried on 13 Jul


1951 to David Binnie. Gertrude was a book saleswoman. David, an

electric welder, was b circa 1914, the son of Andrew Binnie, an iron

plater, and Margaret Spence. David was living at 4 Stow Street,

Glasgow and Gertrude was living at 27 Phoenix Park Terrace,

Glasgow when David and Gertrude married. He m 2nd to Mary

Johnson (formerly Walton) circa 1950. Mary was an Engineers

Capstan Operator and WILLIAM was an aircraft engineers machine

operator for DeHaviland, later Bristol-Siddley, and more recently Rolls

Royce Ltd. In 1952 WILLIAM and Mary lived at 199 St. Albans,

Watford, England. They had one son, GEOFFREY (see page 202).

Mary d 28 Oct 1970 at the General Hospital, West Herts Wing,

Hemel, Hempstead, Herford. WILLIAM m 3rd on 22 Apr 1972 to

Gladys May Norman at St. Michael and All Angels Church, St.

Michael, Watford. Gladys was b circa 1921. Gladys had been

married previously. She was a clerk. WILLIAM was living at 54

High Acres, Abbott Langley, Hertford, England. There were no

children of the 3rd marriage. WILLIAM d 11 Dec 1977 at Johnson

Hospital, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England of a cerebrovascular

accident and congestive heart failure. WILLIAM and Ruby had:

2-4-2-2-1 JOHN ARROL, b 21 May 1933 at Balomock Road,

Glasgow. JOHN was a millwright when he m on 28 Feb 1958 to

Sarah McLeod Dallas at St. Kioran's Dean Park Parish Church,

Glasgow. Sarah, b 7 Jun 1937, was a leather bag machinist living

at 77 Copland Road, Glasgow. She was the daughter of Roderick

Dallas, a bonded warehouse foreman, and Jean Nairn Pelan. In

1959 they lived at 255 Barron Street, Glasgow and in the 1960's

they lived at 30 Howgate Road, Hamilton In circa 1972 JOHN

was employed m Toronto, Ontario, Canada for about three years.

He returned to Scotland and was employed by the Strathclyde

Regional Council as a maintenance engineer. In 1990 they

resided at 15 Laurelbank, Fairhill, Hamilton. They had:

2-4-2-2-1-1 AILEEN JOAN ARROL, b 21 Nov 1959 at

Robroyston Hospital, Provan, Glasgow. AILEEN was a

shorthand typist. She m 20 Mar 1982 to Paul George Mather

at Trinity Church, Hamilton. Paul, a metallurgist, was b 18

Feb 1960, the son of Thomas George Mather, an inspector of

taxes, and Evelyn Georgina Gray Crichton. AILEEN was

living at 15 Laurel Bank, Hamilton and Paul at 14 Carrie Ct.,

Hamilton when they married. Her sister, SHARON, was a

witness to the weddmg.

2-4-2-2-1-2 SHARON ADA ARROL, b 23 Apr 1963 at Beckford

Lodge, Hamilton.
2-4-2-2-1-3 SCOTT JONATHAN ARROL, b 16 Nov 1966 at

Beckford Lodge, Hamilton.
2-4-2-2-1-4 ROSS JOHN ARROL, b 19 Feb 1969 at Hamilton.


2-4-2-2-2 WILLIAM STANLEY ARROL, b 24 May 1938 at 63 Possil
Road, Milton, Glasgow. STAN, as he was known, was an
engineer's draughtsman and lived at 61 Cathay Street, Glasgow.
He m 1st on 6 Feb 1959 to Christine Boyce Allan at Colston
Milton Church, Glasgow. Christine was b 15 Sept 1939. She
was an engineer's tracer and lived at 255 Borron Street, Glasgow,
the daughter of Hugh Allan, taxi driver, and Christine McLean
Boyle. The family immigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada m
1960 and returned to Scotland in 1962. The family relocated to
San Diego, California in 1966 for a brief period but then settled
permanently in Canada. In 1991 Christine resided in San Diego,
California. STANLEY and Christine divorced and STAN m 2nd
on 24 May 1974 to Beverlee Ann Margaret Blampied in
Montreal, Quebec. The couple was divorced in Aug 1980 and
STAN m 3rd on 13 Sept 1980 to Micheline Marie Suzanne
Normand in Clarenceville, Quebec. The couple divorced in Oct
1984. STAN was employed by Vickers and by the Canadian
Government. In 1991 STANLEY lived in Ottawa, Ontario but
was assigned on a temporary basis to a project for several months
in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. STANLEY and Christine had:
2-4-2-2-2-1 LYNN ALLISON ARROL, b 25 Oct 1959 at 61
Cathay Street, Glasgow. Lynn, as she was known, was bom
in the bed of her grandmother, Gertrude Binne. She m on 20
Aug 1983 to David Birt at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church,
Port Credit, Ontario, Canada. LYNN was a supervisor in a
fruit market operation and David was a welder.
2-4-2-2-2-2 CRAIG STEVEN ARROL, b 19 Sept 1961 m
Montreal, Quebec. CRAIG m 27 Sept 1986 to Dalva
daFonte. Dalva was b 5 Dec 1962 in Southelinho, Portugal.
She was the daughter of Manuel da Fonte and Natalia
Moutinho who were m in Feb 1962 in Portugal. Manuel was
employed in Canada for 13 years before his family joined
him. Manuel was in the mushroom growing business. Dalva
graduated from York University in Nov 1985 with a B.A. in
French Studies. CRAIG graduated from York University,
Toronto with a degree in mathematics. CRAIG owned and
operated a subway sandwich shop circa 1987-88 and in 1991
was employed as an administrative assistant in employee
benefits for Mutual Life of Canada. CRAIG and Dalva had:
2-4-2-2-2-2-1 DAVID RYAN ARROL, b 15 Oct 1988atAjax

and Pickering General Hospital, Ajax, Ontario.
2-4-2-2-2-2-2 STEVEN MICHAEL ARROL, b 13 Dec 1989
at Ajax and Pickering General Hospital, Ajax Ontario.
2-4-2-2-2-3 GORDON STANLEY ARROL, b 23 Aug 1 965 at 253
Duke Street, Glasgow. He was known as "GORD". He m


27 Aug 1988 to Alexandria "Sandy" Leslie McGregor at St.
Marys Anglican Church, Kirkland, Montreal, Quebec. Sandy
was b 16 Apr 1964, the daughter of Gary McGregor and
Geraldine Stroud who were married in 1959.
STANLEY and Beverlee had:

2-4-2-2-2-4 DARREN GRANT ARROL, b 24 Sept 1977 in
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. In 1991 DARREN resided with
his mother in Toronto, Ontario.
2-4-2-2 Continued: WILLIAM and Mary Walton had:

2-4-2-2-3 GEOFFREY ARROL, b 26 Oct 1952 at 43 Kmg Street,
Watford, Hertfordshire, England. GEOFFREY was a senior field
representative in 1987 for Brookwise Service Ltd. In 1990 he
was employed by the Omego Lighting Group of Thorn EMI pic.
He m 30 May 1987 to Linda Alana Hale at the Parish Church of
All Saints, Caddington, Bedfordshire, England. Linda was b in
1962, the daughter of Alan Roy Hale, a painter and decorator.
Linda was living at 40, The Crescent, Caddington and
GEOFFREY at 15, Lambert Court, Bushey Grove Road, Bushey
when they married. Linda was employed at Boots (the Chemists)
in the book department. GEOFFREY and Linda met in May
1985 as GEOFFREY was delivering books to the store where she
was employed. They had:
2-4-2-2-3-1 HAYLEY FRANCESCA ARROL, b 27 Feb 1989 at

Watford General Hospital.

2-4-2-2-3-2 JACK FRAZER ARROL, b 2 Aug 1992 at Watford.


29 Ayr Street, Glasgow. ELIZABETH was a restaurant kitchen maid.

She m on 12 Jul 1934 to Hugh Campbell McGregor at Lansdowne

Church, Glasgow. Hugh was the son of Hugh McGregor, a rubber

worker, and Elizabeth Cathcart. Hugh, b circa 1911, was a baker. He

lived at 24 Cameron Street, Glasgow and ELIZABETH lived at 4

Cameron Street, Glasgow. In 1950 they lived at 5 Swan Lane,

Glasgow. ELIZABETH d 29 May 1950 at 253 Duke Street, Glasgow

of acute delirious mania and broncho-pneumonia.

2-4-2-4 JOHN ARROL, b 10 Aug 1913 at 65 Mollinsbum Street, Glasgow

and d 26 Feb 1915 at 72 Flemington Street, Glasgow of whooping


2-4-2-5 MARY HANNAH STEWART ARROL, b 13 Feb 1915 at

Gamgadhill, Glasgow. MARY was a paint factory worker. She m 25

Jun 1937 to William Morrison. They were m at the Milton Parish

Church in Glasgow. William was a sawmill labourer, the son of

Duncan Morrison, an asphalter's labourer, and Catherine Drury. Both

MARY and William were living at 30 Canal Street when they married.

JOHN and Mary King Chalmers had:

2-4-2-6 ISABELLA ARROL, b 15 Sept 1943 at 133 Balomock Street,


Springbum, Glasgow. ISABELLA never married. She was a clerkess

and lived with her parents at 735 Hawthorn, Glasgow. She d 5 Jan

1963 of right cerebellar fibrillary astrocytoma at Killeam Hospital.

2-4-3 LAURA HARRIET ARROL, b 21 Jan 1895 at Bruce Street, Glasgow and

d 8 Aug 1977 in Glasgow of heart failure. She was cremated at Maryhill

Crematorium, Glasgow. She attended Keppochhill Public School,

Springbum, Glasgow ( 1 900 to 1 909). From 1 909- 1 9 1 7 she was a dispatch

clerkess in a golf ball factory in Glasgow. The factory was located close

to Provands Lordship, the oldest house in Glasgow, which in 1987 was

still standing. LAURA HARRIET m on 19 Apr 1918 to James Venters in

Glasgow. "She was 5'2" tall, determined, and mentally sharp." She has

been described as being proud of her handwriting and an individual who

exhibited extreme neatness in her work. "She was hardworking,

scrupulously honest, very particular as to hygiene and cleanliness, and

almost fanatically tidy, i.e., a place for everything and everything in its

place." The couple had eight children, all b in Glasgow: 1) David, b 13

Jul 1918 and d 1989, 2) William, b 19 Dec 1919; 3) James, b 30 Mar

1922; 4) Robert, b 22 Feb 1925 and d 16 Feb 1985; 5) Laura, b 28 Mar

1928 and m Andrew Frazer; 6) Alan, b 6 Oct 1931; 7) Sarah, b 30 Aug

1933; and 8) Ian, b 21 Feb 1940.

2-4-4 ALBERT EDWARD STEWART ARROL, b 25 Mar 1897 at 106

Keppochhill Road, Springbum, Glasgow. He served as a Private in the

Lovat Scouts Regiment and the Tank Corp during WW 1. He served in

Salonica, Bulgaria and France (1915-1919). He met Ellen Hamilton while

in the service and they m on Fair Thursday 12 Jul 1923 in Possilpark,

Glasgow. Ellen knew John Thomas, author of "The Springbum Story - the

History of the Scottish Railway Metropolis" and other books about the

early railroad history of Scotland. ALBERT worked for the L.N.E.R.

locomotive works, Cowlairs, Springbum. He was an inspector and

eventually a locomotive fitter and an engineer erector. He taught first aid

classes to employees. ALBERT d 30 Apr 1969 at 71 Bedlay Street,

Glasgow of broncho-pneumonia and Parkinson's disease. They had:

2-4-4-1 BARBARA BUCHANAN ARROL, b 14 Jun 1924 at Springbum,

Glasgow. BARBARA, a shorthand typist, lived at 71 Bedlay Street

and m 10 Sept 1956 to James "Budge" Medway at Garrison Church,

Maryhill Barracks, Glasgow. Budge was a Sergeant, Royal Army

Service Corp, son of Walter Medway, a Major in the Royal Horse

Artillery, and Molly Dunn. He d Feb 1988. They had; James

Stewart, Eraser, and John Hamilton.

2-4-5 SARAH McMECHAN(McMEEKIN) ARROL, b 17 Feb 1899 at 37 Bruce

Street, Keppochhill, Glasgow and d circa 1980. She m 17 Jul 1925 to

Hugh Gray at Manse of Cadder, Bishopbriggs. SARAH was a sewing

machinist and lived at 106 Keppochhill Road. Hugh, an engineer's

machineman, was b circa 1898 at 6 Hilton Terrace, Bishopbriggs, the son

of Hugh Gray (dec), a ploughman, and Mary Thom Clelland.


2-4-6 GRACE VITTIE ARROL, b 9 Aug 1901 at Spnngbum. GRACE was a

bookbinder's assistant. She lived at 106 Keppochhill Road, Springbum,

Glasgow. She m 6 Aug 1920 in Calton, Glasgow to William Kelly, a

window cleaner and glazier. William, b circa 1897, lived at 17 George

Street, the son of William Kelly and Eliabeth Rafter. It is believed

GRACE may have first gone to Canada and then returned to Scotland.

GRACE d 27 Oct 1931 at 15 Valley field Street, Glasgow of pulmonary


2-5 JOHN ARROL, b 15 Aug 1856 on Victoria Street, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire

and d 13 Sept 1925 of pneumonia and cardiac failure. He m 1st on 31 Dec

1878 to Margaret "Maggie" Buchanan at the Brownfield Church of Scotland, 72

Brown Street, Glasgow. Margaret, a cotton loom weaver, was b circa 1858, the

daughter of William Buchanan (dec), iron moulder, and Annie Littlejohn (dec).

She d 15 May 1889, age 32, at 307 Saracen Street, Possilpark, of Addison's

Disease. JOHN was an iron moulder in Springbum, Glasgow. He lived at

various addresses in the 300 block of Saracen Street, 400 block of Keppochhill

Road and at 33 Cowlairs Road, in the St. Rollox, Springbum, and Possilpark

Districts of Glasgow. He m 2nd on 31 Dec 1889 to Margaret Allen Coulthart

at Maryhill, Glasgow. (.See continued. Page 213 for 2nd marriage of JOHN

ARROL.) The children from the 1st marriage of JOHN ARROL were;

2-5-1 ANNIE ARROL, b 3 Dec 1879 at St. Rollox, Glasgow. ANNIE was a

restaurant cook in 1901. She m 1st on 18 Apr 1901 to William Albert

Bailey in Glasgow. William, a railway labourer, was the son of William

Bailey, a hatter, and Elizabeth Bailey. Both ANNIE and William were

living at 329 Saracen Street at the time of their marriage. ANNIE m 2nd

on 8 Apr 1919 to Terence Stewart, an iron moulder, in the Roman Catholic

Church, Glasgow. ANNIE was living at 3 15 Nuneaton Street and Terence

was living at 284 Nuneaton Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow at the time of their

marriage. The informatants of the wedding were William and Annie

Terris. ANNIE d 10 Jun 1961 at 657 Edgetown Road, Glasgow of

adenocarcinoma and bronchopneumonia. ANNIE had a daughter:

2-5-1-1 ANNIE ARROL, b 19 May 1901 at 49 Mansion Street, Maryhill,

Glasgow. ANNIE was a munitions worker. She m 11 Oct 1918 to

William Terris at 50 Struiners Street, Glasgow, according to the forms

of the Established Church of Scotland. William was a lance corporal.

Garrison Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. Prior to his miliary service

William was a bottle washer. William was b circa 1896, the son of

Robert Terris, a builder's clerk, and Sarah Jane Wyne. ANNIE d 20

Nov 1952 at Possilpark, Glasgow.

2-5-2 ELIZABETH LIZZIE' ARROL, b 15 Mar 1881 at St. Rollox, Glasgow.

In 1904 she was a restaurant waitress and lived at 309 Saracen Street,

Glasgow. She m 1 Jun 1906 to Thomas Kelly at Carliban Road, Barrhead

in the Congregational Union Church. LIZZIE was a domestic servant and

Thomas was a hammerman. Thomas, b circa 1882, was the son of

William Kelly, a printfield worker, and Agnes Farrell. He was living at 29


Barnes Street, Barrhead and LIZZIE was living at 33 Cowlairs Road,

Springbum when they were married. LIZZIE d 20 Nov 1952, age 71, at

62 Endrick Street of a cerebral hemorrhage. LIZZIE and Thomas had: 1)

Nessie Kelly; 2) Elizabeth Arrol Kelly; 3) Thomas Kelly; and 4) William

Kelly. Elizabeth Arrol Kelly was b 2 Mar 1908 at 97 Cross Arthurlie

Street, Barrhead, Renfrewshire. She was a motor bus conductor. She m

16 Mar 1929 at 21 Hope Street, Glasgow to Robert Selkirk Lang, a motor

bus driver. Robert was b circa 1901, the son of John Lang (dec), a coal

miner, and Christina Selkirk. Elizabeth was living at 82 Cowlairs Road,

Glasgow when she married. ELIZABETH d 20 Nov 1952 at age 71 of

cardio vascular degeneration and cerebral hemmorhage. They were living

at 62 Enrick Street, Glasgow when ELIZABETH died. ELIZABETH and

Robert had: Elizabeth Arrol Lang and Irene Lang. Elizabeth Arrol Lang

was b 14 May 1929 at 43 Barcaple Street, Glasgow and m 3 Mar 1950 to

Arthur Kidd, a refrigeration engineer, at Cowlairs Church, Glasgow.

Elizabeth Arrol Lang was a dairy assistant. Arthur was the son of William

Kidd (dec), a plumber's assistant, and Catherine McArthur (dec). They

had: Robert Selkirk Kidd, b 26 Aug 1950 at 62 Endrick Street, Glasgow.

Nessie m James Elder. They had three children. Nessie d of bone cancer

and James d shortly thereafter. Thomas m 1st to Jean who died young.

Thomas m 2nd to Georgina. They had three sons, one relocated to Canada

and another to Australia. William Kelly m 1st to May — who d young

leaving two children. William m 2nd to Mary — . ELIZABETH

(LIZZIE) ARROL also had two illegitimate daughters:

2-5-2-1 ELIZABETH ARROL, b 2 May 1901 at 329 Saracen Street,

Glasgow. ELIZABETH m 29 Mar 1923 to Alfred Cole, an engineer's

labourer. Alfred d prior to 1942. ELIZABETH was living at 9

Oxford Street, Glasgow in 1942. ELIZABETH d 2 Dec 1942 at 1301

Govan Road, Glasgow of carcinoma of the breast and secondary

deposits on the lung. The informant on her death was her foster

father, James C. Knox of 189 Mathieson Street, Glasgow.

2-5-2-2 MADGE ARROL, b 20 Apr 1904 at the Maternity Hospital,

Blackfriars, Glasgow. MADGE was a machinist in a boot and shoe

factory. MADGE m 25 Dec 1924 to Percy Booth at Barry, Forfar.

MADGE and Percy had: 1) John and 2) Doreen. John m Helen

Wilboume. They had: 1) Madge and 2) Helen. Prior to her marriage

to Percy she had:

2-5-2-2-1 EDWARD ARROL (BROWN), b 31 Mar 1920 at 59
South Kinloch Street, Carnoustie. EDWARD joined boys service
at fifteen and a half and retired from the Royal Navy following
twenty years service. He later joined the merchant navy and
worked for eight years on cable ships. He m 1st to Rose — - in
Newcastle, England. They had: 1) Edward; 2) Gloria; 3) Valeria;
and 4) Edwina. He m 2nd on 12 May 1960 to Elizabeth Brown
Johnston Harper in Carnoustie. Elizabeth was a canteen


manageress. She was the daughter of Gracie Harper (afterwards

2-5-2-2-2 ANDREW MORRISON ARROL, b 6 Oct 1922 at 137

Kinloch Street, Carnoustie, Barr)', Forfar. ANDREW'S name

was changed to Andrew Morrison Booth. See RCE Vol 20,

p. 8.) ANDREW was a grocer. He m 3 Jun 1944 to Jane

Lees Nisbet at the manse. Union Place, Hamilton, according

to the forms of the Church of Scotland. Jane was a general

stores assistant, the daughter of James Nisbet, a coal heaver,

and Jemima Pratt. Jane was living at 5 Fairhold Avenue,

Femegair, Hamilton and Andrew at 144 Kinloch Street,

Carnoustie when they were married. In 1944 ANDREW was

a corporal in the Royal Air Force.

2-5-3 JANE ARROL, b 31 Oct 1882 at St. Rollox, Glasgow. In 1901 JANE was

a restaurant kitchen maid. In 1902 she was a restaurant waitress. She

lived at 329 Saracen Street, Maryhill, Glasgow. JANE m on 31 Dec 1902

at Maryhill to William Brown, a coppersmith, also of 329 Saracen Street.

William, b circa 1878, was the son of James Brown, a seaman, and

Margaret Ironside. The couple relocated to Montrose where William

became a jute factory boilerman. In 1917 James was a stoker for a

chemical works. JANE d 10 Dec 1966, at the age of 84, in Surry side

Royal Hospital, Hillside, Montrose, County Argus. She d of

broncho-pneumonia. JANE and James had two children: 1) Lily Brown,

b 23 Oct 1915 at 131 Kinloch Street, Carnoustie and 2) Leonard

Henderson Brown, b 27 May 1917 at South Kinloch Street, Carnoustie.

Leonard m to Isabella Wilboume on 30 Dec 1939 at St. Mary's Roman

Catholic Church, Dundee. Leonard was a machine grinder and can sealer.

Isabella was a confectioner)' worker. She was a sister of Helen Wilboume

(See Paragraph 2-5-2-2, Page 205). Leonard d 28 Aug 1992 of a heart

attack. Leonard and Isabella had 1) Catherine, b 20 July 1946 and 2)

Adeline, b 8 Jul 1950. Catherine m David Scotland. They had: Jill who

m Duncan Brown. JANE ARROL BROWN had a son prior to her

marriage to James Brown:

2-5-3-1 RICHARD ARROL, b 29 Jul 1901 at 329 Saracen Street, Maryhill,
Glasgow and d 19 Aug 1901 of marasmus.
2-5-4 SARAH McMEEKIN ARROL, b 15 Oct 1884 at St. Rollox. She lived
with her parents at 33 Cowlairs Road, Springbum when her daughter,
SARAH, was bom. In 1911 she resided at 24 Kirkpatrick, Glasgow. She
lived at one time at 34 High Street, Edinburgh. SARAH McMEEKIN was
a golf ball factoPr' worker. She d 17 Nov 1915 of acute pneumonia at St.
Giles, Edinburgh. She was unmarried She had:

2-5-4-1 SARAH ARROL, b 14 Nov 1908 at Eastem District Hospital,
Glasgow. She attended Grove Street Institute, Children's Church,
Glasgow. She received a book award on 12 Dec 1921. She was
brought to Canada, circa 1923, by either Margaret Arrol (her


grandfather's 2nd wife) or WALTER ARROL (her mother's

half-brother). She m circa 1927 probably in Windsor, Ontario to

David Strange and lived in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. David was

employed by Ford Motor of Canada in the late 1920's and was a bus

driver for the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel during the 1930's and 1940's.

They had three children: David, Wilbur and Beatrice.

2-5-4-2 ANNIE CONNELL GORDON (ARROL), b 23 Mar 1911 at

Eastern District Hospital, Glasgow. She was the illegitimate daughter

of James Gordon, a builder's labourer, who lived at 28 Campbell

Street, Johnstone. ANNIE was a threadmill worker. She m 20 Nov

1934 to William McGlinchey at Mary's Chapel, Paisley. Both ANNIE

and William were living at 36 Castle Road, Paisley when they

married. William was a bricklayer labourer and a widower. William,

b circa 1897, was the son of John McGlinchey (dec), a gardener, and

Grace McElhinney (dec).

2-5-5 JOHN ARROL, b 25 Apr 1886 at St. Rollox, Glasgow. He m 1 Jan 1916

to Elizabeth (Bessie) Tannahill at Auchengover, Paisley. Their marriage

banns were proclaimed on 21 Dec 1915 at Coatbridge, Parish Church of

Dundy van. Bessie resided at High Park Cottage, Potterhill, Parish of South

Paisley. Elizabeth, a sewing machinest, was b circa 1886, the daughter

of Andrew Tannahill, a goods carrier, and Annie Lindsay. She was living

at 191 Neilston Road and JOHN, an iron moulder, was residing at 11

Brown Street, Coatbridge, Parish of Dundy van when they married. JOHN

was employed at John Brown Shipyards on the Clydebank. He emigrated

first to Belfast and worked at Harland and Wolff shipyards. JOHN worked

on the "Titantic" while employed at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in

Belfast. He emigrated in March 1930 to Union Bay, Vancouver Island,

British Columbia, Canada and was employed at Union Bay Colliers. His

family joined him later, sailing on the "Duchess of Bedford", and arrived

at the Port of Quebec on 26 Sept 1930. In 1937 the family relocated from

Union Bay to 9 First Street, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. JOHN d 15 Nov

1957 in Nanaimo of bronchial asthma and a heart attack. Bessie d 1 Jul

1979 in Naniamo, Vancouver Island. They had:

2-5-5-1 ANNIE LINDSAY ARROL, b 10 Oct 1918 at 11 Hozier Street,
Coatbridge, Lanarkshire and d circa 1924 of pneumonia in Belfast,
Northern Ireland.
2-5-5-2 ANDREW ARROL, b 20 Jan 1920 at Belfast, Northern Ireland and
d 20 Nov 1982 at Victoria, British Columbia. He m 1st on 16 Apr
1942 to Dorothy Stewart at Garrison Church, Borden, Alton,
Southampton, England during WW II. ANDREW was a Sergeant,
Saskatoon L.I. Royal Canadian Army stationed at Garrison, Borden at
the time of his marriage. Dorothy, a shop assistant, of Chalet Hill,
Borden was the daughter of Percy William Sidney Stewart, a Club
manager. Dorothy came to Canada circa 1944 as a war bride
accompanied by her infant daughter. ANDREW served in the


Canadian Scottish Regiment (1939-45). His ship was torpedoed en
route to the North African Theatre and he later served in combat in
both North Africa and Italy. The couple divorced circa 1949.
Dorothy m 2nd to — - Critchley. ANDREW m 2nd on 2 Mar 1950 to
Lucille Maxine Roth in Union Bay, Vancouver Island. Immediately
following his military service, ANDREW was employed as a crane
operator at the Canadian Colliers Co., Union Bay. Subsequent
positions were as a postman, bartender, and as a waiter aboard the
CNAV Endeavor. He then was a caretaker at Naval Training
Academy, Esquamalt, Vancouver Island. His daughter from his first
marriage was:

2-5-5-2-1 LYNN ARROL, b 3 Jul 1943 at the Maternity Hospital on

St. Georges Road in Aldershot, Southampton, England. LYNN

was brought to Canada by her mother when she was an infant.

She m circa 1966 and in 1987 she was married and lived in Port

Albemi, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. LYNN is believed to

have had three children.

2-5-5-2 ANDREW ARROL (Continued). ANDREW m 2nd on 2 Mar 1950

to Lucille Maxine Roth on Vancouver Island, B.C. Lucille was b 26

Aug 1928 at Consort, Alberta, the daughter of George Roth and

Martha Brethauer Roth Clark of Lincoln, Nebraska. The couple

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