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moved to Bowness, near Calgary, Alberta. They separated in 1962.

ANDREW d 20 Nov 1982 from a fatal heart attack when he ran

upstairs to check on a friend in an upper apartment during a false fire

alarm. ANDREW and Lucille had:

2-5-5-2-2 GLORIA JEAN ARROL, b 15 Jun 1952 at Calgary, Alberta.
GLORIA was baptized by her uncle, EDWARD BUCHANAN
ARROL (See Section X, Paragraph 2-5-6, Page 210). GLORIA
was a cook in a hotel. She m 20 Apr 1968 to Donald McLean at
Rife, Alberta. They divorced in Mar 1976. They had: 1) Kevin,
b 13 Nov 1968; 2) David, b 20 Jan 1972, and 3) Kenneth, b 5
Apr 1973 and d of "crib death" 27 Jul 1973. In 1988 she lived
in Castor, Alberta.
2-5-5-2-3 BRIAN GEORGE ARROL, b 1 Mar 1954 at Calgary,
Alberta. BRIAN was in the Canadian Navy and served on the
Destroyer HMCS Qu-Appel. BRIAN was the ship's diver. He
was employed at the British Bank Note Company in Calgary and
in 1985 relocated to Vancouver where he was production manager
of the Info Corporation that was later acquired by Bowne
Corporation. He m on 26 Sep 1976 to Barbara Jarczewski in
Calgary. Barbara was b 5 May 1956 at Medicine Hat, Alberta,
the daughter of Michael Jarczewski and Bernice Augustiniak.
Barbara was a professional photographer In 1990 she was
employed as a camera and computer salesperson. In 1991 they
lived in Langley, British Columbia. They had:


2-5-5-2-3-1 ROBERT ADAM ARROL, b 25 Apr 1979 at Holy

Cross Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
1982 at Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
2-5-5-2-4 CHERYL ANN ARROL, b 24 Feb 1 959 at Calgary, Alberta.
CHERYL was a sales person. She m 24 May 1980 to Jack
Ladick, a computer specialist. They had: Jana Maxine, b 3 1 Dec
1981; Tanis Francine, b 18 Oct 1984; Rachelle Jacqueline, b 8
Dec 1987; and Brett Michael, b 8 Jan 1991. In 1991 the family
lived in Calgary, Alberta.
2-5-5-2 ANDREW ARROL (Continued). ANDREW and Lucille Roth
Arrol separated in 1962. Lucille entered a common law marriage with
Jack Turton by whom she had two children. She gave them the Arrol
name. Jack was b circa 1922, the son of Edward and Hattie Turton.
Lucille d on 22 Oct 1978 following by-pass surgery. In 1989 Jack
was a general labourer. He resided in Castor, Alberta. Jack and
Lucille had:

2-5-5-2-5 Shawna Marie Arrol, b 23 Nov 1964 at Calgary, Alberta,

Canada. She graduated from Gus Wetter High School at Castor,

Alberta in 1982. In the summer of 1988 Shawna was a flight

attendant for Saudi Arabian Airlines. She contracted with the

airline to assist during the season the Moslems make the hadj, or

pilgrimage, to Mecca. She resided in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In

1989 Shawna was an accounts receivable clerk with Fletchers

Fine Foods, Vancouver. Shawna enjoyed writing short stories,

taking long walks on the beach and swimming. In 1991 Shawna

was a consultant to Victor Fine Foods in Lodi, California. Victor

Fine Foods was a subsidiary of Fletchers in Vancouver. In 1993

Shawna was the caredit manager for ECS. Electrical Cable

Supply Ltd., in Richmond, British Columbia Shawna m 5 Sept

1992 to Guy Joseph Pealey at Calgary, Alberta.

2-5-5-2-6 Shane Arrol, b 8 Nov 1968 at Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Shane was a musician. Shane enjoyed rebuilding trucks. He

installed burglar alarm systems.

2-5-5-3 LILLIAN "LIL" ARROL, b 2 Apr 1924 at Belfast, Northern

Ireland. She immigrated with her family to Canada on 26 Sept 1930.

She was raised in Union Bay and Nanaimo, Vancouver Island and m

8 Dec 1943 to Arthur Ranger at Nanaimo, British Columbia. Art

Ranger was the captain of a ferry boat that ran from Vancouver Island

to Denham Island. They lived at Timberland Park, Ladysmith,

Vancouver Island. They had: 1) Arthur David, b 26 Oct 1946. Arthur

resided in Victoria, British Columbia and was employed as an

operations manager for Ryan Vending Corporation. Arthur was m and

divorced. They had Lee, b 20 Jan 1967 and Kim, b 14 Apr 1971; 2)

John Allen, b 22 Sept 1950, who m 4 Jul 1967 to Debbie — -. Debbie


was a registered nurse from Brockville, Ontario. Al, as John Allen

was known, was a master mariner. In 1990 he became a British

Columbia deep sea pilot. John and Debbie had Seann, b 7 May 1987,

Kevin, b 28 Oct 1981 and Corey, b 1 1 Jan 1988; 3) Daniel Stuart, b

25 Aug 1957, who m 1 Sep 1979 to Nancy — . Dan was a licensed

gasfitter. They had Lindsay, b 11 Dec 1980 and Chelsea, b 12 Apr

1983; and 4) Jeffrey Wayne, b 1 1 Apr 1955, who m Karen and had

Jeff and Scott. Lillian d 18 Mar 1992 at Nanaimo of a heart attack.

2-5-5-4 JOHN ARROL, b 16 Sept 1928 at Belfast, Northern Ireland. He

immigrated with his mother, brother and sister aboard the "Duchess of

Bedford", landing at the Port of Quebec, Canada on 26 Sept 1930. He

joined his father in Union Bay, Vancouver Island, who had

immigrated there six months previously. He was known as JACK.

He was raised in Union Bay and Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. JACK

was a sheet metal and structural steel estimator. He was employed by

Pacific Sheet Metal Corporation for 37 years (1952-1989). In 1989 he

was employed by Intercraft Contractors, Nanaimo. He m on 27 Jan

1951 to Hilda Irene Bishop in Nanaimo. Hilda, b 8 Jul 1929 at Prince

Albert, Saskatchewan, was the daughter of Frank Henry Bishop and

Gladys Hardy. In 1993 they lived at 1735 Meredith Road, Nanaimo,

Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They had:

2-5-5-4-1 KAREN GAIL ARROL, b 9 Sept 1953 at Nanaimo,

Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She was employed as a

secretar,' for the PCL Construction Co., Calgary, Alberta for a

number of years. In 1993 she was residing in Nanamio.

2-5-5-4-2 VICKI LYNN ARROL, b 8 Jun 1962 at Nanaimo,

Vancouver Island. She attended Malaspino College, Nanaimo.

In 1987 she was a sales person for Lindsay's Office Supply Co.,

Nanaimo. In 1989 she was a manager for Lindsay's. VICKI m

11 May 1991 to Brett Bowater at St. Andrew United Church of

Canada, Nanaimo. Brett was the son of Audrey and George

Johnston. George was killed in a logging accident three months

prior to Brett's birth. Audrey remarried to William Bowater.

2-5-6 EDWARD BUCHANAN ARROL, b 16 Apr 1888 at Maryhill, Glasgow

and d 30 Jul 1965 in Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia,

Canada. He was raised in Possilpark and Springbum, Glasgow. He lived

with his family (1906-1910) at 33 Cowlairs Road while employed as a

telegraph messenger and want ad clerk for "The Scotsman". He

immigrated to Canada in the fall of 1910 as a student missionary for the

Presbyterian Church He matriculated in Queens University, Kingston,

Ontario, in 1913 in Divinity. He served in France during WW I

(1916-18) as a Sergeant with the 7th Canadian General Hospital in

Enaples, France. He returned in 1920 to complete his studies at Queen's

University. He m 2 Sept 1920 to Grace Ruth MacLachlan at Cooke's

Presbyterian Church, Toronto. Grace was b 9 Jan 1893 at Leeds,


England, the daughter of John MacLachlan from the Isle of Skye,
Scotland, and Harriet Bain, from the Outer Hebrides, Scotland!
EDWARD was a minister for the Presbyterian Church and the United
Church of Canada (1920-60). He was a representative of the Caribou
Conference to the merger agreement in 1925 between many of the
Presbyterian Churches m Canada and the Congregational Church and the
Methodist Church. The couple retired to Victoria, British Columbia.
Grace d Jul 1963 at Victoria, British Columbia and EDWARD d 30 Jul
1965 of angina. They are buried in the Royal Oak Burial Ground at
Victoria, British Columbia. They had:

2-5-6-1 EDWARD BUCHANAN ARROL, b 25 Jul 1922 at Copeland,
Saskatchewan. He attended the University of British Columbia,'
Queens University, Kmgston, Ontario, the Garbett Business College
and the School of Modem Photography. He served in the Royal
Canadian Air Force during WW II (1941-45). He was a gunner in a
Halifax Bomber and flew missions over Germany. He m 27 Sept
1947 to Mary Elizabeth Walsh at Tintem, Ontario. The marriage was
performed by EDWARD'S father, EDWARD BUCHANAN ARROL.
Mary, b 16 Apr 1923 at Bassano, Alberta, was the daughter of David
George Walsh, a Canadian Pacific Railway worker, and Vemie Smith
Ryan, a school teacher. Mary was a graduate of Calgary Normal
School. Mary served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during WW II.
She was an instructor stationed in Yorkshire, England. Mary was a
musician and an elementary school teacher during most of her married
life. EDWARD was a teacher, free-lance writer, reporter, and
photographer during his career. EDWARD d 28 Nov 1985 in
Calgary, Alberta of complications of diabetes. Mary d 24 Mar 1989
of cancer in Calgary, Alberta. They had:

2-5-6-1-1 ANGUS CONAN ARROL, b 4 Nov 1948 at Blairmore,

Alberta. He attended the University of British Columbia and

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. In 1987 ANGUS was

a musician and was employed as a computer specialist for the

Bank of Montreal, Toronto. In 1992 he was single.

2-5-6-1-2 HELEN ARROL, b 6 Oct 1956 at Edmonton, Alberta and

m 1 Oct 1977 to Gordon Beach in Calgary. Gordon was a rugby

player and geologist. HELEN attended the Royal Conservatory

of Music, Toronto in 1979 and was an instructor in fitness

training as well as a piano instructor in both jazz and classical

music. In 1987 the family lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

They had Erin, b 5 May 1983, and Jacqueline Marie, b 6 Jul 1987

at Calgary.

2-5-6-2 IAN MacLACHLAN ARROL, b 20 Feb 1924 at Vanderhoof,

British Columbia. He graduated in 1960 from the University of

British Columbia with a B.A. in English and Political Science. He

was a radio announcer in Lethbridge, Vancouver, and Calgary


(1942-56). He was a news editor-announcer, chief announcer and
announcer for such popular programs on the Canadian National
Network as, "Country Style", "The Record Man", "Old Timers",
"Personal Choice", "The Dinner Bell", "The Voice of the Prairie", and
"A Man and His Music". He interviewed such artists as the Mills
Brothers, Tex Ritter, Hank Snow, and Giselle MacKenzie. He taught
English at Kitsilano High School, Vancouver (1960-62); Discussion
leader, "Planning for World Law", sponsored by the United Nations
and World Federalists of Canada (1963-64); Writer, The Daily
Colonist, Victoria (1964-66); English Instructor, Wobum Collegiate
Institute, Scarborough, Ontario (1966-71); Member of Parliament
(Progressive Conservative), York East (1972-74); English Instructor,
Sir Wilford Laurier Collegiate Institute, Scarborough (1974-75);
President, Don Mills Progressive Conservative Association (1975-77);
and a real estate sales representative (1976-86), Toronto, Ontario He
received awards for being the top salesman of the year for a number
of years. In 1987 he was retired and lived in Victoria, British
Columbia. He was a "Life-Long Bachelor".

2-5-6-3 RUTH ARROL, b 20 May 1926 at N. Wellmgton, British
Columbia. She attended Calgary Normal College and Toronto
Teachers College. RUTH m on 12 Jun 1950 to Tony Peloshok at
Tintem, Ontario. The wedding ceremony was conducted by RUTH's
father, EDWARD ARROL. Tony was a Quality Control Inspector for
General Motors in Oshawa, Ontario. RUTH was a school teacher and
a musician. Both RUTH and Tony performed social service work in
Ecuador, South America. They had: 1) Anna Jane, b 28 Jun 1951,
who m Douglas Roth. Anna was a musician and Douglas was a
minister in the Free Methodist Church. They had Rebecca Jeanette,
b 21 Dec 1988; 2) John Paul, b 11 Sept 1952, who was a planning
supervisor for General Motors in Oshawa. He m and had two
children; 3) Susan Mary, b 24 Jul 1955 at Oshawa. She m Bruce
Mitchell who was a teacher at the Rift Valley Academy, Kenya, East
Africa; 4) Lois May, b 11 Oct 1956. Lois was a registered nurse.
She performed social servicework in Ecuador. Lois m 20 Sept 1986
in Oshawa to Bob Savage, a printer. Bob was b in Belfast, No.
Ireland. They had: Crystal Joy, b 15 Feb 1989 and Richard Denis, b
11 Nov 1990; 5) David, b 22 Nov 1957, was a fireman. He m and
had 2 sons; 6) Grace, b 21 Feb 1964 in Oshawa. Grace was a
secretary and a musician; and 7) Sharon Gloria, b 2 Oct 1967 and d
3 Oct 1967.

2-5-6-4 ELSIE ARROL, b 13 Jan 1929 at Parksville, Vancouver
Island, British Columbia. She m on 16 Oct 1948 to Perceival Gordon
Gale Moore (lie was known as Gale) at Tintem, Ontario. The
ceremony was conducted by her father, EDWARD BUCHANAN
ARROL. Gale was a radio operator and Elsie and Gale lived in the


Arctic at Port Harrison, Churchill Bay. Elsie was a musician and

writer. She also made and sold quilts and chocolates. They retired in

Cannington, Ontario. ELSIE and Gale had: 1) Ronald Grant, b 26

Mar 1951, a Trade Magazine Auditor, m Colleen and had 4 children;

2) Douglas Kowell, b 21 Jul 1953, was in the leasing busmess, m Pat

and had 3 children; 3) Randall Kevin, b 17 Jun 1955, a mailman and

hockey player, and m Donna; 4) Darlene Janette, b 29 Sept 1958 and

m Noel Banavage; 5) Brenda, b 24 Oct 1962 and m Jeffrey Ansley.

They had: Christopher Ewan; 6) Barbara Lenore, b 30 Oct 1963 and

m 4 Oct 1986 to Bill Haldane in Toronto; and 7) Kenneth Bradley, b

25 Mar 1965.

2-5 Continued: JOHN ARROL, b 15 Aug 1856, m 2nd on 31 Dec 1889 to Margaret

Allen Coulthart, daughter of Robert Coulthart, farrier, and Jean Ritchie, b 4 Feb

1861 at Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire. She was a domestic servant. They m 31

Dec 1889 at the Free Church of Scotland. Margaret had a son, Thomas Morton

Coulthart, prior to her marriage to JOHN. He was raised in the household

along with the six children of JOHN'S prior marriage and with the children bom

to this marriage. The family lived in Possilpark, Maryhill and Springbum,

Glasgow. In addition to her children and step-children, Margaret also raised her

granddaughters following the death of her step-daughter, Sarah, and her

daughter, Peggy. JOHN d 13 Sept 1925 at Ruckhill Hospital, Possilpark,

Glasgow from pneumonia and cardiac arrest. Margaret immigrated to Canada

and the United States shortly after JOHN's death to be with her step-children

and children, several of which had previously immigrated to Canada and the

U.S. Her son, Thomas Morton, m 31 Dec 1901 to Lizzie Doyle, a firewood

splitter, at Allander Hall, Alexander Street, Glasgow. Lizzie, b circa 1884, was

the daughter of Edward Doyle and Anne Donaldson. Lizzie lived at 2 Keppoch

Row, Glasgow. Margaret d 2 Jul 1930 of a stroke in Detroit, Michigan.

Margaret was buried at Parkview Memorial Cemetary, Livonia, Michigan.

JOHN'S children by the 2nd marriage were:

2-5-7 ROBERT ARROL, b 25 Dec 1890 at Possilpark, St. Rollox, Glasgow.
He was raised in Possilpark, Maryhill and Springbum, Glasgow. He
immigrated to Canada, landing in Quebec on 3 Jun 1913. He settled in
Winnipeg, Manitoba and joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force during
WW I. He sailed from Montreal on 1 Jun 1915 on the SS Grampian and
served in France as Sergeant, Canadian Expeditionary Force, 43rd
Battalion. He was killed in action in France on 8 Oct 1916.
2-5-8 WILLIAM ARROL, b 4 Mar 1893 at 44 Mansion Street, Maryhill,
Glasgow. He lived at 33 Cowlairs Road, Springbum during his infancy
and youth. WILLIAM was blind in one eye and had poor vision in the
other eye. He attended Glasgow Asylum, a school for the blind, between
1909 and 1914. He was trained as a mental care nurse at the Epileptic
Colony, Stoneyetts, Chryston, near Glasgow, for eighteen months
(1915-16). He was then employed at the Riccartsbur Mental Hospital,
Gartnavel, Glasgow for 2 years and 4 months between 1916 and 30 Sept


1918. He attended Bamhill Parish Hospital School of Nursing for 7

months (1918-19) and became a registered nurse. He was employed by

the Steel Company of Scotland, Hillside, near Glasgow, in first aid for 3

years and 9 months until August of 1924. He m on 18 Oct 1922 to

Isabella Gordon at Strathdon, Aberdeenshire. Isabella was b 28 May 1895

at Ledmocoy, Strathdon, the daughter of Charles Gordon, farmer, and Jane

Niven. Isabella graduated from Bamhill Parish Hospital School of

Nursing, Glasgow and became a registered nurse. The family lived at 151

Hamilton Road, Cambuslang circa 1922-1924. They immigrated to the

United States m September 1924. They sailed from Greenock aboard the

steamship "Orduna". The family was interned at Ellis Island for two

weeks awaiting the new month's quota so that they could enter the United

States. They lived 1st in Takoma Park, Maryland where WILLIAM was

a nurse for eight months (1924-25) at the Washington Sanitarium, Takoma

Park, Maryland. They relocated in 1925 to Detroit, Michigan. They

resided at 1219 23rd Street, Detroit (1925-27) and at 15347 Littlefield

Avenue, Detroit (1927-65). WILLIAM and Isabella were private duty

nurses for most of their careers. WILLIAM and Isabella returned to

Scotland in 1948 for three months. WILLIAM d 14 May 1960 in Detroit

of multiple myeloma. Isabella d 5 Feb 1965 at Highland Park, Michigan

from lung hemorrhage as a result of earlier tuberculosis. They had:

2-5-8-1 JOHN ARROL, b 6 Aug 1923 at 151 Hamilton Avenue,

Cambuslang, Scotland. JOHN immigrated with his parents to the

United States in Oct 1924 at the age of 14 months. He resided in

Takoma Park, Maryland for nine months until his parents moved to

Detroit, Michigan in 1925. JOHN graduated from Adelphian

Academy, Holly, Michigan in 1940. He served in the US Merchant

Marine, Pacific Theatre, during WW II. JOHN m on 18 Jun 1949

to Jane Trice in Highland Park, Michigan. Jane was b 14 Aug 1925

in Detroit, Michigan, the daughter of Archibald (Arch) Trice, a

Quality Control Super\'isor for the Fleetwood Division of General

Motors Corporation, and Zerah Marie Stauffer, a postmistress. Jane

graduated from the University of Michigan Nursing School in 1947

and became a registered nurse. JANE practiced nursing for a

number of years as a private duty nurse in Detroit, at Vanderbilt

University Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee and at Colonial Manor

Nursing Home in Mequon, Wisconsin. JOHN graduated from Xavier

University, Cincinnati, Ohio in 1953 with a B.S.B.A. and Vanderbilt

University, Nashville, Tennessee in 1964 with an MA. He was

employed as a Cost Supervisor, Ford Motor Co., Cincinnati, Ohio

and Livonia, Michigan (1949-57); Planning Supervisor, Curtiss

Wright Corp. Woodridge New Jersey, (1957-58); Assistant

Controller, Avco Corp. Cincinnati, Ohio, Nashville, Tennessee and

Richmond, Indiana (1958-64); Corporate Controller, Globe-Union

Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1964-70); VP Chief Financial Officer,


Globe-Union Inc. (1971-73); Sr. VP Finance, The Rucker Co.,
Oakland, California (1973-77); Sr. VP Finance, NL Petroleum Svs!
Oakland, California (1977-78); VP Chief Financial Officer and
Director, Gardner Denver Co., Dallas, Texas (1978-79); VP Finance
and Administration, Systron Donner Corp., Concord, California
(1980-81), Executive VP, (1982), Chairman and CEO (1982-86);
Chairman, San Jose Capital Corporation (1976-85); Chairman,
Hughes Electronic Devices Corp., Grass Valley, California,
(1981-84); Vice Chairman, Chief Financial Officer and Director of
On-Site Technologies Corporation, Campbell, California (1988- );
Vice Chairman, Chief Financial Officer and Director of National
Water Management Corporation, San Jose, California (1988-90);
CEO, Personics Inc., Redwood City, California (1990); Director,
Roconex Corp., Los Gatos, California; Pantle Mining Corp., Grass
Valley, California; Paragon Technology Corp., Pleasant Hill,
California; Lightgate Inc., Berkeley, California; University
Semiconductor Inc., San Jose, California; California Capital Group,
San Francisco, California; ERA Advantage Inc., Orlando, Florida
(1990- ); and Optical Specialties Inc., Fremont, California. He was
an instructor at the University of Tennessee (1960-62) and at Indiana
University (1964); Advisory Board, Judson Steel Co., Emeryville,
California, (1976-77); Financial Center Bank, San Francisco;
Personics Inc., Redwood City, California; GammaLink Inc., Palo
Alto, California; MusicWriter Inc., Los Gatos, California and
LifePoint Systems Inc., New Orleans, Lousiana; Board of Directors,
Dallas Civic Opera; Milwaukee Chapter, American Red Cross and
the California Foundation for the Retarded, Oakland, California;
Advisory Council, the School of Business, San Francisco State
University; Advisory Board, Mt. Diablo Chapter Boy Scouts of
America, Walnut Creek, California; and General Partner, Thorn EMI
Venture Fund Ltd. (1983- ), Alamo, California. JOHN had an article
published in the February 1962 issue of the National Association of
Accountants Bulletin. JOHN was a philatelist and a collector of
China Trade Paintings and antique maps. In 1983 Jane suffered a
stroke which left her a handicapped person with significant speech,
writing and reading impairment. In 1993 JOHN and Jane resided in
Danville, California. They had:

2-5-8-1-1 ROBERT JOHN ARROL, b 15 May 1950 at Mt. Carmel
Hospital, Detroit, Michigan. He served with the US Army as
Sp. 4, 2nd Infantry Division, 73rd Armor, South Korea
(1971-73). He m 1st on 13 April 1973 to Ok Cha Kong
(SuChin) at the American Embassy, Seoul, Korea. He
graduated from the University of Wisconsin (1977) with a
B.B.A. degree with a major in marketing. He was divorced
from SuChin in 1978. ROBERT was a drilling fluids engineer


in the petroleum industry. He worked in the oil field and on
offshore drilling rigs in Texas, Oklahoma, California, New
Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico, the Persian Gulf, and on the North
Slope and the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. In 1988 he was
employed by the computer firm of Club American
Technologies Inc., Fremont, California as a group manager in
corporate marketing. He m 2nd on 16 Jan 1986 to Stella Yuk
Ching Tam in San Francisco, California. Stella was b 9 Jan
1951 in Hong Kong, the daughter of Hoo Kong Tam, Canton,
China, and Yung Yue Chow, Canton, China. Stella graduated
from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 1976 with a
B.B.A. degree. The couple met while they were students at the
University'. Stella returned to Hong Kong following graduation
and became a bank manager at Citibank. She moved to San
Francisco m August 1983. Stella was a Vice President of the
Union Bank, (1983 - ) San Francisco. Bob's hobbies were
gardening, interior decorating, aquarium marine and freshwater
fish and collecting antique toys. In 1993 the couple lived in
San Francisco, California.

2-5-8-1-2 NANCY ANN ARROL, b 29 May 1952 at
Mariemont, Cincinnati, Ohio. She was a member of the
Championship Swim Team, Richmond, Indiana (1963-64), and
a member and Captain of the Championship Debate and
Forensics Team (1966-70) at Homestead High School. She
attended summer debate and forensics programs at the
University of Wisconsin in 1968 and the University of Southern
California in 1969. She graduated from the University of
Wisconsin with a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology in 1974. She was
secretary to the Board of Directors for the John G. Shedd
Aquarium (1975-81). She m on 27 Aug 1977 to Ronald Lee
Brewer at Alamo, California. "Ron" was b 4 Oct 1949 at
Evanston Hospital, Evanston, Illinois. He was the son of
Robert Brewer, a plumber, and Agnes Peterson. Ron was a
dispatcher. NANCY graduated from Harper College, School of
Nursing, Hoffman, Illinois in May 1993 and became a
Registered Nurse. They had: 1) Jeffrey John, b 21 Jun 1981
at Elgin, IL; 2) David Alan, b 22 Dec 1983 at Elgin, IL; and 3)
Kathrjn Lynn, b 31 Jan 1989 at Elgin, IL. In 1993 they lived
in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

2-5-8-1-3 DAVID GORDON ARROL, b 29 Dec 1961 at Baptist
Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee. He received the Chemistry
Merit Award at Monte Vista High School, Danville, CA in
1980. He graduated from the University of California, Santa
Barbara with a B.S.E.E. in 1985. He was a police officer for
the city of Santa Barbara, CA from 1985 to 1990. He 1991 he


was a police officer in Gait, CA. DAVID m 28 Apr 1990 to
Laura Heleen Petter Hallowell at the Church of the Open Bible
in Santa Barbara, CA. Laura was b 2 May 1962 at St. Francis
Hospital, Santa Barbara, CA. She was the daughter of Janis
Heleen Silver and Randolph Petter. Randolph, a boat builder
and author of children's books, d Dec 1982 and Jams remarried
to David Hallowell, circa 1959. Laura attended Santa Barbara
High School and Alan Hancock Community College, Santa
Maria, CA. Her hobbies were running, writing, reading and
singing. David was a model railroad enthusiast. He received
recognition in 1990 from the Fire Chief of the City of Santa

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