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to Andrew Raymond Bradley at the Register Office in Gloucester,
Gloucestershire, England. Andrew was b circa 1962, the son of Raymond
George Bradley, a plant operative. They were living at 30 Llandilo Street,
Gloucester, England when they married.
1-4-4-7 MARK HAZELDINE ARROL b 19 Sept 1965 at City Maternity
Hospital, Gloucester. MARK was a labourer. He m 16 Jan 1987 to Kim
Pauline Jennings at Mendip, Somerset, England. Kim was b circa 1959, the
daughter of Raymond Turner, a builder. This was Kim's 2nd marriage, the
first marriage being dissolved. Kim was living at 194 Linden Avenue,
Gloucester when she married.
1-4-5 MARY BECK ARROL, b 17 Dec 1933 at Maternity Home, Motherwell,
Scotland. MARY BECK was a transport driver. She d 29 Jun 1967, at age 33,
in Law Hospital, Carluke of bronchogenic carcinoma with widespread
metastases. Her usual address in 1967 was 519 Glasgow Road, Wishaw.
1-4-6 ISABELLA ARROL, b 16 Jul 1936 at 19 Bell Road, Wishaw, Scotland.
ISABELLA was a clockwork inspectress for Smith's Clock Works. She lived
at 149 Main Street, Overtown. She m 16 Mar 1956 to John Leghorn, a
steelwork labourer, who lived at 21 Stahan Rd., Law, Carluke. John was the
son of Robert Leghorn, an assistant school janitor, and Marian Race.
1-4-7 PATRICIA ETHEL WILSON ARROL, b 1 Oct 1939 at 37 Harestone Road,
Wishaw. She was known as PATRICIA or PAT for short. She was apetrol
pump attendant. She m 19 Jul 1958 to Gerard Findlay Mills McGuiness at the
Roman Catholic Cathedral, Motherwell. Gerard, a coalminer, was the son of
Peter McGuiness (dec), a steelworker, and Margaret Graham. PATRICIA was
living at 519 Glasgow Road, Wishaw and Gerard at 41 Kylenore Crescent,
Motherwell when they married.
1-4-8 WILLIAM ALBERT VICKERS ARROL, b 15 Apr 1941 at 37 Harestone

Road, Wishaw.
1-4-9 JANETTE ARROL, b 31 Mar 1945 at 37 Harestone Road, Wishaw. In 1990
she was believed m to Roger Luce and lived in Gloucester.
1-5 ETHEL WILSON ARROL, b 25 Jun 1907 at 2 Herenley Street, Harrowgate Hill,
Darlington, Durham, England. ETHEL, a houseworker, m on 25 Oct 1924 to
William Wilson, a steelworker, at Cambusnethan. William was b circa 1901, the
son of William Wilson (dec), a colliery engine keeper, and Jeanne Cairns. ETHEL
was living at 5 Beitare St., Wishaw and William at 177 Cambusnethan when they
married. ETHEL d 12 Dec 1961 at Law Hospital, Carluke of broncho pneumonia.
In 1961 her usual address was 30 Benham Road, Shotts.
1-6 WILLIAM BRODICK HAZELDINE ARROL, b 19 Mar 1910 at 53 Honeypot
Lane, Darlington, Durham, England. He was believed to have been known as
"BILL" and to have traveled to Canada prior to WW II and to have been employed
in clearing forests. WILLIAM may have been a sergeant major in the Canadian
Army during WW II. He is believed to have eventually returned to Scotland
where he m on 10 Mar 1950 to Grace Grierson Robson at Mosspark Church,


Pollok, Glasgow. WILLIAM was a bus conductor when he married, a biscuit

factory worker in 1958 and a fat blender in 1973. He lived at 93 Honey bug Road,

Glasgow and Grace lived at 583 Crockerhill Road, Glasgow when they married.

Grace was the daughter of Hugh Robson (dec), a locomotive driver, and Mary

Agnes Fraser. In 1958 he lived at 62 Fairfield Street, Glasgow and in 1973 he

lived at 50 Gormanside Road, Glasgow. He d 29 Apr 1973 at 50 Gormanside

Road, Glasgow of bronchopneumonia and carcinoma of the lung. They had:

1-6-1 SENG A MARY ARROL, b 13 Dec 1950 at 1301 Govan Road, Glasgow.

SENG A was a sales assistant. She was m 16 Sept 1972 to Alistar Hugh Brodie

at St. James Church, Glasgow. Alistar, a crane driver, was b 2 Jun 1950 in

Glasgow. He was the son of Alistar Brodie, a furniture porter, and Margaret

Boyd Davidson.

1-6-2 ROBINA HAZELDINE ARROL, b 7 Mar 1953 at 133 Balomack Road,

Springbum, Glasgow. ROBINA was a sales assistant who lived at 50

Dormanide Rd., Glasgow. She m 3 1 Dec 1971 to David Cunningham Stobbart,

an engineer, b 27 Dec 1949. He lived at 5 Kilmarin Place, Glasgow. David

was the son of William Walker Stobbart, housepainter (foreman), and Grace

McKenzie Paterson.

1-6-3 JANET ROBSON ARROL, b 10 Dec 1958 at Govan Road, Glasgow.

JANET m on 3 Apr 1976 to James Davidson at St. James (Pollok) Church,

Glasgow. JANET was a sales assistant who lived at 50 Dormaside Rd.,

Glasgow. James, b 4 Aug 1957 in Scotland, lived at 153 Raeberry St.,

Glasgow and was a despatch clerk. He was the son of Eric Davidson,

compositor, and Evelyn May Davies.

1-6-4 WILLIAM HAZELDINE ROBSON ARROL, b 15 Apr 1962 at 62 Fairfield

Street, Govan, Glasgow. WILLIAM was a maintenance engineer. He m 2 Nov

1989 to Helene Casey in Perth. Helene was b 17 Jun 1969, the daughter of

Matthew Kennedy Casey, a shipbuilder, and Helen Kelly.

1-6-5 HUGH ROBSON ARROL, b 3 Jun 1964 at 62 Fairfield Street, Glasgow,

1-6-6 WALTER SHAW ARROL, b 5 Dec 1967 at Maternity Hospital, Glasgow.
1-7 JANET ARROL, b 28 Jul 1912 at 4 Castlehill Terrace, Castlehill, Cambusnethan.
JANET is believed to have been a domestic servantand believed to have m 7 Sept
1939 to John Smith Milne, an omnibus driver. They had: Walter Arrol Milne.
JANET may have m 2nd circa 1950 to Peter Henney, a joiner. JANET d 23 Aug
1989 at Glasgow of a myocardial infraction.
1-8 ROBINA HAZELDINE ARROL, b 19 Apr 1915 at 5 Ben's Row, Wishaw,
ROBINA m 1st on 30 Sept 1933 to Thomas Gillin McHugh at 36 High St., Perth,
by declaration in presence of Thomas Thomsan, Purrannce Hotel, Kinlock Barrack
and Margaret Gowards of St Leonard's Back, Perth. Thomas, b 1912, was a pile
driver living at Kinloch Barrack. He was the son of Charles McHugh, a
commercial traveller, and Margaret Gillin (dec). They were divorced 3 Jul 1948.


She m 2nd on 18 Sept 1948 to Walter James Crosbie Wells at Lainsdownie
Church, Maryhill, Glasgow. ROBINA was a canteen assistant and Walter was an
electrical fitter. Walter lived at 151 West Graham Street, Glasgow. He was the
son of Robert Muir Wells, an office caretaker, and Jemima Crosbie.



I THOMAS ARROL, b circa 1783. (See Section II, Paragraph 2-1-2-1-2, Page 147
for possible heritage of this family.) THOMAS was an auctioneer and an innkeeper.
He m 22 Jan 1803 to Janet Allen (Allan) at Paisley Abbey, County Renfrew They

1 JEAN ARROL, b 23 Dec 1804 at Paisley. JEAN m circa 1829 to Tom Hamilton.
They had two sons: 1) Tom who m Margaret Founds and they had: James who m
Ellen Cochran and; 2) John who m Margaret Morrison and had a daughter, Bethia.

2 CHARLES ARROL, b 18 Apr 1807 and christened 3 May 1807 at Paisley.

3 ELIZABETH ARROL, b 26 Nov 1809.

4 JAMES ARROL, b 26 Jul 1811 at Paisley In 1833 he was a boardsmith. JAMES
registered for marriage on 12 May 1833 to Bethia Hamilton in Paisley. Bethia was
b in 1808. In 1840 he was a textile foreman in Johnstone and by 1852 he was a
textile mill manager. JAMES d 20 Nov 1874 at New Mill, Johnstone of apoplexy.
Bethia d 4 Dec 1872 in Johnstone of cancer of the rectum and paralysis. They had:
4-1 JAMES ARROL, Jr, b 9 Feb 1836 at Houston. He m 2 Nov 1858 to Mary

Thomson at Johnstone, Renfrewshire. JAMES was a bookkeeper when he m
and in 1879 he was a cashier at a chemical work. He was also employed as an
engineer's clerk and a mercantile bookkeeper. JAMES d 25 Oct 1906 at 23
Clifford Street, Govan, Glasgow of carcinoma of the liver and lungs MARY
d 4 Oct 1922 at 23 Clifford Street, Govan of cerebral hemmorrhage. They had:
4-1-1 BETHIA HAMILTON ARROL, b 10 Sept 1859 at Bank Place, Johnstone.
BETHIA d 1 1 Mar 1869, at age 9, at 174 Cumberard St., South Glasgow of
scarlet fever.
4-1-2 ARCHIBALD ARROL, b 4 Aug 1861 at Abbey, Paisley. He d 3 Apr
1862 at 8 months of age at Bank Place, Johnstone. He had congestion of the
4-1-3 JAMES ARROL, b 10 Apr 1863 at Johnstone. JAMES is "believed to

have been a landowner in Brazil and to have died in that country."
4-1-4 BARBARA WATSON ARROL, b 16 Jun 1865 at Abbey, Paisley.

BARBARA d 14 Sept 1914 in Kirkintilloch.
4-1-5 THOMAS ARROL, b 6 Sept 1867 at 25 High Street, Johnstone.
THOMAS was a costs clerk. He m 3 Mar 1923 to Mary Ann Margaret
Moore at the Register Office in Wandsworth, London. Mary Ann was the
daughter of Frederick James Young (dec), an electric wireman. Mary Ann
was a widow when she married THOMAS. THOMAS and Mary Ann were
living at 61 Strathblaine Road, Battersea, London when they manied. Mary
Ann d 29 Jan 1932 at Bolingbroke Hospital, 961 Strathblane Road, Battersea,
London. Mary committed suicide while of unsound mind. She had multiple
injuries in a fall from a window. Thomas d 22 Oct 1936 at Battersea,
4-1-6 MATHEW THOMSON ARROL, b 27 Sept 1869 at 174 Cumberland
Street, Glasgow. MATHEW was an electrical engineer. He m 27 Aug 1912


to Catherine Tudhope Crawford at the Alexander Hotel, Govan. Catherine
was b circa 1879, the daughter of David Owens, grocer, and Isabella
Crawford. At the time of her marriage she lived at 34 Highburgh Drive,
Bumside, Rutherglen. She attested that she had "borne this name since
childhood". MATHEW lived at 23 Clifford Street, Ibrox, Govan when he
married. He d 24 Feb 1943 at 189 Copland Road, Glasgow of cancer of the
throat. He had cancer for 1 year, 3 months. Catherine d 28 Jun 1952 at 189
Copland Road, Glasgow of pernicious anaemia and aplastic anaemia. They

4-1-6-1 JAMES ARROL, b 14 Jun 1917 at 189 Copland Road, Plantation,

Glasgow. JAMES was a quantity surveyor. JAMES was a gurmer in the

Royal Artillery, British Army when he m 1st on 5 May 1942 to Eunice

Jane Clements Elrick at Rossland Church, Bishopton, Glasgow, according

to the forms of the Church of Scotland. Eunice was a chemical

laboratory assistant. Eunice was the daughter of John Carrington Perry

Elrick, a Sgt. in the Gordon Highlanders, and Lois Jane Elrick Smith

(later Learmonth). Eunice lived at 25 Rossland Crescent when she

married. Eunice d 4 Mar 1971 at 34 Falcon Court, Edinburgh of

hypertension and heart degeneration. JAMES m 2nd on 14 Jun 1975 to

Elsie Grinton Brotherstone Dean at Momingside, Edinburgh. Elsie was

a company director. She was bom 1 Jan 1923 in England, the daughter

of Thomas Grinton Dean, a ship plater, and Elizabeth Byrne. Elsie d 26

Aug 1990 at Edinburgh. JAMES and Eunice had:

4-1-6-1-1 MARTINE EUNICE ARROL, b 10 Oct 1956 at Maternity

Hospital, Glasgow. MARTINE attended Craigholme School, Glasgow;

St. Denis School, Edinburgh; and Edinburgh University. MARTINE

was a chartered accountant. In 1975 she resided at 16 Craiglochart

Avenue, Edinburgh. She was employed originally by Coopers and

Lybrand. She took her training with the firm in the Edinburgh Office

and was then on contract in Malawi. In early 1988 she was head

accountant for Tullis Neill Limited, a printer and manufacturer of

business forms and waxed papers, located in Edinburgh. She resigned

when she m on 20 Feb 1988 to Paul Ferguson at St. Cuthbert's

Church, Edinburgh. Paul, b 20 Aug 1956 in Peking, China, was the

son of Kenneth Ferguson and Eileen Lavin. Kenneth Ferguson was

a diplomat in the British Foreign Office. Paul attended Downside

School in Bath, England and Sussex University. He was a chartered

accountant with Coopers and Lybrand. The couple made their home

in Lusaka, Zambia, Central Africa in 1989. They relocated to

Edinburgh, Scotland in 1990. They had: Calum Kenneth Arrol

Ferguson, b 18 May 1989 in Edinburgh, Scotland and Gemne

Catherine Elrick Ferguson, b 13 Feb 1991 in Edinburgh, Scotland

4-1-6-2 CATHERINE CRAWFORD ARROL, b 20 Aug 1 9 1 3 at 1 89 Copland

Road. Govan, Glasgow. CATHERINE m 21 Feb 1952 to John Russell

Needle at Bellahouston Church, Glasgow. She was living at 189


Copeland Road, Glasgow when she married. John was an insurance agent

and later a district insurance manager. He was b circa 191 1, the son of

George Henry Needle (dec), a post office sorter and telegraphist, and

Katherine Eliza Ann Russell. He lived at 4 Ibron Terrace, Glasgow.

CATHERINE d 13 Feb 1966 at Blenheim Cottage, Maddiston of acute

myocardial failure.

-1-7 MARY ARROL, b 23 Mar 1872. MARY was a housekeeper. She never

married. She d 27 Dec 1951 at Abington Park Road, Kim (near Dunoon) of

coronary thrombosis.

-1-8 CHARLES ARROL, b 15 Jun 1874 at Muirhall, West Calder. CHARLES

was a mechanical and electrical engineer. In 1904 he lived at 23 Clifford

Street, Go van. He m 8 Jun 1904 to Jessie Steven Bryson at the Burgh Hall,

PoUokshields, Glasgow. Jessie was b circa 1874, the daughter of James

Bryson, a cheese importer and provision merchant, and Marion Leishman.

JESSIE d 22 Nov 1950 at 75 Dryburgh Ave., Rutherglen of cerebral

thrombosis and cardiac failure. CHARLES d 24 May 1953 in Rutherglen,

Glasgow of influenza and cardiac failure at 75 Dryburgh Avenue. They had:

4-1-8-1 JAMES ARROL, b 1 Nov 1905 at 626 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow.

He m 4 Jul 1933 to Margaret Guthrie Kyle in Blythswood, Glasgow.

Margaret was b 15 Oct 1905, the daughter of Thomas Kyle, a

housepainter and decorator, and Barbara Richmona Thomson. JAMES

lived at 14 Carleton Place, Penrith, Cumberland in 1950. JAMES was the

dux (top boy) medallist of the High School of Glasgow. Both JAMES

and Margaret graduated from Glasgow University. Margaret d 23 Jun

1968 at Stonehouse Hospital, Stonehouse of broncho-pneumonia,

hypertension, congestive cardiac failure and general arterio-sclerosis.

JAMES was an Inspector of Taxes for Inland Revenue. JAMES d 18

Nov 1989. They had:

4-1-8-1-1 BARBARA KYLE ARROL, b 10 Aug 1935 at 2 Broughallan
Gardens, Kern, Dunoon. In 1961 BARBARA was a school teacher
and lived at 29 Highburgh Drive, Rutherglen. She m 14 Aug 1961 to
Edward Malcolm MacNab at Stonelaw Church, Rutherglen. Edward,
b 1927, a chartered accountant of 4 Craigwell Ave., Rutherglen, was
the son of Edward Houston MacNab, cashier, and Flora Thomson
Bownie. In 1989 they lived in Dollar. They had: 1) Fiona Margaret,
b 1963 and m 1989 to Simon Kennedy. They had: Andrew James; 2)
Moma Ann, b 1965, and 3) Morag Barbara, b 1968. Morag was a
4-1-8-1-2 CHARLES ARROL, b 4 Jun 1939 at 66 Ayr Road, Prestwick

and d 5 Jun 1939 at Monkton, Ayrshire.
4-1-8-1-3 THOMAS JAMES ARROL, b 27 Jul 1943 at 54 Marsh Road,
Pinner, Harrow, Middlesex, England. THOMAS m 29 Dec 1967 to
Elizabeth (Betty) Anderson. Betty attended the University of
Strathclyde. The couple relocated to London, England in 1968. Both
TOM and Betty were employed by Thorn EMI pic. (1968-1972). In


1989 Betty was Director of Planning for Bamet Health Authority and
THOMAS was the school accountant for Harrow School. TOM was
on the Council of the Bums Club of London and was the President of
the Harrow and District Caledonian Society. In 1990 the family lived
in Harrow, Middlesex, England where they had lived since 1968.
4-1-8-2 MARION BRYSON ARROL, b 31 Mar 1911 at 75 Dryburgh
Avenue, Rutherglen. MARION graduated from the University of
Glasgow. She was a Queens Nurse.
4-1-9 MARGARET ARROL, b 27 Jul 1877 at Muirhall Cottage, West Calder.
MARGARET m 19 Sept 191 1 to Harry Harper at Alexandra Hotel, Glasgow
according to the forms of the Church of Scotland. Harry, an accountant,
was b circa 1878, the son of William Young, a dairy tanner, and Helen Read
(dec). Margaret was living at 23 Clifford Street, Ibrox, Glasgow and Harry
at 10 Penertey Road, Carford, Loundon when they married. MARGARET
d 16 Nov 1957 at Elmview, Clyde Street, Kim of arteriosclerosis.
4-1-10 WILLIAM ARROL, b 19 Jun 1879 at Melboume House, Bathgate.
WILLIAM was a railway clerk. He never married. He d 20 Mar 1972 at
Finnartmore Hospital, Kilmun, of cerebral arteriosclerous and bronchitis. His
residence was at Abington Park, Kim.
4-2 THOMAS ARROL, b 7 Mar 1834 at Houston. THOMAS was a contractor's
clerk. He never married. THOMAS was the informant on his father's death.
He d 27 Oct 1896 at 6 Ashton Road, Gourock of chronic nephritis.
4-3 JANET ARROL, b 30 Apr 1838 at Houston and d 17 Dec 1919 at Kilmacolm.
4-4 BETHIA ARROL, b 17 Jun 1840 at Abbey, Paisley. She m 30 Dec 1873 to
John Robertson at Ludovic Square, Johnstone. BETHIA was living at Rankin
Street, Johnstone at the time of her marriage. John, b circa 1843, was a slater
and plasterer, living at Ludovic Square, Johnstone. He was the son of John
Robertson, a slater and plasterer, and Margaret Sloan (dec). BETHIA d 13 Jul
1926 in Kilmacolm of a malignant tumor of the rectum.
4-5 CHARLES ARROL, b 31 Jul 1842 at Abbey, Paisley. CHARLES was an
engineer. He m Helen Waddell circa 1867. Charles d 2 Aug 1,905 at Castle
Terrace, Dollar, of carcinoma of the prostate gland. Helen d 30 Dec 1937 at
Hampstead, London.
4-6 JEAN ARROL, b 26 Jun 1844 at Abbey, Paisley. JEAN (JANE) is believed to

have d 11 Apr 1939 at Kilmacolm.
4-7 WILLIAM ARROL, b 1 1 Jul 1846 at Abbey, Paisley. WILLIAM was a marme
engineer. He m 15 Jun 1882 to Elizabeth Graham at the Parish Church,
Bromley, London, Middlesex, England. Elizabeth was b circa 1832 at Dairy,
Scotland, the daughter of Joseph Graham, an engine driver. Within a few
months of their marriage, WILLIAM and Elizabeth immigrated to New Zealand.
WILLIAM d 18 May 1910 at 84 Grey Street, Auckland, New Zealand of
Addison's Disease. He was buried at Waikumete. WILLIAM and Elizabeth

4-7-1 JANET BETHIA ARROL, b 27 Mar 1888 at Napier, New Zealand.
JANET was a domestic. She m 8 Apr 1907 to Arthur Galbraith, a storeman.


at her home on Grey Street in Auckland. Arthur was b circa 1884, at
Hikurangi, New Zealand. He was the son of Christopher Galbraith, a
contractor, and Catherine McLaren.
4-7-2 JAMES ARROL, b 28 Dec 1889 at West Clive, Hawkes Bay, Auckland.
JAMES was a labourer. He m 4 Sept 1919 to Mabel Mary Reid at the
Registrar's Office in Auckland. Mabel was a widow. She was b circa 1893
at Auckland, the daughter of Joseph Patrick Kelly, a saddler, and Ella May
Williams. JAMES d 6 Oct 1919 at Auckland Hospital. JAMES d as a result
of compression of the brain due to hemorrhage following a head injury
caused by the fall of a crane's derrick. JAMES and Mabel had:
4-7-2-1 JAMES DOUGLAS ARROL, b 31 Dec 1919 at Auckland, New
4-7-3 ELIZABETH ARROL, b 31 Mar 1893 at Motinoa, New Plymouth, New
Zealand. ELIZABETH was a domestic. She m 29 Oct 1913 to John
Longville in the residence of Reverend J. Oliphert on Sherwood Road, Mt,
Eden, Auckland. John, a carpenter, was b circa 1898 at Auckland, the son
of Thomas Longville, a painting contractor, and Ann Brooks.
4-7-4 WILLIAM ARROL, b circa 1896 at Stratford, New Zealand. WILLIAM
was a butcher. He m 29 Sept 1920 to Mary McQueen at St. Benedict's
Church, Auckland. Mary was b circa 1901 at Paisley, Renfrewshire,
Scotland, the daughter of Robert McQueen, a blacksmith, and Margaret
4-8 MARY ARROL, b 16 Nov 1848 at Abbey, Paisley. In 1873 MARY was a
millner and lived at New Mill, Rankin Street, Johnstone. She m 1st on 25 Jun
1873 to Robert Gardner of Govan, Glasgow. Robert was a grain salesman and
later a contractor's clerk. He was b circa 1847, son of Robert Gardner, a grain
miller's clerk, and Janet Cochran. MARY m 2nd on 18 Oct 1889 to Alfred
Charles Watson, a cigar merchant and a commission agent. Alfred was a
widower. He was b circa 1 846, the son of John Octavius Watson, an auctioneer,
and Eliza Powell. MARY d 9 May 1929 at Dunrune, Kilmacolm of carcinoma
of the stomach and liver. MARY and Robert had: Robert Gardner who lived at
46 Hanes Street, Pollokshields.
4-9 MARGARET ARROL, b 6 Apr 1852 at Abbey, Paisley. "MAGGIE" was m on
27 Jun 1878 to James Anderson at Octavia Buildings, Kilmacolm, according to
the forms of the Congregationalists. James was a surgeon. He was b circa
1851, the son of Charles Anderson, a baker, and Agnes Finnic. MAGGIE was
living at Octavia Buildings, Kilmalcolm and James at 2 Graham Street,
Johnstone when they married.

5 WILLIAM ARROL, b 18 Mar 1814 at Glasgow. WILLIAM m on 26 Oct 1834 to
Rachel Key at Manchester, Cathedral, Lancashire. Rachel was b circa 1812 and d
12 Jan 1871 at 69 Bradford Street, Ancoats, Manchester, England of meningitis.
WILLIAM d 28 Nov 1886 at Kirby Street, Ancoats, Manchester, Lancaster, England
of hemiplegia exhaustion. WILLIAM'S nephew, John Hunter, of Meikleriggs,
Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland was in attendance when he died.

6 THOMAS ARROL, b 14 May 1816 and bapt 26 May 1816 at Abbey, Paisley. He


m 28 Feb 1833 to Agnes Hodgart at Abbey, Paisley by the Reverend Rob MacNair
of Abbey Manse. Agnes was b in 1810 at Quairelton, County Renfrew, Early in his
career THOMAS was a cotton spinner at Johnstone, Renfrewshire in 1833. He was
a spinner in Houston and Killelan, Renfrewshire (1835-39), a spinner/manager in
Johnstone (1841-49) and a foreman in a thread mill at 8 Back Row, Ferguslie,
Paisley (1861). He resided at 43 Broomlands, High Parish, Paisley in 1854.
According to Sir Robert Purvis's memoirs on Sir William Arrol (William Blackwood
and Sons, 1913), THOMAS was the manager of Coats Mill, Paisley. THOMAS
received a severe injury to his back during a fire which destroyed the mill and for
years he was unable to work. (There is doubt as to the accuracy of this statement
expressed by some of his descendants.) Agnes d 9 Oct 1889 at Paisley. THOMAS
d 8 Nov 1891 at Glenara, Meikleriggs, Paisley. THOMAS and Agnes had nine

6-1 AGNES HODGART ARROL, b 17 May 1834 at Houston. AGNES m 31 Dec

1855 at Paisley to John Mclnnis, a master joiner. They had: 1) William, who

m Helen Jenkins and had Minnie, John, Mary and — ; 2) Thomas, who m

Margaret Cochrane and had Thomas, 3) Mary, who m Archibald Cowan and had

Janet, Mary and Agnes who m Martin Pitt; 4) Agnes, who m Alex Eccles and

had Gilbert and Agnes, 5) Charles; and 6) John, who m Lizzie Cowan. AGNES

ARROL McINNlS was the mformant on the death of her father, THOMAS

ARROL, on 8 Nov 1891. AGNES d 27 Mar 1912 at Inchcolm, Elderslie,

Johnstone of influenza and congestion of the brain and lungs.

6-2 THOMAS ARROL, b 27 Sept 1835 at Houston. THOMAS m 26 Dec 1861 to

Isabella MacGregor Weddell at 9 Back Row, Abbey Parish, Paisley, according

to the Forms of the Church of Scotland. Isabella, bcirca 1 840/4 1 , was living at

37 Ferguslie, Paisley when she married. She was the daughter of John Waddell,

spirit dealer, and Margaret Hunter (dec). Isabella d 14 Jun 1897 at Bridgeton,

Glasgow. THOMAS d 16 Mar 1904. The couple had three children:

6-2-1 THOMAS ARROL, b 8 Nov 1862 at 51 Broomland Street, Paisley.

THOMAS was a mechanical engineer. He m 22 Dec 1892 to Mary Marion

Neilson. Mary, b circa 1864, was the daughter of Samuel Neilson, a spirit

merchant, and Mary Denholm. He lived at 145 Greenhead Terrace,

Greenhead Street, Glasgow when he married. Mary Marion d 15 May 1898

at 5 Wilton Mansions, Glasgow. She died of multiple carcinoma which she

had for 3 1/2 years. THOMAS d 21 Aug 1913 of cerebral thrombosis and

cardiac failure at 1 1 Victoria Circus, Hillhead, Glasgow. They had:

6-2-1-1 MAY DENHOLM ARROL, b 30 Sept 1893 at 101 Armdale St.,

Glasgow. She m 29 Sep 1920 to Matthew Marion Kennedy White, a

farmer. They had: 1) John, who m Noreen Benman and they had Louise

who m George Moore. They in turn had: Patricia, Pamela and Jane; and

2) Thomas, who m Daphne Ellis. MARY d 25 Apr 1985 at Merse

House, Kirkcudbright of acute cardiac failure. She was 91 years old.

6-2-2 MARGARET "MAGGIE" HUNTER ARROL, b 8 Oct 1866 at 37

Ferguslie, Paisley. MAGGIE never married. She d 13 Jun 1961 at Kepstom,

Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire of carcinoma of the colon. The informant on her


death was Mary D. White, a niece.

6-3 JANET ARROL, b 17 Mar 1837 at Houston, Renfrewshire. She d 9 Feb 1927.
She m 28 Aug 1862 to John Hunter in Paisley (Abbey). John Hunter d 1890 in
Montreal, Quebec. They had: 1) John Hunter who m Kate Gardner. Sir John
Hunter was Secretary and a Director in the firm of Sir William Arrol & Co. Ltd.
During WW I he was Director of Steel Production and later Director -
Aerodrome Construction. He was knighted and made a Knight Commander of
the New Order of the British Empire. Followmg WW I he became Chairman
of Sir William Arrol & Co. Ltd. They had: 1) Kate who m Gordon Lang, and
2) Eric who m Violet Connel Eric and Violet had three children: A) John
Arthur Arrol Hunter. John Arthur Arrol Hunter m 23 Jun 1951 to Rosemary
Jackson Millar. John Arthur served in World War II in the Royal Navy. He
was a volunteer reserve on armed motor launches. He joined Sir William Arrol
& Co. Ltd and became the last managing director of the company through 1969
when the company merged. John Arthur Arrol Hunter and Rosemary resided in

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