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on Chambers Street, near Edinburgh University, in Edinburgh. Maggie attended
school in Pollokshields and Glasgow University. She obtained her teaching
credentials after attending University in Edinburgh. Maggie was an instructor
in French and German. Maggie visited the United States and lived for a month
in Kansas City. She hitchhiked across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto in
1970. Nigel Arrol and Maggie had: Jane Van Hegan Arrol MacLardie, b 7 Mar
1980 in Edinburgh, and James Hamilton Arrol MacLardie, b 9 Jun 1983 at
Bangour, Lothian; 3) Lindsay Arrol MacLardie who m - — Barry and resided in
London; and 4) Julie Arrol MacLardie who m — Gowen and resided in
Therfield, Herfordshire.
7 JOHN ARROL, b 28 Jun 1818 and bapt 5 Jul 1818 at Paisley. JOHN was a
labourer. He m 17 Oct 1840 to Barbara Mclnnes. Barbara, b circa 1818, was from
the Bridge of Weir, Kilbarchan. The family emigrated to the United States. They


arrived in New York aboard the ship "Margaret" on 17 May 1848 from Greenock,
Scotland. (See the Famine Immigrants, Lists of Irish Immigrants Arriving at the Port
of New York 1846-1851, Ira A. Glazier, Editor. Arriving in New York are: JOHN,
age 30; Barbara, age 30; Jane, age 5; and Janet, age 1.) JOHN is listed in the
Connecticut census of 1850 as living in Derby, New Haven County, Connecticut.
(Page 31 1 of the census.) A newspaper clipping from the Scottish American Journal
notes that JOHN ARROL d circa 1880 in Waterbury, Connecticut and left a "widow
and family". The clipping was not dated. The couple is believed to have had:
7-1 JANE (JEAN) ARROL, b circa 1843.
7-2 JANET ARROL, b circa 1847.



I JOHN ARROLL, b 4 Feb 1829. (See Section V, Paragraph 10-2, Page 166.) JOHN m
17 Sept 1854 to Barbara Johnston (or Johnstone) in Barony, Glasgow. Barbara was b
circa 1833, the daughter of James Johnston (dec), bricklayer's labourer, and Marion
Turner (dec). JOHN was a weaver when he married, a press-printer when their
daughter, Marion, was b in 1855, and a carpet weaver when their son, James, was b
in 1858. In 1858 the family lived at 27 George Street, in Mileend, Bridgeton,
Glasgow, in the 1861 census they were living at 33 George Street, Glasgow and in
1891 the family lived in a two room apartment at 28 Greenvale Street, Glasgow.
Barbara d 19 Apr 1891 at 28 Greenvale Street, Glasgow of 'fatty degeneration of heart'
and bronchitis. They had:

1 MARION ARROLL, b 16 Jan 1855 at 165 Tylefield Street, Glasgow. She m 31 Mar

1882 to Robert Carson, a brassfinisher. She d 26 Feb 1895 at 143 Main Street,
Glasgow of tubercular peritonitis.

2 AGNES ARROLL, b 22 Apr 1857 at 27 George Street, Mileend, Glasgow. AGNES
d 2 May 1862 at 33 George Street, Glasgow as a result of bronchitis which she had
for five weeks.

3 JAMES ARROLL, b 25 Dec 1858 at 27 George Street, Mileend, Bridgeton. He m
4 Oct 1878 to Agnes Stobo at 2 Broompark Circus, Dermistoun, according to the
forms of the Church of Scotland. Agnes, b circa 1860/61, was a cotton mill worker,
the daughter of Robert Stobo, carpet weaver, and Agnes Shields. JAMES was living
at 28 Greenvale Street, Glasgow and Agnes at 26 James Street, Glasgow when they
married. When JAMES was married he was a brassfinisher. Agnes operated a small
mangling business from the family home on London Road opposite Arrol Place,
behind the Arrol Engineering Works. When JAMES was bom the name was spelled
ARROLL. However, when he married the name was spelled ARROL. The family
moved to Durham, Sunderland, England where a son was bom in 1883. Some time
after that the family moved back to Glasgow. Agnes d 9 Jun 1902 at Woodilee
Asylum, Lenzie, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire. Her usual residence was 471
London Road, Glasgow. JAMES d 22 Aug 1910 at 140 Dalmamock Road, Glasgow.
JAMES d of a cerebral hemmorhage. They had:

3-1 BARBARA JOHNSTON ARROL, b 13 Nov 1879 at 32 Bellfield Street,
Dennistoun, Glasgow. BARBARA was an infirmary housemaid at the Glasgow
Royal Infirmary. She enjoyed knitting. "The knitting needles were never out
of her hands." She m 15 Apr 1910 to John Fox, an engineer's labourer, at
Calton Parish Church, Glasgow. John Fox was b circa 1875 of 29 Hozier
Street, Glasgow, the son of Thomas Fox (dec), a labourer from Ireland, and
Rose Ann Brown (dec). BARBARA was also living at 29 Hozier Street,
Glasgow at the time of her marriage. The Fox family operated a small coal
business near Glasgow Cross. BARBARA d 1 Jun 1934 at age 54 in
Dennistoun, Glasgow. John Fox d in 1942. They had: 1) James (Jimmy) Arrol
Fox, b 23 Apr 1907 at 144 Barrowfield Street, Glasgow; 2) John Arrol Fox, b


10 Dec 1908 at 60 John Street, Glasgow and d 24 Jan 1910; 3) Annie Elliott

Fox, b 1912; 4) Robert Arrol Fox, b 191 1; 5) Hugh (Hughie) Corruthers Fox,

b 6 Oct 1913; and 6) John Fox, b 7 Oct 1918. The family lived at 189 Hunter

Street and at John Knox Street in Tovvnhead, Glasgow.

3-2 MARION ARROL, b 14 Sept 1881 at 21 Broad Street, Glasgow and d 1 Mar

1885 at age 3 years, 5 months at 31 Little Street, Glasgow. MARION d of

scarlatina and nephritis.

3-3 JAMES STOBO ARROL, b 4 Sept 1883 at 58 Nile Street, Sunderland, Durham,

England. JAMES STOBO ARROL m 1st on 12 Dec 1902 to Agnes Anne

Clark McPeak at 3 1 Rockcliffe Street in Bridgeton, Glasgow. Agnes was a

cotton carder and lived at 328 Nuneaton Street. She was b circa 1883, the

daughter of James McPeak, labourer, and Janet McCall Leitch (dec by 1902).

JAMES STOBO was a plumber in 1902, a coal merchant's-carter in 1903, an

infirmary -plumber in 1906 and an engineer's labourer by 191 1. He served in

WW 1 in the 16th Highland Light Infantry. He was wounded twice and gassed

twice in the Battle of the Somme and Paschendale Ridge. Agnes d 20 Apr

1920 at Dennistoun, Glasgow. JAMES m 2nd on 29 Oct 1920 to his cousin,

Margaret Stobo. Margaret was b 17 Apr 1891 at 22 Causewayside Street,

Paisley. Six children from the two marriages eventually emigrated to New

Zealand. Margaret was a machinist in the Co-operative Bedding Co., where her

father, John, was the chargehand. In 1958 JAMES and Margaret, along with

their daughter, ISABELLA, left Glasgow and sailed aboard the "SS Sibajak"

to join their children in New Zealand. During the voyage JAMES suffered a

cerebral hemorrhage and d 24 Feb 1958, a few days before the ship arrived in

New Zealand. Margaret d 24 Jan 1978 in Opotiki. They are buried in Opotiki

Lawn Cemetary, Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand The children of the 1st

marriage of JAMES STOBO ARROL to Agnes Anne McPeak were:

3-3a-l JAMES ARROL, b 11 Nov 1903 at 16 Montgomery Street, Glasgow.

JAMES was a window cleaner. He lived at 9 Bernard Street, Bridgeton,

Glasgow. JAMES m on 14 Jul 1922 to Catherine "Kate" Martin Greer at

Thistle Hall, Savoy Street, Glasgow. Catherine, a carpet weaver, was b

circa 1899, the daughter of John Greer, a power loom operator, and

Elizabeth Bryson He was living at 8 Montgomery Street and Catherine

was living at 88 Bernard Street, Glasgow when they married. 'JIMMY'

was in the Royal Army Service Corps (1939-1944) during WW II. He

served in France and was evacuated from Dunkirk He then served in the

Middle East and was invalided home on the SS Queen Mary. He had the

rank of Staff Sergeant. He was hospitalized at Hairmyres Hospital, East

Kilbridge and d on 20 Sept 1944 of carcinoma of the lung. He was buried

at Tollcross (Central) Churchyard, Glasgow, Section L., Grave 1 1 (UK

7504). The family was living at 9 Bernard Street, Glasgow in 1944.

Catherine d 20 Apr 1966 at 15 Roukenglen Road, Thomliebank of

cirrhosis of the liver. Her usual address was 9 Bernard Street, Bridgeton,

Glasgow. The couple had an adopted daughter:

3-3a-l-l SHEILA ARROL, b 4 Apr 1930. She was adopted on 10 Jan


1936. SHEILA was a drapery saleswoman. She worked in Moffats
for 5 years before moving to Biggar. She m 27 Jun 1952 to William
Conn at St. Thomas Gallowgate Church, Glasgow. William, b circa
1932, was the son of John Conn, a blacksmith, and Annie Fitzpatrick.
William was living at 4 Macbeth Place, Glasgow and SHEILA was
living at 9 Bernard Street, Glasgow when they married. William was
a philatelist. The couple operated a butchery at Moffat and Biggar
until circa 1979 when they purchased a clothing shop that they
operated in Biggar under the name of; Sheila Conn, Ladies and Gents
Wear Shop. In 1987 they lived at 118 High Street, Biggar, and in
1988 they moved to 98 High Street, Biggar. They had: 1) Ian Conn,
b 19 Feb 1954 in Glasgow. Ian m Elizabeth Hepburn, an assistant
bank manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland; 2) Shona Conn, b 6 Jan
1957, in Glasgow. Shona m Charles Thorpe in Biggar. They had: a)
Ann Thorpe, b 19 May 1981 in Edinburgh Maternity Hospital; b)
Kirstie Arrol Thorpe, b 25 Aug 1983 at Edinburgh Maternity Hospital;
and c) Laura Thorpe, b 24 Aug 1989 at Edinburgh Maternity Hospital;
3) Heather Conn, b 2 Jan 1960 in Glasgow. She m Peter Dickson.
They had: Douglas William Dickson, b 1 Oct 1986; and 4) Donald
Conn, b 15 Apr 1969 at Bells Hill, Lanarkshire.
3-3a-2 GEORGE LINDSAY ARROL, b 6 Dec 1905 at 82 Main Street,

Bridgeton. GEORGE d 18 Dec 1905 as an infant in Calton, Glasgow.
3-3a-3 ISSAC 'JOCK' WALKER ARROL, b 28 Nov 1906 at 5 Queen Mary
Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. "JOCK" emigrated to New Zealand when he
was fifteen years of age, circa 1922/23. JOCK had been a grocery
message boy in Glasgow. JOCK originally went to Australia for a brief
period. He wrote home to his father to say he did not care for Australia
and was going to try New Zealand. His father had met a New Zealander,
Jack O'Riley from Opotiki, in the trenches during WW I. JOCK first
worked on the O'Riley farm at Opotiki. The O'Riley's were also quite
helpful to his sisters, MARION and JENNY, when they arrived in New
Zealand. JOCK later was employed by the New Zealand government as
a herd testing officer to test cattle for possible tuberculosis. JOCK earned
sufficient money to send enough home to Glasgow to finance the journey
for his two sisters, MARION and JANET ("JENNY"), to join him in the
Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. JOCK m 1st circa 1937 in Opotiki,
New Zealand. He served in the Second New Zealand Expeditionery Forces
during WW II. He was a Sergeant Major in the 2nd Division Calvary
Regiment, New Zealand Army, serving in the fierce North Africa Libyan
campaign against General Rommel's Desert Rats, and in Italy, including the
lengthy bloody battle to take Cassino, Italy. Early in 1943 ISSAC JOCK'
ARROL traveled to Glasgow on leave. His family lived in the east end
working class neighborhood of Glasgow near Sir William Arrol's
engineering company. While home on leave in Glasgow, JOCK met
Catherine "Kath" McCrea Ogilvie. He m 2nd on 16 Oct 1943 to Catherine


Ogilvie at St. Hogganfield Church, Glasgow. Catherine, a grocer's
assistant, was b c'rca 1909, the daughter of William Ogilvie, a sewing
machine mechanic, and Catherine McLaughlin. She was living at 232
Liberton Street, Glasgow when she married. When JOCK's leave of three
months was up, he returned to Italy. His bride, Catherine, came to New
Zealand by herself as a war bride. After JOCK was demobilized, he
returned to New Zealand. The couple adopted two boys. JOCK d 29 Dec
3-3a-3-l JOHN ARROL, b circa 1946 in New Zealand. He m circa 1975

to Elaine McVicar and lived in Edgecumbe. JOHN was a residential

home builder. He played amateur rugby for Edgecumbe, New

Zealand. In 1989 they lived in Auckland, New Zealand. They had:

3-33-3-1-1 TONY ARROL, b 1976 in Edgecumbe.

3-3a-3-l-2 TRACY ARROL, b 1978 in Edgecumbe.
3-3a-3-2 MICHAEL ARROL, b circa 1948 in New Zealand. He m on 24

Jul 1971 to Janice Lyon. Janice was the daughter of P. Lyon, N. Z.

The family resided in Whakatane. They had:

3-3a-3-2-l SHANE MICHAEL ARROL, b 13 Dec 1 970 and d 25 Sept
1989 as a result of a motor accident near Whakatane.

3-3a-3-2-2 BRENDON ARROL, b circa 1972.

3-3a-3-2-3 KIRSTIE ARROL, b 9 May 1973 and d 3 Jul 1973.

3-33-3-2-4 JOLENE ARROL, b circa 1974.
3-3a-4 JANET JENNY' ARROL, b 19 Jun 1909 in Calton, Glasgow and d 5
Feb 1982 in Te Puke, New Zealand JENNY emigrated with her sister,
MARION ARROL, from Glasgow to join their brother, ISSAC JOCK'
ARROL, in New Zealand He had sent for them. JENNY m Alistor Scott
on 9 May 1928 in Opotoki, New Zealand. The couple had five children:
1) Una, b in Opotiki and m Gordon Hennksen. (They had: Alister,
Malcolm, Marion, Christine and Elizabeth, b 29 Jan 1962.); 2) Helen Scott,
b 14 Apr 1931 at Whakatane and m Ian Anderson. (They had: Alister,
David, Gaylene.); 3) Alison Scott, b 14 Jun 1935 in Opotiki; 4) Catherine
Scott, b 22 Apr 1937 at Rotorua, New Zealand and m Terry McDonald
(dec). Terry was a policeman. (They had: Scott, twins, Jenny and Janet,
and Heather.) She m 2nd to Allan Talbot. (They had: Grant); and 5)
Malcolm Scott, b 22 Feb 1941 in Opotiki and m Florrie Craig. The couple
divorced. Flome resided in Opotiki (They had: Anne and Glennis.)
3-3a-5 MARION CARSON ARROL, b 13 Jun 191 1 at 36 Graham Street,
Bndgeton, Glasgow. She traveled to New Zealand with her sister, JENNY,
to join their brother, JOCK, in the Bay of Plenty region. JOCK sent the
funds for the sisters to make the trip. MARION m circa 1935 to Athol
Gordon in Opotiki, New Zealand. Athol served in the New Zealand Army
during WW II. He was killed in action. MARION resided in Opotiki.
They had: 1) Douglas, who was in the kiwi fruit business; 2) Bruce, who
was also in the kiwi fruit business; and 3) Maureen. Maureen d of
leukemia at age 16.


3-3a-6 JOHN ARROL, b 16 Jun 1914 at 70 Bernard Street, Glasgow and d 29
Jun 1915 in Bridgeton, Glasgow.

3-3a-7 ROBERT CARSON ARROL, b 12 Oct 1919 at 8 Montgomery Street,
Bridgeton, Glasgow. ROBERT CARSON ARROL was in the British
Army during World War II in the Royal Army Service Corps. He served
in France and was evacuated from Dieppe at the time of Dunkirk. He was
then shipped to the Middle East with the British Army. He escaped from
Tobruk and then served with his brother, JOCK, in Italy, including the
battle to take Cassino. ROBERT m 1st on 25 Nov 1939 to May Bryce
Cameron Douglas at 6 Colebrooke Street, Glasgow. May was a general
stores assistant who lived at 41 St. Peters Street, Glasgow. She was the
daughter of George Douglas (dec), a pattern filer, and Mary Cameron
McDonald, wife of Robert McDonald, a deceased railway clerk. May d on

1 8 Nov 1 944 at 1 30 1 Govan Road, Glasgow of pulmonary tuberculosis and
laryngitis. The couple was living at 41 St. Petris Street, Glasgow in 1944.
BOB's brother, JOCK, arranged BOB's transfer to the New Zealand
Divisional Cavalry in late 1942 where he served as a Trooper in the New
Zealand Division Cavalry. ROBERT settled in New Zealand in 1945 and
worked on a farm in Whakatane. ROBERT met Nova Mavis Jensen while
playing hockey. He m 2nd to Nova Mavis Jensen on 12 June 1948 in
Edgecumbe, New Zealand. Nova Mavis Jensen was b 5 Nov 1924 in
Hunterville, New Zealand. She was one of ten children of Richard Jensen
(b 28 Nov 1884 and d 10 Feb 1961), a farmer, and Ruby Pearl McLean (b

19 May 1891 and d 24 May 1963). Nova attended the Awakeri Primary
School in Whakatane. During WW II Nova was manpowered into the
Land Army to work on the land. She had two brothers who went overseas
with the New Zealand Army. BOB applied for a Returned Serviceman's'
farm after the war and he was awarded a farm in Mangakingo. The 160
acre farm was on poor land. BOB, Nova and their three children lived in
a barely livable implement shed for a year. They were without power until
their home was built. Through hard work the farm was developed into a
successful enterprise. At one time it had 120 cows as well as pigs and
sheep. The farm was sold in 1969. BOB became manager of the Returned
Serviceman's Club in Mangakingo (1969-1971). He was employed at the
Pulp and Paper Mill in Kenlieth, Tokoroa. ROBERT "BOB" CARSON
ARROL d on 3 May 1973 in Tokoroa of a heart attack. Nova enjoyed
sports, Scottish country dancing, camping, reading, and sewing. She lived
at 34 Cargill Street, Tokoroa. There were six children as a result of the
2nd marriage. The children of the 2nd marriage were:

3-3a-7-l ROBERT JAMES ARROL, b 3 Apr 1949 in the Maternity
Hospital, Matamata, New Zealand. In 1986 ROBERT was a leading
hand fitter and turner in a pulp mill maintenance workshop. He
served his fitting/turning apprenticeship at the Kinleith New Zealand
Forest Products and in 1987 was a leading hand fitter and turner. He
played rugby for twelve years for Tokoroa RFC. ROBERT was a


marathon runner. He ran the marathon nine times through 1986.
ROBERT also competed in the triathlons (swimming, cycling and
running) and coast to coast events. He also enjoyed deer stalking and
camping. ROBERT m on 25 Sept 1971 to Trixie Eva Ngapo at
Paeroa, New Zealand. Trixie was the daughter of Norman Ngapo, a
dnver, b 25 Jul 1923 and d 24 May 1980, and Ilton Mirth, an office
clerk, b 9 Oct 1923. Trixie was a secretary to a partner in a solicitor's
firm. Trixie participated in theatre, sports, and handcrafts. She
received the Chamber of Commerce Handwriting Award in 1966. The
family lived at 34 Cargill Street, Tokoroa, N.Z. The couple had three

3-3a-7-l-l LISA KARYN ARROL, b 8 Oct 1970 at Paeroa. In 1987

she was a student at Tokoroa High School where she was on the

hockey and track teams.

3-3a-7-l-2 LEEANNE KYLIE ARROL, b 3 1 Jan 1973 at Tokoroa.

She attended Tokoroa High School in 1987. LEEANNE belonged

to the Te Hou Ora Youth Club, played the piano and guitar, was

in the Tokoroa amateur operatic society and was a member of the

Tokoroa track club.

3-3a-7-l-3 CARSON JOSEF ARROL, b 5 Apr 1975 at Tokoroa. In

1987 he attended Tainui Intermediate School, Tokoroa. He

played soccer and belonged to the Tokoroa Track Club.

3-3a-7-2 JANICE MARGARET ARROL, b 6 Jun 1950 at Edgecumbe.

JANICE attended Mangakingo High School and Business School in

Hamilton, New Zealand. She was employed as a secretary in Tokoroa

prior to her marriage. JANICE achieved the representative level in

senior women's hockey for five years. Her interests included knitting,

spwrts and gardening. She m on 1 1 Dec 1971 to Paul Andrew

McKeany, a Regimental Sergeant Major in the New Zealand Army, in

Mangakingo. The couple had three children: 1) Renee Catherine

McKeany, b 3 Aug 1973 at Palmerston North; 2) Sevan James

McKeany, b 2 Sept 1974 at Palmerston North, and 3) Rowan Andrew

McKeany, b 19 Sept 1979 at Upper Hutt, Wellington. The family

relocated from New Zealand to Singapore in April 1989.

3-3a-7-3 DENIS JOHN ARROL, b 15 Jun 1951 in the District Public

Hospital, Whakatane, New Zealand. DENIS played rugby in his youth

and in 1960 was awarded a trophy as the best forward of the year. He

look his apprenticeship at the New Zealand Forest Products ( 1 968-72).

He m Marino Roseanne (Rose) Waipouri on 7 Jul 1972 in Pataruru.

Rose was b at Kaitaia, New Zealand on 26 Sept 1952, the daughter of

Walter Thomas Waipouri and Phoebe Rose Tynan Walter was b 28

Dec circa 1907 and m on 5 Nov 1927 to Phoebe Rose Walter was

a carpenter. Rose was one of a family of 14 She attended Te Whetu

Primary School and Hamilton Technical Hamilton, N.Z Rose was a

legal secretary in the Crown Solicitor's Office at Hamilton. In 1987


Rose was a teacher's aide in Marsden, Queensland. Rose enjoyed arts
and crafts and was a collector of teaspoons and plates. The family
moved to Queensland, Australia on 3 Nov 1979. In 1989 they lived
at 20 Barakee, Marsden, Queensland. DENIS was employed in an
automotive garage. He enjoyed working with engines, particularly
diesel engines, and enjoyed watching rugby and motor sports. They
3-3a-7-3-l ROBERT GLYNN ARROL, b 8 Jul 1975 m Waikato

Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand. He attended Moorooka State,

Marsden State and Crestmead State (Brisbane) Primary Schools.

He relocated to Queensland, Australia with his parents when he

was four years old. ROBERT was an avid sports fan.
3-3a-7-4 ASHLEY CARSON ARROL, b 24 Dec 1953 in the Maternity
Hospital, Mangakingo. ASHLEY was a driver. He played rugby
when he attended Mangakino High School. ASHLEY also swam at
the Tokoroa Club. He enjoyed mechanics and painting automobiles.
ASHLEY m Whakaotinga Nga Mahia Aihoa Heller on 13 Apr 1974
in Mangakingo. She was known as Oti '. Oti was b 22 Feb 1958 in
Te Kopuru, New Zealand, the daughter of Taylor Heller, b 22 Feb
1919 and d 7 Dec 1985, a labourer, and Karehu Pukeroa, b 20 Dec
1929. Oti was a machinist prior to her marriage. The family made
their home at 25 Huamai Street, Mangakingo. The couple had three
3-3a-7-4-l PHILIP ARDRA ARROL, b 13 Sept 1976 in Tauranga. In

1987 PHILIP attended Mangakingo Primary School.
3-33-7-4-2 TAYLOR MATHEW ARROL, b 18 Jul 1978 in Tauranga.

In 1987 TAYLOR attended Mangakingo Primary School and

played rugby.
3-3a-7-4-3 NIKAYLA JANICE ARROL, b 24 Mar 1981 m Te Puke.
3-3a-7-5 SCOTT DUNCAN ARROL, b 12 Apr 1958 in Maternity Hospital,
Mangakingo. SCOTT DUNCAN ARROL was a manager of an
orchard for several years. In 1988-89 he was a manager of a wine
shop. In 1989 he was manager of a garage. He enjoyed rubgy and all
sports. He m on 26 May 1978 to Anna-Louise Cairns in Whakatane.
Anna-Louise was b 23 Jan 1957 in Maternity Hospital, Mangakingo,
the daughter of Trevor Roy Lunn, b 8 Jun 1915 in Orangeville
County, MacGregor, British Columbia, Canada and d 30 Nov 1981.
Trevor was a paper maker. Anna-Louise's mother was Doris Maud
Hills, b 18 Jan 1919 in Ocean Falls, British Columbia, Canada.
Anna-Louise attended the Church College of New Zealand, Hamilton,
New Zealand. She was an orchard foreman. The family resided at
104 College Road, Edgecumbe. They had:
3-3a-7-5-l REBEKAH MAE ARROL, b 1 1 Apr 1979 in Tauranga.

REBEKAH attended Thornton School, Edgecumbe
3-3a-7-6 LEE MILTON ARROL, b 22 Apr 1964 in Maternity Hospital,


Hamilton, New Zealand. LEE was employed as an orchardist in Te

Puke since Dec 1980. LEE traveled to California in Oct 1986 to work

in a kiwi orchard. LEE enjoyed B.M.X motorcross riding and music.

LEE m on 2 Mar 1991 to Debra — in Auckland.

3-3 JAMES STOBO ARROL, continued. JAMES STOBO was a window cleaner

living at 95 George Street, Glasgow when he m 2nd on 29 Oct 1920 to Margaret

Stobo, his cousin, in Blythswood, Glasgow. They had:

3-3b-l JOHN STOBO ARROL, b 20 Jul 1921 at 8 Montgomery Street, Bridgeton,
Glasgow. He attended schools in Beith, Ayrshire, Rottenrow, Glasgow, St.
James School, Glasgow (1926-1933) and John Street Senior Secondary
(1933-1935), Glasgow. He held trade certificates as a blacksmith and as a
fitter/welder. JOHN STOBO ARROL m 1st on 6 Nov 1948 to Mane
Matulionis at Holy Family Church, Mossend, Bellshill, Scotland. Marie, a
tailoress, was b circa 1919, the daughter of Joseph Matulionis (dec), a general
labourer, and Marta Ustella. Marie was living at 24 Unita Road, Bellshill and
John at 369 Main Street, Bellshill when they married. The couple later
divorced. JOHN served in the British Army (1939-1946). He was in the Royal
Army Service Corps until 1942. JOHN transferred to the Royal Electrical
Mechanical Engineers. He was in both the Liverpool and London Blitzes prior
to service in the Middle East. He received the Act of Courage commendation
by G.O.C. Palestine for recovery of stolen war department property on 28 Jul
1944. JOHN traveled to New Zealand several times prior to emigrating to that
country in Aug 1962. He m 2nd circa 1974 to Andree Lois Low (formerly
Clemmett) at her home in Auckland, New Zealand. JOHN was a production
manager. Andree was a member of the Auckland Ex-WAAF Association.
JOHN retired in Jan 1987. They resided in Auckland, New Zealand. Andree
d 8 Oct 1991 in Auckland of a heart attack. The two children of JOHN'S 1st
marriage were:

3-3b-l-l JOHN MATHEW ARROL, b 22 Mar 1950 at 302 Edinburgh Road,
District, Baillieston, West Old Monkland, Glasgow. He emigrated with
his parents to New Zealand in 1962 when he was twelve years of age. He
attended Opotiki and Edgecumbe College and Auckland Technical Institute
in Auckland. JOHN MATHEW was employed by Alcan Ltd. in their
technical laboratory and later became the General Manager of their
anodising plant at West Auckland and also at Aluminium Anodisers Ltd.,
an Alcan subsidiary in Avondale, Auckland In Apr 1987 JOHN and
family relocated to Singapore where JOHN was marketing manager of
Metals Asia, a subsidiary' of Diversey Corp of Canada JOHN helped set

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