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service. She received her master's degree in English. In 1987
KEITH became a commercial airline pilot for Alaska Airlines.
He was previously a pilot for Jet America Corporation. In 1991
he was activited by the US Air Force two days prior to the end
of the Gulf War. He circumnavigated the globe as the
commanding pilot of a C-141 for the US Air Force. Nancy was
the manager of technical publications for Lockheed Corporation
in Burbank, California. They had:

1.2-6-6-8-1-1 HEATHER GREY ARROL, b 12 Aug 1982 m San

Bernardino, California.

1-2-6-6-9 ROBERT ARROL, b 14 Jul 1929 at Maternity Hospital,

Glasgow. His parents were living at 33 Clyde Street, Glasgow when

ROBERT was bom. ROBERT was a ship's carpenter. He d circa

1957 when he was washed overboard at 27 years of age. The ship

was in the English Channel on a voyage from Rotterdam to Cuba.

1-2-6-6-10 ANNIE ARROL, b 4 Mar 1933 at the Maternity Hospital,

Glasgow. ANNIE m 26 Dec 1952 to James Jimmy' Gregg at Henry

Drummond Church, Glasgow, according to the forms of the Church

of Scotland. James, a sawmill labourer, was b circa 1927, the son of

John Gregg, a newpaper dispatch worker, and Elizabeth Cleland.

ANNIE was living at 175 Maukinfauld Road, Glasgow and James at

2 Barloch Street, Glasgow when they married. They lived in

Glasgow on George Square. They had: Robert and James.

1-2-6-7 WILLIAM ARROL, b 29 Jan 1888 at 176 Gamgad Road,

Dennistoun, Glasgow. WILLIAM was a coal miner. WILLIAM was

livmg at 29 South Street, Lochgelly. He m 10 Nov 1908 to Jane (Jeanne)

Kirk, a widow, at the Sheriffs Office, Court House, Edinburgh. Jane, b

circa 1880, was the daughter of John Bogie and Jeanne Wilson of 25

South Street, Lochgelly. Jane d 23 May 1930 at Lochgelly and William

d 23 May 1937 of an injury to the back, hypernephroma, and cardiac


failure at Lochgelly.
1 -2-6-8 ANNIE ARROL, b 1 5 Dec 1 889 at 1 76 Gamgad Road, Glasgow and
d 21 Apr 1891 at 176 Gamgad Road, Glasgow of pulmonary congestion
1-2-6-9 GEORGE WITHERS ARROL, b 27 Dec 1891 at 181 GamgadhiU.
Glasgow. GEORGE was a contractor's carter and later a cleaning
department labourer. He m on 15 Jul 1915 to Ellen (Helen) Anderson
McMinigal at 9 Windsor Street, Kelvin, Glasgow. Ellen, a chemical
worker, was b circa 1893, the daughter of Allan McMinigal, a carter, and
Janet Brenner. Both GEORGE and Ellen (Helen) were living at 18 North
Woodside Road, Glasgow when they married. Ellen (Helen) d 8 Jan 1953
at Royal Infirmary, Glasgow of subacute bacterial endocarditis. They
were living at 250 Roystonhill Road, Glasgow in 1953. GEORGE d 12
Dec 1955 at 215H Gartloch Road, Glasgow of chronic bronchitis and
congestive heart failure. He lived at 250 GamgadhiU Road when he died.
They had:

1-2-6-9-1 ELIZABETH WITHERS ARROL, b 22 Jul 1916 at 250
GamgadhiU, Glasgow. ELIZABETH was a sewing machinist. She
m 6 Jun 1939 to Thomas Hynds at the Gamgad Church, Glasgow,
according to the forms of the Church of Scotland. Thomas, a grocery
salesman, was b circa 1913, the son of William Hynds (dec), a
shipping clerk, and Mary Hardie. Mary's sumame was Smith.
Thomas was living at 194 Duke Street, Glasgow and ELIZABETH
was living at 250 GamgadhiU, Glasgow when they married.
ELIZABETH d 27 Dec 1975 at Belvidere Hospital, Glasgow of
bronchial carcinoma. She was living at 15 Banton Place, Glasgow
in 1975.
1-2-6-9-2 ALLAN BELL ARROL, b 29 Jan 1919 at 250 GamgadhiU,
Glasgow. ALLAN was in the British Army in 1946. He m on 27
Oct 1946 to Phyllis Symonds, a widow, at St. John's Highbury,
Islington, England. Phyllis was living at 117 Highbury Park when
she married. She was the daughter of Robert Macintosh Bell, a
timekeeper. Allan d 14 Apr 1963 at Wandsworth, England on the
way to Putney Hospital, Putney, Wandsworth from hemmorhage of
carcinoma of the right lung. They had:

1 -2-6-9-2- 1 ALLAN GEORGE ARROL, b 1 3 May 1 948 at 9 Handley

Road, Upper Holloway, Islington, England. ALLAN was a

computer installer. ALLAN m 11 Aug 1973 to Jean Denise

Harris at All Saints Church, Fulham, Hammersmith, London.

Jean was b circa 1952 the daughter of Norman Edward Harris.

ALLAN was living at 16 Cranbury Road and Jean at 39 Oxberry

Avenue, London when they married.

1-2-6-9-3 ROBERT ARROL, b 2 Jul 1921 at 250 GamgadhiU, Glasgow.

ROBERT was a railway storeman and timekeeper. He m 3 Sept

1955 to Sarah Glen at St. Rocks Catholic Church, Glasgow. Sarah,

b 29 Sept 1912, a sewing machinest, was the daughter of Francis


Glen (dec), a steelworker, and Helen Dounes. They lived at 52
Rosemount Street and 20 Rosemount Street, Glasgow. ROBERT d
23 Jul 1978 at Glasgow Royal Infirmary of carcinoma. Sarah d 5
Aug 1987 at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary of diabetes and acute
myocardial infraction.

1-2-6-9-3-1 HELEN GRAY ARROL, b 21 Nov 1956 at Blythswood,

Glasgow. HELEN m circa 1979 to — Gibson and lived at 17

Roystonhill Court, Glasgow.

1-2-6-10 JOHN ARROL, b 6 Jan 1894 at 181 Gamgadhill, Glasgow and d

14 Oct 1895 at 176 Gamgad Road, Glasgow of pulmonary congestion.

1-2-7 JANE ARROL, b 27 May 1857 at Paisley, High. JANE m circa 1880 to

James Porteous, a dock labourer. JANE d 29 June 1917 at 152 Lumley

Street, Grangemouth, of an ulcerated unbilical hernia and cardiac failure.

They had: Andrew.

1-2-8 JAMES ARROL(L), b 26 Aug 1859 at 12 Causey side. Paisley. JAMES

was a yam dresser in 1881. In 1892 he was a carter. He m 1st on 30 Dec

1881 to Ellen (or Helen) Gray, a yam winder, at 15 Westercraigs,

Dennistoun, Glasgow. Ellen was the daughter of John Gray, a dye work

labourer, and Jane Sloan. Both lived at 230 Nuneaton Street, Glasgow.

Ellen d 5 Dec 1886 at 48 Milton Terrace, Bonhill of heart disease and

dropsy. JAMES m 2nd on 19 Apr 1889 to Agnes McTaggart at 125

Bernard Street, Glasgow. Agnes, b circa 1879, was a weaving factory

winder and the daughter of James McTaggart, a wool sorter, and Agnes

Walker. Agnes lived at 125 Bernard Street and JAMES lived at 107

Bemard Street, Glasgow when they were married. JAMES d 25 Dec 1949

at 133 Balamock Road, Glasgow of senility, mycocardial degeneration and

cardiac failure. AGNES d 24 Jun 1938 at Camlachie, Glasgow. JAMES

and Ellen had:

1-2-8-1 ANNIE ARROL, b 23 Oct 1882 at 230 Nuneaton Street, Glasgow.
ANNIE m on 26 Jun 1908 to George Allan at 269 Mam Street, Bonhill.
George, a labourer, was b circa 1876, the son of John Allan, a baker, and
Jane Isabella Brown (dec). ANNIE was living at 269 Main Street,
Bonhill when she married. ANNIE d 19 Sept 1944 at Henry Brock
Memorial Hospital, Alexandria of valvular disease of the heart and
dropsy. They had: John Allan who lived in Goa at Napierston Terrace,
Jamestown in 1944.
1-2-8-2 JAMES ARROL, b 4 Jan 1884 at 150 Westmour Street, Glasgow

and d 4 Jan 1884 at Camlachie, Glasgow of premature birth.
1-2-8-3 JOHN ARROL, b 29 Dec 1884 at 156 Westmour Street, Glasgow.
JOHN was a printfield hand. He never married. JOHN d 16 Jun 1908
at 269 Main Street, Bonhill of pernicious anemia and hemolysis.
JAMES and Agnes had:
1-2-8-4 JAMES ARROL, b 12 Dec 1889 at 23 Glenpark Street, Camlachie,

Glasgow and d 2 Feb 1890 of bronchitis.
1-2-8-5 AGNES WALKER McTAGGART ARROL, b 20 Jul 1892 at 23


Glenpark Street, Camlachie, Glasgow. AGNES d 7 Sept 1892 of
bronchopneumonia in Camlachie, Glasgow.
1-2-8-6 MARGARET McCONNACHIE ARROL, b 17 Sept 1893 at 77
Inglis Street, Glasgow and d 27 May 1894 of meningitis.
1-2-9 AGNES ARROL, b 16 Jan 1862 at Paisley, High. AGNES, a dressmaker,
m on 29 Apr 1887 to John Wood at Dudas, Grangemouth. John was a
painter and a dock labourer. He was b circa 1862, the son of William
Wood and Mary Harper. AGNES and John lived at 154 Dundas Street,
Grangemouth. AGNES d 9 Sep 1923 at Grangemouth of cardiac disease.
AGNES AND John had: William Wood who lived at 156 Dundas Street,
1-2-10 GEORGE ARROL, b 31 Mar 1864 at 65 Canal Street, Paisley, High.
GEORGE was a coal miner. He never married. He d 15 Apr 1941 at South
Street, Lochgelly, Fife, of disease of the heart and abdominal obstruction.
(GEORGE may have been the father of GEORGE ARROL, b 7 Dec 1890
at 14 Hamilton Ave., Paisley. The father's (GEORGE ARROL) address was
14 Williamsburgh, Paisley.) (See GEORGE ARROL and Betsy Wallace
Johnston Family, page 319.)
1-3 JANET ARROL, b circa 1826. JANET m 16 Sept 1864 to John Craig, a shawl
weaver, at Paisley. JANET d 7 Feb 1868 at 12 Stock Street, Paisley. Janet d
of hepatitis, tape worm and general debility.
1-4 ELIZABETH ARROL, b circa 1828. ELIZABETH d 20 Nov 1874 at 69
Causeyside Street, Paisley.



II JAMES ARROL, b 25 Nov 1879 at 20 Dobbies' Loan, Glasgow (son of ROBERT
ARROL, a carter, and Elizabeth Withers - see Section I Paragraph 1-2-6-3, Page 280),
JAMES d 26 Jun 1960 of bronchopneumonia. JAMES was a dock carter and
copperwork labourer. He m on 13 Sept 1901 to Susan Nelson, a pottery worker, at
176 Gamgad Road, Glasgow. Susan, b circa 1881, was the daughter of William
Nelson, a railway brakesman, and Elizabeth Gray. In 1906 they lived at 27 Bright
Street, Glasgow. Susan d 1 Dec 1950atProvan, Glasgow of myocardial degeneration.
They had:

1 JANE (JEANNIE) ARROL, b 4 Oct 1903 at Maternity Hospital, Glasgow and d 23
Feb 1981 at Kilmarnock. JEANNIE was a brickworker. She m 5 Apr 1926 to
Thomas Shields at St. Rock's Roman Catholic Church, Glasgow. Thomas, a
corporation labourer, was b circa 1901, the son of Peter Shields, a labourer, and
Isabella Diamond. Isabella had previously been m to — McFadden. JEANNIE
was living at 236 Gargadhill, Glasgow and Thomas was living at 195 Millbum
Street, Glasgow when they married.

2 ANNIE ARROL, b 9 Jul 1906 at Maternity Hospital, Glasgow. She was living at
236 Gamgad Street (now Royston Street) when she m on 1 Jan 1932 to John
Bradshaw, a brickwork labourer, of the same address. ANNIE was a pottery
worker. The couple lived on Tharsis Street, Glasgow. The couple had two
children: Samuel Bradshaw, b circa 1928, and Susan Bradshaw, both b in Glasgow.
John later remarried to Sarah Ann Conner (later Walsh).

3 JAMES BATHGATE ARROL, b 26 Oct 1919 at 14 Provanhill Street, Glasgow.
JAMES m on 25 Dec 1942 to Catherine Wells in Glasgow. He attended Rosemount
and Kennedy Street schools. He was a steel roller for British Steel and later a
machine man for British Rail. The couple lived in Barmulloch, Glasgow and had
four children:

3-1 JAMES ARROL, b 10 Mar 1946 at Charles Street, Townhead, Glasgow.
JAMES was a mechanical engineer and home building contractor. He m 3
times. He m 1st on 28 Oct 1967 to Isabella Simpson McKenzie at Barmulloch
Church, Glasgow. Isabella was a clerk living at 107 Ryeside Road, Glasgow.
She was the daughter of John McKenzie, engineer fitter, and Mary Ann Beattie
Jarvie. The marriage was annulled on 14 Jul 1973. JAMES m 2nd on 21 Sept
1973 to Margaret Lily Harris, a principal teacher, in Glasgow. Margaret was
b 24 Jan 1942 in Glasgow, the daughter of Sydney William Hams, a meter
reader for the gas board, and Mary Boyd. JAMES was living at 40
Quarrywood Road, Barmulloch, Glasgow and Margaret was living at 252 Rye
Road, Glasgow when they married. They were divorced in Jan of 1985.
JAMES m 3rd on 3 Oct 1985 to Susanne Stewart Anderson at the registration
office of the District of Eastwood and Meams. Susan, a clothier's sales
assistant, was b 7 Sep 1961, the daughter of Arthur Anderson, an insurance
agent, and Susan Stewart Hall. The marriage to JAMES was Susan's 2nd
marriage. Susan was living at 94 Courtside Street, Glasgow and James at 202


Copland Road, Glasgow when they married. JAMES and Margaret had two

children and JAMES and Susan had a son:

3-1-1 LOUISE MONIQUE ARROL, b 29 Nov 1974 at Ayrshire Central

Hospital in Irvine. Mother: Margaret.
3-1-2 JAMES EDWARD ARROL, b 12 Jun 1980 at Southern General Hospital.

Mother: Margaret.
3-1-3 JOHN ANDERSON ARROL, b 18 Feb 1985 at Stobhill Hospital,
Springbum. Mother: Susan (Susanne).
3-2 CATHERINE ELIZABETH ARROL, b 8 Jun 1949 on Castle Road, Glasgow.
CATHERINE attended Barmulloch and Colston schools. She m on 1 1 Oct
1969 to Lennie Hughes at Barmulloch Parish Church, Glasgow. CATHERINE
and her husband, Lenny, an electrical contractor, lived a year in the San
Francisco Bay Area of California in 1985/86. Their children attended school
in Livermore, California and in Largs, Scotland. In 1987/89 they lived in
France. Lennie was a contractor for the CHUNNEL - the vast joint venture
between France and the United Kingdom to build a combined tunnel and bridge
between the two countries spanning the English Channel. In 1990/91 Lennie's
activities took the family to Denmark where Lennie was posted on assignment.
The couple's permanent home was in Fairlie, Largs, Scotland. They had two
children: 1) Gary, b 26 Feb 1970 in South General Hospital, Govan, Glasgow;
and 2) Gillian, b 27 Nov 1972. In 1988 Gary was an apprentice yacht painter.
3-3 THOMAS GEORGE ARROL, b 31 Jan 1952 at Provan, Glasgow. THOMAS
was deaf and dumb. He was an auto electrician. He m on 31 May 1980 to
Andrea Paton at John Ross Memorial Church, Niles Street, Glasgow. Andrea
was an envelope machinist. She was b 18 Jun 1953, the daughter of James
Paton, a labourer, and Grace McNult^'. Andrea was living at 41 Lothend
Gardens, Edinburgh and THOMAS was living at 40 Quarrywood Road when
they married. Their home was on Ryehill Road, Barmulloch, Glasgow. The
couple had two children:

3-3-1 NICHOLA ARROL, b 19 Jan 1975 m Edmburgh.

3-3-2 GEORGE THOMAS ARROL, b 28 Jan 1984 in Glasgow.

3-4 EILEEN WELLS ARROL, b 30 Jun 1957 at 40 Quarrywood Road, Burmulloch,

Glasgow. She attended Barmulloch and Albert Secondary Schools, and Central

College of Commerce, in Townhead, Glasgow. EILEEN was a hairdresser.

She m on 28 May 1983 to Paul Andrew Adie at St. Augustus Chapel,

Bishopbriggs, Glasgow. They lived at 34 Torrybum Road, Barmulloch,

Glasgow. They had one son: Paul Francis Adie, b 28 Oct 1984 in Rotten Row

Hospital, Glasgow.

4 JOHN NELSON ARROL, b 27 Jan 1929 at Maternity Hospital, Glasgow. JOHN

was a warehouseman. JOHN m 8 Nov 1952 to Mary Wells at the Barony Church,

according to the forms of the Church of Scotland in Townhead, Glasgow. Mary

was the sister of Catherine Wells, wife of JOHNs brother, JAMES BATHGATE

ARROL. Mary, a bookbinder, was b circa 1931, the daughter of George Wells, a

watchman, and Ellen Cassidy. She was living at 77 Parson Street and JOHN was

living at 26 Tharsis Street, Glasgow when they married. When JOHN died on 1 1


Aug 1978 at Cumbernauld, Mary emigrated to Canada to be with her sister, Jemima

Wells Gilmour. JOHN d of mycardial infarction and cardiac aneurysm. They had:

4-1 MARIE ARROL, b 28 Jan 1955 at Rotten Row Hospital, Glasgow. MARIE

visited her Aunt Jemima several times in Canada. The opportunity in Canada

appealed to her and she immigrated to Canada when she was seventeen years

old. She m Jan 1979 to James Newport, also a Scot, in Hamilton, Ontario.

MARIE was a secretary in an attorney's office. The couple had a son, Scott

John Newport, b Jun 1983 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

4-2 JACQUELINE ARROL, b 1 1 Apr 1968 in Robroyce District, Glasgow. She

immigrated to Canada with her mother in 1979, a few months after her father's

death. She lived in Apt. 201, 705 Mohawk Road East, Hamilton, Ontario,




III WILLIAM ARROL(ARRAL), b circa 182 1, son of JOHN ARROL and Annie Tytler.
(See JOHN ARROL AND ANN TYTLER FAMILY, Paragraph 1-1, Page 279.)
WILLIAM m on 19 Nov 1858 to Ann McGhee. Annie was b circa 1833, the
daughter of James McGhee (dec), a weaver, and Jane Agnes Smith, a calico printer
(dec). She was living at 26 Queen Street, Paisley when she married. WILLIAM was
living at 3 Neilson Street, Paisley when he married and the family was living at that
address when the 1871 census was taken. WILLIAM was a shawl weaver and Ann
was a yam winder. WILLIAM d 13 Sept 1885 of apoplexy. Ann (Annie) d 26 Feb
1899 at 5 Neilson Street, Paisley of bronchitis and failure of the heart. They had:
1-1 WILLIAM ARROL, b 19 Nov 1858 at Paisley.

1-2 AGNES ARROL, b 1 Dec 1859 at Abbey, Paisley. AGNES was a thread mill
worker. She m 29 Jun 1883 to John Lang at Causeyside Street School, Paisley.
John, a foundry labourer and a stoker, was b circa 1860, the son of James Lang,
a shawl weaver, and Barbara Gemmell (dec). AGNES was living at 5 Alice
Place, Neilson Street, Paisley and John was living at 1 1 George Street, Paisley
when they married. Agnes d 7 Jul 1905 at 2 Alice Street, Paisley of acute
rheumatoid arthritis and syncope.
1-3 JOHN ARROL (ARRAL), b 16 Aug 1861 at Abbey, Paisley. JOHN m on 27 Apr
1888 to Mary Deans at Steeple Square, Kilbarchan. JAMES ARROL, possible
brother of WILLIAM, was a witness to the marriage. Mary, b circa 1866, was
a millworker who lived at 13 Ewing Street, Kilbarchan. She was the daughter of
Alexander Deans, a pitleadman, and Charlotte Duff. JOHN was a shoemaker who
had a shoe maker's shop on Steeple Street in Kilbarchan. Mary d 9 Oct 1915 at
192 Main Street, Elderslie of cardio-vascular disease and bronchopneumonia.
JOHN d instantly on 13 Sept 1920 at Johnstone Mills, Johnstone (his usual
residence was 14 Shuttle Street, Kilbarchan) of a machinery accident. They had:
1-3-1 WILLIAM ARROL, b 27 Apr 1889 at Kilbarchan. WILLIAM d 12 Feb

1902, at age 12, of tubercular meningitis.
1-3-2 ALEXANDER ARROL, b 24 Jun 1891 at Kilbarchan. ALEXANDER m
5 Nov 1915 to Mary Ellen McCrudden. The couple was m at St. Conval's
Roman Catholic Church, Linwood Road, Paisley. Mary was a paperwork
worker, a munitions worker and a security officer in a Bishopton works. She
was b circa 1894, the daughter of John McCrudden, a soldier, and Jeanie
Dunbar. (On her death certificate in 1951 her mother is shown as Elizabeth
Mullighan.) Mary lived at 9 Howe Street, Paisley and ALEXANDER lived
at 192 Main Street, Elderslie when they married. ALEXANDER was a
shipyard labourer in 1915 when he married. He entered the service and was
in the Royal Horse Field Artillery (Highland Howitzer Brigade) during WW
I. He was wounded during the Battle of the Somme. When ALEXANDER
was wounded, his horse, "Rusty", waited for him. His horse was observed,
thus saving ALEXANDER'S life. Following WW I ALEXANDER was
employed as a tramcar conductor and tramcar driver (driver number 1822) for


many years. In 1928 he was a steel-work labourer. Mary d 20 Apr 1951 at

the infirmary in Paisley of a cerebral hemmorhage. They had:

1-3-2-1 JOHN McCRUDDEN ARROL, b circa 1914. JOHN was a chemical

work labourer. He m 23 Apr 1934 to Mary Doogan at St. Margaret's

Church, Graham Street, Johnstone. Mary was the daughter of John

Doogan, a bridge erector, and Elizabeth McElhaney. JOHN was living

at 1 1 Howe Street, Paisley when they married and Mary was living at 9

Canal Street, Johnstone.

1-3-2-2 ALEXANDER ARROL, b 10 Sep 1916 at 9 Howe Street, Paisley and

d 2 Mar 1917 of gastro entritis.
1-3-2-3 JEAN ARROL, b 25 Mar 1920 at 9 Howe Street, Paisley. JEANIE
was a mill worker residing at 25 Fulbar Road, Paisley prior to serving
in the Auxiliary Territorial Service during WW 11. She manned an
anti-aircraft gun. JEAN m 12 Feb 1944 to Peter Anthony Deegan in the
Church of the Sacred Heart, Eden Grove, HoUoway, Islington, London,
England during WW 11. Peter was a Private in the Royal Mechanical
and Electrical Engineers. Peter was b circa 1922, the son of Peter
Deegan, a builder's foreman. He resided at 31 Ronalds Road, Islington
when he married. In civilian life Peter had been a telephone fitter.
They had three children: 1) Mary Ellen (Moira), who m Rodney Bennet
and they had: Carolyne and Diana Bennet; 2) Margaret Deegan, who m
Carl Blakley and they had five children: Annalee, Thomas, Luke,
Matthew, and Adam Blakley; and 3) John Deegan, who m Mereta
Dienson and had four children: Fiona, Daniel, Michael and Kieman
1-3-2-4 WILLIAM ARROL, b 12 Apr 1924 at 9 Howe Street in Paisley.
WILLIAM was m 3 Jan 1951 to Agnes Connelly McBarron at St. Mary's
Church in Paisley. Agnes was a clerkess living at 169 Ferguslie Park
Avenue, Paisley when she married. She was b circa 1930, the daughter
of Elizabeth McBarron, a grocer's assistant. WILLIAM served in the
Royal Navy during WW II, primarily in the Pacific. WILLIAM was on
the aircraft carrier, the HMS Indefatigable. The ship sailed out of such
ports as Perth and Sydney, Australia and served in such areas as Manus,
Admiralty Islands, Guam, Okinawa. It assembled with the invasion fieet
off Leyte, Philippine Islands. At one time WILLIAM was at sea for
eleven consecutive months. In 1986 WILLIAM was a planner for an
engineering company. WILLIAM initiated scouting in the Glenbum
District of Paisley. They had:

1-3-2-4-1 JOHN (IAN) JOSEPH ARROL, b 6 Mar 1952 at 169 Ferguslie
Park Avenue, Paisley. He attended St. Mary's and St. Peter's
Primary Schools and St. Mirren's Academy in Paisley. (St. Mirren
was the patron saint of Paisley.) John was a postman in Paisley.
He m on 29 Jun 1974 to Margaret McCann Maltear Davidson.
Margaret was b 13 Sep 1948 at Paisley, the daughter of William
McCallum Reid, a general labourer, and Catherine Maltear.


Margaret was a typist. They had:

1-3-2-4-1-1 SIMON ARROL, b 4 May 1977 at Paisley Maternity

Hospital. SIMON enjoyed Tae Kwon Do (i.e. karate).
1-3-2-4-1-2 GILLIAN ARROL, b 8 Apr 1981 at Paisley Maternity
1-3-2-4-2 DAVID ALEXANDER ARROL, b 28 Feb 1954. DAVID was
a postman in Paisley. DAVID m 19 Oct 1974 to Roseanne Douglas
Lyons in St. Peter's Church, Paisley. Roseanne, a state enrolled
nurse, was b 28 Apr 1954 in Paisley, the daughter of William
Lyons, a factory foreman, and Mary Dobbin. Roseanne was living
at 27 Highland Avenue, Paisley and DAVID was living at 62
Glenbum Crescent in Paisley when they married. They had:
1-3-2-4-2-1 DAVID ARROL, b 26 Jan 1976 at Paisley Maternity


1-3-2-4-2-2 MARK ARROL, b 7 Dec 1978 at Paisley Maternity

Hospital. MARK enjoyed football and swimming as a youth.

1-3-2-4-3 EILEEN MARY ARROL, b 20 Apr 1957 at Paisley. EILEEN

attended Glasgow University (1975-80) and Moreyhouse College of

Education, Edinburgh (1980-81). EILEEN was the assistant

principal of languages at West Calder High School. She was an

instructor in French and German. She lived in Aries, France for 18

months and traveled to France and the continent each year.

EILEEN'S hobbies were mountaineering and the cinema. She

resided in Leith, Edinburgh. EILEEN m 17 Apr 1993 to — -


1-3-2-4-4 BRENDA ELIZABETH ARROL, b 21 Aug 1962, Paisley.

BRENDA attended the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow and graduated

circa 1988 as a psychiatric nurse. She m 19 May 1990 to Kevin

McCall at St. Peters Church, Paisley. They reside at lA Princes

Street, Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

1-3-2-5 GERTRUDE (GRETA) ARROL, b 24 Apr 1925 at Paisley. GRETA

m on 7 May 1985 to William Macintosh Brown at the registration office,

Glasgow. William was b 3 Jan 1911 in Glasgow, the son of James

Brown, a ships cook, and Agnes Macintiosh. She lived in Bridgeton,


1-3-2-6 JAMES ARROL, b 5 May 1928 at 9 Howe Street, Paisley. JAMES

served in the Army in Palestine following WW II. He was a tramway

motorman who resided at 25 Fulbar Road, Paisley. He m 31 Mar 1951

to Elizabeth Lindsay Curran at St. Fergus Roman Catholic Church,

Paisley. Elizabeth, b circa 1931, was a tramway conductress. She

resided at 130 Ferguslie Park Avenue, Paisley, the daughter of William

Joseph Curran (dec), a slater's labourer, and Annie Stewart Barton. The

family resided in Paisley near where the trams turned around. In 1972

JAMES was a postman and later worked for the sheriff in the training

department. In 1990 they lived at 14 Finglas Avenue, Dykebar, Paisley.


They had:

1-3-2-6-1 WILLIAM CURRAN ARROL, b 13 Jun 1952 at Barshavv
Hospital, Paisley. WILLIAM attended St. Mary's and St. Paul's
Primary Schools and St. Mirren's Academy. He m on 10 Sept 1983
to Shirley Ford in St Charles Church, Paisley. WILLIAM was a
computer installer.
1-3-2-6-2 ELIZABETH MARY ARROL, b 17 Nov 1954 at Paisley.
ELIZABETH attended St. Paul's Primary and St. Margaret's
Secondary Schools in Paisley. She m on 24 Sept 1976 to Hugh
Miller in St. Mirren's Cathedral, Paisley. The family resided in
Thuro, Caithness. They had; 1) Linda, b 7 Oct 1977; 2) Barry, b 24
Oct 1978, and 3) Melanie, b 24 Dec 1980.
1-3-2-6-3 LINDA ANN ARROL, b 14 Jun 1957 at Paisley. LINDA d
27 Nov 1972 at 14 Finglas Avenue, Paisley of a malignant brain

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