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1-3-2-6-4 JAMES ALEXANDER ARROL, b 25 Sept 1960 at Paisley.
1-3-2-7 JOSEPH ARROL, b 22 May 1935 at Barshaw Hospital, Paisley and
d 6 Jun 1935 at Barshaw Hospital, Paisley (his usual residence was 20
Newton Street, Paisley) of pre-maturity and debility.
1-4 JAMES ARROL (ARRAL), b 26 Jan 1863 at Abbey, Paisley. JAMES was a
warehouse porter, a shawl warehouseman and a cloth warehouseman He m on
14 Nov 1901 to Margaret Jamieson Mills, a threadmill worker, at 8 Maxwillton
in Paisley. Margaret, b circa 1867, was the daughter of James Mills (dec), a
shawl weaver, and Margaret Ralston Jamieson. She was living at 8 Maxwillton
Street, Paisley and JAMES was living at 1 Neilson Street, Paisley when they
married They lived at 8 Maxwillton Street. JAMES d 30 Mar 1932 at 7 Alice
Street, Paisley of mycoarditis. MARGARET d 21 Oct 1944 at David Elder
Infirmary', Glasgow of peritonitis. In 1944 she was living at 24 Crags Ave.,
Paisley They had:

1-4-1 MARGARET JAMIESON ARROL, b 5 Oct 1906 at 1 Alice Street,
Paisley. MARGARET was a senior tax officer at Inland Revenue. She m
30 Sept 1946 to Charles Davidson at St. Andrews Church, Paisley, according
to the forms of the Church of Scotland. Charles, a grocer, was b circa 1910,
the son of Joseph Davidson (dec), a tailor, and Isabella Watt (dec). Charles
was a widower. He lived at 37 Lower Kessock Street, Inverness and
MARGARET was living at 24 Cragi Avenue, Paisley when they married. In
1944 she was living at 24 Crags Ave., Paisley MARGARET d 1 1 Sep 1989
at Inverness of a myocardial infraction.
1-5 ARCHIBALD ARROL (ARRAL), b 2 Oct 1864 at Abbey, Paisley and d 25 Jul

1865 at 3 Neilson Street, Paisley as the result of "teething".
1-6 DAVID ARROL (ARRAL), b 1 Mar 1869 at Abbey, Paisley and d 23 May 1894
at 5 Neilson Street, Paisley of phthisis pulmonatis. DAVID was a housepainter.
1-7 WILLIAM ARROL (ARRAL), b 2 Mar 1871 at 3 Neilson Street, Paisley.
WILLIAM d 17 Sept 1872, age 18 months, of "congestion of brain - 4 days."
(The name was spelled as ARRAL on both his birth and death certificates).


1-8 ROBERT GARDNER ARROL (ARRAL), b 26 Mar 1873 at Abbey. Paisley.

ROBERT m 16 Nov 1899 to Margaret Laidlaw, domestic servant. The couple

was m at 1 Neilson Street, Paisley. Margaret was b circa 1875, daughter of

James Laidlaw, a forester, and Margaret Hopkins of Toward Deinoon. ROBERT

was originally a carter-foreman and later a commercial traveller. ROBERT d 21

Feb 1923 at 3 St. James Terrace, Paisley. He d of chronic nephritis of three years

duration. He also had erysipelas. Margaret d 19 Oct 1924 at 98 Greenhill Road,

Paisley of carcinoma of the breast. They had four daughters:

1-8-1 MARGARET HOPKINS LAIDLAW ARROL, b 17 Jan 1901 at Greenhill

Road, Paisley and d 19 Oct 1988 at Garthland House, Paisley of a

myocardial infraction. MARGARET was a secretary. She never married.

1-8-2 ANNIE McGHEE ARROL, b 21 Mar 1904 at 18 Greenhill Road, Paisley.

ANNIE m on 4 Apr 1930 to William Wiseman Stewart, an insurance clerk,

at 1 Main Rd., Bisley. William lived at 27 Clifford St., Glasgow. William

later became an insurance manager. ANNIE was a bookkeeper. She lived

at 98 Greenhill Road, Paisley at the time of her marriage. ANNIE d on 1 1

Jan 1967 of pneumonia at 1301 Govan Road, Glasgow. Her home was on

Melfort Ave., Glasgow.

1-8-3 JEMIMA LAIDLAW ARROL, b 25 Jun 1907 at St. James Terrance,

Paisley. JEMIMA was a solicitor's clerkess. INA, as she was called, worked

in the post office. She d 18 May 1980, age 72, at 16 Glasgow Street,

Millport of heart disease and heart attack. She was living at 6 Kilboume

Oval, Paisley.

1-8-4 MARY McKINNON DOUGLAS ARROL, b 30 Apr 1911 at 301 James

Terrace, Greenhill Road, Paisley . MARY m 23 Dec 1941 to Thomas Pearson

Ferguson at St. Mark's Church, Oldhall, according to the forms of the Church

of Scotland. Thomas, a motor accessories buyer, was b circa 1905, the son

of Thomas Pearson Ferguson, a commercial traveller, and Mary Fyfe.

Thomas was living at 2 Broomlands Road, Paisley and Mary at 15 Drums

Avenue, Paisley when they married.

1-8-5 AGNES ROBINA ARROL, b 16 Jun 1917 at 3 St. James Terrace, Paisley.

AGNES never married. She d 16 Feb 1983 at 6 Kelboume Oval, Paisley of

diabetes and myocardial infraction.

1-9 THOMAS WILSON ARROL, b circa 1876. THOMAS was a bleacher's porter

and then a cloth singer. He m 4 Jul 1 902 to Marion McArthur Gray Bowman,

a threadmill worker, at Casitehead, Paisley. Marion, b circa 1876, was the

daughter of James Bowman (dec), a coachman, and Marion McArthur Gray. She

lived at 20 Stock Street when she married. THOMAS was living at 18 Greenhill

Road. Marion d 2 Jul 1946 at 227 Neilston Road, Paisley of arterio-sclerosis and

chronic myocarditis. THOMAS was a cloth singer when he d 18 Sept 1958, age

81, of cerebral thrombosis. He was living at 227 Neilson Road, Paisley when he

died. They had:

1-9-1 WILLIAM ARROL, b 12 Jul 1905 at 1 Alice Street, Paisley. WILLIAM
was a cloth singer. He m 15 Jul 1960 to Flora Strang (Metcalfe) at the St.
Kenneth's Church, Govan, Glasgow, according to the forms of the Church of



Scotland. Flora, b circa 1898, was the daughter of John Strang (dec), a
vanman, and Catherine McLean (dec). Flora was a tailoress. She was living
at 21 Innerwick Drive, Glasgow and William at 227 Neilston Road, Paisley
when they married. Flora was previously married to Frank Metcalfe, a valve
fastner. Flora d 17 Jul 1978 at Dykebar Hospital, Paisley of myocardial
infarction and generalized arteriosclerosis. WILLIAM was living at 227
Neilston Road, Paisley when he d 8 Nov 1983 at the Royal Alexandra
Infirmary, Paisley. WILLIAM d of a pulmonary embolus due to
immobilization from a fractured neck of the femur.
1-9-2 MARION GRAY ARROL(L), b 23 Jul 1907 at 10 Smith Street Paisley.
She d 16 Jan 1987 at Speirsheld House, Paisley of pneumonia. MARION
never married.



I ROBERT ARROLL, b circa 1770. ROBERT was a millworker, a cloth manufacturer

and a weaver. ROBERT m 11 May 1795 to Elizabeth Nap (Knapp), a servant.

ROBERT was deceased by 1867. They had:

lA ELIZABETH ARROLL, christened circa 1799. ELIZABETH m circa 1824 to
Adam Douglas. They lived at 80 Broad Street, Mileend, Glasgow. She d 29 Aug
1883 at Bamhill Poorhouse of senile decay.

2A ISABELLA ARROL(L), b circa 1809. ISABELLA m circa 1835 to Andrew Wylie,
a grain miller. They lived at Hope Cottage of natural decay'. They had a son,
Andrew Wylie, of 20 Annfield Street, Glasgow. ISABELLA d 13 Oct 1884 at
Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland.

3A ROBERT ARROLL, b 28 Oct 1810 at Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland.

4A WILLIAM ARROL(L), b circa 1815 at Tobago Street, Calton, Glasgow.
WILLIAM was a cotton spinner until 1855 when he became a victualler. He was
also the proprietor of the Clydesdale Loan Company and it is believed that he had
been a soldier. He m 1st on 21 Dec 1828 to Janet Henderson at Barony, Glasgow.
Janet, b circa 1814, was the daughter of James Henderson, a cotton spinner, and
Janet Adam. Janet remarried to Jay Ray (Kay), Doctor of Medicine. Janet d on
14 Dec 1881 from "softening of the brain" of 3 years and 2 months duration. She
was living with her mother-in-law and relatives on her family's side in a 2 roomed
apartment at 32 Bellfield Street, Glasgow when she died. WILLIAM m 2nd on
11 May 1855 to Ellen Stevenson. WILLIAM described himself upon his second
marriage as being a widower. However, because Janet was still living at the time,
it appears that he married bigamously. Ellen was b circa 1824 at Neilston Parish
and was living at 6 London Road when she married WILLIAM (usual address,
"about the same place"). This was also her second marriage. She was a cotton
piecer and a widow. She had one living child and one deceased by the former
marriage. Ellen was the daughter of John Stevenson, dresser, and Christina Glass,
servant. When WILLIAM married in 1855 he was living at 27 George Street,
Bridgeton, Glasgow. WILLIAM is listed in the 1853 Glasgow Directory as a
grocer at 55 Soho Street. WILLIAM d on 26 Apr 1867 at Bridgeton, Glasgow of
disease of the heart and dropsy. The informant was Ellen Arrol. The inventory
of the personal estate of WILLIAM ARROLL, Grocer and Victualler, sometime
of 4 Little Street, Calton, Glasgow, thereafter 55 Soho Street, Glasgow (See
SC36/48/58/30) is given as:

1. Household furniture and effects, including stock in trade in the deceased's
dwelling house, 55 Soho St. £12. 14s. 4d.

2. Debts due to deceased from 32 small debtors (including 17s from John Arroll).

£14. 12s.

3. 140 Shares of stock at £1 each in the name of said William Arrol and of the
Loan Bank and Discounting Company (of which he was Proprietor) in Calton,


sometime known by the name of the Clydesdale Loan Company and now by
the name and or firm of Walter McAllister and Company.

Total amount of personal estate in Scotland £156. 7s. 4d.

The family of WILLIAM ARROL and Janet Henderson is shown below and the family
of WILLIAM ARROL and Ellen Stevenson is shown in Paragraph IB on page 311
WILLIAM ARROL AND Janet Henderson had:

4A-1 ROBERT ARRALL, b 17 Nov 1829 at Glasgow, Scotland.

4A-2 MARION ARROL, b 18 Jan 1835 at Glasgow, Scotland.

4A-3 JOHN BUCHANAN ARROLL, b 28 Oct 1837 at West Street, Glasgow.

JOHN was a cotton spinner who was living at 44 Kirk Street, Calton, Glasgow

when he m on 26 Jun 1857 to Marion Sneddon at Glasgow. They were m at

4 Abbotsford Place, Tradeston, Glasgow. Marion was b 5 Nov 1836. She was

the daughter of William Sneddon, a tailor, and Agnes Neilson. Marion was a

cotton winder at the time of her marriage. In 1858 they lived at 4 West Street,

Calton when their daughter, AGNES, was born. Marion d 28 Feb 1895 at 1 1

Burgher Street, Glasgow of a tumour. JOHN was a foundry foreman when he

d 28 Jan 1899 at 288 Baltic Street, Glasgow of bronchitis. They had:

4A-3-1 AGNES WILSON ARROL, b 16 Sept 1858 at 4 West Street, Calton,

Glasgow. AGNES was a saleswoman. She m on 14 Feb 1898 to Robert

Allan at 8 East John Street, Glasgow. Robert, a joiner, was the son of

William Allan (dec), a powerloom beamer, and Marion Mitchell. AGNES

was living at 753 Great Eastern Road, Glasgow when she married. AGNES

d 26 Aug 1909 at 27 Argyle Street, Rothesay of bronchitis.

4A-3-2 WILLIAM ARROL, b 19 Dec 1860 at 23 Stevenson Street, Calton and

d 7 Jul 1939 at Troon, Scotland. He m 1st to Agnes Provan on 2 Jun 1887

at Glasgow. Agnes was b 9 Nov 1860, the daughter of Walter Provan, a

gardener, and Mary Hunter. WILLIAM m 2nd to Jane — at Westercraigs,

Dennistoun, Glasgow. In 1909 WILLIAM lived at 348 Cumbernauld Road,

Glasgow. WILLIAM was quite articulate and enjoyed reading Latin. As

such, he was disdainful of SIR WILLIAM ARROL who, though he was

knighted for his engineering feats, was a poor speaker. When SIR

WILLIAM ran for office as a Member of Parliament (1895-1906), SIR

WILLAM would employ others to give his speeches for him WILLIAM

was a blacksmith foreman and Agnes was a dressmaker Agnes d 29 Oct

1941 at 37 Darley Crescent, Troon of mitral stenosis and atrial fibrillation.

They had:

4A-3-2-1 MARY HUNTER ARROL, b 24 Aug 1888 at Glasgow. Mar>' was
a telephonist when she m on 12 Mar 1914 to Oliver Winton, a wholesale
provision merchant. They were married in Glasgow according to the
forms of the Church of Scotland. Oliver was b circa 1896, the son of
Oliver Winton, a shoemaker, and Mary Ann Ewing. He lived at 163 1/2
Main Street, Bridgeton and she was living at 348 Cumbernauld Road,
Glasgow. At one lime MARY had a sweet shop across from the Daily


Express Building in Glasgow. MARY d 9 Sept 1978 at Southern
General Hospital, Glasgow. She was living at 837 Crookston Road
when she died. They had: 1) Oliver, b 1915 (who had Ivol); 2) Walter,
b 1919 (who had Graeme, who had Charlotte); and 3) James, b 1922
(who had David).
4A-3-2-2 JOHN ARROL, b 20 Jun 1890 at 137 Statfield Street, Glasgow and

d 12 May 1896 at 163 Statfield Street, Glasgow of acute peritonitis.
4A-3-2-3 MARION SNEDDON ARROL, b 17 Sept 1892 at Glasgow. She m
on 22 Jun 1922 to William Braidwood Loughty. William was b circa 1892,
the son of Alexander and Christina Loughty, at 196 North Street, West
Glasgow. They had Agnes who m — Beckett and who lived in Ottawa,
Canada. The couple, Marion and Catherine.
4A-3-2-4 WALTER PRO VAN ARROL, b 14 Sep 1894 at 163 Statefield Street,
Dennistoun, Glasgow and d 7 Feb 1968 of acute cardiac failure at 59
Meadowhouse Road, Edinburgh. WALTER was a construction engineer.
He m 1st on 2 Sept 1926 to Annie Howatson McKerrow McMichael in
Glasgow. Annie, b circa 1900 in Maughlin, near Ayr, was the daughter of
William Hamilton McMichael, a builder, and Sybella Murdoch Gibson.
WALTER was a union executive for the Ministry of Labour. He was an
Employment Exchange Merchant, 2nd Class Officer, in Glasgow and
Stirling. They lived at 15 Abbotsford Place, Stirling in 1930. Annie d 21
Oct 1941 at Drummond Place, Edinburgh of melanotic carcinoma. Her
residence in 1941 was 59 Meadowhouse Road, Corstorphine, Edinburgh.
WALTER m 2nd on 12 Jan 1960 to Margaret Lucy Home Keech, a widow,
at Brighton, England. Margaret was a secretary with the Parks and Gardens
Department. She was b 14 Jun 1909 at Hockney, England, the daughter of
William Wilkie Home, the managing director of an engineering company.
Margaret d 21 Nov 1987 at Uckfield, Sussex, England of cancer. She was
living at 1, Lawrence House, Hempstead Road, Uckfield, Sussex, England
when she died. WALTER and Annie had:
4A-3-2-4-1 ELIZABETH ARROL, b 7 Dec 1926 at 14 Letham Terrace,

Airth and d 7 Dec 1926 of asphyxia.
4A-3-2-4-2 DOUGLAS PROVAN ARROL, b 2 May 1930 at 10 Oban
Drive, Glasgow, Scotland. The birth was registered in both Kelvin,
Glasgow and in Stirling. DOUGLAS was raised in Stirling, Scotland.
He attended Edinburgh University and graduated with honors in Econ Sc
in 1951. DOUGLAS joined the Royal Air Force in 1952. He trained
with NATO forces in Winnipeg, Canada and served with the RAF as a
flying officer (1st Lt.) in Canada and the United Kingdom until 1954.
DOUGLAS returned to Canada and became an investment banker with
A.E. Ames & Company in Ottawa. He m in 1961 to Janice Harder in
Toronto. Janice received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University
of Ottawa, and a BSc. Degree in Biology from the University of Sydney,
New South Wales, Australia. Janice was employed by Norden, a
subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. DOUGLAS later


transferred to the United States with A.E. Ames & Company, first

working in Chicago and later in New York City. In 1977 he was with

First Boston Corporation in New York as the managing director of the

Corporate Finance Department. In 1980 he rejoined A.E. Ames &

Company as the President of the United States affiliate of this Canadian

firm. He obtained his MBA degree from New York University in 1982.

In 1982 DOUGLAS began his own investment banking firm, Arrol

Securities, Inc., in Stamford, Connecticut. The couple did not have


4A-3-2-4-3 JOAN GIBSON ARROL, b 12 Sept 1934 at Queen Mary

Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland. JOAN was a personnel officer. She

m 5 Sept 1964 to Paul Victor Kraus Porgess at Birmingham, England.

Paul, a Ph.D. and a research chemist, was b circa 1936, the son of Les

Porgess, a metallurgist. Paul was living at 55 St. Albans Road,

Sheffield, England and JOAN was living at 66 Salisbury Road, Moseley,

England when they married.

4A-3-2-5 WILLIAM ARROL, b 1 May 1898 at 139 Comely Park St.

Dennistoun, Glasgow. WILLIAM m 1st on 3 Feb 1927 to Ann Muirhead

Melrose in Dennistoun, Glasgow. Ann, b circa 1897, was the daughter of

Robert Greig Melrose, a mercantile clerk, and Mary Lees. WILLIAM was

m 2nd on 14 Jan 1948 to Jean Jeffrey Massie in Larbert, Stirlingshire. Jean,

b circa 1910, was the daughter of Charles Massie (dec), a civil engineer,

and Jean Young Jeffrey. WILLIAM, a produce broker and a bacon curer,

is said to have owned a bacon and smoked ham factory and is believed "to

have been a good business man and made lots of money." WILLIAM d 10

Jan 1965 at 25 Belgrave Crescent, Edinburgh of myocardial infarction and

coronary atheroma. He was living at 1 Broadcart Crescent, Edinburgh in

1965. Jean m 2nd on 6 Oct 1971 to Kenneth Alexander James at Open

Arms Dirleton according to the forms of the Church of Scotland. Kenneth,

b circa 1910, was a widower. He was an electrical engineer. He was the

son of George Alexander James, a draper, and Catherine Osier. Jean lived

at 1 1 Dirleton Avenue, North Berwick, East Lothian and Kenneth resided

at 2 May Terrace when they married.

4A-3-2-6 ALEXANDER PROVAN ARROL, b 22 Mar 1900 at 33 Greenhill,

Waterside, Glasgow. ALEXANDER had a very distinguished appearance.

He was a well built man with a commanding presence and was quite

intellectual. He graduated in 1923 with a B Sc. in natural sciences from

Glasgow University. He received 1st class honours, graduating with

distinction. ALEXANDER taught mathematics at Marr College in Troon.

He m 5 Dec 1942 to Effie Josephine Watts at the Parish Church, St. Anne,

Derby, England. Josephine was b circa 1910, the daughter of William

Edward Watts, a jeweller. She was living at 179 Kealzston Road, Derby

and ALEXANDER at 37 Darley Crescent, Troon, Ayrshire when they

married. Josephine was an artist. She painted landscapes of Scotland,

scenes from Robert Bum's country, and portraits, still lifes etc.


ALEXANDER d 3 Aug 1962 in Mauchline, Ayrshire. (Mauchline was
immortalized by Robert Bums and is a place of pilgrimage for Bums fans
from all parts of the world.) In 1987 Josephine lived in Isandilands, Troon,
Scotland. They had:

4A-3-2-6-1 WILLIAM PRO VAN ARROL, b 6 May 1944 at Maternity
Home, Kilmarnock, Scotland. He attended Troon Public School, Man-
College and Glasgow University. He received a B.Sc. in engineering.
WILLIAM was a District Engineering Manager with London Transport.
"WILLIE" was a large man who enjoyed playing rugby. Since 1980
WILLIAM was chairman of the Hampton Camival, an annual
community and charity fund raising event. He was a photographer and
collected models of early trams and River Clyde Steamer models and
photographs. He relocated to the London, England area in 1967. He m
6 Dec 1969 to Heather Grace Wright at the Richmond Free Church,
Ormond Road, Richmond Upon Thames, England. Heather was a
statistician. She was bom circa 1944 at Twickenham, Richmond, the
daughter of Basil Arthur Leslie Wright, a furrier. She attended
Twickenham County School and Manchester University and received her
B.Sc. in 1967 in mathematics. She received a post-graduate diploma in
statistics. She was living at 6 Dolrey House, Hampton and WILLIAM
at 19 Forge Lane, Hansworth when they married. Heather enjoyed
painting and drawing. They had:

4A-3-2-6-1-1 HELEN PROVAN ARROL, b 22 Feb 1974 at Isleworth,
Middlesex, England. HELEN was a scholar at Tentiary College in
Twickenham. HELEN visited the Soviet Union in 1990.
4A-3-2-6-1-2 ALEXANDER PROVAN ARROL, b 23 Jul 1977 at
Kingston upon Thames, London, England. ALEX enjoyed playing
football and he was a musician.
4A-3-2-6-1-3 LORNA PROVAN ARROL, b 19 Feb 1981 at Ashford
Hospital, Stanwell, Surrey, England. LORNA enjoyed horseback
4A-3-3 MARION MATHIESON ARROL, b 14 Aug 1863 at 23 Millroad Street,
Calton, Glasgow. MARION was a warper. She m on 21 Jun 1889 to
Thomas Alexander at 32 Landressy Street, Calton, Glasgow. She was living
at 148 Camely Park Street, Glasgow when she married. Thomas, b circa
1866, was living at 175 Gallowgate, Glasgow. He was a grocer's
warehouseman, the son of William Alexander, a farmer, and Jane Kirkhope.
MARION d 27 Jun 1948 at 42 Wraes Ave., Barrhead of senile decay and
cardiac failure. They had: -— Alexander who lived at 115 Hill Street,
Kilmarnock in 1948.
4A-4 JAMES ARROL, b circa 1839 at Glasgow. (See JAMES ARROL and

ELIZABETH MUIR family. Paragraph lA-4, Page 305.)
4A-5 JANE ARROL, b circa 1841 at Glasgow. (See Paragraph lA-5, Page 309.)



I ROBERT ARROLL, b circa 1770. ROBERT was a cloth manufacturer or weaver. (See
Page 299). ROBERT m 1 1 May 1795 to Elizabeth Nap (Knapp), a servant. ROBERT
was dec by 1867. They had:

1 A WILLIAM ARROL(L), b circa 1 8 1 5 at Glasgow. (See JOHN BUCHANAN ARROLL
and MARION SNEDDON FAMILY, Paragraph 4A, Page 299 for detail of WILLIAM
ARROL.) He m 1st on 21 Dec 1828 to Janet Henderson. Janet d 14 Dec 1881.
WILLIAM m 2nd on 11 May 1855 to Helen Stevenson. (See Section III, Page 311.)
WILLIAM and Janet had:

lA-1 ROBERT ARRALL, b 17 Nov 1829 at Glasgow.

lA-2 MARION ARROL, b 18 Jan 1835 at Glasgow.

ARROLL and MARION SNEDDON FAMILY, Paragraph 4A-3, Page 300 for

lA-4 JAMES ARROL, b circa 1839 and d 2 Sep 1897 at Peebles of pneumonia. (See
Section I, Paragraph 4A-4, Page 303.) JAMES was an oil and colour dealer and
lived at 55 Soho Street, Glasgow when he m on 17 Mar 1864 to Elizabeth Muir
at Glasgow. Elizabeth was b circa 1838, the daughter of John Muir, a grocer, and
Lillias Miller. Elizabeth d 5 Feb 1912 at Upperwell, Biggar, of "natural causes".
JAMES later became a warper who was employed in a textile factory in Glasgow.
The family relocated to Peebles circa 1867-69. In Peebles, JAMES joined the
police force around the 1880's and became Chief Constable of Peebleshire. There
is mention of the ArroU's in the book, "The Autobiography of Margot Asquith"
(Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1962). Margot was the Countess of Oxford and
was the wife of H.H. Asquith, the Prime Minister of England, for a period through
1916. Margot was the sixth daughter of Sir Charles Tennant. The Tennant family
was one of the richest and most powerful families in England. The Tennant family
firm was founded by John Tennant who left a million pounds when he died in
1878. John Tennant, whose bleaching powder factory was located in St. Rollox,
Glasgow, fell in love with an employee. The employee, the beautiful ROBINA
ARROLL, was the girl who took the shaving water around the St. Rollox works.
ROBINA, either as John Tennant's wife or mistress, bore John Tennant three
children, including Marion Arrol Tennant and Charles Tennant. Marion was b
circa 1820. Marion m Robert Wallace, a minister of Dalrymple. Marion d 25 Jan
1902 at 8 Somerset Place, Glasgow of senile decay. The informant on her death
was James Tennant, her nephew.

Charles Tennant was Margot Asquith's grandfather. With this background, we can
speculate as to whether or not it was coincidental that JAMES ARROL had his
remarkable rise to the top of the police force in Peebleshire. To rise to such a


position in the late Victorian times was exceptional as chief constables were almost

always rv"tired army colonels. Mrs. ROBINA ARROLL (or Mathews, according

to the death certificate - perhaps she was married to someone named Mathews for

the sake of respectability?) resided in Glasgow. ROBINA d 5 Apr 1825. The

executor of the estate was John Tennant, merchant in Glasgow, who resided in St.

Rollox, Glasgow and who was nominated by ROBINA on 16 Oct 1823. The

codicil was dated 4 Mar 1825. The testament of ROBINA is found in the Index

to Testaments, Glasgow and various Commissariots, 1801-23,,. SC36/48/1 9/455.

The inventory of her estate is given as £294 9s 8d. (Another descendent of the

fabled Tennant family was Peter Cecil Wilson, the long time auctioneer and

chairman of Sotheby's, the world famous auction house. He was the grandson of

Margot, the wife of the Prime Minister ) JAMES and Elizabeth had:

lA-4-1 LILLIAS (NELLIE) MILLAR ARROL(L), b 14 Apr 1865 at 167 High

Street, Central District, Glasgow. NELLIE was a mill worker when she m on

16 Nov 1892 to John Thomas Thomson, a powerloom tuner, at Portbrae,

Peebles. John, b circa 1864, was living on Young Street, Peebles when he

married. He was the son of William Thomson, a mason, and Isabella Oliver.

NELLIE d 28 Sept 1934 at Peebles.

1 A-4-2 CHARLOTTE ARROL(L), b 24 Dec 1866 at Edinburgh and d 8 Nov 1878

at West Linton, Scotland of typhoid fever and congestion of the right lung.
I A-4-3 WILLIAM ARROL(L), b 12 Mar 1869 at Eddlestone, Peebles. WILLIAM
did his apprenticeship in the tweed industry in Peebles. He later relocated to

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