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London, England to represent his company. He m on 4 Jul 1895 to Ruth
Hannah Bragg in Fulham, London, England. They were married at the North
End Gospel Hall, Archel Road in Kensington. Ruth's father, Matthew Abraham
Bragg, was a shipwright. WILLIAM acquired first a small, and later a large,
laundry in Southend, Essex, England WILLIAM d 28 Mar 1925 at Southsea,
England. Ruth d 17 Oct 1939 at 38 Papes Hall, Chappel, Colchester, Essex.
The couple had seven children:

lA-4-3-1 JAMES HARDING ARROL, b 15 Jun 1896 at 48 Old Town, Peebles,
Scotland. JAMES was a trooper in the Essex Yeomanry, a cavalry unit. He
was killed in action during WW I at Ypres, Belgium in 1916 at the age of
19. He was performing sentry duty on horseback when he was shot by a
lA-4-3-2 FLORENCE ANNIE ARROL, b 2 Aug 1898 at Winnie Cottage, Old
Town, Peebles, Scotland. FLORENCE ANNIE m on 20 Aug 1925 to Cecil
Frederick Maynard Bangert at The Parish Church, Prittlewell, Rochford,
England. Cecil was b circa 1898, the son of Frederick Ernest Bangert, a
company manager. Cecil was an insurance clerk He was living at 182
North Road, Prittlewell, England and LOLLIE, as FLORENCE was known,
was living at Charden, Southchurch Road, Southend when they married.
lA-4-3-3 LILY IRWIN ARROL, b 2 Apr 1902 at North Avenue, Prittlewell,
Essex, England. LILY m on 9 Oct 1937 to Montague James Johnson
Brown at the Parish Church, St. Paul, Clifton, Bristol, England. Montague,
b circa 1905, was the son of Edgar James Brown, a traveller. Montague


was a representative. LILY lived at 40 Westboume Ct. London when she
married. She was dec by 1987.

lA-4-3-4 MARION HILDA ARROL, b circa 1904. MARION m on 27 Jul
1929 to Harold Frederick Wildish at The Gospel Hall, Coleman Street,
Southend on Sea, Rochford, Essex, England. Harold, a missionary in the
Amazon in South America, was the son of Edward Wildish, a linen
manufacturer's manager. He was living at 50 Electric Avenue, Westcliff on
Sea and MARION was living at 25 Dowsett Avenue, Southend on Sea when
they married. Following their marriage Harold was a missionary in Jamaica.
In 1990, MARION resided in Jamaica. They had: 1) David; 2) Andrew;
and 3) Joy, a former stewardess who m John Cook. John Cook was a
Concorde Pilot for British Airways. They reside in a 150-year-old cottage
in Church Crookham, near Fleet, Hampshire. (See "The Concorde Pilot" by
Mary Watson, Telegraph Sunday Magazine, 1986.)

lA-4-3-5 VERNA ARROL, b 27 Dec 1905 at 35 Southchurch Avenue,
Southend, Prittlewell, Essex, England. VERNA m on 3 Oct 1931 to Cyril
Walter Maurice Argent. Cyril, a cotton piece goods manufacturer's
salesman, was the son of Walter Philip Argent, a baker and confectionery
manager. Cyril was living at 23 Rochford Avenue, Westcliff on Sea when
they married.

lA-4-3-6 LUCY MARGARET ARROL, b 18 Nov 1911 at 7 The Strand,
Southchurch Road, Southend, Prittlewell, Essex, England. She m 9 Nov
1940 to George Dunbar at St. Peters Episcopal Church, Lutton Place,
Edinburgh. George, an ornamental confectioner, was b circa 1905, the son
of George Dunbar (dec), a baker's sundries man, and Jane Ellen Dodd.
LUCY was a hospital nurse and was living at the Royal Infirmary,
Edinburgh and George at 44 Wakefield Avenue, Edinburgh when they
married. LUCY trained as a nurse at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh.

lA-4-3-7 WILLIAM JOHN ARROL, b 25 Jul 1915 at 7 The Strand,
Southchurch Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. WILLIAM m on 19
Aug 1939 to Doris (Billie) Francis Maxwell at the Westcliff Congregational
Church, Old Leigh Road, Southend on Sea, England. Billie was b 7 Dec
1919. WILLIAM was living at 23 Binswood Avenue, Headington, Oxford
and Doris at 149 Kings Road, Westcliff on Sea. Doris was the daughter of
Henry Frederick Maxwell, a steel company engineer. WILLIAM attended
London University and graduated in 1935. He obtained his Ph.D. degree
as a radio-chemist. Dr. WILLIAM ARROL's thesis was on the geological
ages of meteorites. He moved to Oxford University in 1938 and worked
with G.M.B. Dobson on the ozone layer. Dobson designed the
spectrophotometers that were the most accurate measuring devices for the
use in measuring ozone levels. In 1940 "BILL" went to sea with the British
Navy as a Radar Officer on two different cruisers. In August 1942 the
second of these cruisers was torpedoed in the last Malta Convoy. The
cruiser was patched and sailed to Charleston, South Carolina to be repaired.
WILLIAM was sent to Canada to join the Manhattan Project and worked


on fission products until the end of WW II. Billie traveled on the Queen
Elizabeth during WW II to join her husband in Montreal where they resided
for eighteen months. Following WW II, WILLIAM lectured in chemistry
at London University and then removed to Harwell where he was in charge
of radioisotopes for medical and industrial use. In 1952 the couple was
living at 13 Nuneham Square, Abingdon, Berkshire. Dr. WILLIAM
ARROL joined Joseph Li-^as, Ltd., a large motor and auto accessories
company located in Birmingham, England, in 1952 where he was Director
of Research until his retirement in December of 1976. The Joseph Lucas
Group research centre moved in 1966 into what was described in an article
in the Financial Times on 7 Jul 1972 as "one of Britain's most beautiful
research centres." Dr. ARROL developed speciality semiconductor units
that were zero frequency, medium power silicon devices needed for
automotive electronics. Dr. WILLIAM ARROL was Chairman of EIRMA
(European Industrial Research Management Association). WILLIAM
received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) from Her Majesty Queen
Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace m 1981. He was accompanied at the
Queens Birthday Honours by his wife, Billie, and his son, SIMON JAMES.
WILLIAM was a collector of rare maps. Dr. WILLIAM ARROL and his
wife, Billie, made their home in retirement in Knowle, Solihull, West
Midlands, England. They had:

lA-4-3-7-1 SIMON JAMES ARROL, b 18 Jun 1950 at Warren Hospital,
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England. He attended school at Oundle and
graduated from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and
Technology as a civil engineer. After a few years helping to build the
National Theatre in London, he joined the Dutch dredging company of
Bos Kalis Westminister. He was employed with this firm for ten years,
including four years in Nigeria. He returned to England in 1982 when
he and a partner established their own dredging company. He was m 26
Mar 1985 to Zara (Zohreh) Hamzavi-Rad, the beautiful Iranian daughter
of one of the Shah's colonels. She was b in Iran. Her father, Jafar
Hamzavi-Rad, died just before the 1983 revolution in Iran. In 1990 the
couple relocated from Louth, Lincolnshire, to Coombe Dingle, Bristol
where SIMON was named managing director of Camper and Nicholsons
Marinas Ltd The firm owned a number of marianas in the United
Kingdom. They had a daughter:


Dec 1986 at Maternity Hospital, Grimsby, Humberside, England.

1 A-4-4 MARGARET MUIR ARROLL, b 22 Jan 1871 at Kilbucho, Peebles. She

was a mill worker when she m on 7 Dec 1892 to William Cairns Ker at

Portbrae, Peebles. William, bom circa 1868, was a tweed warehouseman, the

son of James Ker (dec), a veterinary surgeon, and Jane Cairns (dec).

lA-4-5 JOHN MUIR ARROL(L), b 27 Sept 1872 at West Linton, Peebles JOHN

was a tweed finisher. He was married twice. He was living in the police

buildings in Peebles (his father was the superintendent of police) when he m


1st on 21 Jul 1892 to Janet Young Johnstone at Rosetta Road, Peebles Janet,

b circa 1 872 of Rosetta Road, Peebles, was the daughter of Andrew Johnstone,

mason, and Rachael Wilson. Janet d 17 Jun 1938, age 66, at 1 George Street,

Peebles of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. JOIIN m 2nd on 22 Oct 1947, at

age 76, to Helen Murray Wilson at The Manse, Eddleston. Helen, a widow,

was b 27 Dec 1880, the daughter of Robert Wilson (dec), a master of works,

and Helen Murray. Helen was m 1st to Robert Wilson, a fishmonger. She was

living at 3 Cross Street, Peebles when she married. JOHN was living at 1

George Street, Peebles. Helen d 24 Aug 1974 at County Hospital, Peebles of

myocardial degeneration and a cerebrovascular accident at age 93. She was

living at Dunwhinny Lodge, Peebles when she died. JOHN d 3 May 1954, age

81, at the War Memorial Hospital, Peebles of cancer. JOHN and Janet had:

1 A-4-5-1 RACHAEL WILSON ARROL, b 9 May 1893 at Peebles. RACHAEL

m 5 Dec 1924 to William Gilfillan Clark at Peebles. She d 22 Apr 1984

at Dunwhinney Lodge, Peebles of cerebral arterosclerosis.

lA-4-5-2 JAMES ARROL, b 20 Jul 1896 at George Street, Peebles. JAMES

was a tweed finisher foreman. He never married. He d 24 Nov 1942 at 1

George St. Peebles of pulmonary tuberculosis.

lA-4-5-3 JESSIE JOHNSTON ARROL, b 21 Apr 1901 at 1 George Street,

Peebles. JESSIE was a textile worker. She never married. JESSIE d 26

May 1951 at 27 Connor Street, Peebles of self administered coal gas carbon

monoxide poisoning. (See RCE Vol 4 p. 8, 2 Jun 1951.)

1 A-4-5-4 JOHN ARROL. JOHN d young of tuberculosis. He is believed to

have been in the army during WW I.

lA-4-6 ELIZABETH ARROL, b 22 Jul 1874 at West Linton, Peebles and d 11

Sept 1874.

lA-4-7 JANE ARROL, b 1 1 Feb 1876 at West Linton, Peebles. JANE was a

dressmaker. JEANNIE, as she was known, was m on 13 Jun 1904 to John

Anderson Mottas at Glen Cottage, Rosetta Road, Peebles, according to the

forms of the Congregationalists. John, an ironmonger, was b circa 1871, the

son of William Mottas, an ironmonger, and J. Dear. JANE was living at Glen

Cottage, Rosetta Road, Peebles and John at 85 Marchmon Road, Edinburgh

when they married. She d 3 Dec 1925 at Momingside, Edinburgh.

lA-5 JANE ARROL, b circa 1841 in Glasgow. JANE was a powerloom weaver

residing at 2 Landressy Street, Glasgow when she m on 27 Feb 1863 to James

Fulton at Westercraigs, Glasgow. James was a warehouse porter living at 235

London Road, Glasgow. He was b circa 1837, the son of William Fulton, a

handloom weaver, and Martha Irvine. James was a drapery warehouseman (carpet

department). They hadWilliam, b 25 Mar 1870 at High Church, Glasgow. JANE

d 22 Nov 1919 at Goumhill, Glasgow.




SNEDDON family, Paragraph 4A, Page 299.)

IB WILLIAM ARROL(L), b circa 1815 at Tobago Street, Calton, Glasgow.
WILLIAM was a cotton spinner and later a grocer. He m 2nd on 1 1 May 1855
to Helen (or Ellen) Stevenson (or Stephenson). HELEN was m 1st to Thomas
Dalziel, a wool weaver. She was b circa 1824, the daughter of John Stevenson
(Stephenson), a goods carrier, and Christina Glass. Helen (or Ellen) had two
children prior to the birth of her third child, CHARLOTTE ARROL. Helen d 4
May 1882 at 15 Hozier Street, Glasgow of apoplexy. WILLIAM and Helen had:
lB-1 CHARLOTTE ARROL, b 14 Apr 1855 at Glasgow. CHARLOTTE may

have m on 4 Sept 1874 to James Todd, a beltmaker, at 6 London Road, High

Church, Glasgow. CHARLOTTE d 8 Oct 1899 at 64 Oswald Street, Glasgow

of cardiac disease.
lB-2 MARY ANN ARROL, b 10 Oct 1856 at Thomhill, Johnstone and d 14 May

1857. MARY ANN d at age 7 months at Thomhill, Johnstone as a result of

a bowel obstruction.
lB-3 WILLIAM ARROL, b 31 Jan 1858 at 4 Little Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow.

WILLIAM d 26 May 1859 at 4 Little Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow.
lB-4 ROBERT ARROLL, b 31 Jul 1860 at 4 Little Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow.

ROBERT d 27 Jun 1861 at 4 Little Street of scarlet fever, duration 2 days.
lB-5 ROBERT ARROL(L), b 8 Mar 1862 at 4 Little Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow.

ROBERT is believed to have d 5 Nov 1863 at 55 Soho Street, Glasgow of

scarlet fever, duration 3 weeks.
lB-6 MARY ARROL, b 26 May 1865 at 55 Soho Street, Glasgow. MARY was

a grocery saleswoman. She m 13 Jun 1890 to Arthur Buchanan, a yam twister.

Arthur was b circa 1865, the son of James McDougall Buchanan and Jane

Docherty. She d 30 Oct 1948 at 84 Lockslay Avenue, Glasgow of senile

myocardium and heart failure. They had: William A. Buchanan.



I JOHN ARROLL, b circa 1790. JOHN was a weaver. He m circa 1819 to Agnes
Thompson. Agnes was b circa 1799, the daughter of William Thompson, a cotton
weaver, and Agnes Drysdale. Agnes d 24 Jan 1878 at Camlachie, Glasgow of general
debility. They had:

1 WALTER ARROL(L), b circa 1820, was a cotton weaver and hand loom operator
of Parkhead when he m 1st on 3 Dec 1843 to Margaret Haddow at Barony, Glasgow.
Margaret was b circa 1825, the daughter of George Haddow, a coal miner, and
Isabella Crichton. They lived at 294 Great Eastern Road in 1878. WALTER was
a lamplighter in 1883. Margaret d 13 Mar 1888 of hepatitis. She was living at 286
Great Eastern Road, Glasgow. WALTER m 2nd on 26 Dec 1895 to Margaret Scott
O'Connell at 14 Eraser Street, Glasgow. Margaret was a widow, previously married
to Anthony O'Connell, an army pensioner. Margaret was b circa 1 83 1 , the daughter
of William Scott (dec), a weaver, and Margaret Dollar (dec). WALTER d 12 Jan
1899 at Camlachie, Glasgow of double pneumonia. MARGARET d 10 Jan 1905 at
Bamhill Poorhouse, Glasgow, of cancer of the stomach. WALTER and Margaret
Haddow had:

1-1 ISABELLA ARROL,b circa 1844. ISABELLA m circa 1869 to John Wellwood,
a splint salesman. She d 8 Sept 1925 at Westmuir Avenue, Camlachie, Glasgow
of influenza.
1-2 JOHN ARROL, b circa 1854 and d 16 Feb 1859 at 208 Great Western Road,
Glasgow. JOHN was five years old when he d as a result of whooping cough of
three weeks duration.
1-3 ELIZABETH ARROL(L), b circa 1856. ELIZABETH m 17 Sept 1875 at Calton,
Glasgow to James McCabe. She was living at 29 Preston Street, Glasgow when
she d 18 Sept 1893 of gastritis.
1-4 MARY ARROLL, b 22 Dec 1858 at 66 Great Western Road, Bridgeton,

Glasgow. MARY d 23 Jan 1909 in South Leith.
1-5 JAMES ARROLL, b 23 Dec 1859 at 1 Brown's Lane, Parkhead, Bridgeton,
Glasgow. JAMES, a cotton yam twister, m 1st on 26 Jan 1883 to Mary Gray at
99 Gray Street, Parkhead, Glasgow. He was m according to the forms of the
Congregationalists. JAMES was living at 288 Great Western Road when he m
and Mary lived at 282 Great Western Road, Glasgow. Mary, a paper mill worker,
was b circa 1859, the daughter of George Gray (dec), a bleachfield worker, and
Barbara Stout. Mary d 23 Jan 1909 at 45 CoalhiU Street, Glasgow of pneumonia.
JAMES m 2nd on 27 Aug 1915 to Clara Lydia Lockwood at 645 Alexander
Parade, Glasgow. Clara, b circa 1873, was the daughter of Walter Lockwood, a
police constable, and Elizabeth Ware Clara was living at 249 Great Eastern
Road, Glasgow when she m JAMES. JAMES d 6 Apr 1927 at 253 Duke Street,
Glasgow of a malignant tumor of the prostate. JAMES and Mary Gray had:
1-5-1 WALTER ARROL(L), b 5 Oct 1883 at 99 Gray Street, Parkhead, Glasgow

and d 5 Oct 1883 of premature birth. He was a twin of BARBARA.
1-5-2 BARBARA ARROL(L), b 5 Oct 1883 at 99 Gray Street, Parkhead,


Glasgow and d 15 Oct 1883 of premature birth. WALTER and Barbara were
bom 2 months premature and there was no medical attendant. BARBARA
lived 1 1 days.
1-5-3 WALTER ARROL(L). b 19 Jan 1885 at 18 Burgher Street, Parkhead,
Glasgow and d 24 Dec 1903 at the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow of phthisis.
WALTER was a cloth finisher. In 1899 he lived at Rowantree Cottage,
Raploch, near Stirling. In 1903 he lived at 38 Coalhill Street, Glasgow.
1-5-4 MARGARET HADDOW ARROL(L), b 3 Nov 1886 at 18 Burgher Street,
Parkhead, Glasgow. MARGARET was a textile worker. She was employed
in Belfast, No. Ireland during WW I. MARGARET m circa 1921 to Joseph
Bowman, a docker. It is not known where they married. They had: Mary,
Joseph and Sally.
1-5-5 BARBARA STOUT ARROL(L), b 1 1 Oct 1888 at 286 Great Eastern Road,
Glasgow. BARBARA d 9 Jan 1890 at 18 Burgher Street, Parkhead, Glasgow
of 'teething' and convulsions.
1-5-6 ANN ARROLL, b 1 1 Oct 1890 at 18 Burgher Street, Camlachie, Glasgow.

A twin of JOHN.

1-5-7 JOHN ARROLL, b 1 1 Oct 1890 at 18 Burgher Street, Camlachie, Glasgow.

JOHN was a twin of ANN. JOHN'S name is spelled with one 'L' on the

extract of his birth certificate. However, the name is spelled with a double

L' on all of their other children's birth certificates. JOHN was employed as

a foreman in a glass works. He m 13 Aug 1915 to Susan Milligan in St.

Michael's Church, Parkhead, Glasgow. Susan was b circa 1881. She was a

bottle packer. At the time of their marriage, JOHN was a glass bottle packer.

JOHN suddenly became blind in 1930 as a result of 'Spanish Flu' which

destroyed the nerves at the back of his eyes. 'Spanish Flu' resulted in many

deaths during WW I. JOHN was a 'comic' and was good-natured throughout

his life in spite of his handicap. Susan d 16 Dec 1951 at 51 Buddon Street,

Glasgow of myocardial degeneration. JOHN d 15 Aug 1954 at 51 Buddon

Street, Glasgow of pulmonary carcinoma. The couple had:

1-5-7-1 JOHN MILLIGAN ARROLL, b 8 Nov 1918 at 44 East Hope Street,

Camlachie, Glasgow. JOHN was in the British Army in WW II. He

was originally in the Royal Highland Fusiliers. He served in France and

escaped from Cherburg when France fell in 1940. He transferred in

1942 to the Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-Shire Buffs, The Duke of

Albany's) as a private. He was killed in action on 30 Mar 1943 in the

North African Theatre of operations

1-5-7-2 MARY ARROLL, b 2 Oct 1921 at 44 East Hope Street, Camlachie,

Glasgow. MARY was a printing machine operator. MARY was m on

30 Mar 1963 at Glasgow to Mark Domagala, a miner. In 1990 they

resided at 3 Harding Avenue, Rutherglen, Glasgow. The couple did not

have any children.

1-5-7-3 GEORGE ARROLL, b 14 Dec 1923 at 44 East Hope Street,

Camlachie, Glasgow. He attended Camlachie School and Bernard St.

School, Bridgeton, Glasgow. GEORGE met Renee Packer, who was a


cotton weaver from Burnley, Lancashire, England, while on holiday in
Blackpool, England where the couple went dancing at Blackpool Tower.
GEORGE relocated from Glasgow to Burnley, Lancashire, England and
m on 4 Mar 1950 to Renee Packer at Parkhill Methodist Church on
Padiham Road, Burnley. Renee's father, Tom Packer, an engineering
fitter, was secretary of the Padiham AEUW. GEORGE served his
apprenticeship in Sir William Axrol's Steelworks in Glasgow from
1938-44. Although GEORGE was deferred from military service during
WW II because he was employed in critical defense operations, he
served in the Home Guard as an Ack-Ack Gunner. He was stationed at
an anti-aircraft battery in Rutherglen. He was employed six nights a
week and spent Saturday nights on duty as a gunner. This lasted for 2
1/2 years during WW II. He was employed at A. Matheson Ltd.,
Glasgow as a centre lathe turner (1945-48). GEORGE was then
employed by Joseph Lucas Aerospace in Burnley (1948-85). Joseph
Lucas originally came to Burnley on a secret project during the WW II
era to build the original jet aircraft engines. In 1985 GEORGE retired
after being employed for thirty -six years with Lucas Aerospace Ltd. as
an engmeer. In 1988 GEORGE and Renee resided in Burnley,
Lancashire, England. They had;

1-5-7-3-1 TREVOR JOHN ARROLL, b 15 Feb 1951 at 842 Padiman
Road, Burnley, Lancashire, England. TREVOR attended York
University where he earned his B.A. degree. He met Carol
Chapman, also a student at York University, when both were in
school. TREVOR m 21 Jul 1973 to Carol Chapman at St. Marks
Church, Pwilgwaun, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, South Wales. Carol
was b circa 1950, the daughter of Clifford and Lily Chapman.
Clifford retired in 1987 from British Railways. Lily was a school
cleaner. Carol was living at 40 Darylan Road, Maesycoed,
Pontypridd, Wales when she married. TREVOR was a History
Master at Kings School in Macclesfield. Carol taught science and
mathematics at a private school in Stockport, Cheshire. They
resided at Crooked Yard Farm, Crooked Lane, Macclesfield Forest,
Macclesfield, England. They had:

1-5-7-3-1-1 KATHERINE LOUISE ARROLL, b 22 Dec 1981 at

Leighton Hospital, Crewe, Cheshire, England. Katherine

participated in Gymkhana (Pony jumping competition). YVONNE ARROLL, b 25 Mar 1955 at 842 Padiham Road,

Burnley, England. YVONNE attended Ivy Bank School. She was

employed as a shop assistant and worked for the Bata Shoe

Company in Gwelo, Rhodesia, Africa 1975-76) As a result of

unsettled politics and strife, YVONNE first went to South Africa for

a brief period and then returned to the United Kingdom. She was

later employed as a nanny in London. She m on 10 Jul 1982 to

Norman Barry Taylor at Ightenhill Methodist Church, Padiham


Road, Burnley. Barry was b 3 Feb 1948, the son of May and Frank

George Taylor, a storekeeper. Norman was living at 9 Warrington

Road and YVONNE AT 842 Padiham Road, Burnley when they

married. YVONNE enjoyed folk music, cake decorating and baking

birthday cakes. YVONNE was friends with a musical group called

the Spinners and travelled all around England with the group.

YVONNE received a Highly Commended Degree in Spoken English

and took business related courses. YVONNE and Barry had: 1)

Katy Helen, b 28 May 1985; 2) Stewart Barry, b 18 Nov 1986; and

3) Tracy Dawn, b 3 Jan 1989.

1-5-7-4 ROBERT MILLIGAN ARROLL, b 15 May 1926 at 44 Holywell

Street, Glasgow. He d 24 Apr 1927 at 44 Holywell Street, Glasgow

following a mastoid operation and pneumonia.

1-5-7-5 JAMES ARROLL, b 4 Jan 1930 at 44 Holywell Street, Camlachie,

Glasgow. He d 29 Jun 1931 at Belvedere Hospital, Glasgow of

whooping cough and broncho-pneumonia. His usual address was 44

Holywell Street, Glasgow.

1-5-8 JANET GRAY ARROL(L), b 19 Nov 1892 at 18 Burgher Street, Glasgow

and d 24 Sept 1893 of gastro-intestinal catarrh and diarrhoea.
1-5-9 ISABELLA ARROL(L), b 3 Jul 1894 at 18 Burgher Street, Camlachie,
Glasgow. ISABELLA d 19 Mar 1908 at 45 Coalhill Road, Glasgow of
phthisis pulmonalis.
1-5-10 ERNEST ARROL(L), b circa 1895.

1-5-11 GEORGE GRAY ARROL(L), b 22 Mar 1896 at Camlachie, Glasgow.
GEORGE was a carpet factory worker. He d 28 Jul 1915 at Bamhill
Poorhouse, Glasgow of mitral regurgitation. He lived at 249 Great Eastern
Road, Glasgow.
1-5-12 JAMES ARROL b 28 Aug 1898 at 18 Burgher Street, Camlachie, Glasgow
and d 17 Nov 1898 of infantile marasmus.
1-6 WALTER ARROL(L), b 29 Apr 1862 at Bridgeton, Glasgow. WALTER was
the informant on his father's death. WALTER was a carpet weaver. He m 26
Oct 1888 to Isabella Hicks at 19 Sydney Street, Glasgow, according to the forms
of the Church of Scotland. Isabella was a yamwinder. She wash circa 1867, the
daughter of Matthew Hicks, a gardener, and Rebecca Pinkerton. In 1889 he was
living at Rowantree Cottage, near Raploch, near Stirling.
1-6-1 WALTER ARROLL, b 1 Mar 1890 at Camlachie, Glasgow and d 26 Oct

1-6-2 WILLIAM ARROLL (Hicks), b 25 May 1895 at 466 Cathcart Road,
Glasgow and d 15 Feb 1896 at 11 North Park Street, Glasgow of infantile
marasmus and bronchopneumonia. WILLIAM'S mother, Isabella, declared
that her husband, WALTER ARROL, was not the father of the child and that
she had not had personal communication with WALTER since they separated
about 4 years prior to 1895. Glasgow. ROBERT'S mother, Isabella, declared
that her husband, WALTER ARROL, was not the father of the child and that
she had not had personal communication with WALTER since they had


separated about four years prior to 1895.
1-6-3 ROBERT ARROL (Hicks), b 26 Aug 1897 at 10 Rosehall Street, Glasgow.
ROBERT'S mother, Isabella, declared that her husband, WALTER ARROL,
was not the father of the child and that she had not had personal
communication with WALTER since Mar 1893. ROBERT d 21 Nov 1897
at 750 Grascube Road, Glasgow of acute gastritis. Isabella was living at 124
Main Street, Gorbals when ROBERT died.

2 ANDREW ARROL (THOMSON), b circa 1821. ANDREW was the illegitimate son
of Agnes Thomson (subsequently married to John Arrol). ANDREW was a
handloom weaver. He m circa 1846 to Mary Horn. ANDREW d 28 Apr 1881 at
the Parkhead Railway Station of a probable heart attack. The informant on his death
was his half-brother, WALTER ARROL, of 288 Great Eastern Road. He was living
at 3 Baird Street, Westmuir at the time of his death.

3 JANET ARROL, b circa 1830. She m 14 Jul 1865 to John Turner, a blockprinter.
They were married at Whitevale Street, Glasgow, according to the forms of the Free
Church of Scotland. John was a widower when they married. John was b circa
1836, the son of Peter Turner, a carter, and Janet Brown. John was a cotton weaver

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