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"out West", but more likely relocated to Detroit or Chicago. He may have married
and had:


4 JAMES ARROLL, b circa 1859 at Newfoundland. He m circa 1879 to Mary Keough
who was b in Newfoundland. They had:

4-1 JAMES ALBERT ARROLL, b 29 Dec 1880 at Maiden, Massachusetts. JAMES
was a veteran of the Spanish-American War. He never married. JAMES was
a hotel manager and managed the Bret Harte Inn at Grass Valley, California.
JAMES had been in Grass Valley for only two months when he suffered a
cerebral hemorrhage on 26 Mar 1944. He d of arteriosclerosis and the cerebral
hemmorhage on 2 Apr 1944 at Nevada County Hospital, California. He is
buried at Elm Ridge Cemetary, Grass Valley, California.

5 CATHERINE ARROLL, b circa 1861 probably in Newfoundland, but possibly in
Massachusetts. She m circa 1886 to James Kehoe. They had: 1) Frank; 2) Thomas;
3) William; and 4) George.

6 MARGARET ARROLL, b circa 1863 probably in Newfoundland, but possibly
in Massachusetts. She m circa 1888 to - — Gill. They had: 1) Russell and 2) Herman.


7 MARY ARROLL, b circa 1865 probably in Newfoundland, but possibly in
Massachusetts. She m circa 1890 to James Brown. They had: Marie who m Chester
Brown. Marie and Chester had James Brown who m Marylou — .



I GEORGE ARROLL, b circa 1831. GEORGE was orignally a tweed designer and
power loom tester. He was then a clothier and ultimately a woolen manufacturer. He
m 2 May 1853 to Elizabeth Foster at Melrose, Roxburgh, Scotland. In 1854 Elizabeth
was living at 2 Grosvenor Street, Leeds, England. GEORGE d 13 Mar 1900 at 55
Halifax Old Road, Huddersfield, England of an enlarged prostate. Elizabeth is believed
to have been b circa 1832 and d 17 Jun 1915 at 212 Duke Street, Barrow,
Barrow-in-Furness, England of old age. Elizabeth's daughter-in-law, Annie Maria (See
Paragraph 11, Page 335) was present at her death. They had:

1 SARAH ARROL, b 5 Mar 1854 at 2 Grosvenor Street, Leeds, England. SARAH
was a confectioner. She m 13 Jun 1883 to William Matthew Foster at the Register
Office, Huddersfield, York, England. William, a power loom operator, was the son
of James Foster, an overlooker m a woolen mill. They were living at 2 Hollybank
Road, Lindley when they married. They were married in the presence of SARAH'S
brother and sister, JOHN C. ARROL and JANE ARROL.

2 MATTHEW ARROL, b 10 Mar 1855 at Dumfries, Scotland. MATTHEW d 7 Apr
1870 at Fartown, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England of phthisis.

3 ROBERT ARROL, b 12 Jun 1856 at Dumfries. ROBERT was a power loom tuner
and an overlooker in a woolen mill when he died. In 1881 he was a worsted weaver.
He m 29 May 1880 to Mary Sunderland at the Register Office, Bramley, York,
England. Mary, a woolen weaver, was b circa 1859, the daughter of Joseph
Sunderland, a mason. ROBERT was living at 7 Strawberry Mount, Armley and
Mary was living at Dunkirk Hill, Armley, York when they married. Mary d 20 Dec
1921 at 56 Conference Road, Armley, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. They had:

3-1 JANE ANN ARROL, b 24 Mar 1881 at Huddersfield, York, England. JANE
ANN m on 14 Aug 1912 to Charles Stephan Blamires at Oxford Place Chapel,
Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Charles was b circa 1882, the son of Walter
Blauires, a manager in a woolen mill. JANE ANN was living at 212 Tong
Road, Armley, Leeds and Charles was living at 212 Tong Road, Armley, Leeds
when they married.

4 JANE ARROL, b 13 Feb 1858 at Dumfries. JANE was a confectioner. She never
married. JANE d 9 Jul 1942 at Inverie, Park Road, Dumfries of senility,
arteriosclerosis and cerebral thrombosis.

5 JOHN CROSBY ARROL, b 13 Jun 1860 at Dumfries. JOHN was an overlooker in
a woolen mill. He was living in Huddersfield, England when he m on 24 Sept 1888
to Christina Kellock Martin. Christina was a domestic servant. She was b circa
1867, the daughter of John Martin, a blacksmith, and Ann Fraser. JOHN d 13 Jul
1916 at 24 Fourlands Road, Idle, Bradford, England. Christina d 14 Jun 1950 at The
Park, Resley Lane, Bradford, England of pneumonia. They had:

5-1 NORMAN ARROL, b 5 Mar 1890 at 58 Bentley Street, Lockwood,
Huddersfield, York, England. NORMAN was a spinning manager in a textile
mill. He d 15 Jan 1969 at 24 Fourlands Road, Idle, Bradford, England of a
ventricular rupture and coronary thrombosis.


5-2 HERBERT ARROL, b 24 Feb 1907 at 37 Prospect Street. Parsley, Caverley,
Yorkshire, England. HERBERT was a colour matcher for worsted spinners and
a textile yam agent. He resided at Fourth House, Station Road, Esholt,
Bradford. He m 6 Aug 1934 to Phyllis Knight at the Baptist Chapel, Oxford
Road, Guiseley. Phyllis was b circa 1910 in Skipton, the daughter of John
William Knight, a grocer. Phyllis was the owner's daughter and worked in the
grocer's shop. Phyllis was living at 10 Otley Road, Guiseley and HERBERT at
24 Fourlands Road, Idle, England when they married. HERBERT d 21 Oct
1966 at The General Hospital, Otley, Wharfedale, Yorkshire of
broncho-pneumonia due to hypertension. In 1990 Phyllis was living in
Bradford. She retained the cane which her father-in-law, JOHN CROSBY
ARROL, was given to JOHN by the firm of John Crowthers & Sons on 1 1
December 1899. HERBERT and Phyllis had:

5-2-1 JANE ARROL, b 2 Sept 1939 at Westfield Nursing Home, Rawlon,

Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England. JANE was a pharmacist. She m 2 Sept

1964 to Roderick Frank Ratcliffe at The Parish Church, Esholt, Yorkshire,

England. Roderick was b circa 1928, the son of Laurence Percy Ratcliffe,

a business man. JANE was living at Fourth House, Station Road, Esholt

and Roderick at 538 Great Horton Road, Bradford, Yorkshire when they

married. The family relocated to the Isle of Man where they had a comer

shop. In 1990 they lived at Woodlands, Walpole Drive, Ramsey, Isle of

Man. They had: Julia and Richard.

5-2-2 JOHN RICHARD ARROL, b 1 Feb 1943 at Bradford, England. JOHN

was variously a textile manager, a manswear velvet representative, and a

textile sales representative. In 1990 he was a representative for Lister

Mannigham Mills. He m 1st on 17 Sept 1965 to Barbara Jill Batty at the

Parish Church, St. Peter, Shipley, Yorkshire, England. Jill, as she was

called, was employed by Barclays Bank in 1990. She was b circa 1944 in

Cheshire, England, the daughter of Tom Batty, a surveyor and valuer.

JOHN was living at Fourth House, Station Road, Esholt, Shipley and

Barbara at 2 1 Bankfield Road, Shipley when they married. Their marriage

was dissolved and JOHN m 2nd on 11 Aug 1980 to Jennifer Margaret

Hodgson at Wharfedale, Leeds, England. Jennifer, an insurance underwriter,

was b circa 1954, the daughter of Stanley Hodgson, a representative.

Jennifer was living at 14 Old Hollins Hill, Guiseley and JOHN at 8 Station

Road, Esholt, Shipley when they married. In 1992 JOHN and Jennifer lived

at 18 Claremont Ave, Shipley, West Yorkshire. JOHN and Barbara had:

5-2-2-1 MARK STEVEN ARROL, b 1 Jul 1970 at General Hospital,

Bumley, England. In 1990 Mark was a student teacher in Bitburg,

Rheinland Platz, Germany. MARK taught bilingual economics to

fifteen year olds and in addition gave assistance in the English language

to children who formerly lived in East Germany where the instruction

in a secondary language was Russian. MARK attended the University

of Manchester where he majored in German and history.

5-2-2-2 LOUISE JANE ARROL, b 2 Mar 1 973 at Royal Infirmary Maternity


Unit, Bradford, England. JOHN and Jennifer had:
5-2-2-3 DAVID JOHN ARROL, b 1 1 Apr 1985 at Royal Infirmary Hospital,

Bradford, Yorkshire, England.
5-2-2-4 RACHEL LOUISE ARROL, b 23 Mar 1988 at Royal Infirmary

Hospital, Bradford, Yorkshire, England.

6 ELLEN ARROL, b 22 Feb 1862 at Dumfries, Scotland.

7 ELIZABETH ARROL, b 10 Jul 1864 at Closebum, Scotland. ELIZABETH was a
weaver. She m 28 Mar 1891 to Joseph Dickson at Wesley Methodist Chapel in
Huddersfield. Joseph, a power loom operator, was b circa 1867, the son of Andrew
Dickson (dec), a farmer. ELIZABETH was living at Spring Gardens, Rashcliffe and
Joseph was living at Cellars Clough, at Marsden.

8 ANN ARROL, b 11 Apr 1866 at Closebum, Scotland. ANN (ANNIE) was a
confectioner. She m 30 Oct 1894 to John William Blackburn at the Trinity
Wesleyan Chapel, Huddersfield, York, England. John, a rag puller, was b circa
1865, the son of William Blackburn, a seamer. John was living at Thomhill,
Dewsbury, and ANNIE at Sheepridge, Huddersfield when they married.

9 GEORGE ARROL, b 9 Feb 1868 at Closebum, Scotland. GEORGE resided at 55
Halifax Old Road, Huddersfield, England in 1900. GEORGE was a draper and news
agent. He d 24 Feb 1912 at 55 Halifax Old Road in Huddersfield of valvular disease
of the heart. His brother-in-law, Joseph Dickson, was present at his death.

10 ALEXANDER ARROL, b 13 Dec 1869 at Fartown Green, Huddersfield, Yorkshire,
England and d 2 Jan 1870.

11 JAMES ARROL, b 13 Mar 1871 at Portland Place, Lindley, Huddersfield,
Yorkshire, England. JAMES was a confectioner and grocer. He also may have been
a garage manager. JAMES ARROL lived at 25 St. Annes Road, Blackpool, England.
He m 14 Oct 1912 to Annie Maria Raper at the Holy Trinity Church,
Knaresborough, Yorkshire. Annie Maria was b circa 1879, the daughter of Jabiz
Raper, a currier. They lived at 212 Duke Street, Barrow-in-Fumess, England. Annie
Marie d 24 Dec 1951 at 45 Beverley Grove, Blackpool, England. He d 3 Apr 1956
at Victoria Hospital, Blackpool, of cancer. They had:

11-1 JAMES ARROLL, b circa 1909. JAMES was a club steward. JAMES was m
1st to - — . He m 2nd on 14 Sept 1967 to Bessie Armstrong at Bradford,
England. Bessie was a widow, the daughter of William Stephenson. They were
living at 53 Oakleigh Road, Bradford when they married.

11-2 MURIEL ARROL, b 20 Jul 1914 at 212 Duke Street, Barrow-in-Fumess,
England. MURIEL was a dressmaker. She m 1st on 24 Apr 1939 to Samuel
Midgley at the Parish Church, St. Mark, Blackpool, England. Samuel was b
circa 1913, the son of Herbert Midgley (dec), a joiner. Samuel was a grocers'
traveller, the son of Herbert Midgley, a joiner. MURIEL was living at 45
Beberley Grove, Blackpool and Samuel at 10 Kendal Avenue, Blackpool when
they married. MURIEL m 2nd to — - Rispin. She lived at 45 Beverley Grove,



I RALPH ARROL, b circa 1786. RALPH was a shipwright. He is beheved to have m
16 Dec 1806 to Christiana Scott at St. Paul, Deptford, Greenwich, Kent, England.
Christiana d 27 Sept 1858 at 58 Albert Street, Deptford, Greenwich of apoplexy. They
are believed to have had:

1 ANN ARROL, confirmed 29 Apr 1810 at Saint Paul, Deptford, London, England.

2 ALEXANDER ARROL(L), confirmed 1 Mar 1812 at Deptford, London.
ALEXANDER was a shipwright. He m 18 Apr 1846 to Sarah Tillick at Poplar,
Middlesex, England. Sarah was the daughter of James Henry Tillick. Sarah d 23
Feb 1915 at the Sick Asylum, Poplar, London, England of senile degeneration.
ALEXANDER d 15 Nov 1906 at Tooting Common, Streatham, London of senile
decay. He lived at North Street, Poplar, London, England. They had

2-1 ELIZABETH MARGARET ARROL, b circa 1846 in England. She m 19 Apr

1868 to Henry J. Holden at Limehouse, Saint Evangelist, London. In 1915 she

lived at 7 Wade Street, Poplar, Bromley, London
2-2 SARAH ELIZABETH ARROL, b 31 Oct 1847 at 25 Cotton Street, Poplar,

Middlesex, England. SARAH m 9 Jul 1866 to Frederick Crockford at The

Parish Church of St. John Limehouse, Middlesex, England. Frederick, a

bricklayer, was b circa 1845, the son of Arthur Crockford, a Sargeant Major.

SARAH and Frederick were living at Salmon Lane, Stepney, St. John,

Limehouse, London.
2-3 ELIZABETH MARGARET ARROL, b 5 June 1849 at 30 Cotton Street,

Middlesex, England.
2-4 MARY ANN ARROL, b 22 Sept 1850 at Poplar, Middlesex, England. MARY

ANN d 19 Sept 1852 of pertussis at 10 James Street, Poplar.
2-5 GEORGE ALEXANDER ARROL, b 17 Oct 1852 at 10 James Street,

Poplar, Middlesex, England. GEORGE d 24 Sep 1853 at 18 William Street,

Middlesex, England.
2-6 MARY ANN ARROL, b 10 Sept 1855 at 18 William Street, Poplar, Middlesex,

England and d 29 Dec 1855 at 18 William Street, Poplar of hydrocephalis.
2-7 ALEXANDER HENRY ARROL, b 5 Aug 1857 at 16 Bromley Terrace, Poplar,

Middlesex, England. ALEXANDER d 15 Feb 1858 at 17 Grundy Street,

Bromley, England of pneumonia.
2-8 WILLIAM RALPH ARROL, b 13 Oct 1859 at 14 Elizabeth Street, Bromley,

Middlesex, England and d 17 Apr 1862 at 14 Kingsbridge Place, Mill Wall,

Poplar, Middlesex, England of diphtheria.

3 CHRISTIANA ARROL, confirmed 2 Jan 1814 at Saint Paul, Deptford, London.

4 ROBERT ARROL, confirmed 21 Apr 1816 at Saint Paul, Deptford, London. He was
a confectioner ROBERT m 15 May 1842 to Christina Searle. He d 2 Jan 1898 at
2 Elliott Villas, Walker Gate, Tynnemouth, Northumberland, England. His daughter,
JEANNIE ARROL Markey, was present at ROBERT'S death. Christina d 13 May
1891 at 3 Lower Friar Street, Newcastle upon Tyne of cerebral softening and gastric


4-1 JANE ELIZA (ELIZABETH) ARROLL, b 10 Jan 1848 at Grove Lane,
St..Nicholas, Deptford, and confirmed 13 Feb 1848 at Deptford, St. Paul,
London. JANE m 21 May 1871 to James Cullis at The Parish Church, St. Mary,
Rotherhithe, St. Olave, Surrey, England. James, a joiner, was the son of James
Cullis, also a joiner.
4-2 ROBERT GEORGE ARROL, b 25 Jul 1850 at Grove Lane, St. Nicholas,
Deptford and confirmed 13 Oct 1850 at Deptford, Samt Paul, London.
ROBERT was shipwright. He m 7 Dec 1873 to Sarah Ann Leek. Sarah Ann
was b circa 1852, the daughter of Henry Leek, a hammerman. ROBERT and
Sarah were living at 3 Garden Row, St. John's, Deptford, London when they
married. ROBERT d 21 Nov 1903 at St. John's Hospital, Lewisham, London,
England of heart disease and heart failure. ROBERT had heart disease for 25
years. Sarah Ann d 7 Jan 1934 at 1 Bexley Lane, Deptford, Kent of
broncho-pneumonia and myocardial degeneration. She was living at 105
Reidhaven Road, Plumstead when she died. ROBERT and Sarah Ann lived at
69 Knott Street, Deptford. When Sarah Ann died she was living at 105
Reidhaven Road, Plumstead, Deptford They had:

4-2-1 ALICE JANE ARROL, b 16 Dec 1874 at 68 Albert Street, St. Nicholas,

Deptford, England. ALICE JANE m 22 Aug 1897 to George Benjamin

Dadd at The Parish Church, Greenwich, London, England. George was the

son of Benjamin Dadd, a tobacconist. They were living at 167 High Street

when they married In 1934 they lived at 1 13 Bromley Road, Catford, S.E.

6, England.

4-2-2 ADELAIDE MAUD ARROL, b 2 Oct 1879 at 50 Albert Street, Deptford,

Kent, England. ADELAIDE was a hotel waitress. She d 24 May 1968 at

37 Islip Manor Road, Northolt, Ealing, London, England of congestive

cardiac failure.

4-2-3 AGNES LOUISE ARROL, b 5 Jun 1882 at 74 Grove Street, Greenwich,

St. Nicholas, Kent, England. AGNES m 24 May 1903 to Albert John

Sisson at St. John's Church, Deptford, London, England Albert was b circa

1881, the son of John Sisson, a waterman. Both AGNES and Albert lived

at 44 Nelson Street, Deptford when they married.

4-3 JANE FORBES ARROL, b circa 1851. JANE (JEANNIE) m 21 Apr 1879 to

John Markey at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Northumberland, England. John, a soda water maker, was the son of Michael

Markey, a labourer. JANE was living at 21 Clayton Street and Michael at 72

Scotswood Road, Newcastle when they married.

4-4 ROBERT ARROL, b circa 1853. ROBERT was a brassfitter. ROBERT m 20

June 1881 to Sarah Annie Dickman at The Parish Church, Jesmond,

Northumberland, England. Sarah Annie was b circa 1857, the daughter of

George Dickman, a builder ROBERT was employed by the General

Engineering Works. Sarah Annie d 2 Sept 1927 at 776 Shields Road, Walker,

Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England of heart failure and chronic

endocarditis. ROBERT d 8 Oct 1930 at 776 Shields Road, Walkergate,

Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England of heart failure due to chronic


endocarditis and chonic bronchitis. The informant upon his death was his

nephew, George Evans, of 10 Cambridge Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.

4-4-1 ROBERT ARROL, b 12 Apr 1882 at 35 Bulmer Street, Newcastle on

Tyne, England. ROBERT was a brass fitter and turner. He m on 20 Jun

1927 to Jessie Potts at the Register Office of the County of

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Jessie was m 1st to Alexander George

Grant and later divorced. She was the daughter of John Curry Potts, a

master tailor. Jessie was living at 15 Shields Avenue and ROBERT at 776

Shields Road, Walker Gate, Newcastle, England when they married.

ROBERT d 18 Oct 1942 at 305 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne,

England of cardiac failure. His niece, C. Hobson, of 23 Stephenson Road,

Newcastle, England, was in attendance. Jessie d 13 Jan 1966 at Wethergate

Hospital at Wethergate, Newcastle upon Tyne, of pneumonia.

4-4-2 GEORGE ARROL, b 1 1 Sep 1883 at 35 Bulmer Street, Newcastle on

Tyne, England. GEORGE was a pattern maker foreman. He m 9 Sept

1912 to Sarah Ann Potter at the Parish Church, Walker, Newcastle Upon

Tyne, England. GEORGE was living at 772 Shields Road, WalkerGate,

Walker and Sarah Ann was living at 130 Middle Street, Walker when they

married. GEORGE d 1 Mar 1950 at 8 St. Albans Crescent,

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England of angina pectoris. His sister-in-law, Jessie

Arrol, of 305 Westgate Road, Newcastle was in attendance. Sarah Ann was

b circa 1889. She d 19 Mar 1961 at 40 Hartbum Road, Cullercoats,

Tynemouth, England of a cerebral hemorrhage. They had:

4-4-2-1 SARAH DOREEN ARROL, b 10 Nov 1914 at 778 Shields Road,

Walker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England. SARAH m

22 Jun 1940 to Alexander McLachlan at Cuthbert Bainbridge Memorial

Church, Heaton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England.

Alexander, a boilermaker, was b circa 1902, the son of John Donald

McLachlan, a wine spirit merchant. SARAH was living at 778 Shields

Road, Newcastle-upon Tyne and Alexander at 4 Kensington Gardens,

Markseaton when they married.

4-4-3 ELIZABETH KATE ARROL, b 6 May 1885 at 35 Bulmer Street,

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England. ELIZABETH m 21 Feb

1906 to William Hugh Cobb at the Parish Church, Walker,

Newcastle-upon-Tyne. ELIZABETH was living at Walker Gate and

William at Wokington Hotel, Walker Gate when they married. William was

a barman. He was b circa 1880, the son of William Cobb, a miner.

4-4-4 WILLIAM ARROL, b circa 1887 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

Northumberland, England. WILLIAM was believed to have been the son

of ROBERT ARROL and Sarah Dickman. He was in the British Army

during WW I and served in France. He was a private (Number 21/438) and

a member of the 21st Battalion, The Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside

Scottish). WILLIAM was killed in France and the Flanders Theatre of

Operations on 1 Jul 1916.

4-5 CHRISTINA ARROL, b circa 1859. CHRISTINA was a stationers assistant.


She m 11 Jun 1891 to Thomas Evans at the Register Office,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England. Thomas, a tailor, was b circa
1857, the son of Benjamin Evans, a tailor. CHRISTINA was living at 3 Low
Friar Street, Newcastle and Thomas was living at 5 Dispensary Lane, Newcastle
when they married. They were married in the presence of Sarah Annie Arrol.

4-5-1 GEORGE TAYLOR ARROL, b 20 Nov 1883 at 104 Percy Street,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England. GEORGE was later
known as George Evans. GEORGE was an automobile electrician. He d
20 Nov 1944 at 10 Cambridge Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
GEORGE d of cerebral hemorrhage and arterio-sclerosis. GEORGE was
married and had at least one son with the surname of Evans. The informant
on George's birth was his Grandmother Christina Arrol.
4-5-2 JANE ARROL, b 6 Nov 1886 at 104 Percy Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

Northumberland, England.
4-5-3 JAMES ARROL, b circa 1887 and d 27 Nov 1888 at 67 Percy Street,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne,Northumberland, England of congestion of the lungs.



I CHARLES ARROL, b circa 1775. CHARLES was a coalpit overseer. He m circa
1795 to Elizabeth Hamilton. (It is quite probable that CHARLES was related to the
JOHN ARROL family detailed in Section II starting on Page 145. See m particular
Pages 145 through 149 and page 346.) They had:

1 MARY ARROL(L), b circa 1800. She m 1st on 5 Dec 1824 to Andrew Pinkerton,
a weaver, and m 2nd on 2 Jun 1838 m Paisley to Peter Andrew Faulds, a
gamekeeper and forester. MARY d 16 Mar 1873 at Kilgarth Row, Old Monkland,
Mid-District of old age and general debility. The informal on the death was Mary
Spence, their daughter, who was present. MARY and Andrew had:
1-1 Mary Faulds, b circa 1839. She m circa 1863 to Daniel Spence. This couple

had a large family. One son immigrated to New Zealand.

1-2 Jane Faulds, b circa 1840. She was a cotton mill hand. She lived at Rankin

Street, Johnstone. Jane m 17 Sep 1861 to David Rodger. They were m at

Rankin Street, Johnstone according to the forms of the Church of Scotland.

David was a seaman (a ship's cook and baker) who was lost at sea before the

youngest child, David, was bom. He was b circa 1837, the son of Peter Rodger,

a shoemaker and Helen Wright. Jane traveled from Greenock, Scotland on 5

August 1885 on the "Loch Tay" to Melbourne, Australia. Jane and David had:

1-2-1 Peter Rodger, b 28 Apr 1862 at Graham Street, Johnstone, Refrewshire,

Scotland. Peter immigrated circa 1884 to Victoria, Australia. Peter found

employment and lodgings and sent for his mother, Jane Rodger, and the rest

of the family to follow him to Australia. Peter m Adelaide — , who was

from Tasmania. Peter became a qualified shipwright at age 15. Peter

became a well-known builder and contractor around the turn of the century

and constructed many large buildings across Australia Among the best

known are Melbourne's Flinders Street Station, the Brisbane Anglican

Cathedral (1908) and Hobart Post Office (1908). Peter collected china and

ornate clocks. The family resided in Williamston. Peter d 30 Sept 1955 at

age 94. They had:

1-2-1-1 Davie, b 1892 and d Dec 1897.

1-2-1-2 Jeanie Mary Jessie Adelaide, b circa 1897 and d Mar 1982.
1-2-1-3 Pearis Margaret Davie, b circa 1900 and d Jul 1973.
1-2-2 Mary Arrol Rodger, b 4 May 1864 at Campbell Street, Johnstone,
Renfrewshire, Scotland and d 1943. She m William Hopper. William was
a marine engineer. The couple was engaged in Scotland. Mary traveled on
the "Loch Tay" to Australia in 1885 and William followed her to Australia
where they were married. William Hopper d in 1945 following a hernia
operation. They had:

1-2-2-1 James Allen Hopper, b 1890 and d 1945. Allen, as he was known,
m in 1922 to Mary Johnston. Mary Johnston was from Turriff,
Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Allen originally resided in Williamstown,
Victoria, Australia. Allen was in the Australian Army during WW I.


He met Mary in London during the war. Allen was employed by the
Victorian Railways and later as a Court shorthand writer. James and
Margaret had:

1-2-2-1-1 Mary Arrol Hopper, b 17 Jul 1923 in Australia. Mary m on
10 Feb 1954 to Robert Mackay Hilliard. Robert was an airline
employee. Robert was the son of Robert Arrol Hilliard. Mary
attended the Methodist Ladies College. Mary was employed on the
Victorian Railways and upon becoming a licensed shorthand writer,
moved to the Law Department as a court reporter. They had:
1-2-2-1-1-1 Geoffrey Owen Hilliard, b 25 Sept 1955.
1-2-2-1-1-2 Kathryn Mary Hilliard, b 20 Mar 1958 and d 6 Mar
1971 as the result of a horse riding accident.
1-2-2-1-2 Alan William Hopper, b 25 Feb 1925 and d 21 Oct 1977.
Alan m Feb 1951 to Joan Allen. They had:
1-2-2-1-2-1 Carol Ann Hopper, b 8 Aug 1952. She m Allan Rice.
They had: 1) Virgina; 2) Douglas; 3) Gwyrmeth; 4) Stuart, 5
and 6) Twin daughters.
1-2-2-1-2-2 Dennis Hopper, b 1954 and d 1963 of appendicitis.
1-2-2-1-2-3 Allison Fay Hopper, b 2 Sept 1958.
1-2-2-1-2-4 Bruce Allan Hopper, b 1 Oct 1964.
1-2-2-1-3 Heather Margaret Hopper, b 29 Jan 1927. Heather attended
the Methodist Ladies College. She m 21 Mar 1951. They had: 1)
Julie Margaret, b 20 Mar 1955 and 2) Deirdre, b 2 Feb 1958.
1-2-2-1-4 Ailsa Craig Hopper, b 9 Nov 1930. Ailsa attended the
Methodist Ladies College. She m in 1953 to Kenneth McDonald.
They had: 1) Fiona Jane, b 12 Sept 1955. Fiona m in 1985 to
Alistair Henderson. They had two sons; 2) Andrae, b 27 Oct 1957.
She m m 1988 to Ross Blanchard. They had one son; 3) Ivan
Craig, b 17 Dec 1958. He m m 1987 to Lisa Hackett. They had

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