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William Arrell, marriage license 25 Mar 1749 and Elizabeth Norwood, pp. 488
and 515.

The Index to New Jersey Wills (1689-1890), The Testators, Editors: Lee Smeal and
Ronald Jackson, Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc. Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 lists the

William Arrell, Gloucester County, N.J. Page 00365 Intestate and Inventory,
Probated 1748. (Gloucester County, N.J. is just south of Camden County, across
the Delaware River from Pennsylvania.)

"Colonial Soldiers of the South" (1732-1774), by Murtie June Clark, Genealogical
Publishing Company, Inc. Baltimore: 1986, p. 561 lists the following:

Richard Arrell voted for Colonel George Washington in the Fairfax County Election Poll,
16 Jul 1765. Opposing Colonel George Washington in the election was Colonel John
West and Captain John Posey.


Powell Arrel is listed in the New York Census of 1800. In the New York Census for
1830 Edward Arrell is listed as living on 9th Street, New York City, and Thomas Errel
and John Errell are listed in the 1850 Michigan Census as living in Saginaw, Michigan.

In "The Famine Immigrants", Lists of Irish Immigrants Arriving at the Port of New York.
1846-1851 . Ira A. Glazier, Editor, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1986 there is
the following listing: (p. 697)

Arrived 11 Oct 1851 on the "Ticonderoga" from Liverpool:


Arrell, Mary, Mrs. 26 Housekeeper

Arrell, Bridget 4 Child

Arrell, Mar\' Ann 2 Child

Arrell, Thomas 1 1 months Infant

The "Philadelphia Naturalization Records", Edited by P. Williams, Filby: Gale Research
Co. Book Tower, Detroit, 48226 - 1982, lists the following:

Arrel, John Great Britain and Ireland, U.S. District Court 10 Apr 1848
Arrell, Arthur Great Britain and Ireland, U.S. Court of Common Pleas,
1 Jan 1878

In 1806 James Arrell made a claim for two hundred arpents of land situated on white
waters in the district of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. It was the opinion of the Land Claim
Board that this claim ought not to be granted. (12)

David Arrell, a mariner living at 19 Brigham, Boston, is listed in the 1907 issue of the
Boston City Directory.

Leon Arel was the President of the Art Craft Engraving Co. at 227 Tremont, Boston. He
lived at 53 Beacon, Arlington, Massachusetts. He is listed in the 1926 issue of the
Boston City Directory.

Marion B. Arrell was a teacher who taught at the Blackington Jr. High School in the
1940's and 1950's. In the 1960's she was teaching at the Patrick F. Gavin Jr. High
School. She lived at 18 Salem, Winchester, Massachusetts.

In the mid-1980's, Arrell Morgan Gibson, whose grandfather was an Arrell bom in
Northern Ireland, was a Research Professor of History in the University of Oklahoma.
He was a well-known historian and the author of many books and articles.

On 14 March 1985, Herman D. Arrell, Jr. wrote in the Boston Globe on the Results of
Elections in NYC, Detroit, Buffalo, and Ohio Town Eyed.'


Circa 1985 Robert Arrell, of New Zealand, published a book entitled, "Waitomo Caves,
A Century of Tourism."


As in Scotland, the name Arrell is found in the records in England at an early date.
Generally the name is found in conjunction with the family name Arroll, Arrol, and
Arrall. The Appendicies contain a listing of the name Arrell as found in the International
Genealogical Index as compiled by the Church of Latter-Day Saints. The names are
shown under the County in England where the event took place. It is possible that some
of those with the name Arrell in England were also involved in the Plantation of Ulster.
Although the Scots were more often the undertenants, the undertakers also settled the land
with English undertenants.


In addition to the descendents of Arrells in Northern Ireland, another family of Arrells
are descendant from a Joseph Issac Harrel of St. David, of the Yamaska District of
Quebec. These Arrells live primarily in the Minneapolis area of Minnesota, in
Washington, in Oregon and in California. These Arrells have a French/Canadian heritage
and culture and are unrelated to the Arrell's of Ulster. Joseph Issac Harrel had a son in
St. David named Issac Arel. The name Harrel appears to be an aberration, the more
common spellings for the family being Arrelle, Arrell, and Arel. The Yamaska District
of Quebec has many Arel families residing there in 1988. The genealogy of the family
that took the name Arrell is contained in Part IV of this volume.


"The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales; comprising A Registry
of Armorial Bearings from the Earliest to the Present Time" by Sir Bernard Burke C.B.,
LL.D., Ulster King of Arms, Reprint of the Last Edition of 1 884, Genealogical Publishing
Co. Inc. Baltimore, 1976 lists the following:

Arrell Or, a Cornish chough ppr. a bordure ar. charged with eight
fleurs-de-lis az.

Terms: bordure. Border, surrounds the field occupying 1/5 is of an equal

fleurs-de-lis. The flower of the lily but with 3 leaves instead of 5.
Cornish chough. A bird of the raven species, it is black, with beak and legs of
a reddish yellow. (The King of Crows)

Orrell Family Name

The spelling Orrell shows up briefly in the records in connection with the Arrells in the


early 1800's in County Londonderry. It may be that this is just an aberration and a case
of not being able to decipher the early handwriting, it may be a misspelling of the name
Arrell on the part of the record keeper, or it could be possible that the name is associated
with the family name Orrell of England.

Terence Anthony David Orrell of Lancashire, England has written the following about
the family name Orrell.

"The first Orrell on record was Sir Richard de Orrell, knight who lived circa
1 155-1220. He was lord of the Manor of Orrell in Lancashire, and of parts of
the Manors of Dalton and Haigh of the same county. Although he is the first
whom we can trace it is apparent from the records that his ancestors had been
in possession of the Manor of Orrell (from which he derived his name) since
before the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. It is probably from the
situation of the manor and the history of the district, that his ancestor was one
of the Norse invaders who settled that part of Lancashire in the tenth century."
The ancestPr' of the Orrells "is purely English, although there have been Orrells
who have owned land in France at a later date, though only by conquest during
the Hundred Years War... King Henry V had five Orrells in his household, three
of whom were present with him in his bodyguard at the Battle of Agincourt in
1415. The Orrells of Turton Tower, a medieval fortified manor house built by
the Orrells, still stands just a few miles north of Bolton. This branch in its turn
had many cadets, and it is from the Turton family that most of the modern day
Orrells descend. There had been about thirty land owning branches of the
family by the seventeenth century, and it is probably a cadet of one of these
who was the first Orrell in America. The name of this individual was John
Orrell and he lived in Cambridge, Maryland where he had settled in 1686. He
died in 1723 leaving a numerous family, from whom most of the American
Orrells descended, although there have been several other emigrants to the States
at various times."

There is an Orrell family genealogical association newsletter that is published by Reverdy
Lewin Orrell III, 145 Sanford Avenue, Catonsville, Maryland. The excerpts from the
above letter are published in issue # 1 of this newsletter, dated July, 1986.

In Williamsburg, Virgina there is a house called the Orrell House. The house, probably
built during the third quarter of the eighteeth century, and now restored, takes its name
from John Orrell (or Orrill) who owned it about 1800. Both the house and the Orrell
Kitchen are guesthouses for the Williamsburg Inn in which visitors may stay.

Although any connection between the names of Arrell, Arroll and Arrol to the name
Orrell has not been established, the above information and contact is offered for those
who are interested in pursing the Orrell name further. Reverdy Orrell III indicates that
there are 600 Orrell households in the United States.


Eileen Lavin Ferguson, Martine Eunice Arrol, Calum Kenneth Arrol,
Paul Ferguson, Kenneth Ferguson: Edinburgh & Zambia, 1989 (p. 252)

John Scott Arroll, James W. Arroll, Andrew James Arroll (born 29/8/91),
Great-Grandmother, Jenny Arroll, aged 90, 4 generations (pp. 175-176)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 17

Nova Mavis Jensen Arrol,

Lee Milton Arrol: New Zealand, iggi

(pp. 271; 273-274)

Glukge R. Morrison,

Jessie Drysdale Arroll Morrison,

Mary Miller Arroll,

Jean Mills Arroll Beattie,

Robert Arroll, Forfar, Angus, Scotland

(pp. 165-166)

John & Hilda Arrol, Vicki (Arrol) & Brett Bowater, Karen Arrol
II May 1991, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, (pp. 207-208)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: i8


Christine Arrol Cronan, Robert (Bob) Arrol & Katherine Arrol.
PHOTO igq-i, Evergreen, Colorado (pp. 219)




i "Tf-

^^H /^^H

WiLLiAM,JoHN,JoHN, Agnes & Gillian Arrol: 4 November 1990, (pp. 294-295}

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 19

John Arrol, The Author (pp. 214-215)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: ao

John, David, Robert, Stella, Nancy, William and
Jane Arrol and grandsons, 1987 (pp. 214-217)

Marriage of John Arrol and Elsie Burgess
Glasgow, Scotland, 2 October 1967 (see pp. 281-282)

Arrol Photo Gallery ;: 21

Robert & Mary Arroll, Forfar,

Scotland, 1987, 50TH anniversary, (p. 165)

Richard Jackson Arrol Hunter

Killearn, Stirlingshire, 1990 (p. 257)

Wedding of Martine Eunice Arrol and Paul Ferguson at Edinburgh
20 February 1988 (p. 252)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 2z





^^^^^K>-' /^^





^ jftyi^









^^^^^^^H ' ^^^1

1 *^V




-^ — -*


Margaret (Errol) Spendor (on the far right) at a gathering of the Clan Hay.
Margaret is the editor of the Clan Hay Newsletter, (pp. 234-235)

Thomas and Betty Arrol, Harrow, England, 1990
(pp. 253-254)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 23

Elsie (Arrol) and Gale Moore family in Cannington, Ontario, Canada, i<;

(pp. 212-213)

Betty (Arrol) McClure of Glasgow with her family in New Zealand

(pp. 274-276)

Arrol Photo Gallery ;: 24

Brian & Barbara Arrol & their sons Robert and Christopher
Langley, British Columbia, 1990. (pp. 208-209)

Nova Arrol with her family in New Zealand
(pp. 271-274)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 25

Donna & Lynne Arrell, Londonderry,
Northern Ireland (p. 433-434)

Jumbo Arrol Crane built by
Sir William Arrol & Co., Ltd. (pp. 127-134)

Joseph Johnston and Girven Arrell of Te Awamutu, New Zealand


Arrol Photo Gallery :: 26

IsoBEL Dawson and Thomas J. Arrell, Castledawson, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

(P- 432)

Thomas and Isa Arrell family, Northern Ireland, 1990
(pp. 432-434)

AmiOL Photo Gallery :: ^^

Adele, Alexander, Alan, Deborah, & Elsie Fullerton Arrell,
Knockloughrine, Northern Ireland, 1990 (pp. 438-439)

Charles and Marjory (Arrell) Campbell, Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada, 1990. (p. 449)

Arrol Photo Gallery :; 28

Robert Samuel Arrell, Edna Morrow Arrell, Alison Arrell,
Henry Alexander Arrell, Randelstown, Northern Ireland, 1990 (p. 444)

Elizabeth Agnes Smyth Arrell, Heather Brennan Arrell, Irwin Andrew Arrell
Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, 1990 (p. 427)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 29

John and Robin Arrell, ReiMuera, Auckland, New Zealand, 1985

(p. 440)








^ ^




p^^. il^l




Virgil, Helen, Ursula, Kenneth, Dorcas, Earle Arrell, August 1987. (pp. 501-504)

Arrol Photo Gallery :: 30

LoRA Rathbun Arrell, i8


John Francis Richard Arrell, 1866-1926
PHOTO c. 1887 (p. 501)

Isaac Arrell and Julie Verrktte, c.1865 (r 499)

Abrol Photo Gallery :: 31

Emmett and Gertrude Arrell, c. 1910
(p. 501)

Gertrude, Kenneth, Ursula & Francis
Arrell, Oregon, 1919 (p. 501-503)

Frank Russell Arrell's Store, Independence, Oregon, circa 1910. (p. 501)

Arbol Photo Gallery, 32


I JOHN ARRELL, b circa 1800-10, probably in Rocktown, County Londonderry.

JOHN'S occupation is shown as a farmer on the marriage certificates of his three sons.

He is believed to have m circa 1830 to Jane Campbell. They had:

1 JOHN ARRELL, b circa 1832 at Rocktown, Castledawson, County Londonderry.

JOHN was a farmer. He m on 22 Jul 1859 to Elizabeth Scott. Elizabeth (Eliza),

who was 15 years of age, b 1844, was living in Ballymure at the time of her

marriage. She was the daughter of John Scott, a farmer. The couple was m at

Tobermore at the meeting house in the Parish of Kilcronaghan, Magherafelt, County

Deny. They had:

1-1 MATTHEW ARRELL, b 10 Nov 1864 at Rocktown.
1-2 WILLIAM JAMES ARRELL, b 4 Aug 1867 at Rocktown. WILLIAM d 10 Apr

1869 at Rocktown.
1-3 WILLIAM JAMES ARRELL, b 3 Jun 1870 at Rocktown, Megherafelt. He
immigrated to Philadelphia in 1891. WILLIAM (WILLIE) was a member of the
Loyal Orange Institution, District of Castledawson, Lodge No. 400 Bruces True
Blues. He was admitted on 28 Jun 1898. He may have been a competitive
runner in Ireland. WILLIAM m 4 Feb 1903 to Margaret (Maggie) Jane Taylor
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Margaret was b 12 Jul 1870 at Ballydonnel,
Magherafelt, the daughter of Jane Bradley Taylor and Samuel Taylor, a farmer.
She immigrated to Philadelphia when she was 13 years of age and was a child's
nurse for a Philadelphia doctor who sponsored her. She soon saved enough
money to bring her mother and brother to Philadelphia. WILLIAM was
employed at Abbott Daries, the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company, and as a
watchman for the city of Philadelphia at a yard which housed road working
equipment. Maggie d 8 Mar 1950 and WILLIE d 20 Jun 1950. They are buried
at Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia.

1-3-1 MARGARET ARRELL, b 10 Oct 1903 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and
d 16 Feb 1903 from pneumonia. She is buried with her grandmother, Jane
Bradley Taylor.
1-3-2 WILLIAM JOHN ARRELL, b 2 Apr 1905 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Though WILLIAM never attended high school, he took an equivalency test,
entered Temple University and became an accountant. He was a trustee of
the Westminster Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. He suffered from
infantile paralysis from the age of 2. He m on 1 1 Sept 1939 to Edith
Dunlap. Edith was a homemaker and taught Sunday School at Westminster
Presbyterian Church. WILLIAM d 4 Feb 1985 and Edith d 2 Mar 1988.
They are buried in Arlington Cemetery, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.
They had:

1-3.2-1 WILLIAM JOHN ARRELL, Jr., b 10 Jan 1941 in Philadelphia.
WILLIAM JOHN was a manager at the telephone company and was
known as JACK. JACK attended Philadephia College of Bible evening


school. He was a Boy Scout Leader for 12 years and an elder and
councilman at Westminster Presbyterian Church and Aldare Union
Church. He m on 19 Sept 1959 to Hannah Cote. Hannah was b in
Philadelphia and was a homemaker who taught Sunday School and Bible
Class in her home. They had:
1-3-2-1-1 JANICE LYNN ARRELL, b 27 Jul 1960. JANICE graduated

from Eastern College and was an accountant.
1-3-2-1-2 DAVID JOHN ARRELL, b 13 Nov 1962 in Havertown,
Pennsylvania. DAVID graduated from Lancaster Bible College and
was a teacher. He m 29 Jul 1989 to Lori Manford in Aurora,
Indiana. Lori was b in Aurora, Indiana and graduated from St. Paul
Bible College. DAVID and Lori are teachers in a Christian School
in Rockville, Maryland.

1-3-2-1-3 BETH ANN ARRELL, b 9 May 1969.
1.3.2-1-4 JOYCE MARIE ARRELL, b 7 Oct 1974.
1-3-2-2 MADELINE ARRELL, b circa 1942. MADELINE graduated from
Eastern Baptist College and earned her MBA degree from a university
in the mid-west. She was a counsellor.
1-3-3 MATTHEW ARRELL, b 5 Apr 1907 at Philadelphia, Pennyslvania. He
m 9 Aug 1930 to Evelyn Jane Stuart at Philadelphia. Evelyn was from South
Philadelphia and was an organist and a pianist. MATTHEW was employed
by the Philadelphia Rapid Transportation Company. MATTHEW d 4 Feb
1985 and Evelyn d 2 Mar 1988. They are buried in Rosedale Cemetery,
Bensalem, Bucks County, Pennslyvania. They had:

1-3-3-1 MATTHEW THOMAS ARRELL, b 10 Jun 1933 at Philadelphia,

Pennyslvania. MATTHEW was in the U.S. Marine Corps circa early

1950's. He graduated from Penn State University in 1959 with an

associate degree in Business Administration and in 1967 from La Salle

University with a B.S. degree in Marketing. He m 3 Nov 1956 to

Patricia Whitson. MATTHEW was career employee of the Bell

Telephone Company of Pennsylvania rising from a truck driver to a staff

manager handling affairs with the Public Utility Commission and the

Federal Communication Commission. He retired in Dec 1992.

MATTHEW'S interests included running, bicycle racing, carving

wildfowl decoys and playing the bagpipes. They had:

1-3-3-1-1 LISA JANE ARRELL, b 30 Jul 1960 at Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. LISA graduated from Lower Bucks Christian

Academy and studied at the Studio School of Art and Design and

became a commercial artist. LISA m 1980 to Ronald Longyard, an

electrican. They lived in Merchantville, New Jersey. They had: 1)

Amy Lee, b 25 Jan 1983; 2) Kelly Lynn, b 4 Jun 1984; 3) Melissa

Ann, b 24 Feb 1987; and 4) Amanda Jane, b 14 Oct 1988.

1-3-3-1-2 PATRICIA ANN ARRELL, b 24 Apr 1963 at Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. PATRICIA graduated from Holy Family College with

a B.A. in biology. In 1990 she attended Thomas Jefferson University


College of Allied Health Science. She m circa 1992 to Michael
Deane. She is an occupational therapist.
1-3-3-1-3 MATTHEW STUART ARRELL, b 2 Dec 1 967 at Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. MATTHEW attended Lower Bucks Christian
Academy and graduated from Washington High School. In 1990 he
attended the American Institute of Design and in 1 992 he attended
Temple University.
1-3-3-2 JEAN CLARE ARRELL, b 17 Oct 1943 at Philadelphia,
Pennyslvania. JEAN received a scholarship to the Episcopal Hospital
Nursing School and graduated as a registered nurse. JEAN later earned
her B.A. degree from Neuman College and a Masters Degree from
Villanova University. In 1990 she attended the University of
Pennslvania. JEAN was on the teaching staff of the Brandywine
Hospital School of Nursing. She m 31 Dec 1966 to Leland B. Brown.
They lived in Westtown, Pennyslvania. They had: 1) Carolyn Taylor,
b 11 Jul 1969; 2) Leland Blair, b 4 May 1971. In 1992 Leland was a
cadet at West Point; 3) Julie Ellen, b 22 Sept 1973; and 4) Jeffrey, b 8
Apr 1974.
1-4 MARY ARRELL, b 7 Mar 1873 at Rocktown, County Londonderry.
1-5 MARGARET ARRELL, b 6 Nov 1875 at Rocktown.

1-6 SARAH JANE ARRELL, b 3 Oct 1878 at Rocktown. Sarah Jane is believed to
have m circa 1903 to Henry Arrell
ROBERT ARRELL, b circa 1824 at Rocktown, County Londonderry and d 14 Jun
1927, age 103 years. He m on 3 Jul 1856 to Isabella Allan at Magherafelt. Isabella
was b circa 1836 and d on 21 Sept 1907, age 71 years. The couple was m in the
Presbyterian Church in Bellaghy , in the Parish of Bally scullion. Both ROBERT and
Isabella are buried in the Churchyard of Castledawson Presbyterian Church. The
couple had eleven children. All of the children and their grandchildren were bom
at the family homestead in Rocktown, Castledawson, County Londonderry. They

2-1 ALEXANDER A. ARRELL (ALEXANDER'S name was spelled Arrol in
Scotland), b 18 May 1857 at Rocktown, Castledawson. ALEXANDER was a
munitions worker and later a carters contractor. ALEXANDER relocated to
Scotland. He m 1st on 19 Jul 1881 to Annie Liddell at Partick, Glasgow. Annie
was b circa 1859, the daughter of John Liddell, a wine and spirit merchant, and
Annie Hay (Kay). Annie d prior to 1919. ALEXANDER m 2nd on 18 Jul 1919
to Jane Scoular at 15 Church Street, Partick, Glasgow, Scotland. ALEXANDER
was a widower and Jane a widow when they married. ALEXANDER d prior to
1937. Jane m 1st to - — Scoular and 3rd on 10 Nov 1937 to John McQuillan, a
powerloom operator and widower, at St. Andrew's Church, Plantation, Glasgow,
according to the forms of the Church of Scotland. John was b circa 1871, the
son of James McQuillan, a linen weaver (dec), and MATILDA ARROL, (dec).
Jane was living at 12 Apsley Street, Glasgow and John was living at 4 Hope
Street, Greenock when they married. ALEXANDER and Annie Liddell had:
2-1-1 ANNIE ARROLL, b 10 Aug 1885 at Rocktown, Castledawson. ANNIE


m 1st on 6 Apr 1904 to James Barclay at 65 West Regent Street, Glasgow.
They were married by declaration in the presence of William Douglas, a
carter, and JANE ARROLL. James, b circa 1876, was a carter, the son of
James Barclay, a farmer (dec), and Jane Crawford (dec). Both ANNIE and
James were living at 73 Auchinaim Road, Bishopbriggs when they married.
James d prior to 1931. ANNIE m 2nd on 10 Jul 1931 to John McClung at
Somerv'ille Memorial Church, Keppochhill Road, Springbum, Glasgow. John
was b circa 1885, the son of Robert McClung and Margaret Hollywood (dec).
ANNIE was living at 3 Fraserbank Street, Glasgow and John at 10 Ayr
Street, Glasgow when they married. ANNIE d 19 Dec 1918 at
Pollockshields, Glasgow, Scotland.

2-1-2 SARAH ARROLL, b 28 Jun 1887 at Glasgow, Scotland.
2-1-3 JANE ARRELL, b 15 Apr 1889 at 8 Gouday Street, Glasgow.
2-1-4 ROBERT ARROL, b circa Oct 1890 and d 18 Jul 1891 at 22 Avenue

Road, Glasgow of diarrhoea.
2-1-5 JOHN ARROL, b circa Mar 1893 and d 21 May 1894 at 35 Maitland
Place, Glasgow of pertussis.
2-2 JOHN ARRELL, b 14 Jan 1859 at Rocktovvn, Castledawson. It is believed that
he m on 22 Apr 1896 to Jane (Jennie) McCaughey at Ballinacross. He is
believed to have had:

2-2-1 JOHN ARRELL, b 9 Sept 1896 at Rocktown.
2-2-2 MATHEW ARRELL, b 19 Mar 1898 at Rocktown.
2-2-3 MATTHEW ARRELL, b 2 Apr 1900 at Rocktown. MATTHEW lived in

Philadelphia. He d in 1983.
2-2-4 MARGARET (MAGGIE) ARRELL, b 6 Jan 1902 at Rocktown. MAGGIE
lived in Philadelphia. In 1987 it was believed that she was in a nursing
2-2-5 SCOTT ARRELL, b 2 Aug 1903 at Rocktown. SCOTT m and emigrated

to the United States. He was deceased by 1987.
2-2-6 ANNIE MARIE ARRELL, b 24 May 1905 at Rocktown. ANNIE m and

lived in England. She was deceased by 1987.
2-2-7 JOHN (JOHNNY) ARRELL, b 10 Oct 1907 at Rocktown. He m on 27
Jan 1939 at Magherafelt to Jean Evans McKeown. They had:
2-2-7-1 JEAN VICTORIA (VICKEY) ARRELL, b 21 Dec 1942 at
Magherafelt. She m 1 Jul 1973 to Thomas Norris Lynn Bert at
2-2-7-2 MARGARET ARRELL, b circa 1944.
2-2-7-3 JACKIE ARRELL, b circa 1946

2-2-7-4 THOMAS JOHN ARRELL, b 4 Apr 1952 at Magherafelt.
2-2-7-5 VICTOR SCOTT ARRELL, b 25 Oct 1 953 at Magherafelt. VICTOR
was a plasterer who lived at 10 Upper Golf Terrace, Magherafelt. He m
on 25 Mar 1978 to Annie Elizabeth Caskey at St. Swithins, Magherafelt.
Annie, b circa 1959, a secretary, was the daughter of Joseph Caskey.
2-2-7-5-1 LAURA ANNE ARRELL, b 2 Oct 1978 at Magherafelt.
2-2-7-5-2 JILL VICTORIA ARRELL, b 21 Jul 1980 at Magherafelt.


2-2-8 WILLIAM (WILLIE) JAMES ARRELL, b 1 Mar 1909 at Rocktown.
WILLIE never married. He lived at Rocktown in 1987.

2-2-9 ELIZABETH JANE ARRELL, b 1 Oct 1910 at Rocktown. ELIZABETH
rn on 10 Oct 1956 to James Adam Keys. They lived in Belfast.
ELIZABETH was deceased by 1987.

2-2-10 ISABELLA ARRELL, b 19 Mar 1913 at Rocktown. ISABELLA m and
lived in England

2-2-1 1 SAMUEL (SAMMY) McCLEAN ARRELL, b 10 Jun 1914 at Rocktown.
SAMMY never m and lived m Rocktown. SAMUEL was deceased in 1990.

2-2-12 ROBERT (BOBBY) BRUCE ARRELL, b 17 May 1916 at Rocktown.
BOBBY m Norma - — They emigrated to the United States and originally
lived near Philadelphia. In 1987 they relocated to Lusk, Wyoming.

2-2-13 SARAH GEORGINA (ENA) ARRELL, b 27 Apr 1920 at Oldtown,
Castledawson. ENA never m and lived in Belfast.
2-3 JANE ARRELL, b 12 Mar 1861 at Rocktown, Castledawson. JANE m on 30

Dec 1884 to Thomas Ricker.
2-4 SARAH ARRELL, b 2 Dec 1863 at Rocktown, Castledawson.
2-5 ROBERT ARRELL, b 9 Nov 1865 at Rocktown, Castledawson.
2-6 JOSEPH ARRELL, b 17 Aug 1868 at Rocktown, Castledawson.
2-7 CAMPBELL ARRELL, b 7 Dec 1870 at Rocktown, Castledawson.

CAMPBELL ARRELL was a minister. He emigrated to Canada. He did not

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