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LYNNE was a secretary.

2-11-4-8-2 JASON THOMAS ARRELL, b 3 Oct 1977 at MagherafeU.

2-11-4-9 DORCAS HELENE RUTH ARRELL, b 25 Mar 1960 at Tamniam,

Drumlamph, Castledawson. She was known as RUTH. She m on 18

Dec 1980 to Robert Kyle Davidson at the Bellaghy Gospel Hall. Kyle,

the son of Samuel Davidson, a farmer, was a work study engineer when

they married. RUTH was a shop assistant when she married. Kyle

became a planner estimator for Short Bros., Belfast. They lived near

Bellaghy. They had: 1) Paul, b 26 Mar 1983; 2) Claire; b 3 Aug 1984;

3) Kyle, b 26 Feb 1987; and 4) Mark, b 6 Apr 1988.

2-11-5 DAVID JOHN ARRELL, b 25 Jun 1915 at Rocktown, County

Londonderry. He on m on 24 Oct 1942 to Margaret McMurry at St. Mary's

Roman Catholic Church, Bellaghy. Margaret, b circa 1923, was a domestic

at Drumlamph, the daughter of John McMurry, a labourer. DAVID d 23 Jul

1980 at Castledawson. Margaret, in 1987, lived at Hillhead Terrace,

Castledawson. DAVID is buried at Castledawson. They had:

2-11-5-1 SYLVIA ANN ARRELL, b 4 Nov 1942 at Belfast. She m on 1 Jun

1963 to Adam Young at Castledawson Presbyterian Church. Adam, b

circa 1944, the son of James Young, a boilerman (dec), was an

apprentice mechanic living in Randalstown when he married. They had

four children.

2-11-5-2 DAVID THOMAS ARRELL, b 13 Feb 1944 at Belfast. DAVID

attended Technical College, Magherafelt. He m on 12 Jun 1971 to

Helen Elizabeth Cooke at Christ Church, Castledawson. Helen, b circa

1951, was a bank official and lived at 31 Davison Villas, Castledawson

when she married. She was the daughter of Herbert Kiechner Cooke,

R.U.C., retired. DAVID was a carpenter living at 266 Leitrim when

they married. He became a builder, providing supervison to local

contractors. DAVID was a sergeant in the Royal Ulster Constabulary.


He received the Northern Ireland Service Medal. The family reside at
12 Loughinshecon Park, Castledawson. They had:
2-11-5-2-1 DAWN ELIZABETH ARRELL. b 21 Sept 1975.
2-11-5-2-2 STEPHAN DAVID ARRELL, b 4 Apr 1978 at Magherafelt.
2-11-5-2-3 MATTHEW ARRELL, b 10 May 1982 at Magherafelt.
2-11-5-3 ISABEL MARIE ARRELL, b 7 Apr 1949 at Castledawson. She m

circa 1974 to Clark Porter. They had three children.
2-11-5-4 ALLAN DAVID ARRELL, b 20 Mar 1952 at Ballydermot.
2-11-6 MARY ELIZABETH ARRELL, b 5 Sept 1916 at Rocktown. She m on
26 Feb 1939 to Courtney C. Junk at Magherafelt. Courtney, b circa 1916,
was a farm labourer, the son of Courtney Junk, a farmer of Grange,
Desertmartin. The couple lived m Newtownabbey. Courtney d 2 Nov 1990
They had: I) Emily Junk, b 10 Dec 1939, m and had four children, 2)
Stanley Telford Junk, lived near Belfast, 3) Caroline Junk, m, lived in
England and had three children, 4) Courtney Junk, lived near Belfast; and 5)
Wesley Junk who lived near Belfast.
2-11-7 ALLEN ARRELL, b 7 Mar 1919 at Rocktown, Castledawson. He m on
2 Nov 1940 to Rebecca May Garvin in Magherafelt. Rebecca, b 11 Apr
1920, was the daughter of George Garvin, a millwright. She was living at
Boyne Row, Castledawson when she married. Allen was a farmer at
Drumlamph. Rebecca was employed in the finishing department of J. A
Clark's, Castledawson. Allen was employed as a lorry driver circa 1950-51
and then as a motor mechanic for Kelly Brother's on Shankhill Road in
Belfast until his retirement. In 1987 the family resided at 68 Ladas Drive,
Belfast. They had 12 children:

2-11-7-1 CHRISTINA B. ARRELL, b 10 Nov 1940 at Castledawson. She
m on 5 Jul 1958 to David Wilson at Christ Church, Castledawson.
David, b circa 1938, was a lorry driver living at Smith St. Monymore
when he married. He was theson of Thomas Wilson, a farmer.
CHRISTINA was a stitcher and lived at 9 Magherafelt Road,
Castledawson when she married. David became a cattle dealer. The
family lived in Monymore. David was deceased by 1987. CHRISTINA
(CHRIS) resided at Coleraine, County Londonderry. They had four
children: 1) Ivor Wilson, b 1960 and was killed in France at the age of
18 in an accident; 2) Orvil Wilson, b 30 Sept 1961, m M. R. Doey, a
policeman, and had: Mathew and Anne; 3) David Wilson, b 19 Mar
1964, was employed in the Department of the Environment, m Yvonne
Lennox, who was a nurse, and resided in 1987 in Magherafelt and had
2 children; and 4) Lynn Wilson, b 29 Mar 1974, a student.
2-11-7-2 MINELLA ARRELL, b 9 Nov 1941 at Belfast. MINELLA was a
bookkeeper. MINELLA m 30 Dec 1966 to Francis Walter Slatter in
England. He was a warrant officer and Sgt. Major in the British Army.
He retired in 1987. MINELLA traveled to Singapore, Germany,
Hongkong, Thailand, Malaysia, Macau and Australia. They resided at
9 Briar's Close, Nottingham, England. They had: 1) Wendy, b 16 Oct


1958 and d 2 Jul 1984 from an accident; and 2) Frankie, a helicopter
pilot in the RAF who served in Germany and in 1987 served in the
Falkland Islands.

2-11-7-3 THOMAS GEORGE ARRELL, b 10 Nov 1942 at Castledawson.
He m on 9 Jul 1969 to Sarah Ann Maghie at Bloomfield Presbyterian
Church. The couple met at a dance. Ann, as she was known, was
employed in Ross Brothers as a garment maker in 1969. Subsequently
she was employed in biscuit manufacturing and a number of other
positions. THOMAS, a tyre inspector when he married, lived at 68
Ladas Drive, Belfast. In later years THOMAS was self-employed and
a bar man. The couple lived at Clonduff Drive in Belfast in 1 990. They
2-11-7-3-1 DEBORAH (DEBBIE) YVONNE ARRELL, b 13 Jun 1970

in Castlereagh. DEBORAH was mentally handicapped.
2-11-7-3-2 GARY ARRELL, b 19 Jun 1974. In 1990 GARY was
enrolled in the Youth Training Program.

2-11-7-4 MARGARET KATHLEEN ARRELL, b 24 Nov 1943 and d at the
age of six weeks.

2-11-7-5 REBECCA ELIZABETH ARRELL, b 26 May 1945 at Belfast.
She m on 15 Jul 1964 to Hugh Richard Hillis at Cregagh Presbyterian
Church, Belfast. REBECCA was a stitcher employed in Ross Brothers
and lived at 19 Channing Street, Belfast. Hugh was an aircraft inspector
and lived at 46 Greenore Street, Belfast when they married He was the
son of James Hillis, a bus conductor Hugh was employed at Shorts
Aircraft. The family relocated to Preston, England where they both
worked for the British Aircraft Corporation. REBECCA was a clerk and
Hugh was a fitter. They had; Tanyia, b 18 Mar 1966, a bookkeeper and
Mandy, b 30 Sept 1969, BAC accounts.

2-11-7-6 ALLEN JON ARRELL, b 22 Dec 1950 at Belfast. JON, as he was
known, was bom in City Hospital, Belfast. His parents lived at 28
Redcliffe Drive, Belfast. JON was employed as a technical officer with
British Telecom. In 1987 he was a bachelor.

2-11-7-7 SHIRLEY WYLENE ARRELL, b 14 Dec 1951 at Belfast.
SHIRLEY was a clerk. She m circa 1974 to J. Mclntyre who was also
a clerk. Both were employed by the Northern Ireland Housing
Authority. They resided in Londonderry. They had: 1) Sara Jane, b 12
Jan 1975, a student; 2) and 3) twins, Jenna and Jessica, b 27 Mar 1979,
students; and 4) Ryhanna, b 16 Jan 1982 a student.

2-11-7-8 SYLVIA MAY ARRELL, b 6 Jul 1953 at 9:00 am, a twin, at the
Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. She was employed as a machinist.
She m on 12 Apr 1974 to Robert Arthur Noyce in Belfast. Robert, b 25
Feb 1948, was a corporal, 8 Field Workshop, RE. ME. This was
Robert's 2nd marriage. He was the son of Stanley Noyce, a toolmaker.
Robert (Bob) became a sergeant in the British Army. In 1987 the family
resided in Franks, Victoria, Australia. They had: Paul, b 1974, a student.


2-11-7-9 MURIEL EILEEN ARRELL, b 6 Jul 1953 at 9:40 am, a twin, at

the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. She m 10 Mar 1970 to Anthony

McCrae. Tony was a corporal in the British Army. They lived in

Halifax, England. In 1987 MURIEL was divorced and lived in Belfast

with her son, Mark. Mark was b in 1973 and was a student in 1987,

2-11-7-10 GARY ARRELL, b 30 Apr 1960 at 3:15 am, a twin, at City

Hospital, St. Georges, Belfast. GARY was self employed as a plasterer.

He was not married in 1987.

2-11-7-11 DEREK ARRELL, b 30 Apr 1960 at 3:30 am, a twin, at City

Hospital, St. Georges, Belfast. He m on 18 Sept 1987 to Margie Skillen.

Margie worked in accounts for a wholesaler m Belfast. DEREK was an

administration manager in Spicers Ltd., Belfast. They resided at H2

Hiltown Rise, Glengormley, Belfast.

2-11-7-12 COLIN FRANCIS ARRELL, b 30 Jan 1963 at City Hospital, St.

Georges, Belfast. COLIN was employed at Spicers Warehouse. In 1987

he was not married.

2-11-8 JAMES ARRELL, b 6 Nov 1921 at Rocktown, County Londonderry. He

m on 8 Sept 1953 to Margaret Porte Moore at Magherafelt. Margaret, b circa

1935, was from Derganagh, Knockloughrim. JAMES jomed the Royal Air

Force in late 1940. He served in Blackpool and Hay wards Heath, England

He trained for the invasion of France in Broadwater Forest and other stations

in the south of France. He landed on D-Day with the invasion fleet m Jun

1944. JAMES served in campaigns throughout France, Belgium, Holland

and Germany. He was wounded while serving in Germany. JAMES was a

member of the occupation forces in Germany and was stationed in

Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg-Hasburg, RAF Celle, RAF Gutterslach and

RAF Lubeck. He received the Defense Medal, the 1939-45 Medal, France

Germany Star, and the Belgium Star. He remained with the occupation

forces in Germany until 29 Mar 1949 when he returned to County

Londonderry. He worked the farm until 1953. After 1954 he was employed

by McLaughlin & Harvey, building and civil engineering contractors, in

Belfast as a building worker. He served as a council person on the

Magherafelt Council since 1953. JAMES and Margaret lived at 18 Gulladuff

Road, Maghera, County Londonderry.

2-11-8-1 MINNIE WINIFRED ARRELL, b 6 Jul 1954 at Derganagh,
Knockloughrim. She m on 2 Apr 1977 to John Alfred Thomas Savill at
Knockloughrim Presbyterian Church. John, b 15 Jan 1943, was a clerk
living at 10 Northland Gardens, Moneymore when he married. He was
the son of Alfred Savill who did security work. MINNIE was a
secretary and lived at 18 Gulladuff Road when she married. The couple
lived in Ballymena.
2-11-8-2 ARLENE ARRELL, b 15 Dec 1958 at Knockloughrim. She lived

at 117 Kembhill Park, Kemnay, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
2-11-8-3 STEPHEN JAMES ARRELL, b 24 Dec 1966 at Knockloughrim.
3 ALEXANDER ARRELL, b 1827 at Bellaghy, County Londonderry, No. Ireland and


m 18 Dec 1866 to Maria Lennox at Lecumpher in the meeting House, Desertmartin,
Magherafelt. Maria, b circa 1847, was the daughter of John Lennox, a farmer.
ALEXANDER d on 22 Sept 1877. Maria d on 7 Jun 1911. They are buried in the
churchyard at Castledawson Presbyterian Church, Castledawson, County
Londonderr>'. They had:
3-1 SARAH JANE ARRELL, b 19 Oct 1867 at Rocktown. SARAH JANE d on 2

Jan 1868 in Rocktown.
3-2 JOHN ALEXANDER ARRELL, b 29 Sept 1868 at Bellaghy, Knockloughrim,
County Londonderry,', Northern Ireland. He m 3 Mar 1892 to Elizabeth Johnson.
Elizabeth, b circa 1868, was from Tameaduff, the daughter of Robert Johnston.
JOHN ALEXANDER was one of three individuals who had a portable Methodist
Hall brought from Tullyhogue, near Cookstown, County Tyrone and had it
erected at Knockloughrim circa 1890's. The portable hall stood until 1988 when
it was dismantled to make way for a new addition to the church. The original
church was erected with the assistance of his grandson, ALEXANDER ARRELL.
JOHN ALEXANDER d 26 Mar 1906 at age 37. Family tradition is that John
died when his horse fell on him and broke his spine. The death certificate
indicates that he died of hypertrophy of the liver, 12 months and dropsy, 2
months. Elizabeth d 9 Sept 1930, age 62. They are buried in the churchyard at
Castledawson Presbyterian Church, Castledawson, County Londonderry. They

3-2-1 MARY ARRELL, b 24 Jul 1892 at Rocktown. MARY emigrated to

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, leaving Northern Ireland 14 May 1914. She m

— Kelso MARY d circa WW II. She was a navy nurse. They had two

sons and a daughter. One son was a pilot in the US Air Force.

3-2-2 ALEXANDER "SANDY" ARRELL, b 21 Oct 1893 at Rocktown. He m

on 17 May 1933 to Margaret Pickering at Magherafelt. SANDY d in Jun of

1970. In 1986 Margaret lived at 1 Parkview, Castledawson. They had:

3-2-2-1 JOHN ARRELL, b 10 Feb 1934 at Rocktown. He lived on the Arrell

family homestead. It is believed that five generations of Arrells were

raised in this farm house. In 1987 the house still did not have electric

lights. JOHN m 1 Dec 1989 to Eileen Rankin at the Callee Presbyterian

Church. The homestead was located at 39 Rocktown Road, Bellaghy.

3-2-2-2 MARY ARRELL, b 1 Mar 1935 at Rocktown. She m on 31 Mar

1962 to George Ashfield. George, b circa 1918, was a machine operator

from Drumlamph, the son of Andrew Ashfield, a retired textile worker.

In 1986 the couple lived on Hillhead Road, Castledawson They had a

daughter, b circa 1963, who d on 29 Jan 1988, at age 25, as a result of

an auto accident.

3-2-2-3 ALEXANDER ARRELL, b 17 Mar 1937 at Rocktown.

ALEXANDER attended the Glenvale elementary school. He m on 14

Nov 1970 to Elsie Victoria FuUerton at the Castledawson Presbyterian

Church. Elsie, b circa 1945, was the daughter of Robert Fullerton, who

d 14 Mar 1981, and Mary, who d 23 Jan 1970. Elsie was a secretary at

Drumlamph when she married. ALEXANDER was a motor mechanic


for many years. In 1960 he purchased 33 acres in Rocktown. In 1980

he began farming on a full time basis. They had:

3-2-2-3-1 DEBORAH LOUISE ARRELL, b 8 Apr 1973 at Magherafelt.
DEBORAH enjoyed net ball.

3-2-2-3-2 ADELE SANDRA ARRELL, b 10 Dec 1975 at Magherfelt.

3-2-2-3-3 ALAN ROBERT ALEXANDER ARRELL, b 21 Nov 1982 at
3-2-2-4 SAMUEL ARRELL, b 3 Apr 1941 at Rocktown. He m on 17 Jul

1970 to Margaret Ann Kelso at Ardsheaw Presbyterian Church.

Margaret, b circa 1957, was a secondary teacher from Newtown Stewart,

the daughter of John Kelso, a farmer. SAMUEL was a mechanics

supervisor SAMUEL, m 1987, was a principal m the firm of D. and A.

Caravan Ltd. at 17 Taylorstown Hill, County Antrim. They had:

3-2-2-4-1 KAREN ANNE ARRELL, b 13 Jul 1977 at Tonnebndge.

3-2-2-4-2 DAVID SAMUEL ARRELL, b 4 Sept 1979 at Tonnebridge,
County Londonderry.

3-2-2-4-3 COLIN ALEXANDER ARRELL, b 16 Feb 1982 at
Tonnebridge, County Londonderry.
3-2-3 ROBERT JOHNSTON ARRELL, b 30 Jun 1895 at Rocktown,
Castledawson. He immigrated to Canada, leaving Northern Ireland on 3 May
1913. ROBERT was a railroad driver. He was deceased by 1987. He m
and in 1987 his widow resided in Toronto, Canada. The couple did not have
a family.
3-2-4 JOSEPH ARRELL, b 23 Aug 1896 at Rocktown, Knockloughrim. JOSEPH
was a sociable, extroverted "Irishman". In the early 1920's he left the strife
torn Londonderry area for Canada. During the voyage he met a fellow
passenger whose destination was New Zealand - the ship's ultimate
destination. He changed his plans and travelled on to New Zealand with his
new found companion. He settled in the Hawkes Bay area of New Zealand
and eventually entered the truck carrier business. He m circa 1926 to
Winifred Martha Harper. Winifred was the sister of Margaret Ellen Harper
who m ROBERT ARRELL (See Paragraph 2-8-3). Winifred Martha was b
1897 in New Zealand and in 1991 was in a nursing home. JOSEPH was
deceased by 1986. Winifred lived at 2/4 10 W. Avenue Road, Hastings, N.Z.
They had:
3-2-4-1 JOSEPH JOHNSTON ARRELL, b 13 Aug 1928 He m on 16 Dec

1952 to Girvan Hazel Cassidy. JOSEPH (JOE) was employed initially

by two sheep and cattle properties and later by W.R. Richmond Ltd.,

stock exporters, as a lamb and cattle drafter. He was employed, since

19 Mar 1949, as a livestock auctioneer and salesman by Dalgety & Co.

Ltd., Hawkes Bay, New Zealand as Manager of Te Awamutu Branch.

JOSEPH was a rotarian. He was President of the Te Awamutu Golf

Club from 1985 to 1988. They resided at 46 Bank Street, Te Awamutu,

New Zealand. They had:

3-2-4-1-1 DAVID JOSEPH CHARLES ARRELL, b 29 Aug 1953. He


m on 16 Dec 1973 to Susan Howitt. Susan was b on 4 Oct 1953.

DAVID was a builder and the skipper of the "Margaret Anne", a 48

foot game fishing launch. He resided at Russell, Bay of Islands, New

Zealand. They had:

3-2-4-1-1-1 ANDREW DAVID ARRELL, b 28 Mar 1975.

3-2-4-1-1-2 TRACEY SUSAN ARRELL, b 12 Jun 1977.
3-2-4-1-2 CLIVE JOHNSTON ARRELL, b 2 Feb 1955 and d 22 Dec

1959 of meningitis.
3-2-4-1-3 ROBERT CRAIG ARRELL, b 16 Nov 1958. He earned his

BA and MA with honours in history. He was the author of "The

History of the Waitomo Area". In 1987 he was a teacher in

Takamatsu, Japan.
3-2-4-1-4 CHRISTOPHER ARRELL, b 24 Oct 1960 and m 1 1 May 1985

to Renata (Rita) Alice Hollenberg. Rita was b on 4 Feb 1962. The

couple was manager and secretary of a hotel chain of eight hotels in

Australia. CHRISTOPHER was also a chef. He obtained top awards

in 1987 in the London City and Guilds contest. Renata had a BA in

Education and was a qualified teacher. They resided at the

Marylands Hotel, Marylands, Perth, Australia.
3-2-4-2 SAMUEL (SAM) HENRY ARRELL, b 6 Jun 1932 m New Zealand.
He m in Apr 1957 to Margaret Joyce (Joy) Forsyth. Joy was b Jan 1934
of parents who were both b in New Zealand. The couple traveled and
had extended stays in Northern Ireland and in the United States. They
resided at IB Ouslow Road, Napier HB, New Zealand. They had:
3-2-4-2-1 KERRY JANE ARRELL, b Jan 1958. KERRY was a

registered comprehensive nurse. She was m in Feb 1979 to Peter

D. Ellison and lived in Napier. They had: Benjamin Samuel, b in

Oct 1958.
3-2-4-2-2 RICHARD SAMUEL ARRELL, b Jul 1963. RICHARD was

a qualified nurseryman and was mterested in horticulture.
3-2-4-2-3 LISA M. ARRELL, b Jan 1965. Lisa was a graduate m

computer studies and was employed as a computer programmer and

systems analyst. Lisa resided at 5B Nikau Grove, Wolbum,

3-2-4-3 JOHN ALEXANDER ARRELL, b 20 Mar 1934 in New Zealand.
He m 17 Jan 1959 to Robin Mary Parkhill at Hastings, New Zealand.
Robin was b in 1938, the daughter of parents who immigrated to New
Zealand from Greenock, Scotland. In 1986 JOHN was a primary school
principal and a rotarian in Auckland Robin was employed at the
University Medical Center in Auckland. They lived in Rarotonga
(formerly Cook Islands) in the South Pacific between 1972 and 1974.
They had:
3-2-4-3-1 MICHELLE ANNE ARRELL, b 16 Dec 1960. MICHELLE

was a registered nurse. She m and lived in Melbourne, Australia.

They had a daughter, b in Jun 1987.


3-2-4-3-2 MARTIN ARRELL, b 8 Dec 1962. MARTIN was an avionics
engineer in the New Zealand Royal Air Force (1980-85). In 1986 he
was an avionics engineer for Philips Corporation in New Zealand.
3-2-4-3-3 SCOTT ANDREW ARRELL, b Dec 1964. SCOTT was in the
Royal New Zealand Air Force. In 1986 he was a navigator aboard
the Hercules Aircraft.

3-2-5 JOHN ELLIOTT ARROL, b 5 Sept 1897 at Rocktown, Castledawson,
County Londonderry. It is believed that he never married and to have lived
with his sisters, ELLA and LIZZIE. He d in 1983.

3-2-6 WILLIAM JAMES ARRELL, b 30 Oct 1898 at Rocktown, Castledawson,
County Londonderry. He immigrated to the United States. WILLIAM was
a tram driver in Philadelphia. He never married.

3-2-7 LIZZIE JANE ARRELL, b 3 Apr 1900 at Rocktown, Castledawson, County
Londonderry. LIZZIE d 8 Apr 1900 at Rocktown.

3-2-8 ELIZABETH LIZZIE' JANE ARRELL, b 20 Sept 1902 at Rocktown,
Castledawson, County Londonderry. She m on 20 Apr 1933 to William
James Bradley at Magherafelt Methodist Church. William was a farmer from
Lennaroy, Castledawson, the son of Johnston Bradley. It is believed that
they immigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

3-2-9 SAMUEL HENRY ARRELL, Sr. b 21 Jan 1904 at Rocktown,
Castledawson. He d 3 Nov 1983 at Haverford, Pennsylvania. SAMUEL
immigrated to Delaware County, Pennsylvania, leaving Northern Ireland on
25 Nov 1922, and arrived in the United States in 1923. He m in 1929 to
Francis E. Taylor. Francis was b and resided in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania,
a western suburb of Philadelphia. Her family is believed to have emmigrated
from England two generations previously. Francis' father, Alfred, worked for
a number of years in a trowel works located in Sharon Hill. Later in his life
he worked on a farm located in that general area. SAMUEL was a
Haverford Township policeman with more than 22 years of service when he
retired. SAMUEL'S first occupations were in the construction trade as a
carpenter. He eventually joined the police department. He was also an
assistant secretary of the Philadelphia Suburban Water Co. SAMUEL was
elected to three terms as Commissioner of Haverford Township, served over
10 years on the Delaware County Redevelopment Association, was a past
officer of the local and state Fraternal Order of Police Chiefs, the Police
Association and past president of the Havertown Rotary Club. He was a
long-term member of the Board of Trustees of the Llanerch Fire Company.
SAMUEL was a life member and past Master of Unity Lodge 719 F & AM,
past High Priest of Montgomery Royal Arch Chapter, Cryptic Council 51,
Past Commander of Ascension Commandery, member of Lulu Temple
Shrine, and was Sovereign of Conclave, Knights of the Red Cross of
Constantine. SAMUEL was an active member of the Lanerch Presbyterian
Church for over 49 years and was a Deacon, Trustee, and Elder of that
church. In 1987 Francis lived at 23 Fulmer Avenue, Havertown,
Penny slvania 1983. They had:


3-2-9-1 SAMUEL HENRY ARRELL, b circa 1930. He attended Haverford
(Penna) High School. He served in the US Army in the early 1950's and
was stationed in Germany. He m circa 1950 to Virgina — . SAMUEL
was an electrical technican and plumber. They had:
3-2-9-1-1 PAUL ARRELL, b circa 1951. PAUL graduated from

Collingdale High School. He was a fully apprenticed and certified

electrician and plumber who was employed in the construction

industry in Philadelphia.
3-2-9-1-2 JOSEPH ARRELL, b circa 1952. JOE' graduated from

Collingdale High School and was a police officer in the Loser Marin

Police Department.
3-2-9-1-3 KATHLEEN ARRELL, b circa 1953. KATHLEEN attended

Collingdale High School. She was m circa 1980 to

3-2-9-2 JOHN ALFRED JACK' ARRELL, b circa 1933 at Haverford
Township, Pennyslvania. JACK graduated from Haverford High
School. He served in the militar>' at the end of the Korean War and was
stationed in the United States. He was employed since circa 1955 with
the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania and A.T.& T. He was a
Regional Manager, having responsibility for their trucks and building
activities covering a large geographic area in Eastern Pennsylvania. He
resided in West Chester, Pennyslvania and relocated circa 1970 to a farm
in Chester County, near the Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania line.
He m circa 1958 to Sallie — . They had:
3-2-9-2-1 JOHN JACK' ARRELL, b circa 1959. JACK was a graduate

of the University of Delaware. He was employed by Thiokol, a

rocket propellant company in Elkton, Maryland. JACK m circa 1982

and later divorced.

3-2-9-2-1-1 JACK ARRELL, Jr., b circa 1983.
3-2-9-2-2 STEPHAN ARRELL, b circa 1961. STEPHAN was employed

in the contracting trades. He m circa 1976 to Andree — . They

resided on a farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
3-2-9-2-3 ROBERT ARRELL, b circa 1964. ROBERT was employed

as a certified welder in the Chester County area of Pennsylvania
3-2-9-2-4 AMY ARRELL, b circa 1967. AMY was employed in

administrative functions in the Chester County area of Pennyslvania.
3-2-9-3 ROBERT J. ARRELL, b 21 Jan 1936 in Haverford
Township, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Haverford High School in
1954. ROBERT attended the Drexel Institute of Technology (now
Drexel University). He participated in Drexel's co-op program. He m
on 29 Nov 1958 to Sepherine Hedy" Peabody. ROBERT and Hedy
were childhood sweethearts, first starting to date in the seventh grade.
ROBERT served six months in the military from 30 Nov 1958. Upon
his return from militar>' service they relocated to Baltimore, Maryland
where ROBERT began his career with Armco Steel Corporation. They
relocated to Middletown, Ohio with Armco in 1968, to Baltimore in


1973 and again to Middletown in 1973. ROBERT was Vice President

of Administration for the Eastern Steel Division, Armco's largest steel

division. Hedy's father was a direct descendent of the illustrious

Peabody family of New England. Hedy had two older brothers and a

younger brother. Her mother's family included eight children. Her

family resided in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. They had:

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