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3-2-9-3-1 DEBRA LEE ARRELL, b 29 May 1960 at Baltimore,

Maryland. DEBRA attended Middletown (Ohio) High School and

DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. She earned a BA degree

in economics. She m circa 1985 to A. Brent Summers and they

resided in Louisville, Kentucky.

3-2-10 ELLA SCOTT ARRELL, b 1 Dec 1905 at Rocktown, Castledawson,

County Londonderry. She m on 27 Jun 1933 to John Fullerton at the

Magherafelt Methodist Church John, b circa 1899, was a farmer at

Drumlamph, the son of Robert Fullerton, deceased. John's sister, Annie

Fullerton, was m to ALEXANDER ARRELL (See Paragraph 3-2-2-3).

4 MARY JANE ARRELL, b circa 1815. She was believed to be the daughter of JOHN
ARRELL. She m James Sturgeon on 19 Nov 1845 in the Castledawson Presbyterian
Church. James, the son of John Sturgeon, a farmer, lived in Tubberhead.

5 HENRY ARRELL, b circa 1819. (See page 444 for probable descendents) HENRY
was possibly a son of JOHN ARRELL. HENRY, of Rocktown, m on 22 Sept 1853
to Matilda McQuillan at the Castledawson Presbyterian Church. Matilda, b circa
1834, resided in Bellaghy, the daughter of John McQuillan, a fanner of Bellaghy.

6 MATILDA ARRELL, b circa 1822. MATILDA was believed to be a daughter of
JOHN ARRELL. MATILDA, of Rocktown, m on 8 Jun 1853 to James McQuillan,
a linen weaver, at the meeting house of Curran. James was the son of John
McQuillan, a farmer of Bellaghy. Matilda d 25 Jul 1921 at 2 Laird Street, Port
Glasgow, Scotland of senile decay. Her name was spelled ARROL on her death at
age 99. They had: John McQuillan, b circa 1871. John m on 10 Nov 1937 to Jane
Wilson Scoullar at Plantation (St. Andrew's) Chruch Glasgow, according to the forms
of the Church of Scotland. Jane was living at 12 Apsley Street, Glasgow and John
was living at 4 Hope Street, Greenock when they married. Jane was believed b circa
1872. She was the daughter of Robert Wilson, a carter (dec), and Annie Shaw (dec).
Jane is believed to have m 1st to — Scoullar. John was a powerloom operator and
widower. Jane had the name Arrol when she married, however it is not known how
she came to have this name.



I HENRY ARRELL, b circa 1819. (See page 443, Paragraph 5, for possible ancestry of
HENRY ARRELL). HENRY was a farmer in Rocktown. He m 22 Sep 1853 to
Matilda McQuillan at the Castledawson Presbyterian Church. Matilda, b circa 1834,
resided in Bellaghy, the daughter of John McQuillan, a farmer of Bellaghy. They are
believed to have had:

1-1 MARTHA ARRELL, b circa 1861 and d 3 Jul 1864 at Rocktown.
1-2 HENRY ARRELL, b 2 Mar 1864 and d 5 Jun 1874 at Rocktown.
1-3 MATILDA ARRELL, b 1 May 1866 and d 6 Jun 1874 at Rocktown.
1-4 ELIZABETH ARRELL, b 9 Sep 1868.

1-5 HENRY JAMES ARRELL (ARROLL), b 31 Aug 1875. He m on 19 Apr 1910
to JEANIE ARRELL at Rocktown. They had:
1-5-1 ANNIE MATILDA ARRELL, b 22 Apr 1911 at Rocktown.
1-5-2 ALEXANDER ARRELL, b 14 Apr 1912. He m on 22 Jan 1947 to Margaret
Florence Cuddy, at Donahandry, Tyrone. They had:

1-5-2-1 HENRY ALEXANDER ARRELL, b 10 Dec 1947 at Annaghmore.
HENRY was a toolmaker when he m 4 Jul 1969 to Margaret Roberta Nesbitt
at Magherafelt. In 1974 they lived at 40 Bloomfield Road, Arbroath,
Scotland. They had:

1-5-2-1-1 GILLIAN ARRELL, b 11 May 1971 at Ballymena.
1-5-2-1-2 STEPHAN ARRELL, b 25 Aug 1974 at the Royal Infirmary at

Dundee, Scotland at 2327 hours.
1 -5-2-1-3 PHILLIP ARRELL, b 25 Aug 1 974 at the Royal Infirmary, Dundee,
Scotland at 2342 hours.
1-5-2-2 ROBERT SAMUEL ARRELL, b 25 Jun 1950 at Annaghmore. Robert
m 28 Dec 1973 to Edna Morrow at Lame. ROBERT was a planning
engineer. He was employed by Lear Fan and DeLorean Motors. They had:
1-5-2-2-1 ALISON ARRELL, b 4 Oct 1979 at Randlestown.
1-5-2-3 PHILIP ARRELL, b 3 Feb 1952 at Annaghmore. He m on 29 Jul 1978
to Lenore Josephine Gilmor at Castledawson. They did not have children.
1-5-2-4 FLORENCE MARGARET ARRELL, b 19 Aug 1956 at Castledawson.

FLORENCE m 2 Jun 1979 to Frederick James Hand at Castledawson.
1-5-2-5 WILLIAM JOHN ARRELL, b 13 Jul 1964 at Castledawson. He m 10
Dec 1988 to Victoria Kelso.
1-5-3 HENRY JAMES ARRELL, b circa 1916. He m 27 Aug 1941 to Mary Henry
at Lisnadice. HENRY was in the British Army. He was evacuated from France
at Dunkirk and served in the African theatre. The couple separated. They did
not have children.
1-5-4 ANN ARRELL, b circa 1920. She m circa 1935 to Albert Haslan. They
resided in England. They had: Jeanctte Haslan.


1-5-5 DORIS ARRELLb circa 1921. She m 7 Jun 1939 to W.lliam James
Pickenng at Magherafelt. They had: 1) Kenneth; 2) Jean; 3) Daphne; 4) Dor.s-
and 5) Gordon.



The names of the parents of WILLIAM ALEXANDER and SAMUEL are unknown. It
is known that they had six sons and four daughters and that all but one son emigrated to
North America. The one son who remained in Northern Ireland, WILLIAM
ALEXANDER ARRELL, was an Irish linen merchant in Bellymena. It is assumed that
the family came from this area. It is likely that WILLIAM was bom around 1820 as it
is known that SAMUEL was bom in 1842. The Arrells followed the custom common
in Ireland and Scotland of naming the first son after the father's father. It is quite
probable the name of the father of WILLIAM was William or Alexander.

I WILLIAM ALEXANDER ARRELL, b circa 1796 m Ballymena, Northern Ireland He
m circa 1821 to Mary Ann Doll (Dole or Dale) of Edmburgh, Scotland. WILLIAM
was a linen merchant in Ballymena. He d circa 1875. They had:
1-1 ALEXANDER ARRELL, b Apr 1847 in Northem Ireland and d m 1895. He was
a joumalist in Northem Ireland. He immigrated to Canada and m circa 1872 to
Helen Bell of Orilla, Ontario, Canada. They had five children:
l-I-I WILLIAM EDWARD ARRELL, b 9 Mar 1868 at Creighton, Simco County,
Ontario. He d 17 Nov 1915 at Portage la Praire, Manitoba and is buried in
High Bluff Cemetery, Portage la Praire. He m 24 Jul 1898 to Pheobe Evelina
Burton of Lindsay, Ontario. Pheobe was b 31 Mar 1880 at Fenelin Falls,
Ontario and d 23 Nov 1962 at Portage la Prairie. They had five sons and four

1-1-1-1 HAROLD WILLIAM ARRELL, b 17 May 1900 and d 1987 from
Parkinson's disease. He m 7 May 1930 to Janet Mitchell at Portage la
Prairie. Janet was b 1 Feb 1903 at Portage la Prairie and d 2 Apr 1977
at Regina Saskatchewan. She is buried at Memorial Gardens, Regina.
HAROLD m 2nd circa 1980 to Stella — - in Saskatoon. HAROLD and
Janet had:

1-1-1-1-1 BRUCE E. ARRELL, b 11 Jul 1939 in Saskatoon,
Saskatchewan. He m 29 Jul 1961 to Carol Antymnuik Carol was
a school teacher. BRUCE graduated from the University of
Saskatchewan with a major in commerce. BRUCE was a chartered
accountant and was employed as an income tax advisor for an oil and
gas company in Calgary, Alberta. They resided on Cumberland
Drive, N.W., Calgary, Alberta. They had:
I-1-l-l-l-l KIM ARRELL, b 1966 in Calgary, Alberta. KIM was

studying toward a degree in interior design in 1987.
1-1-I-I-1-2 HEATHER ARRELL, b 1968 in Calgary, Alberta. JASON ARRELL, b 1972 in Calgary, Alberta.
1-I-I-2 PEARL EVELYN ARRELL, b 26 Jan 1902 at Portage la Prairie,
Manitoba and d 26 Feb 1974 in Vancouver, British Columbia PEARL
m 24 Jul 1943 to Robert (Bert) Brown and lived in Portage la Prairie,


Manitoba. Bert d in Chicago, Illinois. They are buried in Portage la
Prairie Cemetery. They did not have a family.
1-1-1-3 RUSSELL HOWARD ARRELL. b 10 May 1903 at Portage la Prairie,
Manitoba and d 12 May 1933 in Portage la Prairie. RUSSELL m 26 Jun
1928 to Mabel Clark and lived in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Mabel m
2nd to Douglas MacLain (McLean?) circa 1932 and relocated to Ontario.
RUSSELL and Mabel had:

1-1-1-3-1 WILLIAM ARRELL, b 1928. WILLIAM was known as BILL.

WILLIAM was adopted by his step-father, Douglas MacLain, and his

name was changed to William MacLain. He attended school in Red

Lake, Ontario and later Atiholm, Ontario. WILLIAM m in 1956 to

Edna Davis Skatfield. They had: Nancy MacLain, b 1957 and m

1978; and 2) Jeffrey MacLain, b 1964.

1-1-1-4 VERNON ALEXANDER ARRELL, b 8 Aug 1905 at Portage la

Prairie, Manitoba. VERNON m 24 Feb 1939 to Evelyn Effie Martin at

Portage la Prairie. Evelyn was b 8 Feb 1913 at Portage la Prairie. They


1-1-1-4-1 BEVERLY DAWN ARRELL, b 17 Oct 1939 at Portage la

Praire, Manitoba. She m 14 Jun 1958 to Richard Unrau at Portage

la Prairie, Manitoba. Richard was b 13 Apr 1937 at Portage la

Prairie. They had: 1) Calvin Richard, b 15 Jan 1959; 2) Patricia

Laveme, b 22 Dec 1959 and m 11 Oct 1980 to Wing Tang. Wing

Tang was b 3 Jun 1955 in Hong Kong; 3) Sherry Lynne, b 26 Mar

1961 and m Neil Gordon Fugate, b 21 Jan 1958; and 4) Brenda

Dawn, b 20 Mar 1962 and m 29 Aug 1981 to Patrick Gilbert DuBois

at Portage la Prairie. Patrick was b 14 Nov 1958 at Lahr, Germany.

1-1-1-4-2 JOYCE PATRICIA ARRELL, b 30 Dec 1940. JOYCE m 3 Jun

1961 to Ellis Marvin Gutro at Portage la Prairie. Ellis was b 16 Jan

1961 at Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia. They had: 1) Jeffrey Leonard,

b 7 Aug 1962 at Portage la Praire; 2) Timothy Michael, b 25 May

1965 at Portage la Prairie; 3) Brent Alexander, b 12 Mar 1967 at

Baden-Baden, Germany; 4) Gregory John, b Summerside, Prince

Edward Island, Canada.

1-1-1-4-3 MARGARET LAVERNE ARRELL, b 8 Aug 1943 at Portage

la Prairie. MARGARET m 5 Dec 1962 to Donald Charles Christie

at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Donald was b 14 Jun 1940 at

Vulcan, Alberta. They had: 1) Keith Leonard, b 16 Dec 1962 at

Cold Lake, Alberta; 2) Robert Dwayne, b 10 Aug 1964 at Cold Lake,

Alberta; and 3) Jodi Lynne, b 21 Aug 1972 at Edmonton, Alberta.

1-1-1-5 FLORENCE MAY ARRELL, b 17 Dec 1906 at Portage la Praire.

Manitoba. FLORENCE m 6 Sept 1927 to Clifford John Metcalfe at

Winnipeg, Manitoba. Clifford was b 11 Sept 1905 at MacDonald,

Manitoba. They had: 1) Jackie; 2) Glen Clifford, b 6 May 1929 and m

26 Jun 1954 to Evelyn Stinson. They had: Mary Ann, b 17 Dec 1957,

Grant Glen, b 14 May 1960 and Cameron John, b 10 Apr 1962; 3)


Murray, b 4 May 1936 and d 11 Sept 1938; and 4) Lois Arlene, b 21

May 1939 at Portage la Praire. She m Ronald Emmanuel on 6 Feb 1965.

Ronald was b 24 Feb 1940. They had: Richard John, b 29 Oct 1967 and

Jane Alexander, b 24 Sept 1971.
1-1-1-6 ALBERT EDWARD ARRELL, b 30 Jul 1908 at Portage la Praire

Manitoba. ALBERT was a private in the US Army during World War

IL He was wounded in action at Ortonna, Italy. ALBERT m 18 Jul 1936

to Evelyn Henrietta Thomas at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba and they lived

in Hartney, Manitoba. Evelyn was b 19 Sept 1910 in Hartney, Manitoba.

ALBERT d 28 Jan 1980 at Brandon, Manitoba and is buried in Brandon

Rosewood Cemetery. They had:

1-1-1-6-1 SHIRLEY MAE ARRELL, b 10 Feb 1937 m Portage la Praire,
Manitoba. She m 8 Aug 1959 to Edward Bruce Wellman at
Brandon, Manitoba. Bruce was b 23 Feb 1936 at Richmond Hill,
Ontario. They had: John Bruce, b 28 Mar 1973.

1-1-1-6-2 JOHN BURTON ARRELL, b 1 Nov 1938 in Brandon,
Manitoba. He m 22 Jun 1963 to Sherrill Odette Gurr at Brandon,
Manitoba. Sherrill was b 6 Aug 1941. They had:
1-1-1-6-2-1 DAVID KENT ARRELL, b 5 May 1966 at Winnipeg,

1-1-1-6-2-2 TRACIE DAWN ARRELL, b 27 Jun 1967 at Brandon,

1-1-1-6-2-3 JODIE ODETTE ARRELL, b 25 Aug 1972 at Winnipeg,

13 Sept 1941 to Charles Wilfred Campbell at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Charles was b 14 Jan 1908 at Exeter, Huron County, Ontario. He was

stationed in Victoria, B. C. during WW II when he was in the Air Force.

MARJORY and Charles lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Vancouver,

British Columbia. Charles was a purchasing agent for a fishing firm. He

purchased supplies for the fishing camps. They had: Carla Elizabeth, b

2 Nov 1949 at Vancouver, British Columbia.
1-1-1-8 CLARENCE KINSMAN ARRELL, b 1 Nov 191 1 at Portage la Prairie

and d 19 Feb 1951 at Portage la Praire. He is buried at Portage la Praire

Cemetery. He m 16 Apr 1938 to Vera Matthews. Vera was b May 1938

at Winnipeg, Manitoba. They had:

1-1-1-8-1 BRUCE WAYNE ARRELL, b 2 Sept 1939 at Portage la Praire,
Manitoba. He d 15 Feb 1939 at Portage la Praire.

1-1-1-8-2 ROBERT WILLIAM ARRELL, b 4 Jul 1942.

1-1-1-8-3 LOUISE DIANE ARRELL, b 31 May 1943 at Portage la Praire,

Manitoba. She m 17 Mar 1962 to Arthur Wiebe at Winnipeg,

Manitoba. They had: 1) Michael Darlene, b 15 Apr 1968; 2) Michael

Patrick, b 22 Jan 1965; and 3) Christopher Arthur, b 1 Jul 1970.


MARGARET was killed on 28 Jun 1939 when she was knocked down by


a team of horses on the main street in Portage la Praire, Manitoba.
1-1-2 JOHN ALEXANDER ARRELL, b circa 1870-80 and m circa 1909 to
Elizabeth Josephine Kyle of Ballymena, Northern Ireland. JOHN was
originally a fanner and later employed by Gypsum Lime in New Westminster,
British Columbia. He d in 1956. They had:
1-1-2-1 PHYLLIS LENORE ARRELL, b 1 Sept 1910 and m circa 1935 to

William Nelson James. They lived in New Westminster, B.C., Canada.

They had a son: Terrance Darrell. Terrance m Dorma — . They lived in

Surrey, British Columbia.
1-1-2-2 ROBERT JOHN ARRELL, b 1 Sept 1911 and d 1985. He m circa

1936 1st to Olive Burris and 2nd circa 1950 to Jean Balik. They lived

in New Westminster, British Columbia. There were no children from

either marriage.
1-1-2-3 HELEN MARGARET ARRELL, b 1 Sept 1914 and m circa 1939 to

John A. Neill. John d in 1981. There were no children. They lived in

White Rock, British Columbia.
1-1-2-4 DAVID LEVI ARRELL, b circa 1916 and d in 1967. He m circa

1941 to Doreen Ross. They lived in New Westminster, B.C., Canada.

They had:

1-1-2-4-1 GARRY ARRELL, b circa 1943 and m circa 1968 to Elaine

— . They had no children.

1-1-2-4-2 DENNIS ARRELL, b circa 1945.
1-1-2-5 CARLYLE ALLAN ARRELL, b circa 1919 and m 1st circa 1944 to

Doreen Collishaw. Doreen d in 1984. He m 2nd circa 1960 to Irene M.

Wallner. They lived in Victoria, B.C., Canada. CARLYLE and Doreen


1-1-2-5-1 VALERIE ARRELL, b circa 1946. VALERIE m circa 1971
Gordon Galey. They had: Karen, Brenda, Heather and Erica.
1-1-2-6 GORDON ARTHUR ARRELL, b 1921 and d 1975. GORDON was

believed not to have married.
1-1-3 SARAH ELLEN ARRELL, b circa 1890 in Ontario, Canada. She m circa
1915 to Joseph Webb who came from England. SARAH was a dressmaker
and Joseph was a farmer. They had three sons and three daughters: 1) Gordon
Oliver Howard who m Pearl Hills; 2) Gladys Keith Lorellen who m Ernest
Holliday; 3) Clifford Arlington who m Olive Pearson; 4) Loma Valentine who
m Arthur Irwin; 5) Hazel Lenore who m Manual Dunn; 6) Earl Lloyd Richard
who did not m and in 1987 was deceased; and 7) Vera Cecelia who d as a
child. All six children resided in Portage la Prarie, Manitoba.
1-1-4 MARGARET (MAGGIE) ARRELL, b circa 1892. MAGGIE m circa 1917
to Albert Davis who came from England. They had: Melville who m Phyllis
1-1-5 IDA LENORE ARRELL, b circa 1894 in Ontario, Canada. IDA m 1919 to
Arthur Smythe who was from the United States. Arthur was employed
following WW I by the Soldiers Settlement Board to assist returning
sers'iceman. IDA d in Saskatoon. They did not have a family.


1-2 JAMES HARRISON ARRELL, b circa 1840's and lived in St. Mary's, Ontario,
Canada. He is believed to have m and had:
1-2-1 BELLE ARRELL, b circa 1870's and d circa 1880 at age 7 or 8 of

1-2-2 JAMES HARRISON ARRELL, b circa 1880. He lived in Huntsville,
Ontario and m circa 1915 to Tamson (Tammy) Blundell. JAMES d 12 Nov
1969 and Tammy d 24 May 1962. They had:

1-2-2-1 MARION BELLE ARRELL, b 4 Nov 1916. She m circa 1941 to

John Unstead and lived at 28 Grafton Street, London, Ontario. They had:

Kathleen Adele Unstead.

1-3 WILLIAM ARRELL, b circa 1850. WILLIAM was a linen manufacturer. He m

circa 1873 to Margaret (Maggie) McCallum and they lived in Randalstown,

Northern Ireland. They had three sons and one daughter.

1-3-1 MINNIE ARRELL, b circa 1874. MINNIE m on 10 Jul 1899 to Thomas

Bonar, a fanner, at the Baptist Chapel in the Parish of Kirkinriola in the town

of Ballymena. They had: 1) Hilda who m Gary Neil and had Robert in

Northern Ireland; and 2) Bell who was b in Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania.

1-4 HARRISON ARRELL, b circa 1857. He m circa 1882 to Fanny Brundall and

lived in Parry Sound, Ontario.
1-5 H ALLEY ARRELL, b circa 1858. HALLE Y d at an early age in Muskoka,

Ontario, Canada.
SAMUEL ARRELL b 23 May 1842 m Northern Ireland (probably in Ballymena),
where it is known his brother, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, lived. He emigrated from
Belfast, at the age of 19, in 1861 and ended up on a farm in the Township of
Onondaga, near the village of Caledonia, Ontario. He was believed to be the first of
the Arrell family to emigrate to Ontario. He m circa 1868 to Elizabeth Brown who
was b 1 1 May 1848, the daughter of Thomas Brown, of the Township of Onodaga.
Her father was Scottish and her mother was from Yorkshire, England. They moved to
another farm in the township in Big Creek. They moved to and built a frame house
in Caledonia around 1888. SAMUEL worked at the local livery stable in Caledonia.
SAMUEL d 21 Feb 1892 in the first epidemic of influenza known as the "La Grippe".
Elizabeth was left with the task of raising the seven children, the youngest of which
was three years old:

2-1 WILLIAM (WILL) ARRELL, b 2 Feb 1869 and din 1954 at the age of 86. WILL
graduated in medicine and practiced in Cayuga, Ontario for fourteen years. After
three years of post graduate work in New York, he became an Eye, Ear, Nose and
Throat Specialist amd practiced in Hamilton, Ontario for many years. Will never
2-2 JOHN THOMAS (TOM) ARRELL, b 28 Jun 1872 and d in 1941 at the age of 69.
TOM became a Veterinary Surgeon and practiced in Caledonia, Ontario. He was
with the Hamilton Board of Health from 1920 until his death in 1941. He m circa
1897 to Ella Brierly and they had no children.
2-3 HARRISON ARRELL, b 14 Nov 1873 and d 18 Jul 1967 at the age of 94.
HARRISON attended Mulligan School, Middleport School and Green's School -
all one room schools in Onondada Township. He then attended Caledonia Public


and High Schools and graduated in 1892. To make further education possible, he
delivered mail with a horse and cart in the summer and with a horse and cutter in
the winter to Sinclar%ille and Empire - a thirty mile trip. In October 1893 he
entered the law office of Teetzel, Harrison and McBryane in Hamilton, Ontano
where he spent three years reading law. He then attended Osgoode Hall Law
School in Toronto for two years and passed his final law examinations in May of
1898. A month later he opened a law office in Caledonia. He was appointed
County Clerk and Solicitor for the County of Halimand in 1914 and Crown
Attorney in 1915. He received his King's Counsel m 1921. SAMUEL established
the law' firm of Arrell & Arrell in Caledonia, first practicing with his brother,
CAMERON, and then with his son. ALEX. He was Crown Attorney for over forty
years and continued practicing law up to the time of his death in 1967.
HARRISON m Eva Margaret Sawle of Caledonia on 3 1 Oct 1907. They had three


2-3-1 ALEXANDER HARRISON ARRELL, b 24 Feb 1909 and d 3 Sept 1986.
He attended Caledonia Public and High Schools, the University of Toronto
and Osgoode Hall. He was called to the bar in 1932. He practiced with his
father in Caledoma until 1961 when he was appointed Vice-Chairman of the
Ontario Municipal Board. The family moved to Toronto at this time and
ALEX continued to be associated with the Board up to the time of his death.
ALEXANDER m Dorothy Joyce Darling of Hamilton, Ontario on 21 Aug
1937. She resided at 100 Kimbark Blvd., Toronto, Ontario. They had two


2-3-1-1 JOHN KENNER ARRELL, b 4 Jan 1941. KENNER attended
elementary and high school in Caledonia and graduated from McMaster
University in 1962 in Hamilton, Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
He spent ten years with IBM, two years as a financial analyst with the
investment firm Brault, Guy and O'Brien and between 1975 and 1983 was
a broadcast consultant. KENNER established his own firm JKA
Commumcations. KENNER m 1st to Lydia Wilson on 15 Jul 1963.
They divorced on 9 Dec 1970. They had no children. He m 2nd to
Kathryn Alice Walters on 26 Mar 1971. Kathryn was a systems
engineering manager with IBM. They resided at 201 Corot Rive, Apt
601 Montreal, Quebec and had two sons;
2-3-1-1-1 JAMES RUSSELL ARRELL, b 3 Dec 1975. He was known

2-3-1-1-2 JOHN TYLER ARRELL, b 8 Jul 1979. He was known as



attended Caledonia Public and High Schools. Bathurst High School in

Toronto, the University of Toronto and the University of London, in

London,' England. He earned his Doctorate in English Drama. He was

a Professor at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba.

2-3-2 HUGH CAMERON ARRELL, b 18 Mar 1914 and d 13 Dec 1975. HUGH

graduated fiom Guelph Agricultural College in 1936. At the outbreak of


WW II he enlisted in the army and served throughout the European
Campaign until the end of the war in 1945. He went overseas as a
Lieutenant and returned as a Lieutenant-Colonel. He was decorated by the
King of England with the order of the British Empire. After the war he
attended Osgoode Law School in Toronto and was called to the Bar in Jun
1949. HUGH practiced law in Hamilton, Ontario and in 1955 he was
appointed Judge of the Juvenile and Family Court in Hamilton, a position
he held until his death. He m Grace Louise (Jerry) Russell in 1943. They
had three sons:
2-3-2-1 HUGH ANTHONY (TONY) ARRELL, b 20 Dec 1944 at Hamilton,
Ontario. TONY attended the University of Guelph and graduated with a
B.Sc.A. degree in 1967. He graduated from York University with an
M.B.A. in 1968. He m on 14 May 1968 to Susanne "Anne" — -. He
became President and C.E.O of Wood Gundy Corporation in 1984 in New
York City. TONY was a director of Scotts Hospitality Inc., Charterways,
Ltd., J.C. Hallman Manufacturing Ltd. His career included positions with
Pitfield McKay (1969-70); Brown, Baldwin Nisker (1972-76); and Gardiner
Watson Ltd. (1976-83). He was past president of the Cystic Fibrosis
Foundation. TONY's hobby was cattle breeding. He and Suzanne resided
in Toronto. They had:

2-3-2-1-1 LAURA ARRELL, b circa Apr 1974.
2-3-2-1-2 CAMERON ARRELL, b circa 1975.
2-3-2-1-3 MARGARET ASHLEIGH ARRELL, b May 1979. She was

known as ASHLEIGH.
2-3-2-1-4 NICOLE KATHERINE ARRELL, b 3 Dec 1981.
2-3-2-2 HARRISON SAWLE ARRELL, b 25 Apr 1950. He was a lawyer and
practiced law in Hamilton, Ontario. He m circa 1975 to Diane - — and they
had one son and one daughter.
2-3-2-2-1 JASON HUGH ARRELL, b circa 1976.
2-3-2-2-2 HEATHER PATRICIA ARRELL, b 18 May 1978.
2-3-2-3 JOHN RUSSELL ARRELL, b 25 Jan 1950. JOHN lived and worked
in Hamilton, Ontario. He was not married in 1988.
2-3-3 KENNER SAWLE ARRELL, b 27 Apr 1919 and d 27 Dec 1943. KENNER
attended Caledonia Public and High Schools and graduated from McMaster
University in Hamilton, Ontario. He was killed in action at Ortona, Italy during
WW II. In remembrance of his service, a lake in Northern Ontario, near Lake
Nipigon, was named Arrell Lake after him. He was not married.
2-4 MATILDA JANE ARRELL, b 6 Apr 1877 and d in Sept of 1943. She was a
graduate nurse of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. She m circa 1902 to
C.J. Martindale and they had two sons: 1) Arrell Martindale, who never married
and 2) Harrison, who m Ruby — . Harrison had one son, Chester, who was b 13
Sept 1940 and d circa 1980. Chester m Barbara Hewitt. They had two daughters
and one son: Toni, Terri, and Patti.
2-5 ETHEL ISABELLA ARRELL, b 29 Feb 1880. ETHEL was a graduate nurse of the
Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. She m circa 1905 to G.B. McConnachie


and they had two sons and one daughter, John, Douglas and Jean.

2-6 SAMUEL CAMERON (CAM) ARRELL, b 16 Sept 1888. SAMUEL was married.
He was a lawyer and practiced for a time with his brother, HARRISON. They

2-6-1 ALTHEA ARRELL, b circa 1914.
2-6-2 Unknown.

2-7 ELIZABETH HOWARD (BESSIE) ARRELL, b 16 Sept 1888 and d in Dec of 1955.
She worked in the law office of Arrell & Arrell in Caledonia, Ontario until her
marriage to Dr. J. Mansfield Hughton, circa 1910. They then resided in Hamilton,
Ontario and were active in the community and political life of the city. She died

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