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suddenly in an accident. They had one daughter, Mary Elizabeth.

3 ALEXANDER ARRELL, b circa 1843 in Northern Ireland and emigrated to North

America. He m circa 1868 and they had two sons and one daughter:
3-1 MAGGIE ARRELL, b circa 1869.
3-2 JOHN ARRELL, b circa 1871.
3-3 WILLIAM ARRELL, b circa 1873

4 HARRISON ARRELL, b circa 1844 in Northern Ireland and emigrated to North


5 JOHN ARRELL, c circa 1845 in Northern Ireland and emigrated to the U.S.A. He

never m and died soon after arrival in the U.S. of cholera.

6 THOMAS ARRELL, b circa 1846 in Northern Ireland and emigrated to the U.S.A. He

never m and died soon after arrival in the U.S. of cholera.

7 MARION ARRELL, b circa 1848 in Northern Ireland and emigrated to the U.S.A. She

lived in New York City and m — Smith. They had one daughter, Daisy.

8 JENNIE ARRELL, b circa 1849 in Northern Ireland and emigrated to North America.

JENNIE m 1874 to William Mitchell and they had one son, Charles, and one
daughter. Belle.

9 ELIZABETH ARRELL, b circa 1850 to Northern Ireland and emigrated to North

America. She m 1875 to John Bayliss and they had two sons. George and Henry,
and two daughters, Bessie and Belle.

10 BELLE CRAWFORD ARRELL, b circa 1851 in Northern Ireland and emigrated to
the U.S.A. She lived in New York City and never married.


The information on the Arrells of Bellymena, Northern Ireland came from the following

(1) The family Bible of Dorothy Arrell (2-3-1). It provided the names of the six sons and

four daughters and limited information about them.

(2) An article in the Caledonia Grand River Sachem dated 8 Feb 1956 that
profiled the Arrell family. Much of the information on SAMUEL ARRELL (2) and
his family came from this article.

(3) Correspondence between HARRISON ARRELL (2-3) and PEARL ARRELL
BROWN (1-1-1-2) and/or MARGE ARRELL CAMPBELL (1-1-1-7) in 1967 and

(4) Correspondence between MAGGIE ARRELL and MAGGIE DAVIS (1-1-4) and
METCALFE (1-1-1-5) up until 1972.

(5) Correspondence between the author and BRUCE E . ARRELL ( 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 ) and JOHN
KENNER ARRELL (2-3-1-1).

(6) A family tree prepared by Jack Neill, now deceased, husband of HELEN
ARRELL (1-1-2-3), and supplemented with information supplied by MARGE
ARRELL CAMPBELL (1-1-1-7) of Vancouver, British Columbia.

(7) Con-espondence between the author and CARYLE ALEXANDER ARRELL

(8) Investigation of parish and public vital statistic records by the author in Northern

Ireland; Newbury Library, Chicago, and the vital statistic records in Canada.
(9) Profile of HUGH ANTHONY ARRELL (2-3-2-1) in the 1987 Edition of Canadian
Who's Who, Volume XXII, Kieran Simpson, Editor, University of Toronto Press,



I JOHN ARRELL. May have had:

1 JAMES (SHIEL) ARRELL, b circa 1824. He was a farmer. He m on 14 Mar 1858
to Jane Mullholland, a dressmaker of Aughrim. They married in the meeting house
of Curran, Maghera. JAMES d 31 Mar 1890 at Edenreagh. Their children may have
1-1 MARY ISABELLA ARRELL, b prior to 1855. MARY m on 12 Dec 1876 to

William McCutcheon. William was a policeman of Draperstown.
1-2 SARAH ARRELL, b prior to 1864 at Edenreagh. SARAH m on 3 Dec 1885 to
ROBERT ARRELL of Cabragh. They married in Magherfelt, County Deny.
ROBERT was a farmer, the son of ALEXANDER ARRELL, a farmer of
Cabragh. ROBERT'S name is clearly spelled Arrell on the marriage register.
ALEXANDER'S surname is more difficult to decipher. It could be spelled Arrol,
but does appear more likely to be Arrell. On the birth of their children,
however, ROBERT'S name is clearly spelled Arrol, as is that of their children.
They had:

1-2-1 JANE ELIZABETH (ARROL) ARRELL, b 7 Jan 1887 at Cabragh.
1-2-2 ELEANOR (ARROL) ARRELL, b 1 1 Apr 1888 at Cabragh.
1-2-3 AGNES ARRELL, b 30 Nov 1890 at Cabragh. (An AGNES ARRELL,
m David Armour at Magherafelt on 25 Mar 1929. Her father was ROBERT
ARRELL, farmer of Cabragh. However, her age was noted as 34 which
would have her b circa 1895. David was a farmer of Derganagh, the son
of Thomas Armour, a weaver.)
1-2-4 DORA ARROL, b 30 Aug 1892 at Cabragh. DORA d 2 Jul 1908 at

1-2-5 JAMES ALEXANDER ARRELL, b 28 Aug 1894 at Cabragh.
1-2-6 JACKSON ARRELL, b 27 Sept 1896 at Cabragh.
1-2-7 ROBERT ARRELL, b 15 Jul 1901 at Cabragh.
1-3 ANNIE ARRELL, b prior to 1866. ANNIE was living in Edenreagh when she
m on 22 Jul 1887 to John Dale, a farmer of Tillinkeary. John was the son of
Thomas Dale, a farmer. They had:
1-3-1 — - b 4 Dec 1890 at Creagh.
1-4 WILLIAM ARRELL, b 6 Aug 1865. WILLIAM, a farmer, was living in
Edenreagh when he m on 27 Sep 1889 to Margaret Riley, a cook. Margaret was
the daughter of James Riley, a farmer.
1-5 JAMES SHIEL ARRELL, b prior to 1872. JAMES was a farmer. He m on 30
Nov 1893 to Jane Dawson at Edenreagh. Jane was the daughter of Richard
Dawson, a carpenter of Tamnegarren. They had:

1-5-1 JAMES SHIEL ARRELL, b 23 Aug 1894 at Ballydermot, Castledawson,
County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. JAMES was a farmer. He m on 23
Nov 1927 to Annie Fullerton at Magherafelt Presbyterian Church. Annie
was the daughter of Robert Fullerton, a farmer of Drumlamph. Annie's


brother, John, m ELLA SCOTT ARRELL (Paragraph 3-2-10, page 443) and

her niece, Elsie Fullerton, m ALEXANDER ARRELL (Paragraph 3-2-2-3,

pages 438 and 439). JAMES d Jun 1 97 1 . They had:

1-5-1-1 MURIEL JEAN ARRELL, b 1 Oct 1928 at Ballydermot,
Castledawson. She m on 26 Mar 1951 to Samuel Ferguson at the
Curran Presbyterian Church. Samuel, b circa 1929, a farmer of
Ballyagarve, was the son of Alexander Ferguson, a farmer.

1-5-1-2 MARY ARRELL, b 1 May 1930 at Ballydermot. MARY, of
Edenreagh, Castledawson, m on 26 Nov 1946 to George Johnston at
Curran Presbyterian Church. George, b circa 1924, was a bus
conductor of Dromore (Desertmartin), the son of David Johnston, a

1-5-1-3 DOROTHY ARRELL, b 1 4 Feb 1 93 2 at Ballydermot, Castledawson.
She m on 18 Jan 1962 to John Henry Crooks at the Castledawson
Presbyterian Church. John Henry, b circa 1926, was a farmer of
Ballinacross, Knockloughrim, the son of James Crooks.

1-5-1-4 WILHEMINA ARRELL, b 10 Jul 1933 at Ballydermot,

1-5-1-5 ANNIE ARRELL, b 21 Sept 1935 at Ballydermot, Castledawson.

1-5-1-6 LIZZIE ARRELL, b 4 Mar 1937 at Ballydermot, Castledawson.

1-5-1-7 CHRIST ABEL ARRELL, b 24 Dec 1938 at Ballydermot,
Castledawson. CHRIST ABEL m on 10 Aug 1957 to Raymond
Mawhinney at Castledawson Presbyterian Church. Raymond, b circa
1935, was a fitter of Leithrum, Castledawson, the son of John
Mawhinney, a joiner.

1-5-1-8 JAMES ARRELL, b 29 Mar 1940. JAMES was not married and
lived in Ballydermot in 1988.

1-5-1-9 WILLIAM ROBERT ARRELL, b 9 Mar 1942 at Ballydermot,
Castledawson. WILLIAM ROBERT was a farmer at Moneyrod,
Randlestown. He m on 7 Aug 1970 to Mary Matilda Smythe of
Cavanreagh, Sixtown. Mary, a ward orderly, was the daughter of
James Smythe, a retired farmer. They resided at 54 Artloan Road,
1-5-1-9-1 ROBERT JAMES ARRELL, b 25 Jun 1971 at Randlestown.

ROBERT was b at Mid-Ulster Hospital.
1-5-1-9-2 ALISTAR STEPHAN ARRELL, b 29 Jun 1972 at

Randlestown. ALISTAR was b at Mid-Ulster Hospital.
1-5-1-9-3 DAVID JOHN ARRELL, b 27 Apr 1977 at Randlestown.
DAVID was bom at Masserene Hospital.

1-5-1-10 JOHN ARRELL, b 18 Aug 1943 at Ballydermot, Castledawson.
JOHN m on 9 Aug 1975 to Sarah Elizabeth Gilmore at Castledawson
Presbyterian Church. Sarah, b circa 1951, was a clerk, the daughter of
Evans Gilmore, a bus driver. She was living at 2 Magherafelt Road,
Castledawson when she married. JOHN was a supervisor and lived at
15 Ballydermott Road, Castledawson. JOHN was shot by the I.R.A. 8


Aug 1977. He was driving a worker's bus at the time of the shooting.

1-5-1-11 GEORGINA FLORENCE ARRELL, b27 Mar 1945 atEdenreagh.

GEORGINA was married and lived in Ballydermot. They had two


1-5-1-12 MARGARET ARRELL, b 30 Oct 1946 at Edenreagh.

MARGARET was married and lived near Randalstown.
1-5-1-13 THOMAS SHIELS ARRELL, b 21 Sept 1948 at Edenreagh. He
m circa 1973 to Margaret Edna Mulholland. THOMAS was a joiner.
They resided at 56 Oldtown Road, Bellaghy. They had:
1-5-1-13-1 JOHN WILLIAM ARRELL, b 14 Jan 1977 at the Mid Ulster

Hospital at Bellaghy.
1-5-1-13-2 LOUISE ALICE ARRELL, b 22 Dec 1980 at Mid Ulster
Hospital, Bellaghy.
1-5-2 JANE ELIZABETH ARRELL, b 3 Jun 1895 at Ballydermot. She was

known as JEANIE. JEANIE d 28 Apr 1921 by drowning at Craigtorire.
1-5-3 RACHAEL MARGARET ARRELL, b 1 1 Dec 1896 at Ballydermot.
1-5-4 DORA ARRELL, b 20 May 1898 at Ballydermot.
1-5-5 MARY ARRELL, b 25 Aug 1900 at Ballydermot.
1-5-6 THOMAS RICHARD ARREL. b 9 Sept 1902 at Ballydermot.
1-6 THOMAS SHIELS ARRELL, b circa 1875 at Edenreagh. THOMAS m 1 1 Oct
1905 to Mary Green at the Presbyterian Church in the Parish of Ardhea,
Moneymore, County Londonderry. Mary was the daughter of Benjamin Green,
a car driver. She was residing in Ballymoney at the time of her marriage.
THOMAS was a farmer. They had:

1-6-1 THOMAS SHIELS ARRELL, b 20 Jul 1906 at Edenreagh. He may have
d Mar 1970 at Magherafelt.

2 ANN JANE ARRELL, b circa 1831. She m on 10 Jun 1853 to James Smyth, son
of John Smyth, a farmer.

3 ISABELLA ARRELL, b prior to 1834. She m on 26 Dec 1855 to Hugh Phillips at
the meeting house in Curran. Hugh, a farmer, was the son of William Phillips, a
farmer, of Edenreagh, Parish of Maghera.

4 ROBERT JOHN ARRELL, b circa 1826. ROBERT was a farmer of Edenreagh. He
m on 31 Oct 1866 to Isabella Mcwhinney. Isabella was a widow, the daughter of
William Charles, a watchmaker. They were married in the Presbyterian Church.

The information on the JAMES SHEIL ARRELL family was compiled from vital statistic
records supplied by Joan Phillipson, Historical Research Associates, Belfast, and also
information supplied by ELSIE FULLERTON ARRELL of Knockloughrim, County
Londonderry, Northern Ireland.



1 WILLIAM ARRELL, b circa 1800 in Cabragh, Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

WILLIAM was a farmer. WILLIAM m circa 1823 to Isabella Gibson. They had:

1-1 SARAH ARRELL, b 1824 at Cabragh, Londonderry. She m 6 Dec 1850 to

HENRY ARRELL at Castledawson, Magheragelt in the Presbyterian Church.

HENRY was the son of JOHN ARRELL. SARAH d in 1897 in Brisbane,

Queensland, Australia, age 73 years, a widow. They had:

1-1-1 HENRITTA ISABELLA ARRELL, b circa 1854. She is believed to have

been m circa 1879 to James Mayall Hobday at Brisbane, Queensland (CN 6405).

1-1-2 WILLIAM JOHN ARRELL, b circa 1856 in Magherafelt, Londonderry,

Northern Ireland. WILLIAM JOHN m 8 Dec 1880 to Lillie Elizabeth Canning

in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia. They were married in the home of the

bride's father, the police station at Caboolture. They were married according to

the rites of the Primitive Methodist Church. Lillie Elizabeth was b circa 1863

at Rockhampton, Livingstone, Queensland, the daughter of John Harvey

Canning, a police sergeant, and Jane Martha Llewellyn (Wallen). WILLIAM

JOHN was a police constable. They are believed to have lived in Nerang in

1889 where WILLIAM was police constable; in Harrisville in 1894/97 where

WILLIAM was senior constable; in Gatton in 1898/1900 where he was senior

constable; in Toowoomba in 1 904 where he was a police sergeant; on East Street

in Ipswich where he was a police sergeant; and in Nerang in 1908 where he was

a police sergeant. They lived at 50 Bank Street, West End, Brisbane from circa

1912. WILLIAM was the police officer who was the first constable on the

scene of the "Gatton Murders" that took place in 1898. These murders are

regarded, even as recently as 1992, as one of the most perplexing mysteries in

Australian crime history. The murders involved a brutal triple murder: the

raping of two sisters and their death by the bashing of their heads, the clubbing

and shooting of their brother and the slaying of their horse by slitting the horse's

throat. WILLIAM was very proud of coming from County Londonderry and

that he was an Orangeman. On Orange Day each year he would tell the family

all about the origin of Orange Day. Lillie d 18 May 1953 at 50 Bank Street,

West End, Brisbane of myocarditis. They had:

1-1-2-1 HENRY JOHN ARRELL, b 18 Sept 1881 in Nerang, Queensland,
Australia. HENRY was a clerk. He lived at 50 Bank Street, West End,
Brisbane. HENRY JOHN d 28 Apr 1954 of pneumonia, congestive heart
failure and senility at Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane.
1-1-2-2 OLIVA EMILY ARRELL, b 23 Dec 1882 in Queensland, Australia.
1-1-2-3 WILLIAM LLEWELLYN ARRELL, b 25 Feb 1885 in Nerang,
Queensland, Australia. WILLIAM was a labourer. He never married. He
lived at 50 Bank Street, West End, Brisbane. WILLIAM was admitted as a
patient to the Brisbane Mental Hospital at Goodna on 12 Dec 1942 He d as
a result of general paralysis of the insane on 3 Aug 1944. WILLIAM left an
estate of 782 Australian pounds.


1-1-2-4 ROBERT CHARLES ARRELL, b 22 Sept 1887 and d in 1889 in

1-1-2-5 JOHN WILLIAM ARRELL, b 5 Feb 1890 in Queensland, Australia.
JOHN is believed to have lived at 428 Upper Edward Street, Spring Hill
1-1-2-6 JOSHUA ADDIE ARRELL, b 11 Apr 1892 in Queensland, Australia.
1-1-2-7 IVY CANNING ARRELL.b 21 Apr 1893 in Queensland, Australia. Ivy
m circa 1915 to — Kendrick. They lived at 50 Bank Street, West End,
1-1-2-8 WALLACE EDWARD ARRELL, b 15 Apr 1895 and d in 1895 in

Queensland, Australia.
1-1-2-9 LILLIAN JANE CANNING ARRELL, b 12 May 1897 in Queensland,
Australia. She may have d in 1899 in Brisbane, Queensland. (CN 2572).
1-1-3 OLIVA ANNA ARRELL, confirmed circa 1857 at Magherafelt.
OLIVA ANNA is believed to have m circa 1882 to Edward Smolec (or Smales)
at Brisbane, Queensland (CN 5453).
1-1-4 WILHELMINA ARRELL, b circa 1 858 at Magherafelt, County Londonderry.
WILHELMINA JANE is believed to have m circa 1883 to John Collins Bishop
at Brisbane, Queensland (CN 8195).
1-1-5 HENRY ARRELL, b 1 Jun 1860. HENRY was a draftsman in the Brisbane
Land's Office. He lived at O'Keefe Street, W'gabba, Queensland. HENRY
became deaf in infancy as the result of a fever. HENRY had an artistic talent
and painted a great deal. He m 25 Jan 1893 to Mary Isabella Pearson at
Sydney, New South Wales. Mary was 15 Oct 1861 at Sydney, the younger
daughter of Henry Pearson Coles, a draftsman, and his wife, Mary. Mary was
also deaf She d 17 Dec 1933 at 9 Findlay Avenue, Roseville, New South
Wales, Australia. Mary d of chronic myocarditis. She was cremated 18 Dec
1933 in Northern Suburbs Crematorium, North Ryde. Henry d on 4 Sept 1946
at Neutral Bay. They had:

1-1-5-1 HENRIETTA ISABEL SARAH ARRELL, b 19 Feb 1894 in Australia.
HENRIETTA, who was known as ISABEL, although bom to parents who
were deaf was herself bom with normal hearing, however she became partially
deaf following a fall in her late twenties. HENRIETTA had no problem with
sign language. She m Oct 1915 to Stanley Dickson Winn. Stanley, who was
also deaf was the third son of William and Janet Winn. Stanley was b 23 Apr
1889 and worked as a clerk in his father's retail store. When Stanley and
Isable were crossing a road together on 23 May 1959 they were hit by a
passing car. Stanley was killed instantly and ISABEL recovered from most
of her injuries but had some ongoing problems until she d 10 Dec 1970. The
couple lived most of their lives at Neutral Bay on Sydney Harbour. They had:
1) Stanley Pearson Winn, b 23 Jun 1917 who married Edna Manson of
Adelaide; 2) Edena Mar}' Winn, b 9 Sept 1918. Edena was a spinster; 3)
Henry William Winn, b 21 Feb 1921. Henry m Jean Cutmore of Coffs
Harbour, New South Wales; 4) Reta Isabel Winn, b 24 Aug 1923, who m
Alfred Round of Northumberland, England; 5) Annesley (Andy) Dalton Winn,


b 28 Jul 1926. Andy was a bachelor; and 6) Rodney Pawlett Winn, b 10 Jul
1928. Rodney m Patricia Downs.
1-1-6 EDWARD ALBERT GIBSON ARRELL, b c.rca 1863 at Belfast, Northern
Ireland. EDWARD was involved with his brother, THOMAS GEORGE, in the
operation of the Arrell Bros, engraving business. In 1908 he was in charge of
the company at 183 George Street, Brisbane. Edward d 13 Jul 1947 at Eventide
Sandgate North, Queensland of myocardial degeneration and senility
1-1-7 THOMAS GEORGE ARRELL, b circa 1866 in Cabragh, County
Londonderry, Northern Ireland. THOMAS m 19 Apr 1899 to Francis Alice
Bavister at the Congregation Manse, Bowen Hills, according to the rites of the
Congregational Church in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. A witness to the
wedding was E. Arrell. Francis was b circa 1871 in Goodna, Queensland,
Australia. She was the daughter of Thomas Carter Bavister, a stone mason, and
Louisa Dodley. Francis was living at Albion, Queensland and THOMAS was
an engraver. Circa 1890/96 he was operating Arrell Bros., a die sinker and
engraver business, on Adelaide Street in Brisbane; in 1897/99, Arrell Bros,
engravers, were located at 204 Queen Street, Brisbane. In 1908 Arrell Bros, was
operating at 183 George Street, Brisbane with EDWARD ARRELL as the
proprietor. THOMAS was living in Wooloowin, Queensland when they married.
They lived at Dickson Street, Thorroldtown (1900); at Sackville Street,
Coorparoo (1904-06); Main Street, Cooparoo; and at Earl Street, Annerley
(1912-40). THOMAS and Francis had:

1-1-7-1 ELSIE MAY ARRELL, b 19 May 1892 in Queensland, Australia.
1-1-7-2 FLORENCE SARAH ARRELL, b 11 Dec 1899 in Queensland,
1 -2 ESTHER JANE ARRELL, b circa 1825 at Cabragh, County Londonderry, Northern
Ireland. She m 28 Jan 1859 to HENRY ARRELL at the meeting house in Maghera.
HENRY was a farmer of Cabragh.
1-3 MARY JANE ARRELL, b circa 1826. MARY JANE m 1st circa 1851 to Robert
Mitchell, a farmer. He was the son of James Mitchell, a farmer. They were m in
the Parish of Termonney. The witness was HENRY ARRELL. She m 2nd on 19
Jul 1872 to William McFadden, a widower.
2 JOHN ARRELL, b circa 1810 at Cabragh, Londonderry, Northern Ireland. JOHN was
a fanner. It is probable that JOHN was a brother of WILLIAM.
2-1 WILLIAM ARRELL, b circa 1843. He resided in Cabragh, Londonderry.
WILLIAM, a farmer, m on 4 Mar 1865 to his cousin, ELIZA ARRELL, in the
Presbyterian Church, Castledawson, Parish of Magherafelt. A witness was ESTHER
JANE ARRELL. ELIZA was the daughter of WILLIAM ARRELL, a farmer. The
couple had:

2-1-1 WILLIAM JOHN ARRELL, b 2 Apr 1865 at Cabragh, Londonderry. He
sailed from Glasgow on 14 Sep 1883 aboard the immigrant ship the "Berwick
Lass" for Australia. The ship arrived at Moreton Bay on the 23rd of Dec 1883
and then sailed to Queensland. WILLIAM landed in Brisbane on 4 Jan 1884
after a journey of almost four months. He was quite a dapper, old Irishman. He
had a little white beard, wore a black hat and always carried a cane or an


umbrella. He settled in the gold mining community of Charters Towers in
Northern Queensland. WILLIAM was a furniture dealer when he m on 18 Jul
1891 to Elizabeth Johnston. Elizabeth was b circa 1868 at Kingscourt, Cavan,
Northern Ireland and had been employed as a domestic. Elizabeth was living
on Bowen Street, Brisbane and WILLIAM at Boundary Street, Brisbane when
they married. They were married at the bride's home on Bowen Street according
to the rites of the Presbyterian Church. In 1892 WILLIAM was a french
polisher (i.e. furniture dealer) at George Street in Brisbane. From 1894 through
1900 he was a french polisher at Femberg Road in Rosalie, Brisbane. In 1934
he was a french polisher at 230 Vulture Street. Elizabeth d circa 1906.
WILLIAM rented a room at the home of James and Francis Baird at 230 Vulture
Street, Woollongabba from about 1931. On 2 June 1935 he bruised his ankle
while climbing for oranges on an orange tree in the yard. On the tenth of June
he began feeling ill and a Doctor was called. The Doctor diagnosed WILLIAM
as having tetanus and he was sent to Brisbane Hospital. WILLIAM d 11 Jun
1935 of tetanus convulsions and coma. They had:

2-1-1-1 JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSTON ARRELL, b 5 Feb 1890 at Brisbane,

Queensland and m circa 1921 at Brisbane, Queensland to Sarah May. Sarah

was b 1 Jan 1896 in Charters Towers. WILLIAM was believed to own or be

a yardman on a dairy farm near Kingaroa, Queensland. It is also believed that

he operated a funeral parlor for a period of time in Kingaroa, Queensland. In

1934 they lived at Harriet Street, Red Hill, Queensland. They had:

2-1-1-1-1 HERBERT WILLIAM ARRELL, b 16 Jul 1922 in Brisbane and m

Ber)l Joyce Millett of Redhill, Brisbane on 25 Sep 1954. He was known

as "Bluey". In 1987 they lived on 20 acres at 253 Avalon, Sheldon,

Brisbane, Queensland. There were wallabies and occasionally koala bears

on the property. "Bluey" d 11 Sept 1990 at Redlands Hospital of cardiac

arrest. He had a heart attack' an hour earlier while eating lunch at his

home. Bluey and Beryl had:

2-1-1-1-1-1 DENISE FOY ARRELL, b 1 Apr 1957 at St. Ann's Private
Hospital, Cleveland, Queensland. DENISE m on 16 Aug 1980 to Tony
Rossi at Blessed Oliver Plunkett Catholic Church, Cannon Hill,
Brisbane. Tony was employed by an air conditioner company. They
had: 1) LuAnn Sara, b 27 Apr 1982; 2) Jonathan Paul, b 17 Aug 1987;
and 3) Nathan James, b 27 Jun 1990.
2-1-1-1-1-2 DIANE ARRELL, b 23 Jul 1960 at Cleveland, Queensland. She
m on 20 Aug 1983 to Kenneth William Harrison at Rochedale Baptist
Church, Brisbane, Queensland. Kenneth was a builder. They had: 1)
Rebecca Louise, b 20 Aug 1983 at South Brisbane; and 2) Keith
William, b 26 Nov 1986 at South Brisbane; and 3) Samantha Dawn, b
22 Jul 1990.
2-1-1-1-1-3 ROBERT WILLIAM ARRELL, b 28 Jul 1961. In 1987 he was

a bulldozer operator for Buchanan Earth Company.
2-1-1-1-1-4 DAVID JOHN ARRELL, b 13 Apr 1962. DAVID was a
self-employed painter.


2-1-1-1-1-5 BARRY THOMAS ARRELL, b 17 Jan 1967. BARRY was a
mechanic for Super Formance, a company that worked on V-8 racing
automobile engines.
2-1-1-1-2 BETTY HAZEL ARRELL. b 13 Jul 1926 at Red Hill, Brisbane.
BETTY m 1st on 16 Jun 1945 to Norman Crocker in Brisbane. Norman
was a soldier in the Australian Anny. He became a commercial artist
following WW II. Norman d 14 Oct 1976 in Palmeston North while the
couple was on holiday in New Zealand. They had: Lynette Sandra, b 8 Jun
1946 in Brisbane. Lynette m 1st in Sydney on 14 Nov 1964 to Bob Badger
who was from the United States. They divorced in Sydney in 1981. She
m 2nd on 22 Oct 1983 to Tony Archer in Sydney. Lynette and Tony
resided in Caringbah, Sydney. They had: 1) Gary, b in San Francisco,
California on 26 Jan 1967. Gary was employed by Westpac Banking Corp;
2) Caroline, b in Sydney on 15 May 1974; and 3) Leonie Denise, b in
Sydney on 6 Feb 1948. Leonie m in Sydney to Rex Turpin on 1 1 Mar
1967. Rex was from Christchurch, New Zealand. In 1987 they lived in
Cronulla, Sydney. They had: 1) Jason, b 22 Nov 1970 and 2) Lara, b 4
Nov 1975. BETTY m 2nd in 1981 to Ernest St. John who was employed
as a manager for a brick company. They relocated from Sydney to Toukley,
New South Wales, Australia in 1989.
2-1-1-1-3 LESLIE HOWARD ARRELL, b 7 Oct 1927. He m Fay Young on
14 Dec 1951. LES' was a bus driver. In 1990 they lived at 49 Brisbane
Ave., Mount Kuring-gai 2080. They had:

2-1-1-1-3-1 GREG ARRELL, b 24 Aug 1952. He m circa 1973 to Sandy
Addison. GREG was a carpenter in Sydney. They had:
2-1-1-1-3-1-1 TIMOTHY ARRELL, b 1 Apr 1977.
2-1-1-1-3-1-2 MICHAEL ARRELL, b 26 Jan 1979.
2-1-1-1-3-1-3 PETER ARRELL, b 3 Sept 1980.
2-1-1-1-3-1-4 SARAH ARRELL, b 15 Jul 1981.
2-1-1-1-3-2 STEPHEN ARRELL, b 3 Aug 1954. STEPHAN was a builder's

labourer in Sydney.

2-1-1-1-3-3 NOELINE ARRELL, b 29 Feb 1956. She m 26 Mar 1983 to

John Cook, a storeman. They resided in Windsor, New South Wales.

They had: 1) Martyn, b 25 Feb 1978; 2) Jeffrey, b 19 Sept 1983; and 3)

Daniel, b 2 Feb 1987.

2-1-1-1-3-4 GRAHAM LESLIE ARRELL, b 30 Jul 1957. GRAHAM m on

18 Dec 1982 to Vicki Alison Smith. GRAHAM was a computer

technician for Australia Telecom in Sydney.

2-1-1-1-4 EVELYN MAY ARRELL, b 23 Dec 1928 at Brisbane, Queensland.

She m 27 Mar 1948 to Robert Brett. In 1987 EVELYN had: 1) Peter, b 21

Jun 1949 and was employed by Australia Post; 2) Rodney, b 4 Jun 1951

and was an insurance broker; 3) Phillip, b 15 Sept 1954 and worked for

Kodak; and 4) Ruth, b 6 Jan 1957 and was employed by Telecom. After

being in the mission field in Africa, and prior to returning to the Niger

Republic in 1987, EVELYN and Bob lived in Maroochydore, north of

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