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Marie Leloup.

o JACQUES HAREL, his son, a labourer in the service of Mr. Perrier at
Roiville (another local village), married Marie-Catherine Fontaine on 10 May
1785 at Camembert before the Abbe Pichonnier. This 23 year old bride was
to become known as the MARIE HAREL associated with Camembert cheese.
She was the daughter of Jacques-Etienne Fontaine and his second wife,


o MARIE HAREL, their daughter, bom 29 Dec 1787 at Roiville and died
at Champosoult (yet another local village) on 15 March 1835. In 1813, at
age 26, she married Thomas Paynel of Champosoult It was through their
efforts that the production of Camembert was standardized (it was originally
a "blue" cheese) and its expanded marketing successfully accomplished.

o There is the place name Le Harel located in the town of Toutainville, the
canton of Pont-Audemer in arrondissement Bemay in France.

The Camembert Museum, dealing exclusively with Camembert Cheese, is located in the
town of Vimoutiers. The town of Vimoutiers was liberated by soldiers of the Canadian
Army on 22 August 1944. There are two statues of MARIE HAREL in Vimoutiers and
a stone marker to MARIE in Camembert. The first statute, constructed to the left of the
church in 1928, is headless, due to bombing of the village on 14 June 1944 The second
statue, facing the town hall, was presented by employees of a Borden factory in Ohio and
dedicated in 1956. (1)

Additional research by the Christian Brothers into the registers of Champosou,
LaFresnaye-Fayel, Guerquesalles, Roiville and Ticheville revealed many other HARELs
who lived in Roiville. However, the birth of JEAN-LOUIS HAREL could not be found.

The first reference to JEAN-LOUIS HAREL is in the census of 1666 of the city of Trois
Rivieres. The household of Jacques and Rene Aubuchon lists four children and a person
named as JEAN HAREL. In 1667 all of Quebec was enumerated and the household of
Jacques and Rene Aubuchon listed three childen and two laborers, Nicolas Dupins and
JEAN HAREL. JEAN's age is given as 18 years, thereby making his birth date circa
1649. In October 1668 JEAN went to work for Claude Houssart, also of Trois Rivieres.
In 1672 he went to work for Michel Pelletiler at La Prade (now Gentilly). Marie Pescher
(Bilodeau according to some accounts) was a fille du roi (one of the King's girls - a plan
implemented to aid in the populating of Canada).

JEAN-LOUIS HAREL was married 12 Nov 1671 in the town of Gentilly, Quebec to
Marie Pescher-dit-BiIodeau According to Cyprien Tanquay, JEAN-HAREL's name is
recorded for this marriage as JANREL, a contraction of JEAN HAREL. They eventually
had five sons and five daughters. Marie gave birth to a son, Jean-Francois, in 1675.
According to Tanguay's Dictionnaire Genealogique, which concluded in 1770,
Jean-Francois and his descendants remained in Montreal.

Their sixth son, JEAN-BAPTISTE LOUIS HAREL dit Jenrel, was bom (9 Sept 1682 or
23 Jan 1683) in Gentilly and married 2 May 1710 to Marie Claude Miville. This family
moved to Yamaska, Quebec and their descendants continue to live there to this day.

The name HAREL has undergone changes since the time of JEAN-LOUIS HAREL. By
1743 the "H" was dropped, at least in the Yamaska branch of the family, when two of


JEAN'S descendants, FRANCOIS and JACQUES, were listed in a military detachment
with the spelling AREL. Tanquay gives AREL as an alternate spelling of the name but
lists FRANCOIS and JACQUES as H AREL when recordmg their marriages. The spelling
ARREL is found in the city of Quebec on chimney inspection reports for the years 1770
1771 and 1772. At this time a JEAN ANTOINE ARREL lived on Rue Champlain.

In the 1825 census the spelling ARELLE predominated. That spelling is in use to this
day in Quebec, probably due to persons moving away from Yamaska prior to the
complete switch to the spelling AREL in that area. The spelling RELLE appeared in the
1831 census. The census records for 1842 in Yamaska are lost and the 1851 census
shows the spellings of ARELLE and ARRELLE. Both spellings survive to this day. The
census records for 1861 and 1871 alternate between ARRELLE and ARREL. The census
records for 1881 and 1891 alternate between AREL and ARRELLE.

The spellings in the census reports were probably in common use, as these spellings are
in use today, but legal records of the time consistently used HAREL, or more commonly,
AREL. People of the time often spelled as the words sounded. A French speaking
person spelled the name HAREL any of the ways listed above. As families moved away
from Yamaska they likely took these other spellings with them and recorded them as
legal names. A case in point is ISSAC ARRELL. He was bom in Yamaska and
registered as AREL. His father used the spelling ARELLE. As a young man in Quebec,
ISAAC was listed in the census of 1851 as ARRELLE. He later married and was
registered as AREL. In 1865 the family moved to Minnesota and these same children
were registered under the name ARRELL, as were all the children bom to ISSAC and
Julie in the United States. The family has continued to use the spelling ARRELL to this

Further evidence that the spellings, as recorded in the census records, saw common use
comes from JEAN-BAPTISTE ARRELLE. He is recorded as ARRELLE in the 1851
census. In 1861 the name is spelled AREL and then corrected to ARREL by placing a
second "R" after the first. In 1871 , however, he is again recorded as ARRELLE. In later
census records it is shown as AREL.

There are persons in the United States today with the surname AREL who trace their
ancestry back to Iberville, Quebec. As early as 1861 there were persons named AREL
in Iberville. Because the spelling in 1861 was AREL, and not HAREL, it is quite likely
that they are descended from the Yamaska branch of the JEAN HAREL family rather
than that of the Montreal descendants.

The genealogy of the first four generations of many of the descendents of JEAN-LOUIS
HAREL is given on the following pages. One branch of the family included in THE
Arrel and Arrell. The genealogy of this FAMILY has been shown, in so far as it is
known, down to the present day.


For those seeking a more complete genealogy of the descendents of JEAN LOUIS
HAREL, the Christian Brothers DICTIONNARE GENEALOGIQUE des descendants de
JEAN-LOUIS HAREL-dit-JANREL et MARIE PESCHER should be consulted. The
spelling Harel and Arel has been used for the most part in this genealogy unless it is
clear that another spelling was used consistently in the early records. As noted, the
spellings varied between Harel, Arel, Arrelle, Relle, etc. between census records and vital
statistics records down through the years. For the most part, Arel became the standard
spelling. During a visit to St. David, Yamaska, the priest continued to write the surname
Arel for your author even when he was writing the name of someone from the record
whose name was spelled Harel, Arrell, etc. This is how easily spellings of surnames
become changed.



I JEAN-LOUIS HAREL dit Janrel, b circa 1649 in France, He m circa 1671 to Mane
Pescher (Bilodeau, ou Legal) in Gentilly, Quebec. She was b circa 1649 in France.
JEAN-LOUIS's name is registered JANREL, a contraction of JEAN HAREL
JEAN-LOUIS d 5 Jan 1716 in Sorel, Quebec. They had:

1 MICHEL HAREL, b in May 1672 and d 22 Dec 1695 in Trois-Rivieres

2 JEAN-FRANCOIS HAREL, b m 1674. JEAN-FRANCOIS m on 17 Sept 1703 to
Marie-Madelaine Brunet (Brunei) dit Socage in Montreal, Quebec. Marie was the
daughter of Jean Brunet and Marie-Madeleine Richaume. Her tombstone states that
she was 100 years old when she died. They had:

2-1 MARIE-SUSANNE HAREL, b and bapt 6 Aug 1704 at Montreal. She m 25

Nov 1726 to Francois Demers in Montreal.
2-2 JEAN HAREL, b 7 Jan 1706 at Montreal and d 12 Nov 1706 at Montreal.
2-3 JEAN-JOSEPH PASCAL HAREL, b circa 1708. He m 7 Nov 1729 at Montreal
to Marie-Madeleine Demers. She was the daughter of Andre Demers and Anne
Jette. They had:

2-3-1 JOSEPH JEAN-MARIE AREL, b circa 1730. He m 31 Oct 1757 to

Therese-Amable Prevost at Montreal. Therese was the daughter of

Jean-Baptiste Prevost and Catherine Joline.

2-3-2 MARIE-ELIZABETH AREL. b circa 1732. He m 14 Nov 1757 to Joseph

Perinault at Montreal.

2-4 JEAN-BAPTISTE HAREL, b 17 Jan 1709 at Montreal and d 20 Jan 1709 at

2-5 FRANCOIS HAREL, b 14 Apr 1710 at Montreal and d 14 Nov 1714 at

2-6 JACQUES HAREL, b circa 1712. He m 21 Jun 1734 to M.-Angelique (Angele)
Cartier at Montreal. They had:

2-6-1 FRANCOISE-ANGELIQUE "ANGELE" AREL, b circa 1735. He m 1st
on 30 Aug 1751 to Jean-Baptiste Perineau/Pineau-Lamarche at L'Assumption.
Jean-Baptiste was the son of Toussaint Perineau and Josephte Cusson. He
m 2nd on 10 Jan 1763 to Jean-Baptiste Tessereau at Montreal, vf Marguerite
2-6-2 JEAN-PASCAL JOSEPH AREL, b circa 1737. He m 1st on 17 Aug
1767 to M.- Josephte Lefebvre at Montreal. M. -Josephte was the daughter
of Jacques Lefebvre and Susanne Picard. He m 2nd on 13 Jul 1778 to
M. -Louise Pigeon at Montreal (Sault au Recollet?). M. -Louise was the
daughter of Jean-Baptiste and Marguerite Turcotte. M. -Josephte and

He m 21 Nov 1791 to M. -Marguerite Brunet-Belhumeur at Montreal
(Sault au Recollet). M.-Louise and JEAN-PASCAL had:


2-6-2-2 LOUISE AREL, b circa 1779. She m 15 Aug 1796 to Estache

Prevost at Sault au Recollet. He was the son of Eustache Prevost and

Louise Poitras.

2-6-3 HYPPOLITE AREL, b circa 1739. He m on 18 Jul 1768 to Marguerite

Tessereau (Tesserand) at Montreal. Marguerite was the daughter of

Jean-Baptiste and Marguerite Sarrasin. They had:

2-6-3-1 VERONIQUE AREL, b circa 1769. She m 13 Jan 1799 to Joseph

Berlinguet at Montreal, vf Marguerite Desautels.
2-6-3-2 MARIE AREL, b circa 1771. She m on 28 Jan 1793 to Antonio
Girouard at St. Vincent de Paul. Antoinio was the son of Henri Girouard
and Josephte Cousineau.
2-6-3-3 MARGUERITE AREL, b circa 1772. She m on 4 Feb 1799 to
Charles Meilleour at Saute-au-Recollet.
2-6-4 JEAN-BAPTISTE AREL, b circa 1741. He m 1st on 24 Jul 1769 to
M.-Hyppolithe Boyer at Laprarie and 2nd on 25 Oct 1784 to M.-Anne
Gagnier (Gagne/Prejean). JEAN BAPTISTE and M.-Anne Gagnier had:
2-6-4-1 JEAN-BAPTISTE AREL, b 26 Aug 1785 at St. Joachim,

2-6-4-2 ANGELIQUE AREL, b circa 1786. He m 1st on 10 Feb 1812 to
Joachim Reid at St. Joachim, Chateauguay. He m 2nd on 29 Mar 1818
to Louis Prejean at St. Joachim, Chateauguay.
2-6-5 CHARLOTTE AREL, b circa 1743. She m 29 Apr 1765 to Joseph-Simon
Delorme at Montreal. Joseph-Simon was the son of Francois Delorme at
Montreal and Anne Brunet.
2-7 MARIE-JOSEPHTE HAREL, b and bapt 21 Sept 1713 in Montreal. She m 1st
on 27 Jun 1734 to Jean-Baptiste Lajeunesse at Montreal and m 2nd on 28 Jan
1754 to Pierre Edeline at Longueuil (-vf Catherine Lussier). Jean-Baptiste had
Marie-Joseph(te). She m on 17 Jan 1757 to Vincent Bricault dit Lamarche.
Vincent was the son of Francois and Francoise Briere.
2-8 MARIE-LOUIE HAREL, b and bapt on 7 Feb 1716 at Montreal. She m 26 Aug
1739 to Charles Scitoleur/Sitoleux dit Langevin at Montreal. They had:
Mathieu-Amble who m on 4 Jul 1763 to Josephte-Amble Roy at Pointe-Claire.
2-9 FRANCOISE HAREL, b circa 1717. She m 1st on 7 Jan 1744 to Joseph
Brisard at Montreal and m 2nd on 18 Apr 1757 to Joseph Ducharme at
2-10 MARIE-MADELEINE HAREL, b 30 Jun 1719 at Longueuil, bapt 1 Jul 1719

and d 19 Aug 1719.
2-11 FRANCOIS HAREL, b 29 Nov 1720 at Longueuil and d 10 Jun 1721 at

2-12 MARIE-ANTOINETTE HAREL, b 14 Feb 1722 and bapt 15 Feb 1722 at

2-13 JEAN-BAPTISTE HAREL, b 22 Mar 1723 at Montreal and d 12 Apr 1723 at

2-14 PAUL HAREL, b 9 Sept 1724 at Montreal and d 21 Oct 1724 at Montreal.
2-15 FRANCOIS HAREL, b and bapt 23 Nov 1725 at Montreal. He m 1st to


Marie-Marguerite Riel-L'Irlande on 6 Nov 1747 at Montreal, Marie-Marguerite
was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Riel-L'Irlande and Marie-Louise Marg
Frappier. He m 2nd on 17 Aug 1771 to Marie-Hyacinthe Gagnier (Gagne) at
Lapraire, She was the daughter of Joseph Gagnier and Josephte Bandreau
FRANCOIS and Marie-Marguerite RIEL-L'Irlande had:

2-15-1 JOSEPH AREL, b circa 1748. He m on 23 Apr 1779 to Marie-Catherine

was the daughter of Jacques Deneau and Charlotte Pinnsonnault. They had:

2-15-1-1 PIERRE AREL, b circa 1780. He m 28 Sept 1801 to Marguerite

Troye (Troge/Troche) at Laprairie.

2-15-2 PIERRE AREL, b circa 1750. He m on 25 Oct 1779 to Marie-Anne

Bisaillon at St. Philippe. They had:

2-15-2-1 FRANCOIS AREL, b circa 1780. He m on 25 Oct 1802 to Marie
Francoise Beaudein at St. Constant, Laprairie. She was the daughter of
Bonaventure Beaudin and Marie-Francoise Lemieux. They had:
2- 1 5-2- 1-lMARIE-FRANCOISE AREL, b circa 1781. She m 3 Oct 1825

to Andre Perron at St. Constant.
2-15-2-1-2 FLAVIE HAREL, b circa 1783. She m 5 Nov 1827 Paul Had

at St. Constant.
2-15-2-1-3 LUC-LIN AREL, b circa 1784. He m6 Mayl834 to Anastasie

Agathe Moquin at Longueuil, PQ.
2-15-2-1-4 LUCE AREL, b circa 1786. He m 13 Oct 1835 to Antoine

Dalphe at St. Remi, PQ.
2-15-2-1-5 APPOLINE HAREL, b circa 1787. She m 19 Nov 1838 to

Lazare Turcot at St. Mathias, PQ.
2-15-2-1-6 JEAN-BAPTISTE AREL, b circa 1789. He m 6 Aug 1844

to Prescille Provost at St. Remi, PQ.
2-15-2-1-7 JEAN-OLIVIER AREL, b circa 1790. He m 16 Feb 1846 to
Flavie Hebert (Hubert) at St. Constant.
2-15-2-2 MARIE ANNE HAREL, b circa 1750. She m 19 Oct 1810 to

Jacques Vautrin at St. Constant, Laprairie.
2-15-2-3 LUC AREL, b circa 1752. He m 1st on 8 Aug 1814 to Catherine
Brisson at St. Constant, Laprairie and m 2nd on 5 Jun 1837 to Appoline
Longtin at St. Constant, Laprairie. LUC and Catherine had:
2-15-2-3-1 MARIE-ANNE AREL, b circa 1815. She m 6 Feb 1837 to

Eusebe Lanctot at St. Constant, Laprairie.
2-15-2-3-2 EUCALINE AREL, b circa 1817. She m 26 Sept 1842 to

Eusebe Bisson at St. Constant, Laprairie.
2-15-2-3-3 PIERRE AREL, b circa 1819. Hem 10 Oct 1843 to Honorine
Viau dit L'Esperance at St. Constant, Laprairie. She was the
daughter of Pie-Celestin and Appoline Longtin. They had thirteen
children. LUC and Appoline had:
2-15-2-3-4 MARIE AREL, b circa 1838. She m 6 Oct 1857 to Edouard
Raymond at St. Constant, Laprairie. Edouard was the son of
Gregoire Raymond and Catherine Gervais.
2-15-2-4 CHRYSANTE AREL, b circa 1754. He m on 20 Nov 1820 to


Josephte Lemieux at St. Constant, Laprairie.
2-15-3 MARIE-JOSEPHTE "JOSETTE" AREL, b circa 1752. She m on 4 Aug

1783 to Jacques Perier/Perrier at Laprairie. He was the son of Toussaint

Eerier and Marie Taily.
2-15-4 MARIE CATHERINE AREL, b circa 1754. She m on 26 Jan 1784 to

Paul Demers at Laprairie. (vf Louise Baigny). FRANCOIS and

Marie-Hyacinthe Gagnier had:
2-15-5 MARIE LOUISE AREL, b circa 1772. She m on 3 Oct 1791 to Pierre

Artaud/ Hartault at Laprairie. Pierre was the son of Jacques Artaud/ Hartault

and Veronique Demers.
2-15-6 FRANCOIS AREL, b circa 1774. She m on 29 Jan 1798 to Marie Perron

at St. Constant, Laprairie.
MARIE-THERESE HAREL, b circa 1675. She m in 1696 in Gentilly to Nicolas
Baillargeon dit Bocage. They had: 1) Jean-Baptiste who m 19 Nov 1740 to
Marguerite Dubois at St-Pierre, Sorel, Quebec. Marguerite was the daughter of
Pierre Dubois and Marie Mailloux; 2) Marie-Magdeleine who m 8 Jan 1725 to
Charles Mariet at St-Pierre, Sorel, Quebec. Charles was the son of Richard Mariet
and Marie Magdeleine Cloutier.

MARIE-FRANCOISE HAREL, b 22 Apr 1678 at Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. MARIE
was married four times. She m 1st on 4 Jul 1696 at Champlain, Quebec to Pierre
Blanchet-dit-Laforest. Pierre was the son of Rene Blanchet and Marie-Jeanne
Marie. Pierre d 3 Dec 1708 at age 65. MARIE-FRANCOISE m 2nd on 7 Jan 1709
at Trois-Rivieres to Francois Pelloquin-Credit. Francois was the son of Mathurin
Pelloquin and Ambroise Syllart. Francois d 12 Sept 1727 at age 70(?) at St. Ours.
MARIE-FRANCOISE m 3rd on 6 Feb 1728 to Lafosse Richard Ossant. She m 4th
on 21 Jun 1737 at Sorel to Jacques Rimbault. Jacques was the son of Jacques
Rimbault and Marie-Jeanne Mesnil. MARIE-FRANCOISE and Pierre Blanchet had:
1) Marien, b 3 Jun 1697; 2) Jacques, b 16 Mar 1699; 3) Jean-Baptiste, b 12 Jan
1701; 4) Pierre, b 11 Aug 1704; and 5) Marie-Francoise, b 16 Oct 1706.
MARIE-FRANCOISE and Francois Pelloquin had: Francoise, b 16 Oct 1710 at
Trois-Rivieres. Francoise m 7 Jan 1727 to Francois Dupre-Pichet at Contrecoeur.
Francois was the son of Pierre and Anne Sylvestre. They had: Francois, Andre and

FRANCOIS HAREL-dit-DesPointes, b 22 Apr 1680 and bapt 30 May 1680 at
Gentilly, Quebec. He m on 14 Apr 1709 at St. Francois-du-Lac to Angelique
Bouteiller (Boutillie). Angelique was the daughter of Andre Bouteiller and
Angelique Chapacou. They had:

5-1 FRANCOIS HAREL dit DePointe, b and bapt on 19 May 1710. He m 16 Aug
1735 to Cecile Lasource-Thaumur at Montreal. Cecile was the daughter of
Dominique Lasource-Thaumur and Jeanne Prud'homme. They had:
5-1-1 CECILE-MARGUERITE HAREL, b circa 1736. She m 8 Sept 1762 to

Joseph Rivard-Loranger at Montreal.
5-2 MARIE-ANGELIQUE HAREL, b 1 Dec 1712 at Montreal. She m 9 Feb 1739

to Joseph Etienne at Montreal.
5-3 MARIE-ANNE HAREL, b 14 Mar 1717 at Montreal. She m 2 Oct 1737 to


Joseph Dufaux.
5-4 JEANNE HAREL, b 4/5 Nov 1719 at Montreal and d 9 Nov 1719 at Montreal.
5-5 JEAN-BAPTISTE HAREL. b 21 Sept 1721 at Longueuil and d 12 May 1724 at

5-6 LOUIS HAREL, b 8 Mar 1724 at Montreal and d 21 May 1726 at Montreal.
5-7 LOUIS-CHARLES HAREL, b 25 Mar 1727 at Montreal and d 4 May 1728 at
6 JEAN-BAPTISTE LOUIS HAREL-dit-Jenrel, b 23 Jan 1683. He m on 2 May 1710
to Marie-Claude Miville at St. Francois-du-Lac. He d circa 1725. Marie was the
daughter of Jacques Miville (Menville/Mainville) and Catherine de Baillon. Jacques
and Catherine were m 12 Nov 1669 in Quebec. Mane m 2nd to Gilles Badaillac dit
LaPlante on 1 1 Jan 1733 at St. Francois du Lac, Quebec. JEAN-BAPTISTE LOUIS
and Marie had:
6-1 JOSEPH-AUGUSTIN HAREL, b circa 1710 at St. Francois du Lac and d 5 Jul

1712 at age 19 months,
6-2 PIERRE HAREL dit Jenrel, b 20 Oct 1712 and bapt 6 Nov 1712 at St. Francois
du Lac. He m Madelaine Tessier (ou: Verrier) dit LaPlante on 29 Oct 1757 at
St. Michel, Yamaska. Madeleine was b 30 Aug 1714 at Repentigny. PIERRE
d on 29 Oct 1757 in Yamaska. Of thirteen pregnancies which resulted in
fourteen births, only six of this couple's children survived longer than one
month. They had:

6-2-1 GILLES HAREL, b 26 Feb 1734 and d 7 Mar 1734.
6-2-2 MARIE-MADELEINE HAREL, b 14 Sept 1735 and d 27 Mar 1764. She
m 12 Oct 1761 to Joseph Allard at St. Michel, Yamaska. He was the son of
Francois Allard and Genevieve Dauphin.
6-2-3 MARIE-THERESE HAREL, b 1 May 1737 and d 8 May 1737.
6-2-4 PIERRE HAREL, b 16 Aug 1738 and m on 20 Oct 1760 to Marie-Therese
Parent at St. Michel, Yamaska. Marie-Theresa was the daughter of Francois
Parent and Genevieve Traversy. They had:

6-2-4-1 ANGELIQUE HAREL, b circa 1761. ANGELIQUE was m 7 Jan
1784 to Pierre Plante at Varennes. Pierre was the son of Joseph Plante
and Anne Labonte.
6-2-5 MARIE-CLAUDE HAREL, b 14 Jan 1741 and m on 14 May 1759 to
Jean-Pierre Petit-Gobin (Bruno) at St. Francois du Lac. Jean-Pierre was thes
on of Jean Petit-Gobin and Marguerite Gamelin. They had: Joseph. He m
19 Feb 1787 to Louise Allard Charles Allard and Elise Cantara at St. Michel,
6-2-6 ANTOINE HAREL, a twin, b 14 Jul 1743 and d 23 Jul 1743.
6-2-7 CHARLES HAREL, a twin, b 14 Jul 1743 and m Marguerite Badayac
(Badaillac) dit LaPlante circa 1767 at St. Michel d'Yamaska, Quebec. (See
FAMILY, Paragraph I, Page 494.)
6-2-8 JEAN-BAPTISTE HAREL, b 28 Apr 1745 and d 30 Apr 1745.
6-2-9 LOUIS HAREL, b 6 Aug 1746 and m 1st on 20 Feb 1770 to Marie Anne
Louise Danis (Danys) at St. Michel, Yamaska. He m 2nd on 9 Feb 1807 to


Elisabeth Cayer (Caille) at St. Michel, Yamaska. Elisabeth was the daughter
of Joseph Cayer and Louise Badayac (dit LaPlante). Elisabeth m 2nd on 4
Nov 1823 to Pierre Cantara at St. David, Yamaska. LOUIS and Marie Anne

6-2-9-1 CATHERINE AREL, circa 1771. She m 13 Oct 1794 to Michel
Louis Badayac dit LaPlante. Michel Louis was the son of Michel
Badayac and Marguerite Bonenfant. They had: 1) Anne who m 7 Jan
1822 to Michel Niquet at St. Michel, Yamaska; 2) Marguerite who m 15
Aug 1826 to Firmin Benoit at St. Michel, Yamaska. He was the son of
Firmin Benoit and Madeleine Roy; and 3) Michel who m 17 Feb 1817 to
Marguerite Louviere. She was the daughter of Francois Louviere and
Marguerite Harel/Arel.
6-2-9-2 LOUISE AREL, b circa 1772. She m 10 Nov 1794 to Jean-Marie
Girard at St. Michel, Yamaska. He was the son of — Girard and
"Josette" — . They had:

6-2-9-2-1 MARTIN AREL, b circa 1795. He m 1 Mar 1824 to Josette
Beaucage at St. Michel, Yamaska. He was the son of Francois
Beaucage and Josephte Gendron.
6-2-9-3 MARIE-ANNE RELLE, b circa 1773. She m 1st on 8 Feb 1796 to
Louis-Pierre Girard at St. Michel, Yamaska. He was the son of —
Girard and "Josette" — . She m 2nd on 26 Jul 1802 to Joseph Joyal at
St. Michel, Yamaska. (vf Charlotte Ritchot) Joseph was the son of
Jean-Baptiste and Francoise Chapdeleine-Lariviere. MARIE-ANNE d 15
Feb 1837 at 60 years of age. MARIE-ANNE and Joseph had:
6-2-9-3-1 CATHERINE AREL, b circa 1803. She m 28 Nov 1826 to
Jean-Baptiste Gagnon at St. Michel, Yamaska. She was the son of
Jean-Baptiste and Genevieve Deslauriers.
6-2-9-4 PIERRE AREL, b circa 1775. He m 1st on 10 Jun 1799 to Marie
Cayer (Caille) at St. Michel, Yamaska. She was the daughter of Joseph
Cayer and Francoise Badayac. He m 2nd to 23 Oct 1 8 1 9 to Marie-Louise
Montigny-Lalienne at St. Michel, Yamaska. She was the daughter of
Jean-Baptiste Lalienne and Angele Cote.
Marie-Louise and PIERRE had:
6-2-9-4-1 MARIE-LOUISE AREL, b circa 1801. She m 30 May 1826 to

Francois Girard at St. Jude, Quebec.
6-2-9-4-2 PIERRE AREL, b circa 1803. He m 26 Jan 1836 to Marguerite

Chovin at St. Jude, Quebec.
6-2-9-4-3 MARIE AREL, b circa 1805. She m 15 May 1832 to Joseph
Lamontagne at St. Jude, Quebec.
6-2-9-5 MARIE JAREL/HAREL, b circa 1776. He m on 4 Feb 1799 to
Francois LaFleur at St Francois du Lac. Francois was the daughter of
Antoine LaFleur and Marguerite Boissel.
6-2-9-6 LOUIS AREL, b circa 1778. He m 1st on 18 Apr 1803 to Genevieve
Laramee-Duhamois at St. Michel, Yamaska. He m 2nd on 15 May 1820
to Therese (Theotiste — ) Danis at St. Michel, Yamaska. He m 3rd on


Michel Danis)

LOUIS and Genevieve had:

6-2-9-6-1 ANNE AREL, b circa 1804. She m on 15 Apr 1834 to

Francois-Xavier Gauthier at St. Michel, Yamaska.
6-2-9-6-2 GENEVIEVE AREL, b circa 1806. She m on 14 Jun 1852 to

Francois Morisset(te) (vf Marguerite Joyal).
6-2-9-6-3 MARIE ARREL, b circa 1808. She m on 18 Jul 1831 to Jean
Laroche/ Larouche.
6-2-9-7 ARCHANGE AREL, b circa 1780. She m on 13 Oct 1806 to Joseph
Lahaie-Jardinier at St. Francois du Lac. (vf Madeleine Salois) They had:
Mathias. He m on 2 Mar 1835 to Emilie Jette at St. Michel Emilie was
the daughter of Louis Jette and Archange Charron.
6-2-9-8 MARGUERITE AREL, b 1782. She m on 10 Nov 1806 to Jean
Joyal at St. Francois du Lac. (vf Josephte Lauziere) Jean was the son of
Jacques Joyal and Jeanne Lariviere. (Chapdeleine dit Lanviere). They

6-2-9-8-1 FRANCOIS AREL, b circa 1807. He m on 20 May 1834 to
Marguerite Deguire at St. Michel, Yamaska. Marguerite was the
daughter of Joseph and Dorothee Pelissier.
6-2-9-8-2 THEOPHILE AREL, b circa 1809. He m on 7 Jan 1848 to
Aurelie/Rosalie Frappier at Stanstead. She was the daughter of Noel
and Marie Durand.
6-2-9-8-3 MARGUERITE AREL, b circa 1811. She m on 7 Feb 1853(?)
to Augustin Cartier at St. Francois du Lac. He was the son of
Basile Cartier and Susanne Gill.
6-2-9-8-4 DOMITHILDE AREL, b circa 1813. She m on 26 Sept 1853
to Arnold Firmin at Stanstead. He was the son of Jean-Charles
Firmin and Marie Meunier.
6-2-9-8-5 URSULE AREL, b circa 1815. She m on 27 Feb 1854 to
Benjamin Jannel at St. Francois du Lac. (vf Angele Bibeau). He
was the son of Joseph Jannel and Louise Charet.
6-2-9-8-6 JOSEPH AREL, b circa 1817. He m on 10 Feb 1834 to Mane
Crevier at St. Francois du Lac. She was the daughter of Francois
Crevier and Elisabeth LaForce.
6-2-9-9 GENEVIEVE AREL, b circa 1784. She m on 3 Jul 1812 to Louis
Dauphinais at St. Michel, Yamaska. He was the son of Louis Dauphinais

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