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Jeanne Petit. In the 1825 census JOSEPH is listed with the name Arelle in the
general census and as Arell in the agricultrual census. In 1831 he is shown as
JOSEPH RELLE and as JOSEPH ARRELLE in 1851. In the 1861 census he is
listed with the name JOSEPH ARREL, age 82. They had:

6-1 JOSEPH ARRELL, b circa 1808. (The surname is spelled Relle in 1831, Arrelle

in 1851 and Arrel in 1861 and 1871.) JOSEPH m 25 Jul 1831 to Felicite

Chapdeleine at St. Michel, Yamaska. Felicite was the daughter of Pierre and

Felicite Langeun.
6-2 ISAAC ARRELL, b circa 1809. He m 16 Nov 1835 to Angele Vanasse St.

Michel, Yamaska. (See Section IV, THE ISAAC ARRELL AND ANGELE

6-3 LUCIE ZOE ARRELL, b circa 1810. He m 8 Jul 1840 to John Livingston at

St. Chrysostome.
6-4 JEAN-BAPTISTE HAREL, b circa 1812. He m 1st on 14 Jan 1845 to Sophie

Sylvestre at Granby. He m 2nd on 17 Aug 1857 to Luce/Lucie Beauchemin at

St. David, Yamaska.
6-5 SELEMIE/SELIMIE AREL, circa 1814. She m 10 Nov 1845 to Eusebe Bourque

at St. Michel, Sherbrooke.
6-6 CALIXTE HAREL, b circa 1815. She m 24 May 1852 to Leocadie

Giroux/Leroux at Stanstead, Quebec.

7 MARIE ARREL, b circa 1781. She m 22 Apr 1822 to Antoine Verret at St. Michel,



MARGARITE BADAYAC FAMILY, Paragraph 6-2, Page 498.) He m Angele
Vanassee on 16 Nov 1835 in Yamaska, Quebec, Canada. Angele Vanassee was the
daughter of Joseph Vanassee and Marie Salvas. In 1851 he appears as ISAAC
ARELLE. In the original records of the St. David Parish of his son ISSAC's marriage,
his name is shown as JOSEPH ISSAC HARREL. According to actual census records,
ISSAC and Angele had:

1 REGIS AREL, b circa 1830 and d 9 Mar 1858. (REGIS is not listed in census
records. His name was found in the card file index of the St. David Parish Records.)

2 ISSAC ARRELL, b 22 Oct 1836 at Sorel, Quebec. Canada. (The name appears in
the catalog file in St. David's church under the spelling Arel.) ISAAC m on 12 Jan
1858 to Julia Verret (The spelling is shown variously as Veret, Varet, Verrette and
Varette by family records. In the St. David Parish Records the name is spelled
Verret. The name is pronounced Vair-ette by the family.) at St. David, Yamaska,
Quebec, Canada. Julia was the daughter of Benoni Veret and Luce Joyal. (Joyal is
a common name in this part of Quebec.) The family moved to Bums (Dayton),
Minnesota where the family homesteaded. Several of the children were bom at their
home in Minnesota and this is where ISAAC and Julia died. ISAAC d of a heart
attack in the woods where he was working as a lumber jack. They had:

2-1 ISAAC ARRELL (Spelled AREL in the St. David Parish card index.), b 23 Oct

1858 at St. David, Yamaska, Quebec.
2-2 JOSEPH ARRELL, circa 1859.

2-3 ALEXANDER ARRELL, b circa 1861. He m circa 1886 to Florence — -.
2-4 JOHN ARRELL, b circa 1863. JOHN relocated to Minnesota with his parents

when he was two years old. He m circa 1900 to Julia Mingo at Elk River,

Minnesota. Julia was the third generation of Mingos in America. Her great

grandparents came from France and settled in Vermont. Julia's parents also

relocated from Quebec and settled on a farm near Centerville, Minnesota. (See

footnote 2.) They had:

2-4-1 MAE ARRELL, b circa 1901 and d circa May 1954. She m circa 1926
to William Blocker. They had a daughter: Jeanette who m in 1942 to James

2-4-2 GRACE ARRELL, b circa 1903 and d circa 1980. GRACE never married.
She spent 18 years in a tuberculosis sanitarium in the vicinity of
Minneapolis. She also had cataracts and glaucoma. She was employed at
Munsingwear circa 1917-1922.

2-4-3 MARY (BERNICE) ARRELL, b circa 1904 and d circa 1960. AKASister
St. Philomine. Sister St. Philomine was in the St. Joseph Order of
Carondelet since 1921. She was a close friend of her cousin,
BERNADETTE ARRELL, who was also a nun in the same order.

2-4-4 BENJAMIN ARRELL, b circa 1906 and d circa 1961. When BENJAMIN


was a young man he attended a monastery and studied for the priesthood.
When his father died of the heart attack, BEN returned home to help support
the family. BEN became a C.P.A. and was employed by Birds Eye Foods
for 32 years. He never married.
2-4-5 EVA ARRELL, b circa 1909 and d circa 1956. She m circa 1935 to

William O'Cormell. They had: Mary, Michael, and Joan.
2-4-6 RICHARD RAYMOND ARRELL, b circa 1912 and d in 1958. RICHARD
m on 28 Dec 1940 to Brytell Faye Giles at Ascension Church, Minneapolis,
Minnesota by Father William Coates. RICHARD was with the United States
Marine Corp in the Pacific Theatre of operations during WW II (1942-45).
RICHARD was with the 5th Battalion. He was awarded two purple heart
medals for wounds received as the result of enemy action. Richard and Faye
2-4-6-1 JUDITH GRACE ARRELL, b 8 Nov 1941. JUDITH was a teacher.

She m circa 1966 to Robert Borlund. There were no children.
2-4-6-2 RICHARD GILES ARRELL, b 2 Jun 1943. RICHARD was a C.P.A.

He m circa 1968 to Linda Joy Miller. They had:

2-4-6-2-1 DUSTIN GILES ARRELL, b circa 1969.

2-4-6-2-2 KELLY ARRELL, b circa 1970.

2-4-6-2-3 SANDRA JOY ARRELL, b circa 1971.
2-4-6-3 THERESA JANE ARRELL, b 14 Sept 1946. THERESA was an

author who wrote children's books. She m circa 1971 to Michael Zagone.

They had: Jennifer Giles, Timothy Brian and Sarah Jane.
2-4-6-4 STEVEN CRAIG ARRELL, b 3 Apr 1948. STEVEN was a teacher.

He was m 1st circa 1970 to Sue Morgan and m 2nd circa 1980 to Lynn

— -. STEVEN and Sue had:

2-4-6-4-1 CHRISTOPHER ARRELL, b circa 1970.

STEVEN and Lynn had:

2-4-6-4-2 BRIAN ARRELL, b circa 1982.

2-4-6-4-3 MACKENZIE ARRELL, b circa 1987.
2-4-6-5 GREGORY (GREGG) FRANCIS ARRELL, b 1 5 Jan 1 950. GREGG

was a recording artist for MCA. He wrote music, played the piano and

was a vocalist. He wrote words and music for such songs as, "Where it

Went Wrong", "Everything I Need", "Feel the Change", "Let it Shine",

and "Wishes". GREGG m circa 1976 to Dawn — -. GREG and Dawn


2-4-6-5-1 KIMBERLY ARRELL, b circa 1977.

was a legal secretary. She m circa 1977 to David Tower. They had a

daughter: Taylor.
2-4-6-7 JOHN MARK ARRELL, b 1 Feb 1956. JOHN was an automobile

salesman. He never married.
2-4-7 BERNARD PETER ARRELL, b circa 1914 and d 1955. He m on 28 Jun
1941 to Ann Altoff They had two daughters and are believed to have had
two sons:


2-4-7-1 JACKIE ARRELL, b circa 1942.
2-4-7-2 SUSAN ARRELL, b circa 1943.
2-4-8 MAGDALEN ARRELL, b circa 1 9 1 6 and d circa 191 9-20 of typhoid fever
when she was 2 1/2 years old.
2-5 JOHN FRANCIS (FRANK) RICHARD ARRELL, b 26 Nov 1866 in Dayton,
Minnesota and d circa 1926. FRANK had a small farm outside Anoka,
Minnesota. He m 1887 in Dayton, Minnesota to Lora Emma Rathbun. Lora was
bom in New York. The couple had a farm in Minnesota and five of their
children were bom on the farm. FRANK m Lora against the family's wishes as
Lora was not of the Catholic faith. Because Lora's sisters lived in Oregon, the
family decided to join them. In April of 1904 the couple sold all their
possessions, including horses, household goods, equipment, etc., for $1,200 and
relocated to Oregon. During a train stop in Oregon, FRANK left the tram to
purchase some food to supplement the food basket the family had taken with
them. Some men saw the large amount of money in his purse and robbed him.
The family therefore started their new life in Oregon with nothing. FRANK
owned a hardware store in Independence, Oregon. Lora was remembered for
always being proud of her hair. The couple had:

2-5-1 EMMETT EBER ARRELL, b 14 Mar 1889 m Anoka, Mmnesota and d m
Jun 1936 of hepatitis. He m on 21 Dec 1910 to Gertmde Olive Russell at
Sweet Home, Oregon. Gertie was b on 17 Dec 1892 at Sweet Home,
Oregon. When she married, Gertie was living with her father, Oliver, and
her brothers, Edgar and Jasper, at 168 S.E. Mountain Road, Foster, Oregon.
EMMETT came to Oregon with his family from Minnesota in 1904. Gertie
was a distant relative of Bertrand Arthur William Russell. (Bertrand Russell,
b 1872 near Trelleck, Wales, was a mathematician and philosopher. He was
the author of more than 40 books on philosophy, education, mathematics,
politics and sex. He received the 1920 Nobel Prize for literature. He was
a professor at Cambridge University, the University of Peking and other
Universities.) Gertie was a first cousin, three generations removed, of
Charles Taze Russell. (Charles Russell, b 16 Feb 1852 in Pittsburg,
Pennsylvania, was the founder in 1884 of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract
Society. He d on 31 Oct 1916 in Pampa, Texas In 1931 the Russellites',
as they were called, were renamed the Jehovah's'.) Gertie d circa
1990. They had:

2-5-1-1 URSULA EVANGELINE ARRELL, b 21 Dec 1913 at Aumsville,
Marion County, Oregon. She m circa 1938 to Mervin Tison. Mervin was
an electrical motor-winder. He d on 17 Feb 1981 at Pasco, Washington.
URSULA resided in Toledo, Washington. The couple had: 1) Leslie (Lee)
Gene, b 13 Feb 1939 at Medford, Oregon. He m 1st to Lavonna Tucker
and they had 2 children. He m 2nd to Sharon Kendell and they had 4
children. He m 3rd to Virginia (Susie) Collins. Lee was a pilot for
Northwest Airlines. Susie was a flight attendent, 2) Sharon Colleen, b 15
April 1941 in Medford, Oregon. She m in 1970 to Mark Alcon at Coeur
d'alene, Idaho. They had three children: Timothy, b Dec 1970; Melody,


b 20 Aug 1971; and Scott, b 20 Mar 1975; 3) Stephen, b at Medford,

Oregon on 21 Nov 1942. He m 1st to — and m 2nd in circa 1965 to

Cora Pandura of Peru, South America. They had: Jeannie, b 1966 in

Washington State, and Daniel, b 1971. Stephen m 3rd on 20 May 1987

to Arm Brenden; 4) Anthony, b 24 Apr 1948 at Bend, Oregon. He m on

14 Jul 1984 to Roberta Warrall in Forks, Washington. Roberta was b in

Sheffield, England; and 5) Paul, b 16 Dec 1954 at Eugene, Oregon. Paul

was not married in 1987. He was a musician who wrote, composed and

played music.

-5-1-2 KENNETH RUSSELL ARRELL, b 24 Nov 1915 at AumsviUe,

Marion County, Oregon. He m on 6 Feb 1946 to Edith Lillian Schrader

at North Bend, Coos County, Oregon. They divorced in 1959.

KENNETH m 2nd circa 1965 to — McElmurry. He served as an

airplane mechanic and flight engineer in the Air Transport Command

during WW 11. He was stationed in Florida, British Guinea, Surinam and

Brazil. KENNETH, a machinest, millwright, carpenter and electrician

during his career, sujjervised building sawmills, boiler plants, plywood

mills, particle board plants and paper mills in Oregon, Washington,

California, New Mexico, and Wisconsin. KENNETH resided in Tualatin,

Oregon. Edith resided in Central Point, Oregon. They had:

2-5-1-2-1 RAYMOND (RAY) KENNETH ARRELL, b 6 Jul 1947 in

Bandon, Oregon. He m on 6 Nov 1971 to Pamela Ann Gamer in

Shady Grove, Oregon. Pamela was b on 6 Nov 1954 in San

Francisco. She was a direct descendent of Daniel Boone. RAY was

a welder and also a ham radio operator. The family enjoyed antiques.

They resided at 683 Polk Street, Coalinga, California in 1988. They


2-5-1-2-1-1 PATRICIA ANN ARRELL, b 1 Jul 1976 at Medford,

2-5-1-2-1-2 BELINDA ADRIENNE ARRELL, b 20 Mar 1978 at

Medford, Oregon.
2-5-1-2-1-3 HEATHER MORIAH ARRELL, b 1 8 Jul 1 98 1 at Medford,
2-5-1-2-2 JACK DENNIS ARRELL, b 6 Feb 1950 in Bandon, Oregon.
JACK was an outside sales representative. He m 2nd on 27 Dec 1982
to Noreen Loy Weedon at Yelm, Washington. Noreen was b in
Olympia, Washington. JACK'S hobbies were producing varietal wines
and collecting and restoring Studebaker Hawks. JACK was a ham
radio operator. In 1991 the family resided in Medford, Oregon. There
were no children from JACK'S 1st marriage. Noreen had been
married prior to her marriage to JACK. She and her 1st husband had
Melissa Claire. JACK adopted Melissa. JACK and Noreen had:
2-5-1-2-2-1 MELISSA CLAIRE ARRELL, b 3 Mar 1974 at Olympia,

2-5-1-2-2-2 JAMES KENNETH ARRELL, b 2 Jul 1985 at Roseburg,


2-5-1-2-3 EDGAR GEORGE ARRELL, b 15 Mar 1951 at Myrtle Point,
Oregon. He m 2nd on 4 Oct 1986 to Gloria Yvette Miller. EDGAR,
a resaw-operator, enjoyed fishing and energy conversation. He resided
at 317 Maple, Medford, Oregon. By his 1st marriage, EDGAR had:
2-5-1-2-3-1 LILAFAYE ARRELL, b 6 Sept 1972 at Medford, Oregon.

LILA enjoyed sewing and hair-care.
2-5-1-2-3-2 AARON MILES ARRELL, b 20 Mar 1974 at Medford,

2-5-1-2-3-3 AMANDA JEAN ARRELL, b 24 Jun 1976 at Medford,

2-5-1-2-3-4 ERIKA HEATHER ARRELL, b 3 Oct 1979 at Medford,

2-5-1-2-3-5 ZANE EDWARD ARRELL, b 6 Aug 1980 at Medford,
2-5-1-3 FRANCIS ARRELL, b 24 Dec 1917 at Powers, Coos County,
Oregon. FRANCIS was known as ' FRENCH Y'. FRENCH Y was a
pharmacist and owned the Rexall Drug Store in Brookings, Oregon. He
m 1st circa 1942 to Ellen Watson. Ellen d circa 1980 of leukemia. He
m 2nd circa 1984 to Maxine Rathbun. FRANCIS and Ellen had;
2-5-1-3-1 JERRY ARRELL, b circa 1943. He resided at 17315 Old
Country Road, Brookings, Oregon. In 1987 he operated the Rexall
Drug Store in Brookings.
2-5-1-4 VIRGIL HARRIS ARRELL, b 14 Dec 1920 at Gaylord, Coos
County, Oregon. He m on 1 Aug 1944 at El Paso, Texas to Nadine
Neeley. VIRGIL jomed the IJSAF on 18 Jan 1943. He served in the
USAF during WWII and subsequently in Italy, Alaska and Panama.
During a brief interlude following WW II, he was with the Oregon State
Police. He was soon called back into the Air Force. VIRGIL retired from
the Air Force on 1 Oct 1970. The family resided in Yelm, Washington.
They had:

2-5-1-4-1 VIRGIL HARRIS ARRELL, Jr.b 29 May 1945 at Myrtle Point,
Oregon. VIRGIL was a mechanic. He m 1st circa 1964 to Carol
Batterman. He m 2nd on 19 Mar 1982 to Kimberly Kord in Oregon.
Children from the 1st marriage were believed to be:
2-5-1-4-1-1 JEFFREY ARRELL, b 9 Sep 1965. He m Darlene — - on
13 Aug 1986 in Lansing, Michigan. They had:
2-5-1-4-1-1-1 JASON HARRIS ARRELL, b 13 Mar 1987.
2-5-1-4-1-2 DARIN ARRELL, b 13 Aug 1967.
Children from the 2nd marriage were believed to be:
2-5-1-4-1-3 CRYSTAL ARRELL, b 30 Apr 1984.
2-5-1-4-1-4 RICHARD THOMAS ARRELL, b 14 Jul 1986.
2-5-1-4-2 ROBERT ARRELL, b 1 1 Oct 1947 at Myrtle Point, Oregon.
He m 19 Jun 1974 to Christy Keene in Sacramento, California.
ROBERT served in the AWACS in Iceland. He was a supervisor for


aircraft controllers. The couple had:

2-5-1-4-2-1 MATTHEW ARRELL. b 24 Aug 1976 at Homestead,

2-5-1-4-2-2 KATY ARRELL, b 17 Sept 1979 at Kent, Washington.
2-5-1-4-3 RUSSELL BRYCE ARRELL, b 1 1 Jul 1950 at Myrtle Point,
Oregon. He m 9 Sept 1972 to Denise Shackleton at Tawas City,
Michigan. Denise d 1982. They had:
2-5-1-4-3-1 MICHELLE ANN ARRELL, b 21 Sept 1972 at Tawas

City, Michigan.
2-5-1-4-3-2 RUSSELL ARRELL, Jr., b 7 Sept 1973 at Denver,

2-5-1-4-3-3 ROBERT DENNIS, b 10 Nov 1975 at Minot, North
2-5-1-4-4 THOMAS ARRELL, b 25 Aug 1953 at Merced, California. He
m 9 Feb 1972 to Connie Eschenburg. Connie was b 15 Nov 1952 in
Mt. Clemens, Michigan. THOMAS was a Staff Sergeant in aircraft
maintenance in the USAF. THOMAS was in the Air Force from 7
Dec 1971 to 29 May 1987. The couple met when they attended high
school together in Oscada, Michigan. The family enjoyed gardening,
camping, and fishing. In 1990 the family resided in Yelm,
Washington. They had:

2-5-1-4-4-1 SUSAN NADINE ARRELL, b 10 Feb 1978 in Minot,
North Dakota. SUSAN was a loquacious and enjoyed reading.
2-5-2 JASON ARRELL, b 22 Aug 1890 at St. Paul, Minnesota. JASON was
employed as a lumberjack in the woods in Oregon. He was drafted in Jun
1917 into the US Army and served in France in the American Expeditionary
Force, Company G., 157 Infantry during WW 1. He was killed in action on
24 Sept 1918 in France. JASON is buried in Independence, Oregon.
2-5-3 KENNETH SELBY ARRELL, b 14 May 1892. He m circa 1918 to Phebe
Gartner in Minnesota. He m 2nd circa 1940 to Beulah A. Palmer. Beulah
was b in 1896 in Minnesota and d in 1963. KENNETH was a street car
conductor in Minnesota and later a painter in Portland, Oregon. KENNETH
d circa 1978. He is buried in Independence, Oregon They had:
2-5-3-1 LORA E. ARRELL, b circa 1918. She m circa 1943 to Jim Bridges,
the son of GEORGE ARRELL's wife, Ann Bridges, by a prior marriage.
The family resided at 255 High Street, Apt 412, Eugene, Oregon. They
had: Melvin, Richard, Lester, Donald and Ror>'.
2-5-4 OSCAR LAWRENCE ARRELL, b 27 Jun 1894 at Brooklyn, Minnesota.
OSCAR served overseas during WW I when he was in military service. He
d on 9 Dec 1966 at Silverton, Oregon. He is buried at Williamette
Cemetery, Portland, Oregon. He is believed to have married and may have

2-5-4-1 LLEWELLEN (CURLY) THOMAS ARRELL, b circa 1920. He m
1 St to — . He m 2nd to Jean — . He had three daughters, two from his
1st marriage, and one from his 2nd marriage. They resided in Salem,


2-5-4-2 HELEN ARRELL, b 28 Jul 1921 in Independence Oregon. HELEN
m five times. By her 2nd m she had: 1) twins, Dow Egrum and Ruby
Herbert, b circa 1940, 2) Herbert Louis, b circa 1941 at Albany, Oregon;
and 3) Gene R., b 1950. All three boys were b in Portland, Oregon.
HELEN m 5th circa 1975 to Earl Davis. Earl was a cannery worker in
Salem, Oregon. He d 17 Nov 1981 at Salem, Oregon.

2-5-5 DORCAS MARSHA ARRELL, b 5 Feb 1900 at Bums, Minnesota. She
was brought by her family to Oregon m Apr of 1904. DORCAS was named
after her maternal grandmother. She m on 10 Nov 1920 to Harris Ebbe
whose family was from Denmark. The couple divorced in 1940. Hams later
remarried. He d in 1965. They had two daughters: 1) Mildred, b 15 Mar
1926 and d as a result of appendicitis in 1935; and 2) Shirley, b 1928 in
Eugene, Oregon. Shirley, a medical doctor, was a professor at the University
of California Medical School in San Francisco. Both DORCAS and her
daughter, Shirley, resided in Kensington, California since 1976.

2-5-6 — - ARRELL, b circa 1902 and d in infancy. (Stillborn)

2-5-7 IDA BERNICE ARRELL, b 19 Mar 1905. She m 1st circa 1930 to Joe
Heston and m 2nd circa 1950 to W.H. Robson (Rob). IDA d on 6 Oct 1963.
She lived in Amboy, California. Rob was employed in the salt fields. There
were no children as a result of the marriage.

2-5-8 GEORGE LINCOLN ARRELL, b 24 Feb 1907 on a farm in Jefferson,
Oregon. GEORGE d on 9 Jan 1974 as a result of the effects of his
employment with asbestos in Vancouver, Washington. He is buried in the
Williamette Cemetery, Portland, Oregon. He m circa 1932 to Ann F. Bridges
who was b in 1889 and d in 1966. He is buried in the cemetery at
Independence, Oregon.

2-5-9 EARLE FRANCIS ARRELL, b 10 Jan 1913 in Aumsville, Oregon. He m
circa 1938 to Dorothy Boyd. EARLE attended the University of Oregon, the
University of California, Berkeley, California and the University of
Minnesota. He taught high school in California. EARLE was fond of music.
He studied the pipe organ.
2-6 JAMES ARRELL, b circa 1867. JAMES never married.
2-7 WILLIAM HENRY ARRELL, Sr., b 25 May 1868 and m on 2 Jan 1897 to

Armine Mingo in Elk River, Minnesota. The Mingo family lived in the area of

Stewart, Minnesota. WILLIAM d 21 Jan 1945. They had:

2-7-1 MONSIGNOR LUCIAN J. ARRELL, PA., b 2 Nov 1897 and d on 5 Jan

2-7-2 ARMINE ARRELL, b circa 1899. She d as an infant when she was just
a few months old.

2-7-3 HELEN G. ARRELL, b circa 1900. She m circa 1925 to Albert John
Crocson and d Dec 1946.

2-7-4 BERNADETTE ARRELL (Sister Lucienne), b 30 May 1903. She was a
sister of St. Joseph of Corondelet since 1919. She taught for 49 1/2 years.
In 1987 Sister Lucienne was in a home for retired Sisters at Bethany


Convent, 1870 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55105.
2-7-5 BLANCHE A. ARRELL, b circa 1905. She m circa 1930 to J. R.

Brownrigg. They had four children. BLANCHE'S husband d in 1970.
2-7-6 AGNES ARRELL, b circa 1907. AGNES never married.
2-7-7 VERENA ARRELL, b circa 1909. He m circa 1934 to Robert A. Kneefe.

They had five children. Robert was dec by 29 Dec 1986.
2-7-8 JOSEPH A. ARRELL, b circa 1912. He m 1st circa 1937 to Laverene
Scott. They had five children. He m 2nd to Ruth — . They had two
2-7-9 ROBERT M. ARRELL, b circa 1916 in Minnesota. ROBERT was
employed by Northwest Airlines for 36 years. ROBERT m circa 1941 to
Adeline Granier. In 1987 they resided at 87-942 Ehu Street, Waianae,
Hawaii. They had:

2-7-9-1 GARVIN ARRELL, b circa 1942. GARVIN received his Ph.D.
and was a Lieutenant on the Honolulu Police Force. He was a Professor
of Police Science and Child Physiology at Chaminade University of
2-7-10 WILLIAM HENRY ARRELL, Jr., b circa 1917 in Minnesota. He m
circa 1942 to Jeanette Gaulke. The couple resided in Big Lake, Minnesota.
2-8 CHARLES ARRELL, b circa 1869. He m 1st circa 1894 to Martha -— and m
2nd circa 1905 to Agnes — -. CHARLES and Agnes had:
2-8-1 BERNADETTE ARRELL, b circa 1906.
2-8-2 VINCENT ARRELL, b circa 1908.
2-9 JULIA ARRELL, b circa 1870. JULIA m circa 1895 to William Collins,
probably in Minnesota. They had: William, Andrew (both deceased by 1987),
and Lillian Specht. William and JULIA may have had more than the above three
2-10 JOSEPHINE ARRELL, b circa 1871. She m circa 1896 to Edward Mingo
probably in Minnesota. They had: Joseph, Bryon, Adelore, Charles, and four
2-1 1 MINNIE ARRELL, b circa 1872. She m circa 1897 to Matt Kelly, probably
in Minnesota. They had at least three children, including Joseph, Frank and
2-12 ELLIS ARRELL, b 1873 in Minnesota.
2-13 JOSEPH ARRELL, b circa 1874.

3 HONORE-HENRI ARHL, b circa 1837 in Quebec. He m 8 Feb 1859 to Adelaide

Heloise Theroux Laferte.

4 JOSEPHINE ARRELLE, b circa 1838 in Quebec. She m 19 May 1862 to Joseph
Leblanc at Katevale, Magog, Quebec.

5 MARIE ARELE, b circa 1839 in Quebec. She m 17 Jul 1871 to Hyacinthe Leblanc
at Katevale, Magog, Quebec.

6 JOSEPH HAREL, b circa 1840 in Quebec. He m 29 Jan 1877 to Marcelline
Quevillon at St. Edmond, Coaticook, Quebec.

7 WILFRID AREL(?), b circa 1842. He m 22 Feb 1909 to Valentine Lemaire at
Magog, Quebec.



o ANNA ARRELL. ANNA was a clerk at Mellin Drug.

o ARMINE ARRELL. ARMINE was married. She lived at 7019 Perry Ave., N.,

Brooklyn Center,
o BARBARA L. ARRELL. BARBARA was a teacher,
o BENJAMIN J. ARRELL. BENJAMIN was an auditor for Gamble-Robinson in the

1960's. He lived at 1 1 1 1 17th Ave., N. Apt. 3, Minneapolis,
o BERNARD ARRELL. He m Ann — -. BERNARD was a stockman at United

Hardware Distributors. They lived at 3342 Sheridan Ave. in Minneapolis circa 1960's.

BERNARD d prior to 1970. ANN was employed as a clerk by American Hospital

Supply Corporation in 1970.
o CHARLES J. ARRELL. CHARLES m Marion E. — -. CHARLES was a machine

operator for LA. Rockley Fur Co. m the 1960's. They lived at 3859 N. 6th Street,

o CHARLES 0. ARRELL. CHARLES m Agnes — -. CHARLES lived at 3443 Aldrich

Ave. N., Minneapolis, circa 1960's.
o DENNIS ARRELL, N. Sheridan Avenue, Minneapolis
o GARY M. ARRELL. GARY was a student in the 1960's.

o JACKIE ARRELL. JACKIE was a clerk at Roy H. Bjorkman, Inc.
o JAMES C. ARRELL. He m Karen — -. JAMES was a salesman for Clover Leaf

Creamery in 1970. They lived at 11011 NE Jefferson Street., Minneapolis
o KENNETH C. ARRELL. He m Sharon — -. KENNETH was a partner. Sharon was

a bookkeeper at S.H. Clausin & Co.
o MICHELE J. ARRELL. MICHELE was a teacher's assistant at the University of

Minneapolis in the 1960's. She lived at 1317 S.E. 6th Street, Apt. 2, Minneapolis.
o ROGER J. ARRELL. ROGER was a printing apprentice at the University of

Minneapolis in the 1960's. He lived at 4641 Ensign Ave. N., Minneapolis.
o ROGER T. ARRELL. ROGER was a printer for Argus-Tribune. In 1970 he was

a printing apprentice at the University of Minnesota. He lived at 3859 N. 6th,

Minneapolis in the 1960's and at 4641 Ensign Ave., N. in 1970.
o SCOTT J. ARRELL. SCOTT was a student in the 1960's. He lived at 4215 Erie

Street, Apt. 2B, Minneapolis,
o STEPHANIE L. ARRELL. STEPHANIE was a typist at the University of Minneapolis

in the 1960's. She lived in St. Paul, Minnesota,
o STEVEN ARRELL. STEVEN was m to Diane — -. STEVEN was a driver for Ewald

Bros, in 1970. He lived at 5039 Emerson Ave., N., Minneapolis
o TIMOTHY J. ARRELL. TIMOTHY was an apprentice pipe fitter m 1970.
o VINCENT P. ARRELL. He m Shirley L. — -. VINCENT was a driver for the Clover

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