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V. 2-

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guifed it with new Names and different Pre-

Inftead of the Chrijlian Doclrine, they have
apoftatized from the Faith, and in many Coun-
tries taken from the common People the Li-
berty of reading the Scriptures in their Mother
Tongue; that they might, with the more Eafe,
propagate their own Deluiions.

For, having in a forcible and violent Man-
ner, reftrained the Liberty of private Judgment,
they have with lefs Difficulty fubftituted, in-
ftead of the mofl excellent Doclrine of the
Go/pel^ their own Articles of Faith, and the
forged Traditions and lying Legends of their
Church. And not content barely to propagate Ig-
norance, they have dared mofl impudently to
commend it, and called it the Mother of Devotion.

Their incouraging the Apofiafy in PracJice,
will be taken Notice of in the Sentences thac
immediately follow.

This grand Apostasy was to proceed
gradually to its Height. But when it came to
iuch a Pitch; then was to be revealed one,
who fhould defervedly be called, the Man of
Sin, and Son of Perdition.

That this Phrafe may denote a Succeffion of
Perfons one after another, tho' but one at a

Time, may appear from Deut. xvii. 14 20.

where that Phrafe, the King of IJrael, mull be
underflood, not of one King only, but of a
Succeffion of Kings ; and from a feveral Texts,
where the Jeivifo High-Priejl is fpoken of as
onePerfon,tho' anyone in that Succeffion of High-
Prie/is is thereby intended. And to whom can

a Lev. xxi. 10. Numb. xxxv. 25, 28. Jofh. xx 6. Hcb. ix. 7.

C the

[ 1+]

the Title of the Man of Sin fo properly belong*
as to the Succeffion of the Bijhops of Rome, for*
many paft Centuries ? There have been among
them, not only fome of the vileft of Mankind,
notorious for their Cruelty, Infidelity, Debauch-
ery, Simony, and all Manner of Wickednefs.
But by their * Indulgences, Pardons, and Difpenfa-
tions, a which they claim a Power from Christ
of granting ; and which they have fold in fo
infamous b a Manner, they have incouraged all
Manner of vile and wicked Practices. Inftead
of fhewing Men the Neceffity of fincere Re-
pentance, unfeigned Faith, and an holy Life
and Converfation -, they have contrived number-
lefs Methods to render an holy Life entirely

needlefs ; to indulge Men in the greateft

and mod abominable Vices, and yet afiiire them
of Heaven; even without a thorough Re-
pentance, provided they will fufficiently pay
them for their Admiflion.

The Form of Indulgences, b a little before
the Reformation, was fo ample, that rich Men


a See the late Popifh Catechifm, c. x. b Mr. Bayle (in his

Diclionary, under the Article Banck, Laurence) hath given us the
Hiftory of a remarkable Book, called, The Taxes of the Romijb
Chancery: In which there is a very particular Account how much
Money was to be paid into the dpojiolic, or Pope's Chamber, for
almoft all Sorts of Vices. Ex. gr. " He who had been guilty of
•« Inceft with his Mother, Sifter, or other Relation, either in Con*
** fanguinity, or Affinity, is taxed at V. Gros. The Abfolution of
" him who has defloured a Virgin, VI. Gros. * The Abfolution

«« of him who has murdered his Father, Mother, Sifter, Wife,

« V. or VII. Gros.

«« The Abfolution and Pardon of all Acts of Fornication com-
" mitted by any of the Clergy, in what Manner foever, whether it
« c be with a Nun, within or without the Limits of the Nunnery;
" or with his Relations in Confanguinity, or Affinity, or with his
" God- Daughter, or with any other Womaij wnatfoever ; and

«' whether

['5 1

were unconcerned, what Sins they committed,
as knowing that they could, living or dead,
purchafe a Pardon. For fuppofe they negle&ed
it in their Life-Time, it was but leaving fo much
Money by Will, at their Death, for Maffes and

C 2 InduU

" whether alfo the faid Abfolution be given in the Name only of
" the Clergyman himfelf, or of him jointly with his Whores, with a
" Difpenfation to inable him to take and hold his Orders and eccle-
" fiaflical Benefices, and with a Claufe alio of Inhibition, colls
" 36 Tourmis, and 9, or 3 Ducats.

" And if, befides the above, lie receives Abfolution from Sodo-
" my, or Beftiality, with the Difpenfation and Claufe of Inhibi-
" tion, as before, he mull pay 90 Touruois, 12 Ducats, and 6
" Car I ins.

" But if he only receives Abfolution from Sodomy, or Beftiality,
" with the Difpenfation, or Clau e of Inhibition, he pays only
M 36 Tournois^ and 9 Ducats. A %in, having committed Fornica-
" tion feveral Times, within and without the Bounds of the Nun-
'' nery, mall be abfolved, and inablcd to hold all the Dignities of
" her Order, even that of Aibefs, by paying 36 Toumois, and 9
" Ducats.

•* The Abfolution of him who keeps a Concubine, with Dif-
" penlation to take and hold his Orders, and Ecclefiaftica] Benefi-
" ces, cofls 21 Touruois, 5 Ducats, and 6 Car/ins.""

This is a Tranflation of the very Words of the Book itfelf. On-
ly the firft Articles to the * are wanting in one Edition. However,
even thefe Articles alfo, are in the mod perfect and correcl Editions.

This Book has been feveral Times printed both in Popijb and
Proteftani Countries; and the Proteftant Princes inferted it among
the Caufes of their rejecting the Council of Trent. When the Pa-
fifts law what Ufe the Proteftants made of it, they put it into the
Lift of prohibited Books. But then they condemned it only upon
the Suppofition of its having been corrupted by (the Proteftants, or)

But let them fuppofe as much as they pleafe, that it hai been
corrupted by Heretics ; the Editions of it which have been publifhed
in Popijb Countries, and which the P.ipi/is can't dilbwn, as that
of Rome, 1514- That of Co/agn, 1 51 5. Thofe of Paris 1 520, 1 545»
and 1625. And thofe of Ft nice, one in the Vlth Vol. of the Oceanus
Juris, publifhed 1533. the other in the XVth Vol. of the fame

Collection, reprinted 1584. Thefe Editions, I fay, are more

than fufficient to juilify the Reproaches of the Proteftants, and to
cover the Church of Rome with Confufion.

The Popijb Controvertifts, who have not a Word to fay aga^nft
the Authority of the Edition of Romf } or that of Paris, Sec. arc


C "J]

Indulgences, and they were affured that all
would be forgiven them. Can fuch notorious
Wickednefs always efcape without an eminent
Perdition ?

How juftly may prefent Rome, for her Per-
fection, Idolatry, and notorious Wickednefs,
be deemed a myfticai Babylon^ and be (fpiritually,
or figuratively^ called a Sodom and Egypt (where
Wickednefs hath rifen to an amazing Height,
and the People of God have been under a long
and cruel BondageJ and the Mother a of Forni-
cations and of the Abominations of the Earth ?

V. 4. If rightly tranflated would (I thinkj
have run thus, " Who oppofes himfelf, i. e*
" to Christ, and exalts himfelf above every
" one that is called a God, or (even) the Impe-

" rial Dignity, fo that he, as a God, fits b [in-
lander great Perplexity. However, lince the Proteftants have made
fo great an Handle of this Book, the Papifts pretend, that (the'
Tome of the Popes have been guilty of fuch infamous Practices, and

ibfFered fuch Books to appear ; yet) the Church of Rome in

general abhors them.

But fhe has never fhewn, by the Suppreffion of thefe Taxes, that
fhe has had them in Abhorrence. They have been printed (as has

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Online LibraryJohn BarkerSermons against popery, preached at Salters-Hall, in the year 1735 (Volume 2) → online text (page 1 of 22)