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welgat Church, being Sunday.


April 1. Mr. Thomas Taylorson was married to Betty Frizell
upon Easter Tuesday. 8

April 8. Ralph Renmoldson and Margret Sherewood was mar-
ried, being Tuesday. 9

April 28. Arthur Bell and Bett Jackson, both servants to Mr.
Stephen Thompson, was married being Munday. 10

*May 1. Richard Williamson, commonly Lapper, or Lapthorne,
was married to Jane Ingeham, being Thursday.

May 1. Robert Wilson was married to Allis Rowell, being
Thursday. 11

June 8. Henry Robson, which was Backhouse man of Elvett,
was married to Mary Coltman, being Sunday. 12

3 1683. Aug. 22. Frances Hitching and Jane Hutchinson, married.
St. Margaret's Registers.

* 1683. Oct. 23. Jacob Jackson and Catherin Lowder, married. Ibid.

5 1683. Oct. 23. William Preston and Ann Fisher, married. Ibid.

5a 1683. Nov. 9. George Jackson and Susanna Crawhall, married.
St. Margaret's Registers.

6 1683/4. Feb. 5. Ralph Rowell and Ann Watson, married. Ibid.

7 1683/4. Feb. 5. Thomass Hopper and Elizabeth Stoote, married.

8 See entry under 14 October, 1683.

9 1684. April 8. Ralph Reneldson and Margarett Sherwood, married.
St. Margaret's Registers.

10 1684. April 28. Auther Bell and Elizabeth Jackson, married. Ibid.

11 1684. May 1. Robart Wilson and Alezs Rowell, married. Ibid.

12 1684. June 8. Henry Robson and Mary Coultman, married. Ibid.


Aug. 31. William Huson, carrier, was married to John Midford's
sister, being Sunday. 13

Aug. 31. Edward Hodshon, milner, was married upon Sunday. 14

Nov. 16. William Conyers, carpenter, was married to George
Jackson's sister, the milner, this being his third wife, being Sunday. 15
*Nov. 18. Francis Middleton to a woman out in Ilellgate, 16
being Tuesday.

Nov. 25. George Atkinson was married at Stockton, being

Nov. 23. Stephen Hodgson, barber, was married to Ann
Bryers, being Sunday. 17

Dec. 4. Magdalin Stott, Edward Stot's daughter, was married
to a straynger, being Thursday — Matthew Stott's sister, the roper. 18

Dec. 14. John Atkinson, shoemaker, was married to Katherin
Ladler, being Sunday morne. 19

*Feb. 28. Ann Allinson, Thomas Allinson daughter, skinner,
was married to a country boucher, being Satterday.


*April 23. Judeth Sherewood was married to a taylor, of Hexham,

being Thursday, the King's Coronation-day.

May 5. Richard Padman was married to Margaret Natras,

being Tuesday. 20

May 12. John Mountaine, taylor, was married, being Tuesday. 1
June 14. John Stoot, sadler, was married, being Sunday. 2
June 16. Thomas Browne, of Tuday, was married to a Chester


July 28. John Lambe and Jane Teasdall was married. 3

13 1684. Aug. 31. William Hewitson and Dorrathy Poulton, married.
St. Margaret's Registers.

14 1684. Aug. 31. Edward Hodshon and Jaine Olliver, married. St.
Nicholas' Registers.

15 1684. Nov. 16. William Connyers and Ann Jackson, married. St.
Margaret's Registers.

16 Ilellgate = Gilligate or Gilesgate.

17 . 1684. Nov. 23. Stephen Hodgson and Anne Breers, married by
licence. St. Nicholas' Registers.

18 1684. Dec. 4. Robartt Lawson and Magdalen Stoot, married. St.
Margaret's Registers.

19 1684. Dec. 14. John Atkinson and Catherine Ladler, spinster,
married by licence. St. Nicholas' Registers.

20 1685. May 5. Richard Padman, parish of St. Nicholas', and Mar-
garet Nattress, of this parish, married. St. Oswald's Registers.

1 1685. May_ 12. John Mounton and Susanna Harason, married. St.
Margaret's Registers.

2 1685. June 14. John Stout and Anne Chapman, spinster, married.
St. Nicholas' Registers.

3 1685. July 28. John Lambe and Jane Tesdall, married. St. Mar-
garet's Registers.


Aug. 4. Mathew Browne, son to Richard Browne, milner, was
married to John Darby's daughter, being Tuesday. 4

Sept. 3. Mr. Montague and Madam Foster was married, being
Thursday. 5

Oct. 1. Roger Thornton was married, being Thursday. 6

Oct. 22. Ralph Hall was married to Robert Farrow's maid,
being Thursday. 7

Nov. 17. Michael Browne was married to Elizabeth Swann,
being Tuesday. 8

*Nov. 24. " Doctor Dick Smith was married to Pegg Wappe being

Dec. 29. John Middleton, esq., a barrister at law, was married
to Mrs. Ann Harrison, Mrs. Craddock's cozen, being Tuesday. 9

Feb. 5. Mathew Marshall was married, being Friday.

Feb. 14. George Marley, lymner, was married to Ellinor Forcer,
being Sunday. 10


May 2. Thomas Dixon, mayson, and Elizabeth Dods was mar-
ried, being Sunday. 11

4 1685. Aug. 4. Matthew Browne and Mary Darbishire, both of this
parish, married. St. Oswald's Registers.

5 1685. Sept. 3. Charles Montague, armiger, and Elizab. Foster, mar-
ried. Cathedral Registers.

He was son of the Hon. George Montague, and grandson of Henry, first
Earl of Manchester. An account of Charles Montague, who founded the
Bank of England, and of his other great services to the State, for which he
was created Baron Halifax, may be found in Macaulay, History of England,
vol. iv. His first wife was Elizabeth, daughter and eventually heiress of
Francis Forster, of Easington Grange, in the parish of Bamburgh, which
Francis was a younger son of Thomas Forster of Adderstone.

6 1685. Oct. 1. Roger Thornton and Isabell Guy, married. St. Mar-
garet's Register.

7 1685. Oct. 22. Ralph Hall and Elizabeth Littellton, married. Ibid.

8 1685. Nov. 17. Mickell Brown and Elizabeth Swan, married. Ibid.

9 1685. Dec. 29. John Midleton and Anne Harrison, married. Cath-
edral Registers.

John Middleton, third son of Nathaniel Middleton, of the city of
Durham, was baptised at St. Nicholas', 28 March, 1659, and was entered at
Oray's Inn, 27 November, 1677; he was elected Recorder of Durham, 3 June,
1696, and was buried at the church where he was baptized on the 21st
February, 1702/3. His wife, by whom he had issue two sons and eight
daughters, was Anne, daughter of John Harrison, of Scarborough. See
Surtees, Durham, vol .iv., p. 168.

10 1685/6. Feb. 14. George Marley and Elinor Forcer, married. Esh

11 1686. May 2. Thomas Dixson and Elizabeth Dodds, married. St.
Margaret's Registers.


*June 8. Mathew Wright and Elizabeth. Bryson was married,
and a great deal of thunder and raine, being Tuesday.

Aug. 3. Isabell Dixon, daughter to Nicholas Dixon, was
married to Christopher Ramsey. 12

Aug. 31. John Sympson was married to the widow of Katter-
house, near Durham, Thomas Parkin's widow, and he William Simp-
son's brother, milner. 13

*Aug. 31. Magdalin Barnsfather and John Holdmystafe, alias
Smith, was married.

Sept. 14. Simon Hutchinson and Elizabeth Kemp Robinson
was married; Edward Robinson's widow. 14

Oct. 12. Nicholas Paxton, junior, was married to Deborah
Midleton, being Tuesday. 15

12 1686. Aug. 3. Crestephor Ramshaw and Isabel Dixson, married.

13 1686. Aug. 31. John Simson and Ann Parkinge, married. Ibid.

14 1686. Sept. 14. Simond Hutchinson and Elizabeth Robinson, widow,
married by licence. St. Nicholas' Registers.

15 Surtees, Durham, vol. iv., p. 168, states that Nicholas Paxton and
Deborah Middleton were married at St. Mary-le-Bow, but the Register of
Marriages for that year is no longer extant. She was daughter of
Nathaniel Middleton, of Durham, and sister of John Middleton, afterwards
the Recorder, being baptised at St. Nicholas', 28 September, 1662. Nich-
olas Paxton was the postmaster of Durham and was buried at St. Mary-le-
Bow, 22 October, 1730, aged 76, his wife having died in the month of
September, 1722.

I. Nicholas Paxton of Durham, cordwainer, was buried at St. Nicholas',

22 Jan., 1689/90, having had issue by Elizabeth, his wife, who was
laid beside him, 18 April, 1703, four sons and three daughters, all of
whom were baptized at St. Nicholas': —

William, baptized, 23 April, 1653. nU

Nicholas II. «

Thomas Paxton, baptized, 27 Nov., 1659 [? of Durham, clothier,
buried at St. Oswald's, 22 Nov., 1702, and registered at St.

Ralph Paxton of Durham, alderman and mercer, baptized, 25 Dec.,
1666; married, 17 Jan., 1693/4, at St. Nicholas', Anne, daughter
of Francis Tweddell of Durham; churchwarden of St. Nich-
olas', 1710; he was buried 19 Sept., 1718.

Ann, baptized, 5 July, 1657, wife of William Hodgson of Durham,,

Elizabeth, baptized, 25 Dec, 1661; buried in the church, 16 Aug.,

Eleanor, baptized, 13 April, 1664; married. 26 Nov., 1693, at St.
Nicholas', Christopher Fulthorpe of Durham, attorney.

II. Nicholas Paxton of Durham, cordwainer, baptized, at St. Nicholas',

24 May, 1655; married, 12 October, 1686, Deborah, sister of John
Middleton, the Recorder of Durham. He became postmaster circa 1700.
By his wife, who was buried in St. Nicholas' church, 26 Jan., 1707/8, he


Nov. 25. Mathew Marshall was married to William Ilea's
daughter, being Thursday. 16

Nov. 28. John White, weaver, and Mary Scott, was married,
being Sunday and bore a child the 22nd of May, 1687. 17

Nov. 30. Mr. John Kowell that belongs to the Spirituall Court
was married to Mrs. Church daughter, being Tuesday.

*Jan. 16. Thomas Wade, fidler, was married to a Londoner, a
widow, being Sunday.


April 26. George Wilkinson, son to Gilbert Wilkinson, Sadler
Street, tallow chandler, was married to Allice Stoot, daughter to
Rowland Stout, butcher, being Tuesday. 18

April 26. Jane Burdess was married to Mr. Peacock's man,
being Tuesday, and went to live at Mr. Whitsmack's.

May 1. Thomas Peareson, smith, was married, being Sunday.

June 2. Phillip Stout was married, wanting 12 weekes of his
time, being Thursday. 19

June 23. Mr. Michael Mickleton, son to James Mickleton,
lawyer, was married to Mr. John Spearman's daughter, he being
Under Sheriff, it being Munday. 20

(unless he had a contemporary of the same name) had issue, all of
whom were baptized at St. Nicholas' : —
Richard, baptized, 6 May, 1689.
Nicholas, baptized, 3 Sept., 1690.
Abraham, baptized, 18 Aug., 1691; buried in the church, 25 July,

Ralph, baptized, 2 May, 1695 ; buried in the church, 7 May, 1695.
Nathaniel, baptized, 8 Mar., 1697/8.
Thomasin, baptized, 24 July, 1687.
Deborah, baptized, 29 Aug., 1693.
Elizabeth, baptized, 21 May, 1696.
Catherine, baptized, 25 Sept., 1699; buried in the church, 29

Jan., 1700/1.
Margaret, baptized, 12 Feb., 1700/1.
16 1686. Nov. 24. Matthew Marshell, of ye parish of St. Margaret's,
and Jane Rea, of this parish, married. St. Oswald's Registers.

17 1686. Nov. 28. John White and Mary Skote, married. St. Mar-
garet's Registers.

18 1687. April 26. George Wilkinson and Alice Stout, spinster, mar-
ried. St. Nicholas' Registers.

19 1687. June 2. Phillip Stout and Margret Raisebeck, married.
St. Mary-le-Bow Registers.

20 1687. July 4. Michael Mickleton and Elizabeth Spearman, married.
Cathedral Registers.

Cf. pedigree of Mickleton of Crook hall. Surtees, Durham, vol. iv.,
p. 140. His son, Christopher Mickleton, married Dorothy Milburne, grand-
daughter of Christopher Sanderson, whose diary is printed in Six North
Country Diaries.


Aug. 24. Christopher Marshall, wanting 26 weekes of his time,
being Wednesday.

Aug. 30. Rowland Brown, son to Richard Browne, sexton, being

Nov 15. John Williamson was married to Bess Young, being
Tuesday. 1

Nov. 30. Richard Craggs was married, being Wednesday.

Dec. 27. Margaret Dunce and a seaman was married, being
Tuesday. 2

Feb. 2. Mr. Joseph Hall was married to Mrs. Frances Gibson,
being Thursday. 3

Feb. 28. Christopher Colson, glover, was married to John
Baister's daughter, being Shrove Tuesday. 4


April 16. Jonathan Walton and Dorothy Sanderson was mar-
ried, being Munday. 5

Sept. 16. Robert Woodmas and Allice Johnson was married,
being Sunday.

1 1687. November 15. John Williamson and Elizabeth Younge, mar-
ried. St. Margaret's Registers.

2 1687. Dec. 27. Cudbarth Burell and Margarett Dunce, married.

3 1687/8. Feb. 2. Joseph Hall and Frances Gibson, married. Cath-
edral Registers.

I. Joseph Hall of Durham, attorney, according to a pedigree in Surtees,

Durham, vol. ii., pp. 291, 292, married, 2 Feb., 1687/8, Frances Gibson,
by whom he had issue: —

Stephen, baptized, 3 Feb., 1690/1 ; buried 13 July, 1693.

John, baptized, 11 June, 1689.

Joseph II.

Thomas, baptized, 27 April, 1698; buried same year.

Margaret, baptized, 30 June, 1699.

II. Joseph Hall of Durham, baptized, 14 Sept., 1693, married at Skelton,

14 Dec, 1716, Catherine, daughter of Edward Trotter; buried, 27 Aug.,
1731, having had issue: —

Joseph Hall, buried at St. Margaret's, 25 Oct., 1723, aged 6.

John Hall of Skelton Castle (the Eugenius of Sterne), married Anne,

daughter and co-heir of Ambrose Stevenson of Manor-house in

Lanchester. 4,
George Lawson Hall, baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow, 2 Aug., 1724, a

colonel in the army.
Thomas Hall, baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow, 21 Nov., 1725, a

general in the army.
Frances Elizabeth, baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow, 16 April, 1727,

wife of Walter Hawksworth of Hawksworth.

4 1687/8. Feb. 28. Crestepher Coulson and Sarah Baster, married.
St. Margaret's Registers.

5 1688. April 16. Jonathan Walton, parish of St. Nicholas', and
Dorothy Sanderson, of the chapelry of Esh, spinster, married by licence.
St. Nicholas' Registers, also in Esh Registers.

6 1688. Sept. 16. Robard Woodmass and Alizes Johnson, married.
St. Margaret's Registers.


Oct. 7. James Harry, cooper, and his servant, Jane, was
married at Whickham, being Sunday. 7

Oct. 11. Ralph Fisher with Worrell's widow and John's whore. 8


Mar. 31. Thomas Parkinson and Isabell Dobinson was married,
being Easter Sunday. 9

May 26. John Smith, collyer, was married to Mary Watson's
daughter. 10

Aug. 9. George Sheiffeild was married to his second wife, being
Friday. 11

Aug. 13. Michael Huson and Ann Dury married at Ash, being
Tuesday. 12

Nov. 22. Nicholas Hutchinson, taylor, was married to Margaret
Hutchinson, being Sunday. 13

*Dec. 26. Margaret Browne, Oster Peg, and John Thompson was
married, being St. Stephen's Day.

Feb. 4. Ann Bell, daughter to Will Bell, was married to a
Hexham glover and skinner, being Tuesday. 14

Feb. 25. Mary Niokson was married to one Hall, being Tues-
day. 15

*Feb. 28. Nedy [Edward] Stoot was married.


*June 16. Thomas Bell and Francis Kirkley was married, being
Munday; and the said Francis bore a child the 29th of June, 1690,
being Sunday.

Aug. 3. Robert Stelling of Low Brassid was married, being

7 1688. Oct. 26. Bond of marriage, James Harey, of Framwelgate,
cooper, and Jane Taylor, spinster.

8 1688. Oct. 11. Ralph Fisher and Jane Worell, married. St. Mar-
garet's Register.

1688. Oct. 11. Ralph Fisher and Jane Worrell, widow, chapelry of
St. Margaret's, married by licence. St. Nicholas' Registers.

9 1689. Mar. 31. Thomas Parkinson and Tsobell Dobinson, married.
St. Margaret's Registers.

10 1689. May 26. John Smith and Anne Watson, married. Ibid.

11 1689. Aug. 8. Bond of marriage, George Sheffield, .... tanner,
and Elizabeth Linsley, spinster.

12 1689. Aug. 12. Bond of marriage, Michael Huson, .... roper,
and Anne Dury, spinster.

13 1689. Sept. 28. Nicholas Hutchinson and Margrett Hutchinson,
married. St. Margaret's Registers.

"1689/90. Feb. 4. Thomas Eobinson, glover, and Ann Bell, spinster,
married. Hexham Registers.

15 1689/90. Feb. 25. Eichard Hall and Mary Nixon, married. St.
Margaret's Registers .


Oct. 5. Mr. William Dury and Betty Frizell was married,
being Sunday. 16

Oct. 6. Ralph, Kirkley and Barbary Starfoot was married,
being Tuesday.

Nov. 23. Ellinor Sheiflieild and William Taylor, weaver, was
married, being Sunday. 17

Dec. 7. William Baxter, blacksmith, and Elizabeth Browne
was married, being Sunday. 18

Deo. 5. Thomas Swalwell and Jane Shipheard was married,
being Friday. 19

Jan. 6.' Cuthbert Adamson, hatter, and Bett Welsh was
married, being Tuesday. 20

Jan. 17. Doctor Eden and Mrs. Walker was married, being
Satterday. 1

16 1690. Oct. 5. Mr. William Dewry and Mrs. Arabaell Frizell, mar-
ried. St. Margaret's Registers. Probably a son or kinsman of John
Drury, some time minor canon of Durham.

17 1690. Nov. 23. William Taylor and Ellener Shaffield, married.

18 1690. Dec. 7. William Baxter and Eliz. Browne, married. Ibid.

19 1690. Dec. 5. Thomas Swalwell and Jane Richardson, married.

20 1690/1. Jan. 5. Bond of marriage, Cuthbert Adamson, Durham,
felt-maker, and Elizabeth Welsh, spinster. By his second marriage with
Jane Eden, Cuthbert Adamson was ancestor of John Adamson, of Newcastle,
solicitor, the first Secretary of the Newcastle Society of Antiquaries.

1 1690/1. Jan. 6. Bond of marriage, Henry Eden, Shenckley, Durham,
gent., and Tabitha Walker, widow. She was widow of Michael Walker of
Durham and daughter of Paul Thoresby of Leeds, merchant and alderman.
Henry Eden of Shincliffe, doctor of physic, was baptized at St. Oswald's,
25 March, 1643, as son of Henry Eden of that place, his sponsors being his
maternal grandfather, George Martin of Durham, attorney, William Sidg-
wick, and Mrs. Elizabeth Tempest. He married, first, Mary, widow of
Robert Chapman, and daughter of William Blythman of Westoe, who was
buried at St. Oswald's, 15 March, 1685/6; and, secondly, Tabitha, widow
of Michael Walker of Durham, and daughter of Paul Thoresby, a near
kinsman of Ralph Thoresby, the antiquary. She was buried at St.
Oswald's, 16 March, 1699/1700, and he was laid beside her 29 July, 1702.
By his first wife he had issue : —

Henry Eden, baptized at St. Oswald's, 5 Sept., 1676; D.D. and Fellow

of Trinity College, Cambridge, buried at St. Oswald's, 9 June, 1711.

Blythman Eden, baptized at St. Oswald's, 31 Aug., 1680, of Newcastle,

attorney. ^
William Eden, baptized at St. Oswald's, 18 May, 1682, of Durham,
apothecary, buried at St. Oswald's, 4 April, 1712, where there is
a Latin inscription to his memory.
Jane, baptized at St. Oswald's, 4 May, 1675, married, first, Thomas
Rowland, and second, 30 Jan., 1703/4, at St. Oswald's, Cuthbert
Adamson. ,
Elizabeth, baptized at St. Oswald's, 12 Feb., 1677/8, married there,


Jan. 24. Nicholas Hutchinson, shoemaker, and Grace Walker
was married, being Satterday. 2


Mar. 28. Mary Dothwaite was married to John Martin, a saylor,
being Saturday.

*June 1. Barbary Williamson, commonly called Lapper, was
married to a collier, being Munday.

June 23. Hugh Hutchinson, shoomaker, was married to Roger
Thornton's wife's sister, being Tuesday. 3

Aug. 31. Andrew Weddall and Maxton Dent was married at
Stockton, being Munday.

Sept. 19. George Clarke and Bett Richardson, servant to Mrs.
Jefferson, was married, being Satterday. 4

Nov. 12. Mr. Thomas Lassells was married to Mrs. Gibson,
being Thursday. 5

6 April, 1702, Francis Salkeld of the parish of All Saints, New-

Barbara, married at St. Oswald's, 11 May, 1696, John Smart of the
parish of Jarrow.

Mary, married at St. Oswald's, 10 Sept., 1692, Richard Huntley, of the
parish of St. Nicholas', Newcastle ; ancestor of the mother of John
Hodgson Hinde, the historian.

Anne, baptized at St. Oswald's, 16 Oct., 1684.
Cf. Pedigrees of the Family of Adamson of Newcastle. Privately printed.


2 1690/1. Mar. 24. Nicholas Hutchinson and Grace Walker, married.
St. Margaret's Registers.

3 1691. June 23. Hugh Hutchinson and Dorothy Guy, married. St.
Margaret's Registers.

* 1691. Sept. 18. George Clarke, Newarke, and Elizabeth Richardson,
Durham, married. Ibid.

6 1691. Nov. 12. Mr. Thomas Lascell, of Mount Grace, and Dorothy
Gibson, married. Stockton Registers.

I. Thomas Lassells of Durham, married 9 Sept., 1669, at St. Margaret's,

Frances, daughter of William Heighington of Durham, and died circa
1672; (his widow marrying secondly James Church, attorney). He
had issue: —
Thomas II.

Margaret, posthumous daughter, baptized at St. Margaret's,
18 Oct., 1672, and dying 28 July, 1684, was buried at the same

II. Thomas Lassells of Mount Grace, baptized at St. Margaret's, 27 Oct.,

1670, married at Stockton, 12 Nov., 1691, Dorothy Gibson, and was
buried at St. Margaret's, 1 April, 1717, having had issue : —

III. William Lassells, baptized at St. Margaret's, 29 November, 1692,

married Alice Woodmas, and had (perhaps with

other) issue, a daughter, Dorothy, who married, 6 April, 1749, John
Fenwick of Bywell.

Cf. Surtees, Durham, vol. i., p. 99.


Nov. 17. Diok Stephenson was married to Mrs. Simpson's maid,
being Tuesday. 6

Nov. 23. John Rippley, senior, was married ye second time to
a woman in Gyligate, or C'lapeth, being Munday.

Jan. 4. Mr. Thomas Bowes was married to Mrs. Marley, being
Thursday. 7

Jan. 7. Joseph Hutchinson was married to Katherin Marshall,
being Sunday. 8

Jan. 7. Robert Crow and Dorothy Joplin was married, being


April 12. George Pickering and Mary Skinner's made was
married, being Tuesday. 9

April 24. George Forster and Jane Wren was married, being
Sunday. io

May 5. Dorothy Grinwell was married, being Tuesday.

May 12. John Martin, skinner, and Elizabeth Mainsforth was
married, being Thursday. 11

May 16. John Ripley ye younger was married, being Munday,
and bore a child ye 19th of August, '92. 12

*May 17. George Jackson, master usher to Gramer School, was
married to a country-woman, being Tuesday.

6 1691. Nov. 17. Richard Stephenson, parish of St. Margaret's, and
Elizabeth Rawe, of this parish, married by licence. St. Mary-le-Bow

7 Thomas Bowes of Durham and of Quarryhill, younger son of Ralph
Bowes of Bradley, married Catherine, daughter of William Marley of
Nunshouse, and was buried 23 April, 1719, at St. Mary in the South
Bailey, where his wife was laid beside him, 29 January, 1728 : they had
issue : —

Thomas Bowes of Quarryhill, baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow, 28 Jan.,

William Bowes, baptized, St. Mary-le-Bow, 14 Oct., 1715.
Elizabeth, baptized, St. Mary-le-Bow, 29 Nov., 1692.
Margaret, baptized, St. Mary-le-Bow, 11 Nov., 1694.
Anne, baptized, St. Mary-le-Bow, 30 Nov., 1697, married at Wolsing-
ham, 12 June, 1722 (as his third wife), John Gray of Durham,
Catherine, baptized, St. Mary-le-Bow, 27 Nov., 1705, buried, St. Mary

in the South Bailey, 16 December, 1705. ,

Margery, baptized, St. Mary-le-Bow, 30 April, 1713.
Cf. Surtees, Durham, vol. iv., p. 111.

8 1691/2. February 17. Joseph Hutchinson and Catherine Marshall, of
this parish, married by licence. St. Nicholas' Registers.

9 1692. April 12. George Pickering and Mary Browne, married. St.
Margaret's Register.

10 1692. April 24. George Forster and Jane Wren, married. Ibid.

11 1692. May 19. John Martten and Elizabeth Mensfeild, married.
St. Giles' Registers.

12 1692. May 16. John Ripley and Elizabeth Nicholson, married. St.
Margaret's Registers.


May 22. James Smarte, junior, was married to Elizabeth Harri-
son, widow, being Sunday. 13

July 2. Gabriel Swainston and Bess Rayne was married, being
Satterday. 14

*July 26. One Norman, Mr. Swinburn's steward, and Bett Dury
was married, being Tuesday, and bore a child ye 24th of February,

July 27. William Frizell and Mary Watson was married, being
Wednesday. 15

Aug. 14. Edward Mcholson and Ann Browne was married,
being Sunday. 16

Aug. 28. William Yapdale, glasser, was married to Jane Faw-
don's maid. 17

Sept. 3. Mr. John Trotter, a Scotch man, and Elizabeth Wilkin-
son was married, being Satterday. 18

Sept. 7. John Wilson, John Williamson's apprentice, was mar-
ried, being Wednesday. 19

Sept. 29. Mr. William Forster, apothecary, and Susanna Padman
was married, being Thursday. 20

13 1692. May 22. James Smart and Elisebeth Harrison, married.

14 1692. July 2. Bond of marriage, Gab. Swainston, Durham, gent.,
and Elizabeth Raine, widow.

Gabriel Swainston, B.L. of Durham, was a notary public and proctor;
dying 22 Feb., 1711, aged 63, he was buried at St. Margaret's, where a long
Latin inscription was set up to his memory. He had issue: —
Gabriel, baptized at St. Margaret's, 14 October, 1695.
Mary, baptized at St. Margaret's, 5 March, 1693/4.
Anne, baptized at St. Margaret's, 5 May, 1697.

Margaret, baptized at St. Margaret's, 11 Feb., 1699/1700, married at
the same church, 30 Nov., 1732, Cuthbert Rayne, and died
24 March, 1764, aged 64.
Elizabeth, baptized at St. Margaret's, 7 May, 1701.
Mary, baptized at St. Margaret's, 30 March, 1703, died 5 May, 1770,
aged 67.

15 1692. July 27. * William Frizell and Mary Watson, married. St.
Margaret's Registers.

16 1692. Aug. 14. Edward Nicholson and Anne Browne, married.

17 This entry is crossed out in the Diary. See 1694, August 28.

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