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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Roger-Elliott Roberts.

3. Charlotte, b. 1773.

4. RrcHARD-WrLLiAM, b. IG July 1775,
m., 17 Nov. 1/98, Jane, da. of sir William
Dunkin, one of the judges of the Supreme
Court, Calcutta, and by her (who d. 8 June
1823) had issue,

1. Eliza-Matilda, b. 25 March 1801.

2. Mary, 6. 18 Sept. 1802, d. 22 Oct.

3. Jane-Helena, b. 27 Dec. 1803, d. 30
Nov. 1822.

4. Richard-William, b. 5 July 1805.

5. Charles-Dunkin, b. 18 Feb. 1807.

6. William-Fenton, b. 24 March 1808.
Sir William d. Oct. 1785, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IX. Sir WILLIAM, present bart.

Arm.s — See Plate 3. Or, tv/o bars, gules,
in chief, three torteaux.

Crest — A lion statant, sable, ducally gorg-
ed, or. Tlie Wake family also use, as a
badge or cognizance, a knot, commonly
called Wake's knot.

Motto — Vif(ila et ora,

Srat.s — Courteen Hall, co. Northampton,
and Riddlesworth Hall, co. Norfolk.

MANSEL, of MuDDLESCOMBE, CO. Carmarthen.

14 Jan. 1G21-2.

SirJOMN-BELL-WILLTAM 31 ANSEL, Baronet, succeeded his father,
sir William, Aug. 1{J21); mtirned, 21 July l}];i2, JMary-Georgiana, only
surviving da. of the rev. John Dynioke, of Scrivelsby, King's Champion,
and has issue, 1. a Da., b. 18'J3.

This family is descended from Pliilip
Manse/, who came into England with Wil-
liam the Conqueror.

1. FRANCIS, 1st bart., m., 1st, Catha-

rine, da. and h. of Henry Morgan, esq., by
whom he had,

1. Walter, who left no issue.

2i Sir Anthony Mansel, knt., slaui at



Newby, temp. Charles I., who, by Jane, da.

of William Price, esq., left issue Sir

Edward, successor to his grandfather.

3. Francis, principal of Jesus College,
Oxford, but in 1(148 deprived, and suffered
greatly for his loyalty.

4. Richard, who, by Catharine, da. and
h. of Rees Morgan, esq., left issue.

Sir Richakd, 3d bart.
Sir Francis m., 2dly, Dorothy, da. of
Alban Stepney, esq., by whom he had,

5. John, m. Mary, da. of Sir Henry
Vaughan, knt.

6. Edward, a captain ; 7- Rawleigh.

8. Catharine, m. sir John Stepney,

9. Cicely, m. George Jones, esq.

II. Sir EDWARD, eldest son of Anthony,
succeeded his grandfather, but rf. without
issue male, the title and estate devolved on
his cousin,

III. Sir RICHARD, (eldest son of Richard
Mansel, esq., 4th son of sir Francis,) m. a
da. and h. of Rees David, esq., by whom he

1. Sir Richard, 4th bart.

2. Sir Willia:vi, 5th bart.

3. 4. 5. Three das.

IV. Sir RICHARD, the eldest son, suc-
ceeded his father, and d. inim., whereupon
the dignity and estate devolved upon his
next brother,

V. Sir WILLIAM, m. Amy, eldest da. of
sir Richard Cox, lord chancellor of Ireland,
by whom he had issue two sons and 3 das.

VI. Sir RICHARD, eldest son, who suc-
ceeded his father, m. Rebecca, eldest da. of
William Ware, esq., by whom he had,

1. Sir William, 7th bart.

2. Edward, d. ; 3. 4. 5. 6. Four das.

He was succeeded by his only son,

VII. Sir WILLIAM, m. Mary, only da.
of John Phillips, of Coedgaing, co. Carmar-
then, esq., and by her (who d. Dec. 1811)
had issue,

1. Sir William, 8th bart.

2. Richard, of Coedgaing, co. Carmar-
then, who took the surname of Phillips, by
royal sign manual, 24 Jan. 17J)3.

3. John, C.B., lieut.-col. in the army, tn.,
July 1815, Louisa, eldest da. ofWilliam-
Moreton Pleydell, of Whitcombe House,
CO. Dorset, esq.

Sir William d. 3 June 1804, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VIII. Sir WILLIAM, h. 29 April 176f;,
m., Dec. 1790, Elizabeth, da. of John Bell,
of Harefield, co. Middlesex, esq., and had

1. W^illiam-John, in holy orders, rector
of Ellesborough, co. Bucks, m., 27 July
1814, Harriet-Charlotte, 3d da. of Laver
Oliver, of Brill House, co. Bucks, and d.
5 April 1823, leaving 4 das. and co-hs.

2. Sir John-Bell-William, present bart.

3. 4. &c. das., of whom, Mary, m. J. D.
Davies, esq., R.N., and Harriette, w. W.
O. Brigstocke, of Blaenpont, co. Cardigan,
esq., aid d. 1833.

Sir William d. Aug. 1829, and was suc-
ceeded by his only surviving son,

sent and 9th bart.

Arms — See Plate 3. Argent, a chevron
between three maunches, sable.

Crest — A cap of maintenance enfiamed on
the top, proper.

Motto — Quad indt, valde vidt.

Si-ats — Ischoel, co. Carmarthen, and
Woodstone, co. Cork, in Ireland.

PRIDEAUX, of Netherton, co. Devon.
17 July 1622.

Sir EDMUND-SAUNDERSON PRIDEAUX, Baronet, major in the
army ; born 17 Jan. 1794 ; succeeded his brother, sir John-Wilmot, 13
May 1833 ; married, 19 Jan. 1832, Frances, da. of the rev. W. E. Fitz-
Thomas, of AuHscombe, and has issue, a Da., b. 21 Feb. 1834.

The name of Prideaux is of undoubted
antiquity in Cornwall and Devonshire:
their first residence was at Prideaux Castle,
m the first named county, of which Vcga-
nus de Prideaux was seised at the Norman

I. Sir EDMUND, eminent in the pro-
fession of the law, was the 1st bart.; m.,
1st, Bridi-'et, da. of sir John Chichester,
knt., by whom he had,

1. Tabitha, ?/i. Thomas Aylworth, esq.

2. Sarah, w. John Fortescue, esq.

.3. Adjiomtion, m. John Moyle, esq.
Sir Edmund m., 2dly, Catharine, da. of
Piers Edgecombe, est].', by whom he had,

4. Sir Peter, 2d bart.

5. Edmund.

Sir Edmund m , 3dly, Mary, da. of Richard
Reynell, and relict of Arthur Fowell, csqrs.,
by whom he left no issue. Sir Edmund d.
28 March 1628, aged 74, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir Peter, m. Susanna, da. of sir
Anthony Poulet, knt., by whom he had,

1. Edmind ;

2. John, both d. unm. before their father.

3. Sir Petkr, his successor.

4. Margaret, m. Thomas Drew, esq.

5. Marv,

Sir Peter d. 1682, and was succeeded by his
youngest son,

III. Sir PETER, m. lady Elizabeth, da.
of sir Seville Granville, knt., and sister of
John, etirl of Bath, by whom he had,

1. Sir Edmund, his successor.

2. Peter, fellow of All Soul's College,

3. John, m. Anne, da. and h. of Hum-
phrey Prideaux, esq.

4. Roger, d. without issue.

Also several das. ; one m. sir William
Drake, bart., and another ni. the rev. mr.

Sir Peter d. Nov. 1705, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

IV. Sir EDMUND, ?«., 1st, Susanna, da.
of James Winstanley, esq., and relict of
Austin, esq., by whom he had,

1. Sir Edmund, his successor.

2. Pkter, d. before his elder brother,
without male issue.

3. Susanna, m. Phineas Cheek, esq.

Sir Edmund m., 2dly, Elizabeth, da. and
co-h. of George .Saunderson, esq., and
grandda. of viscount Castleton, by whom
he had,

4. Sir John, successor to his half-brother.
Sir Edmund m., 3dly, Mary, da. of Spencer



Vincent, esq., alderman of London, and
relict of sir John Rogers, bart., by whom
he had no issue ; and d. Feb. 1719, was
succeeded by his eldest son, by the 1st

V. Sir EDMUND, m7, 1st, Mary, da. of
Samuel Reynardson, esq., by whom he

1. Mary, m. James Winstanley, esq.

Sir Edmund >w., 2dly, Anne, da. of Philip
Hawkins, by whom he had,

2. Anne, ?». John Pendarves Basset, esq.,
who d. 25 Sept. 1739, leaving her with child
of a son and heir,

John-Prideaux-Basset, whose son and
heir, Francis, was created a bart. 1779>
lord de Dunstanville in 179(i, and lord
Basset in 1797 (^ee Debrett's Peerage ufthe
United Kingdom).
Sir Edmund d. 26 Feb. 1728-9, without
issue male, and was succeeded by his half-

VI. Sir JOHN, m. Anne, eldest da. of
John, viscount Lisburne, (by Mallet Wil-
mot, da. of John, earl of Rochester,) by
whom he had,

1. Saunderson, killed at Carthagena, in
April 1741.

2. John, a lieut. -general, killed at Nia-
gara, 1752, m. Elizabeth, da. of Thomas

Rolt, esq., and sister of sir Edward-Baynton
Rolt, and had issue,

1. Sir JoHN-WiLMOT, 7th bart.

2. Edward-Baynton-Edmund.

3. Elizabeth.
.3. Peter.

4. Elizabeth, m. Edward Chichester, of
Northover, co. Somerset, esq.

5. Anne.

Sir John d. Aug. 1766, and was succeeded
by his grandson,

VII. Sir JOHN-WILMOT, m. , da.

of Priddle, and had issue,

1. Sir JoHN-WiLMOT, 8th bart.

2. Sir Edmund- Saunderson, 9th bart.
Sir John d. 3 March 1826, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VIII. Sir JOHN-WILMOT, 6. 29 Sept.
1792, d. at Calcutta, 13 May 1833, s.p., and
was succeeded by his brother,

sent bart.

Arnw — See Plate 3. Argent, a chevron,
sable, in chief a label, of three points,

Crest — A man's head in profile, couped at
the shoulders, on the head a chapeau azure,
turned up, argent.

Seat — At Netherton, co. Devon.

HAZLERIGG, (late HESILRIGGE,) of Nosely-Hall, co. Leicester.

21 July 1G22.

Sir ARTHUR-GREY HAZLERIGG, Baronet, horn 20 Oct. 1812, suc-
ceeded his father, sir Arthur-Grey, 21 Oct. 1819.

This family is descended from Simon de
Heselrigge, lord of Wettislade and West-
brunton, co. Northumberland, to whom
king Edward I. gave lands in the shire of
Roxburgh, N. B., anno 1280. Eleventh in
lineal descent from him was,

I. Sir THOMAS, 1st bart., «i. Frances,
da. and h. of sir William Gorges, knt., and
had 8 sons and 6 das. He d. 11 Jan. 1629,
and his lady in 1638 ; he was succeeded by
his eldest surviving son,

II. Sir ARTHUR, who was a very con-
spicuous personage in the ci^ il wars, on the
side of the parliament, and was greatly in
the confidence of Oliver Cromwell. He
preferred a bill in the house of commons
for the attainder of Thomas, earl of Straf-
ford, for high treason, which measure ren-
dered him very obnoxious to the court ; m.,
1st, Frances, da. of sir Thomas Elmes, knt.,
by whom (who d. W.i2) he had,

1. Sir Thomas, his successor.

Sir Arthur m., -IMy, Dorothy, sister to Ro-
bert Greville, lord Broke, by whom (who d.
28 Jan. 16.50) he had issue,

2. Sir RoHERT, .'5th bart.

Three other sons and five daughters.
Sir Arthur d. in 1(;6(», and was succeeded by
his only surviving son by the 1st marriage,

III. Sir THOMAS, m. Elizabeth, da. and
co-h. of George Fenwick, of Brunton Hall,
CO. Northumberland, esq., by whom (who
d. 30 May 1673) he had,

1. Sir Thomas, his successor.

2. Mary, m. Francis Blith, of Allesley,
CO. Warwick, esq.

3. Arabella, m. Rawson Hart, esq.
Sir Thomas d. 24 Feb. 1680, aged .55.

IV. Sir THOMAS, his only son and suc-
cessor, served in parliament, co. Leicester,
in 1690, and d. tinm. 11 July 170O; where-
upon the dignity and estate devolved upon

his uncle, Robert, only surviving son of
sir Arthur, by the 2d marriage ; which

V. Sir ROBERT, m. Bridge^, da. of sir
Samuel Rolle, of Heanton, co. Devon, knt.,
by whom he had four sons, who all rf. unni.
in his life-time, except one, named Robert;
and four das., who all d. unm. Sir Robert
d. 22 May 1713, and his lady 26 July 1697.
He was succeeded by his only surviving

VI. Sir ROBERT, m. Dorothy, 2d da.
of Banaster, 3d lord Maynard, and rf. 19
May 1721, aged 55, leaving one son, Arthur,
and' a da., Dorothy, m. the rev. mr. Battle.

VII. Sir ARTHUR, only son and suc-
cessor, m., June 1725, Hannah, da. of mr.
Sturges, by whom he had,

1. Sir Robert, 8th bart.

2. Arthur, who was in the commission
of the peace, and d. 11 April 1791.

3. Sir Thomas-Maynard, loth bart.

4. Elizabeth, m. the rev. Richard

5. Charles, m. Sarah, da. of


6. Grey, d. Oct. 1810, having ni. Bridget,
da. of the rev. Richard Buckley, by whom
he had

Sir Arthur-Grky, 11th bart.

7. Bridoet, d. joim. July 18i;{.

8. Hannah, d. unm. 18 Aug. 1822.

!). Arahklla, ?«., 1784, Charles Roberts,
of Thornby, co. Northampton, esq., and
d. 22 June 1825, aged 78.

Sir Arthur d. 1763, and was succeeded in
title by his eldest son,

VIII. Sir ROBERT, m. Sarah, da. of
Nathaniel Waller, of Roxburgh, in New
England, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir Arthur, !)lh bart.

2. .Sarah, m. David Henley, esq.

3. Ha.nnaH, m. the rev. Thomas Abbot.



Sir Robert d., and was succeeded by his

IX. Sir ARTHUR, judge and collector
of the department of Jersore, m. Elizabeth
Charnaud, of Smyrna, and by her (whorf.
at Calcutta, 1797) had no issue. Sir Arthur
d. in Bengal, in 18()5, without issue, and
was succeeded by his uncle,

X. Sir THOMAS-MAYNARD, m., 1st,
Mary, da. of Edmund Tyrell, of Gipping
Hall, CO. Suffolk, esq., and by her (who d.
13 Feb. 1800) had no issue; and 2dlv, ,30
Nov. 1811, the hon Letitia, 2d da. of John,
Jst lord Wodehouse. Sir Thomas d. 24
April 1817, without issue, when the title
devolved upon,

XI. Sir ARTHUR-GREY, (eldest son of
col. Grey Hesilrigge, .5th and youngest son
of sir Arthur, the 7th bart.,) who by royal
licence, 8 July 1818, was allowed to alter the

spelling of his name to Hazlerigg; m., 2.5
July 1811, Henrietta-Anne, 2d da. of John
Bourne, esq., of Stanch Hall, Hants, by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir Arthur-Grey, present bart.

2. Thomas-Maynard, b. 15 April 1815,

3. Henrtktta-Susanj 6. 10 Jan. 1817.

4. Grey (a son), b. 13 March 1818.
Herf. 24 Oct. 1819, and was succeeded by

his eldest son,

XII. Sir ARTHUR-GREY, present bart.

Anns — See Plate 3 Argent, a chevron,

between three hazel leaves, vert.

Cre^t — On achapeau, gules, lined, ermine,
a man's head, proper, bearded and crined,

Motto — Pro aris etfocix.

Residence — Nosely Hall, co. Leicester.

SKIPWITH, of Pre ST WOULD, co. Leicester.

20 Dec. 1G22.

Sir GRAY SKIPWITH, Baronet, M.P. for the southern division of
Warwickshire; born 17 Sept. 1771; succeeded his father, sir Peyton, J>
Oct. 1805 ; married, 22 April 1801, Harriet, 3d da. of Gore Townsend, of
Honington, co. Warwick, esq., and by her (who d. 7 July 1830) has issue,

1. Anna, b. 21 Jan. 1802, w., 21 Dec. 1824, rev. John-Thomas

Parker, rector of Newbold-upon-Avon, co. Warwick; 2. Thomas-
George, b. 9 Feb. 1803; 3. Selina, b. 2G March 1804, m., 3 May

1824, James- William -Lennox Naper, of Loughcrew, co. Meath, esq. ;

4. Harriett, b. 23 June 1805^ m., 24 June 1828, Henry-Christophei*

Wise, esq., of Woodcote, co. M^arwick ; 5. Louisa, b. 24 June 1806',

m., 27 March 1827, John Fullerton, of Wellesbourne, co. Warwick, esq. ;

6. William, b.2 Dec. 1807; 7- Marianne, b. 5 Jan. 1809;

8. FuLWER, b. 18 Feb. 1810; 9. Grey, in the navy, b. 10 April

1811; 10. Lelia-Sophia, b. 16 Jan. 1814; 11. Henrv, b. 13

June 1815; 12. Lionel, b. 5 Aug. 181G ; 13. Elizabeth, b. 14

Sept. 1817 ; 14. Julia-Horatia, b. 13 March 1819 ; 15. Francis-

Robert-Estoteville, b. 16 June 1820; 16. Randolph, b. 25

Nov. 1822; 17. Humberston, b. 8 Dec. 1823; 18. Sidmouth-

Stowell, b. 29 March 1825.

This family takes its name from the
town and lordship of Skipwith, in the
East Riding of Yorkshire, and is descended
from Patrick de Skipwith, who was lord
thereof temp. Hen. I. In the reign of Hen.
III., their residence was removed into Lin-
colnshire, in which county, by five suc-
cessive marriages with heiresses, they had
inherited very large property; but they
still continued possessed of Skipwith,

Sir William Skipwith, knt, living
early in the 16th century, was the common
ancestor of three families of barts. of which
the present one only remains. He m., 1st,
Elizabeth, da. of sir William Tyrv/hit, knt.,
and by her had sir William, who was
seated at Skipwith and at Ormesby, co.
Lincoln, and m., 1st, Elizabeth, da. and h.
of sir Richard Page, chamberlain to king
Edward VI., by whom he had issue, Rich-
ard, whose great-grandson, sir Fulwar
Skipwith, was created a bart. 25 Oct. 1670 ;
which title became extinct on the death of
his great-great-grandson, sir Thomas-George
Skipwith, 4th bart., in 1790 ; on., 2dly,
Anne, da. of John Toothby, by whom he
had a son, Edward, whose grandson, sir
Thomas, of Metheringham, co. Lincoln, was
created a bart. 27 July 1678 ; which title

became extinct on the death of his grand-
son sir George-Bridges Skipwith, in 1756.
Sir William (the father) m., 2dly, Alice, da.
of sir Leon Dymock, knt., and by her had
issue, Henry, of Cotes, co. Leicester, grand-
father of

I. Sir HENRY, of Prestwold, who was
created a bart. as above. He w. the 3d da.
and co-heiress of sir Thomas Kempe, knt.,
by whom he had 4 sons and 2 das.

1. WiLLiAiM, who d. without issue.

2. Henry, 2d bart.

3. Tho.mas, d. without issue.

4. Grey, 3d bart.

5. Elizabeth.

6. Diana.

II. Sir HENRY, eldest surviving son,
and successor to his father, d. unm. sooti
after him, whereupon the title and estate
went to his next surviving brother,

III. Sir GREY, who, after the death of
king Charles I., went, with several other
gentlemen, to Virginia, to avoid the usurpa-
tion of Cromwell, and there married, and
left only one son,

IV. Sir WILLIAM, m. in Virginia; in the
year 1730, he was about 60 years of age, and
had 8 children ; he was succeeded in the
title bv his eldest son,

c 3



V. Sir GREY, who also resided in Vir-
ginia, and was svicceeded by his son,

VI. Sir WILLIAM, of Prestwould, in
Virginia; he d. in Virginia, in 1704, and was
succeeded by his son,

VII. Sir PEYTON, who d. in Virginia,
9 Oct. 1805, and was succeeded by his
eldest surviving son.

VIII. Sir GUAY, of Hampton-Lucy, co.
Warwick, present bart.

Arms— See Plate 3. Argent, three bars,
gules, in chief, a greyhound, current, sable,
collared, or.

Crest— On a wreath, a reel, proper.

Residence — Hampton-Lucy, near Strat-
ford-upon-Avon, CO. Warwick.

CREWE, (late HARPUR,) of Caulk Abbey, co. Derby.

8 Sept. 1626.

Sir GEORGE CREWE, Baronet, horn 1 Feb. 1795, succeeded his father,

sir Henry, 7 Feb. 1818; married, 9 Sept. 1819, , da. of the rev.

Thomas Whitaker, of Mendham, co. Norfolk, and has, a SON, b. 28

Oct. 1824 ; a Da., b. 4 July 1829, d. 3 Sept. 1829 ; —

1830 ; a Son, 6. 5 July 1832.

a Da., b. 5 June

This family is said to have been originally
seated at Chesterton, co. Warwick, where a
Hugo Harpur was living temp. Henry I.

Richard Harpur, of Swarkston, co.
Derby, esq., was made a serjeant-at-law,
1558, and in 156<j appointed one of the
judges of the Queen's Bench ; he m. Jane,
da. and at length h. of sir George Findern,
of Findern, co. Derby, knt., and had issue
2 sons, both Unts. ; the youngest, sir Richard,
was of Littleover, and Twiford, co. Derby,
m. and left issue ; and the eldest.

Sir John, succeeded his father at Swark-
ston, m. Isabel, da. of sir George Pierre-
point, and had 3 sons, 1. sir Richard, ni.,
but d. 1627, without male issue; 2. John,
succeeded his brother at Swarkston, m., and
left issue ; and

I. Sir HENRY, of Caulk, co. Derby, cre-
ated a bart. as above, m. Barbara, da. of
Anthony Faunt, of Foston, co. Leicester,
and widow of sir Henry Beaumont, of Grace
Dieu, knt., and by her (who d. 2 July l(34(j)
had issue,

1. Sir JoHX, 2d bart.

2. Henry, merchant in London, d. s.p.

3. William, of Bilston, co. Leicester, m.
and left issue.

4. Elizabeth, m. Richard Manley.

5. Jane, m. Thomas Twyford.

6. Dorothy, m. sir Nicholas Wilmot, of
Osmaston, knt.

7. Isabel, m. Nicholas Hurt, esq.

8. Barbara, »h. John Manley, esq.
!). Catherine, d. unm.

Sir Henry rf. I(i38, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, m. Susan, da, of

West, by whom he had,

1. Sir John, .'kl bart.

2. Henry; 3. Richard.

4. Charles; 5. Edward, who all (ex-
cepting the eldest) d. nnm,
(}. Barbara; 7- Elizabeth, d. ?/Mm.
8. Jane, m. Henry Dyson.

0. Susanna, m. James Dean, rector of
Halloughton, co. Leicester.

10. Dorothy, m. John Harpur, of Twy-
ford, esq.

He d. 1009, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

HI. Sir JOHN, m. Anne, 2d da, of Wil-
liam, lord Willoughby, of Parhain, by
Vhom he had issue,

1. Sir John, 4th bart.

2. Annk, m. Borlase Warren, of Staple-
Jbrd, CO. Nottingham, esq.

He d. 1081, and was succeeded by his son
fend heir,

tV; Sir JOHN, (». 23 March 107!), m. Ca-

therine, youngest da. and co-h. of Thomas,
lord Crewe, of Stene, by whom he had

1. Sir Henry, 5th bart.

2. John-Edward, who d. in 17G1.

3. Crewe, d. 1724-5.

4. Anne, d. an infant.

5. Jemima, tn. sir Thomas Palmer, bart.

6. Catherine, m. sir Henry Gough,
bart. (ancestor of lord Calthorpe) : she d.
in 1740.

7. Marv.

Sir John rf. 24 June 1741, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir HENRY, w. Caroline, da. of
John, 2d duke of Rutland, by his 2d wife,
Lucy, sister to Bennet Sherard, 1st earl of
Harborough, by whom (who m., 2dly, sir
Robert Burdett, bart., and d. 1709) he had

1. John, who d. young.

2. Sir Henry, 6th bart.

3. Charles, a major 38th regt. of foot,
and d. 1770.

4. Caroline, m. Adam Hay, esq.

Sir Henry d. 7 June 1748, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VI. Sir HENRY, m., 17 July 17<54,
Frances-Elizabeth, 2d da. of Francis, 1st
earl Brooke, and earl of Warwick, by Eliza-
beth, eldest da. of the hon. Archibald Ha-
milton, 3d son of William, duke of Hamil-
ton, and d. 1789, leaving issue by her (who
d. 7 April 1825) an only son,

VII. Sir HENRY, D.C.L., who, in com-
memoration of his descent from Catherine,
da. and co-h. of Thomas, lord Crewe, and
wife of the 4lh bart., took the name^ and
arms of Crewe, by royal sign manual, 1808,
6.13 May 1703, m., 1/91, Nanny Hawkins,
and by her (who d. 20 March 1827) bad

1. Henry, d. an infant.

2. Louisa-Matilda, b. 14 Nov. 1793.

3. Sir Geoikjk, present bart.

4. Si;lina, h. 8 Jan. 1798, m., 2 Jan. 1822,
William -Stanhope Badcock, esq., capt.

.5. Hknrietta-Charlotte, 6. 19 March
18(10, d. u),m. 20 Dec. 1819.

(i. IlioNRY-RoiiERT, b. 4 Sept. 1801, in
holy orders, m., 25 Sept. 1827, Frances-Ca-
roline, da. of William Jcnncy, of Bladhi
Wood, near Burton-ui)on-Trent, esq.

7. Edmund-Lkwis, b. 1 Aug. 1803, m.i
20 Sept. 1832, Caroline-Anna, da. of lieut.-
gcneral Need, of Fountain Dale, Notting-

8. CuARLEs-HioH, 6. 4 April 1805.

Sir lleury d. (in consequence of a fall



from the box of liis carriage) 7 Feb. 1819,
and was succeeded bv his eldest son,

VIII. Sir GEORGE, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 3. 1st and 4th, Crewe;
azure, a lion rampant, argent; 2d and 3d,
Harpuk; argent, a lion rampant, within

a bordure, engrailed, sable.

Crest — 1st, Crewk, out of a ducal co-
ronet, or, a lion's jamb, argent ; 2d,
Harpur, a boar passant, or, ducally gorged,

Seat— At Caulk Abbey, co. Derby.

SEBRIGHT, of Besford, co. "Worcester.

20 Dec. 1626.

' Sir JOHN-SAUNDERS SEBRIGHT, Baronet, bom 23 May 1767, suc-
ceeded his father, sir John, March 1704 ; M.P. for Hertfordshire ; married^
in Aug. 1703, Hannah, da. of Richard Crofts, of Harling, co. Norfolk, esq.,

by whom (who d. 5 Aug. 1G26) he had issue, 1. THOMAS; 2.

Frederica-Anne-Saunders ; 3. Emily, m., 30 March 1822, Fre-
derick Franks, esq., and d. 4 Nov. in the same year ; 4. Caroline ;

5. Frances; 6. Sothia, d. loim. Jan. 1829; 7- Mary-


-8. Octavia

9. Gertrude, d. Jan. 1820.

Therr appears to have been a family of
Sebright seated at Sebright Hall, in Much
Baddow, co. Essex, as early as temp. Henry
II., and which became extinct in the male
line temp. Henry VIII. The baronet's an-
cestors (said to descend from a younger
brother of the Sebrights of Essex) were
seated in Worcestershire and Staffordshire.
Humphrey Sebright, of Blakeshall, co.
Worcester, was great-grandfather of

1. EDWARD SEBRIGHT, created a
baronet 20 Dec. 1020, was a warm royalist,
and was obliged to pay 11 ()!»/. composition
for his estate to the sequestrators ; m., 1st,
Theodosia, da. of Gerard Whor wood, esq.,
by whom he had, besides other issue,

"1. William, d. without issue.

2. Sir John, 2d bart.

3. Elizabeth, m. sir John Repington,

Sir Edward m., 2dly, Elizabeth Montagu,
eldest da. of Henry, 1st earl of Manchester,
by Catherine, 2d da. of sir William Spencer,
3d son of sir George Spencer, of Althorpc,
and relict of sir Lewis Mansel, bart.

II. Sir JOHN, his son and successor, m.
Elizabeth, da. of sir Richard Knightly,
K.B., (by Anne, his 2d wife, da. of sir Wil-
liam Courteen, knt.,) by whom he had 2

1. Sir Edward, 3d bart.

2, Richard, who rf. without issue 1722.

III. Sir EDWARD, who succeeded his
father, m. Anne, da. and h. of Thomas
Saunders, esq., by whom (who m., 2dly,
Charles Littleton, esq., brother of sir Tho-
mas Littleton, of Pilleton, bart.) he had

1. Sir Thomas, 4th bart.

2. Edward, who was murdered, 20 Sept.
1723, near Calais, as he was travelling with
some English gentlemen ; a monument was
erected to his memory on the spot where

this villany was committed.

3. Anne, eldest da., m. sir Charles Buck,

4. A DA., m. John Coke, esq.

Sir Edward rf, Dec. 1702, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

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