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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 11 of 95)
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sented CO. Hertford in parliament, from 1
George I. till his death ; m. a da. of sir
Francis Dashwood, of West Wycombe,
Bucks, bart., and had issue by her, (who d.


1. Sir Thomas, 5th bart.

2. Sir John, (jth bart.

Sir Thomas d. 12 April 173(i, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir THOMAS, succeeded his father,
and d. iinm. 25 Oct. 17(J5, was succeeded by
his only brother,

VI. Sir J< IN, a Meut.-gen., colonel of
the royal Irish regt. of foot, and M.P. for
Bath ; m., Jime 17(i(J, Sarah, da. of Edward
Knight, esq., by whom (who d. 29 Dec;
1813) he had

1. Sir John-Saunders, 7th bart.

2. Thomas, a lieut.-colonel, rf. 1795.

3. Henrietta, m., Sept. 1794, Henry,
earl of Haiewood.

4. Edward -Amherst- Saunders, late
lieut.-col. 1st guards.

5. Mary, m., 15 April 1(111, Nicholas-
Lewis Fenwick, of Terrington, co. Norfolk,

Sir John d. in March 1794, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

Vn. Sir JOHN-SAUNDERS, present

Arms—^eQ Plate 3. Argent, three cinque-
foils, sable.

Crest — \ tiger, sejant, argent; maned
and crowned, or.

Seats— At Besford Court, CO. Worcester*
and Beechwood, co. Herts.

DERING, of Surenden-Dering, co. Kent.
1 Feb. 1626.

Sir EDWARD-CHOLMEIiEY DERING, Baronet, horn 19 Nov. 1807,
succeeded his grandfather, sir Edward, 30 June 1811 ; married., 10 April
1832, the hon. Jane Edwardes, da. of lord Kensington, and has issue,
a SON and heir, b. 21 July 1833.



There is a tradition by which this fa-
mily is traced to a very ancient Saxon ori-
gin; but Hasted, in his History of Kent,
says, the only account he has been able to
gather from the family papers is, that the
family of Bering is dtscended from 'Norman
de Morinis, whose ancestor was Vitalis Fitz-
Ojihert, temp. Henry H., and which Norman
had a son named Deringii.s de Morinis.

I. Sir EDWARD, the 15th in descent
from Deringus, was knighted 22 Jan. 1(518;
made lieutenant of Dover Castle, and
cieated a baronet 1 Feb. 1026, and was after-
wards one of the knights in parliament for
Kent. He m., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of sir
Nicholas Tufton, afterwards earl of Thanet,
and by her (who d. I(i22) had,

1. Anthony, who d. in l(i20.

He m., 2dly, Anne, 3d da. of sir John Ash-
burnham, knt., (ancestor of the earls of
Ashburnham,) and by her (who d. in 162ii,
aged 23,) he had,

2. Edward, his successor.

3. Elizabeth, m. sir John Darell, knt.
He m., 3dly, Unton, da. of sir Ralph
Gibbes, knt., who d. in 1076, by whom he

4. Henry, of Pevington, co. Kent, m.
and had issue.

5. Sir Edward, knighted 1680, d. s.p.

6. Dorothy, m. Thomas English, of
Buckland, Kent, esq.

Sir Edward d. 22 June 1644, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

II. Sir EDWARD, then a minor, who
afterwards represented co. Kent in parlia-
ment, and was one of the commissioners of
the treasury'. He »h. Mary, da. of Daniel
Harvey, esq., who d. in 1704, by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir Edward, 3d hart.

2. Charles, auditor of the exchequer in
Ireland, who m., 1 Oct. 1691, Margaret, re-
lict of Henry, 5th lord Blayney, and sister
of John Moore, lord Tullamore, and d. July
1719, having had issue 8 sons and 2 das.

3. Daniel, a colonel in Ireland, who m.
Helen, da. of sir John Perceval.

4. John; 5. Robert.

6. Elizabeth, m. sir Robert Southwell.

7. Mary, m. sir Thomas KnatchbuU,

8. Anne, m. Wortley Whorwood.

9. Cathakine, m., 1st, Feb. 1680, sir
John Perceval, bart., (by whom she was
mother of John, 1st earl of Egmont,) and
2dly, col. Butler.

10. Jane, rf. imm.

Sir Edward rf. 1684, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

III. Sir EDWARD, represented CO. Kent,
and rf. in 1689, m. Elizabeth, eldest da. of
sir William Cholmeley, bart., who rf. 1704,
leaving issue 1 da. and 3 sons, the eldest of

IV. Sir CHOLMELEY, succeeded his
father, and represented the co. in parlia-
ment in the 4th and 9tli of queen Anne: he
was killed in a duel 12 May 1711. having m.
Mary, da. and sole h. of Edward Fisher,
esq., who rf. 1707- By her he had 2 sons,

1. Edward, 51h bart.

2. Ciior.iMKLEY, who rf. in T768, imtn.

V. Sir EDWARD, the eldest son, rcpre-
Fented the co. Kent in the 4 parliaments of
(Jeorge II. Hem., 1st, in 1728, Elizabeth,
da. and co-h. of Edward Henshaw, of El-
tham, esq., by whom (who rf. 1735) he had

1. Sir Edward, 6th bart.

2. Daniel, rf. 17()0.

Sir Edward ni., 2dly, 1735, Mary, da. of
Charles Fotherby, of Barham, esii., and
widow of Henry Mompcsson, esq., d. 1775 ;

by whom he had issue,

3. Charles, m., 1770, Elizabeth, da. of
sir Thomas Farnaby, bart.

4. Thomas.

5. Mary, »«. sir Robert Hildyard, bart.j
rf. 3 Nov. 1816.

Sir Edward rf. 15 April 1762, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son by his 1st wife,

VI. Sir EDWARD ; was elected in 5 suc-
cessive parliaments for new Romney, in
Kent ; he m., 1st, 1/55, Selina, jla. and co-h.
of sir Robert Furnese, of Waldershare, in
Kent, bart., who rf. 1757. by whom he had

1. Sir Edward, 7th bart.

2. Selina, m. dr. Dealtry, in Ireland.
Sir Edward m., 2vily, in 1765, Deborah,
only da. of John Winchester, of Nethersole,
CO. Kent, esq., and by her (who rf. 20 March
1818) had,

3. Cholmeley, b. 1766, col. of a regt.
of light dragoons, called the New Romney
Fencibles, the first two troops of which
were raised by sir Edward Dering and the
corporation of New Romney, in April 1794;
and which, in April 1795, were, by its com-
mander, (with the approbation and assist-
ance of government,) completed to a regt.
of six troops, and received the honour of
the additional title of his royal highness the
duke of York's name, and was called the
New Romney (or duke of York's own)
Fencible Light Dragoons. Col. Dering m.,
17SO, Charlotte-Elizabeth, da. of sir Joseph
Yates, knt., late one of the judges of the
court of Common Pleas, by whom he had
one son,

Cholmeley-Edward-John, m., 27 May
I8I7. Maria, eldest da. of Barrington
Price, esq., and has issue.

4. Robert-Charles, rf. May 1795. 1st
lieutenant on board his majesty's frigate,
Iphigenia, in the West Indies.

5. George, m. his cousin, Elizabeth, only
da. of Charles Dering, of Barham Court,
CO. Kent, esq., and rf. 1820, leaving issue,

1. George.

2. Robert, an officer in the rifle brigade,
m., 4 June 1829, Letitia, youngest da. of
the late sir George Shee, bart.

3. Charlotte - Elizabeth, m., 12 June
1834, rev. Frederick-Fitzherbert Hasle-
wood, eldest son of William Haslewood,
of Slaughan Park, Sussex, esq.

4. Harriet-Mary.

5. Caroline.

6. Harry, rf. an infant.

7. Elizabeth, m. Daniel-Byara Mathew,
late of Felix Hall, co. Essex, esq.

8. Charlotte, m., 1803, rev. mr. Money-
penny, rf. 1813.

9. Harriet, who rf. at Paris 1760.

Sir Edward rf. 8 Dec. 1798, and was succeed-
ed in title and estate by his son,

VII. Sir EDWARD, b. 1757, m., 1782,
Anne, da. of William Hale, of King's Wal-
den, CO. Herts, esq., and by her (who d. 17
July 1830, aged 74,) had issue,

1. Edward, b. 1783, ?>i. Henrietta, eldest
da. and co-h. of Richard Neville, of Fur-
ness, CO. Kildare, escj., (who w., 2dly, l5
Jan. 1H1(», sir William Geary, bart.,) and d.
19 Sept. 18(18, having had issue.

Sir Edward-Cholmeley, the present
bart., and

Henrietta-Charlotte, b. 30 Sept. 1806,
»n., 14 May 1829, rev. Julius Deedes, 2d
son of William Deedes, esii-, of Sandling,
CO. Kent.

2. Cholmeley-Charles-Wilmam, 6.
May 1785, m., 1809, Charlotte-Bucknall,
eldest da. of William Hale, of King's WSl-
den, cs(|., and lias issue,

1. William, b. 1811, d. 1823.



2. Anne-Mary, b. 1812.

3. Emily-Charlotte, b. 1813.

4. Augusta-Sophia, b. 1818, d. 1821.

5. Heneage-William, 6. 1819.

6. Frances, b. 1822.

7. Osmond, 6. 1826.

3. Charlotte, m., 1808, Henrv, only son
of sir Richard-Colt Hoare, of Stourhead,
CO. Wilts, bart.

Sir Edward rf. 30 June 1811, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,


the present bart.

Arms — See Plate 4. Quarterly, 1st and
4th, argent, a fesse, azure; in chief three
torteaux (a coat of augmentation) ; 2d and
3d, or, a siltire, sable.

Crest — On a ducal coronet, or, a mount
vert, thereon a horse, passant, sable ;
maned, or.

Suppm-ters — Two horses, sable, maned, or.

Motto — Terrere nolo, tlmere nescio.

Seat — Surenden-Dering, in Kent.

STYLE, of Wateringbury, co. Kent.

21 April 1G27.

Sir THOMAS-CHARLES STYLE, Baronet, succeeded his brother, sir
Thomas, 5 Nov. 1813 ; married, 28 Oct. 1822, Isabella, da. of sir George
Cayley, of Brompton, co. York, bart., and had issue an only child, Emma,
d. at Lausanne, 24 Aug. 1834, set. 5 years.

This family was originally seated in Suf-
folk, and is descended from William Style,
of Ipswich, the father of John Style, alder-
man of London, and grandfather of sir
Humphrey Style, of Langley, knt., who
was one of the esquires of the body to king
Henry VIII., and was grandfather of,

1. Sir THOMAS, was created a bart. as
above, m. Elizabeth, da. and heiress of
Robert Foulkes, esq., by whom (who d.
20 May 1(550) he had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 2d bart.

2. Elizabeth, m. John Monins, esq.

3. Susan, m. sir John Read, bart.

4. Anne, m. sir John Buck, bart.

He d. 18 Oct. 1637, and was succeeded by
his son,

II. Sir THOMAS, w., 1st, Elizabeth, da,
of sir William Armine, bart.i by whom
(who d. 10 Dec. 1679) he had

1. Thomas, m. Mary, only da. of sir
Stephen Langham, knt., by whom he had

a son Thomas, who d. an infant, in 1674.

He d. 30 Aug. 1672. His widow afterwards
m. sir Thomas Middleton, knt.

2. William ; 3. Michael, both d. young.
4. Sir Oliver, 3d bart. ; 5. Armine.

6. Elizabeth, m. William Carter, esq.

7. Mary, m. sir Felix Ward, bart.

8. Susan, m. Thomas Dalyson, esq.

9. Anne, m. John Marriot, esq.

.Sir Thomas m., 2dly, Margaret, da. of
sir Thomas Twisden, bart., by whom (who
d. 5 Dec. 1718) he had,

10. Thomas, who rf. in his life-time,
without issue.

11. Sir Thomas, 4th bart.

12. Humphrey; 13. Roger, both d.
without issue.

14. Margaret, m. Robert Vyner, esq.
Sir Thomas rf. 19 Nov. 17(12. He was
succeeded by his only surviving son by the
first marriage,

III. Sir OLIVER, who rf. 12 Feb. follow-
ing, without issue ; on which the title and
estate descended to his half-brother,

IV. THOMAS, m. Elizabeth, eldest da.
of sir Charles Hotham, bart., bv whom
(who rf. 25 Oct. 1737) he had,

1. Thomas, rf. 1741.

2. Sir Charles, 5th bart.

3. Robert, vicar of Wateringbury, and
rector of Mereworth, m. Priscilla, da. of the
rev. John Davis, by whom he had issue,

1. Charles ; 2. Robert ; 3. Charlotte.
4. Margaretta; 5. Henrietta.
6. William.

4. William, lieut.-general, m. Catherine,
sister and co-h. of John-Long Bateman,
esq., and rf. without issue, 178(j.

5. Elizabeth, rf. inuiu, 1795.

6. Charlotte, rf. 1780, unm.

Sir Thomas rf. 11 Jan. 1769, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

V. Sir CHARLES, m., 7 March 1770,
Isabella Wingfield, 2d da. of Richard, vis-
count Powerscourt, and by her (who rf. in
France, 24 Sept, 1808) he had,

1. Sir Charles, 6th bart.

2. Dorothy, m. John Larking, esq.

He rf. in 1774, and was succeeded by his
only son,

VI. Sir CHARLES, m., 1794, Camilla,
eldest da. of James Whatman, of Vintners,
CO. Kent, esq., and by her (who rf. 17 Sept.
1829, set. 58) had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 7th bart.

2. Sir Thomas-Charles, 8th and pre-
sent bart.

3. Isabella-Anne.

4. Mary, m., 14 July 1829, Robert,
youngest son of the late George Sandilands,

And deceasing in Sept. 1804, was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VII. Sir THOMAS, ensign 1st regiment
of foot-guards, rf. in Spain, of a fever, 3
Nov. 1813, unm., and was succeeded by his

VIII. Sir Thomas-Charles, present

Arms— See Plate 3. Sable, a fesse, or,
fretted, of the field, between three fleurs-
de-lis, and within a border of the second.

Crest — A wolf's head, couped, proper ;
the lower part of the neck frette, as in the

Seat—Kt W'ateringbury Place, near Maid-
stone, CO. Kent.

ISHAM, of Lamport, co. Northampton.
30 May 1627.
Sir JUSTINIAN ISHAM, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir Justinian,



1 April 1818; born 24 April 1773 ; married^ 12 May 1812, Mary, eldest
da. of the rev. S. Close, of Elm Park, co. Armagh, prebendary of Tynan
in that diocese, (by Deborah, his wife, 4th da. of rev. Arthur Champagne,

dean of Clonmacnois,) and has issue, 1. Mary-Deborah, b. 4 Feb.

1814; 2. JUSTINIAN-VERE, b. 7 Nov. 181G; 3. Charles-
Edmund, b. IG Dec. 1819.

I. Sir JOHN ISHAM, b. 27 July 1582,
was knighted by James I., 29 March 1608,
and by Charles I. advanced to the dignity
ofabart. ; m., 19 Oct. IWt;, Judith, da. of
William Lewyn, of Ottringden, co. Kent,
LL.D., official principal of the arches, and
judge of the prerogative court of Canter-
bury, &c., by whom (who d. 25 June lli25)
he had,

1. Sir Justinian, 2d bart.

2. Elizabeth ; 3. Judith, both d. nnm.
He d. 8 July 1C51, and was succeeded by
his son,

11. Sir JUSTINIAN, b. 20 Jan. 1610.
During the time of the rebellion, he ad-
hered firmly to the royal cause, for which
he suffered both in person and estate ; for
the latter he was obliged to compound at
i'llOH. He was elected knt. of the shire
for Northampton. He m., 1st, Jane, da. of
sir John Garrard, knt. and bart., by whom
(who d. in child-bed of her only son, 1638)
he had,

1. Jane, d. nnm. 1655.

2. Elizabeth, w. sir Nicholas Lestrange,

3. Judith, d, unm.

4. Susan, m., 1656, sir Nicholas Carew,

5. John, b. and d. 1633.

Sir Justinian m., 2dly, 1653, Vere, da. of
Thomas, lord Leigh, by Mary, da. and co-h.
of sir Thomas Egerton, eldest son of Tho-
mas, lord EUesmere, viscount Brackley,
higli chancellor of England, by whom (who
il. 29 Oct. 1704) he had issue,

6. Sir Thomas, 3d bart.

7. Sir Justinian, 4th bart.

8. John, d. Oct. 1746 ; tn. Frances,da. and
co-h. of sir Richard Ashfield, bart., and by
her (who d. April 17.'>5,) had issue,

1. Justinian, who d. April 1743, m.
Mary, da. of sir Stephen Anderson, bart.

2. John ; 3. Frances, both d. young.

9. Charles, (/. in the 11th year of his

10. Ferdinando; 11. Henry, both d.

12. Marv, m. sir Marmaduke D'Ayrell,
knt., and d. 5 June 1G79.

13. Vere (a da.).

Sir Justinian rf. 2 Marcli 1(174, in his 65th
year, and was succeeded by his son,

III. Sir THOMAS, 6. 15 March 1056, d.
Hum., 26 July 1681, upon which the title
and estate devolved upon his next brother,

IV. Sir JUSTINIAN, b. 11 Aug. 1()58,
elected, 1685, M.F. for the town of North-
ampton, and, upon the landing of th(^ prince
of Orange, he appeared in arip.s at Notting-
ham, where several lords and gentlemen
formed themselves into a troop, as a guard
to the i)rincess Anne, the command of
which lie modestly declining, the choice fell
upon the right rev. dr. Compton, bishop of
London, whom he proposed, and contented
himself with being their cornet. In l(i89, he
was elected by the almost unanimous voice
of the CO. Northami)ton, one o^ their
knts. of the shire, and continued to repre-
sent that CO. till his death. He r>i., l(i July
1()83, Elizabeth, only da. of sir Edmimd
Tumor, knt. (by Margaret, da. of sir John
Harrison, knt.,) and by her had issue,

1. Sir Justinian, 5th bart.

2. John, fellow of All Souh College

Oxon, who d. there, 17 Nov. 1719.

3. Edmund, d. in his infancy.

4. Edmund, 6th bart.

5. Thomas, brought up to the sea, in.,
1724, Mary, da. of Thomas Kenton, by
whom he had 1 da. ; he rf. in April 1743.

6. Henry, d. an infant.

7. EusEBY, who was rector of Lamport
and Hasselbeach, and rector of Lincoln
College, Oxon; m.. May 1739, Mary, da. of
Matthew Panting, D.D., Master of Pembroke
College, Oxon ; he rf. 17 June 1/85, aged .57,
leaving issue by her, (who rf. 1808, aged 91.)

1. Sir Justinian, who became7th bart.

2. Euseby, 6. 17 July 1742, rector of
Lamport, &c., »h. Diana, da. of Thomas
Draper Baber, esq., and d. 1814, leaving
two sons, Charles-Euseby, 6. 24 Feb. 1774,
rector of Polebrooke and Oundle, co.
Northampton; Euseby, b. Dec. 1774, and
five das., Julia-Charlotte ; Charlotte, tti.,
12 May 1812, major William Thursby,
53d regiment of foot ; Caroline, d. ;
Diana; and'Matilda.

3. Edmund, D.D., b. 17 Feb. 1743-4,
warden of All Souls College, Oxon, d.
10 June I807.

4. Philippa, b. 3 April 1753.

8. Charles, m., 1744, Elizabeth, da. and
co-h. of Edward Cuthbert, esq., by whom
he had no issue, and rf. 1772.

9. Elizabeth; 10. Elizabeth, both rf.

11. Vere rf. 30 June 1760.

12. Edmunda, rf. 20 April 1766.

13. Susanna, rf. at Bath, 5 June 1/26,

14. Hester, m. Francis Raynsford, esq.,
rf. 14 Nov. 17'i3.

Sir Justinian rf. 13 May 1730, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir JUSTINIAN, b. 20 July 1687, »«.,
March 1724, Mary, only surviving child of
L'Isle Hacket, of Moxhul, co. Warwick,
esq. (by his 2d wife, Dorothy, da. of sir
John Bridgman,bart.,) butrf. without issue,
5 March 17.<6-7i and was succeeded by Jiis
next surviving brother,

VL Sir EDMUND, b. 18 Dec. 1690, who
was fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford,
and afterwards an advocate. 5-Ie was many
years knt. of the shire for Northampton,
and m., 1st, 1734, Elizabeth, eldest da. of
Edward Wood, of Littleton, co. Middlesex,
esq., who rf. l!)July 1748, a;t. 49, and 2dly,
May 1751, Philii)pa, only da. of Richard
Gee, of Orpington, co. Kent, esq. (who rf.
1786) : he rf. s.n. 16 Dec. 1772, and was suc-
ceeded by his nephew,

Vll. Sir JUSTINIAN, D.C.L., b. 18 July
1740, m., ]76(), Susanna, da. of Henry Bar-
rett, cs(i., and by her (who d. 31 Aug. 1823)
id /!', had issue,

1. Sir Justinian, present bart.

2. Vkke, in luly orders, rector of Lam-
port, b. 13 Sept. 1774, »«., 1800, Ann, da. of
.lohn Chambers, cs(j., and niece of sir Wil-
liam Chambers, knt., by whom (whorf. 5
Nov. 1811) he had issue,

1. Vere; 2. Robert.

3. Tliomas ; 4. Etlmund.

5. Eliza, m., 10 Dec. 1821, col. Henrv

.3. Edmund, R.N., 6. 14 Dec. 1775, d. Jan.
4. HfiNRY-CiiARLSS, ID holy orders, rec-



tor of Strangton, co. Leicester, b. 14 Feb.
1777, m., 19 Sept. 1804, Marianne, da, of
Richard Buller, of Devonshire Place, esq.,
and had issue, 2 sons, Henry and Arthur.

5. Susanna, b. 17(37, w., 1800, George
Brietzke, esq.

6. Harriet, b. 1771.

7. Sophia, b. 1/72, m. Thomas, eldest
son of sir Thomas Palmer, bart., d. June

8. Louisa, b. 1780, m., 5 Jan. 1804, Ralph
Caldwell, of Hillowe, co. Norfolk, esq.

9. Maria, 6. 1/81.

10. Anne-Philippa, b. 1782.

11. Elizabkth, b. 1783, rf. 1814.

Sir Justinian d. 1 April 1818, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

Yin. Sir JUSTINIAN, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 4. — Gules, a fess, wavy,
and in chief three piles, also wavy, argent.

Crevt — A demi-swan, with wings displayetl

Mottoes — Over the crest, Ostendo, non
ostentn. To the arms, On things transitory
resteth no gloi y.

Seat — Lamport, co. Northampton.

GORING, of HiGHDEN, CO. Sussex.

Formerly BOWYER, of Leighthorne, co. Suffolk.

23 July 1G27.

Sir CHARLES-FORSTER GORING, Baronet, bornW July 1768, suc-
ceeded his father, sir Harry, late bart., 1 Dec. 1824 ; married, ^ Nov. 1799»

Bridget, da. of Henry Dent, of Norfolk, esq., and has issue, 1.

Bridget, b. 10 Sept." 1800; 2. HARRY-DENT, M.P. for New

Shoreham, b. 30 Dec. 1802, m., 2 Aug. 1827, Augusta, da. of lieut.-col.
Harvey, of Thorpe Lodge, co. Norfolk, and has issue, 1. Charles^ b. 2 June

1828;' 2. Augusta. Elizabeth^ b. 4 Oct. 1832; 3. Anna, b. 31 Jan.

1804, d. unm. 14 Sept. 1830; 4. Charles, b. 17 May 1805, in holy

orders, »n., 2 Oct. 1832, Maria-Arabella, eldest da. of gen. the lion. Fre-
derick St. John ; 5. George, b. 29 Aug. 1806 ; 6. Elizabeth,

b. 28 April 1808, w., 19 May 1834, Joshua-Robert Minnitt, of Annabeg,

CO. Tipperary, esq.; 7- Forster, 6. 9 April 1810 ; 8. William,

b. 5 Dec. 1811 ; 9. Ida, b. 8 Aug. 1814, m., 13 Feb. 1834, Aiibrey-

William Beauclerk, esq., M.P., eldest son of Charles Beauclerk, esq., of St.
Leonard's, Horsham.

The family of Goring is of considerable
antiquity in Sussex, being surnamed from
Goring in the rape of Arundel ; of which
was John Goring, of Burton, who m. Mar-
garet, da. and co-h. of sir Ralph Piadmill.
Their great-grandson.

Sir William Goring, knt., was one of
the gentlemen of the privy chamber to
Edward IV., m. Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of
William Covert, of Slaugham, co. Sussex,
and had issue, 1. Hemy, of Burton, whose
great-grandson, sir William, was created a
baronet, 1022, which title became extinct
on the death of sir William, 3d bart., in
1724; 2. George.

George Goring (2d son of sir William)
was of Oving Dean, near Lewes, m. Mary,
da. and co-h. of William Everard, and had
issue, 1. George, whose son, George, was
created baron Coring, 1632, and earl of Nor-
wich, 1644, and d. 1662, leaving an only son,
Charles, 2d earl, on whose death, in 1672,
without issue, those titles became extinct;
2. Edward, whose grandson, or great-

I. Sir HENRY, succeeded to the title of
baronet on the death of sir James Bowyer,
of Leighthorne, co. Sussex, whose grand-
father had been created 23 July 1627, and
who having no estate to support the dignity,
surrendered his patent, 1677, and obtained
a new one, with j^recedency of the former,
remainder to this sir Henry. Hem. Frances,
or r<iana, da. of sir Edward Bishopp, of
Parham, bart., and had a son,

Charles, who was killed in the playhouse

during his father's lifetime, having been

twice m. and leaving by his first wife a son.

Sir Charles, 2d bart. ; and by his 2d

wife a son.
Sir Harry, 3d bart.

Sir Henry rf. 1702, and was succeeded by
his eldest grandson,

II. Sir CHARLES, f7. without issue, 1714,
and was succeeded by his half-brother,

III. Sir HARRY, m. one of the das. and
co-h. of admiral sir George Matthews, knt.,
who d. 27 March 1741, by whom he liad
nine sons and two das. : Frances, m. dr.
Ballard, rector of Langford Magna, co.
Wilts. Sir Harry d. Nov. 1732, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

July 1731, Mary, youngest da. of William
Blackburn, esq. by whom he had,

1. Sir Harry, 5th bart.

2. Elizabeth, m. Timothy Burrell, of
Cuckfield, CO. Sussex, esq., v/ho d. without

3. , m. Colvill Bridger, esq.

Sir Charles ?w., 2dly, 1743, Betty, sister of
sir Robert Fagg, bart., and by her had one

4. Charles, who inherited the Fags
estates at Wiston, co. Sussex, in right of his
mother, who was heiress to her brother, sir
Robert Fagg, m. and had issue.

Sir Charles Matthews d. 1769, and was
succeeded by his son,

V. Sir HARRY, m., 1st, miss Forster,
only child of John Forster, esq., some time
governor of Bengal, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Charles-Forster, present bart.

2. Anna-Maria, m. Thomas Levvys, of
Gray's Inn, esq.

3. Frances, b. 7 May 1774, m., 1st, the
rev. rfohn Dring ; and, 2dly, 5 July 1810,
the rev. J. Rideout, rector of Woodman-
cote, CO. Sussex.

Sir Harry m,, 2dly, Elizabeth Fisher, and
by her (who d. July 1780) had issue,

4. Harry, b. 28 July 1778»



Sir Harry d. 1 Dec. 1824, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,


^/>M.s— See Plate 4. Argent, a chevron,
between three annulets, gules.

Crest — A lion rampant, guardant, argent.
Seat — At Highden, co. Sussex.

BACON, of MiLDENHALL, CO. Suffolk.
29 July 1G27.
(See Bacon, of Redgrave.)

STONHOUSE, of Radley, co. Berks

First Patent, 7 IMay 1628.— Second Patent, 5 May 1G70.

Sir JOHN-BROOKE STONHOUSE, Baronet, succeeded his uncle, sir
Thomas, 1810, sometime register of the Zilla Court of Ghazeepore, on the
Bengal civil establishment.

Robert Stonhouse, of Barstead, co.
Kent, esq., temp. Henry VIII., m. Rose, da.

of Royden, of Essex, esq. George

Stonhouse, of Little Peckham, his son,
was one of the clerks of the green cloth to
queen Elizabeth, and purchased the estate
at Radley, co. Berks : he in. his 2d wife,
Elizabeth, da. of David Woodroof, alder-
man of London, by whom he had four sons,
two of whom were advanced to the dignity
of barts., viz. sir James, of Amerden, co.
Essex, created 11 June 1041, which title
became extinct on the death of his grandson,
sir George, 4th bart.

I. Sir WILLIAM, who was created a
hart, as above, m. Elizabeth, sole da. and h.
of John Powell, of Wales, esq., and had
by her,

]. John; 2. George, successive barts.

3. William, of Cockthorp, co. Oxford,
w. and had issue.

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