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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 12 of 95)
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4. Elizabeth, m. Edward Perrot, esq.

5. Mary, m. William Rangton, D.D.
(). Ursula, m. John Denton, esq.

7. Annr, m. George Windsor, esq.

8. Dionysia, m. sir Cornelius Fairmea-

Sir William d. 5 Feb. 1G31.

II. SIR JOHN, the eldest son, succeeded
to the title and estate, having been knighted
Aug. 1(529, but d. unm. 14 June l(i32.

III. Sir Gkorge, his next brother, suc-
ceeded him ; he was fined for his loyalty to
king Charles I., and paid ,£l4()0 composition
for his estate to the sequestrators. This
sir Genrge surrendered his father's patent of
creation, and had a new one granted him,
dated May 5, 22 Charles II., 1G7<», of the
title to himself for life, with remainder to
his 2d son, John, and his heirs male; and
in default thereof to James, his 3d son, and
his heirs male, with precedence, according
to the former patent, intending to exclude
thereby his 1st sou. Notwithstanding this,
the elder son, on his father's decease, claim-
ed and enjoyed the baronetcy created by
the original patent of 1()21!, and that created
by the second patent went to the 2d son,
John; so that there were two baronetcies in
the family till, on the de:'.th s. p. of sir
John, Oth bart. under the old creation, they
became united in the ])erson of sir John, 3d
bart., of the new. Sir George m. Margaret,
da. of Richard, lord Lovelace, and had issue,

1. Sir Gkorge, 4th bart.

2. Sir John, succeeded on his father's
death, to the title created by the patent of
Kj/O; m. Martha, da. and h. of Robert
Briggs, and had issue, one son.

Sir John, who was comptroller of the
household, and privy-covmsellor to queen
Anne; m., 1st, Mary, da. and sole h. of
Henry Mellish, of Sandersteed, co. Surrey,
esq., and had 2 das. ; 1. Martha, in. Ar-

thur Vansittart, of Shottesbroke, co.
Berks, esq.; 2. Mary. Sir John w., 2dly,
Penelope, da. of sir Robert Dashwood,
bart., by whom he had three sons and
six das.; 3. sir John; 4. sir William;
5. sir James, successive barts. ; 6. Pene-
lope, m., 1st, sir Henry Atkins, of Clap-
ham, bart., and 2dly, lord Gower, and
d. 17"4; 7- C itliaritie, m.. May 1745, Ro-
bert Lee, afterwards earl of Lichfield,
and d. his widow 1 March 1784; 8. Anne,
m. sir William Bowyer, bart.; 9. Mar-
garet, d. 30 June 1746; JO. Susannah, m.
Peter Searle, of Teswood, co. Hants,
esq.; 11. Diana, m. the rev. mr. Ben-

Sir John d. 10 Oct. 1713, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son, sir John, who
also succeeded, as hereafter stated, to the
elder baronetcy.

3. James, who m. and had issue a son,
Richard, of Tabney, co. Berks, father

of sir James, 10th bart. ; and of Richard,
a capt. in the army.

4. Elizabeth, m., 1st, William, 3d
lord Byron ; and, 2dly, sir Richard Stidolph,
of Norbury, co. Surrey, bart.

Sir George d. about 1074, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir GEORGE, the eldest son, how-
ever, claimed and enjoyed the title, ac-
cording to the first patent ; m. Mrs. Anne
Scarlett, by whom he had issue two das.,

1. Susanna.

2. Anne.

V. Sir GEORGE, his successor, m. Anne,
da. of James Ashton, esq., by whom he had
10 children ; whereof

1. George, the eldest, lived to be a cap-
tain of foot ; but all that survived him

2. John, Gthbart.

3. Margaret.

Sir George d. 24 Feb. 1736-7, and was suc-
ceeded in the title by his only surviving

VI. Sir JOHN, d. unm. July 1740, and
was succeeded by his kinsman,

VII. Sir JOHN, 3d bart., as alxive men-
tioned of the second creation, who thus
imited both titles, d. unm., and was suc-
cefded by his brother,

VIII. Sir WILLIAM, who also d. unm.,
and was succeeded by his brother,

IX. The rev. sir JAMES, rector of
Clapham, co. Surrey, LL.D., d. unm. 13
April 1792, and was succeeded by his kins-

X. Sir JAMES, also in holy orders, (grand-
son of James Stonhouse, esq., 3d son of
the 3d bart.,) b. 9 July I71O, >«., 1st, Anne,
da. of John Neale, of Allesley, near Coven-
try ; maid of honour to Caroline, queen of
King George II., and had issue by her,



1. Sir THOMAS, 13th bart.

2. Sarah, m. George Vansittart, esq., d.

Sir James m., 2dly, Sarah, only child of
Thomas Ekins, of Chester on the Water,
CO. Northampton, esq., by whom he had,

3. John, in the civil ser\ ice of the East
India Company at Bengal, m. and left

1. Sir JoHV Brooke, present bart.

2. Timothy-Vansittart, b. 2() Jan. 1709,
in the East-India Company's Civil Service,
m. Mary-Diana, eldest da. of the rev.
George- William Sturt, of Long Critchill,
CO. Dorset, and has, be'^ides other issue,
Henry-Vansittmt, h. G May 1827.

3. Henry, b. 20 March 1801, fellow of
New College, Oxon.

4. Laura.

4. Timothy, in holy orders, vicar of

Sunningwell, co. Berks, took the surname
and arms of Vigor, in addition to those of
Stonhouse, by royal sign manual 1795, m.,
17!W3, Charlotte-Oliver, da. of the rev.
Thomas Huntingford; and niece of the
right rev. George-Isaac, bishop of Hereford,
and had issue.

5. Clarissa, m. Henry - Tripp Vigor,

The rev. sir James d. 1795, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

XL Sir THOMAS, who rf. 1810, was suc-
ceeded bv his nephew,

XIL Sir JOHN-BROOKE, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 4. Argent, on a fesse,
sable, between three hawks, volant, azure,
a leopard's face, between two mullets, or.

Crest — A talbot's head, couped, argent;
collared, sable, lined, or; catching a dove
volant, argent.

WREY, of Trebitch, co. Cornwall.

30 June 1628.

Sir BOURCHTER WREY, Baronet, D.C.L., succeeded his father, sir
Bourchier, 20 Nov. 182G.

keard, from 163S till his death ; m. Flo-
rence, 2d da. of sir John Rolle, of Steven-
stone, K.B., and by her (who survived him)
had issue,

1. Sir Bourchier, 4th bart.

2. Chichester, rector of Tawstock,
Devon, m., and had issue.

3. Florence, to. John Cole, esq., son of
sir Michael Cole, of Inniskilling, co. Fer-
managh, knt., and d. 30 Oc. 1/18.

Sir Bourchier d. 28 July WM, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir Bourchier, m. Diana, da. of
John Rolle, esq., eldest son of sir John
Rolle, by Christian, da. of the earl of Ayles-
bury, and relict of John Sparke, esq., and
had issue,

1. Sir Bourchier, 5lh bart.

2. John; 3. Chichester.

4. Robert, a general in the queen of
Portugal's army, and many years governor
of one of the northern provinces of that
kingdom, d. 13 March 1809.

5. Charles, d.

6. Diana, m. John Stafford, esq.

7. Florence, m. Edward Jans, esq.

8. Christian; 9. Catherine.
He d. Nov. 1726, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

V. Sir BOURCHIER, m., 1749, Mary,
da. of John Edwards, esq., who rf. 1751 ; he
m., 2dly, 1 May 1755, Ellen, da. of John
Thresher, esq., by whom (who rf. Nov.
1813) he had issue,

1. Sir Bourchier, his successor.

2. William-Bourchier, rectorof Com-
bintinhead and Tawstock, m. Sophia, da.
and co-h. of George Bethell, esq., of Brad-
ford, CO. Wilts.

3. Ellen, m. the rev. Edward-Henry
Whinfield, rector of Battlesden, and Pot-
ter's Grove, co. Bedford.

4. Dio.vYsiA, nu. May 1780, Robert
Harding, of Upcot, esq.

5. Florentin-4, m., 1786, Richard Go-
dolphin Long, esq., co. Wiles.

6. Axna-Maria, 711. Nicholas Roundall
Toke, of Godington, co. Kent, esq.

Sir Bourchier rf. 23 April 1/84, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

VL Sir BOURCHIER, D.C.L., m., 1st,
1786, Anne, da. of sir Robert Palk, bart.,
and by her (who rf. 1791) had issue,

1. Anne-Eleanora, m,, 1st, 18 July

The family of Wrey is of considerable
antiquity in the co. of Devon, and sup-
posed by Wotton to descend from a Robert
le Wrey, who lived temp, king Stephen.

John Wrey, of North Russel, co. Devon,
esq., temp, queen Elizabeth, m. Blanch, da.
and co-h. of Henry Killigrew, with whom
he acquired the estate of Trebitch, and had
issue by her.

Sir William Wrey, knt., who m. Eli-
zabeth, da. of sir William Courtenay, of
Powderham, knt., and rf. June 1736, leaving
an only son and h.,

I. Sir WILLIAM, created a bart. as above
during his father's lifetime, m. Elizabeth,
da. of sir Edward Chichester, knt., ancestor
of the marquesses of Donegal, in Ireland,
and rf. Aug. 1645, having had issue three
das., m. to Bluet, Erisey, and Nicholas,
and an only son and heir,

II. Sir CHICHESTER, 6. 1628: he faith-
fully adhered to king Charles I., and took
up arms in his cause. About 1652 he m.
Anne, relict of James, earl of Middlesex,
and 3d da. and co-h. of Edward Bourchier,
earl of Bath, by which marria-e he became
possessed of the noble seat of Tawstork,
where the family now resides. After the
restoration of the royal family, he was
made colonel of the Duke of York's regi-
ment, and governor of Sheerness, and
served in parliament for Lostwithiel, co.
Cornwall, 1660; he had issue,

1. Anne, m. sir Francis Northcote, bart.

2. Sir Bourchier, 4th bart.

3. Chichester, a colonel in his majesty's
army, who was killed in the defence of Fort
Montjouic, near Barcelona, in 1706.

4. Edward.

5. John, who was killed before Tangier,
at 19 years of age.

Sir Chichester rf. May 1668, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir BOURCHIER (who was also, in
right of his mother, one of the co-heirs of
the ancient barony of Fitzwarin) ; he was
created a K.B. at the coronation of king
Charles II., and soon after was a captain in
the regiment of which his father was co-
lonel. He served under the duke of Mon-
mouth, at the siege of Maestricht, and
other places in the Netherlands. After the
Revolution he commanded a regiment of
horse. He served in parliament for Lis-



ia08, Edward Hartopp, of Little Dalby,
CO. Leicester, esq. ; and, 2d!y, sir Lawrence-
Vaughan Palk, hart.

2. Sir BouRCHiER, present bart.


Sir Bourchier m., 2dly, 1793, Anne, da.
of John Osborne, esq., and by her (who d.
26 Jan. 1813) had issue,

4. Eleonora-Elizabeth, m., 2 March
1815, Alb ny Saville, of Sweetlands, co.
Devon, esq.

5. Henry-Bottrchier, in holy orders,
vicar of Launcells, co. Cornwall, and Oak-
hampton, co. Devon, m., 27 Sept. 1827, his
cousin, Ellen-Maria, only da. of Nicholas-
Roundall Toke, of GoddinjTton, Kent, esq.,
and has a son, b. 27 June 1829.

Sir Bourchier d. 20 Nov. 1826, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

VII. Sir BOURCHIER, present bart.
Aitihs—See Plate 4. Quarterly : 1. Wrey ;

sable, a fesse, between three pole-axes, ar-
gent; helved, gules. 2. Bourchier; ar-
gent, a cross, engrailed, gules; between
four water bougets, sable. 3. Plantage-
net; viz. France and England, quarterly,
within a bordure, argent. 4. Bohun ;
azure, abend, argent, cottized, or, between
six lions, rampant, or.

Crests- — An arm, embowed, habited azure,
the cuff, argent, the hand, proper, holding
a hatchei, argent; helved, gules; but the
present bart. uses a man's head in profile,
couped below the shoulders : on the head
a ducal coronet, therein a cap, turned for-
wards, and tasselled, of the second, thereon
a Catharine wheel of the same, being the
crest of Bourchier,

Motto — Le bon temp.i viendra.

Seats— At Trebitch, co. Cornwall, and
Tawstock House, co. Devon.

TuELAWNEY, CO. Cornwall.

1 July 1628.

I\LP. for the eastern division of Cornwall, a captain in the royal miners ; born
4 July 1781 ; succeeded his father, sir Henry, 25 Feb. 1834 ; took, in 1802,
the name of Salusbury in compliance with the will of Owen-Salusbury
Brereton, esq.: married^ 24 Aug. 1807, Patience-Christian, da. of John-

Phillipps Carpenter, esq , of Mount Tavy, co. Devon, and has issue, •

1. OwEN-VViLLiAM, b. 8 June 1808, d. 31 Jan. 1830; 2. Eliza-
beth, b. 30 Oct. 1809, m., Jan. 1834, rev. Henry Morshead, rector of
Kelly, CO. Devon; 3. Letitia, b. 4 April 1811 ; 4. Anne, b. 8

March 1813

5. JOHN, b. 2 June 181G

1818, d. 19 May 182G ;-
Cordelia, b. 5 Jan
b. 12 Dec. 1826;-

24 May


liam-OweNj b. 9, (/. 23 Dec. 1831.

I. JOHN TRELAWNEY, b. 24 April
1592, was created a bart. as above, m.
Elizabeth, da. of sir Reginald Mohun,bart.,
by whom he had issue,

1. Sir JoNATHAiv, his successor.

2. John; 3. Edward, both d. unm.

4. Francis, m. Margaret, da. of sir Ed-
ward Seymour, bart.
i). Reginald, d. unm.
(5. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Lower.

7. Anne, m. John Vivian, esq.

8. Margaret, in. Amos, younger son of
sir Francis Fulford, knt.

9. Philippa, d. unm.

10. Bridget, w. Lee.

11. Mary, m. the rev. mr. Greensworth.

12. Penelope, m. Thomas Maynard,

13. Dorothy, m. William Mohun, esq.
Sir John was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir JONATHAN, m. Mary, da. of
sir Edward Seymour, bart., (eldest sister to
liis brotlier Francis's wife,) by whom he
had issue,

1. John, who d. in his father's lifetime,
without issue, having m. Catharine, 3d da.
and co-h. of James Jcnkyn, esq.

2. Jonathan, d. an infant.

3. Sir Jonathan, 3d bart.

4. Charles, a major-general, was ap-
pointed governor of Plymouth, by king
William, d. Sept. 1731, aged 7«.

5. William, d. unm.

6. Harry, b

-7. Caroline, b. 16 Oct. 1820; 8.

d. 24 Jan. 1823 ; 9. Harry-Reginald,

Charlotte, b. 18 April 1829 ; 11. Wil-

6. Chichester, d. unm., 1694.

7. Henry, a brigadier-general in the
army, wlio was also governor of Plymouth ;
m. Rebecca, da. and co-h. of Mattliew
Hales, esq.> by whom he had issue,

i. Sir Harry, 5th bait.
2. William, captain in the army, who
had issue, sir William, 6th bart., and
Harry, a general, and governor of Land-
guard Fort, who d. DiUO, leaving issue,
colonel Charles Trelawney, who took the
name and arms of Brereton on the death
of Owen-Salusbury Brereton, esq., »i.
Maria, sister of sir Chiistopher Hawkins,
of Trcwithan, co. Cornwall, bart., and
by lier had a ninneroiis issue.
Hi. Sir JONATHAN, was bred to the
church, and consecrated, in ItJltS, bishop
of Bristol. 1 le was one of the seven bishops
committed to the Tower by king James II.
After the Revolution, he was translated to
the see of Exeter, and from thence, 1707,
to that of Winchester, and made prelate of
the Order of the uarter; he wi. Rebecca,
da. and co-h. of Thomas Hele, esq., and
had issue,

1. (.'harlotte, b. l()87-0, d. unm.

2. Letitia, b. IWIi), m. her 1st cousin,
sir Harry, 5th b.irt.

.'}. Sir John, 4th bart.
4. Henry, b. l(i!)2, d. at sea,
.5. Charles, 6. 101)4, prebendary of Win-



6. Rebecca, b. 1695-6, m. John Duller,
of Morval, esq.

7. Elizabeth, b. 1G97, m. the rev. rar.
Allanson, archdeacon of Totnes.

8. Edward, b. 16U9, one of the com-
missiuners of the Victualling-Office, and
afterwards governor of Jamaica; m., 1737>
a da. of John Crawford, esq.

9. Many, b. 17<'0, d. an infant.

10. Hele, 6. 1703, D.D., rector of the
parishes of Sruth Hill and Landieath, co.
Cornwall, d. 1740.

11. Jonathan, b. 1705, d. an infant.

12. Anne, b. 1707, d. num.

Sir Jonathan d. 19 July 1721, and was
succeeded bv his eldest son,

IV. Sir JOHN, 6. I(i91, m. miss Black-
wood, of Scotland, whorf. 15 April 1777- He
d. Feb. 175(1, without issue; and his
younger brothers being dead before him,
without issue, the title and estate devolved
upon his 1st cousin,

V. Sir HARRY, son of brigadier-general
Henry Trelawney, youngest son of the 2d
bart., m., as above mentioned, his 1st cou-
sin, Letitia, 2d da. of the 3d bart., by whom
he had issue,

1. Charles, d.; 2. Rebecca, d. unm.

3. Letitia, m. her 1st cousin, sir Vv^il-
liam, 6th bart.

4. Anne, d. unm.

Sir Harry d. at an advanced age, in 1762,
and was succeeded by his nephew,

VI. Sir WILLIAM, a capt. R.N., and
governor of Jamaica, m. his 1st cousin,
Letitia, da. of sir Harry, 5th bart., by
whom he had issu6,

1. Sir Henrv, 7th bart.

2. L.etitia-Anne, m. Paul Treby Tre-
by, of Goodamoor, co. Devon, esq.

Sir William d. in Jamaica, 11 Dec. 1772,
and was succeeded by his only son,

VI!. Sir HENRY, 7th bart., in holy
orders, m., 177B, Anne, da. of lev. James
Brown, rector of Porlishead, and vicar of
Kingston, co. Somerset, by whom (who d.
18 Nov. 1822) he had issue,

1. Anne-L;etitia, 6. 22 Jan. 1779.

2. John, b. 28 Jan. 1780, d. 31 Oct. 1821,

3. Sir William-Lewis, present bart.

4. Hamrlin, col. R.A., /;. 16 Oct. 1782,
m., 1806, Martha, da. of John Rogers, of
CO. Cork, esq., and has issue, 3 das.

5. Mary, m., 1806, John Harding, esq.

6. Jonathan, b. 30 Aug. 1786.

Sir Henry d. at Laveno. in Italy, 25 Feb.
1834, and was succeeded by his eldest son,


Arms — See Plate 4. Quarterly, 1st and
4th, argent, a chevron, sable; Trelaw-
ney: 2d and 3d, gules, a lion rampant, per
bend, sinister, argent and erminois, between
three crescents in chief, and one in base,
or; on a canton of the last, a bear's head
erased, sable ; muzzled, argent ; Sahis-

Crest's — A wolf statant, proper ; Tre-
lawney : 2d, a demi lion, per bend, sinis-
ter, argent and erminois, holding in the
paws a shield, or, charged with a bear's
head, sable ; muzzled, argent : Salus-


Motto — Sermoni eonsona facta.
Seat— At Trelawney, co. Cornwall.

WISEMAN, of Canfield Hall, co. Essex.
29 Aug. 1628.

the Royal Navy, born 5 March 17C4 ; succeeded his grandfather, sir
Thomas, 30 Jan. 1810 ,• married at Bagdad, in Persia, 8 Jan. 1812, Catha-
rine, 2d da. of sir James Mackintosh, knt., recorder of Bombay, and by

her (who d. 27 June 1822) had issue, 1. EDMUND, A. at Bombay,

11 Dec. 1812; — —2. William-Saltonstall, b. 4 Aug. 1814; 3.

a Son, b. 15 Feb. 1816; 4. a Da., b. 11 Nov. I8I7. Sir William »*.,

2dly, 5 April 1827, Eliza, eldest da. of the rev. George Davies, B.D., rector
of Cranfield, co. Bedford.

In theordination made by king Edward 1.
for the better government of Scotland,
after his conquest of that kingdom, Wil-
liarn Wiseman was constituted sheriff of
Elgin, and Alexander Wiseman sheriff of
Foreis and Innervan. Not long afterwards,
Simon Wiseman was found to be possessor
of lands at Cotes, co. Northampton.

I. Sir WILLIAM, 1st bart., W.Elizabeth,
da. of sir Henry Capel, knt., (by Theodosia,
sister to Edward, lord Montague, of Bough-
ton, and to Henry, earl of Manchester,) by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir William, 2d bart.

2. Sir Edmund, ancestor of the 6th bart.,
of whom hereafter.

3. Capel, bishop of Dromore, in Ireland.

4. Robert.

5. Theodosia, m. sir William Craven,

6. Elizabeth, m. Robert Tyderleigh,
esq., and d. 26 April 1654.

Sir William d. July 1643, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son.

II. Sir WILLIAM, who was four years
old in 1(!34; m., 1st, Anne, da. and co-h. of
sir John Prescott, knt. (whorf. 11 May 1 61 12,
without issue) ; and 2dly, Arabella, 5th ila.
of sir Thomas Hewit, bart., and sister to
viscount Hev.'it, of Gowran, in Kilkenny,
Ireland, (which title became extinct in 1689,)
by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 3d bart.

2. William.

3. Gkorge, both d. without issue.

4. Sir Charles, 4th bart.

5. John, of the Middle Temple, London,
who, by his wife, Penelope, had one son.

Sir William, 5th bart.

6. Anne, m. Henry Lumley, esq., go-
vernor of Jersey, who d. in 1722, she in

7. Margaret.

8. Arabella, »i. Thomas Stisted, esq.
Sir William d. 14 Jan. 1684, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir THOMAS, who d. unm. 1733,
and was succeeded by his brother.



IV. Sir CHARLES, who also d. unm.
17.t1, and was succeeded by his nephew,

V. Sir WILLIAM, son of John Wiseman
before mentioned : he was coL in the foot
guards, and rf. without issue 2.5 May 1774,
was succeeded by his kinsman, sir Thomas,
great-grandson of sir Edmvmd Wiseman, 2d
son of the 1st baronet, whose descent we
proceed to state.

Sir Edmund was a citizen of London,
and k lighted 19 May KiJJl, m. Elizabeth,
da. of Daniel Waldo, citizen and cloth-
worker of London, and (/. 8 May 1704,
aged 74, leaving issue by her (who d. 8 Dec.
lG;t4) 4 das., Elizabeth, Mar>/, Sarah, and
Arabelbt, and 1 son,

Edmund, m. Maria, da. of Edmund Har-
nage, and rf. 1741, having had issue a da.,
Thiiophila-Mariana , d. ttnin, about 1770, and
3 sons, of whom Edward, the youngest, d.
young; John, the 2d, m. and left issue; and

Edward (the eldest), was b. 21 Dec. 1700,
andrf. at St. Heller's, in Jersey, about 1767;
he was twice m., 1st, to miss Mary Jones,
who d. 1751 ; and 2dly, to Anne, da. of Ro-
bert Turner, of Canterbury, esq. By his
2d wife he had no issue; but by his 1st, he
had, 1. Theophila, m. Arthur Wynde, of
Tewksbury; 2.Mar!/,d.yovMg; 3. Mariana,
m. William Saltonstall, of Chatham ; 4. Ed-
mund, d. young; 5. Jane, m. Thomas Nor-
bury, lieut. R. N. ; and

VI. Sir THOMAS, who succeeded his
cousin, sir William, 25 May 1774, and be-
came O'th bart. He m., 1st, 1 Dec. 1757,
Mary, da. of Michael Goden, of Chatham,
master attendant of the dock-yard there,
and by her (who rf. 11 June 17G(i) had issue,

1. Edmund, b. 2 Dec. 1758, m., 1783, Je-
mima, da. of Michael Arne, of London, and

d. 7 May 1787, leaving issue by her (who m.,
2dly, Peter Reynolds, of Chatham, and d.
18(14) 1 son, sir Wtlliam-Saltonstai.l,
7th bavt ; and 1 da. Mary-Anne, b. 1785, in.,
180G, Thomas Frid, and d. 21 Nov. 1828.

2. Thomas, of Northfleet, co. Kent, h.
24 April 17'jO, m., 1777j Susannah, da. of
Alexander Bookham, of Northfleet, and has

1. Thomas, b. 13 Feb. 1778, m., 1813,
Sarah Pink.

2. Alexander, b. 30 May 1785, m., 1807,
Anne Stanley, and has issue.

3. Edmund; 4. William-Henry.

5. Frederick-Arthur; (j. Charles-Pierce.
7. Mariana; 8. Susanna-Frances.
9. Elizabeth-Anne; 10. Theophila.
11. Sarah-Henrietta.

3. William, of Brompton, co. Kent, b.
23 April 17(i2, m. EHzabeth, da. of John
Robertson, of London and of Philadelphia,
and had issue, George- Augustus, b. 20 Oct.

SlrThomas m., 2dly , Sarah, da. of Thomas
King, of Gravesend, co. Kent, esq., and by
her (who d. in Dec. 1777) had,

4. Sarah, d. iinm. 1804.

5. Anne, m., 1802, Joseph Lawford.

Sir Thomas d. .30 Jan. 1810, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

present bart.

Arms — See Plate 4. Sable, a chevron,
ermine, between three cronels, argent.

Crest — A castle, triple-towered, or; port
open, argent ; out of it a demi Moor issuant,
armed, proper ; in his right hand a dart,
argent, plumed, and barbed, or; in his left,
a Roman target, of the last.

Residence — Northfleet, co. Kent.

NIGHTINGALE, of Newport Pond, co. Essex.

1 Sept. 1628,

1784, succeeded his father, sir Edward, 4 Dec. 1804 ; married^ in Dec. 1805,
his cousin, Maria, only da. of Thomas-Lacy Dickenson, of \Vest Retford,

CO. Notts, esq., and has issue, 1. CHARLES, b. 30 April 1809, m, 2

Feb. 1829, Harriott-IMaria, grandda. of J. Foster, esq., deceased, and niece

of lieut. -gen. Trapaud ; 2. Thomas-Henry, b. 18 April 1810, rw., 22

Nov. 1830, Hannah-Elizabeth, eldest da. of T. H. Parry, esq, ; 3. and

4. Edward-JMalcoi.m {d. 5 Dec. 1818) and Eleanor, twins, b. 3 May

1811; 5. George-IManlev, rf. an infant ; 6. George-Lacy, b.

8 May 1815 ; 7. Frederick-Dickenson, b. 26 Oct. 1816.

WrLLiAM 'Nightinu-nlc, of Burntwood, co.
Essex, d. 28 Jan. 13 Edw. IV. 4th in descent
from him was

I. Sir THOMAS, created a bart. as above,
m., 1st, Millicent, da. of sir Robert Clarke,
of Goodcaster, co. Essex, knt., by whom he
had, besides other issue,

1. RoHHRT, tn. Theodosia, da. of sir Ro-
bert Chester, knt., and d. in his father's
lifetime 30 April 1(!3(!, leaving is-iue by her,
(who re-m, sir Francis Theobald, knt.,)

1. Sir Thomas, 2d bart.

2. Robert, d. unm. Kioi).

3. Granado, d. unm.

4. Geoffrey, m. Anne, da. of John Brid-
ges, of London, and d. 1()!)0, leaving sir
Bridoks and sir Rohkrt, 4th and 5th t)arts.
Sir Thomas m., 2dly, Catherine, da. of sir
Robert Chester, knt., by whom he had,

2. Gkokkrkv, ancestor of the present
bart., of whom hereafter.

3. Gamaliel, English consul at Aleppo,
d. unm.

4. Edward, rf. inim.

5. Granado, m., and left issue.

Sir Thomas m., 3dly, Elizabeth, da. of
, by whom he liad, (i. A da.

He d. Jan. 1044, and was succeeded by his

II. Sir THOMAS, b. 15 Oct. UW, m.
Anne, da. of George Shires, and aunt and
h. of sir George Shires, bart., and (/. 19 Oct.
1702, leaving issue by Iier (who d. 1705) an
only son,

lil. Sir ROBERT, knighted at White-
hall, 12 Dec. 1085, d. without issue, 3 July
1()!(7. and was succeeded liy his cousin,

IV. Sir HIUDGES, who d. unm., and was
succeeded bv Iiis brother,

V. Sir R(")!n<:ilT, one of the Directors of

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