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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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the East India Company ; bed. unm., 1722,
wlien the issue male of the 1st bart., by his



1st wife, became extinct, and the title de-
volved on the issue of Geoffrey, eldest son of
the said baronet by his 2d wife, whose
descendants we now proceed to trace.

Geoffrey Njghtingale, esq., the
eldest son of the 1st bart. by the 2d lady, m.,
1st, Elizabeth, da. of sir William Luckin,
knt., who d. Nov. 16ci4 ; he m., 2dly, Doro-
thy, da. of sir Gilbert Slingsby, knt., comp-
troller of the navy, by whom he had no
children; but by his 1st wife he had,

1. GeoffrevJ b. l(j May ltio6, buried
1 Oct. 1057.

2. Edward, of whom hereafter.

3. Ga.aialiel, baptized 17 Oct. 1664,
buried 28 April 1690.

4. Katherine, m. Thomas Hitch.

5. AxxE, m. Edmund Draper.

He d. 9 May 1681, ast. 64, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

EDWARD, who was baptized 27Aug.l658.
He m. Anne, da. of sir Arthur Slingsby, (liv-
ing in 1722,) by whom he had,

1. Ga.^ialiel, a lunatic, living in 1/22,
who d. vnm.

2. Geoffrey, baptized 1691, d. 17OO.

3. Edward.

4. Granado, baptized 16 Jan. I7OI.

5. Mildred.

6. Mary, m. Thomas Evans, esq., re-
corder of Bury St. Edmunds.

7. Elizabeth ; 8. Axne.

This Edward, surviving sir Robert, thB'
5th bart., became of right 6th bart. ; but
neither he, his son, nor grandson, ever
assumed the title. He rf. 2 July 1723, and
was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

EDWARD, b. 1696, m. Eleanor, da. of
Charles Ethelston, by whom (who d. 14
Sept. 1771, ast. 71 ) he had,

1. Edward, 6. 4 Sept. 1726, and d. unm.

2. Geoffrey, d. imm., in May 1771.

3. Gamaliel, of whom hereafter.

4. Charles, who d. unm. 31 Dec. 1757)
a^t. 23.

5. Thomas, d. without issue, 18 May 1772.

6. Robert, m. Mary, da. of Charles
Ethelston, and d. 9 Jan. 1784, aet. 42, leav-
ing 1 da., Eleanor, wife of the 6th bart.

7. Eleanor, m. Ernest Barnard, esq.

(page to Augusta, princess of Wales), who
d. 23 May 175(», a;t. 45.

8. ; 9. Mildred; IO.Anne,
all d. unm.

The said Edward rf. at Bath, 20 Oct. 1750,
ast. 54.

GAMALIEL, a capt. R.N., 3d son of
Edward, b. 15 Feb. 1731, m. Maria, da. of
Peter Clossen, a merchant at Hamburgh,
by whom (who rf. 20 Feb. 1789, aet.50) he had,

1. Edward,

2. ^L^ria-Eleanor, b. 3 Jan, 1765, m.
Thomas-Lacy Dickenson, of West Retford,
CO. Nottingham, esq.

Gamaliel rf. Jan. 1791, and was succeeded
by his only son,

VI. Sir EDWARD, b. 16 Oct. 1760, whose
claim to this baronetcy was admitted in
1797, as heir male of sir Thomas, 1st bart.;
m. Eleanor, da. and h. of his uncle, Robert
Nightingale, of Kneesvvorth, esq., and by
her (who rf. 20 Jan. 1825) had issue,

1. Edward, rf. in June 179U.
Sir Charles-Ethelston,






Gamaliel, b. 13 Feb, 1786,
Alexander-Malcolm, b.


rf. 1818.
30 Nov.

Leonard, b. 9 Feb. 1794.
Ernest, b. 12 Aug. 1796.

7. Julia, b. 15 April 1787, m., 16 April
1808, James Markland, esq. of the 63d regt.
of foot, rf. March 1815.

8. ELizABETH-SorHiA, b. 21 Feb, 1790,
m., 8 March 1811, hon. Charles-Ewrn Law,
recorder of London, 2d son of Edward, first
lord Ellenborough.

9. Isabella, b. 27 Oct. 179L

10. Henrietta, rf. June 1797.

11. Geoffrey, m., 29 June 1822, Mary,
only da. of the late Thomas Knowlys, esq.,
of Stockwell, Surrey.

Sir Edward rf. 4 Dec. 1804, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

sent bart.

Arms — See Plate 4. Per pale, ermine, and
gules, a rose, counter-changed.

Crest — On a mount vert, an ibex, sejant,
argent, armed, tufted, and maned, or.

iieat — At Kneesworth Hall, co. Cambridge.

POLE, of Shute, CO. Devon.

12 Sept. 1G28.

Sir \VILLLVM-TE:MPLER pole, Baronet, M.A., Doctor of Laws,
in the University of Oxford, one of the Justices of the Peace for the
counties of Devon and Somerset, and High Sheriff of Devon 1818 ; born
2 Aug. 1782; succeeded his father, sir John-AVilHam, 30 Nov. 1799;
married.^ 1st, 26 Aug. 1804, Sophia-Anne, only da. of George Templer, of
Shapwick, co. Somerset, esq., and by her (who d. J 7 March 1808) had

issue, 1. Sohhia-Anne ; 2. Willia3i-Templer, who both d.

young; 3. JOHN-GEORGE, b. 21 Jan. 1808, wz., 26 March 1829,

Margaretta, 2d da. of Henry Barton, esq., of Saucethorp Hall, co. Lincoln,
and has issue, Margaretta -Liichesa-Jane-Maria, b. in Italy, 16 Aug. 1831.
Sir William m., 2dly, 31 July 1810, Charlotte-Frances, da. of John Eraser,
esq., and niece of the late John Farquhar, of Fonthill Abbey, Wilts, esq.,

by whom he has,- 4. Charlotte, b. 15 Feb. 1813; 5. Jaxe-

Maria, b. 3 Nov. 1814, m., 12 Feb. 1833, Edward- Wyndham-Harrington
Schenley, esq. ; 6. William-Edmuxd, 6. 3 July 1816; 7- Regi-
nald-Frederick, b. 20 Oct. 1818.

This is a younger branch of the family of
Poole, of Poole Hall, in Wirral, co. Chester.

The first of the family who settled in De-
vonshire was



Arthur Pole, 2d son of sir William Pole,
of Wivral; he m. Elizabeth, da, and h. of
John Pole, co. Devon, and 5th in descent
from him was.

Sir William Pole, of Colcomb, co. De-
von, knt., who m. Mary, da. and co-h. of
sir William Periam, knt., chief baron of
tlie Exchequer, and was father of

I. Sir JOHN, 1st baronet, was raised to
that dignity in the Hfetime of his father,
was knt. of" the shire for Devon, m. Eliza-
beth, da. of Roger How, by whom he had

1. William, knighted by king Charles I.,
d. in his father's lifetime H)41 ; m,, 1st,
Grace, da. of sir Thomas Trenchard, knt.,
by whom he had no surviving issue; and
2dly, Catharine, da. of Henry St. Barb,
esq., by whom he had 2 sons, who d. in
their infancy, and 4 das.,

Catharine, d. u»m. in lOfiS.
Jane, m. Humphrey Sydenham, esq.
Amy, 7w. William Floyer, esq.
Elizabeth, d. unm.

2. Sir CouRTENAY, 2d bart.
X John, d. young.

4. Martha, m. Ivory.

5. Jane, m. Croker.

(5. Elizabeth, d. unm.

Sir John d. 16 April 1G58, and was suc-
ceeded by his 2d son,

II. Sir COURTENAY, m. Urith, da. of
Shapcote, esq., by whom he had,

1. Sir JOHN, 3d bart.

2. Courtenay, d. young.

3. Jane, m., 1st, sir Coplestone Bamp-
fylde, of Poltiraore, co. Devon, bart.; and
2dly, Edward Gibbons, esq.

4. Penelope, m. the lion. Francis Ro-
barts, 2d son to John, earl of Radnor, but
d. without issue.

5. Mary, d. young.

Sir Courtenay d. 25 April ]fi95, and was
succeeded by his only surviving son,

III. Sir JOHN, who, 1(188, wasamember
in that parliament which settled the crown
on king William and queen Mary; as he
was also of those parliaments which were
summoned 1(388 and 1(J!)7, and chosen knt.
CO. Devon, the 13th of the same reign; was
elected again a burgess for East Looe, 1702;
and for Newport, 17l»5; rf. 13 March 1707,
having m. Anne, youngestda. of sir William
Maurice, knt. of Wenington, co. Devon,
one of the secretaries of state to king Charles
II., by whom he had,

1. Sir William, 4th bart.

2. John, who was capt. in the war of
Spain, and d. unm. June 171(*.

3. Charles, d. in his infancy.

4. Carolus, in holy orders, rector of St.
Breoks, co. Cornwall, m. Sarah, eldest da.
of Jonathan Rashleigh, of Menabilly, co.
Cornwall, esq., and had issue,

1. Reginald, who m. Anne, da. of John-
Francis Buller, of Morval, co. Cornwall,
esq., and d. 11 Nov. 17(if), leaving issue by
her (who d.25 Ajiril 1758) ; 1. IVi^ht-hon. Wi-
ginald Pole-Caraiv, m., 1st, 18 Nov. 1784,
Jemima, only da. and h. of the hon. John
Yorke, and 2dly, 4 May 11!()8, Caroline-
Anne, da. of William-Henry, lord Lyttle-
ton ; by his 1st lady he had issue ; Char-
lotte; Jemima; Joseph, w. and has issue;
Elizabeth; Agneta; Amabel; John Regi-
nald, h. Oct. l!;()(i, d. July 1804.

2. Sir Charles-Mdrice, G.C.B. admiral
of the red; m., 10 Junel7i)2, Henrietta,

da. of John Goddard, of Woodford Hall,
CO. Essex, esq., by whom (who d. 16 Nov.
1818) he had issue three das., and d. Sept.
1830, the title became extinct.

3. Edward, formerly of All Souls Col-
lege, Oxon, m., and has issue.

4. Anne, m., 20 May 1772, Charles, 1st
earl Somers.

5. Sarah, m. Henry-Hippesley Coxe,
of Stone Easton, co. Somerset, esq.

5. Charlotte, d. young.

6. Urith, m. sir John Trevelyan, of
Nettlecombe, co. Somerset, bart.

7. Mary; 8. Anme, boih d. young.

Sir John d. March I707, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

IV. Sir WILLIAM, who was elected
member for Newport, in Cornwall, 13
William 111., and in every parliament from
that time to 1712, when he was chosen knt.
CO. Devon, and 2 years after constituted
master of the household to queen Anne.
He m. a da. of mr. Warren, by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir John, 5th bart.

2. Elizabeth, m. John Anstis, clerk, 2d
son of John Anstis, esq., garter king of

Sir William, d. 1 Dec. 1741, and was
succeeded by his only son,

V. Sir JOHN, »).,"lst, Elizabeth, da. and
co-h. of John Mills, of Woodford, co. Es-
sex, esq., and by her (who d. 13 Aug. 1758)
he had,

1. Sir Joiin-William, 6th bart.

2. John, d. unm. I7IO.

3. Charlks, d. young.

4. Charles, in holy orders, m. Sarah,
da. of Jonathan Rashleigh, of Menabilly,
CO. Cornwall, by whom he left,

1. Jane.

2. Reginald, who m. Anne, 2d da. of
John-Francis Buller, of Morval, co. Corn-
wall, esq., and by her had, 1. Anne; 2.
ReffinnM ; 3. Sarah; 4. Charles; 5. Mo/'
ris ; 6. Edward.

3. John, in holy orders, d. unm. 1750.
Sir John nu, 2dly, miss Palmer (who sur-
vived him and re-Di. George Claveiing, esq.)
Sir John d. 19 Feb. 1766, and was succeeded
by his son,

VI. Sir JOHN-WILLIAM, m., 9 Jan.
177i>> Anne, only da. of James Templer, of
Stover House, esq., by whom (who d. 12
Feb. 1832) he had,

1. Sir William-Templer. present bart.

2. Marianntk, b. 14 Sept. 1783, m., 2 Oct.
1810, J. M. West, of New House, co. Gla-
morgan, esq.

3. John-George, 6. 5 Dec. 1787, d. 26
Aug. 1803.

Sir John-William was elected member for
West Looe in 17i>0, and sometime served the
office of sherifl' of his native co. He d. on
the 30 Nov. 171)9, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,


/1/m.v — See Plate 4. Azure, sem^e of
fleurs de lis, and a lion rampant, argent.

Crest — A lion's jamb, gules, armed, or.

S;/;)/)or^'r.9— Dexter, a stag, gules, attired
and unguled, or; sinister, a griffin, azure;
gorged with a ducal crown, proper; armed
and beaked, as the stag.

Motto— I'ollet virtus.

S-.'at—Shule House, near Axminster, eo.


WOLSELEY, of Wolseley, co. Stafford.

24 Nov. 1628.

Sir CHARLES WOLSELEY, Baronet, horn 20 July 1769, succeeded
his father, sir William, 5 Aug. 1817 ; married, 1st, 13 Dec. 1792, Mary,
2d da. of the hon. Thomas CliiFord, of Tixall, co. Stafford, and by her

(who d. 16 July 1811) had issue, 1. Charles, d. an infant; 2.

Spencer-William, b. Oct. 1797i d. at Milan, 18 Dec. 1832; and,
2dly, 2 July 1812, Anne, youngest da. of Anthony Wright, of Wield-side,

CO. Essex, esq., by whom lie has issue, 3. CHARLES, b. 27 Oct. 1819 ;

4. Maryanke; 5. Caroline; 6. Henry.

This is a family of great antiquity, and
has been long seated CO. Stafford; the first
mentioned in the pedigree is Siwardus,
lord of Wisele. The 5th in descent from
him was Robert, who was lord of Wolseley,
and lived in 1281. Ralph, another descend-
ant, was one of the barons of the exchequer
temp, Edw. IV.

I. Sir ROBERT, 1st bart. (created as
above), was clerk of the patents in Chan-
cery; m. !\Iary, 2d da. of sir George Wrough-
ton, knt., by whom he had,

1. Sir Charles, 2d bart.

2. Robert; 3. Thomas.

4. Ralph, all d. xtnm.

5. Col. Willia:.! Wolseley, who accom-
panied king William into Ireland, and com-
manded the Inniskillen men at the battle of
the Boyne ; after which he was m.ade master
of the ordnance, privy counsellor, and one
of the lords justices of Ireland: he d. imm.

6. Penelope, m., 1st, Fountaine,

of Ireland; and 2dly, Richard Edwards,

7. Mary, d. unm.

8. Frances, m. John Dives, esq., 3d son
of sir tewis Dives, knt., and d. in 1702.

9. Mary, m. Thomas NeviJl, esq.

10. Anxe, m. Copwood Hollins.

11. Dorothy, d, unm.

Sir Robert d. 21 Sept. 1646, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir CHARLES, who represented co.
Stafford in parliament temp, kings Charles I.
and II., and was a very considerable man in
those times; m. Anne, youngest da. of Wil-
liam, viscount Say-and-Sele, by whom he

1. Robert, a zealous parliamentarian,
who, for his service, was made one of Crom-
well's lords, and being in favour with king
William, was sent envov to Brussels, 3
March 1691-2 ; he d. unm. 1697.

2. Charles, m. one of the das. and co-h.

of Beaumont, esq., and relict of

Tildsley, esq., but had no issue.

3. FiENN'KS, d. young.

4. William, 3d bart.

5. Henry, 4th bart.

6. Captain Richard, m. Frances, da. of
m.r. Burnetson, of Ireland, by whom he

1. Charles, who d. young.

2. Sir William, 5th bart.

3. Robert; 4. Richard.

7. Jajies, m. Christian, da. of mr. Mer-
ritt, of Ireland, by whom he had only
one da.

8. Elizabeth,*??. RobertSomerville,esq.,
and was mothei of William Somerville, esq.,
author of The Clm-'e.

9. Mary, m. Richard Edwards, esq.

10. Axne, w. John Berry.

11. Dorothy; 12. Bridget.

13. Penelope, who rf. young.

14. Si SAN, ??). Charles Wedgewood, esq.
1.5. Penelope; 16. Frances.

17. Constance.

Sir Charles rf. Oct. 1714, and was succeeded
by his 4th, but eldfst surviving son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, who was unfortu-
nately drowned in his chariot-and-four, re-
turning home from Lichfield, 8 July 1728,
between 7 and 8 o'llock in the evening,
passing a little brook, in a village called
Long, in the high road. Vied, unm., and
was succeeded by his brother,

IV. Sir HENRY, who also d. unm. 1730,
whereupon the dignity and estate devolved
on his nephew,

V. Sir WILLIAM, eldest surviving son
of capt. Richard Wolseley, 6th son of sir
Charles, 2d bart., before mentioned. He m^
aiid had a son, William. Sir William d. in
1779, and was succeeded by his son,

VL Sir V»'ILLIAM, b. 24 Aug. I74O, m.,
1765, miss Chambers, of Wimbledon, co.
Surrey, and by her had issue,

1. William, d. an infant.

2. .Sir Charles, present bart.

3. Robert, in holy orders, m. a da. of
the rev. archdeacon Hand, d. 1 Sept. 1815.

4. Henry, m., 1793, Charlotte, da. of
John-Delap Halliday, esq., by Jane Tolle-
mache, da. of Lionel, 3d earl of Dysart ;
which lady d. 1826.

5. William-Edward.

6. Charlotje.

7. Sophia, both d. infants.

8. Susannah, d. voin^g.

9. Maria, ???., 3l' Oct. 1820, rev. John
Riland, rector of Sutton Coldfield, co. War-

10. Charlotte, m. major-gen. Browne.

11. Caroline, m. Robert Haig, of Edin-
burgh, esq., and d. 1833.

12. Cecilia, m., 7 July 1812, the rev.
Charles Prowett, nephew of Henry Bathurst,
lord bishop of Norwich.

Sir William d. 5 Aug. I8I7, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VIL Sir CHARLES, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 4. Argent, a talbot, pas-
sant, gules.

Crest — Out of a ducal crown, or a wolfs
head, erased, proper.

Seat—A.t Wolseley, co. Stafford.

GRAHAIM, of EsK, co. Cumberland.
29 March 1629.
Sir ROBERT GRAHAM, Baronet, succeeded his brother, sir Charles,



1795 ; horn 1 Oct. 1769
John Young, of Battle,


3. Euphemta-Har

b. 24 May 1816; 5.

WARD, b. 1 Jan. 1820;
Stuart -Frederick,
Dec. 1824; 10. Cec

; married. 25 April 1810, Elizabeth, only da. of

CO. Sussex, surgeon, and has issue, 1. Lliza-

Jan. 1812; 2. ROBERT, b. 14 Aug. 1813;

riet,6. 4 Nov. 1814; 4. William-Charles,

Richard-John, b. 23 Nov. 1817; 6. Ed-

7- Frances-Ann, b. IG June 1822; 8.

b. 12 Nov. 1823; 9. Mary-Stuart, b. 10

ilia-Jane-Maria, b. 16 May 1826
ginald-Fergus, b. 23 July 1828.

11. Re-

This family is descended from the same
common ancestor with the duke of Mon-
trose, viz. William Graham, who settled in
Scotland in the reign of king David I.
Malise Graham, earl of Monteith, 12th
in descent from the above William, d. about
1490 ; and from his 2d son, John, commonly
called John wi'ih the Bright Sword, de-
scended the present bart., the Grahams, of
Norton Conyers, barts. (>^ee that title), and
several other families. Fergi:s Graham,
the immediate ancestor of this house, was
of Plomp, CO. Cumberland, temp. James I.,
and his 2d son,

I. Sir RICHARD, was created a bart. 29
March l(i2!>, and d. lCi53, leaving, besides
other issue, 1. sir George, his successor;
2. sir Richard, of Norton Conyers, created
a bart. 16(32 (see that title.;

II. Sir GEORGE, 2d bart., d. 1657, leav-
ing, besides other issue, 1. sir Richard,
3d bart. ; 2. William, ancestor of the present
bart., of whom hereafter.

III. Sir RICHARD, 3d bart., was created
viscount Preston, in the Peerage of Scot-
land, 1()80; and the baronetage continued
merged in that higher dignity during the
lifetime of himself, his son, Euward, and
his grandson, Charles, 2d and 3d viscounts
and 4th and oth barts.; but, on the death
of the latter, without issue, 1730, it devolved
on the representative of William, 4th son of
the 2d bart., whose issue we now proceed to

W'lLLIAM GRAHAM, 4th son of the
2d bart., was D.D., dean of Carlisle and
Wells, and clerk of the closet to queen
Anne, and d. 1712, leaving two sons, of
whom Robert (the youngest) was father of
sir James Graham, of Netherby, created a
bart., 1782 {f>ee that title) ; and the eldest,

CHARLES, was in holy orders, rector of

Southchurch, co. Essex, m. Priscilla, da.

of Billingsley, of Tottenham, co.

Middlesex, esq. He d. 1734, leaving issue,

1. The rev. sir William, who succeeded
to the baronetcy on the death of his cousin,
Charles Graham, viscount Preston, 17.39.

2. The rev. Thomas-Fane-Charles, b.
13 Oct. 1734, m. Anne, da. of rev. Joseph
Harrington, of Clare, co. Suffolk, relict of
the rev. Francis Greenwood, of Darfield, co.
York, vicar of Higham-Ferrars, co. North-
ampton, and d. without issue 1782.

3. Bridget, m. Thomas Elkington, of
Coventry, gent., and had issue.

VI. The rev. sir WILLIAM, who suc-
ceeded as above, on the death of his cousin,
viscount Preston, m. Susannah Reeve, of
Ashburnham, co. Sussex, relict of Richard
Trench of Battle, co. Sussex, d. 1774, and
had issue,

1. Sir Charles, 7th bart.

2. Sir Robert, present bart.

3. William, b. 13 Sept. 1771, unm.

4. Susannah, b. 17 July 1762, d. unm.

5. Priscjlla, 6. 13 Aug. 1763, d. unm.

6. Harriet, b. 23 Sept. 1767, dec.

Sir William was succeeded by his eldest

VIL Sir CHARLES, b. 11 Nov. 1764, d.
unm., -Hi Nov. 1795, and was succeeded by
his brother,

VIII. Sir ROBERT, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 5. First and fourth, or,
on a chief sable, 3 escallops of the 1st,
Graham : second and third, or, a fess
chequey argent, and azure, in chief, a chev-
ron, gules, Stewart.

Crest — Two wings addorsed, or.

Motto — Reason contents me.

Seats— Y-sk, co. Cumberland, and Putney,
CO. Surrey.

EVERY, of Eggington, co. Derby.
26 May 1641.

Sir HENRY EVERY, Baronet, born 4 June 1777, succeeded his
father, sir Edward, 28 Dec. 1785 ; married, 22 Dec. 1798, Penelope, sister
of the late sir John-Parker Mosley, bart., and by her (who d. 30 Aug. 1812)

had issue, 1. HENRY, b. Jan. 1800, in the life guards, m., 16 May

1826, Maria- Charlotte, da. of the very rev. Charles Talbot, late dean of
Sahsbury, (who d. 26 Aug. 1827,) and he m., 2dly, 26 IMarch 1829, Caro-
line, da. of Henry Jetfry, viscount Ashbrook, and has issue, a </«., 6. 11

Sept. 1832 ; a da., b. 21 Jan. 1834 ; 2. Edward, b. IMarch 1802 ;

3. John, in the army, f/. 23 Sept. 1830; 4. Frederick-Simon, of

Blakeley Lodge, co. Derby, b. June 1804, m., June 1834, Mary, eldest da.
of W. Brutton, esq.; 5. Penelope, b. 30 Aug. 1808.

I. Sir SIMON, the 1st bart. (created as
above) was a great sufferer for king Charles
I. He m, Anne, eldest da. and co-h. of sir

Henry Leigh, of Eggington, knt., whereby
he became possessed of that and other
estates; by her (who d. 1673) he had issue,



1. Sir Hevry, 2d bart.

2. John, of Burton-upon-Trent, d. with-
out issue.

3. Francis, d. 1708, leaving issue — John,
of Derby, who d. 1746, leaving issue, Henry,
also of Derby, who rf. 1775, having had a
son, John, w'ho rf. 17(^7, and who was father
of sir Edward, 8th bart.

4. Si.MON, of Nottingham, d., ?<«««., 1G80.

5. Catharine, m., 16-i7> Cracroft,

citizen of London.

Sir Simon d. about 1648, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

II. Sir'HENRV, also a great sufferer for
his loyalty. He m. Vere, eldest da. and
co-h. of sir Henry Herbert, knt., master of
the revels to king Charles I., by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir Henry, 3d bart.

2. Charles, d. without issue.

3. Sir JoHv, 4th bart.

4. Simon, d. young.

5. Sir Simon, of Naunby, 5th bart.

6. WiLLiAai, capt. in the army, b. 1GG2,
d. ttnm. 1600.

7. Vere, m. Gaynor, esq.

8. Anne, m. Matthew Alured, of Heydon,
CO. York, esq., and d. 1725.

0. Elizabeth. m. -Cummins.

10. Frances, d. unm.

11. Mary.

Sir Henry d. 29 Sept. 1700, and was suc-
ceeded bv his eldest son,

in. Sir HENRY, twice m., but d. with-
out issue male 1709, was succeeded by his

IV. Sir JOHN, who was captain of the
Queen, a first-rate man-of-war, and did
signal services in the reign of king William
III. He was also twice nu, but d. 1 July
1729, wi/ncut issue, and vias succeeded by
}iis next brother,

V. The rev. sir SIMON, who was rector
of Naunby, co. Lincoln, m. Mary, eldest
da. of the rev. Joshua Clarke, by whom he
had issue.

1. Sir Henry, 6th bart.

2. Sir John, 7th bart.

3. Simon, in holy orders, d. u»m,

4. Joshua-Clarke; S.Edward.

6. Jane; 7 Anne; 8. Martha, alld.wjw.
9. Susannah ; 10. Marv, both d. itnm.

11. Anne, m. Benjamin Tong, esq.

12. Elizabeth, d. taim.

Sir Simon d. 12 Jan. 1753, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir HENRY, w., 1 July 1741, Frances,
da. of Henry Ibbetson, esq., and d. without
issue, 31 May 1755, the title and estate de-
volved on the next brother,

VII. The rev. sir JOHN, m., but had no
issue. He d. 1773> whereupon the title and
estate devolved to his kinsman,

VIII. Sir EDWARD, who was, as above
stated, great-great-grandson of Francis
Every, 3d son of the 1st bart. He m. Mary,
da. of Edward Morley, of Horsley, cb.
Derby, esq., relict of William Elliott, and
also of Joseph Bird, esqrs., by whom (who
Mi.,4thly, Ashton Mosely, of Park Hall, co.
Derby, esq., and d. 9 Feb.' 1826,) he had issue,

1. Sir Henry, 9th bart.

2. Sarah-Elizabeth-Goodman, rf. unm,
Oct. 1826.

3. Sophia-Anne, nu, Jan. 1804, sir Os-
wald Mosley, bart.

4. John, ?»., 3 May 1813, , only da.

of the late William Osborne, of Old Park,
CO. Kent, esq.

5. Frances, m., July 1804, major Wil-
liam Miller, and d. Aug. 1824.

6. Edward, who was unfortunately lost
in La Babet sloop (in which he was a mid-
shipman) in the West Indies, in the year 1801 .

Sir Edward d. 28 Dec. 1785, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IX. Sir HENRY, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 5. Erminois, two chev-
ronels, azure, between two others, gules.

Crest — A demi-unicorn, argent, gutteede
sang, and crined or.

Seat — At Egginton, co. Derby.

CAVE, of Stanford, co. Northampton.
30 June 1641.

Sir WILLIAM.BROWNE CAVE, Baronet, born 19 Feb. 1765; sue
ceeded the rev. sir Charles, 21 March 1810 ; married, 4 Jan. 1793, Louisa,
4th da. of sir Robert-Mead Wilmot, of Chaddesden, co. Derby, bart., and

by her (who d. July 1819) had issue, 1. Williaji, b. 7 June and d.

28 June 1794; 2. JOHN-ROBERT, b. 4 March 1798, m., 22 Nov.

1821, Catherine-Penelope, youngest da. and co-h. of William Milles, of
Barlaston Hall, co. Stafford, esq., and has issue, 1. 31illes, h. 1 Aug. 1822 ;

2. Verney^ i». Jan. 1833, and three das.\ 3. William-Asteley, in

holy orders, b. 3 Aug. 1799, m., 1st, Eliza-Martha, da. of "Watken,

esq., of Newhouse, co. Gloucester, who d. s.p., and, 2dly, Julia, da. of

Minton, of Stoke, co. Stafford, esq., and has issue, two children ; 4.

Thomas, b. 16 June 1801, w., 10 April 1827, Anne, eldest da. of J.
Walker, of Broomhouse, co. Lancaster, esq., and has issue four children ;

5. WiLMOT, b. 5 Dec. 1802, ?«., 1st, Mary, eldest da. of Eccles,

of Eccles, CO. Lancaster, and, 2dly, INIary, eldest da. of rev. T. Westmore-
land, vicar of Sandal Slagna, co. York ; 6. Edwakd-Sacheverell,

b. 3 Oct. 1804, m., 7 July 1830, INIary, only da. of John-Farside Watson,

of Bilton Park, co. York, esq., and has issue two children ; "i. Harriet,

b. 6 July 1795, m., 4 Sept. 1832, "William Booth, of Eeighton, co. Derby,

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