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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 14 of 95)
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esq.; — ~Q. Louisa-Catiierine, i. 11 Sept. 1796, d. 20 Feb. 1810.



A PEDIGREE of this family, collected and
certified by sir William Segar, garter king
at arms, 1632, derives it from Jordan de
Cave, who inherited thelordships of North
and South Cave, co. York, upon the death,
without issue, of his brother Wyamarus de
Cave, 10(J9. The descendants of Jordan
continued seated at Cave for eleven genera-
tions, when sir Alexander Cave d., leaving
an only da., INIaud, who conveyed that lord-
ship in marriage with sir Alexander Lownde,
of Lownde Hall, co. Bucks; but the male
line of the family was carried on by Peter
Cave, next brother of sir Alexander, who
settled at Stanford, co. Northampton,
where his grandson, Thomas Cave, was
buried 14ii5.

Sir Thomas Cave, knt., grandson of
the above-named Thomas, d. 1558; and
4th in descent from him, and I'Jth from
Jordan de Cave, was

1. Sir THOMAS, the 1st bart., who was,
during the civil wars, a strenuous asserter
of his sovereign's cause, supplying him with
arms, ammunition, &c. Sir Thomas m., 1st,
Catharine, da. of sir Anthony Haselwood,
knt., by whom he had no issue ; and2dly,
D). Penelope, da. of Thomas, 2d viscount
Wenman, of Tuam, Ireland, which title
became extinct in the person of Philip, 7th
viscount, in 1800, by whom he had,

J. Sir Roger, 2d bart.

2. Thomas, d. unm.

3. Ambrose, a brigadier in the life-
giiar^is, who was slain 1()90, as he was sit-
ting peaceably in his chair in public com-
pany, by one Biron, an officer, whose life he
had frequently spared, though many provo-
cations had caused frequent skirmishing
between them ; and in return for his gene-
rosity, Mr. Biron ran his sword through
his back, as he sat in his chair, of which
wound he soon died ; the sword was left in
his body, but the offender fled, and no dili-
gence could ever discover him.

4. Eleanor, d. uinn.

5. Mary, m. sir Orlando Bridgeman,
bart., 2d son of the lord-keeper.

Sir Thomas was succeeded by his eldest

II. Sir ROGER, represented the city of
Coventry in parliament, 12 Charles II. He
m., 1st, Martha, da. and h. of John Brown,
esq., clerk of the parliament, by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 3d bart.

2. John.

.3. Charles, drowned at sea in the great
storm in Nov. 1703, being on board one of
her majesty's ships of war.

4. John; .5. Oliver, both d. s.p.

Cu Elizabeth, m. sir John Cheshire,
knt., serjeant-at-law.

7. Penelope, m. John Creswell Went-
worth, esq., who d. 4 June 172(5.

Sir Roger m., 2dly, Mary, da. of sir Wil-
liam Bromley, of Baginton, knt., and sister
of the right hon. William Bromley, speaker
of the house of commons and secretary of
state to Queen Anne, and by her (who sur-
vived him, and d. 22 Nov. 1721 ) had issue,

8. Roger, grandfather of the present
bart., of whom hereafter.

9. Mary, m. sir WilUam Dixwell, bart.,
and d. Feb. 1714.

10. Eleanor, HI., 1st, sir Holland Egerton,
bart.; and 2(Uy, John Brooke, esq., son of
sir Thomas Brooke, bart., and d. Sept.

Sir Roger rf. 11 Oct. 1703, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir THOMAS, who was M.P. for
CO. Leicester in all the parliaments from
9 Anne till his death, 21 April 1719. He m.

Margaret, youngest da. of John Vemev,
viscount Fermanagh, of Ireland, (which
title became extinct in 1791, on the death
of Ralph, 3d viscount Fermanagh, and 2d
earl Verney,) by whom he had,

1. Sir Verney, 4th bart.

2. Sir Thomas, 5th bart.

3. Elizabeth, m. Richard Pilsworth,
esq., who d. 1748 ; and rf. 1755.

4. Penelope, m. Richard Thompson,
esq., one of the prothonotaries of the court
of Common Pleas, who d. 1748; and rf.
1 Oct. 178(J.

Sir Thomas rf. 21 April 1719, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir VERNEY, rf. unm., and was suc-
ceeded bv his only brother,

V. SirTHOMAS,of the Inner Temple,
barrister-at-law; m., 173(i, Elizabeth, sole
da. and h. of Griffith Davies, M.D., by
Elizabeth, da. of sir John Burgoyne, bart.,
by whom (who rf. 28 April 1760) he had,

1. Sir Thomas, 6l.h bart.

2. Elizabeth, m., 1767, Bennet, 3d earl
of Harborough, who rf. 1770; and d, 5
March 1797.

3. Penelope, rf. rmm. 28 April 1771'

4. Margaret, m. John Moses, esq., who
rf. 177''^; m., 2dly, Thomas Robinson, of
Kensington, esq., who rf. 181U; she rf. 14
July I8I7.

5. Mary-Constantia, m. sir Henry
Etherington, bart., rf. 25 Feb. 1811.

6. Rev. sir Charles, 8th bart.

7. Annk, m., Jan. 1777, Thomas Mar riot,
D.D., prebendary of Westminster, rector of
St. Michael Bassishaw, and chaplain in ordi-
nary to his iTiajesty, who rf. I78I : she
rf. 23 Dec. 1833, aet. 85.

8. Isabella, b. 175O, rf. 1 Jan. I8I7.

Sir Thomas rf. 7 Aug. 1778, and was suc-
ceeded bv his son,

VI. Sir THOMAS, b. 1737, m. Sarah, da.
of John Edwards, of London, merchant, by
whom {who rf. July 1819) he had,

1. Sir Thomas, 7th bart.

2. Sarah, m. Henry Otway, esq., of Cas-
tle Otway, in Ireland, who rf. 13 Sept. 1815.
She and her issue, by license, 28 March
1818, resumed the name of Cave, after Ot-

Sir Thomas rf. 31 May 1780, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VII. Sir THOMAS, ?;. 1766. w., 2 June
1791, Lucy, only da. of Robert, 4th earl of
Harborough. Ladv Lucy, surviving him,
nu, 2dly, 2(> Aug. 179B, the hon. Philip Dou-
verie Pusey, son of Jacob, 1st viscount
Folkestone. He rf. 15 Jan. 1792, and was
succeeded by his uncle,

VIII. Sir CHARLES, M.A., in holy
orders, who rf. mnn., 21 March 1810, was
succeeded by his cousin, sir William, whose
descent we now proceed to state.

Roger Cave, esq., son of sir Roger,
2d bart., by his 2d wife, ni. Catherine, da.
and h. of VVilliam Browne, of Stretton, co.
Leicester, esq., and rf. March 1741, leaving
issue by her, (whorf. 6 May 1772,)

1. William-Bromley, rf. mim. 1788.

2. John, father of the 9th bart.

3. Ann A-M a r ia ,/n. the rev. James Cham-
bers, rector of Stretton.

4. Elizabeth, ui. John Wood.

5. Penklope,?/). Thomas Mould.
John, 2d son of Roger Cave, inherited

the Stretton estate from his grandfather,
and took the name of Browne, by act of
parliament, 1752 ; m., 1st, (! Dec. 1757,
Frances, da. of Theodore-William Inge,
esq., by whom (who rf. Oct. 1758) he had no
issue. He m., 2dly, Catharine, da. of Tho-
mas Astley, of Westminster, by whom he
had issue.



1. Sir William, who succeeded to the
title of bart., as above mentioned.

2. John, in holy orders,rector of Stretton,
m. Margaret, da, of R. Haymes, and had

3. Thomas, in the army.

4. Edward, in the army.

5. Axna-Marea. m., 1797j the rev, Leb-
beus-Charles Humfrey.

(>. Louisa, m., 1799, William Haymes, of
Kilworth, esq. ; and several other children.

John Cave-Browne, esq., rf. 2 Oct. 1798,
and was succeeded in his estate by his eldest

IX. Sir WILLIAM, 9th and present bart.

Arms — See Plate 5. Azure, fretty, argent.

Crest — A greyhound current, sable, to
which, on an escroll, proceeding from his
mouth, for motto, Gardez (of the same
signification with Cave, the imperative of
Caveo), alluding to the name.

Seat — At Stretton Hall, co. Derby.

ABDY, of Felix Hall, co. Essex.
7 July 1641.

Sir WILLIAM ABDY, Baronet, succeeded his father, sir William, 21
July 1803 ; married, 3 June 180G, Anne, natural da. of Richard, marquess
Wellesley, K.G., (which marriage was dissolved by act of parliament, 25
June 1816, and she m., 2dly, 23 July 1816, lord Charles Bentinck, 3d son
of William-Henry, 3d duke of Portland, K.Gr.)

Roger Abdy, of London, merchant,
tn. Mary, da. of Richard White, of Hutton
Hall, CO. Essex, esq., and rf. 1595, leaving
two sons, I. Edmund, (who, by Judith, da.
of sir Christopher Yelverton, judge of the
Common Pleas, had one son, sir Christopher
Abdti, who m. the youngest da. of sir Her-
bert Croft, of Suffolk.)

2. Anthony, alderman of London,
and one of its sheriffs in 1(J30, m. Abigail,
da. of sir Thomas Campbell, knt., alderman
of London, and by her had three sons, who
all received the honour of baronetcy. 1.
sir Thomas, created a bart. 1()41 ; 2. sir Ro-
bert, of Albins, co. Essex, created a bart.
1(560, which title became extinct in 1759 ;
.3. sir John, of Moores, in Salcot Vesley, co.
Essex, created a bart. June 10(50, which
title became extinct 1662.

I. Sir THOMAS, the 1st bart., m. Mary,
da. of sir Lucas Corsellis, by whom (who rf.
e> April 1645) he had,

1. James, rf. an infant.

2. Rachael, m. Philip Gurdon, esq.

3. Abtgail, m. sir Mark Guyon, knt.
He m., 2dly, Anne, da. of sir Thomas
Soame, knt., by whom (who rf. 19 June
1679) he had,

4. Sir Anthony, 2d bart.

a. Thomas, rf. 12 April 1697.

6. Willfam, rf. 1682.

7. Sarah.

8. Anne, rf. 1682.

9. Mary, m. Wentworth Gameys, esq.

10. Joanna, rf. 1710.

11. Alice, m. William Stane, esq.

12. Judith ; 13. Sabah.

Sir Thomas rf. 14 Jan. 1685, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

IL Sir ANTHONY, m. Mary, sole da.
and h. of Richard Mil ward, D.D., canon of
Windsor, (byMary, da. of sir Anthony Tho-
mas, of Cobham, co. Surrey, by Mary, da.
of sir William Ayloff, of Great Braxhead,
CO. Surrey,) by v.'hom he had,

1. Thomas, rf. an infant, 1684.

2. Sir Anthony-Thomas, 3d bart.

3. William, 4th bart.

4. Charles; 5. Richard; 6. Mary.

7- Anne; 8. Joanna; 9. Elizabeth.

10. Rachakl; 11. Margaret.
He rf. 2 April 1704, and was succeeded by
his son,

Mary, da. and co-h. of Hope Gilford, of
Colchester, co. Essex, esq., who rf. 17I8;
m., 2dly, 1729, Charlotte, da. of sir Thomas

Barnardiston, of Theddington, co. Suffolk,
bart., who rf. 19 Feb. 1731 ; m., 3dly, Anne,
da. of Thomas Williams, esq., who rf. 21
Sept. 1745. By the first and last he had no
issue, but by the 2d he had two das.,

1. Charlotte, m. John, son of sir John
Williams, knt.

2. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Reeves, esq.
Sir Anthony rf. June 1733, and was suc-
ceeded by his next brother,

IV. Sir WILLIAM, m. the sole h. of
Philip Stotherd, of Terlington, co. Essex,
esq., by whom he had,

1. Sir Anthony-Thomas, 5th bart.

2. The rev. Stothard, m. Theodosia,
youngest da. of sir Robert Abdy, of Albyns,
CO. Essex, bart. ; m., 2dly, Harriet, youngest
da. of Peyton Altham, esq., and rf. 3 April
1773, without issue.

3. Sir William, 6th bart.

4. Mary, m. Ambrose Dickins, esq., of
Wollaston, co. Northampton.

5. Charlotte, wi.dr. Rutherford, regius
professor of divinity at Cambridge, and
archdeacon of Essex.

6. Anne-Hesser, m. Charles - Nalson
Cole, esq., of the Inner Temple.

Sir William rf. Jan. 1750, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir ANTHONY-THOMAS, who was
a king's counsel, m. Catharhie, youngest da.

and co-h. of Hamilton, esq., of Chancery

Lane, London. He rf. 7 April 1775, with-
out issue, and was succeeded by his brother,

VI. Sir WILLIAM, capt. R.N., m., 1777,
Mary, da. of James Gordon, of Moor Place,
CO. Hertford, esq., and by her (who rf. 4
March 1829) had issue,

1. Sir William, present bart.

2. Catharine -Mary, in., 9 Nov. 1813,
sir Thomas Fellowes, knt., capt. R.N.,
C.B., K.C. III., C.L.II., and K.S.A., and rf.
18 Oct. I8I7.

3. Charlotte-Anne,

4. Henrietta, m., 1 Dec. 1808, Charles
Caldwell, of Bottisham Hall, co. Cambridge,
esq., son of admiral sir Benjamin Caldwell,
G.C.B., and has issue.

Sir William rf. 21 July 1803, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

VII. Sir WILLIAM, present bart,
Aryns — See Plate 5. Or, two chevronels,

between three trefoils, slipped, sable.

Crest — An eagle's head, couped proper
beaked, azure.

Seat — Cobham Place, near Bagshot, co,

D 2



COTTON, of Landwade, co. Cambridge.

14 .July 1641.

Sir ST. VINCENT COTTON, Baronet, in the army, born 6 Oct. 1801,
succeeded his father, admiral sir Charles, 24 Feb. 1812.

Sir Hbnry Cotton, knt., lord of Cotton
Hall, CO. Cambridge; or, as other author-
ities say, CO. Suffolk, lived in the 13th
centuiyi His great grandson, sir Thomas
Cotton, acquired the estate of Landwade
by marriage with Alice, da. and h. of John
de Hastings, of Landwade, and had 2 sons,
Thomas, who was lord of Trumpington, co.
Cambridge, but d. s.p. 1434 ; and Walter,
whose son, William, of Landwade, was vice-
chamberlain to king Henry VL

Sir Thomas Cotton, son and h. of Wal-
ter, d. 1499, leaving a son, sir Ror>ERT,
v/ho fl. 1519, and was father of sir John,
who, by Isabel, da. of sir William Spencer,
of Althorpe, knt., had a son and h., sir
John, who d. 1020, leaving an only sur-
viving son,

I. Sir JOHN, 1st bart., 6. Sept. 1615,
was high sheriff co. Cambridge when the re-
bellion broke out, and proclaimed the earl
of Essex a traitor in every market town:
he also took up arms for his sovereign, and
was entrusted to carry the plate of the uni-
versity of Cambridge to the king at Oxford,
which he safely delivered, through many
difficulties, being followed by a body of
Cromwell's horse : he was soon after obliged,
for his loyalty, to leave his country, and
lived some" years abroad. By his wife, Jane,
da. and sole h. of sir Edward Hinde, knt.,
he had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Thomas, who d. young.

3. Jane; 4. Cathakine^ d. nnm.

He rf. about 1C90, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, recorder of Cambridge, ni.
Elizabeth, da. and co-h. of sir Joseph Shel-
don, knt., alderman of London, and liad

1. Sir JoHN-HiNDE, 3d bart.

2. Catharine; 3. Jane; 4. Anne.

5. Catharine, m. William Sancroft,
esq., nephew and heir to archbishop San-

H. Elizabeth; 7- Frances.

a. Dorothy; 9. Agnes.

Sir John d. Jan. 1712, and was succeeded
by his only son,

III. Sir JOHN-HINDE, treasurer of the
chamber to king George II., and in the
reign of queen Anne, one of the lords com-
missioners of trade and plantations, >»., 1st,
Lettice, 2d da. of sir Ambrose Crowley,

knt., by whom (who d. in Aug. 1718) he had

1. Sir JoHN-HiNDE, 4th bart.

2. Mary, m. Jacob Houblon, esq.

Sir John m., 2dly, Margaret, 3d da. of
James Craggs, esq., one of the commis-
sioners of the post-office, sister and co-h. of
the right hon. James Craggs, one of the
principal secretaries of state to king George
I., and relict of Samuel Trefusis, esq., by
whom (who d. Aug. 1734) he had,

3. Margaret, d.

Sir John d. 4 Feb. 1752, and was succeeded
by his only son,

IV. Sir JOHN-HINDE, m., 1 July 1745,
Anne, 2d da. of Humphrey Parsons, esq.,
twice lord mayor of London, (by his wife,
Sarah, 3d da. of sir Ambrose Crowley, knt.,)
by whom he had issue,

1. John, d. in 1781.

2. Sir Charles, 5th bart.
?. George, d. in 1781.

4. Alexander.

5. Henry, twin with Edward, d. at his

C. Edward, d. at Nevis, in the West In-
dies, wnn., 13 Oct. 1810.

7. Sarah, d. Jan. 1830, urim., aged 82.

8. Anne, w. the rev. mr. Oldershaw, and
d. IG Feb. 1829, ast. 79.

9. Lettice.
Sir John-Hinde d. 23
succeeded by his son,

some time commander-in-chief of the Chan-
nel fleet; »«., 27 Feb. 1798, Philadelphia,
eldest da. of sir Joshua Rowley, bart., by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir St. Vincent, present bart.

2. Charles, commander R.N., d. 11
Feb. 1828, then commanding H.M.S. Zebra.

3. Philadelphia-Letitia.

4. Maria-Susanna, »«., 14 May 1822,
vice-admiral sir Richard King, bart., K.C.B.

He rf. 24 Feb. 1812, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

VI. Sir St. VINCENT, the present bart.
Arms — See Plate 5. Sable, a chevron, be-
tween three griffins' heads, erased, argent.

Crest — A griffin's head, erased, as in the

Motto — Fidelitas vincet.

Seats — At Landwade and Maddingley,
both CO. Cambridge.

Jan. 1795, and was
admiral R.N., and

BURGOYNE, of Sutton, co. Bedford.

15 July 1041.

Sir JOHN-MONTAGU BURGOYNE, Baronet, horn I7 Oct. I70O,
liieutcuant and Captain in the Grenadier Guards ; succeeded his father,
sir Montagn-Roger, IG Aug. 1817; married^ 20 Dec. 1831, ]\Iary-Harriett,

da. of William Gore-Langton, esq., and has issue, JOHN-IMONTAGU,

h. 23 Oct. 1832.

This family has, according to tradition,
been seated iii Bedfordshire since the time
of king John.

Robert Burgoyne (youngerson of John

Burgoync, of Sutton,) was a person of con-
siderable uo\c tt'tii p. Henry VIII.; one of
the auditors of the exchequer, and one of
the commissioners appointed by that mo-



narch to take the surrender of the monas-
teries ; and had a grant from him of tlie
rectory, tithes, and all the lands of Wroxall,
CO. V/arwick, where he erected a spacious
mansion. He was father of

Robert Burgovne, of Wroxall and Sut-
ton, high sheriff o'f Warwick, ol> Elizabeth,
who d. 1613, leaving a son and heir,

Roger, who possessed Wroxall, Honiley,
Sutton, and Potton, was sheriff of Bedford-
shire, 14 Jac. I., and of Warwickshire, G
Car. I., and d. 1636, leaving a son and heir,

!. Sir JOHN, Istbart., /H.Jane, da. and
h. of William Kempe, of Spains Hall, co.
Essex, esq., by whom he had,

1. Sir Roger, 2d bart.

2. JoHx, who, by Penelope, sister of sir
Thomas Darcy, co. Essex, knt., left issue.
His descendants still hold lands in Potton.

3. Robert, a merchant in London, m.
Catherine, da. of ■ Heydon.

4. Mary, m. sir Edward Cater, knt.

5. Jane, m. James Maine, esq.

6. Jldith, m. sir William Ayscough, knt.

7. Elizabeth, m. William Love, esq.
Sir John d. about 1654, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

n. Sir ROGER, m., 1st, Anne, da. and
h. of Charles Snslling, by whom he had,

1. Jaxe, m. John Symonds, esq., barris-

2. Sir JoHX, 3d bart.

3. AxNE, m. John Raymond.

4. Mary, m. William Guyon.

5. Jl'dith, d. tinm.

Sir Roger m., 2dly, Anne, da. of John Ro-
binson, esq., by whom (who d. 1694) he had,

6. Elizabeth, m. Matthew Hutton.

7. Anne, w. dr. Charles Hickman, bishop
of Londonderry.

8. Philadelphia.

Sir Roger d. 16 Sept. I677> and was succeeded
by his only son,

in. Sir JOHN, Ml. Constance, da. of
Richard Lucy, of Charlecot, co. Warwick,
esq., by whom he had, besides other children
who d. young or num.,

1. Sir Roger, 4th bart.

2. John, m. Anna-Maria, da. of Charles
Burneston, of Hackney, esq., and had issue,
the right hon. lieutenant-general John Bur-
goyne, (commander in America,) who m,
lady Charlotte Stanley, da. of Edward, 11th
earl of Derby, and d. 1792.

3. Thomas, m. a da. of • Warren.

4. Luc\' (a son), m. Elizabeth Howell.

5. , ?«. mr. Warren.

6. Elizabeth, m. Griffith Davis, M.D.
Sir John d. 9 April 1/09, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

IV. Sir ROGER, m. Constance, da. of sir
Thomas Middleton, knt., (by Mary, da. of
sir Stephen Langham, of Quentin, co. North-
ampton, knt.,) by whom (who re-ni. Chris-
topher Wren, esq., son of sir Christopher
Wren, knt., and d. 1734) he had issue,

1. Sir John, .5th bart.

2. Sir Roger, 6th bart.

3. Constantia-Maria, b. 3 Nov, 1705,

jn. capt. John Plgott, and d. 26 July 1739.

Sir Roger d. 1716, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

V. Sir JOHN, survived his father only
six weeks, d. uiim., and was succeeded by
his only brother,

VI. Sir ROGER, M.P. for co. Bedford,
m., Jan. 1739, lady Frances Montagu, eldest
da. of George, 1st earl of HaUfax, and by
her (who d. 24 July 178'!) had issue,

1. Sir John, 7th bart.

2. Montagu, b. 29 July 1750, m. Eliza-
beth, da. and sole h. of Eliab Harvey, of
Claybury Hall, co. Essex, esq., and had

1. Frances-Elizabeth, nu, 13 Jan. 1817,
sir Guy Campbell, bart., C.B., d. at P'lo-
rence, 7 May 1818.

2. Elizabeth, nu, 15 Aug. 1818, Christo-
pher Blackett, of Wylam, co. Northum-

3. Frances, d. 28 June 1814.

4. Louisa ; 5. Elizabeth.
6. Catherine, d. Aug. 1810.

Sir Roger d. 1780, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

VII. Sir JOHN, b. 20 Sept. 1739, a lieut.-
general and colonel of the 19th dragoons, »n.,
1772, Charlotte, eldest da. of general John-
ston, of Overstone, near Northampton, by
whom (who d. 14 April 1820, having »«., 2dly,
lieut.-general Eyre-Power Trench, brother
of William, earl of Clancarty) he had issue,

1. Sir Montagu-Roger, 8th bart.

2. Frederick-William, capt. R.N., m.
miss Wallis, and has issue, of whom Char-
lotte-Frances, the eldest da., w., 24 Feb. 1834,
Michael Maxwell, esq., son of sir John Max-
well, bart. N.S.

3. Frances, nu, 11 July 1801, Robert, 2d
lord Onglev.

4. George-Augustus, capt. 26th dra-
goons, d. unm. at St. Helena, 1814.

Sir John d. in the East Indies, 1785, and
was succeeded by his son,

general in the army, m., 1 Nov. 1794, Catha-
rine, only da. of John Burton, of Owlerton,
CO. York, esq., and had issue,

1. Sir John-Montagu, present bart.


22 Sept. 1800, nu, 31 Aug. 1832, the rev. Gil-
bert Blackburn.

3. CATHARINE-ELIZABETH,rf. 5July 1802.

4. Catharine, d. 10 June 1806.

5. Marianne-Catherine, 6. 4 March

6. Montagu-George.

7. William-Montagu.

Sir Montagu-Roger d. 16 Aug. I817j and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

IX. Sir JOHN-MONTAGU, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 5. Gules, a chevron or,
between three talbots argent; on a chief
embattled argent, as many martlets azure.

Crest — A talbot sejant or, ears sable, and
plain collared gules.

Seat — At Sutton Park, co. Bedford,

NORTHCOTE, of Hayne and of Pynes, co. Devon.

\G July 1641.

Sir STAFFORD-HENRY NORTHCOTE, Baronet, iom Sept. 1762,
succeeded his father, sir Stafford, 11 March I77I ; married, 6 May 1791,
Jaquetta, eldest da. of Charles Baring, of Lark bear, esq., by whom he has

issue, 1. HENRY-STAFFORD, b. 1792, ?n., 13 Nov. 1815, Agnes-

Mary, sole da. of Thomas Cockburn, of Portland Place, esq., and has issue,



1. Stafford-Henry, h. 27 Oct. 1818; 2. Henrietta, h. 12 May 1820; 3.
Thomas-Stafford, b. 8 Nov. 1822 ; 4. Cecilia' Agnes, h. 20 July 1824 ; ft.
Henry-Mowbray, b. 10 Sept. 1826; — 2. Hugh-Stafford, 6. 1793,
major in the army, 7n., 30 March 1826, Harriett, youngest da. of William
Ceely Trevillian, of Middleney, co. Somerset, esq., and has issue, Arthur^

b. 20 Jan. 1827; 3. Charles-Stafford, b. 1796, in holy orders,

rector of Upton Pyne, m., 22 April 1830, Elizabeth-Helena, 3d da. of the
late Thomas Robbins, esq.

John, son of John Galfride, knt., was
seated at Northcote, in the parish of West-
downe, co. Devon, and from the place of
his residence assumed the name of North-
cote, or (as the pedigree of the family re-
corded at the visitation of Devon in 10'20
expresses it) mutavit nomen cum loco.

I. JOHN, the Itith in descent from him,
6. in 1599, was the 1st bart., so created 16
July 1G41 ; m. Grace, da. and h. of Hugh
Halswell, of Wells, co. Somerset, esq., and
had issue,

1. Sir Arthur, 2d bart.

2. John, m. Catherine, da. of — Fol-

jamb, and had issue.

3. Lewis, m. Jane, da of Cople-

stone, and had issue.

4. Hasvvell, m.Mary, da. of Crook,

and had issue.

5. William, m. Alice, da. of Leigh,

and had issue.

6. Grace, d. young.

7. Susannah, m., 1052, Robert Fortescue,
of Fillegh, esq.

8. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Pointington,
esq., barrister-at-law.

9. Grace, d. -unm.

Sir John d. IG76, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir ARTHUR, m., 1st, Elizabeth, da.
and h. of James Welsh, esq., and had
issue by her, who d. 1G52, (by whom he
acquired large possessions,)

1. John, m. Alice, da. of Leigh,

gent., by whom he had issue, but all d.
young ; he d. 1(!79, and she re-m. William
Northcote, and d. 1708.

2. Arthur, m. Margaret, da. and h. of
Anthony Gay, of Bristol, merchant, but d.
1079-80, and left no issue.

3. Elizabeth, d. yoimg.

Sir Arthur m., 2dly, Elizabeth, eldest da.
of sir Francis Godolphin, of Godolphin, co,
Cornwall, K.B., and sister to Sidney, the
celebrated lord Godolphin, lord high trea-
surer of England, by whom he had issue,

4. Sir Francis, 3d bart.

5. Sir Henry, 4th bart.

(i. William, who d. an infant.

7. Charles, m. Sarah, da. of John North-
cote, esq., his uncle, and d. 1721, leaving

1. Arthur; 2. Charles.

8. EiiizABETH, living 1707, d. unm.

9. Dorothy, m., 1085, Andrew Quick, esq.

10. Penelope, m. John Hesket, esq.,
Lancaster herald.

11. Susanna, d. in her infancy.

Sir Arthur d. 1088, and was succeeded
by his eldest son by his 2d lady,

111. Sir FRANCIS, m. Anne, da. of sir
Chichester Wray, bart., by Anne, countess
of Middlesex, by whom he had no issue,

and dying in 1709, the dignity and estate
devolved upon

IV. Sir HENRY, his next brother, b.
1055, fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, and
M.D. ; m. Penelope, da. and co.-h. of Ed-
ward Lovett, of Liscombe, co. Bucks, esq.,
by whom (who d. 8 Oct. 1731) he left issue,

1. Henry, 5th bart.

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