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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 15 of 95)
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2. Elizabeth, m., 1734, John Incledon,
of Braunton, co. Devon, esq., and 2dly, in
1747, rev. John Wright.

3. Johanna, d. imm. April 1739.

Sir Henry d. Feb. 1729-30, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

V. Sir Henry, m. Bridget-Maria, even-
tually only da. and h. of Hugh Stafford, of
Pynes, co. Devon, esq., and by her (who m.
2dly, Richard Madan, esq., and d. 1773) he
had issue,

1. Sir Stafford, 6th bart.

2. Henry, w., 1st, Phillippa, da. of Ed-
ward Searle, of Plympton, esq., by whom he
had a da., Bridget, m. the rev. David Per-
kins, D.D., vicar of Mamhead. He m., 2dly,
Sarah Tooke, by whom also he had issue.

3. Hugh, rector of Upton, co. Devon, w.
Elizabeth, da. of rev. George Bradford, and
d. 1787, having had issue by her,

1. Hugh, in holy orders, b. 1774.

2. Charles, h. 1778, d. in India, j/wm.

3. Catherine-Maria, m. rev. John Pit-

4. Bridget-Elizabeth, b. 1771.

5. Frances-Anne, m. rev. John Tally.

6. Charlotte, d. unm.

4. Charles, d. an infant.

5. Bridget-Maria, m., 1773, William
Paynter, esq., of the Navy Office.

Sir Henry d. 1743, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

VI. Sir STAFFORD, b. May 1736, w.,
17 Oct. 1701, Catherine, da. of tlie rev.
George Bradford, rector of Tallaton, co.
Devon (who d. Jan. 1802) by whom he had

1. Sir Stafford-Henry, present bart.

2. Catherine-Jane, m., 1782, John-
Thomas Wright, of Lympstone, esq.

3. Maria-Anne, m. major George Brad-

Sir Stafford d. 11 March 1771, and was
succeeded by his son,


Arms — See Plate 5. 0"*rterly, first and
fourth, argent, a fesse, between three cross-
es, molines, sable ; second and third, argent,
three crosses botony in bend, sable.

Crest — Upon a cap of dignity, a stag, sta-
tant, argent.

Motto — Chri.sti a-^ix est mea lux.

Scat — At Pynes, near Exeter.

STRICKLAND, of Boynton, co. York.
30 July 1641.
Sir GEORGE STRICKLAND, Baronet, M.P. for the western di.



vision of Yorkshire, succeeded his father, sir William, 8 Jan. 1834 ; born
^6 Nov. 1782; married, 30 March 1818, Mary, only child of the rev.
Charles Constable, of Wassand,co. York, and has issue, 1. CHARLES-

-2. Frederick, b. Feb. 1820

WILLIAM, b. Feb. 1819

Henry, b. 1821; 4. Lucy-Henrietta, b. 1822.


The name of Strickland is of great an-
tiquity in the north of England. William
de Stiikeland cf. 31 Edw. I., holding lands in
Westmoreland ; and several individuals of
the name appear to have served as knights
of the shire for that county in the reigns of
Edw. II. and III., Rich. II., Hen. VI., and
Edw. IV. In the reign of Hen. IV., William
Strikeland was bishop of Carlisle, and d.
1419. A Thomas Strickland, esq., bore
the banner of St. George at the battle of
Agincourt (as appears by the very interesting
and elaborate account of that battle recently
edited by sir Nicolas Harris Nicolas) ; and
a sir Thomas Strickland was sheriff of
Yorkshire, 1604.

The immediate ancestor of this family
was RoGKR Strickland, of Marske, co.
Vorke, whose son, WiLLrAM, settled at
Boynton, and was grandfather of

I. Sir WILLIAM, 1st bart., m., 1st,
Margaret, eldest da. of sir Richard Chol-
mondeley, knt., by whom he had issue,

1. Frances, ni. Barington Bourchier,

2. Margaret, m. sir John Cochrane,
knt., 2d son of Thomas, 8th earl of Dun-

3. MiLCHA, m. William Lawson, esq., son
and h. of sir William Lawson, knt.

4. Elizabeth, Hi. William, son and h. of
sir Henry St. Quintin, bart.

Sir William w., 2diy, Frances Finch,
eldest da. of Thomas, 1st earl of Winchilsea,
by whom he had issue,

5. Sir Thomas, 2d bart.

Sir William was a considerable person in
Oliver Cromwell's time, and one of those
whom the Protector summoned to take
place as a lord, and to have that dignity in
all commissions; he d. about 1G71, and was
succeeded bv his only son,

II. Sir THOMAS, m., ICof), Elizabeth,
da. and co-h. of sir Francis Pile, of Comp-
ton-Beauchamp, co. Berks, bart., and had

1. Frances, m., 1670, sir Richard Os-
baldeston, of Hunmanby, co. York, knt.

2. Jane, rf. 1672-

3. Elizabeth, d. 1664.

4. Sir William, 3d bart.

5. Anne, m. John Smith, esq., speaker
of the house of commons,

6. Walter, b. 1667, rn., and had issue,

1. Walter, d. unnu 178<t.

2. Elizabeth, ??;. William Waldby.

3. William, d. 1/88, having m. two
wives; 1st, one of the das. and co-heiresses
of Edward-Charles Henshaw, of Eltham,

esq. ; and, 2dly, Diana, da. of Moyser,

of Beverley, esq. By the former he had
no issue; and by the latter he had a da.,
who d. 18()3, unm., and one son, Walter,
TO. Dorothy, only da- of Edmund Rolfe,
of Heacham, co. Norfolk, esq., by whom
<who d. 1807} he had no issue.

7. Thomas, b. May 1669.

8. Frances, 6. 1670.

9. Charles, R.N., b. 1672, who com-
manded H.M.S. Southampton, at the cap-
ture of Vigo, 1703, and rf. an admiral, 1724.

10. Nathaniel, rf. an infant.

.Sir William rf. 20 Nov. 1684, and was suc-
ceeded by hi> son,

III. Sir WILLIAM, b. 1664-5, served in
several parliamraits during the reigns of

king William III., queen Anne, and George
I,, who constituted him commissary-general
of the musters, on the first institution of that
office by parliament : m., 28 Aug. 1684,
Elizabeth, 2d da. and co-h. of William
Palmes, of Old Matton, esq., (grandson of
Palmes, of Linley and Naburn, co. York,
by Mary, 2d da. and co-h. of the hon. col.
William Eure, 2d son of William, lord
Eure, of Wilton, co. Durham; which Wil-
liam Eure was killed during the lifetime of
his father, in the battle of Marston Moor,
1645,) by whom he had issue,

1. Sir William, 4th bart.

2. Thomas, b. 1687-

3. Elizabeth, rf. young.

4. Walter, rf. an infant.

5. Charles, in the army, who was killed
in a duel at Henley-upon-Thames.

Sir William rf. 12 May 1724, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

IV. Sir WILLIAM, 6. 1686, who was
elected in the first parliament of George I.,
for Carlisle, and in the 1st and 2d parlia-
ments of George II. for Scarborough, and
was one of the lords commissioners of the
treasury : afterwards treasurer of the queen's
household, and secretary at war; m. Ca-
tharine, da. of sir Jeremy Sambroke, of
Gubbins, co. Herts, knt. and had issue,

1. Sir George, 5th bart.

2. Elizabeth, m. John Freeman, of
Chute Lodge, co. Wilts, esq.

Sir William rf. 1 Sept. 1735, and was swc-
ceededbyhis son,

V. Sir GEORGE, b. March 1729 ; m., 25
Nov. 1751, Elizabeth, 3d da. of sir Rowland
W^inn, bart., and had issue,

1. Sir William, 6th bart.

2. Elizabeth, b. 3 Feb. 1755; m., 1781,
her cousin, Strickland Freeman, esq., only
son of John Freeman above named, rf. 4
May, and Mr. F. Nov. ia21.

3. Charlotte, b. 10 Sept. 1758, d. untn.
2 June 1833.

4. George, of Chesnut Grove, co. York,
b. 2 Nov. 1760, and rf. 5 June 1832, m., 1792,
Jane-Eleanor, da. and co-h. of Christopher
Craggs, of Houghton -le- Spring, co. t)ur-
ham, and has issue,

1. Walter; 2. Charles.

3. Thomas-Alfred.

4. Augustine-Edmund-Christopher.

5. Elizabeth-Letitia.

€. Catherine-Charlotte.

7. Eleanor-Sabina ; 8. Georgiana-

9. A da.

5. Juliana-Sabina, 6. 22 May 1763.

6. Charles, b. 14 Dec. 1768, rf. unm.
Dec. 1795.

7. Walter, b. 6 Nov. 1771, m., 1803,
Frances, 2d da. and co-h. of Maximilian
Western, of Cokethorjie Park, co. Oxford,
and has issue,

1. Walter; 2. Edward-Roland.

3. France-s, m., 11 May 1826, Charles-
Cotterell Dormer, of Rousham, co.
Oxon, esq.

4. Louisa, m., 2 Nov. 1833, Henry
Boynton, esq., eldest son of sir Henry
Boynton, bart.

8. Sophia-Letitia, b. 16 Jan. 1774, m.,
1st, James Calder, esq., capt. 21st lancers,
who was drowned accidentally 1805; and,
2dly, capt. Glasscott.

9. Henry-Eustachius, b. 31 Aug. 1777.



m., 21 Dec. 1802, Mary, eldest da. of the
rev. Edmund Cartvvright, of Wobiirn, co.
Bedford, D.D., and has issue (182/) three
sons and 2 das.

Sir George rf. 13 Jan. 1808, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir WILLIAM, 6th bart., &. 12 March
1753, m., 15 April 1778, Henrietta, 3d da.
and co-h. of Nathaniel Cholmeley of Whit-
by and Howsham, co. York, esq., by
whom (who d. 26 March 1827, ffit. 6(i) he had

1. Henrietta, b. 5 Feb. \T/^.

2. Walter, h. 10 Feb. 1780, rf. 15 April

3. Caroline, h. 8 April 1781, m., 3 Oct.
1811, William-Francis Downdes, esq.

4. Sir George, present ban.

5. Arthur, b. 25 Feb. 1784.

6. Edmund, b. 30 July 1785, d. 18 Nov.

7. EusTAcius, b. 9 June 1787.

8. Emma, 6. 14 Jan. 178P.

9. Anne, b. 31 Dec. 1790, m., 12 April
1814, rev. Francis Simpson, of Foston, co.

10. John, b. 24 Jan. 1794.

11. Priscilla, b. 22 Oct. 1796, m., IG
June 1819, Charles Winn, of Nostell Pri-
ory, CO. York, esq.

12. Isabella, b. 31 March 1799, d. 12 July

13. Nathaniel-Constantinb, b. 7 Sept.

Sir WilliaiTi d. 8 Jan. 1834, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son,

Yll. Sir GEORGE, present and 7th bart.

Arms — See Plate 5. Gules, a chevron, or,
between three crosses, patee, argent ; on a
canton, ermine, a buck's head, erased and
attired, sable.

Crest— A turkey-cock, in his pride, proper.

Motto — A la volonfd de Dieu.

Seat — At Boynton, co. York.

BOUGHTON, of Lawford, co. Wai-wick.
4 Aug. 1641.

BOUGHTON, of Rouse-Lench, co. Worcester, and
DowNTON Hall, co. Salop.

28 July 1791.

svicceeded his father, sir Charles-Wilham, 26 Feb. 1821 ; born 14 Sept,>
1788; married, 24 March 1824, Charlotte, youngest da. of Thomas-
Andrew Knight, of Wormsley Grange and IMaryknole, co. Hereford, esq.,
president of the Hortiailtural Society, and niece to Richard-Payne Knight,
of Downton Castle, co. Hereford, esq., and has issue, 1. CHARLES-
HENRY, b. 16 Jan. 1825; 2. Andrew-Johnes, b. 26 May 1826 ;

3. Algernon-Greville, b. 23 Aug. 1828; 4, Catherine-
Charlotte, b. 18 Aug. 1829; 5. Frances-Harriet, 6. 23 Aug.

1830;- 6. Gertrude-Louisa, b. 15 Oct. 1831, d. 6 Feb. 1832; ■

7. Theresa-Louisa, b. 16 Oct. 1833.

Of this ancient family was Robert de
Boveton, who had issue, Richard, father of
William, temp. Edward III. His great-
grandson, Thomas, is mentioned by Dug-
dale as being possessed of the manor and
seat at Lawford, by marriage, about 1440,
with Elizabeth, da. and h. of Geoffrey de
Allesley, of that place, which he chose for
his residence.

I. Sir WILLIAM, 1st bart., m. Abigail,
eldest da. and co-h. of Henry Baker, esq.
He left issue,

1. Sir Edward, 2d bart.

2. Sir William, 3d bart.

3. Humphrey, m. Mary, da. of Thomas
Plant, and left issue,

1. Humphry, who d. without male issue,
11 April 1703.

2. Edward, who inherited the estate of
Causton on the death of his kinsman,
Francis Boughton, of Causton, 17o9.

Sir William was s\icceeded by his son,

II. Sir EDWARD, n>., 1st, Mary, da. of
Thomas Pope, earl of Down; and, 2dly,
Anne, da. of sir John Heydon, knt., go-
vernor of the Bermudas, but d. witliout
issue 1C80, and was succeeded by his brother,

III. Sir WILLIAM, m. Mary, da. of
Hastings Ingram, of Little Woolford, co.
Warwick, esq., i)y whom (who d. 24 Feb.
1693) he liad issue,

1. Sir William, 4th bart.

2. LucY-ANNE,m.JohnParkes,ofEydon,
CO. Northampton, esq.

3. Catharine, m. William Smith, of
Polton, CO. Warwick, esq.

4. Abigail, m. her kinsman, Edward
Boughton, of Bilton, esq., and had issue.

Sir William d. 12 Aug. 1CJ83, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

IV. Sir WILLIAM, who was, temp, queen
Anne, unanimously chosen one of the
knights of the shire for Warwick, and in
that station declined the offer of a peerage.
He m., 1st, Mary, da. of John Ramsey,
es(]., an alderman of London, by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir Edward, 5th bart.

2. Mary, m. sir Henry Houghton, bart.

3. Anne.

Sir William »»., 2dly, Catherine, da. of sir
Charles Shuckburgh, of Shuckburgh, co.
Warwick, ban., by whom, who survived
him, he had issue, besides three sons who d.

4. Richard, d. tmm.

.5. Shuik burgh, m. Mary, eldest da. of
Algernon Grevillc, 2d son of Fulk, lord
Brooke, and d. 17''3, leaving issue by her,
(who was one of the bedchamber women to
queen Charlotte, on her marriage, and con-
tinued in that situation till her death, 1
March 17W)>)

1. Sir Edward, 8th bart.



2. Sir Charles-William, Othbart.

3. William, d. iinm. 1773.

4. Mary, m. dr. John Egerton, bishop
of Durham.

5. Anne, »i. John Rutherford, esq.

6. Elizabeth, m. Clotworthy, lord Tem-
pletown, in the Peerage of Ireland.

7. Lucy, m. Robert Wright, of Suffolk,

6. Catherine, m. sir George Walters,
knt., who walked as duke of Acquitaine at
the coronation of George II. ; she d. 1733.

7. Meliza, m. Henry Layng, esq.

8. Elizabeth, m. lieut.-gen. Thomas

Sir William d. 22 July 1716, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir EDWARD, m. Grace, eldest da.
of sir John Shuckburgh, bart., who sur-
vived her husband, and afterwards m.

Lister, esq. He d. Feb. 1721-2, and was
succeeded by his son and only child,

VI. Sir EDWARD, m., 1st, a da. of

Bridges, co. Somerset, esq., by whom he
had no issue; and, 2dly, Anna- Maria Beau-
champ, an heiress of that ancient family.
He had issue,

1. Theodosia, m., 1st, John Donellan,
esq.; 2dly, sir Egerton Leigh, bart.; and,
3dly, Barry O'Meara, esq., and d. 13 Jan.

2. Sir Theodosius-Edward-Allesley,

7th bart.

ALLESLEY, who was poisoned by his
brother-in-law, John Donellan, esq., for
which Donellan was executed 2 April 17^1.
He d. unm., and was succeeded by his

VIII. Sir EDWARD, the eldest surviving
son of Shuckburgh Boughton, esq., son of
the 4th bart. by his 2d marriage, as above
mentioned; he pulled down the mansion-
house of Lawford Hall, and afterwards sold
his estates in Warwickshire and Leicester-
shire. He d. xinm. Jan. 1794, in the 53d year
of his age, when the title devolved upon his
only brother,


took the name and arms of Ronse, 1708, on
succeeding to an estate co. Worcester. After
spending much of his early Hfe in India, he
was elected for Evesham 1780, and again
1784, in which year he was appointed secre-
tary to the Board of Control for the Affairs
of India. In 1791, he was created a
baronet of England, by the title of sir
Charles-William Boughton-Rouse, of Rouse
Lench, co. Worcester, and of Downton Hall,
CO. Salop ; but, on succeeding to the family
baronetage, he resumed his original sur-
name. He ?»., 1782, Catherine, only da.
and sole h. of William-Pearce Hall, of
Downton Hall, co. Salop, esq., and had

1. Catharine-Maria, rf. in her infancy.

2. Louisa, w., 1st, Iti July 1807, St.
Andrew, 13th lord St. John; and 2dly,
4 Aug. 1823, sir John Vaughan, knt., baron
of the Exchequer.

3. Caroline, m., 22 March 1808, Robert
Henry Johnson, in holy orders, rector of
Lutterworth, and vicar of Claybrooke, co.

4. Sir William-Edward, present bart.
Sir Charles-William d. 2(i Feb. 1821, and was
succeeded by his only son,

X. Sir WILLIAM-EDWARD, present

Arms— See Plate 5. Quarterly of four;
1st and 4th, Rouse ; sable, two bars in-
dented, argent: 2d, Boughton of Laugh-
ton ; argent, on a chevron, between three
trefoils, slipped, sable, as many bucks'
heads caboshed, or, on a chief gules, a goat
passant of the field: 3d, Boughton ; sable,
three crescents, or.

Crests— 1st. Rouse ; the bust of a man
proper, hair, beard, and whiskers, sable,
the head surrounded and crossed by a riband
knotted, at the top, and the ends flowing
from either temple, argent ; 2d, Boughton,
a stork's head, erased cheveronny of four
sable and argent, in the beak, or, a snake,

Motto — Omne bomtm Dei donum.

Seats— At Rouse Lench, co. Woicester,
and Downton Hall, co. Salop.

CHICHESTER, of Raleigh, co. Devon.
4 Aug. 1C41.

Sir ARTHUR CHICHESTER, Baronet, succeeded his cousin, sir
John, 30 Sept. 1808 ; married, 8 Sept. 1819, Charlotte, youngest da. of sir
Jaraes-Hamlyn ^V^illiams, bart., of Clovelly Court, co. Devon, by whom

— 1. a Da., i. 4 June 1821; 2.

a Da., b. March 1824; and three

(who d. \8 Aug. 1834) he had issue, -

a SON and h., b. 4 Oct. 1822 ; 3.

other sons.

This family is one of the most eminent
in the co. Devon for its antiquity, estate,
and alliances; and derives its origin from
Waleran de Chichester, who lived towards
the end of the 12th century : 7th in descent
from Waleran, was sir John Chichester,
who tetnp. Hen. VI., m. Thomasin, da. and
h. of sir John Raleigh, knt., and acquired
with her the estate of Raleigh, long the resi-
dence of the family : (Jth in descent from sir
John, was Edward, of Raleigh, who m.
Elizabeth, da. of John Bourchier, earl of
Bath, and had issue.

Sir John Chichester, knt., who, in
the reign of Elizabeth, represented co.
Devon in parliament, m. Gertrude, da. of
sir William Courtenay, and had issue, 1.
John, ancestor of the present bart. ; 2. Ar-

thur, appointed lord-deputy of Ireland
1603, and created baron Belfast in 1612, and
d. without issue in 1624, when the barony
became extinct ; 3. Edu-ard, who succeeded
to the estates of his brother, Arthur, lord
Chichester, baron of Belfast ; and was
created, 1626, viscount Chichester, of Car-
rickfergus, and baron of Belfast, and d.
1648, leaving issue, Arthur, created, 1647,
earl of Donegal, ancestor of the present
marquis of Donegal in Ireland, (see De-
bretfs Peerage;) 4. sir John, governor of
Carrickfergus, slain 1597» in an engagement
against Macdonnell, afterwards earl of
Antrim; 5. sir T//o;j!rM, who obtained grants
of land, cos. Wicklow and Donegal.

Sir John Chichester, the eldest son,
m. Anne, da. of sir Robert Dennis, knt.»




and being killed, with the judge of assize
and others, by an infection caught of the
prisoners, at the Lent assize in Exeter
castle, 1585, left issue,

Sir Robert Chichester, of Raleigh,
K.B., ra., 1st, Frances, youngest da. of John,
lord Harrington of Exton, and co-h. of her
brother, John, lord Harrington, (who d,
without issue, 27 Aug. 1613,) and by her had
a da., Anne, w. Thomas, lord Kinloss, (by
whom she was mother of Robert, earl of

Aylesbury,) and by his 2d wife, , da.

of Hill, he had a son,

I. Sir JOHN, who was advanced to the
dignity of a bart., as above, m. Elizabeth,
eldest da. of sir John Rayney, bart., by
whom he had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Sir ARTHUR, 3d bart.

3. Henry.

Sir John rf. 16G7, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

II. Sir JOHN, who, Nov. 1679, m. a da.
of sir Charles Bickerstaff, knt. They both
d. in Sept. 1680, and having no issue male,
he was succeeded bv his brother,

III. Sir ARTHUR, m. Elizabeth, da. of
Thomas Drewe, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. Sir John, 4th bart.

2. Florence, m. William Northmore,
esq., and d. 1 Jan. 1725-6.

3. Mary, m. Courtenay, esq. ; and.

2dly, mr. Cheney.

4. Anne, m. Francis Fulford.

5. , m. Stephen Cassan, esq.

6. , m. mr. Berry; 7- Elizabeth,

Sir Arthur d. YlV], and was succeeded by
his son,

IV. Sir JOHN, m. Anne, da. of John
Leigh, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. Sir John, 5th bart.

2. William, rector of Ham, co. Devon,
TO. miss Bellamin, and d., left sir Arthur,
present bart., and other issue.

3. , m., 1st, Musgrave; and,

2dly, the rev. John Sandford.

4. , m. William Sandford,

5. Florence.

Sir John d. Aug. 1740, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

V. Sir JOHN, m. Frances, 2d da, and
one of the four co-heiresses of sir George
Chudleigh, of Haldon, co. Devon. He d,
18 Dec. 1784, and was succeeded by his
only child,

VI. Sir JOHN, who d. imm., 30 Sept,
1808, and was succeeded by his cousin,

VII. Sir ARTHUR, present bart,
^r»t.s— See Plate 5, Cheeky, or and gules,

a chief, vaire.

Crest — A heron, rising, with an eel in his
beak, proper.

Seats — At Youlston, near Barnstaple; and
Sandford, near Crediton, co. Devon.

KNATCHBULL, of Mersham Hatch, co. Kent.

4 Aug. 1G41.

The Right Hon. Sir EDWARD KNATCHBULL, Baronet,
Paymaster of the Forces, and M.P. for the eastern division of
succeeded his father, sir Edward, 21 Sept, 1819 ; horn 20 Dec.
married^ 1st, 25 Aug. 1806, Annabella-Christiana, da. of sir
Hollywood, bart., and by her (who d. 4 April 1814) had issue,






Marv-Dorothea, h. 29 June 1807, w,. May 182G, Edward Knight, jun.,
esq., of Godmersham Park, co. Kent, and Chawton House, co. Hants

2. NORTON-JOSEPH, h. 10 July 1808, w,, 31 May 1831, Mary, eldest
da. of J. Watts Russell, esq., of Ham Hall, co. Stafford, and Biggin Hall,

CO. Northampton ; 3. Edward, h. 6 March 1810, d. June 1818 ;

4. Charles-Henry, h. 16 July 1811 ; 5. Wyndham, h. 7 Dec.

1812, d. 11 May 1833 ;- — 6. John, h. 20 March 1814. Sir Edward w.,
2dly, 24 Oct. 1820, Fainiy-Catherine, eldest da. of Edward Knight, esq.,
of Godmersham Park, Kent, and Chawton House, co. Hants, and has issue,
7- Fanny-Elizabeth, //. 2 Jan. 1825; 8. Matilda-Cathe-
rine, h. 14 Aug, 1826; 9. Alicia-Sophia, h. 15 Feb. 1828; 10.

Edward-Hugessen, h. 29 April 1829 ; 11. a Da., h. 5 April 1834.

Mersham Hatch has been the principal
seat of this family ever since the 2(1 year of
Henry VII. ; but they appear to have been
originally of Limme, in the same co., wliere
John Knatchbull held much land temp.
Edward III.

Thomas Knatchbull, esq., 2d son of
Richard, and brother to sir Norton Knatch-
,bull, m. Eleanor, da. and co-h. of Jolm
Astley, of Maidstone, co. Kent, esq., and
had issue,

1. Richard, d. without issue.

2. Sir Norton, 1st bart.

.3. Francis, d. without issue.
4. Thomas, to. Anne, da. of Edward
Chute, esq.
.5. Astley; G. John; 7- f^'i-'ORGE,

8, Bridget, m. George Curtis, of Ten-
terden, esq.

9, Margaret, m. Nicholas Tooke, of
Godington, co. Kent, esq,

10, Susan; 11, Alice,

He d, 1623, and his son and heir.

I, Sir NORTON, 1st bart,, m., 1st, Do-
rothy, da, of Thomas Westrovv, esq., sheriff
of London, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Sir Thomas, .3d bart.

3. Norton, rf. unm.

He m., 2(lly, Dorothy, relict of sir Edward
Steward, knt., and da. of sir Robert Honey-
wood, knt., by whom he had no issue.

He d. 5 Feb. lGiJ4, and was succeeded by
his son,

II. Sir JOHN, TO. Jane, da. and co-h. of
sir Edward Monins, bart,, by whom (who
d. 7 June l(li)i)) he had three sons, who all
d. without issue, and nine daughters, three
of whom were married, viz,

1, Eleanor, to. Roger West, esq.

2. Elizahktii, to, Lely,

.3. Jane, to., 1st, sir George Herbert, of
Ireland, bart. ; and, 2dly, Richard Whit-
shed, esq.

Sir John d. 15 Dec, 1696, and was suc-
ceeded by his brother.



III. Sir THOMAS, ;)i. Mary, da. of sir
Edward Dering.bart., by whom he had issue,

1. .Sir Edward, 4th bart.

2, Hkxeagk ; 3. Tho.mas, both d. nnm.
4. Catharjxe, m., 1st, sir George

Brooke, knt., vice-admiral of England ;
and, :^dJy, the hon. and rev. Henry Moore,
son of Henry, 3d earl of Drogheda.
SirThomaswassucceeded by his eldestson,

IV. Sir EDWARD, m. Alice, da. of John, (son of sir Wadham Wynd-
ham, knt., one of the justices of the Com-
mon Pleas, ) by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Wy.xdham, 5tn bart.

2. Tho.mas, d.

3. Sir Edward, 7th bart.

4. Wadham, chancellor and prebendary
of Durham, d. 27 Dec. 17ti(», leaving by
Harriet, his wife, da. of Charles Parry, esq.,
three sons and one da.,

1. Wadham, who d. 1773, set. 27-

2. Wyndhara, d. 29 June 1»33, a>t. 83,
having »«., 12 June 17fW, his cousin Ca-
therine-Maria, da. of sir Edward, 7th
bart., and by her (who d. 30 Jau. 18u7)
had issue, fVad/iam, in holy orders, pre-
bendary of Wells, m., 5 July 1825, Louisa-
Elizabeth, 3d da. of William Wyndham,
of Din ton, co. Wilts, esq., and has issue;
Wyndham, ensign 1st foot, rf. unm. 14 Oct.
1813 ; yViliiam-Fraricis, of Babbington, co.
Somerset, >«., 11 April 1829, Emma-
Louisa, da. of the late Charles-Gordon
Gray, of Stratton House, esq., and two
other sons and two das., all d.

3. Charles, an officer in the R.N., m.
Frances, da. and h. of his uncle, major
Norton Knatchbull, co. Somerset, d.,s. p.,
11 March 1818.

4. Catharine, m. Thomas Knight, of
Godmersham, esq.; d. 14 Oct. 1812.

5. Norton, major in the army, m., and
had issue an only da. and h., Frances, m.
her cousin, Charles-K., as above mentioned.

6. Mary, d. 1729.

7. Alice, m. Edward Hearst, of Salis-
bury, esq.

8. Catharine, m. Thomas Harris.

Sir Edward d. 3 April 1730, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir WYNDHAM, m. Catharine, da.

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