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Debrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited online

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Online LibraryJohn DebrettDebrett's Baronetage of England : with alphabetical lists of such baronetcies as have merged in the peerage, or have become extinct, and also of the existing baronets of Nova Scotia and Ireland ; edited → online text (page 16 of 95)
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of James Harris, of Salisbury, esq., (ances-
tor of the earls of Malmesbury,) by whom
(who rf. ti Jan. 174(t-41) he had issue,

1. SirWvxDHAM, 6th bart.

2. Joan-Elizabeth, d. lu Nov. 1801.

3. Catherine, d. unm.

Sir Wyndham d. 3 July 1743, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VI. Sir WVNDHAM, d. unm. 2(3 Sept.
17(33, and was succeeded by his uncle,

VII. Sir EDWARD, m. Grace, 2d da. of
William Legg, of Salisbury, esq., by whom
he had issue,

1. Anne-Eliza, m. lieut.-col. Newton,
of Southover, near Lewes, co. Sussex, and
d, 1808.

2. Catharine-Maria, »jj., 12 June 1790,
her cousin, Wyndham Knatchbull, esq.,
and d. 30 Jan. 1807.

3. Sir Edward, present bart.

4. Norton, who d. unm.

5. Alice, who d. unm,, 1779, ^t. 17.

6. Grace; 7. Wyndham, both d. infant?.
8. Joan.

He d. 21 Nov. 1789, and was succeeded by
his only son,

VIII. Sir EDWARD, m., July 1780, Mary,
da. and co.-h. of William-Weston Huges-
sen, of Provender, co. Kent, esq., and by
her (who d. IJiU) had issue,

1. Sir Edward, present bart.

2. Norton-Joseph, R.N., d. unm. 1801.
Sir Edward m., 2dly, 1785, Frances, 2d
da. of governor Graham, and by her (who
d. 23 Nov. 1799) had issue,

3. Wyndham, D.D., rector of Aldington-
cum-Smeith, co. Kent, and Laudian pro-
fessor of Arabic at Oxford, h. 178(3 ; m., 1(J
Dec. 1826, Anna-Maria-Elizabeth, eldest da.
of Henry Daw^kins, of Sandgate, esq., and
had issue, one da., Augusta.

4. Frances-Anne, b. 1788, m., 24 May
1806, the rev. Charles-Hughes Hallett, of
Higham, near Canterbury.

5. Charles; 6. ELizA,"d.voung; 7- John.

8. Mary, m., 20 June 18'l8, the rev. W.
W. Dickins, rector of Adisham, co. Kent.

9. Harriet, m., 20 July 1816, G. Hughes
D'Aeth, of Knowlton Court, co. Kent,
esq., capt. R.N.

10. Thomas, lieut. royal artillery, nu,
1824, Jane, eldest da. of sir John Connell,
knt., judge of the admiralty at Edinburgh.

Sir Edward Hi., 3dly, Mary, da. and co.-h.
of Thomas Hawkins, of Nash Court, co.
Kent, esq., and had issue by her,

11. Mary-Anne, &. imi,m., 1822, Hemy-
Revel Reynolds, esq.

12. Eleanor, b. 1802, 7h., 1823, the hon.
George-John-Watson Milles, 2d son of the
late lord Sondes.

13. Anne-Frances.

14. Catherine, ?«., 17 May 1828, Henry-
Charles- Moreton Dyer, esq.

15. Henry-Edward.

16. Grace-Mary, m., 31 July 1832, John-
Hopton-Russel Chichester, esq.

17. Reginald.

18. Henrietta, d. young.

19. Julia, d. young.

20. Eliza, b. 1819.

Sir Edward d. 21 Sept. 1819, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IX. Sir EDWARD, present bart.

Arms — ^See Plate 5. Azure, three cross
crosslets, fitchee, between two bendlets, or.

Crest — On a chapeau, azure, turned up,
ermine, an ounce statant, argent ; spotted,

Motto — In crucif.xd gloria mea.

Seat — At Mersham Hatch, Ashford, co.

OWEN, of Orielton, co. Pembroke.
11 Aug. 1641.

Sir WILLIAM OWEN, Baronet,
law, attorney-general for the Carmar
succeeded his uncle, sir Arthur, 4 Jan.

This family is descended from Hova, the |
5on of Kundhelw, a nobleman of North
Wales, who lived about the year 1130, and
was one of the fifteen peers. He was of
Cwmwd Lhivon, co. Carnarvon.

The 12th in descent from him was Owen

horn 11 April 1775, barrister-at-

then circuit, and a special pleader,


ap Meyrick, of Bodowen, in Anglesey, e^q.
This Owen lived in the time of king Henry
VII., and was a man of great note in this
county, and his descendants ever after as-
sumed the name of Owen.
1. Sir HUGH, of Orielton, knt., 5th in



descent from Owen ap Meyrick, was created
a bart. 11 Aug. 1()41. He nu, 1st, Frances,
da. of sir John Phillips, bart., by whom he
had issue,

1. John, m. Anne, da. and h. of John
Lewis, esq., and d. in his father's life-time
without issue.

2. DoROTHV, rf. unm,

3. , m. John Glynne, esq.

Sir Hugh m., 2dly, Catharine, da. of Evan
IJoyd, esq., relict of John Lewis, esq., by
whom he had issue,

4. Sir Hugh, 2d bart.

5. AifTHiiR, ni., 1st, a da. of Hor-
sey ; and, 2dly, a da. of Powell, esq.

6. Mary, m. William Scurfield, esq.

Sir Hugh d. 167", and was succeeded by his
eldest surviving son,

II. Sir HUGH, who m., 1st, Anne, da. and
sole h. of Henry Owen, esq., by whom he
had issue,

1. Sir Arthur, 3d bart.

2. WiRRiOTT, d. unm.

3. Charles, of Nash, co. Pembroke, m.
Dorothy, da. and co.-h. of Erasmus Corbet,
of Nash, esq., and d. 1716, leaving issue.

4. Anne, ;h. John Barlow, ofLaurenny,
CO. Pembroke, esq.

5 Anne, m. John Williams, of Chester,
esq., second son of sir William W., of Glas-
coed, bart.

6. Elizabeth, m. William-Lewis Anwill,
of Park, CO. Merioneth, esq.

Sir Hugh d. 169B-9, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

III. Sir ARTHUR, m. Emma, da. of sir
William Williams, bart., and had issue,

1. Sir William, 4th bart.

2. John, lieut.-general in the army ; d.
Jan. 1776, having m. his cousin, Anne, da.
of Charles Owen, of Nash, esq., and had

1. Sir Arthur, 7th bart.

2. Charles, d. unm.

3. William, brigadier-gen. in the army,

W.Anne, da. of Tripp, esq., bar-

rister-at-law, and by her had issue, sir
William, present bart.; and two das.
Emma-A>ine, m., 3 Feb. 1821, Thomas
Jones, of Lledfer, Maclynleth, co. Mont-
gomery, esq. ; and Frances, m. rev. Dr.

4. Emma, m. her cousin, Hugh Owen,

esq., of Llawrenny, who took the name of
Baiiow, and was M.P. for Pembroke in
several parliaments.
5. Corbetta, m. Joseph Lord, esq.

3. Arthur.

4. Margaret, d. imm.

5. Emma, m. William Bowen, of Wil-
liamstown, co. Pembroke, esq.

6. Elizabeth, m., 1st, William Owen, of
Penrose, esq.; and, 2dly, Hugh Barlow, of
Lawrenny, esq.

Sir Arthur d. 6 June 1753, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir WILLIAM. He m., 1st, Elizabeth,
da. and sole h. of William Lloyd, of Grove,
CO. Pembroke, esq., by whom he had 1 da. ;
2dly, Anne, da. of John Williams, of Ches-
ter, esq., who rf. 21 Dec. 17(54, by whom he

1. Sir Hugh, .5th bart.

2. Arthur, lieut.-col. 3d foot guards, m.
Anne, da. of John- Harvey Thursby, esq.,
but d. without issue.

3. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Price, of
Duffrin, co. Glamorgan, esq.

4. Anne, rf. unm.

Sir William d. 7 May 1781, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. Sir HUGH, who m., 1775, Anne, da.
of John Colby, and sister to col. Colby, late
of the Pembrokeshire militia, who survived
her husband, and rf. 11 April 1823.

Sir Hugh rf. 16 Jan. 1786, and was suc-
ceeded by his only child,

VI. Sir HUGH, b. 12 Sept. 1782; he was
sheriff, co. Pembroke, 1806, and was M.P.
for the town of Pembroke until his death ;
who rf. un7n. Aug. 1801), bequeathed his large
property to John Lord, esq., now sir John
Owen, bart., (son of Corbetta, da. of lieut.-
gen. John Owen, above named,) but the
title of bart. of 1641, devolved upon his

YII. Sir ARTHUR, 1st son of the above-
named lieut.-gen. John Owen, 2d son of sir
Arthur Owen, the 3d bart., who rf. inim.,
4 Jan. 1817, and was succeeded by his

VIIL Sir WILLIAM, present bart.

Arms — See Plate 5. Gules, a chevron be-
tween three lions rampant, or.

Motto — Honestas optima poUtia.

GOODRICKE, of Ribston, co. York.

14Aug. 1G41.

Sir THOMAS GOODRICKE, Baronet, horn 24 Sept. 1762, succeeded
his cousin, sir Harry-James, 21 Aug. 1833; mameo? his cousin, Harriet,
da. of Henry Goodricke, esq., but has no issue.

It appears from a pedigree drawn by
Robert Cilover, Somerset herald, that this
family flourished for several generations at
Nortingley, or Nortonlee, co. Somerset.
At length' Henry, the 3d son of Robert
Goodricke, of Nortingley, marrying the da.
and heiress of Thomas Stickford, esq., ro.
Lincoln, the family removed into that
county, wliere, after six generations,

William Goodricke, esq., Jiad three
sons, John, Thomas, and Henry. Thomas
was in great favour with king Henry Vlll.,
and was employed by him in several nego-
ciations with foreign princes. lie was one
of the 32 commissioners emjjowered to re-
form the canon laws, and was one of the

compilers of the English liturgy. He was
20 years bishop of F]ly ; and by knig Edward
VI. was made lord chancellor of England,
from which office he was removed by queen
Mary, and rf. tinm., 1!) May 1554.

Henry, the 3d brother, purchased Rib-
ston and other estates, co. Vork, of Charles
Brandon, duke of Suffolk, and rf. 15.^)6; m.
Margaret, da. and co-h. of sir Christopher
Rawson, of London, knt., and had several
cliildren. He was succeeded in his A'ork-
shire estate by his son Richahd, who was
high-sherilT co. \'ork, 1579, and rf. 1581.
He m. Clare, da. of Richard Norton, of
Norton Conyers, co. York, esq., and was
succeeded by his son, Richard, who wa.s



high-sheriff co. York, 1591, and d. 1601.
He m. Meriol, da. of William, lord Eure,
and by her had several children, and was
succeeded by his son, sir Henry Good-
BiCKK, knt., who rf. 1541. Hew. Jane, da.
of sir John Saville, of Methley, co. York,
knt., and had twelve children ; and was
succeeded by his son,

I. Sir JOHN, 1st bart., b. 20 April 1617,
and suffered much in the civil wars, for his
loyalty to the king. He had his estate se-
questrated, and paid £l343 lOs. composition
to the sequestrators. He was prisoner, first
at Manchester, and then m the Tower of
London ; from whence he made his escape
into France, where he continued till the
Restoration, when he was chosen knt. of
the shire for York. He m., 1st, 7 Oct. 1641,
Catherine, da. and heiress of Stephen Nor-
diff, esq., by whom he had,

1. Sir Henry, 2d bart.

And 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of Alexander
Smith, of Sutton, co. Suffolk, esq., and
widow of William, viscount Fairfax, of
Gilling, and by her had,

2. Sir John, 3d bart.

Sir John d. 17 Nov. 1670, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

II. Sir HENRY, b. 24 Oct. 1742. He was
envoy extraordinary from Charles H., king
of England, to Charles II., king of Spain,
and was lieut.-gen. of the ordnance, and
privy-counsellor to king William III. He
m. Mary, da. of col. Vvilliam Legge, and
sister to George, lord Dartmouth, but rf.
without issue, 5 March 17U4-5. He was
succeeded by his half-brother,

III. Sir JOHN, b. 16 Oct. 1654, m. Sarah,
da. of sir Richard Hopkins, knt., serjeant-
at-law, by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Henry, 4th bart.

2. Francis, m. mrs. Jane Prescott, and
had one da.

3. Richard, rf. mim., a minor, at Oxford.

4. John-Saville, m. mrs. Adeliza Her-
bert, and rf. Feb. 1730, leaving two das.,
Adeliza and Mary.

5. Williaim, m. mrs.
whom he had one son,
Coulson, CO. Surrey, and two das.

6. Mary, m., H Nov. 17i>7, William Stam-
ford, esq., mayor of York.

7. Katherine. m., 1st., Moseley,

and, 2dly, the rev. Jaques Sterne, D.D.

8. Elizabeth, tn. William Thompson,
of Holdby, co. York, esq.

9. Henrietta, m. rev. Hill, co.


10. Sarah, >«. John Boterell, of Ludlow,

Sir John rf. 10 Dec. 1705, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

IV. Sir HENRY, b. 8 Sept. 1677, »'.,
26 April 1704, Mary, the only child of To-
bias Jenkyns, of Grimston, co. York, esq.,
by his 1st wife, lady Mary Paulet, 2d da.

Mary Russell, by
Henry, rector of

of the 1st duke of Bolton,) and by her (who
rf. 14 March 1767) had issue,

1. The right hon. sir John, 6th bart.

2. Henry'.

3. Thomas-Francis-Henry, lieut.-col.
of the 25th regt. of foot, 6. 12 March 1713,
m. Elizabeth, da. of James Button, esq., of
Rochester, and rf. July 1803, leaving issue
1 surviving son, sir Thomas, present bart.,
and 1 da., Harriott, b. 29 Nov. 1769, unm.

4. Harry', prebendary of York, and vicar
of Hunsingore. He was twice m., 1st, to
ISIargaret, da. of Jolm Taylor, of Beverley,
CO. York, esq., and 2dly, to Anne, da. and
h. of Philip Harland, of Sutton Hall, co.
York, esq., and relict of Charles Hoar, esq.
He rf. 24 Oct. 1801, without issue, aged 82.

5. Mary, rf. yoimg.

6. Elizabeth, rf. unm. 1761.

7. Sarah, m. T. Clough, of Otley, co.
York, esq., and rf. Jan. 1787.

8. Jane, ?«. rev. Francis Wanley, D.D.,
dean of Ripon.

Sir Henry rf. 21 July 1738, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

V. The right hon. sir JOHN, resided for
some time at Stockholm as envoy extraor-
dinary from his majesty to that court, and
v/as made a privy counsellor, 1 Sept. 1773*
and served in parliament for the borough of
Ripon; m., Sept. 1731, Mary, natural da. of
Robert Benson, lord Bingley, and by her
(who rf. 4 March 1794) had issue,

1. Henry, 6. 6 April 1741, and rf. 9 July
1784, having m., 31 Jan. 1761, Lavinia-Ben-
jamina, da. of Peter Sessler, of Namur, and
had issue,

1. John, rf. ; 2. sir Henry, 6th bart.

3. Harriet, m. sir Thomas Goodricke,
present bart.

4. Mary, m. Charles-Gregory Fairfax, of
Gilling Castle, co. York, esq.

5. Elizabeth.

2. 3. Two das., both rf. young.

Sir JOHN rf. 3 Aug. 1789, and was suc-
ceeded by his grandson,

VL Sir HENRY, b. 12 Oct. 1765, m., 30
Nov. 1796, Charlotte, 2d da. of the right
hon. James Fortescue, of Ravensdale Park,
and sister of William-Charles, viscount
Clermont in Ireland. He rf. 23 March 1802,
and was succeeded bv his only son,

VII. Sir HARRY JAMES, b. 16 Sept.
I7;»7, rf. toim., 21 Aug. 1833, and was succeed-
ed bv his cousin,

VIII. Sir THOMAS, present and 8th

Arms— See Plate 6. Argent, on a fesse,
gules, between two lions, passant, gardant,
sable, a fleur de lis, between two crescents,

Crest — A demi lion, ermines, armed and
langued, gules, issuing out of a ducal coro-
net", or; holding in its paws a battle-axe,
proper, helved, or.

LAWLEY, of Spoonbill, co. Salop.
10 Aug. 1041.

Sir FRANCIS LA\YLEY, Baronet, succeeded liis brother, Robert,
lord Wenlock, in the baronetcy, 10 April 1033; married, 18 iMay lol5,
Mary-Anne, eldest da. of George Talbot, of Guiting, co. Gloucester, esq.

Tnrs family is descended from a Thomas
Lawley, of Wenlock, esq., who lived in
the reign of king Edward IV., and was cou-
sin and h of Jolin lord Wenlock, K.G., who

v/as slain at the battle of Tewkesbury, 147^.

Fifth in descent from the said Thomas, was,

I. Sir THOMAS, the 1st bart., ni. Anne,

da. and co-heiress of John Maiming, of



Hackney, co. Middlesex, esq., (remarried to
sir John Glynne, knt.,) and hiad issue>

1. Sir Francis, 2d bart.

2. Thomas, who d. unm.

3. Elizabeth, m. the hon. VVilliam Cecil,
youngest son of William, earl of Salisbury.

II. Sir FRANCIS, eldest son and suc-
cessor, master of the jewel office, m. Anne,
da. of sir Thomas Whitmore, bart., (by
Elizabeth, da. and sole h. of sir William
Acton, knt. alderman of London,) and left

1. Sir Thomas, 3d bart.

2. Francis, d. unm.

3. Richard, of Ealing, co. Middlesex.

4. Mary, m. John, 2d son of sir Richard
Verney, bart., afterwards viscount Ferma-
nagh, of Ireland.

5. Esther, m. Robert Palmer, esq., son
of sir Lewis Palmer, bart.

(j. Margaret, m., 1st, Leonard Powell,
esq., younger son of sir Nathaniel Powell,
Ijart., and 2dly, sir Nathan Wright, bart.

Sir Francis d. in Oct. 101)6, and was suc-
ceeded by his eldest son,

III. Sir THOMAS, m., 1st, Rebecca, 2d
da. and co-h. of sir Humphrey Winch, of
Everton, co. Bedford, bart., by whom he
had, besides 8 sons and 3 das. who d. young,

1. Sir Robert, 4th bart.

2. Anne, m. sir John Cheshire, knt., ser-
jeant-at-law, who d. 15 May 1738.

3. Elizabeth, m., 1st, Thomas Cotton,
esq., who d. 10 June 1710, and 2dly, sir Ni-
cholas Lawes, knt., governor of Jamaica.

Sir Thomas m., 2dly, mrs. Elizabeth Per-
kins, widow, by whom (who survived liim,
m., 3d!y, Mr. Halfpenny, andd. 28 Jan. I73l>-
40) he had,

4. George-Bateman,w., June 1738, Ma-
ry, da. of Tomlinson, esq.

5. Judith, m. the hon. Richard Conings-
by, who, upon the death of the earl of Co-
ningsby, his grandfather, succeeded him in
the title of viscount Clanbrassil, in Ireland ;
but he dying without issue, 18 Dec. 1729,
she afterwards re-m. Joseph Butler, of the
Temple, esq., whod. 3 Sept. 1737-

Sir Thomas d. 31 Sept. 1729, and was suc-
ceeded by his only son by the first marriage,

IV. Sir ROBERT, m., 172G, Elizabeth,

eldest da. of sir Lambert Blackwell, of
Sprouston Hall, co. Norfolk, bart, by whom
he had,

1. Sir Robert, 5th bart.

2. Belina, m. Paul Orchard, of Stoke
Abbey, co. Devon, esq.

3. Jane.

Sir Robert d. 1779, and was succeeded by his

V. Sir ROBERT, served in parliament,
CO. Warwick, m. Jane, only da. of Beilby
Thompson, esq., of Creech, co. York, by
whom (who d. Nov. IBIG) he had issue,

1. Sir Robert, (Ith bart.

2. Sir Francis, 7th bart.

3. Paul-Be I LBY, who (in compliance with
an injunction in the last will and testament
of Beilby Thompson, esq.) took, by royal
sign manual, the surname of Thompson
only; m., 10 May 1817, the hon. Caroline
Neville, youngest da. of Richard, lord Bray-
brooke, and has issue,

1. Beilby-Richard, b. 21 April 1818.

2. Robert Neville, b. 30 Aug. 1819.

3. Jane, b. 5 Dec. 1820.

4. Stephen-Willoughby, b. 4 April 1823.

5. Francis-Charles, b. 24 May 1825.

4. Sarah-Betina.

5. Jane, m., 1793, Henrv, present lord

6. Mildred-Rebecca, m. Marmaduke
Dayrell, of Shayly Camps, co. Cambridge,
esq., and d. 31 Oct. 1833.

7. Cordelia.

Sir Robert d. 12 March 1793, and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

VI. Sir ROBERT, Gth bart., created ba-
ron Wenlock of Wen'ock, co. Salop, 10
Sept. 1831, m., Sept. 1793, Maria, da. of Jo-
seph Denison, esq., and dying without issue
10 April 1833, the barony became extinct ;
but th.e baronetcy devolved on his next

VII. Sir FRANCIS, present and 7th bart.
Arms — See Plate 6. Argent, a cross,

forme, extended to the extremes of the
shield, cheeky, or, and sable.

Crest — A wolf, passant, sable.

Scats — At Spoonbill, co. Salop, and Cran-
well, CO. Stafford.

DAVIE, of Credy, CO. Devon.
9 Sept. 1641.
Sir riUISIPHRY-PHINEAS DAVIE, Baronet, succeeded his nephew,

sir John, 18 Sept. 1824.

This family is of great antiquity in the
CO. of Devon, and descended from a Wil-
liam DE LA Wave, who is said to have
come over with William the Compieror. In
the year l(i23, there were not less than seven
distinct families of Davy, descended from
the above-named William, settled in De-
vonshire ; the head of the younger of
which, and 13th in descent from William,

I. Sir JOHN, of Samford and Credy,
created a bart. !) Sci)t. I(i41, m., 1st, Julian,
da. of William Strode, by whom he had,

1. Sir John, 2d bart.

2. Willi AIM, a counsellor-at-law, ///.Mar-
garet, da. of sir Francis Clark, knt., and had

1. Sir William, 4th bart.

2. Margaret, »/. Iloger Tuckficld.

3. ■ m. sir John Tremaine, knt..


4. Mary, ///. Christopher Spicer, esq., d.
24 Aug. 1728.

5. Julian, d. nnm.

.3. HuMi'iiREv, a merchant in London,
went over to New England about 1(J02, m.,
and had issue, sir John, 5th bart.

4. Mary,?//. John Willougliby, esq.

.5. Elizabeth, m. Arthiir Coplestone,

(i. Jtlian.

7. Margaret, rti. Thomas Bear, esq.

Sir John/)/., 2dly, Isabel, da of Hele,

es(i., by whom he had,

8. Isabel, m. sir Walter Vonge, bart.
He was siu'coeded by liis oldest son,

II. Sir JOHN,///. 3 wives; 1st, Eleanor,
da. of sir John Ackland, bart., by whom
he had no issue ; 2dly, Tryi)h(ma, da. and
co-h. of Richard Keynel. esii. (by Mary, da.



and co-h. of John Perryham, esq.) ; by her
he left issue,

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. Richard, d. an infant.

3. Tryphojxa, who d. iinm.

His 3d wife was Amy, da. of Edmund Par-
ker, esq., by whom he had no issue. He
was succeeded by his eldest son,

HI. Sir JOHN, who, dying a bachelor,
the dignity and estate descended to his cou-
sin, William, son of William, son of sir
John, 1st bart.*

IV. Sir WILLIAM, m., 1st, Mary, da. and

h. of Stedman, esq., by whom he

had issue,

1. Mary, m. Nicholas Hooper, esq.

He TO., 2dly, Abigail, da. of JohnPollexfen,
esq., by whom he had issue,

2. Margaret, m. Stephen Northleigh,

3. Frances, m. sir George Chudleigh,

4. Tr\ PHCENA, d. unyn.

Sir William d. without male issue, and was
succeeded by his cousin,

V. Sir JOHN (only son of Humphry, 3d
son of the 5st baronet, as above men-
tioned,) m. mrs. Elisabeth Richards, of
New England, and had issue,

1. Sir John, his successor.

2. Humphrey.

3. William, m. Ellen, da. of Nicholas
Jackson, of Bristol, merchant, d. 14 Nov.

4. Mary, m. the rev. Thomas Bishop, of

5. Sarah, m. Christopher Savery, of
Shilson, CO. Devon, esq.

(j. Elizabeth, m. Ebenezer Mussel, of
London, esq.
Sir John was succeeded by his eldest son,

VI. Sir JOHN, m. Elizabeth, da. of sir
John Acland, of Killerton, co. Devon, bart.,
by whom (who d. 1/38) he had issue,

1. John, 7th bart.

2. William, vicar of Axminster, co.
Devon, who d. 111^, leaving issue.

1. John, killed on board La Nymphe

2. Thomas, who d. in the West Indies.

3. Frances, m. William-Henry Beau-
champ, esq.

4. Bridget, nu, 29 Jan. 1799, Thomas
Beaumont, esq.

3. Annk; 4. Juliana.

Sir John d. in 1737, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

VII. Sir JOHN, m. Catharine, da. of John
Stokes, of Rill, co. Devon, esq., who d.
ITid, by whom he had,

1. John, d. young, 1769.

2. Susannah ; 3. Anne, who both d. in-

4. Catharine, rw. Joseph Hunt,esq., and
d. 3 Oct. 1.S33.

5. Juliana.

6. Elizabeth, d. 1792.

7. Frances, d. wim. 11 March 1827.
k Sir John, yth bart.

9. William, d. young.

10. Sir Humphry-Phineas, present bart.
Sir John d. 18 Sept. 1792, and was succeeded
bv his son,

"Vlll. Sir JOHN, m., C Sept. 1796, Anne,
eldest da. of sir William Lemon, bart., and
by her (who d. 7 Dec. 1812) had issue,

1. Sir John, late bart.

2. William, twin with his brother, John,
b. 8 March 1798, d. 2 June 1822.

3. Anne-Jane, b. 19 June 1800, d. 3
Nov. 1809.

4. Francis-Juliana, m. to Henry-Ro-
BERT Ferguson, capt. in the 9th lancers.

Sir John d. 8 May 1803, and was succeed-
ed by his son,

IX. Sir JOHN, d. unm., 18 Sept. 1824,
and was succeeded by his uncle,


Arms—'^ee Plate 6. Argent, a chevron,
gules, between three mullets, pierced, sable.
Crest — The Holy Lamb.
Motto — Aifftpice C/iristo.
Seat — At Credy, co. Devon.

TROIiLOPE, of Casewick, co. Lincoln.

5 Feb. IG41.

Sir JOHN TROLLOPE, Baronet, born 6 May 1800, succeeded his
father, sir John, 28 April 1820.

I. Sir THOMAS, 1st bart., w., 1st, Hester,
da. of Nicholas Street, of Hadleigh, co.
Suffolk, esq., by whom he had issue,

1. Sir William, 2d bart.

2. Bridgkt, m., 29 July 1697, Edward
Mainwaring, of Whitmore, co. Suffolk,

Sir Thomas m., 2dly, Mary, da. of sir
Christopher Clitherow, by whom he had,
besides other children,

3. Thomas, who, by Anne, da. of An-
thony Collins, of Whitton, co. Middlesex,
esq., had sir Thomas, 3d bart.

4. Anthony-, a barrister-at-law, who d.

Sir Thomas d. I60I, and was succeeded by
his onlv son by the 1st marriage,

II. Sir WILLIAM, to. Elizabeth, da. of
sir Robert Carr, bart., (chancellor of the
exchequer to king Charles II.,) relict of
William Thoroid, esq., eldest son of sir
William Thoroid, bart. ; by whom he had,

Elizabeth-Carr, m. Charles Fox, esq.,
eldest son of sir Stephen Fox, knt., (ances-
tor of the earls of Ilchester, and the barons
Holland) who rf. without issue, in 1702.

* This is the account given by Collins
and all succeeding authors on the subject.
In a MS. collection of baronets' pedigrees
made by Peter Le Neve, Norroy king of
armsabout 1700, and very frequently quoted
by Collins, it is stated that sir John, here
called 2d bart., was the person originally
created, with remainder to his nephews;
that his sen, John, here called 3d bart.,

died during his father's lifetime; and that
on the death of Sir John, 1st bart., he was
succeeded by a John, eldest son of his bro-
ther, William, and that John, in l(i!)2, by
his brother, William, the same who is in the
text called 4th baronet. The parent which
was granted at Oxford is not enrolled, or
the Editor would have been enabled to clear
up the point.



Sir William, dying; in 1078, without issue
male, was succeeded by his nephew,

III. Sir THOMAS (son of Thomas, 2d
son of sir Thomas, 1st bart.,) »»• Susannah,
one of the das. and co-heiresses of sir John
Clobery, of Bradstone, co. Devon, knt.,
(niece and co-h. of sir William Cranmer,
knt.,) by whom he had issue,

1. Sir Thomas, 4th bart.

2. John.

3. Henry, of London, merchant, m.
Elizabeth, da. ofmr. John Barne, and had

1. Thomas; 2 Henry.

3. John, m. Anne, da. of Guyon,

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